The Beginning
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In the Beginning God

By Wesley Swift

We will now turn to the subject: "In the beginning God," wherein we will establish quite clearly that the theories of evolution, which have been applied over the past hundred years or more, while they may be fanciful, are simply not true. In the first place, any changes the evolutionists have attempted to record, and which they, in their vain imagination have raised, from the 1835ís to the present, are not evidences of evolution. At best, they are evidences of mutation. They are evidences of violation of divine law, in which mankind violated the courses of divine law, by mongrelizing his races and then moving even into the areas of bestiality, which, in some instances, have produced strange and peculiar developments, some of which are evident in the world today. Never in the entire history of mankind, or in the history that man has discovered as he has learned how to measure the years, has there been one trace of evidence that evolution ever occurred. This can easily be established by any competent observer.

We note today, that in our universities, the agnostic and the atheist is continually utilizing the evidences of evolution, as he calls it, which every one, of course, must accept as being in opposition to the Word of God and everything contained therein. Todayís students are subjected to a continuous pattern of the acceptance of evolution from the time they enter high school on into college. It is a known fact that trained scientists and observers in many fields of science are totally repudiating the area of evolution: whereas teachers, who claim they are science teachers in colleges, are still advocating it. Why is this?

We can see that our colleges are going farther to the left, as they continue to uphold and support policies detrimental to the best interest of our race, our nation, and our society. We believe the downfall of our collegesí results from a heavy dosage of the whole evil proposition of evolution, and all that goes with it. It relieves men from any observation or keeping of divine law, or any thing else that might emerge from it. However, we point out to you that in all the areas of their experimentation, in all the procedures whereby they would seek to point out what they have discovered through the years, it all falls back on them. For instance, I am going to quote and use a book somewhat extensively tonight. It is not one that has been in printed in the last two or three years. It has been out of print for a period of eight to ten years. It is a textbook of evolution, and is called, "Man, Time and Fossils," by Ruth E. Moore.

Now, we could turn back to the original textbook of evolution, which is Darwinís "Origin of Species," and recognize that Darwin, on page 812 of this book, is talking about the evolution and adaptation of human creatures, as to their needs, but when he comes to the human eye he has to say: "To suppose that the human eye was ever brought about in its development by evolution, of course, I admit, is absurd." In this instance he says, "Its area for abrasion and for selection, for permission of light to enter in, and all the balances that were involved in this-this I admit, is absurd. That the human eye had to be a created instrument, and then superimposed in its evolutionary development of time and society and of events, would be quite futile, I am sure.

He also says, in his "Origin of Species," that there are three million species on the face of the earth. One would think that this would be a sufficient number of species under observation, to be able to record a change from one kind to another, "But of course," he says, "we do not have any evidences of this change as yet." Well, of course, in his "Life and Letters," Darwin said, "I presented this as a theory because of the tremendously close relationship of the various scales of intelligence and areas of development that I find all over the earth." He says, "I can establish, of course, that there are transitions and changes within a species. But, "he says, "This can be due to the pituitary gland because the pituitary gland, if it is over activated, can make a giant out of a man, even in our own day. Or, if the man has a normal pituitary gland, he will be the size of his parents." Of course there is a significant factor about the pituitary gland producing giants, and this is, the teeth stay the same size as that of their parents, even in the giants produced by overactive pituitaries. "But," he said, "There may have been some changes, through this procedure, throughout the areas of time."

We are not going to spend much time with Darwin, for we are going to talk about a lot of things that are later than this theory, and we are going back over the whole pattern of related events. Of course, when Darwin in 1835 was sailing around the lower end of South America, he felt that tremendous earthquake. He was twenty miles offshore, but at the end of this quake, he went ashore and found that certain areas of South America had actually gone up eleven feet. Eleven feet of land, covered with mussels on the stones that had been sea bottom, had now been pushed up eleven feet above the highest tide. Whole plains of land, formerly ocean bottom, were now lifted up along the coast of South America, and he was very much amazed at this.

Darwin himself, while still a young man, climbed the mountains of South America. In one area he climbed 7,000 feet. When he got on top of this mountain he notice that, for the last quarter of a mile there were evidences of sea sand, and then there was terrain, and sea sand, and terrain; and then, after seven of these series sea sand and terrains, he came upon some areas of fossils that were buried in sand that had covered over an area of forest, and these were petrified trees, From this he deduced that there had been tremendous uplifts in the ancient past. This mountaintop, before the last uplift, had been covered by a forest that had also been subordinated to seawater, before the whole thing had been pushed up.

As he looked at these petrified trees, he realized what a long and tremendous area of time, and what tremendous transitions had occurred in the earth. For the first time he started to thing about changes in the earth and how these conditions of earth might have cause the procedure of isolating animals, and so forth.

He found on one side of the mountain a whole new type of mice (and he was collecting mice, anyhow, from the Atlantic coast). On the Pacific coast there were mice also, but they were somewhat different. He thought that this was because the mice had become separated into two groups by the mountain barrier, which had been pushed up, and having been forced to live in different areas and under different conditions, had adapted themselves accordingly. This started him on a course of theorizing that they had evolved, or emerged, as such. Of course we must tell you that all of these conceptions are fatuous to begin with, because there have been millions of years of transitions and changes, with a rising and falling of the earth; with this, of course, being one of the tremendous developments in time.

I want to point out to you, now, evidence that their whole theory is wrong. First, we will turn to the Scriptures, so they may speak unto you. You, being children of the spirit, will listen to those things, which are of the spirit because it makes sense. In the first verse of the first chapter of the Book of Genesis, it says: "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." And the time of the second verse in the Book of Genesis is many, many millions of years after that of the first verse; but the second verse says, "The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep." Now, what made the earth become without form, and void? For here the earth was without form, and void, and darkness was on the face of the deep.

If you were to turn to the fourth chapter of the Book of Jeremiah, you would discover what transpired. God is talking to Jeremiah, and He is telling him and bringing back to his remembrance things that happened in the antiquities of yesterday. And so, in the beginning, God had formed the heavens and earth, even has He had formed the sidereal immensity of every constellation and every star group in space. You can have trillions and trillions of years, all the time you want, for the creation of the heavens and earth by the intelligence of God; and we have evidence that this is the course and the panorama of creation, because the creations of the universe, in large and small degree, are the same.

Also, intelligent beings, where they be seraphim or cherubim, whether they be angelic, or whether they be the embodied peoples that dwell upon the planets or upon the earth, are all in the image of God. And in this instance, we want to point out to you that, to some measure, there is a common relationship between all of the upright beings with intelligence that walk throughout the universe; the sons of God, the created races of God, the angelic hosts of God; they, all of them, are one and alike in appearance.

But as we go back in this fourth chapter of Jeremiah, it says: "I beheld the earth, and behold, it became without form and void; the heavens had no light. I beheld the mountains; lo, they tremble, and all the hills moved. I beheld, lo, there was no man, and all the birds of the heavens were fled. I beheld, the fruitful place was a wilderness, and all the cities thereof were broken down at the presence of God, and His anger."

So you see that in the beginning God created the heavens and earth, and there were cities on the earth, there were people on it, and there was everything that would go along with a normal occupied portion of Godís universe. Before the second verse came along, "the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. "For here Jeremiah had brought before him the fact that darkness was on the face of the deep, because the earth was without form now, and void, the heavens had no light, the mountains had moved, and lo, there was no man; and all of the cities, the fruitful place and all the cities were broken down because of the presence of God, and His anger.

Thus the Lord made the land desolate, and yet He said, "I will not make a full end, and I will not exterminate them all; and thus shall the earth mourn, and the heavens shall be black, because I have spoke it, I have purposed it; I will not repent, neither will I turn back from it." And therefore, we point out that, "the whole city shall flee for the noise of the horsemen and the bowmen; they shall go into thickets, they shall climb in the rocks, every city shall be forsaken, and not a man dwell therein," When, therefore, art thou thus spoiled? When have I driven men out to the thickets? When have I destroyed their civilization? When did they go back to the primitive areas of savagery again? All of this is described in the fourth chapter of the Book of Jeremiah.

Now let me point out to you that we have had a unique discovery in our time, which, of course, had been the proper use of radium in dating carbon 14. Now, other isotopes and materials are used for time datings as well. But let me point out, carbon 14 is a rather late development, and it was Dr. W. F. Libby who discovered the carbon 14 pattern of dating.

Dr. Libby, by the way, became a part of the faculty in the University of California, in 1930, after he had finished his work and received several degrees. He had discovered, when he placed his Geiger counters on all kinds of objects, that some were radioactive and some were not radioactive; and that with the most sensitive Geiger counters, anything that had ever been alive and had absorbed the elements and had partaken of the food of the earth, or had been a plant, or an animal that had eaten any vegetation or any other creature, contained an area of radiation which he could detect from their bodies.

He also determined that, no matter how long they had been buried, or how they had gone into transition, the carbon dating was still there, because the radiation was going off from their bodies. Now, in simple carbon 14, he discovered that in 6,000 years, half of the carbon dating would be gone. He and his fellow workers discovered this as they worked with instruments upon this project. Then the next 6,000 years, another half of the carbon dating would be gone. Now, this meant a half of the half that remained. Then, in another period of 6,000 years, a half of that remaining carbon dating would be gone, until, they discovered, they could get an accurate carbon dating for 25,500 years, under carbon 14.

Well, this was quite unique, because Dr. Libby was placing his Geiger counter here, and he was placing it there, he was taking the measures of carbon he was burning, and reducing substances to pure carbon, and the remains of substances, and then checking on it, to see; and he found they could get an accurate dating. In fact, he and his co-workers worked out a real precise dating that gave the period as 5,880 years for half of the carbon loss, and thus they worked out a program of accurate carbon dating.

Then they turned the carbon dating loose on Wisconsinís great forest, which they said had been destroyed by a great glacier. The last great glacier, they said, to descend out of the north and sweep over the forest of Wisconsin, had been 25,000 years ago. They said that shortly after the withdrawal of this glacier, and the warming up of our land surface, mankind had entered into North America and had come across the land bridges from Asia; they had the history of this. Now they cited that they had also checked the areas of other places from whence he came, afterwards, but they checked this first. So 25,000 years ago, even as God had spoken unto Job and said, "Canst thou do anything about the great cold and ice that has come in, and has covered even the face of the earth?" So, as he speaks of these things, Job records the glacial age, when ice and snow covered the whole areas of the earth, and discloses when this phenomenon of nature retreated.

This concept was quite significant, for when they burned some of the remains of the buried pine forest of Wisconsin, (some of which had even been fossilized from that glacier), they discovered that 11,000 years ago this forest had been inundated by tremendous pressures of snow and ice, and that whereas glacier ice had formed from the weight of snow and ice, it had not necessarily moved down, neither had it moved back. The trees were laid out, of course, by the tremendous direction of the storm, by the snow and the ice. They had been buried for many years. A glacier was formed, not from coming down out of the north, but from the immediate impact of snow and ice that had fallen on the terrain 11,000 years ago. The glacier gradually melted toward the south and receded towards the north. This fallen ice and snow had probably, at one time, been picked up by a cometís tail and later dropped back upon the earth, even as Venus at one time inundated the earth with a light coverage.

We are to note that in this hour they suddenly discovered that the whole continent of North America had likewise been buried 11,000 years ago with ice and snow. So they checked their datings, and they also found where they had the track of man coming across from upper Siberia, that here again there were great areas of glacial debris; and even beyond this, they discovered that they had artifacts of man, for they were now coming onto the ancient fires buried beneath whole silted layers of sedimentary material; they then went back to discover that 11,000 years ago, man was crossing the Bering Strait into America. Here they found sedimentaries and the burial mines of his bones. And of his artifacts. So they measured this, and discovered that he had come 11,000 years ago, or, as the glacier receded in this area, he had preceded forth; and not quite 11,000 years ago he was coming into North America. Going farther back, they discovered they had the antiquity of man coming here 14,000 years ago, even before they found his artifacts. So, with these findings, they also noted that mankind and the periods of evolution and history were not nearly as long as they had previously supposed them to be.

So, I now read form this textbook used by modern students of evolution, and supposedly very complete, because it talks about a whole change in the scheme; carbon 14 had shortened the time distance that separates man today from his ancestors who lived in caves and chipped stone arrowheads. It has reduced the gap between them by a fleeting 10,000 years.

Now fluorine dating, which has also been established and is now being used, has substantiated that the first creatures that could be called modern man, did not evolve a million years ago, but only a brief 50,000 years back. The lead dating is vastly expanding the age of the world and relatively decreasing manís span upon it. These rightful, fundamental changes pose a new revolutionary problem. How old is this textbook, which is still being used? Although there have been reprintings of it, it is not, my friends, over eight years old, and I am going to prove to you that it has already gone out of date.

As they have brought in evidence of carbon dating which is extremely accurate, they were well establishing then, that their time of evolution had to be 50,000 years, instead of millions of years ago, that mankind would have had to have descended, they said, from the walking apes; and he would have to have descended within the last 50,000 years. Now, we want to point out that while they were gathering together the policies they were putting into being; they had looked and looked for missing links. In Fact, Mr. Du Bois had gone over into Java, because he had heard there were human bones there. He had gone along the Solo River, and of course this was a great volcanic uplift, this area of Java, where volcanoes had spewed forth-volcanic lava and volcanic tufa. In fact, there was a 350 feet layer of tufa over one of the great mazes of land strata where the Solo River makes its great bend around Trinal. He started excavating here under this lava, because there was new soil on top of the lava, and the Trinal peoples had told him that there were bones here of many, many generations.

So he started to search for bones, and he did find bones there. In fact, in areas of his excavation he found there were monkey bones, or orang- outings; (an by the way, the word orang outang actually comes from the natives of Java). Do you know that orang-outang means the forest man that walked upright? This is what orang-outang means the forest men walking upright. So you see, the natives just called these orang-outangs men, but that doesnít make them men, even though they did walk somewhat upright and they are an intelligent species of ape. Well, when Du Bois got into these areas of excavation he found many bones. In fact, he also found some other things that were most amazing.

Also, Dr, von Koenignswald, who came from Germany, went into the areas where Dr. Du Bois had made his investigations, because they had found they had the skull of an orang-outang or maybe it was not an orang-outang, because, they said, they had the rest of the skeleton and it was of a man who walked upright, with the head showing a definite area of balance. So he gathered up the bones and hauled them to Europe.

Of course, this excited many, because at last they thought they had a missing link. They had half of a monkey head and the human bones of a physical body; but they were not found together, nor would they be together today. The fact is, they did have the head of an orang-outang, and they had the bones of a man; and also they found giant bones.

Dr. von Koenigswald, of Germany, while excavating over there, came upon giants, which was amazing, because they would have been about twenty-five feet high, and these giants had heads like a man; the head was hardly like an apeís at all, but more like that of an average man. And they didnít have canine teeth; they actually had human teeth, but these teeth were immense. Of course these teeth could not have been a result of the pituitary gland acting up, according to Mr. Darwinís theory, because when the pituitary gland produces a giant, it does not produce giant teeth, but teeth of the same size as those of the parents, even though the pituitary gland may go out of sorts and produce a giant.

So Dr. von Koenigswald, and others, excavated rhinoceros bones, and they excavated elephant bones, and all other kinds of bones. They tried to sort out the bones, to bring them back; but it wasnít until radiocarbon 14 dating came along, that they found some of the bones had no relationship to the skeletons they were attached to; some even existing thousands of years before, or later. Now, we are to discover, again, that this area also knew great catastrophes and judgments, one judgment being 11,000 years ago, and another judgment taking place about 3,500 years ago, where the volcanic action which had been upon an upper stratum of material contained the bones of giants and of men. This doesnít prove much of anything at all, except that a mutation of the human species may have occurred in these islands, as they did in the land of the upper Tien Shan Mountains wherein Noah existed with his family.

Turn to the sixth chapter of the Book of Genesis, which gives an account of giants of similar form, and cities also that there were giants in the land in those days; after the nephilim saw that the daughters of men were fair, and took those which they chose, and giants came on the earth after these days, and the sons of God (or the nephilim, which is the proper word) had intermingled with the daughters of men, and they became powerful and mighty men; and some, men of great renown.

Now, in this peculiar pattern, with the fixing of a measure that would have occurred about 4,200 years ago, giants could have come out of the same area of catastrophe that induced the flood. But the condition of these giants in no way showed that they had evolved, because the bones of the giants and the bones of natural men, five to six feet tall, were, by radiocarbon testing, found to be on the face of the earth at the same time!

These giants were no species of evolution, because they had human teeth. In fact, Dr. von Koenighswald, and others, found out that the Chinese used to buy these monster teeth. They had a superstition whereby they ground up the bones, and ingested them, medical herbs being mixed with the fossil bones; they thought this would make men grow strong and powerful. That the giant teeth would make them well. All this was according to Chinese tradition. So, the Doctor started looking even in England and New York City through Chinese drug stores, and he rescued two of the giant teeth at the same time: one from Java and one from Peking Hill in China. They radiocarboned one of these teeth and found out that radiocarbon put these teeth back within tree or four hundred years to the time of the flood.

We must also point out to you some unique developments, because there was in existence not only this panorama of Pithecanthropus erectus, but they also found over in Germany, back in the middle of the nineteenth century, a very peculiar skull. They didnít find a lot of skulls; they found one skull, and it had just a slight super orbital ridge at the forepart. They found a piece of a femur bone and some other little jagged pieces that you could more or less put in the hollow of your hand, and they called this, because of where it was found in Germany, the Neanderthal man.

It is a strange thing, that with all their diggings, they have never found another skull like it. Nor were they absolutely sure just what they had found, because they discovered a few more human bones, but no part of a skull, and they then decided they would add these the Neanderthal man too. Then, when they came out with their infallible textbooks that would prove evolution, they placed the La Quina woman, who is also a missing link, after the Neanderthal man by 10,000 years. But I want to tell you the truth; they were all made out of bones from the same time measure, and they couldnít make up their minds, because they didnít have carbon 14 to give them actual dating. So they actually didnít know were they were.

Now, the super orbital ridge does not necessarily mean they had discovered a missing link at all, because as we deal with Negroes there are some Negroes that have super-orbital ridges today. The skull of many Negroes is from one and one-half inches to two inches thick in the frontal part of his skull, whereas the skull of a White man is not even half an inch thick. This is a fact denoting the species of a Negro, even though some of them do have super-orbital ridges. If they had found the body of one Negro buried 7000 years ago, they would have found a possible super-orbital ridge, because some of them still have super-orbital ridges to this day. They did not find anyone in the chain of evolution. No White man ever came from a Negro, and no White man will ever come from a Negro, because there were Negroes on this earth long before the White man ever made his emergence.

Now we note, back in the periods around 1930, just before the communists swept the areas of China and Peiping, they were doing excavations, (Lloyd Chapman Andrews wrote about it) in what was known as "Dragon Bone Hill," which is in the vicinity of Peiping. Dragon Bone Hill lies thirty-seven miles Northwest of Peiping. It is a low rounding hill, with flat, rocky terraces. One of the things that makes this hill a tremendous place for fossils is that, while it is made of lime and material, Dragon Bone Hill is honeycombed with caves, fissures and passages. There are animals and their primitive teeth, and indications of man, Man had at one time taken shelter in these cavesí and then, as time went by, they had been filled up with material, with water passing over them at various times, with it again emerging as a hill; Chinamen have been buried in this hill for thousands of years.

They thought when they dug in this hill they were going to emerge with an ape-man that would have come out of the land of China, because human bones had been found, and they were thousands of years old. They found human bones that were 11,000 years old inside of China, but they found no more difference in these human bones than in those Chinamen of today. But they did find some giants. Again they found giants, but they were human bones they were not ape bones. Then they found a peculiar mixture, which was all right, because radiocarbon factors had not yet been discovered. They found monkey bones, they found Chinese bones, and they found them with a definite oriental type of skull, which gave them, partially, a walking ape and a Chinaman, with all the bones mixed up in the same carcass, as radiocarbon has established in our time.

Now we have "Chicken Bone Hill" and we discover there were people in Chicken Bone Hill, (which is another hill like Dragon Bone) in which the bones of peoples, by the thousands had been washed by some type of flood into this hill, and they were buried in the caves, with dirt placed on them, and they discovered human bones 23,000 years old. These human bones were not the only ones to be found there. People had built bonfires here. The game most prevalent was deer, because seventy-five percent of all the bones of the animals these men had hunted, killed, cooked over their fires and eaten, were those of deer.

Apparently these people were a warlike tribe who had been fighting against some area of a superior civilization, because tremendous artifacts of great spears were found which had been fired into the hill and on the hill; while these men in the caves, with their artifacts, had used smaller articles of defense. But they had fought a civilization, and apparently the civilization that fought them had fought with these men in the caves, even though they were Mongolians. Yes, 23,000 years ago they were living on deer meat and fighting and fighting civilizations on the outside!

We again move into the operation of Godís area of creation, because the first creation of mankind on the face of the earth had been created to live here, on this spot in the universe, long before the situation came about that was to bring your descent upon the face of the earth; and these people were Asiatic.

We want to point out to you that, as the archeologists were now enumerating these things with their monkey bones, human bones, and all kinds of bones in a jumble they said, "We can now well establish the fact of evolution and establish that it has happened in the last hundred thousand years, and it has come through the changes in the ape." The ape suddenly underwent changes, with several apes being born of various species, and so, because of these changes, they could walk upright; then they mated and produced the beginning of the human species!

They also said that apes were beginning to use stones and rocks, and as this caused them to think, they thought more; their brains expanded, and they became brighter. Then they made better weapons, and they became brighter yet, and so forth; with this causing an expansion of the brain capacity, because the brain now became bigger. Of course, we have here a chart on the areas of the expansion of the brain, from the areas of 600 cubic centimeters to 1,500 cubic centimeters, and they tell us that manís brain became very, very much developed, and so his head became bigger.

Well, the average Negro has 46 cubic centimeters fewer brains than a White man, and the White man always, even the lowest demented White man has an area of 40 cubic centimeters more brain capacity than the Negro. And I want to point out something regarding this: In this capacity, the White man is not using thirty percent of his brain when he thinks as far as he knows how to think and stores up all he knows. There has never been intelligence developed in man to expand his head. But there is something that you should know about the Negro, who is a different species, and this is important. At twelve years of age, the skull of a Negro has sutured up and become solid, and his brain cannot grow any larger than this; but a White manís can grow till he is from eighteen to twenty-one years of age.

We wish to point out that in areas of their evolution, they have overlooked something. They tell us in this textbook, now eight years old, that they have reduced the period of evolution to the last 50,000 years, instead of the millions of years. But how old is the earth? God said, "In the beginning God created the heavens and earth." Over in Colorado we have great layers of oil shale and as you go into the mountains and look at these layers of oil shale, the layers will be about a foot thick; and they will then emerge with layers of sedimentation, and then another foot thick of oil shale. You will note that catastrophes enveloped these oil shales, and in some areas, animal life, as well as vegetable life, was destroyed to make the type of oil that is there. You will also note that pressures were tremendously great, and when the oil shales were prepared, the pressures were great enough to flatten out the shale and make one two-thousandths of an inch the measure of one year. When you get a foot in thickness, and you know that one two thousandths of an inch was a year, you understand here that you have many, many years, in the oil shales. In fact, it is believed that in the oil shales of Colorado they can now measure from 230,000,000 to 240,000,000 years.

We know too, that the Permian period, which is well established by formation in the areas of its rocks, has been given a dating because of the sedimentation upon it, and this book of evolution dates the period as one thousand million years ago. One thousand million years ago the Permian period was existent. The thing I want to point out to you is that, as we are developing man through all the species of evolution and adaptation, as they say, (and of course we have to have two or three creatures anyhow) the chance would be a hundred million to one, that the two creatures that evolved with some strange change in their makeup, would ever come together, or that one would be a male or one would be a female. But you are required to overlook these tremendous odds when you deal with the theory of evolution, because they ask you to please have faith. Well, for a change to be made by any such procedure would, of course, be quite a strange operation. Still they report these developments, (as they have stored them up, and continue storing them up, for the evolution from ape to man), as having taken place within the last 50,000 years.

They were drilling oil wells down to the pre-Permian uplifts in the "Four Corners" area of New Mexico. As they were drilling near this junction of Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico, these oil wells went down below the Permian uplift. The Permian uplift is one thousand million years old. And do you know what they discovered? They brought up artifacts; they brought up glazed pieces of chips of china with all sorts of artistry on them; they brought up the handiwork of man living one thousand million years ago on the earth. And now they say man had to evolve from the ape in 50,000 years! More than this, they place apes and their scale of development upon the earth as far back as 230,000 years ago. They were now emerging with the general ape that walked partly upright, and they said that of course, we have to allow about 200,000 years before he could make any of the changes that would make him into a type of modern man. But we find man back in a period of time long, long before this!

In the Olduvai Gorge of South Africa, Dr. Leakey and others were studying and seeking to find the origins of man. In fact, a few years ago, they had found man who, 600,000 years ago, had lived in this tremendous Olduvai Gorge area, Sedimentary rocks and the measures of timing, and fluorine measures, were used, along with radiocarbon. And what did they discover? They discovered that they had evidence of man having dwelt in this continent as long ago as 600,000 years. Then they went even deeper; and they discovered they had a man which was almost a million years old. They went again this year, and discovered they could add another 1,250,000 years to the age of man, because, down in the bottom of the Olduvai Gorge, in the areas of deposit, there were all types of uplifts above them, including those of the Miocene age; and in a much earlier period than that of the development of the apes, and when they came to the reptile period, they found man also; they found his bones, they found the campfires, and they found his artifacts.

We now find this evolution theory is becoming rather thin, because our universe is trillions of years old, and there have been beings upon the face of the earth, in the image of God, or in some similitude of likeness, over all of these years. And we discover we can go way back, before their areas of evolution, before they even developed the ape, and establish that mankind lived upon the face of the earth. And long before you came upon the species of apes, which were a final creation, you would have found mankind, because, in the violence of tradition and in the catastrophes of Luciferís battle (which included many millions of years of time in antiquity), the violence and evil of the people was so great, that God had destroyed the civilizations. He had covered up their civilizations, He had driven them out into the wilderness, He had turned them into a tribal life and destroyed even the vestiges of their civilization; for in the beginning God created the heavens and earth, and He made it void, long before the record of re-creation.

In the areas of re-creation that even antedated the present Asiatic, God permitted the light to shine again through the mist and the darkness that He had covered the earth with, and He came to the land and the sea, and He let the waters under heaven be gathered together, He let vast areas of land, which apparently had been submerged beneath the waters, also make their appearance, through in areas that had not been submerged, there were, very apparently, some areas of life remaining. And God, therefore, cause the earth to bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, the fruit tree yielding fruit after its kind, whose seed is in itself and is upon the face of the earth.

When we were talking about 230,000,000 years of the surface of the earth in the areas of Colorado storing up the oil shales, we found these oil shales were about a foot in thickness, and then they were separated by several feet of normal stratification, and then another band of about a foot of oil shale that goes on up until you go up thousands of feet with it. One two-thousandth of an inch under pressure indicated one year. In these strata we find the leaves of the poplar tree pressed out together, and poplar tree leaves that are 230,000,000 years old are exactly like the poplar trees of today. This is an amazing thing that oil scientist have discovered, and if you want to come up to a later time, a much later time, just a million and a half years ago, the poplar trees havenít changed in all this period of time.

Once again the earth brought forth after its own kind, and many of these things may not have been created at this time, but may not have been seed-life upon this earth that matured. In these areas, God cities "Let the waters bring forth abundantly. " the moving creatures that had life, and the creatures that were in the ocean, in the water, didnít even have to be created again, because the waters brought forth abundantly after their kind.

There is a strange thing about the agnostic. He always likes to try to find some point on which he can argue against the Scriptures. With a total of 3,000,000 species under his observation, he has been unable to find a single instance where kind does not produce like kind.

Now, since the evolutionists are willing to bring evolution up to 50,000 years, they have to admit that there has not been one change recorded in the species, or of their changing from one species to another in the last 7,500 years of measure. So in 7,500 years there has been no change and they have no evidences of changes, nor can they come up with missing links.

They like to prove the "dog theory". They talk about how big dogs and small dogs cross, and they merge with new kinds of dogs, and in time they can breed a new king of dog. They have all kinds of dogs, from bulldogs, to big dogs and small dogs, but all dogs are the same species, and they are of the same type and kind, even though there have been developments, and the intermixing of the species produces different kinds of dogs; they are still dogs and you donít get dogs out of horsesÖ

Now the strange thing is, you can have large horses, small horses, you can have conditions of environment that can affect the pattern but they are still horses! The oldest horses they have found, on up to the most modern horse, are definitely relative, because they are horses. And so it is again "kind after like kind." The mule gives evidence that God doesnít tolerate too much mongrelization, because you cross the ass and horse together, and you end up with a mule and you canít go anywhere with thatÖ And so they again are faced with the pattern of measure that God Himself had declared.

Now God Speaks here and He makes clear His thinking. In the areas when He now again starts His creation, He creates a man and a woman, and He places them on the face of the earth; and so they are thus created, and they are in the similarity of Godís shape and form. In the seventh day, which is the day in which God makes His creation, and during which He is resting, He says, "There is no Adamite, or White man, to till the soil" So God begats Adam in His Own image, and He breathes into him the breath of life, and he possesses the spirit and the life of God, and you there have the Adamic race.

There is absolutely no connection between the White race, the Negroid race, and the Asiatic races; and the caves of development and the discoveries of even the anthropologist will bear this out.

If you want to talk about the area of intelligence, the intelligence of the White man is very much the highest; and the first appearance of one White man, on the face of the earth that they can ever find proof of, is about 7,400 years ago. And though they would like to bring him out by evolution, they canít trace him back any farther nor can they show any area from whence he has come.

God says, "kind begetting like-kind." In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Give Him all the time He wants; give Him the millions of years. There is nothing in all that time but a history of the attempted violation of divine law by Lucifer, of the mutations and the mongrelizations, of the mutations of the species of mankind; and so God sent His Own household, His Own race, the White race, into the world, to overthrow the powers of darkness, to preach the ever living gospel, to bring men back to the worshipping of the right God, and to stop their abortive procedures of violating the laws of creation.

If you today find strange mutations, and you do, (you can find Negroes with tails) it is because they have crossbred with the bestiality of voodooism even with the apes of their land, and some of them did emerge with tails. There are those among the Japanese, who were not of the Samurai but were of the area of Japs who had been exiled by the peoples of ancient China to the isles of Japan, who interbred with bestiality, even with the white apes of Japan. They are Japanese today, and during the war many of them were found who had tails, and there were many found in the Philippians Islands who had tails, because they were a mutation, and there is not one area you can go back to, where you will discover they existed before the instance of man in their locality; because they are of a later period, which the carbon dating of fossils will prove. And so once again we have areas of mutation and of violation of divine law.

There is no telling how high a race the Negroid race might have been in the hour that it was brought into this world in the fall, when Lucifer was fighting against the Most High God, and Michael, the archangel, destroyed his forces and landed him, a defeated foe, upon the face of this earth. Here Lucifer established the principles of mongrelization and mutation of mankind, even in the areas of bestiality, and though they had mongrelized and produced the many species that are, supposedly, those of mankind, the hu-man or White man, was an unchanged species and an unchanged kind, and emerged 7,400 ago by an act of God. So we again produce kind, begetting like kind, seed, having life in itself.

We wish to point out that areas of modern science are forced to admit they had previously thought the age of the existence of man was to be found in the fossils, and so they brought the dating up to 11,000 and 12,000, and back to 23,000 and 24,000 years, but as age can now be checked by radiocarbon, they all suddenly realized that they had to bring their evolution on rather quickly, since the White race had existed such a very short time on the face of the earth.

So, as we see these things, it says, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." My! How they seek to make changes in the structure of the Scripture, and how they fool themselves, even with the advancement of their own science. A person who believes in the Kingdom of God, who believes in the house of God, who believes the White race are the children of the Most High and are here to build Godís Kingdom, can with absolute faith depend on the word of God, because it is not unscientific; it is scientific. It does not deny the mutations that have been brought upon the race, and the race that has fallen into areas of bestiality, but it does declare that one species never bothered another species, and that the species that we see upon the face of the each today are still the original species, except where by mutation they altered their kind. So we see this again, the laws of God stand; they are the laws of the nation; they are the laws of the society of Godís Kingdom; they are the laws which are perfect; and we would do well if we taught obedience to divine law, whereas we can leave all the areas of experimentation and research wide open, because instead of seeking by research to prove that the Word of God is not true, it is being proven more true, each and every day, with each passing era of time.

Thus we say, "In the beginning, God." They have not disturbed this and never will. We have man before the species they were to evolve him from, even as Ivar Lissner, several years back, had 600,000 years of menís painting on the walls of caves in France, the beautiful images of animals and creatures of his time. He was a true man; and there was no evolution at that time, and Lissner cited that this was 600,000 years, or many thousands of years before the scale of evolution. So you see, we can go back into the millions of years to prove that mankind and creatures of space walked this earth, and they did not evolve from lesser ones, because they lived before the creatures from whence they were supposed to have come.