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Tonight, as we turn to our subject, The Call to Race, I would point out to you that there are many things being taught as truth, today, that are not truth. Even a cursory examination of the courses of study now offered in our institutions of learning reveals that many things are being taught in the colleges and high schools of America which are untrue.

In our study of the subject of race, we discover that even the Encyclopedia Britannica cites that a race is a genealogical separation, retaining a developing culture with a species. Not only is this true, but it is also true that, in the organization of society, one species is markedly different from another.  Because of these factors, seed, having life in itself, will bear forth its own kind. Therefore, a Negro isn’t the result of some strange happening that occurred in the White race, which changed some White people into Negroes.  It wasn’t anything like that at all. We have the evidence inside the Scriptures, as well as in all the scientific studies of subject that were made in your nation, up until about fifteen years ago, that Negroes did NOT come out of the White race. All reliable information proves conclusively that the different races developed in different circumstances on the face of the earth, and there were also different backgrounds for the various races, and the different races made their appearance on earth in different periods of time. This is the reason why archaeologists have discovered that the Asiatics, and especially the ancient peoples of China, have existed on the earth for thousands upon thousands of years longer than the other races.

We have evidences of the Mongolian race existing on the face of the earth 660,000 ago.  More than that, he has evidence of their traditions, their background, all the things that came out of their households, as they came from the high steppes of Asia and moved across the heart of Europe, and as they moved to a certain extent into North Africa. But these were all Asiatics of the Mongolian race.

The Negro race, on the other hand, did not appear on the face of the earth much more than 73,000 years ago. About 73,000 to 74,000 years ago, Negroes were buried in the caves of Kilimanjaro, and today an anthropologist can study the skull and the fossil of a Negro and tell you instantly, it is the remains of a Negro. Not only does he notice the high super orbital ridge in the cranium of many Negroes, but also notices that the skull is sometimes an inch to one and one-half inches in thickness, that the arms are longer; in fact, there are many specific characteristics that definitely mark the fact of its being a Negro. A Negro fossil is different from the fossils of the other races.

Concerning the White race, we have no evidence of its existence more than 7,400 years ago. White men were buried 7,400 years ago. But no fossils of a White man has been found, no skulls, no cranium have been found of the White race that go back more than 7,400 years, even though the areas our anthropologists have studied include such places as Java, were the Solo river curled around through the Java and piled up bones for many generations. And such a heap of bones were found there, that the anthropologists thought they had the “missing link. “So they started to produce Pithecanthropus erectus, which came out of Java as the missing link. But they found out, later, they didn’t have a missing link: they just had the remains of giant people. They had people that were giants, even as the Scriptures says, in Genesis 6:4, “There were giants in the earth in those days” after the nephilim intermingled with the daughters of men. But strangely enough, many of the fossils they thought they had, they found they didn’t have for when they checked out these fossils by radiocarbon, they found they had very few that were within the time measure of the White race. It so happens that radiocarbon is a very accurate measure of time, and the scientists knew, therefore, that they had very few of the fossils they had hoped to find; and all the fossils of White men, which they had found, were fossils of White men of normal size. But they also had these monstrous giants, some of them very old that came from the mixture of races and confusion of bloods. But they found they also had animals. They had tremendous, monster apes, and they had portions of the bones of horses, all in a jumble and they were trying to make a missing link out of all this.

But a race, my friends, develops its culture, because it adds to its knowledge; and inside the genes of a race the fine chromatins, which are electronic particles charged with patterns of remembrance, give each new born child the sum total of the background of his parents and of his grandparents, right on back to the time of his origin. So, as a race develops its areas of history, it also adds to its culture; and if it does not intermingle with other races, the knowledge and the culture of this race is expanded by the compendium of knowledge and experience that that society has acquired.

It is a significant fact, which we can establish, that Negroes have very little culture, because in the pattern of their remembrance, they haven’t discovered very much that was new. The degeneracy of Negroes has puzzled many people, for Negroes actually degenerated after they came to earth as axmen and swordsmen of the Luciferian armies that fought against God. In the Book of Enoch, it tells you that the axmen and swordsmen were dark and curly headed people, and Lucifer brought them to earth as his ships were defeated and destroyed by the powers of the Most High. And then, because he was a devil, he wanted to confuse everything that God had created over the courses of time, each of which God had said was good.

God had declared, in the creation of the male and female of the ancient Asiatic race, that it was good. When He established the Adamic race, which, incidentally, happens to be White, He produced or established a son here on earth, by a process called “yatsar” in Hebrew, which means to mould into a form. Of course this Adamic race was the “Seventh Day” creation. On the “seventh day,” as God viewed what He had done, He said there was no Adamite to till the soil, no one with a perception of agricultural skill.  There were none of the children of the Most High on the face of the earth. So God begat Adam in His own image, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life (the holy spirit); and Adam became a living soul. Then after wards, God separated a portion out of Adam and produced Eve, that the two of them might be one flesh. And thus a part of God ‘s household and family was transferred from heaven to earth, and descendants of that family became, there after, well established here.

Remember that there have been millions of years of history in the earth, and therefore there have been races that go far back in their background. Some f these races have shown areas of development and some have shown evidences of retrogression. After the fall of Lucifer, the areas of retrogression have generally been marked by their integration and mongrelization. The Negroid is one of the lowest species on the face of the earth, because he fell the furthest, and because, when he came to earth under the Luciferian design, he was used for the mongrelization of the ancient Asiatics and the interference with other races.

For instance, today, in the Encyclopedia Britannica we read some rather interesting statements, and I would like to bring to your attention that, in these statements, it is pointed out that the Caucasian or White race is a superior one. Now this isn’t found in the present edition of Britannica, but in one that was published just two editions back.  It said, “ The Caucasian or White race is a superior race. It is responsible for the civilization we have today. Throughout recorded history, it has developed and produced all civilizations that have reached any high level.

The yellow race has not attained as high a civilization or progressed as far as the nations composed of the Caucasian race. Malaysians and Polynesians are less developed, and the Negro has made the least progress of all.”

I think it is rather remarkable that such a statement could be found in the Encyclopedia Britannica. In fact, some people have asked, “How is it that the Encyclopedias Britannica ever made such a statement as that? They must have discovered a lot of new things.” No, in more recent years, liars have become authors and writers of articles for the Encyclopedia Britannica, because Lucifer has designed to destroy your race. He designs to destroy your race, to destroy our faith, and in so doing he has a tremendous strategy in view. If he can reduce your race to an integrated and mongrelized society, if he can seduce your race into areas of darkness, he knows that his Asiatic devils would then be able to take over. If he can mix the Negroid race with your race, he knows that your race will be brought down.

Now I want to point out to you, again, another statement from the Encyclopedia Britannica, which is also rather remarkable. It says, for instance, that in North America, one of the reasons why the North American civilization is so much higher than the South American is because, when the Whites came into North America, they were fought by the Indians, some of which were very treacherous. So in North America the Whites did not intermarry with the Indian, they fought him; and they drove him always to the west until vast numbers of the Indians were exterminated. But they didn’t intermarry with the Indians except in the cases of White Indians, who were actually not Indians at all, but members of the White race, descendants of White people who had come to the North American continent long before the days of Columbus and even before the coming of the ancient Viking explorers, who became tribal in their instincts to survive.

Therefore the Encyclopedia said the civilization of North America was a high civilization because, generally speaking, Whites did not marry with Indians unless the Indians were also White. In the establishment of the North American civilization and culture, the aborigines were not absorbed, so the superiority of the White man was maintained.

In South America, the Spaniards didn’t marry just a few of the natives; they established large colonies in which great numbers of Spanish men took native women as wives. The Spaniards of course brought a high level of culture and civilization to the New World, but the intermixture of races caused a rapid and drastic decline. As a result, the people in South America have never been as progressive as the people in North American, and the level of culture and civilization has never been as high. Now all this is in the Encyclopedia Britannica. So you see again, they establish the fact that the great inferiority of civilization in south America has occurred because the fusion of races has mixed up the pattern of genealogy, it has mixed up the pattern of the chromatins and has not left the standards of greatness to remain with the peoples that are there now.

It is also a rather interesting thing that we have Professor Landon’s works on the various areas of South America. In his treatise he analyzes Argentina. Argentina has from thirteen to fourteen million people, the largest population of any country in South America, and most of the people that have controlled tis country have been White.  Now, there are only 15,000 Indians in Argentina. Almost all of Argentina is Caucasian. It has beautiful cities and is the most civilized area of South America, even though it does have an illiteracy rate of twenty-five percent among its people. But there are practically no Negroes at all in Argentina

Bolivia, with a population of 3,500,000, is one of the most backward countries in the world; in fact, only 80,000 can read and write, and the country as been exploited terribly. But the fact remains that the tin mines, which are the principal areas of industrial development, have all been owned by outsiders, and many of these have been from North America. It is a sad situation that the miners in Bolivia work for thirty cents a day, and the people die like flies because of infections and other things that exist in that country. But the population is composed of only fifteen percent Whites, and the Indian and Negroid mixtures make up the rest.

The population of Chile is given at 5,000,000. The number of Negroes reported in Chile is small. The population is made up of Europeans and Indians and the mixture of races.  Chile is a backward country. Fifty-five percent of the people are Indians and much integration has taken place.

Colombia, until Argentina surpassed it, was the most populous country in South America.  But the population is mostly a mixture of Whites and Indians: twenty percent White, five percent Indian, and the Metisos (White-Indian mixed) thirty-five percent. Today, it still remains a backward country. It has no clear culture, no civilization.

Next, Professor Landon discusses the population of Ecuador. And here it goes again: the mixed bloods of Indians and Whites, seventy-five percent illiterate, and therefore it has no great culture or civilization.

Paraguay is in a similar condition. Civilization has made no progress in Paraguay. The Encyclopedia Britannica also says that the habits of these people are more primitive than are those of their more advanced neighboring republics, and there the people are indigent, with seventy percent illiteracy, and the peoples are mixed up with the peoples from the jungle, their skin is off color, and their mentality demonstrates that they have deteriorated and gone back to the state of the savage that was originally in the country. This is from the Encyclopedia Britannica.

Now why are they discussing these effects of the intermixture of races? Why do they dwell on the subject of race mixing, as they talk about the level of civilization and culture in these countries? If all men are created equal, if all men are the same, they why do they constantly say that these people have no culture, that they have little or no civilization, because of their higher percentage of race intermixture? They demonstrate very, very clearly and understand that the mixture of races reduces the natural capacities for intelligent development of White man, and when the White man is absorbed in other races, the background of the White race is destroyed.

In Venezuela, out of 3,500,000 people, ten percent are White, and seventy percent are mixed with Indians, Negroes and Whites. And Venezuela, like other South American countries, has a high illiteracy rate: ninety percent. It has had fifty-two revolutions in a hundred years.

It is hardly necessary to discuss the six Central America republics. When the Negroes were imported into Central America, their number was comparatively small. There were originally only 10,000 pure Negroes in Central America, while there were 100,000 Whites. But the degeneration that has been produced by the intermingling of races has reduced Central America to such an extent that it has had no area of progress. The United States, through money grants and investments and private capital, has sought to raise the standard of living. But only in communities that have remained basically White has there been any increase in civilization and culture.

Mexico has had very few Negroes imported into it. In 1900, the Whites numbered nineteen percent of the population, Indians thirty-eight percent, and mixed bloods forty-three percent. There, it demonstrates that only were the Whites have remained separate, where they have remained in charge, where they have handled the government, is there any standard of civilization and culture. But where they move under the Negro or Indian influence (and the Indian influence makes up better than eighty percent of the areas of Mexico), there is no advancement, on culture. Such people are indifferent to their lot and will remain in the same situation without any evidence of progress, generation after generation.

In discussing this matter, I am simply relating to you what the Encyclopedia Britannica has to say about these countries and their mixture of blood. And when they relate these facts, they also discuss the reasons why there has been no progress.

So, if this is the reason why there has been no progress, it would be well for us to consider some examples. Cuba is an example of the bad effects of miscegenation and generations of race mixing. Although the White race represents about sixty percent of the population, thirty-five percent are Negro or of mixed bloods. There is practically no color line in Cuba. The Cubans, under the protection of the United States, have been subsidized in their sugar production because the production went to the tremendous sugar companies of America. The population increased from 1,500,000 to 4,000,000. But the Cuban people are not progressive, and in keeping with Latin American custom, their favorite word is “manana.”

Now the West Indies: The islands of the West Indies contain a large Negro mixed population, greatly outnumbering the Whites. While these islands, Jamaica and Puerto Rico, are agriculturally rich, the people have never been able to improve their culture or their general well being. In fact, this was one of the areas where the Spaniard maintained his White solidarity, and then finally the intermixtures started to crowd in, until there were very few Spaniards left, and the mongrel output of Jamaica and Puerto Rico has well demonstrated that they have no ability to progress. The only progress ever achieved there, was when Britain or some other White nation held control and managed the people’s affairs.

So with these things in mind, let me point this out to you: When the Most High established the Adamic race in the midst of the earth, He established the race which He had begotten in the spirit in the heavens and established them on earth in bodies of flesh.  In fact, as He established them on earth, the soul consciousness that entered into the children of the White race was the spiritual soul consciousness of His own household in the heavens. So when God transplanted His family from heaven to earth, to make up the White race (the Adamic race, the Israel of God), He was very well aware of what He was doing, and He told them right from the beginning that they were to have no contact whatsoever with the tree of knowledge of good and evil. And this, of course, was a utilization of a phase, which was greatly symbolic, for the tree of knowledge of good, and evil was Lucifer, the one who had rebelled against God.

Lucifer in his rebellion had experimented with violation, wild orgies, all statuses of evil, and had had experience with good and with evil. The Adamic race hadn’t had any experience with evil, except as they had observed these things from the heavenly realms.  The seduction of Eve and the involvement of Adam with Lilith, the serpent woman, were to produce vast changes in their race, even at that time, because they lost their immortality. But God intervened and said, “This is My household, these are My people, and I am going to redeem them and I am going to restore them, and I am not going to permit this thing to destroy My race.” So Adam knew his wife Eve, and she bore unto him Seth, and Seth of course was the seventh gestation from the fall of the race and was a man begotten in Adam’s own image. The household of Seth was acceptable to the Most High God. He was a White man of the White race, and he married his sister, which was not a transgression at that time. Even though the fall and the mongrelization and the integration of society, in many instances has affected the purity of genealogical lines, Seth was a true White man.

I want to point out that God was very, very clear in things concerning the White race. That is one of the reasons why, in the Book of Deuteronomy, He said, “When Yahweh thy God shall bring thee into the land whither thou goest to possess, the Hittites, and the Girgashites, and the Amorites…” (Now, concerning the Hittites, a lot of Jews, today, are of the Hittite race, and of course they are Luciferians and they came from the nephilim intermingling with the daughters of men. The nations to be cast out include the Hittites and the Amorites, plus of course the Canaanites who were the literal descendents from Cain, who was a literal offspring of Lucifer), “…and the Perizzites, and the Hivites, and the Jebusites, seven nations greater and mightier than thou: And when the Lord thy God hath delivered them from before thee, thou shall smite them, and shall utterly destroy them that rise up against thee: thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor show any mercy upon them.”

This is the intelligence of the Most High God telling the White race, even though it is not large, that they are to enter into no covenant and enter into no agreement with these pagan powers; and when they rise up against the pagans, to destroy them utterly, when they are delivered into the hands of the White race. This, you know, didn’t really impress the people of other races; they didn’t get angry because God said this, because they didn’t believe in your God anyhow.

This book, the Bible, was written to your race. It wasn’t to the Hottentots, it wasn’t written to China; it was written to your race, to advise you what to do. The Most High cites that if you do intermingle with them, they will cause your race to turn to the worship of the pagan gods they serve. God makes it very clear, when He speaks out and says, “Thou art a holy people unto Yahweh thy God, and thou hast been chosen to be a special people unto Me, above all the people on the face of the earth.”

Now if you were to mix up with all the people on the face of the earth, you wouldn’t be a holy people that God had placed above all the peoples on the face of the earth. He said, “You are not to intermix, you are not to intermingle.” NO integration! According to the Scriptures, the greatest transgression man can commit is to integrate his race. Not only does this mean the end of the spiritual capacities that the offspring have, but this offspring would have to be reabsorbed by ten whole generations and bred back, before an individual would be acceptable in the household of the Most High God, or to have his spiritual capacities restored. And you would never get ten families in ten generations that would breed back one person just to save that person, because, during this period of time, they themselves would lose in their won biological category. Therefore God says that the sins of the fathers will descend on the children to the third and the fourth and the fifth generations, whether they be mulattoes or Asiatic half cast Eurasians. God has said, the greatest transgression against His law, against His will, against the things, which He has ordained, the greatest of transgressions is the one of mongrelization, the mixture of your race.

Therefore God said, “… for thou art a holy people unto Yahweh thy God, and He has chosen thee to be a special people unto Himself,” Continuing this declaration He said, “When the Lord thy God shall put out nations from before thee, thou salt consume them, and the Lord will deliver them into thy hand, and thou shalt destroy them utterly: mighty destruction shall be poured upon these nations that have been against you.” Now this is the declaration of the Most High. For God has one basic pattern of interest, and that is, that the Adamic race, its offspring, its household, those that have the spiritual capacity to be energized by His Spirit, shall maintain their separation, their separateness and their kind and style.

God has demonstrated that the Holy Spirit, which operates in your race and upon your race to bring spiritual guidance and high culture and greater civilization, greater wisdom and greater knowledge from generation to generation, must remain that way by separation. This is the reason why the Most High makes this statement and He says, “Thou shalt not walk in the manner of nations which I cast out before thee all these nations are filled with abominations.” He also talks about the abominations being the areas of wild orgies, of evil, of things that God says are so evil before Him, that He will destroy these people from the face of the earth.

The abomination, the children of Lucifer which Lucifer begat and sowed by his mongrelization program into the races of the world, are what you call the Jews. Again I want to point out to you that they are abominable and they are full of abomination. In fact, if you look up the word abomination, you will discover that in every place in which it appears inside of your concordance, almost every time, it is tied to the people called Jews, and these people have continued their evil program in a tremendous effort to destroy the race of the Kingdom. The present day Jews have taken over the land of Palestine and declare that they are a certain people, which they are not, and they are even trying to take over the White race by their Talmudic inferences. Do you know what Jesus calls them?  He calls them the abomination of the desolaters and the abominable people are already in that land.

Now I want to point out to you that God, in Leviticus, has declared, “I am Yahweh thy God, and I have separated you from other peoples.” It makes you again aware that God promised that He would not only guide you and lead you, but He would be the one great and tremendous power. He said, “I will whet My glittering sword and My had will take hold of Judgment and I will render vengeance upon My enemies, and I will reward them that hate Me: because they seek to destroy My people, they seek to swallow them up.”

You are living in the day when Satan, with his satanic doctrine, is very influential in your society. In fact, you have your high schools and colleges in which there is more satanic doctrine taught, than truth, for they cite that all men are created equal, though the Encyclopedia Britannica cites that this is not exactly true. It cites that men are not created equal: they might be equal under the law, but their thinking and developing culture and technology and their capacities are not equal. This is the actual truth, the truth that used to be well understood in the areas where you accumulated your information and your knowledge.

Now that Moses said concerning this, “since the eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms, He is going to thrust out the enemy from before thee, and shall say unto thee, Destroy them. Happy art thou, O Israel: for who is like unto thee, O people saved by Yahweh, the shield of thy help, and the sword of thy Excellency! Thine enemies are going to be found, defeated, and destroyed, and thou shalt tread upon their high places.” Now again we note that in this program, God constantly calls His children to come out from among those people and remain a people of a pure race. That race is the household of the Most High.

Remember that when the things came to pass which were described by the Prophet Ezra, in the Book of Ezra, that the people of Israel, and even the priests and the Levites, had not separated themselves from the people of these other lands, as God had commanded them to do. They were doing according to the abominations, even of the Canaanites, the Hittites, which were pre-Adamic people, and the Canaanites, which were descended out of Cain and were the children of Lucifer. It says that the Perizzites, the Jebusites, the Moabites, and even Egyptians and the Amorites were involved. And it says, “They have taken of their daughters for themselves, and for their sons; so that the holy seed…” And holy seed is what the Scripture says, and holy is that seed which emerges out of the Most High God. The Merriam Webster dictionary says, “only out of God emerges things which are holy: all things emerging from God are holy.”

Listen to what God said. He said, “They have taken the holy seed and they have mingled themselves with the people of other lands: yea, the hand of the princes and the rulers are chief in this transgression.” And Ezra said, “Now they are going to have to send away these outlandish women, they are going to have to send away their children, or the Israel race will be destroyed.” And the people wept because they saw the confusion of face and they saw that many of the people now were mulattoes or they were of other colors. With the confusion of face, the clarity of the White man was disappearing from the faces of the people, and also the knowledge and capability of the White man was disappearing from their minds, as a result of this mixture of races.

And so Ezra declared, “The land into which you have gone, to possess it, is now becoming unclean, because of the filthiness of the people in the land and their abomination: for its is a filthy thing for God’s children to have inter mingled with the outlandish women, and they have intermingled with them and they have filled one end of the land to the other with their uncleanliness. Now therefore, give not your daughters unto your sons, nor seek their peace nor their wealth, for I give you an inheritance for thy children for ever…” Should we again break the commandments and join in an affinity with the peoples of the abominations, God will be angry and consume us as He would consume them.

So Ezra called on the people to put away their outlandish wives and their children, to send them back out of the country and out of their land, so that they would not sow the seed of abomination into the children of God. It is in the records of the Scripture. It is the word of God telling them the reason why. He is telling them that, should they mongrelize and become integrated with these people, it would confuse their minds and would turn them o pagan policies. They would not only lose their concepts of righteousness, but they would also lose the knowledge and capabilities, which are characteristic of the White race. In the genealogy that would carry down through the genes, which are the biological units that transmit, through chromosomes, the characteristics, knowledge and capabilities from parents to offspring, they would lose their civilization and culture.

God ordered total and immediate segregation. In fact, the people came before their leaders, and the leaders gave them a choice: either send these pagans out of the land or let the people take them out and stone them, that the White race might be kept pure. And God blessed them for this, and then He turned and restored to their land the rain, which He had withheld. He restored to the land His blessing, because they obeyed His command for destruction of the integrator.

We were amazed last week when Mr. Kennedy publicly expressed his opinions about the war in Vietnam. He spoke out against our war against the Viet Cong. Of course there is every reason why we should withdraw our boys out of Vietnam; and then we should hit Viet Cong and hit Red China with all the nuclear bombs we can gather together, because we should destroy the nuclear power of these pagans. Don’t make any mistake about that.  We should pull our men out, because we are now the victims of a trap, which they have set. They outnumber us, and they will liquidate the 500,000 we have there, and maybe another 500,000, if we leave them there much longer. We should take them out; not stop the war, but stop the slaughter of our sons while we destroy the power of the pagan. But the fact remains that Bobby Kennedy, as he was talking, said, “Who do we think we are? We have no right to destroy the Viet Cong cities. Do we think we are the God of the Old Testament that destroys cities, that wipes out people and moves with cruelty?”

What an ignoramus Bobby Kennedy is, to say, “Do we think we are the God of the Old Testament?” The God of the Old Testament defended His race and called for their defense and as the enemies came to destroy His race, He delivered them into the hands of His people, as long as they obeyed His law, as long as they came out and remained separate. But this man Kennedy has little Biblical knowledge, and demonstrates that he is against the God of the Old Testament, when he says we have no right to destroy the cities of the Viet Cong. We have a right to destroy the communists all right, but we certainly do not operate with wisdom all the time.

The Hollywood citizen News had an editorial just about ten days ago, and this is what it said: “North Korea announces its intention to prosecute the members of the crew of the U.S.S. Pueblo as war criminals, and therefore they want to destroy them. This is a reflection of the satanic mind of the Asiatic. “Hear this now, this is an editorial:  “This is a reflection of the satanic mind of the Asiatic. “It is a satanic mind all right; he has been under idolatry, he has been under a program of darkness, the children of Lucifer have reigned over him, and the evil policies of a communist society have engulfed him.

It is totally incomprehensible to the White Western World, and failure to realize this aspect of the enemy is a regrettable miscalculation for any officials in Washington because North Koreans do not think like we do. They are born in a pattern of cultural tyranny, and the concepts of destruction and injustice are their way of life. But the Anglo-Saxon lives with justice, lives with reality, and at the same time, he just cannot think like they think. He tries to think like they think, but he can’t. He should open his eyes and see that these people are naturally tyrants with satanic minds that they desire to murder and crush the White man from off the face of the earth.

Noteworthy at this time is the decision to establish a military armistice a Panmunjorn to iron out differences and to bring about a lasting peace for Korea, but that commission held 265 meetings during the past years, while the Reds out of China have used almost all of these to assail the United States wit fantastic charges and to disregard all evidence which was not supported in their claims. Repeatedly, the United States has asked about the 153 Americans Seen alive in communist camps, only to be taunted and the matter has finally been dropped. We should not have dropped the matter. We should have said, we want every one of these 153 men, we know are alive, turned back to us, or we will totally devastate every portion of land in your country.

In Southeast Asia the Reds used the Geneva Conference agreements of 1954, to further their designs of conquest. They were not content with the seizure of North Vietnam, but they wanted to campaign in other sections. Remember how, in Indo-China, infiltration and terror was used against Laos and Cambodia; and against South Vietnam, the Reds sent in more and more troops. The ruthlessness of the Asiatic communist is reminiscent of Genghis Khan who left in his wake burned cities and mounds of human skulls. When we consider the present Kremlin tyrants with their Mongolian background, of course we should remember that most of communism is operated and mastered by organized Jewry, and Khazars at that, and these Jews run the Soviet world. And it says in this editorial, “…the Mongolian tyrants that run the Kremlin.” All right, so they are Asiatics and three-fourths of their homeland lies in Asia, and they are no less savage than they were in the days of Genghis Khan.

Remember that organized Jewry, when it was headquartered in Venice, sent Chepe Noyon into Asia and built Genghis Khan into a great conqueror. The Jews bought and paid for his weapons and supplied him with all the power he could use, to destroy the White race and Christian civilization. The White race is the Israel of God, and God has declared that He is going to pour out his spirit upon your race, to provide needed guidance for the other races. He is going to raise up a resistance against the powers of darkness, and we are going to destroy the powers of darkness, and we are going to destroy the powers of Lucifer and world communism from off the face of the earth as long as we do not integrate.

Let me point out to you that there is a great wave of organized Jewry coming over here as professors, and they are holding mentally captive people like the President of the United States, who has already demonstrated the deterioration of his society, and they call for total integration of your race, and they cite that integration is going to end all the violence. And even Mr. Eisenhower, who demonstrated what a screwball he was, came out to say that by the year 2000, we would have a light tan race of people, and there would be no difference between a Negro and a White man. Well, my friends, maybe he wants to take that route with his children, but I note that his grandchildren went to segregated schools, even though there is a little Negro blood in his line.

Now let me point this out to you, that integration is the sure route to destruction of your society, but you have passed laws and you call them civil rights laws, and these laws make it impossible for you to oppose the concepts of integration. In fact, the socialist planners cite that they are going to cram it down everybody’s throat; they are going to put you wall to wall with the Negroes. The Scriptures says, “Woe, you shall not live wall to wall with the stranger; and you shall make the stranger when he is visiting in your country, dwell alone,” because God says we are not going to integrate, we are going to separate and segregate this society. When the stranger is not warlike, and even when he moves into your society to trade or to come in peace, he must dwell alone. And so we see the pattern of darkness hovering over our nation.

God calls on your race to remember that He is calling at a very, very high level, for your separation. This is the reason why in Corinthians, again, He said, “What agreement hath the temple of God with idols? For ye are the temple of the living God.” Your bodies are the temples of the living God. His Spirit activates your soul consciousness inside of your body. You have the concepts of the Most High in the heavens, you can have His concepts in the earth, you can raise the standards of culture and civilization. Therefore He says, “What fellowship hath light with darkness? What fellowship hath Christ with the devil? What part hath he that believeth with an Infidel? What agreement hath the temple of God with idols? For you are the temple of the living God.” God has said, “I will dwell in them, and I will walk in them, and I will be their God, and they shall be My people. Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate and segregated, saith Yahweh, and don’t you intermingle with them, because they are an unclean thing.”

Now someone says, “Well, I don’t like that.” But this is the Holy Scripture. This is the word of the Most High. God is not asking you whether you like it or not. He is telling you the standards of His law. He is telling you that the greatest transgression is mongrelization. He is telling you He is going to bring a curse down on the house of Kennedy and on the house of the present President, Mr. Johnson, and on every force that seeks to integrate your society. He is going to see that judgment falls on the Martin Luther Kings and on the Rustins: they are going to be liquidated, destroyed and wiped out, because they oppose the Most High God.

With derision these people refer to “…the God of the Old Testament…” But this is also the God of the New Testament! This is the God who says, “I will gather these folks into Armageddon, I will settle this score because My Kingdom, My saints, My believing offspring are going to take possession of the kingdom, and they are going to reign over the kingdom for ever and for ever and they are going to know culture and peace, they are going to know agricultural greatness, they are going to know the development of technological capacity commensurate with their ability.” We are not going to destroy the brain of the White man and we are not going to bring it down to a subservient condition until he has no further capacity for greatness and the light of civilization fades from the face of the earth.

God’s Word says, “Come out from among them, come out from among them NO integration!” It is a call to race, and God said, “It is My race, it is My household: I am God of this world and I have the right to establish, once and for all, who is going to reign.  It is going to be the best, not the worst, and I have selected and called you and I have chosen you as a holy people and placed you above all the peoples on the face of the earth.”

Yes, they can well say that the Oriental mind does not operate like that of the Western mind. The Oriental mind is permeated with cruelty and tyranny, while Western minds are trying to deal with them as they would with their own kind, and that is why we find ourselves defeated. We are going to have to come to the realization that we think on a God level, not, my friends, on the beast level; that we have the standards of righteousness that exist naturally in our race, and, if necessary, these forces of darkness will be destroyed. But they are not, my friends, going to integrate and mongrelize and bring you down.

As we look at this situation, let me point out something to you. I think this is a rather unique thing, because it appeared just last week in one of the major newspapers of our nation. Did you know that we are already disarmed? That in this Bill 7277 for United States Disarmament, in three phases of three years each, by the year 1970, we will have no arms that we can use against any foreign enemy, and all power to wage war or even defend ourselves will be turned over to the United Nations, even though the fact may be hidden from our people for a time. Our Congress has passed this Bill, little realizing what they were doing, by which we will have no basic weapons that we can fight a war with by 1970. It that law is not repealed, not only will we be defeated as a nation, but we may just as well admit that such a takeover will destroy not only our nation, but it will also destroy the White race. By the year 1970, we will have no control over any weapons that we can fight any wars with the whole thing will be in the hands of the United Nations. You are only one-sixth; the White race is only one-sixth of its membership. If all the people in the White nations of the world were added up and placed together, they would be only one-sixth of the world’s population. Five-sixths of it is pagan. Five-sixths of it have no capacity for culture or civilization, as you possess, and this element will absolutely run the United Nations.

You had better get out of the United Nations. You had better recognize what God said, when He said, “You will enter into no covenant with any of these pagan powers. “And if you enter into a covenant with them, God will punish you. You must enter into no covenant with them. You must enter into no agreement that permits them to have any control over your destiny. And your God has ordained this. He has spoken out in the Old Testament and He has spoken out in the New Testament, and I want you to realize that the household of the Most High is going to hear His Word.

I am going to cite to you that the right wing is already being stirred up. God says, “I am going to sound My voice before My armies: they are not only going to be disturbed, but they are going to rise up and do a great thing.” God says they are going to clean house in the Christian nations of the world, and the Canaanites are going to be driven out, and the strangers, the Negroes who are burning your houses and looting your buildings, are going to be driven out, for the nations of His kingdom are going to know the restoration of the blessings and the glory of God. And I am going to cite to you that the United Nations will become a thing of the past. When the White nations of the Christian world recognize how they are being exploited and what the program is, for them, this organization will be dissolved, even in your time.