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When Fred Wortman of Albany, Georgia, developed an inoperable malignance of the intestine, he faced the prospect of a long treatment with x-radiation ‘therapy.’ ‘The doctors,’ Mr. Wortman said, ‘refused to operate when they discovered the condition of my bank balance.’

“Being a wide reader, he remembered a simple remedy for cancer that was given in a book by a ‘Mrs. Brandt’ and looked it up.

“It was rather involved and cumbersome to follow, so he reduced it to its essentials.  Took the ‘cure’ and was completely cancer-free within a month

“Wortman then had his experience published in ‘The Independent’ and received hundreds of replies.  Over two hundred cancer sufferers reported complete cures—total recovery.  The Grape treatment cured lung cancer in two weeks, he reported. Cancer of the prostrate took a little longer—about a month.  Only four cases of leukemia (cancer of the blood) were treated.  But the judicious usage of grape juice cured them all.


“Begin with a twenty-four ounce bottle of (dark Concord) grape juice the first thing in the morning.  Do not eat until Noon.  Take a couple of swallows every ten or fifteen minutes (don’t gulp it down all at once).

After twelve o’clock, live the rest of the day normally, but do not eat anything after eight o’clock in the evening… Food seems to carry off the curative agent in the grape juice, which may be magnesium, so stick to the fast between 8 p.m. and Noon the following day.

“Keep this up every day for two weeks to one month…

“The dark Concord grape juice treatment is reported to be nearly 100% effective.”

Later on Wortman collected information on four hundred cases treated successfully in this way.

Certainly, if I had cancer, I would try the above method—especially since from Noon on I could eat normally, and would not be starving myself.  I suppose Mr. Wortman used Concord grape juice from the local grocery store.  Whether unadulterated grape juice is still available in regular grocery stores I don’t know, but certainly health food stores should carry it, I would think.

Anyway, I say all this to say simply that I would not ignore other avenues of help if I should ever get cancer.