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We are in the midst of an age that considers itself rather sophisticated. It's advanced so far into the areas in which its technology has guided it that sometimes we are prone to evaluate the Universe we see only as it relates to the material substances we have been able to measure and to mold. There are a great number of people that evaluate all the accomplishes of life by how much of the material things men have been able to gather for themselves personally or for their families and there are men working night and day just for the sheer purpose of seeing how much they can accumulate to pass down throughout the gener­ations to come. From the same standpoint, they may at times recognize spirit­ual values. There are times when these spiritual values have not been as distinct to their thinking as the substances which they have handled with a par­ticular affinity to the development of resources in the world they live in. we are living in such a highly technical society today that every range and every branch of Science has within it a whole field of operation requiring a virtual college education for that individual field. We do not today hesitate to say that there is more knowledge being used in the world and there are more things that have been known by the people who have discovered and who have created the genius of modern technology that have ever been known before. There is a greater field for discovery because we know more things to look for than ever before and there are more horizons today before every young person and more horizons before every industry that ever challenged industry in the past or youth as they emerge from college to look into the future.

We are not living in a kind of a period or the situations of time in which everything as been explored, everything has been discovered and there is nothing left. We are on the threshold of space and we are in a process of a commencement of a new age whose Science and technology are more distinct and certainly are further in range than anything which we have previously viewed and even so, we look out over the planet and we can well say that people are occupying more of it, but the fact is that still one-third of all the land surface of the earth is still unexplored, undeveloped and still in the area of raw materials.

It isn't a matter of challenge; it's a matter, my friends, of recognizing what's transpiring in the area we're in. We have discussed from time to time Biblical facts about how we arrived here, who we are and whither are we bound. The world is in turmoil and it's in upheaval and this we also understand. There are many of us who recognize who we are because we understand the Biblical revelations. There are some of us who know more directly the pattern of revelation by spirit and by record. We also have before us the continual work in which God brings the MOSAIC together, provides the sources of material, finds for us the manuscript and develops for us the whole MOSAIC. Were it not for spiritual guidance, finding, producing and adding to the tremendous curriculum of materials, we never could put together the things God is putting together at this time. He is doing this everywhere thru the Ministry which He has called for the task and for His purpose. I tell you that except GOD calls a man to the Ministry in this hour, he is merely a professional lecturer that can accomplish little more than entertain people for a short time! '

Sometimes as I have been listening to the Ministry and I'm listening to some of the things that some people have to listen to when they go to Church, they might as well stay home. They know just as much when they leave, as when they came and they are not so sure they knew what the Minister talked about. I listened to one such explanation the other day. A Church that's so full of people that they have to have three services a day on the same subject on Sunday morning in order to take care of the attendance and I asked one of the people that attended this Church, I said, just what did the Minister talk about today? Well, he gave a pretty good sermon. How long did he talk? 20 minutes. What happened while you were there? Well, they sang songs,' they took the offering, they read the responsive reading, they made the announcements, the Minister talked for 20 minutes, they sang some beautiful solos, we had some fine music and we went home. It was a pretty good service and there was another crowd waiting to come in when we went home. I said, what did the Minister say? Well, he just kind of preached a sermon, the fellow said. I said, what about? Well, he said, I don't really remember, but it was about being good. Well, I said, was he for it or against it? Well, he agreed with me that in the proposition the Minister was for it, and so that was the issue. I saw this same man several weeks later and I said, have you been to Church since I saw you last? Oh, yes, he said, I've been back two Sundays in a row and I said, what did the preacher talk about last Sunday? Oh, the same thing, he was for being good. Well, that's all right, it's good to make an affirmation like that.

I think it was only this past week that I ran into the Minister. I really didn't hurt him, it wasn't with a car, we just came together in a place of business and I said to the Minister in discussion, he had heard about the tape Ministry and the things that we were doing and so, generally, he was interested in getting into a conversation and I asked this man and I said, well, what do you think of the world situation? He said, well I think it's all right. I said, you satisfied with it? Well, he said, he didn't know, but it's really not in my field and so I asked this man, what is your field, I said, what do you believe? So, he started telling me what he didn't believe. He told me before he got through that he didn't believe in the Deity of Jesus, or course, he thought He was a real good Man, though, but he was in a Christian Church, of one of the largest denominations we have, but he didn't think Jesus was Divine, therefore, I said, you really don't have much faith in His accomplishing anything then in His crucifixion do you? Then he said, it was an unfortunate death of a great man. I asked him then what he thought that Christ had, by anything He had accomplished or anything that He had said, that would set men free, where they think or give them any great relief or give them any peace of mind. Well, he said, he was a good philosopher. I asked him concerning what he thought about the background of the Old Testament and its history, what he thought about the patterns of race and the different qualifications and he said that he didn't pay any attention to the Old Testament. We don't have anything to do with that, I'm only interested in the philosophies of the New Testament and so when I got through with him and I found out that about everything that you and I would think upon and every source of guidance and every pattern of inspiration and he didn't believe in it. So after we got through and he didn't believe in very much and I didn't know what range of truth there was left and I said, now, I want to ask you a question. I said, will you give me an affirmation, what are you for? Oh, he said, I'm for people being good, neighbors and living peacefully with one another and he said, well, when that's true you have just about summed it up Well, I know now, why he could say it all in 20 minutes, wasn't anything else to talk about, that was his affirmation. I said, do you know what I think you should do? He said, what? I said, I think you should join the optimist Club and go down here and go to work in an Aircraft Plant. I said, you are going to make more money and do more good, because there is very little left in this Bible you’re for and there is no challenge, there is no dynamic, there is no power, there is no spirit and there is no future in what you have to talk about, you better let somebody guide you. Now, this is one of the problems America faces today, for when I talked to him for a few minutes about the vastness of God's Universe and how it was organized and about the purposes of God and the Kingdom and what He had people on the earth for, this man didn't know anything about it. Never heard about it before. Did you ever read the Bible? Yes, I've read it from one end to the other and I said, you never saw or heard anything about these things before? No! Well, that's another problem, it tells you we have to go through a little more instruction when we give people the three "R's". They nave got to know what they are reading, if they don't know what they are reading, they are just wasting time looking at the letters and the words.

This is a big world and it's filled with a lot of activity and the activity is not altogether on your side and that you are a very special people and you possess a very special mission and you have a very special capacity and that what God sent you into the world to do for the world something the world could not do itself. It's something that no other people outside of your race and the nations, which comprise it, can do for the world and you are in a period in which God has described from way back in the beginning of the time and the records of this book we call the Bible. For if there is any one foundation of surety, it is that there is nothing new under the sun that in the omniscience of divine purpose there's nothing that can develop or take place that He has not the solution for and did not know of the course even before it developed. It is because of this that we have a sure word of prophecy. Prophecy operates with a sure word, it comes from two processes, either God declares this is what's going to happen and the prophet records it or God still speaks to His Ministers and tells them what's going to happen and if they tell you, and it happens, you know it was true. There has never been a cessation of the concepts of inspiration. When a movement or a institution operating in the realm of God's Kingdom think that all revelation end when they closed the Book of Revelations in the last Chapter, in the last verse and do not believe that God spiritually continues the process of illumination to those that have the capacity to respond or to those which He has called in this relationship of a Ministry to God's people, then they little realize that their religion has become defunct with the closing of the last Chapter of the Book of Revelations, that if your religion has power, it's a living religion, it's a living faith and it wasn't consummated two thousand years ago. It's still being produced and constructed. We tell you that you are the people of this BOOK, that there is no climax to this BOOK, because it's a continued record of GOD'S PEOPLE and you are living in one of the most important periods of BIBLE TIMES. The reason we can assure you that this is so is because predicated upon the things God unveiled to the Prophets that the great struggle for the earth was going to come at the climax of an age in which the technology, developments and achievements for the earth would be at a new peak, that an increase of knowledge and understanding would have gone beyond any previous horizon, an area which also would become quite dangerous because man would have learned now how to take apart the very substance of earth which had been put together. We're not talking about merely smelting down the metal, we're not referring to merely sawing down the tree and making its plank, but we would learn the very secrets of energy and power until a ripping explosion would be a shaft of fire and smoke into the sky and umbrella out like a mushroom. We would learn the tremendous power of releasing the power and the energy in the Atom and in the molecular masses. You say, that was in the Scriptures? Yes, it was in the Prophet Joel's writings, it was in the words of Peter, taught by Christ, who was but a fisherman until he came under the instruction of Christ. A student of the field of Theology advanced beyond anything known in the History of our race in the earth and Peter in the instructions he had received talked about the day when the elements were going to dissolve in fervent heat and when there would be great destruction that would burn the fashion of a World Order in the destruction that would emerge out of these mushrooms of fire, and smoke as man discovered the key to the elements. You've arrived at that period; it never happened, my friends, before since you have been on the earth. I realize that when I say that, you might say, qualify that statement.

I know there have been nuclear wars fought on this planet before. I know there have been nuclear explosions that made isotopes out of substances that never would have been radioactive were it not for this before. I know out here on Easter Island the last remnant of a civilization plunged beneath the waters of the Pacific where great long walls of ancient civilization are still to be found on the ocean floor where buildings and cities lay beneath the surging waters of the Pacific I know that there are the isotopes, radioactive material fused together by the holocaust of nuclear explosions. I know along the west coast of Africa where one standing looking out across the waste of the Atlantic ocean, little realize that there are lands that once were upon the top of the waters, plunged beneath those surging waters and along the shores of Africa, are the isotopes, fused radioactive green sand, fused by Atomic explosion. This was not in the creation of the world, this was not a chain reaction of something happening in our Solar System as such, because beneath it are the sands and underneath it are the materials and the rocks, both those that have come in the demonstration of volcanic upheavals, those that have gone through the processes of the metamorphic patterns of the formation of rock and the sedimentary organization of the dispersion of materials and of lime, of the seed time and the harvest. I'm not talking about some natural factor, but I'm saying on top of wave after wave and year after year of geological evidence of seed time and harvest which planted the radioactive destruction of explosions that had taken place upon the earth, not caused by the sun or any other natural force, but because there was a knowledge turned loose in earth at one time whose destruction enveloped whole areas of the earth, even societies and civilizations of an ancient time. So you see, there have been in a period also of earth's history great holocaust that transpired and after those, there were mighty silences, there were people that survived in areas around it and migrated and moved. This reaches back, also, into the pattern of some of the most ancient of Sumerian documents, even Dr. Budge, of the British Museum, was able to translate out of the Assyriology room records of the terrible catastrophes, the mighty battles and, do you know what they talked about? They said that there were battles in the Heavens above and there was a battle between the great God Tiamat and Marduk. Among the peoples of ancient India, they talk about the chaos monster, they talked about the force of the great Deities who battled in the sky and then they told about the battle in the earth that took place because the Serpent established His Kingdom here. In China they referred to it as "THE DRAGON". In the Book of Revelations, it identified the fallen Archangel by name and then says, he was named all of these things and in the 12th Chapter of Revelations, you might not translate here the records that Dr. Budge translated from, the plates and the ancient tablets of the Assyrian room or the ancient finds that came out of the City of ancient Mesopotamia, but you will discover here that there is as much information in one Chapter as Dr. Budge worked a third of a lifetime to translate from the records of ancient peoples and you become aware again of the vast inspiration of the tremendous locked up secrets that are found in this volume, for here in the 12th Chapter of the Book of Revelations, it tells us about a great war that was fought in space and how Michael, the Archangel defeated Lucifer and all of His Hosts. In the 12th Chapter of Revelations tells us that Lucifer and those that rebelled with Him, even out of so-called Angelic Orders defeated, were cast to earth.

When we read this record, then God Almighty unveils to you who would be living in this period or anytime in the last two thousand years that want a complete understanding of what this was all about these words: The Scripture says, "and there was a war in Heaven, Michael and His Angels fought against the Dragon and the Dragon fought with His Angels and the Dragon prevailed not and there was no longer any area He could hold in the Heavens and that great Dragon was cast out, called the Serpent". He's called by some the Devil, others Satan, He deceives now the world, but He was cast onto the earth and all that rebelled with Him were cast out also. Now, that's a rather terse and complete statement of something that took a good many thousand years before it was over and something that affected the earth and has been affecting it from that time to this time. Someone says, you don't really believe that do you, Dr. Swift? Yes, I believe every word of it!

If you want to tear something out of a book, don't take it out of Revelations, there is a specific reason why you don't want to take it out of this Book, for this Book can take care of itself, for woe unto the person that takes out the dotting of an "I" or the crossing of a 'IT" from this Book, for if there was one book that was enveloped in the Mystery of the Holy Spirit and its revelation and of its ability to transport a man into the dimensions of Spirit and bring him back again and let him write these things in a Book, it was the personal attention that Christ gave John when He took him backwards and forward through time and out into the dimensions in which most men are limited by their present conscious existence, to show him the things of yesterday and the things of tomorrow and to make it quite clear that John was to unveil this to the Spiritual Center of God's Kingdom, His Church and in turn, it was to go to the Nations of His Kingdom, who were a part of this Destiny.

I realize today we can be so taken up in the processes of business and the areas of the things that are around us and are so much a part of the pulsing society and civilization we're in that we sometimes do not evaluate the GREAT SPIRITUAL HERITAGES that are ours. We sometimes find ourselves separated out of the areas of spiritual power, power that we would call supernatural because it operates on a higher plane of natural law than we have learned how to direct. We have today mastered many areas of physics and of science; we are doing miracles in observation. The lens of the modern microscope have been superseded by electronic photography that can go many many times beyond the squaring of the best and highest magnification that we can secure through the natural lens. We thought that when we reached high magnification we were using all the emerging in our microscope, that we were reaching our highest attainment of power that the eye could see, but now by the electronic microscope, we can go as far into the micro sub worlds of the microlens as we can go to the microlens of the Universe with the electronic telescope. For the findings today of the electronic telescope can so divorce what we have on Mt. Palamar with its 200-inch lens that we are forced to recognize that the whole limitation of the Universe is only the instrument in which we can probe it. For I want you to know there is no perimeter out there on the edge of the Universe, because we have never found an edge to it and there is a good reason why we have never found an edge to it. This is hard for your finite minds in a physical body to comprehend, but there has never been a beginning. Someone says, there's a beginning in my Bible. Right in the beginning of the Book of Genesis it says, in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. In the beginning of the creation of this Solar System and nothing more nor less, for He was without beginning of days or end of life was the ETERNAL ONE who has never had a beginning and has never had to start only the things He was making next, and nothing before it. Now, therefore, we deal with something that is ETERNAL. In fact, among those who are trying to work in the processes of modern Mathematics, they find that they have to throw the world into a circle because they can not mentally conceive or to continue to compute even with the greatest of our calculators a limitless, endless stretch of space and so that's one of the reasons they find it easier to set up a formula with a curve because as long as they have got a formula with a curve, they can make an oval and have a limitation to it and work inside and outside the curve and always center around the curve.

I want you to know that the Universe is centered around a certain spot and it is centered around a certain person. It's centered around a person who holds all things together by the magnitude of the very power of the energy of the MIND and the WILL out of which is generated the very substance itself by which things are made. Someone says, I can't believe that. For all energy of thought is produced in milliamps of electricity, for the whole Universe you see is made out of electricity too. The electrons revolving around the nuclear with its protons, with its nuclear cement also that's found in the multiple particles of the now known Atom and yet today everything is solid and everything which you do see is not made from what it does appear, but is made out of the cement, of will and of mind and of the presence of the greatest personality that the Universe could know for there is none greater than HIM and no one before HIM and the thing which is important for you to know tonight, though you were wondering in a new sphere and as the Apostle Paul said in the Book of Hebrews, you are strangers and pilgrims in the earth, the ONE that put this together is MY FATHER. Because He is My Father and I am His Son, He has made certain commitments which I can claim and which He will put into operation. He has promised me that there is no secret in this Universe that I can knock at that He will not open. He has assured us that nothing that would be beneficial for us within the structure of earth that He will not give us the power to adapt that beneficial development in the earth for us. He has told us we can seek and it shall be opened up to us, that there is no phase of it where we will not find the answer to which we seek.

You say, why is it that there have been on the earth peoples here ages before us and they didn't probe the secrets of the Universe and they didn't find it out, some looked at the stars and that's where it stopped, others looked at the water round about them and the plants growing and that's where it stopped. In fact, the greatest areas of agriculture development the world ever knew, started with the coming of your race and you can go back into the annuals of antiquity in ancient history and the agricultural age started with the coming of the white man. No wonder the Scripture looked out over the men and the races, looked out over their cities and their civilizations, their jungles and their background and said, BEHOLD, THERE IS NO ADAMITE, THERE IS NO MAN TO TILL THE SOIL. There isn't anybody who has a green thumb like you have. You can talk well about how gardens are raised and how things can be done in various parts of the world, but you taught the world what it knows. They may have gone on in some areas of it, but let me show you this, you are the only race on the face of the earth in which 10% of your society can produce more than all the rest of your society can eat and have 100% left over. Someone said, my, what a green thumb the Japanese have, they can produce and grow flowers like nobody else ever grew flowers, but they haven't learned how to produce all the food they want to eat. You say, they do a pretty good job when they come over here and plant a garden. They do when they have around them all of the assets and all the areas of dispersion and use that you have in your own area. There is no question about the abilities of the oriental mind when guided by that area of vision and development which make possible his climbing the ladder of attainment, but I want you to know that you take the sparkplug of the life and the vitality and the wisdom and the technology and the initiative out of the world and the world goes retrograde.

There isn't any question that we can look over the 7,400 years of the history of the ADAMIC RACE and you can say my, its made a lot of progress. Well, there is progress and then there are sometimes things, which we question as to whether they are progress. It's quite obvious that when we arrived here we had enough to eat. It's quite obvious when we arrived here we knew who our Father was, It's quite obvious when we arrived here we didn't have any taxes, so we can't altogether say its been total progress, but 11.11 tells you what we did do. We arrived here writing a language. We arrived here with the ability for culture. In the first generation we were here, we built architectural wonders. By the third generation we were providing the type of architecture that had the world agog. By the eight-generation from Adam we were building the greatest wonders of the world and we can look back on those generations and look upon Enoch and Job when they went down in the land of Egypt and they built the Sphinx and the Pyramid. We can look upon the ancient cities of On, where upon the tracing of the High Stepps of Asia know that wherever the Sons and Daughters of Adam went, there went with them guidance and wisdom and vision and inspiration, but from the very hour of your arrival, you have been in a continual struggle to survive. This is so much a matter of survival that a doctrine was developed in one of the probing minds of our race and out of it came the concept of the SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST. The moment someone started to talk about the survival of the fittest, a lot of silly preachers jumped up and down and said, we don't live in that kind of world. Who told you you don't? You do live in that kind of world where survival of the fittest is still the LAW. Someone said, that's the law of the jungle. Maybe not. That's the law of life, for I tell you the man with greater spiritual power, greater mental intellectual abilities, greater spiritual guidance and greater adaptability to the Universe that God has created, is the individual destined to survive. You may think at this moment because they outbreed us by numbers because they were more than we were when we arrived, that Asia is more fitted to survive, but you walk in the land of walking dead. You walk among people that are ill fed, you walk among people that for all of their number, they haven't advanced in mental capacity as it relates to the world they live on. They have never learned to adapt themselves to the earth they live on and reach the standards that are normal and natural with you. You may talk about survival of the fittest and think the strongest Negro that walks the jungle or climbs the hills of Kilimanjaro is a better physical specimen than we might take the average American to be and this may be the propaganda of the race mixers of today, but let me tell you something that what's developed inside the capacity of your race to think, to know, and understand will more capably provide the processes of survival for them than all the knowledge that this walking savage may possess.

If we were going to talk about fitness for survival on the basis of sheer muscle and might or the size of creatures that have stalked the earth, then, my friends, the dinosaur and the Pterodactyls should command the earth and the air and we should discover that there would be no creatures of earth that could standup against the strength of these people, but before we had ammunition and modern velocities in which to cope with them, before upon the face of the earth there was the hunter with the possession and the technology of today, the dinosaur was almost extinct and the Pterodactyls forgotten. Oh, there may be a few of them come back did you know that? Reports now come out of the deep parts of the jungle of South America. A few weeks ago somebody saw what by the description is a dinosaur flying high‑up over the Andes was described what looked like Pterodactyls. Someone said, do you think there’re here? Well, I don't know. There washed upon the shore the other day at the ocean a 7,000 pound animal or creature and they haven't figured out what it is yet or where its been all this time. So there are a lot of things that could happen. Some of them are trying to say that possibly these creatures were in a state of suspended animation being frozen in the ice packs of Northern glaciers which having been broken off into the sea, having melted and they came out of the suspended animation and took on their life from where that was. We would not argue that point, we'll leave that up for time to establish or whether some portion by subterranean upheaval or by earthquake cracked open and let out some interior abyss of the earth some of the creatures, which may be appearing upon it.

Don't be surprised! For you are in a climatic period of prophetic destiny. One in which strange events as they occur mark the end of the age and the beginning of a new one, but it's self evident that one thing is more essential to surviving in the earth than anything else and that is KNOWLEDGE BASED ON TRUTH, for that knowledge can adapt you not only to survival, but to victorious living in any part of the Universe God has created. Now there is something that, whether you know it or not, you are adapted for that a lot of people in earth are not adapted for. Whether you know it or not, you have capacities to live in any part of God's Universe. Oh, you say, well, we couldn't live in this physical body in any part of God's Universe. You may not be able to live in it as you know it now, but you have a celestial body that's with you that can live in any part of God's Universe and there are some things the Scriptures tell you that you need to know and one of them is that you not only existed with the Father in the areas of ancient eternity, but you watched vast areas of the creation in this great Milky Way and in the Solar System in which you are a part. I think significantly, however, that it is understood that God established a Kingdom in the Earth when He sent your Race into the World. When we quoted the passage in the Book of Hebrews that you were strangers and pilgrims in the earth, it is based on the fact that this is what God told Paul when Paul was brought into His Presence to renew his memory. One of the most important structures of promise in the Christian Faith is that the Holy Spirit of God, which is the charging center of God's intellect, was going to restore to the race of which you are a part the remembrance of things that happened before we walked the earth. Every once in awhile someone comes to me and says, Dr. Swift, do you believe in reincarnation? If you’re talking about the Asiatic philosophy. No! If you’re talking about incarnated out of celestial realms into a physical body, I believe in it, because I'm here. You say, well, how do you know that you ever existed before? Because my name was written in the family record before the earth was framed and I've already been blessed with spiritual blessings and God has already told me things that were going to come to pass before the world was framed because I have the record of it in this Book and that fits you, each one of you. You say, I don't remember. No, I know you don't remember, but you know what the Scripture tells me? It tells me here in the Book of Hebrews if you could remember how you got here, where you came from, you would go back. You know, God was pretty smart in not letting you know and remember everything. We are getting pretty close to remembering some things. You’re discovering that in your technology you’re starting to move into the areas of the development of craft such as man has never made before. If I told you twenty years ago that we were going to be making space ships and flying around, that was even before Buck Rogers was being thought about. If I told you that men would sore around the earth and we were going to talk about a time table to the moon and that great big Department Stores and other publication companies were already offering prizes, a free trip to the moon and back, you know. Oh, you say, nobody is ever going to collect on that. Well, you can have my first ticket, I can tell you. That's not because we don't believe somebody's going to do it, we're just not so sure they’re going to get back. Getting out of here is not so hard, It's getting back.

There are a lot of people that have been here only once, this is it and they spend all their time thinking how to get out. The other day I listened to a man, who was a clergyman, who was admonishing Christians on why they should be good. Now you shouldn't have to admonish people on why they should be good. What we call goodness is just a natural response. It's the way you think and if you think right, your mind is tuned with God, with the things of His purposes, you should naturally do the things, which are good. You ray make errors and mistakes, that's human, but, my friends, you give assent to that which is true.

Now, we talk about what the man had to say. He said, you know the Christian should become so filled with the wisdom and the mysteries of the things which pertain to God, His beauty and all of the promises of the Scriptures and all kinds of spiritual things which he never defined, that we should become so apart that we just find a place to hide out and let the world just go on and all of its course, don't interfere with it politically, don't get involved in anything that creates a disturbance, try to find some little cozy corner and have a little peace and wait for God to take you out of here before it becomes too hot to stay and I listened to this clergyman, over television, on the radio, maybe you heard him too. What he was saying was if you can get ready now to just believe the nice things that are peaceful, the beautiful things about God and get ready for a deliverance that will take you out of the world before the whole world is turned over to the Devil. The Devil is going to conquer it, his anti-Christ armies march, the hordes are already at work, they stem from Russia, they sweep through China and, therefore, don't become involved in this, don't get in any hassle or bother about it, just get over here in a corner, hide out as long as you can, keep out of sight and get ready to go. That's what I call an escapist religion. You say, well, isn't that true? No! There's no instruction about how to escape. If the program of God was to get you out of here, He wouldn't have sent you here to start with. He didn't put you down here to crawl in a corner and wait to escape. He put you down here to face the powers of darkness and turn on LIGHT, WISDOM AND POWER AND INTELLECT AND WISDOM AND CONQUER THE DARKNESS. That's the reason why we have so many rascals in politics. Too many people took an escapist religion and the Devil wasn't working on an escapist religion, he was working on a victory. We cite to you that this whole Book takes on an entirely new aspect when you follow the words as it relates to your occupying of the earth of the Most High God. You know, I think that if a lot of people studied what God has to say from Genesis to Revelations that talk about all the spiritual nothings that they could never put together, they would decide God wasn't spiritual and He needed a revival. You say, what do you mean? Because every spiritual force that you find in this Book is translated into getting something done in the earth. It's translated into VICTORY for men while they live here, it's translated for LIVING and for POWER and there are MYSTERIES in this Book. "THERE ARE GREAT MYSTERIES

I could stand here and talk to you about documents and records that reach back into antiquity that go back thousands of years before Moses wrote the Pentateuch. Well, in fact from Moses back to the time of Adam was quite a few thousand years and before Adam had finished his own ministry was writing books about his experiences. You know, I think Adam was better fitted to talk to most people than most preachers, because Adam walked with God and even though that broke off for a little while, it returned and Adam knew he had walked with God before and Adam wrote things in a Book. The Book that he wrote was on scrolls of parchment. The scrolls were copied. They were used in the days of early knowledge and wisdom. They were in the Ark. Seth wrote. The writings of Enoch, of course, were the most numerous of all the old Patriarchs of the Scriptures that are available to us and among these mighty writings of Enoch, we get a little knowledge to bring back to our remembrance the order of our Father's Universe.

This Universe has not necessarily been a place of peace because after the establishment of this area of the Universe when an Archangel rebelled at the birth of your race, there had been a developing hostility among one-third of the Angels of the Milky Way. Now, they were not mad at God because God wasn't righteous. They couldn't say they were underpaid because there wasn't a lack of anything. They were angry at God because an Archangel over them had said, "We're going to take over the Universe if we can get mad enough" and that was "MADNESS", because you can't before the beginning and you’re never going to stop the one that made the beginning. Let me tell you this, that we don't have to go into the complexities tonight of a the things that happened, though I have read for hours the conversations in space. You say, what do you mean by that? Because I had my fingers on the manuscripts and I had my fingers on the records and I can show you where some of these things were told to Enoch and others were told to others and I can show you where visitors have come to earth to tell men what went on.

The ORGANIZATION OF HEAVEN, the vastness of it, things which you know and only need to be brought back to your remembrance. How many Universes are there anyhow? Oh, you say, there's only one. No, there's sub Universes, there's Island Universes, even Astronomers are beginning to understand that and far off remote in the empty places of the North, there are more Universes than we thought, it's not as dark out there as we once thought it to be. We are most concerned then with something that so many trillion years of measure by what we use to call light years and someone says, that's too big and long for us to think about. Suppose I tell you then that related to this Universe of which we are a part, that in this Universe which surrounds the Pleiades and reaches out in the Milky Way and the far off Orion and into the far distant spaces of the Solar System that surround your earth, and all of the great areas around it which are set into four, that the Pleiades was the known center of the Universe and those little seven stars up there contain within it the THRONE‑SEAT OF YAHWEH as He rules over this Universe and He sits in the COUNCIL OF THE ELOHIM. Did it ever occur to you that when God has a family that they are also going to be Gods? What do you think God would have? The offspring of God are Gods and I've got a little secret for you tonight. Every last one of you seated in this room were called by the Father Elohim and that's why it said in the 82nd Chapter of the Psalmist. "YE ARE ELOHIM AND ALL OF YOU ARE THE CHILDREN OF YAHWEH". Not everybody that walks the earth, just the WHITE ADAMIC RACE. Oh, you say, well, they don't act like Gods. No, they surely don't, that's why the 82nd Psalm was written. God said, "My, what's the matter with you Elohim, here you are down here on the earth and you walk like men, you act like men and you’re even dying like men. Now arise and act like Sons of God". You say, I would like to. Well, what are you waiting for? The greatest area of battle with which we were to be faced was the battle to UPSET THE CHANNEL OF OUR THINKING, for if we thought like the Elohim, we would apply the power that belonged to the Elohim, we would master the earth and that quickly.

You should by now know that there is no problem in earth that you cannot solve. There isn't one single problem that besets your race that you’re worried about the fact that you can't solve. The only great problem we seem unable to solve is in the areas of Government at the present time. In the areas of Government, we're in great upheaval. The reason is that we have men in the positions of Government who are endued with the ideas of a world order dedicated on your absorption and your eventual liquidation. Oh, they, you say, don't mean to liquidate us as a race? They mean to liquidate your Republic as it now* stands, your liberties as guaranteed by your Constitution and Bill of Rights, your religion as it is identified with the ETERNAL GOD, FATHER OF THE UNIVERSE and they want to retain you as Technological slaves to produce for them while they hold you as the Technological slaves of the world. They do not want the LIGHT OF YOUR GOD, THE POWER OF YOUR WISDOM OR THE IMPACT OF YOUR CIVILIZATION TO SPREAD OUT OVER THE EARTH THAT ALL MEN BEING FREE UNDER THE PROVINCE OF GOD'S GOVERNMENT WOULD BE ABLE TO POSSES AND PROVIDE AND HAVE NO PROCESS OF NEED. Every once in awhile someone says, there is an intense forceful pattern to the Kingdom of God that intends to conquer the earth and to rule with power. Yes, my friends, the Kingdom of God has been destined to conquer the earth, but when it's conquered by the process of God's Kingdom, it's going to be liberated from every silly superstition and every figment of imagination that even holds the lesser races and orders in captivity and outside of this spiritual force from which ideas form there is no way of LIGHT OR POWER to set the world free outside of the Family which God has sent into the world empowered and activated by HIS OWN HOLY SPIRIT. YOU ARE SPIRIT OF HIS SPIRIT, YOU ARE CHILDREN OF HIS HOUSEHOLD, AND YOU ARE IN THE EARTH.

Once we were in the vastness of the Pleiades and they’re pretty large. There, isn't one of the illuminated areas of the Pleiades that couldn't swallow up your sun many times over and round about is invisible are planets in their motion all of them forming a back drop for the Pleiades. Once in awhile the patterns can be in electronic photography established concerning the vastness of the number of units that we see moving in areas where we do not catch the visibility by the eye, the passage of an astronomical object blocks out a far distant star on the photography. It's put on a side real calculator, the two plates of the calculator are put together and suddenly a little bell rings and they stop everything right there, a calculator comes down, the points come over and the point of incidence is where a opaque object you didn't see blacked out the light of a star that was even further away, but the electronic chart because there was a variation, it rang the bell. Modern technology has built an instrument so far beyond your ability to see with the eye and to discern by looking at the multitude of its speck by the electronics you’ve developed out of the brain of a people that had wisdom and intelligence. They didn't do this in Asia. No African did it remember that. Now we don't blame Africans for not making computers, we wouldn't want to use one they've made, but I'm going to tell you they didn't find out what you couldn't see, but you found out what you can't see, in fact today you have faith, now let me point out something to you, you have faith to believe what you can't see because the instruments you made says so and as long as you have got faith to believe something you can't see because the instruments you made said so, it stands to reason that you can also BELIEVE IN SOMETHING YOU CAN'T SEE THAT GAVE YOU POWER AND INTELLIGENCE ENOUGH TO MAKE THE INSTRUMENTS BECAUSE WHERE DID THE IDEA COME FROM? You know everything has to have its foundation in IDEA AND IDEA IS ENERGY GROUPED AND FORMED. There is nothing new under the sun.

We point out to you this, that out of the panorama of antiquity and out of the yesterdays, we know that in the vastness of the Universe that we not only existed in the Pleiades, but we traveled across the vast expanses of time, we moved out over whole areas of the Universe and we went with speeds that many many times are the square of the speed of sound, as we know it. You say, how could that be done? Because we were not faced with the problem of friction and we were using patterns of law and of science that related to life and to energy that we haven't learned yet to develop to their fullest extent in the earth. Maybe we couldn't use them here at the present time. You say, how do you know? Because out of the records of the ancient past, the same records which we find that discuss the things that the Book of Revelations talks about, there we find mentioned as it relates to personages and beings, it's told that we, the CELESTIAL CHILDREN OF GOD, moved back and forth throughout the Universe and beheld the works of our FATHER and we saw the great and mighty forces which were in operation, we saw Archangels. In our Milky Way, there's four. These Archangels governed whole areas of the Universe.

At one time we used to think that we had to compute the speed of the velocity of light at 186,000 miles per second and that this speed of light could be measured by the process of instrumentation to give us the distance to a far distant star on the rate of how fast that light moves per second and we came out with a measure that said that if you traveled at 186,000 miles a second for a year, that's a light year and now we find out that that isn't even the measure of how far it is out in some of these places because we're faced with the fact that Mr. Einstein copied that measure to begin with and it isn't a true one, but that's only the velocity that we're able to prove that light moves with the density of atmosphere down here where there is some and we don't yet have the proper squaring values of how fast light moves when you get out beyond atmosphere, but we have already proved by instruments which we have projected above the atmosphere that the velocities of light are catalyzed, we have already spun the dials until they no longer register until they break. THE INFINITY IMPACT to the things men thought are just in the beginning of developing, but there is a certain commission that is most significant, the ideas, which you develop to accomplish some of your objectives, do not require the figures that some people compute they do. They require knowledge of the processes. When you bombarded the nucleus, you bombarded the nucleus and the velocity which you made was artificially produced by the speed of the cyclotron, by the intensity of the gap, by the shortening of the drive and you sent in a velocity faster than the speed of light, you sent particles bombarding the nucleus and blew the Atom apart, and after you blew it apart, an unshaved, uncouth, bewhiskered Jew said, I figured it all out for you. He couldn't do it, He couldn't take it apart, He couldn't put it together and everybody bowed and said "Allah Einstein". You know what we found out tonight? We found out he was wrong. We took the nuclear elements apart without him and I'm going to prove to you something else too. If he knew how, to do it and those that make up the company around him and known these secrets, they would never have had to steal an atomic secret from America. They would have gone over to the Country whose Economy and whose philosophy they were producing and would have made it there without your help. Don't tell me about the superior technology of any peoples on the face of the earth. If Africa or Asia could produce it, if Communist Russia had the technological abilities of their own they wouldn't send one SPY to look over your shoulders to find out how.

Yes, but in the vastness of the Universe, great crafts swept through your sky. When Enoch rode upon them, he told us what they looked like. He said He saw great cylinders flying through the air at great velocities. He talked, also, about great circular objects that went through the air. Ezekiel nukes the same discovery, He calls them wheels as though wheels were in wheels as concentric decks of crafts moving through space with portholes, people looking out of it, people riding in them, people moving faster than light and when these men were alive, they told what they saw, they came back and told about where they had been, they told about what they had discovered.

In a world which by all its knowledge, had little knowledge concerning the curvature of the earth in which many were to still teach clear on up to the beginning of the 14th or 15th century that the world was flat and Enoch told how He sailed up over the curve of the earth, how He looked down at the mountains, the seas and the poles and how He left the earth and went out into space and looked back and saw it like a BALL. Yes, before Glenn looked down on the earth, Enoch thousands of years ago called it a BALL. It wasn't until 1492 that we had to rediscover this and men sailing to the West were to prove that the world was round. Had to battle with Kings and Queens to subsidize them. So, you see again the wisdom and knowledge your race had by experience is quite well established. Isaiah wrote about the circle of the earth and how God has a satellite moving around the earth, it tells you in the Book of Isaiah circling the earth. He has a watcher up there looking down on the earth at all times. People say, how do we know? Well, the Scriptures says so and more than that, our own radar has picked up this circling object. We have instruments that know that there's a satellite moving around the earth. It has been moving around it for a long time and one day a few years ago, it left its course and went up over New York City and we sent squadrons of planes in the air to look at it, but it was too big and too high and we were all disturbed until it went back where it was suppose to. It went down over Australia and hovered over Australia high in the sky and when Mr. Dullas was alive, he flew down there to see what it was all about for Melbourne and Sidney were all excited about it, they could see it because it had come down that close, but they had no craft then to reach it and after Mr. Dullas and the Administration down in Australia decided that this wasn't the Russians, because they didn't think the Russians were as smart as this, and they were right, it went away again back to its spot at the equator. So this happens in your time. Way back before there were any instruments to measure it, before we were probing the stratosphere and space ourselves, the Scripture contains the record that God has a watcher going around up there. You say, what do you need a watcher for? Well, there's a reason for that too. Just remember that we are told like flying darts, great cone like crafts swept through the sky and out from behind them went radiations of light like as of fire and we are told that Lucifer traveled through the Universe on ships of fire and we're told that Angels that formed the great corners of His legions, when He came into the presence of the Most High, came into the Crystal Palaces and came into the presence of the Most High, one Sapphire glowing Palace of one solid mass of cut stone, so high that there were clouds between the floor and the ceiling formed by atmosphere upon that planet. Enoch describes it and in the description of it we find the records that come even out of ancient Samaria of the palace, the Crystal Palace that shines like a diamond only it's called the Palace of Sapphire and Lucifer came, His Legions and His Wife came and swaggering into the presence of .the Most High, a Archangel before Him, He bowed before the Most High, for in the ages of yesterday there came a time when He rebelled against the Most High God.

Now I want to tell you this, that we don't have an exact count of how many craft, how many technological, scientific, developed instruments that traveled through space and their knowledge and their laws were well perfected and as far as their celestial beings were concerned and their relationship of this field of energy even the bodies if they dwelt within that embodying form. We are told by the mysteries unveiled to Enoch that they had a capacity to step up the velocities of the waves of light of which they consisted until their bodies become solid and could be seen and they could retract that and pass a given point in which it's seen and their bodies became invisible and still they were but a glow of light. You say, I don't believe that. Well, you have got a lot to learn because I can tell you, you have got a celestial body right now that you can't see, but Almighty God can step up its light until it glows like an aura around everyone of you and this is the only thing the Apostle Paul said he really 'wanted, he wanted to be enveloped in the glory that he had, he wanted to have this power put on so that he wouldn't die because the body enveloped in light like that would not taste of death.

You remember the words of Jesus. You know, it was quite a unique experience. You know God can have experience because when He does something that He didn't do before in a Pacific time, that's an experience for God even though He knew He was going to do it. It wasn't, my friends, beyond the great creative initiative of God to carry out the objective program of being born in the same race that He had begotten in the days of Adam, to emerge as a baby and yet the fullness of divinity dwelt within the developing child and still His full grown spirit which was the norm behind it all, still held the Universe together that as that child grew, adapted inside this body the body became that of a youth and then of a young man, the spirit that dwelled within it held the Universe together. There was an experience that was new for God for He had enclosed Himself in a body of a man just like His relatives. He walked the earth, He talked with men and He drew divine power down for any necessary measure. He made Himself Subject to feelings and the emotions that could swell against the structure of life. He could know hunger, He could know pain for His body was like yours, but His mind could never cease from being the MIND OF GOD, it could never cease from drawing' all the power He needed to heal the sick, to raise the dead, to open the eyes of the blind and I turn tonight to the records of Rome which were not necessarily for Him nor were they necessarily hostile against Him, the hostility which was here formed was formed by His enemies from Jerusalem itself, but they were observing, observing, observing, its Governors and their reporters telling about the mystery of this MAN of Galilee and tonight the best evidence I can produce for you of the miracles that were performed at the command of He who could command all the things to whom the Universe was obedient were the records from His, so called, opposition in Rome that recorded what happened. If I read it from Matthew, from Mark, from Luke and from John, you would believe it, but there might be a skeptical mind that would say, this was ghosted up by His Disciples after He was gone, but Roman records were printed and recorded by the year and I have looked and possess in my Library copy after copy of Roman records still in Rome to this day that go back to Tiberius Caesar for the records of Rome are on file in Rome today. If there is anyone contribution that Rome has made to Western Society is the meticulous exactness with which they kept the records of the Emperors of Rome of all that happened in their Providences and there is one thing that the Emperor of Rome who having their bookkeepers keep the records have to testify to the miracles which are related as being done by the Hands of Christ were done by the EMBODIMENT OF GOD.

Now, I turn again and there is only one thing that Jesus asked for, there is only one thing that as it related to Himself, we find the Body of Christ praying for, praying to the spirit that fills the Heavens and the Earth AGATHOS PNEUMA, great creative FATHER, cover Me again with the Glory that I had when I was in Thee before the world was framed. Only thing missing was the LIGHT OF LIFE, THE GLORY, IT WAS IN HIM, HE WANTED IT UPON HIM. The majesty of it was demonstrated upon the Mt. of Transfiguration for a few minutes the glory came down and enveloped Him until His clothes were effulgent with the light, the glory and the majesty of it was so great that nor eyes of man had beheld before, for Peter, James and John and they wanted to stay there forever. That is one of the most beautiful spectacles in all the record of the experiences of Christ's Disciples. Again only equal with that radiant fire and emanating glory that stood upon the Mountain with Christ as He with His Disciples told Him goodbye and stepped into the radiant cloud which was hiding the great craft which was to carry Him into the areas of space where He intended to go. You say, I don't think there was anything in the cloud. Well, if you don't believe there was anything in the cloud then you have to imagine that two men rode in that cloud on a great powder puff and came out because while His Disciples stood up there and Christ stepped into the cloud, two men stepped out of the cloud onto the Mountain because the mist was touching the earth and they said, now don't stand staring into this cloud because just as Christ has gone to leave, He can come back just like that and He will! Someone said to me, Dr. Swift, you don't believe in this modern age the tradition of the religion of Christianity that Christ will come back? I believe in everything that Christ said He could do and would do because He proved that anything He wanted to do He could do. I have the evidence of time, the records of antiquity upon our side. I have the evidence of a vision, the inspiration the ability. I have the evidence of a have race against the have not society, of have nations and have not nations based on spirit, wisdom and vision. Someone says "evolution 11 NO! If is was evolution, then you did all the evolving in 7,400 years and the peoples around you haven't evolved in 75,000 or a million years. The other day I was talking to a socialist Professor out of a modern High School and this man said, Dr. Swift, He said, the trouble is you have a racial pride and I said, and I hope a racial self respect. Well, he said, it's only a matter of environment, if we put the Negroes and the Chinamen and everybody else in the same kind of environment that you and this race has been put in, they would be as great as we are. Well, I said, who was making environment before we came? What environment did we come into? We can't say we inherited this from the Chinaman or from the Asiatic or the Negroes. We came in and they didn't know and we came in and we did know and we started to teach and things started to happen from that time on. There has been more history made in the last 7,400 years as far as knowledge and wisdom in the earth than has occurred in the last 75,000 years before it. That’s why you’re coming to a terminal point in time and measure.

YES, I listened to the words of Enoch. I stand thrilled by the panorama of what he saw in space and my mind strangely articulates back to the concept of remembrances, nostalgically stirred by the things which bring to your remembrance events, the formation again of an idea, the remembrance of things belonged to as, a people. For great Archangels like Gabriel and Michael, Rafael stood before the Most High. They commanded corners of the Universe, a pulsing Universe, no violence, no trouble, no error, just the great created pulsing life and living in a people with knowledge, wisdom and development beyond anything you have yet imagined and you knew it and watched it. You were utterly apart from any process of thinking other than in the knowledge of how these things were made and how these things were done and I'm told that there was one, also, a most brilliant and vital illuminary. He not only loved your Father with all of the love He could give to your Father, but He loved you and when you, the CHILDREN OF THE MOST HIGH GOD, became a part of His Universe, He possessed a loyalty unto you, that although an Archangel who ruled over millions, He possessed a loyalty to you and in that hour when Lucifer made the page of history that changed the events for awhile, rebelled against the MOST HIGH GOD and locked a whole portion of the Universe into a tremendous holocaust and struggle. Did you know that astronoids and planets blew up? Do you know that we have got the debris from one planet that blew up from interstellar war still floating around in space? That's where most of your meteorites and things come from.

I could tell you of mysteries revealed from the patterns of the laws of yesterday and out of the heavens and I can tell you this too, there have been coming and going from earth throughout generations messengers that God has sent to His own people from time to time to not only bring things to their remembrance, but to tell them of things that were relative to the area they live in so that they might remember and know. God has set watchers up and Angels to guide, to reach through to those with vision and inspiration that God calls to guide His people and when it's important, He gets through with the idea.

I want you to know that Michael was put in command of the craft of God set up for the protection of His Kingdom. Now Lucifer learned a lot of things and one thing He did learn how things were put together, so when the day He rebelled, He thought that He could isolate and start a process of disintegration, unbalance an explosion in God's Universe. Did your Father really stretch and do something about this matter or did He say this is just a small matter; I'll delegate it to someone else. Your Father called Gabriel and He called Michael and Rafael in and He said Lucifer hath become Satan and has turned away from the Light. The whole areas of the Milky Way are turned into blackness. The Solar System, which He ruled over are being told a lie. HE HAS DECLARED HE IS GOD, so from this time on a course of events must take place for I know what He's about to do. He is going to try to hurl forces against this area inside of the control of this portion of the Universe and so, therefore, thou must take the ships at thy command and thou must add to them these processes, the radiance of light that break and produce all things and take all things apart. Thou must use light whose wave lengths of light and whose vibrations are so great, that things disintegrate when they come under its impact unless they are in harmony with it and thus we are told and Enoch was told the command given unto Michael, was Michael, GATHER THE FLEETS AND THE WEAPONS OF LIGHT BEFORE WHOSE SHINING ALL THINGS FALL APART and Michael turned unto the Most High and said, IF WE USE ALL THE‑FORCE BY WHICH ALL THINGS FALL APART, HOW THEN WOULD BE ACCEPTED THE SHIPS UPON WHICH WE TRAVEL and our Father said, THAT WHICH IS IN THE LIGHT AND SYNCHRONIZED IN THE LIGHT, LIVES BY THE LIGHT WILL NOT BE INJURED BY THE LIGHT.

We may not be able to explain these words that come out of the antiquities of yesterday, but this we do know that when Michael went forth from before the Throne of God He commanded a thousand times a thousand times ten thousand times ten thousand of these great crafts of light with their streams of fire. You say, where did you get that? Well, it's not only in the ancient records of Enoch, but it's even recorded some of these things in the ancient Sumerian records that Dr. Budge translated and I can turn right here in the Book of Daniel and Daniel said, yes, there went out before the throne of God these great streams of light and fire that went out in that hour a thousand times a thousand times ten thousand times ten thousand and thousands and thousands, so you see Daniel knew.

Now, what did they do? In the course of what transpired they caught and rounded up Lucifer and His Household. They defeated Him planet after planet, solar system after solar system and after the millenniums that were involved, there was only one Solar System to which the broken fleets of Lucifer was heading this Earth called "Uranta", the Solar System it's a part of. The oldest word, you know, for the Earth was "Urantall" and as Lucifer made the Earth as well for a time Mars and Saturn dwelling places, they moved into the orbit of taking over the earth and still it was not enough, Michael pursued Him. Michael's fleets were going to defeat and destroy any power that Lucifer had and suddenly the Father said, STOP MICHAEL! You say, how do you know? Because God told Michael thou shalt stay and leave Him complete His cycle of destiny in the earth. So Michael was placed was placed in the outer space surrounding the earth and the great legions of Michael with His fleets flew around the earth and back and forth in this Solar System. Michael's command not only the great circling ships around the center of the earth, He, also, the areas known as the center of the watchers for many of these fallen and violent forces in the millenniums that followed were bottled up in the Nether World and the Cavern Systems and watchers were put over them and this is the part of the record in which I haven't the time to go into tonight.

Michael was commander of Space. Michael was an Archangel and your servant, for if Michael were to stand on this platform in all His glory, He would shine brighter than the sun and there is not a one of you that is greater than Michael. Did you know that? To which of His Angels did He ever say THOU ART MY SON, are the very words of His Spirit in the Book of Hebrews, but Michael, the Archangel, was made an Archangel before your family to serve the Eternal forever and He serves you as well.

Yes, this Mighty Angel of great power. This Mighty Personage of great knowledge and of great wisdom and who found that one of the leading Archangels like unto Himself now had to be controlled. At the very moment that Lucifer got out of adjustment with God, He became inferior to every other Archangel and His power has been waned from that day to this, but His earth power has been accumulated. Now as His earth power was accumulating, the plan of God for the earth advanced. God transplanted the race of His Spiritual Children to the Physical Bodies of the Adamic Race and you have been growing ever since. Started out one pair of people. Today you’re one-sixth of the world’s population. Are you about to give up the field and say we're licked? Do you think that the nuclear wars that will be fought this time are going to wipe you from the face of the earth. The Nuclear wars that were fought before were fought between fallen Angels and peoples of earth for the control of the earth and they almost destroyed the earth they lived on fighting for it in the past and I can show you the records of that in the Scripture and that's another subject.

Symbolic you’re the Children of the Eternal and in that day that Michael crossed one whole portion of the Universe out for Lucifer's entrance and started to crowd him to earth, He vanquished the powers of Lucifer for all the Children of God in time and space. Now over here in the Book of Daniel I can tell you what it says here. It tells us concerning the same thing that is over here in the Book of Revelations about how Michael overthrew Lucifer and defeated Him and sent Him to earth. Now here in the Book of Daniel in the 12th Chapter, at the climax of the age when the hordes that come out of Communism and out of Russia and gather up the pagans of the earth and have one great purpose to suddenly bring this thing to a head, end the White Race, fold it up and destroy it and these hordes start to come out of the direction of men like the man whose fierce countenance who destroys many by peace that we have mentioned, voices like Khrushchev, etc. and the eternal fifth column that moves in.

Let me tell you something, if there is any good news that I can add to your present status because I'm going to tell you, if ever we had a group of knuckleheads at the head of our Government, it's now. I don't care whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican. You say, how do you know? This is yesterdays Los Angeles Times, but don't get prejudice because it's the Times if you’re a Democrat because I've got it out of several other papers too. U. S. to propose tomorrow morning at Geneva the abolition of all National Armies, the acceptance of a United Nations Police Force, a global police force to rule the world. The end of National Sovereignty, the end of National Armies, the folding into the spider web flag and the determination of the Police Force is to be made in comparative to the numbers of people in the Countries that are involved. Well, I guess your ratio of a Nation of 190,000,000 would give you so many policemen, but what would a Nation like 683, 000,000 red Chinamen have? By the time the world was governed by this kind of power.

Now the thing that makes this even more foolish, the Jews around Mr. Kennedy that invited him to do this and sent Arthur Dean over to tell Mr. Zoran on Friday that we wanted to talk about this on Monday. He refused to discuss any other disarmament program. The Russians have one, they want to do it in four years and we say this is what we want to do and we want to do it in nine years and both of them end up with the same thing a WORLD POLICE FORCE, but listen, our program says this, Mr. Dean said, you just can't talk about this, we have to get together to work it out in more detail because we have to have a blueprint. You can't build a house without a blueprint.

So what does this call for? This calls for the destruction of all nuclear delivery vehicles, or any vehicle including airships, planes, submarines or rockets capable of carrying nuclear weapons. What does this mean? Does this mean these silly fellows think we're going back to horse and buggy? There isn't an airplane you've got in the sky that you couldn't modify to carry a nuclear weapon in a few hours. There isn't a vehicle that travels on high seas that couldn't carry a rocket. There isn't a Country that couldn't throw a rocket together small or large and start in any moment, but the program is utter disarmament, the disbandment of Armies and the destruction of any vehicle that could by any possibility carry modern instruments of war to any other Country and the acceptance of a police department armed with all kinds of potential weapons made up of people who out number your race and your faith six to one.

Let me tell you something. America has already arrived. We are not becoming, we have become. We are not hoping for the blessings that come from vision, initiative and hard work, we have gained them. We are watching in this hour the dispersion all over the world. America is willing to show any man how to do the things necessary to provide for him the things that they need and the things that provide for them the desire of their heart. America will show men how to build homes, will show them how to make clothes, will show them how to provide agricultural necessities, will show them the Keys and the wisdom, but America is not going to plant the field and reap the crop and give it to them, America is not going to build the house and say you live in it, America is not going to become the work slave of the world because your Father has not ordained it, but Mr. Kennedy and his gang think that's the way it's going to be run. You say, how do you know? Because your Father has told you not to pour your blessings out upon the world that won't bow the knee to recognize Him, that the Key to success is to recognize and be inspired by the right God and there's no inspiration to those' that worship the darkness and worship the gullies and the tyranny of that darkness, but they do have a plan, they want to either make you the slaves to produce it or they want to conquer you and take away what you have and destroy you so that you no longer are the power in the earth, but your Father didn't send you down to be destroyed, He sent you down to conquer.

So, I'm going to give you this passage, I turn over to the 12th Chapter of the Book of Daniel and "at that time shall Michael that great Prince of God standup for all the Children of My People and in that time of trouble such as there has never been since there were Nations upon the earth, even at that same time shall all My People be delivered, every last one of them whose names are found written in the Book". You say, where are we going? We're not going, we're going to stay. I wish I could arrange a way for everybody that wants to go to go! I'm going to tell you something else about it, when we finish the first part of this victory, Michael's God will arrive as well. Now if you think the crafts of Michael were many, when you've the tremendous escort that your Father brings and I'm going to tell you this. Did you know that everyone of your relatives that ever left the earth by the process of death, which is the backdoor in, did you know that everyone of them that ever left are going to come back, they are going to come back in that great space army of outer space. Did you know that? Well, you say, how do we know that, that's a New Testament doctrine? Well, it says back here in the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament that when Michael that Great Prince comes up and He stands for you in that battle, helps to deliver you from unseen powers that you don't even know are here, fights against the forces of darkness, He will not be fighting alone, your craft, your space, your army are going to be involved in this. You are going to be battling Armageddon and there are going to be a lot of your people that are going to have enough in that hour of abiding needs to say, "FATHER COME QUICKLY". You know a lot of people need to have their backs bent a little; there are a lot of people that just need to say, "JESUS COME QUICKLY". You say, there'll never say it. Let me tell you something, if you see enough of these hordes coming over the hill, there's a lot of things you’re going to say.

NOW LISTEN! It says in that hour when in the revelation of this purpose, the hour also in which the MIGHTY GOD, we're told in the Alexandrian Version, will accompany His Prince Michael and everyone of the race whose bodies are sleeping in the dust of the earth and whose spirits are in His Presence, it says, He is going to bring with Him and they that be WISE, THEY ARE GOING TO SHINE LIKE THE BRIGHTNESS OF THE FIRMAMENT  and they are going to turn many to RIGHTEOUSNESS AS THE STARS IN THEIR ILLUMINATION. Daniel looked and He beheld all this across this river of time and He said, "OH! LORD, WHAT'S GOING TO BE THE END OF ALL THESE THINGS"? NO END! You know Michael is rather handy to have around. You know, Daniel was praying for the interpretation of things He needed to know and this is the experience of a Prophet of God that when He desires something and when He puts His heart for it, God provides the answer, it floods His mind or it's delivered by messenger and Daniel waited 21 days and there came no answer. If you turn over here in the Book of Daniel you'll discover why. The reason why He didn't get an answer was that the Prince of the Powers of the Air over Persia. Now, that's a devil. That's one of Lucifer's minions who controlled the area around Persia and whose opaque forces in the air and round about used satanic powers and in the earth used His representatives which even dwell among you doing business and the powers of darkness drew the circle, blocked the Divine Messenger for 21 days. The Messenger couldn't get through. That shows you that they put some first class opposition among the Fallen Angels there that had great power to command. Do you know what it says here in the Book? That finally the Messenger came to Daniel and He gave Him the picture and the story for His people so He could write here in this Book and He said, don't you know Daniel that God didn't turn from you that the message came 21 days, but I got hemmed up by the power of these forges that govern this area between where you were and where I came from and it took Michael, Commander of the Fleets of Space to come and set me free and drive back the forces of darkness so I could bring you this message this day, but Michael was enough. Let me tell you this, that you know one thing the Devil always tries to do is get a hold of the body of a child of God, if so be it, there is some reason for it and try to steer the people of God wrong with it, false communications, strange materialization.

In the ascension of Moses, it was well cloaked in mystery. People thought He died. The records were written to say that He was full of years and He passed away, but Moses was not dead and this Lucifer had somehow a premonition of because He looked everywhere and even though He had many watchers, He never attended Moses' funeral. Lucifer could not find the body of Moses and He stormed the gates of Heaven and He said, I want the body of Moses. I'm the King of Death and I want that body. Why hasn't that Spirit been delivered to me? There has been no crucifixion yet. There has been no power to break it, now why hasn't it been delivered to me? There was kind of an annoying cry, so Michael came and took care of the situation and if you want the story, you turn over here in the Book of Jude. Now, there is a lot of language and a lot of artists have been using all the languages there are and Michael, though He were a Mighty Angel, was pretty disgusted with Lucifer and He coined a few new words in the vocabularies of time and finally God said, now, Michael, that's the last thing you can call the Devil because He's still an Archangel even if He fell, now you just lay off Him, hold Him right there and they were arguing about where was the body of Moses and Michael wasn't even going to let Him know the answer and the Devil demanded it on the power of death He holds in the earth and so the Book of Jude said that Michael stood contending with Lucifer in the earth and God said, just stay, we're going to finish Him up right there in the earth, He's going to be defeated by My Kingdom, the POWER OF LIGHT AND RIGHTEOUSNESS’ are going to prevail and the day is going to core when that Archangel, that force of darkness that sweeps the world is going to be flat on His face before everyone of MY CHILDREN worshiping you. THAT TIME IS COMING! You say why, because in the mysteries of the Book of Isaiah, God wants them to know that YOU are MY SONS AND DAUGHTERS and that I have loved thee and there is not an Angel in the Universe that shall not acknowledge thee and from one end of the earth to the other, the races are going to arise and they are going to be moved into the greatest hour of their development and they are going to know that YOU are the CHILDREN OF GOD and they are going to say that there is no God in earth but THEE and the FATHER that sent THEE and that's what Isaiah proclaims.

Now, of course, when one goes into the extent of talking about things that some Churches never thought about, many people never read, didn't even look to see what it was talking about in the Bible, never sought any other answer. People say, well, we don't need to know these things. No, you can go on in fear and stumbling or you can go on with victory and vision, you can bind the darkness, you can work for power of operation, instead of talking about retreat, withdrawing, instead of talking about surrendering, you talk about VICTORY. You work for it, you know it's coming, you know that all the reinforcements are at your command and let me tell you, Angels are subject to your command tonight. Yes, my friends, there’re changes that are going to be made. Someone said, do you think they are going to disarm us? No! This is one of the things we're going to talk about next week, "Why They Will Never Disarm The Nations Of The World Until Christ Comes". I can prove that to you. I can prove to you why their disarmament will not take place. Why every plane and phase of it shall fail, but I'm going to tell you this, there are a lot of things that you need to do. There are a lot of things we've got to stimulate people to do.

You know that every intelligent American should be wiring his Senator tonight. Do you know what the Senate is going to talk about tomorrow? They are going to talk about giving Mr. Kennedy the right to loan $100,000,000 to the U. N. to pay for the fiasco that took place down in Africa. Tomorrow morning the Senate is going to act an $100,000,000 to Mr. Kennedy to give to this failure of the U. N. in Africa, and the areas that received the punishment is the, best area in Africa. You know that you have only one voice, that's your hand and your mouth. You should let your Senator know. You say, well, our Senators are pretty sad representatives and it won't make any difference, but I'm going to tell you something, they tremble at the letters that say, don't you dare! Out of a 1,000 or 5,000 letters move in on them tomorrow, that 5,000 letters is worth 10 to 20,000 for each letter written that didn't write a letter. Listen, most people don't know that's going to happen. You had to get back to page 8 in the newspaper to find it out today. Page 8. Oh, it was about this wide in a little column like that, it wasn't nearly as important as a murder or two or somebody being hit by an automobile, just a little column way in the back. Let me tell you something, this Nation and all that is within belongs to the people that made it what it is and God ordained you to administrate it. By your sleepiness, by your lack of knowledge as to your destiny, by your lack of reality concerning how important it was for you and everybody else to do your part in this, this is your business, this is God's Kingdom, your inheritance, you are its stewards if you thought you would elect only men who understood this.

From every part of the Nation our tapes are going and receiving a response from all over America, I'm getting responses of every kind. All of them have been, except for five letters, well, we haven't gotten the fifth one really, four letters, the fifth one was critical, four of them were against out of all these thousands and thousands of tapes only five actual controversial letters of attack, but I'm getting letters that say, Dr. Swift, where can we find an organization right of the right? Why can't we be "rightist"? Why can't we have meetings where they tell the whole story? Why can't we be briefed every week with what's going on all over with these things? Why can't we know? Why can't we join together a WHITE ARISTOCRACY to guarantee our preservation and work for our mutual benefit economically, politically, socially and for the preservation of our Nation like our enemies are bonded together in their B'nai B'rith to destroy us? The time is come. You know, somebody said, well, you can't organize farmers and you can't organize Christian Americans. The Devil has been trying to tell us that we can't do this and we can't do that. We can do anything were big enough to do and we've got more vision than our enemy.

So I'm going to tell you that as we listen to these factors, we are probing, probing, probing. It's not going to be long before there will be greater development and there will be a bringing together of all of the facets and the Scripture said, it's going to come together, this great body of God's Household and His Race, BONE TO BONE, SINEW TO SINEW, it stands up the GREAT AND MIGHTY CHRIST MAN OF WHICH YOU ARE THE MANY MEMBERED BODY, but suddenly there is going to come roaring into this dimension in surprise at the very hour when the enemy mounts the attack, which they tried to tell us last week he could have launched at any time and this morning's Harold Express said, the enemy was poised to launch a nuclear attack at us that we were skating on thin ice, it could happen at any time. Well, let me tell you something, about that same time also, Michael has been poised, JUST WAITING FOR A LONG TINE and shaking it to bits and saying, OH! GOD HOW LONG BEFORE YOU LET ME

LOOSE? I'm going to tell you this, your earth will be bathed with LIGHT and the amazing thing is it will be YOUR LIGHT. We will have more to say about that when next Sunday we talk to you next Sunday afternoon:




Significally, we tell you that these are the facts of time and of History. These are the challenges to your race; these cause you to think as. It relates to your endless yesterdays and your unknown and endless tomorrows, for you are the CHILDREN OF ETERNITY not just here for a period to an unknown tomorrow, but INTO A PLANNED DESTINY!