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SPECIAL Notice on two seedline

Clifton A. Emahiserís

Teaching Ministries

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Fostoria, Ohio 44830

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Most of you are aware of the extensive research I have done on the subject of Two Seedline. I will now present solid evidence that Two Seedline is no new doctrine as some so cocksurely insinuate. I get this testimony from the book The Celtic Church In Britain by Leslie Hardinge; in a chapter entitled "The Role of the Scriptures", page 48. Though Hardinge does not trace the Celtic Church back to the Church set up at Glastonbury by Joseph of Arimathea about five years after the Passion, he does, however, quite well after 400 A.D., and proficiently documents his material. In this chapter he demonstrates the various methods of teachings used by the Celtic clergy. One of those methods was a question and answer liturgy of which the following is an authentic specimen (answers in parentheses):

"Who died but was never born? (Adam) Who gave but did not receive? (Eve, milk) Who was born but did not die? (Elias and Enoch) Who was born twice and died once? (Jonas the prophet, who for three days and three nights prayed in the belly of the whale. He neither saw the heavens nor touched the earth) How many languages are there? (Seventy-two) Who spoke with a dog? (St Peter) Who spoke with an ass? (Balaam the prophet) Who was the first woman to commit adultery? (Eve with the serpent) How were the Apostles baptized? (The Saviour washed their feet)."

Now all of you anti-seedliners (and everyone knows who you are) that have been running all over the country making all kinds of snide remarks and asking, "if Two Seedline doctrine is true, why didnít the early Church Fathers teach it"? My answer is: "they did teach it." The anti-seedliners simply havenít done their homework! And all of you who have been following and supporting these theology quacks, donít you think it is about time to put their feet to the fire? False teachings scatter rather than gather the sheep!

Hardinge finished this chapter by saying the following: "... The Celtic Church cherished a deep love of the Bible, and from the Epistles of St Paul developed their theology. The Psalms were used in worship, and were the inspiration of poets and preachers. Without the influence of the views of church fathers Celtic theologians set about discovering what the Scriptures meant. Their tenets and practices, based on this understanding, show the eclecticism and pragmatism of exegete and layman. The legislation of Moses pervaded social, economic, and legal relationships to an extent seldom seen in the history of other branches of the Church. Unlike the theologians of Roman Christianity who appealed more and more to the teachings of Church and councils, Celtic teachers stressed the Bible. The role of the Scriptures in Celtic Christianity was indeed a vital one, so much so that no thorough study of the beliefs and practices of the Christians of Celtic lands are possible without bearing this fact in mind."

That Eve committed adultery with the serpent was one of the tenets that the Celtic clergy taught! Over the last several years, I have piled substantial evidence on top of substantial evidence. Yet hecklers on the sidelines continue to criticize my research. It will be interesting how they will try to gainsay this evidence, but Iím sure they will attempt some asinine tactic. While some will blow everything but their nose, others will be strangely quiet!

Now for anyone who would want the above mentioned book, try contacting Teach Services, Inc. Route 1, Box 182, Brushton, NY 12916.