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Lost Chapter
Bible Course
Henry Ford Sr.



Pastor Don Campbell
Covenant Church of Yahweh
Commander "Teutonic Knight Crusaders"
"Knights" of the Scarlet Thread"
P.O. Box 301
Pipestone, Minnesota 56164-0301
Ph: 507-825-0039

E-Mail: Pastor Don Campbell


The Covenant Church of Yahweh Radio Program:

Schedule for Radio Program: All Time EST.

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The Covenant Church of Yahweh Radio Program -- 8:00pm to 9:00pm


The Covenant Church of Yahweh Radio Program -- 8:00pm to 9:00pm

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Covenant Church of Yahweh Tape List


Suggested Donation is $5.00 per 60 minute tape, and $7.00 per 90 minute tape.


Tray #1:


1) What's Wrong? One 60-minute tape. $5.00

2) Man then Adam...NOT the other way around!!! One 60-minute tape. $5.00

3) Who and Where you were before the world was made!!! One 60-minute tape. $5.00

4) What really happened in the garden? One 60-minute tape. $5.00

5) The Two Seeds of Genesis 3:15. One 60-minute tape. $5.00

6) The Biblical ExposÚ of Lucifer. One 60-minute tape. $5.00

7) Was Noah's Flood worldwide? One 90-minute tape. $7.00

8) What became of Cain's descendants? One 90-minute tape. $7.00

9) There's a famine in the land of Israel!!! Two 90-minute tapes. $14.00


Tray #2:


10) Can there be salvation for the Jews? Two 60-minute tapes. $10.00

11) The people that CANNOT be saved!!! One 90-minute tape. $7.00

12) Anything JudŠo is EVIL!!! One 60-minute tape. $5.00

13) Anything re: the EVIL!!! One 60-minute tape. $5.00

14) The Harlots of Babylon. One 60, and one 90-minute tape. $12.00

15) Israel...a camouflaged nation. One 60-minute tape. $5.00

16) Israel...the Race with a Destiny. One 90-minute tape. $7.00


Tray #3:


17) Israel...the Bride of Christ. Two 90-minute tapes. $14.00

18) The men of the Household and Kingdom of Yahweh. One 90-minute tape. $7.00

19) The Race of Vipers. Two 90-minute tapes. $14.00

20) The Covenants of Israel. Six 90-minute tapes. Special set price of $30.00. Save $12.00.


Tray #4:


21) The Israel Identity Truth. One 90-minute tape. $7.00

22) America is the New Zion!!! Seven 90-minute tapes. Special set price $35.00 Save $14.00.

23) Eochaidh...Knight of the Scarlet Thread. One 60, and one 90-minute tape. $12.00


Tray #5:


24) Galatians Chapter 3 is NOT all inclusive!!! One 60-minute tape. $5.00

25) The Gospel of Nicodemus. One 60-minute tape. $5.00

26) Polygamy, and acts against nature. One 90-minute tape. $7.00

27) What difference does it really make? Four 90-minute tapes $20.00. Save $8.00.

28) The Mystery of the Cainite Serpent race. Three 90-minute tapes $20.00


Tray #6:


29) Who is the Beast of the Field? Three 90-minute tapes $20.00

30) Race Mixing is an Abomination to Yahweh. Two 90-minute tapes $14.00

31) The Bible 101. Three 90-minute tapes $20.00

32) Let's Examine the Evidence. One 60-minute tape $5.00

33) History and the New Covenant. One 60-minute tape $5.00


Tray #7:


34) A Belief That Matters. One 90-minute tape $7.00

35) Racial Prejudice. One 90 minute tape $7.00

36) A Belief That Matters. One 90 minute tape $7.00

37) Yahweh's Watchmen. One 60-minute, and Two 90-minute tapes. $19.00


Ask about "Multiple Tape Discount Price".