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Irish and Scottish
Its Israel
The Mystery
The Problem
EZE 38 and 39
Early History
Wilson and Hine
Two Seedline
War In Identity
Under Contract
Nine Covenants
The Word
Your Children
The Hunters
Clergy Claim
Did Easu
Genesis 4:1
The Three Tribes
The Unseen World



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Clifton A. Emahisers Teaching Ministries, 1012 N. Vine St., Fostoria, Ohio, 44830, Phone (419)435-2836

These Books, Video/Audio Cassette Tapes & Brochures Are Especially

Picked For Their Truthful Content And Teaching Qualities BOOKS

Books, Video/Audio Cassette Tapes & Brochures Are Especially Picked For Their Truthful Content And Teaching Qualities, And Are Mostly On Two Seedline And History.



1. NEWLY REVISED RESEARCH PAPERS PROVING TWO SEEDLINE SEDUCTION OF EVE, Completely reedited, reformatted and brought up-to-date with new information. Answers nearly all criticism of the one seedliners, by Clifton A. Emahiser $9.00

2. [Critical Review Of Stephen Jones] THE BABYLONIAN CONNECTION; An Argument In Support Of Two Seed-line Doctrine, by Clifton A. Emahiser $9.00

3. UNIVERSALISM OR RACISM [Critical Review Of James Bruggemans "History of Universalism"], by Clifton A. Emahiser $9.00

4. New on my list: The Radio Sermons of Bertrand L. Comparet (118 topics, 354 pages, and the entire work has been retyped by computer on a beautiful 8 x 11 format from its old mimeographed format.) This is a must! $20.00

5. The Seed of The Serpent: by James E. Wise (Retyped and reformatted with notes added, by Clifton A. Emahiser) $7.00

6. Newly reprinted: God Deity Of The Nations, 89 pages (A study into the name, Yahweh). Youll want this one! $7.00

7. Newly reprinted: The Rapture of the Saints, by Duncan McDougall (This one will show the difference between the preterist, futurist and the historical view of Revelation. $6.00

8. The Problem With Isaiah 17:10, A racial prophecy for today (A very difficult passage made clear.), by Clifton A. Emahiser. $10.00

9. Newly reprinted: Satan's Descendants, by Pastor Norbert Murray, Wesley A Swift, Bertrand L. Comparet and Pastor Dan Gayman. $6.00

10. Newly reprinted: An Outline History of the Seventy Weeks Nation, by Rev. Alban Heath (A history of the inter-testament period originally printed by The Covenant Publishing Co., London, a rare book.). $8.00

11. The History Of The Illuminati, by Myron Fagan (booklet same as on audio tape). $4.00

12. Newly retyped & reprinted, The Mystery of Satan and the Devil, vol. 2, by B. F. Jackson, 48 large pages (not same as The Mystery of the Serpent, vol. 1) $12.00

13. Now, 4 Watchmans Teaching Letter Year Books, (each bound in comb binder,

(A) #1 May 1998 to April 1999 $20.00

(B) #2 May 1999 to April 2000 $20.00

(C) #3 May 2000 to April 2001 $20.00

(D) #4 May 2001 to April 2002 $20.00

(E) #5 May 2002 to April 2003 $20.00

14. Newly retyped & reformatted, 3 articles on "The Early History Of Israel Identity" plus Edward Hines "Identity Of The Ten Lost Tribes Of Israel with The Anglo-Celto Saxons (all in one booklet), edited with corrections by Clifton A. Emahiser $2.00

15. The Problems With Ezekiel 38 And 39 - The Prophetic Attack Of Russia On The United States. An article I wrote originally in 1995 which I have rewritten and updated, Spring, 2000 $10.00

16. The Apple Story, by The American Institute of Theology. A real bombshell in support of Two Seedline Doctrine. $5.75

17. The Cain-Satanic Seedline, by Bertrand L. Comparet $2.25


VHS Video Tapes

V1. Illegal Immigration, Three Showings On Two Hour Tape (See how bad it really is.) $15.00

V2. Capitol Crimes: How The Federal Reserve Robs Us Blind (Two tapes, 3hr, 46min. of comprehensive history) $25.00

V3. Tares Among The Wheat (outstanding on Two Seed-line doctrines; professionally made). $18.00

V4. Is Food Your Best Medicine? By Marilyn Reicks. The amazing story of how the enemy has manipulated our wheat into a dangerous destructive health hazard. If you are interested in health, youll definitely want this one! $18.00

V5. The Migrations Of Israel, (45 min.) & Our Great Seal, (45 min.) by E. Raymond Capt. Two slide lectures converted to VHS format on one VCR tape. Excellent introduction presentation for new people and historical review for Identity students. $15.00

V6. The Ark Of The Covenant, by Jarah Crawford $15.00


49 Different 8" x 14" INTRODUCTION FLYERS


The Great Two Seedline Controversy War In Identity

Irish And Scottish Genealogy

A King James Version Bible With A Good Center Reference Teaches And Proves Two Seedline

The Early History Of Israel Identity

The Genealogy Of Yahshua The Messiah

The Day The Word Became Flesh

Who Are The Hunters?

Born Under Contract

Patriarchal Chronology (shows a 1486 year discrepancy, (8x11)

Clergy Claims God Committed Fraud (8x11)

Theyre Your Children, Do You Really Care?

Nine Covenants With Adam-man

Did Esau Receive The Birthright And Blessing Instead Of Jacob?

The Unseen World Within Our World (8x11)

Two Seedline Taught In Dead Sea Scrolls, #1, #2.

Now: 24 Separate Special Notices To All Who Deny Two Seedline, #1 through #24.

The Lie Of Universalism, #1

The Ephraim-Scepter Heresy, #1, #2, #3.

The Problem With Genesis 4:1

The Three Tribes Of Judah

Twin One-Seedline and No Devil Heresies, #1

Double Brochure (#1, Early Celtic Church Taught Physical Seduction Of Eve!

and, #2, The Ante Nicene Fathers On the Physical Seduction of Eve!)


10 for 2.00; 25 for 3.00; 50 for 5.00 or 8.00 per 100; Titles May Be Mixed.


Audio Cassette Tapes (These Tapes Do Not Go Out Of Date.)

E1. Clifton Emahiser Debates Charles Weisman On Two Seed-line (90 min.) $4.00

E2. A Brief Financial History Of The United States, by Clifton Emahiser $4.00


All audio cassette tapes designated "C" by Bertrand L. Comparet

C1. What Happened To Cain? + The Mystery Of Good And Evil $4.00

C2. The Cain Satanic Seed-line $4.00

C3. Gods Vengeance Upon Edom $4.00

C4. Who Are The Jews? Who Are The Gentiles? + The Great Masquerade $4.00

C5. Who Is Your God? Who Is Your Savior? + Salvation Or Redemption? $4.00

C6. The Mark Of The Beast (Part 1) $4.00

C7. The Mark Of The Beast (Part 2) $4.00

C8. Babylons Money $4.00

C9. The Glory Of God + The Mystery Of The Bread And The Wine + Why Did Christ Come? $4.00

C10. The Missing Years In The Life Of Christ + Joseph Of Arimathea And Nicodemus, Part 1 $4.00

C11. Joseph Of Arimathea And Nicodemus, Part 2 + Daniel's Fifth Kingdom + The Stone of Destiny $4.00

C12. The Abomination Of Desolation + Gathering The Nations $4.00

C13. The First Christian Nation $4.00

C14. The Jewish Trial Of Jesus Christ + The Roman Trial Of Jesus Christ $4.00

C15. The Vine Of The Earth + The Day Of The Lord $4.00

C16. The Coming Priesthood + The Higher Calling $4.00

C17. Man & Beast + God Commands Segregation + Whom Did Moses Marry? $4.00

C18. The Sacred Secret + The Train Of Destiny + The Mystery Of The Ages $4.00

C19. Isaiah - The Prophet And The Man + The Sons Of God $4.00

C20. The Good And Bad Figs + The Budding Of The Fig Tree + Gathering The Tares $4.00

C21. Lets Examine The Evidence + The Whole Armor Of God $4.00

C22. What Is Religion? + The Key To Prophecy + Prophets, Old And New $4.00

C23. Unfaithful Shepherds + There Is No Pacifism In The Bible $4.00

C24. Jerusalem, A Cup Of Trembling + The Summit Or The Pit + Destroying Many By Peace $4.00

C25. The Watchman + Israel In The Book Of Revelation $4.00

C26. The Apostle John + Birth Pangs Of A New Age $4.00

C27. Christianity Discriminates + Whose Brothers? + The Sheep And The Goats $4.00

C28. To Whom Should We Pray? + The Kingdom - "In" Heaven Or "Of" Heaven? $4.00

C29. Isaiah Up-to-date $4.00

C30. What Jeremiah Planted + The Stone Of Destiny + The Camouflaged Nation $4.00

C31. Jeremiah $4.00

C32. The Rapture Of The Church (A Doctrine Of Irresponsibility) $4.00

C33. Elijah - The Prophet And The Man + God Give Us Men $4.00

C34. Thats Controversial + Adam Was Not The First Man + Noahs Flood Not World Wide $4.00

C35. Bible Origins $4.00

C36. Merchants Of Babylon $4.00

C37. Adam Was Not The First Man + Adamic Race In History, Part #1 $4.00

C38. What Is Religion? + Key To Prophecy + Prophets - New & Old $4.00

C39. Hosea, A Reward For The Righteous $4.00

C40. Israels Fingerprints + Historical Proof Of Israels Migrations $4.00

C41. Ezekiel, The Potter And The Clay $4.00

C42. Famine Of Hearing The Word Of God + The Bible Is Not A Jewish Book $4.00

C43. Christianity In The Old Testament, Part 1 + Israel In The New Testament. $4.00

C44. The Adamic Race In History, Part 2 + The Miracle Of The Origin Of Race $4.00

C45. I Come As A Thief $4.00


All audio cassette tapes designated "S" by Dr. Wesley A. Swift


S1. The Seed Of The Dragon $4.00

S2. The Battle Against The Dragon $4.00

S3. The Way Of Cain $4.00

S4. Satan Fights The Christ Child $4.00

S5. Racial Streams And Their Biblical Destiny $4.00

S6. The Covenant Race $4.00

S7. The Racial River Of God $4.00

S8. The Races On Earth And Their Different Destinies $4.00

S9. Why Obedience Is Better Than Sacrifice $4.00

S10. Earths Greatest Day $4.00

S11. Casting Down Imaginations $4.00

S12. Hail To The King $4.00

S13. When God Was Tried On Earth $4.00

S14. The Time Of Jacob's Trouble $4.00

S15. Transfiguration $4.00

S16. The Message To The Nations + Church And Throne $4.00

S17. In The Hollow Of His Hand $4.00

S18. Discrimination Against God $4.00

S19. It Is Now Time For The Great Awakening $4.00

S20. Bringing Sons Unto Glory $4.00

S21. Just Sets Of Weights And Measures $4.00

S22. The Difference In People $4.00

S23. Revival Of The Ministry Of Elijah $4.00

S24. The Source Of Spiritual Truth + Communion Service With Explanation $4.00

S25. From Mystery To Revelation $4.00

S26. The Race Of Destiny $4.00

S27. Amazing Grace Of Race $4.00

S29. The Secret Key To Victory $4.00

S30. America And The One Way Truth $4.00

S31. The Great Tribulation $4.00

S32. So Great A Salvation $4.00

S33. Casting The Mountain Of Evil Into The Sea $4.00

S34. The Sword Of The Lord $4.00

S35. Thus Saith The Lord + The Angel Out Of The Bottomless Pit $4.00

S36. The Riders Of Revelation $4.00

S37. The Bible And The Race Of Destiny $4.00

S38. The History [Foundation] Of The Church $4.00

S39. The Brotherhood Of The Kingdom $4.00

S40. The Adamic Race Becomes Nations $4.00

S41. Reopening The Trial Of Jesus Christ $4.00

S42. The Day God Died $4.00

S43. Coming World International Dilemma $4.00

S44. Judgment Of Modern Witchcraft + Why The Heathen Rage $4.00

S45. Can These Bones Live? $4.00

S46. The Importance Of Israels Identity $4.00

S47. Why The Nations Of The World Cannot Disarm $4.00

The Sin Unto Death, by Jerry Wickey $4.00

The House Of David In Connection With Galilee Of The Gentiles, by Jerry Wickey $4.00

John 3:16 Never In Bible, by J. Faulkner $4.00

Angel Messengers, by Rev. William P. Gale $4.00

Which God (Also The Truth About Ruth), by Dr. W. G. Finlay; S. Africa $4.00

Strangers Not To Rule, by James P. Wickstrom $4.00

Who Are Jacobs Children? & Who Are The Impostors? By J. Wickstrom $4.00

Bible History - Bible Prophecy, by: C. O. Stadsklev (2 90 min. tapes) $8.00

14 Tape series on the Book Of Revelation by Bertrand L. Comparet (The only truly good presentation on Revelation that I know of. You cant understand Revelation without it.) $56.00

The Best Of Eustace Mullins (9 full hours on 6 audio-tapes) $24.00

The Flood, by E. Raymond Capt (This is a must. The best presentation on Noahs flood I have ever heard, proving it was not worldwide in scope...) $4.00

The History Of The Illuminati, By Myron Fagan (two 90 minute tapes) $8.00


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