Not Guilty
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Not Guilty

By Wesley Swift


Tonight we will discuss the most famous trial in history and the verdict was, Not guilty!

If we turn back the pages of history to the time of Jesus and His ministry, we learn that the people who had control of the land of Palestine, that is, in the areas around Jerusalem, were the priest in the Temple at Jerusalem. This form of government had been established when Ezra and Nehemiah returned from the Babylonian captivity and rebuilt the Temple, and they established the priesthood of Israel once again in the city of Jerusalem, a theocracy in which the laws of God and the Word of God and the priests of God in the house of Levi would govern the people.

However, out of the Isle of Pergamos, out of the areas of apostasy had come a people who had no part or lot in this matter, but who, by chicanery, had gained control of the Sanhedrin. They were known as Sadducees. They did not believe in the resurrection, did not believe in any of the patterns of inspiration or any of the oral Word of God, and theyonly held to the written Word because they had to have some foundation on which to base the twisted and perverted patterns of their law. But they contested the Word of God and completely changed it as they wrote their Talmud. And because they had falsely declared that they were Pharisees, when they were not, they had managed to gain control of the Sanhedrin.

The Sanhedrin consisted of 83 men during the time of Christís trial, These 83 men were selected according to the number of Pharisees or Sadducees that were living in the province, and the Sadducees by deception had gained control of the Temple. They had previously elected Annais as high priest, but at this time Caiaphas, his son-in-law was the high priest. During this period the Canaanites, and the apostles who were not of the house of God at all, were in control of the Temple. These people and those like them were known as Jews.

One of the most important things for people to understand is that the language of the New Testament which deals with these people is not very clear, because the Jews helped to translate the Scriptures and they helped to confuse it as much as possible; and consequently, people think that Jews were the people of Judah and Benjamin, that they were proper children of Israel and that the priests in the Temple were the proper sons of the priest even though Jesus spoke quite differently about them. During Christís ministry, the majority in the Sanhedrin was not of the house of Israel and did not want any of the prophecies of Israel to be fulfilled. When the message of Isaiah came forth that there would be a Messiah and that He would be the everlasting Father and the Prince of Peace and the incarnate God, the Sadducees pooh-poohed the idea. Actually, of course, the mysterious doctrine of the Sadducees was the worship of Lucifer. Moreover, they know that the philosophy proclaimed by Isaiah would replace their false doctrines unless they succeeded in destroying the philosophy of truth. So they exerted constant pressure against the true philosophy and very, very few true priest of Israel that had descended from Levi were even left in the local synagogues and the local temples. The masters of the Temple in Jerusalem even changed the name of the local temples to a synagogue, which was totally wrong, because "gogue" (or Gog) was an offshoot of Asia and was a name applied to the areas of Russia, and the Russian steppes. And "syna," from which the word synod is derived, refers to an assembly. So when they say synagogue they mean an assembly of Gogites. But considering the racial background of the Shamah Pharisees (the false Pharisee) and the Sadducees, who controlled the Temple in Jerusalem at that time, you can understand why they changed the name of the temples of Israel to synagogues.

The word Gog indicates where they came from and suggests that they were related to or were descended from the Mongol Khazars who also originated in central Asia. It is reasonable to assume that certain ancestors of the Sadducees and false Pharisees had migrated from central Asia into Babylonia, and some of their descendants later accompanied the Israelites who returned to Jerusalem after the Babylonian captivity.

Mongol Khazars are the acknowledged ancestors of the majority of modern Jews, as the result of a nationwide conversion to Judaism, in the 8th century A.D., of the people in the Asiatic kingdom of Khazaria, who later migrated into Eastern Europe. In ancient times the Mongol Khazars were recognized as a fierce, brutal and exceedingly evil, barbaric people. And the Khazars were related to the Mongol hordes under Genghis Khan and other Asiatic leaders that for centuries waged more or less continuous warfare against the White population of Eastern Europe. These Mongol Khazars, or Gogites, are the traditional enemies of White Christian civilization. They are the implacable foes of all Christians today, just as they were in the days of Christ.

Most Bible students are familiar with the references to Gog and Magog, and the words Meshech and Tubal that are found in the 38th chapter of Ezekiel and they generally agree that Gog and Magog refer to China and Mongolia that Meshech means Moscow, and Tubal means Tobolsk. Moscow and Tobolsk are two cities that are even today located in the Soviet Union. These are the forces, we are told in Ezekiel, that will come in the last days against"Öthe land of unwalled villagesÖ (and) them that are at rest, that dwell safely, all of them dwelling without walls, and having neither bars nor gates" (Ezekiel 38:11).

In the event some of you might think that these forces will only come against the present abortive state of Israel, let me remind you that every city and town in that part of the Middle East is like an armed fortification and is completely surrounded by gun emplacements, anti-aircraft batteries, and every conceivable instrument for the waging of war. Modern Israel is not a land of unwalled villages and the Israeli are not at rest, neither do they dwell safely in that land which they stole from the Arabs.

The forces of Mongolians and Chinese from Moscow and Tobolsk will come against"Öthe land of unwalled villagesÖ(and) them that are at rest, that dwell safely, all of them dwelling without walls, and having neither bars nor gates" such as the United States of America, for example "to take a spoil, and to take a prey; to turn thine hand upon the desolate places that are now inhabited, and upon the people that are gathered out of the nations, which have gotten cattle and goods, that dwell in the midst of the land" (Ezekiel 38:12). This refers to the cities and towns of the U.S.A. and other nominally Christian nations"Ö that are at rest, that dwell safely, all of them dwelling without walls, and having neither bars nor gates."

It is also an interesting fact that in the Lamsa translation of the Bible (which is the Holy Bible from the Peshitta, the Authorized Bible of the Church of the East), Ezekiel 38:2 is rendered: "Son of Man, set your face against China, and against the land of Mongolia, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal, and prophesy against himÖ"we have been told by the Word of God that in these last days the nations of Godís kingdom will be attacked by the Soviet Union and Red China, and if our leaders in Washington had any intelligence, or even read the Scriptures, they would know this and prepare for it, but instead, they prefer to believe the beguiling words of the enemy, which are, "peace, peace" when there is no peace. Ezekiel 13:10 says, "Because, even because they have seduced My people saying, Peace; and there was no peaceÖ"

So we learn that synagogue is a proper name for an assembly of Jews, but is a totally false designation when applied to Israelites or Christians. When the people of Israel had control of their government, their places of worship were called temples. But when these Asiatic pagans, these Gogites, gained control, they changed the names of the places of worship from temples to synagogues. But we know that a synagogue is just as assembly of evil, pagan Asiatics, or Gogites. That is the way it was in the time of Christ, and that is the way it is now.

We discover, as we go through the Book of John that Jesus during His ministry realized that these Jews were no part of Israel, and He often spoke to His disciples about them and referred to them as descendants of Lucifer. They had come to the earth in the aftermath of an era of catastrophe, when the fallen angel Lucifer and his hosts were cast to earth, and thereafter mongrelized with the races of earth. They produced an unassimilable people, and Cain was even one of these people, and his descendants were Canaanites, and of course they were apostates and totally evil.

Jesus says in the sixth chapter of John as He talks to His disciples, "You know, I have chosen you twelve and one of you is a devil, and He spoke of Judas Iscariot, " who was a Jew and a devil and it was he that should betray Him. And it says, "After these words, Jesus walked in Galilee, for He could not walk among Jewry because the Jews sought to kill him."

I want you to think on this now. In the sixth chapter of John, we are told that Jesus had to walk in Galilee because He couldnít walk among Jewry, because the Jews sought to kill Him. So, early in His ministry and while He was preaching and speaking, the Jews headed by the high priests and their cohorts, were trying to kill Jesus. Now mind you, they had no charges against Him except that He was in their way, they were envious of Him and they wanted to kill Him. So we note that when the Jews went down to the feast, they were looking for Jesus because they wanted to stone Him, and we are told that no man dared speak openly of Him. The people of Galilee came to the feast, but none dared speak openly of Jesus. Why? It says, "for fear of the Jews."

Any Bible student reading the Book of John, can readily understand that the people of Galilee, where Christ came from, were not Jews: and they were afraid to discuss Jesus for fear of the Jews, because of the animosity of Jewish people. And so as we turn through the areas of Scripture, we read that the Jews were always standing by, to accuse Jesus. As we come into the eighth chapter of the Book of John, we see these Jews standing by and speaking out against Jesus, and these are the words that Jesus spoke unto them in the Temple. He said, "Now I am going to go My way and you are going to seek after Me, but you are not going to find Me; because where I go, not one of you can come."

The Jews looked at one another and they said, "Where could He go that we could not come?" They could go almost anywhere, and they said again, "Where could He go that we could not come?" Would He kill himself? Or what would He do?"

Jesus said to them, "You are from beneath, and I am from above; you are of this world, but I am not of this world. I am the Lord from heaven while you are of the earth, and you are the off spring of Lucifer." This is what He told them: "You are from beneath, the nether world," and the word is translated "nether world." You are from beneath, and I am from above."

We are also told that as Jesus was talking with the disciples, again the Jews crowded around. And again Jesus denounced them, because they were seeking to conspire against Him, and He said, "Ye are of your father the devil, the lusts of your father ye will do."

They said, "We have one father, even God."

"No," He said, "if God were your father, ye would receive Me. Ye are of your father the devil. I am not your brother and I do not teach brotherhood. I teach fatherhood of God and Godís children. But you are the children of the devil you are of another outfit. Jesus looked at them and said, "The reason you cannot understand My words is because you canít hear my voice, you donít have any spiritual capacity to understand what I say."

Then they sought all the more to trap Jesus, and they said, "He is a devil."

Jesus said, "Verily I say unto you, before Abraham was, I am." And then Jesus had to hide himself in the Temple because the Jews took up stones to stone Him.

So again we have the evidence of their evil natures, in their taking up stones to stone Jesus. And so it goes on, that as Jesus was teaching, again they came before Him and He said, "Ye shall seek Me but ye are not going to find Me. Whither I go ye are not going to be able to come."

Then said the Jews, "Now, just where is it that He is going to go? What is He talking about? He says that He can go where we canít find Him. Is He going to go to the dispersed among the nations? That is one place we canít go. We are not allowed to go to the cities of Ephraim. Is He going to go to the cities of Ephraim?"

Do you know where the cities of Ephraim were? They were the cities of the British Isles. Did you know that when Jeremiah went into Ireland and took Teah Tephi, the daughter of Zedekiah over there and married her to the king of Ireland, he also exposed the strategy of these evil Jews, and no Jew was allowed in Ireland, Scotland or Wales until long after the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ? No Jews were allowed in these lands or in England, and this was one thing the Jews knew. They said, "Where is He going? Is He going into the cities of Ephraim? Is He going unto the dispersed among the nations?" So they knew where Israel was, and they knew that they were not Israel. They said, "Maybe that is the place He is talking about, where we canít go, because of the laws they have there." When Jeremiah drove all the snakes out of Ireland and was referred to as Saint Patrick, it was the Jews that he drove out and it would be a good thing if we drove them out,too.The Jews in Jerusalem did not understand what Jesus meant when He said, "Whither I go ye can not come, for you are from beneath, from the nether world, and I am from above." As we move through the Book of John, again its says, "And they took up stones to stone Him." Later, we find Jesus talking to His disciples, and He talks about the fact that, "I and the Father are one." Again the Jews took up stones to stone Him. I am reading just now the Book of John. Everywhere, we find they tried to kill Him, they plotted against Him, they took up stones to stone Him, they sent soldiers out to seize Him.

Caiaphas was the high priest at that time, and he said, "Do you not know that I have sent these soldiers out to take Jesus, and they say they canít take Him because they are afraid of the people who have been so stirred by His message that they are ready to follow Him." Then Caiaphas said, "I am going to tell you fellows something: you don't know anything at all. If we don't kill this Man, we are going to lose control of this nation. The Romans so are the tribe of Gad will come and take our place, the children of God which are dispersed will return and take our positions." You see, these Jews were afraid that the true Israelites would return and force them out of their positions of power and authority. So they said," we have got to kill Jesus." And from that day on, it tells you here in the Book of John, the entire council of the Sadducees and these high priests took council how they could put Christ to death.

No Sanhedrin had met. The council of Sanhedrin, of the 83, was the Great Sanhedrin. The Lesser Sanhedrin was the council of 23, which took care of small crimes and small the disputations. But all major crimes, such as blasphemy or the violation of the Laws of God, and such crimes as carried a death penalty, had to be handled by the Great Sanhedrin, the 83. There had been no meeting of the Great Sanhedrin, nor had Christ been condemned to death. It was a conspiracy of the Sadducees of the Temple, the people known as the Jews in that day, and so we see this situation developing, we can well recognize that they were plotting how they might put Jesus to death.

When we consider the conditions that preceded the trial of Christ, we discover that the Jews had gathered their Jewish soldiers and had sent them out. (not Roman soldiers, but Jewish soldiers), to seize Christ in the garden. When they sent out their Jew soldiers, they did not know exactly where Christ would be, but they had hired one of their own agents, Judas Iscariot, who was an Anti-Defamation League agent of his day, to go out and find Christ and betray Him to them for thirty pieces of silver. And when they had brought Christ in, first they brought Him before Annals who had been the high priest in a previous year, but who was the father-in-law of Caiaphas who was the high priest that year. So we read in the Scripture that Jesus was brought before Annas the high priest, and we are told that Annas (who was still called the high priest) had Jesus brought before him, and the chief priests took counsel together how they might obtain witnesses against Jesus. They brought Jesus before Annas the high priest, and they brought before Him false witnesses, many false witnesses who testified and gave false testimony against Him, but they could not agree with one another. Their stories were conflicting because their testimonies were false.

Now when they called this assembly, Annas said, "We need an hour or so to gather the Great Sanhedrin together, and Caiaphas who is the high priest this year will sit on the Sanhedrin but until he arrives in the judgment hall, I will handle the interrogation of Jesus with the help of the high priests who are here with me." And so the word was sent out, but only to the Sadducees, for the Pharisees was never notified. For your information, the real Pharisees believed in the laws of God, the laws of Moses, and they believed in the resurrection. They were true Israelites of Judah and Benjamin.

And so while this was going on, Barnabas, who was a young boy of about fourteen, (who later traveled with the Apostle Paul across the continent of Europe), noted that a gathering was being assembled. He crept in to see what was going on and he found they were gathering the Sanhedrin, but those present were all Sadducees, and so he ran to warn Gamaliel. Gamaliel was a great theological student and a true Pharisee, and he sat in the Sanhedrin, as did Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus, who were also great theological students and real Pharisees.

When Barnabas knocked at the door of Gamaliel, he said, "The Sanhedrin, is meeting tonight. They are calling the Sanhedrin, but there are no Pharisees gathering there."

Gamaliel said, " I will rush down and see what is going on while you go after the rabbi Nicodemus, because we must see what is transpiring."

And so it was that Barnabas ran to get Nicodemus while Gamaliel went to the court of Annas. As he walked in, the Sanhedrin was already listening to various false witnesses, and he said, "What is going on? Why are we assembling in this council chamber?"

The Temple priests said, "We are assembling the Sanhedrin is meeting before Caiaphas."

Soon afterwards, Nicodemus came rushing in and asked, "What are we assembling for?"

The high priest said, "The Sanhedrin is meeting before Caiaphas tonight."

Nicodemus said, "The Sanhedrin can not meet at night."

According to the laws of the God, even in the pattern of the Mishnah, the Sanhedrin could not meet at night. The Sanhedrin had to meet in the daytime. The Sanhedrin had to issue a warrant for the arrest of a prisoner charged with a capital crime. The warrant had to be served. The prisoner had to be brought in. He had to have the charges of the warrant read before him in the court. He had to have a full day to gather together his witnesses. And then, after the presentation of the witnesses and after the hearing of the charges, a day was left for the deliberation of the high priests. Then on the fifth day the high priest came forth and officially laid the charge. If a rebuttal was to be made, it had to be done on the sixth day. But if there was to be a rebuttal, the proceedings had to be continued to the following week for the judgment, for the next day would be a Sabbath. But regardless of when the Sabbath day would occur, the proceedings were still spaced over the same number of days. Then upon the eighth day, judgment could be pronounced. But no Sanhedrin could to meet and make judgment regarding any serious offense in less than eight days.

When Nicodemus came into the judgment hall, he protested when he found that the Jews were buffeting Jesus, slapping and pushing the around, and demanding all kinds of statements concerning His identity. Caiaphas was now seated upon the judgment seat, but the Sanhedrin did not have 83 members present. There were only about 40 members there, and of the few that had come, Nicodemus and Gamaliel were the only Pharisees present. And so as Caiaphas called the court to order, some of them asked, "What are we doing here? What is this assembly for?"

Caiaphas said, "It is the Sanhedrin and we sit in judgment upon this Man."

Nicodemus said, "The Sanhedrin cannot sit at night."

Then Caiaphas turned to the scribe and asked, "How readest thou."

The scribe said, "I must concur with the rabbi Nicodemus, the Sanhedrin cannot meet at night."

Caiaphas then said, "We will then called this an interrogation of a dangerous and blasphemous criminal."

Gamamiel got up and said, "How can we call this Man blasphemous? We have not heard the charges. We have heard no witnesses."

Caiaphas said, "I shall call witnesses." And then he called in the false witnesses.

But Nicodemus spoke up and said "I want all of these witnesses taken out of this place, and I want them the brought to back in one at a time and bear their testimony, lest they hear one another and matched their stories."

The scribe said, " I must concur with the rabbi Nicodemus." And so they sent out the witnesses.

Then they brought in one false witness after another. One of them said, "He said He would tear this Temple down and build it up again in three days." Another made other charges. And they said all kinds of things that Jesus was supposed to have said, but they all crossed one another up, and none of them told the same story. So Nicodemus called on the assembly to throw out the false witnesses, for they were like those who had required them to testify: they were just a bunch of consummate liars.

Caiaphas was very angry with Nicodemus and threatened to throw him out of the Sanhedrin, and the word of Caiaphas was law throughout the land of Palestine. Then Caiaphas turned to Jesus and said, "Art Thou supposedly the Messiah, the embodied One?"

Jesus said, "Thou hast said it."

Caiaphas again asked, "Art Thou the Christ?"

Jesus answered, "I am; and one of these days you are going to see the Son of man coming with the scepter hand of power in the heavens, and you are going to remember."

The priests screamed and the high priest tore his robes, and some of them buffeted and smote Jesus and spat in His face. Others blindfolded Him and hit Him, right and left across His face, and they said, "Now prophesy who hit you. Who hit you?"

Nicodemus said, "We canít hit a man, we are not allowed to strike a man, we cannot do any of these things without a proper judgment. This proceeding has no legal standing, this is an illegal court, this is not a court of Israel."

The priests said, "Hold thy tongue."

Nicodemus said, " I walk out of this room and shall never return to this Sanhedrin again; nor shall it be a Sanhedrin long, for I go to gather the Pharisees." And he walked out.

Then Gamaliel said, "I shall also leave, for there is no justice here, and there is nothing right about this assembly." So Nicodemus and Gamaliel walked out of the assembly together, and then hurried to gather the Pharisees who they knew would be coming into Jerusalem because of the Passover, and they would be coming in, in a matter of 24 hours.

So the Jews plotted how they would put Christ to death. They said, "Morning is now approaching and we want to get all of this over with before the Passover begins. Therefore, let us take Jesus to the hall of judgment, let us take Him to Pontius Pilate; Letís let Rome judge Him. Letís let Rome crucify Him." And so they took Jesus before Pontius Pilate.

Now this was a unique situation, when they took Jesus before Pontius Pilate, they led Him from Caiaphas to the hall of Judgment. It was early, but they themselves went not into the judgment hall, because to do so would defile them and they would not be able to eat at the Passover. When Pilate went out to see them, he said, "What accusation bring you against this Man?"

They said, "If He were not a malefactor, we would not have brought Him before you." Now, while in that phony hearing before Caiaphas, the Jews had constantly accused Jesus of blasphemy. They had said, "You being a Man, make yourself God," but they were without any spiritual capacities and could not understand the truth.

Jesus had said, "I speak the truth, but you canít understand it because you have no spiritual capacity."

But now, with subtlety, the Jews had come before a legal court of law. They had come before a magistrate of Rome and they didnít charge Christ with blasphemy in this court. They now charged Christ with sedition. This is always the way of these scurvy Jews, as we shall show you. They charged Christ with sedition and said, "If He were not a malefactor, we would not have brought Him before you. This Man is guilty of sedition. He stirs up the people. He goes from one end of Galilee to the other, stirring the Jews up against Rome."

Then Pontius Pilate said, "Let Him then be brought before me in the judgment hall." And so we look at the great praetorium and the judgment hall of Caesar and we see the proconsul of Rome seated on the judgment seat, and we see Christ being brought into that hall.

The high priest had assigned soldiers of the Jews to lead Jesus into the judgment hall. There on either side stood the soldiers of Rome, who had been rudely awakened and gathered early in the morning. There on either side stood one of the standards of each and ever company that Rome had in the field. There were about sixty great banners. These banners were circles disks with golden eagles on either side, they lined the corridor of the judgment hall, and anyone coming in, passed between these standards of Rome.

We have the records of the scribe Nicodemus who tells us what happened when the Jewish soldiers brought Jesus before Pontius Pilate. It was a very strange thing, and one that struck fear into the heart of Pontius Pilate and of those who watched; for as they brought Jesus into the praetorium and before the judgment seat of Pontius Pilate, each and every one of those standards of Rome dipped to the floor before Jesus. The Jews cried out, "Behold, Rome is saluting Jesus, Rome is saluting Jesus!"

Pontius Pilate was very much perplexed, and he ordered Jesus to be taken out of the room. And then Pilate ordered Him to be brought back in, and he ordered also that the standards be held firm. He said, "I do not want them lowered." And so it was, that as Jesus came in, the men could not hold the standards upright, as they dipped again before Jesus.

Pontius Pilate listened as the Jews cried out, "Behold, Pontius Pilate permits the standards of Rome to be dipped unto this Man Jesus."

Pontius Pilate said, "I do not think this is true. I will put two strong men on each standard, and we will bring Him in again." And when Jesus was brought once more down the corridor, the Standards dipped like bows, bending before the power of the Man that was being accused by the Jews. And the Jews cried out all the more. Pontius Pilate then turned to the Jews and said, "Now I will tell you what we shall do. I will place you holding these standards, and we shall bring this Man in once more, and if you permit them to dip, I will crucify every one of you."

Then the Jews cried out and said, "No, we are not willing to have this test. We donít want this test."

Pontius Pilate then said to the Jews, "What accusation bring ye against this Man?"

They said, "He moves up and down the country, stirring the people against Rome."

Then Pontius Pilate said, "I will take Him out and interrogate Him."

Pilate then turned to Jesus and said, "Come out with me behind the judgment hall, for I would like to talk with you." After he took Jesus out of the hall, Pilate said to Him, " I used to have men watching you and listening to you. I have heard nothing except of the miracles that you performed or the words that you spoke, which were words of peace." He said, "I do not find any of their accusations necessarily true. Were you and advocate of the overthrow of Rome, or did you ever advocate the breaking down of the power of Rome?"

Jesus replied, " I said nothing about taking control at this time. My kingdom is not of this era." We find here in the Book of John, that He said to Pontius Pilate. "My Kingdom is not of this era. If My kingdom were now, My servants would fight, and the kingdom would not be given to the Jews." And He said again, "My kingdom is not of this era."

"Well," Pontius Pilate said, "that is good enough for me. You have no opposition to Rome."

Then he returned to the Jews and said, "This Man is not guilty. I do not find Him guilty as charged."

The Jews then cried out, "Look, if the Man were not guilty, we would not have brought Him before you. Therefore we demand that you crucify Him, that you put Him to death. This Man is a Galilean, He is not one of us, He is not a Jew."

"O," Pontius Pilate said, "so he is a Galilean. Well, it happens that your Jewish king of Galilee is now in Jerusalem. We will send Him before Herod."

So Jesus was taken before Herod. Herod, who was a Jewish king, was rather smart. He and the other Jews wanted Rome to crucify Christ. They didnít want to do it themselves. They would not want the masses of the people, coming to the Passover, to find out the truth. And so Herod interrogated Jesus. He put a robe upon Him, he put a crown of thorns on His head, he scourged Him, but he sent Him back to Pilate.

Pontius Pilate again said to Jesus, "What am I going to do with you?"

Jesus said, "You can only do that which is written, for you canít do anything except power be given unto you."

Then Pontius Pilate said, "I have power to let you go or I have the power to put you to death."

Jesus said, "You have no power except that which is given unto you. And therefore you must perform the task which is written, for you will have to proclaim the truth."

Then Pontius Pilate turned and said, "What is truth?" and Jesus answered him with a Royal Arch answer as to what truth was.

I want you to know what transpired, for Pontius Pilate was a Druid. He was a Basque, raised in Spain. He had graduated from a Druid university in London. He had been through the highest patterns of Masonry and Royal Arch: and when Jesus answered him, He answered him as only a master could. Pontius Pilate looked in a amazement and he said, "You are not guilty. I know now, You are not guilty. No one reaching Your exalted height could be guilty" and Nicodemus tells us of the immediate change that came over Pontius Pilate. And so he went out and said again, "This Man is not Guilty!"

Then the Jews said, "Aha, you are no friend of Caesar. If you donít crucify this Man, you are no friend of Caesar, for this Man makes himself a king: This Man makes himself greater than Caesar. If you are Caesarís friend, you will have Him crucified. If not, we are going to complain to Caesar, were are going to stir up trouble." Now came the operation of pressure. Now came the design against the public servant. Now came a demonstration of how Jewry works its way around, and how it is tied in with emperors and with kings and with powerful government, and how it would even bring false charges against the governor, because its way is false and there is no truth or honesty in Jewry.

Pontius Pilate walked back to Jesus and said, "I want to let you go, but I donít know what to do, I donít know how to get around these people and what charges they are going to carry to Rome. I donít know what to do. I am not going to crucify you, I will not do that."

Jesus said, "You are going to have to do as it is written."

Pontius Pilate said, "How is it written?"

Jesus answered, " That I shall be crucified.

You are going to have to deliver Me over to them."

Pontius Pilate said "But I donít want to."

Then, Jesus said, "You are going to have to do this. Therefore, do exactly as it is written, for it is not going to be laid to your charge. You do what is written."

Pontius Pilate came out again and said, " I donít find this Man guilty. I would release Barabbas, who has held up your caravans, who has robbed your trains, whom you hate because he has robbed your trains, whom you hate because he has hurt your pocketbooks or I would release Jesus. Now, which one will you have me release?"

They said, "Release Barabbas."

Pontius Pilate said, "The Man Jesus is not guilty!"

But the Jews cried, "Crucify Him! We donít care whether He is guilty or not. Crucify Him! Crucify Him! His blood be on us and upon our children!" And no more bloody people on the face of the earth have ever lived. Nor will they ever get rid of the blood of Jesus Christ, which they brought down upon themselves and upon the heads of their offspring.

So Pontius Pilate called for water. And as the basin of water was brought before him, he washed his hands of the guilt of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. And he turned Christ over to the Jews, but the Jews said, "We canít crucify Him. We canít do it, because we have a holy day. We need Romans to crucify Him."

So Romans were assigned to the task, who took Christ up the hill to Golgotha, and Romans drove in the spikes. And it was Romans that Jesus said, when He looked down on the Roman soldiers who were caught in the dilemma, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do."

Just think of that verdict. Three times the judge declared, "Not guilty." Three times he declared, "This Man is not guilty and there is no sedition, there is no evidence of treason. There is nothing except that evil people desire His death; and now, even in this hour when I pronounce Him not guilty, and I am the magistrate, you say, ĎHis blood be upon us and our children, crucify Him, crucify Him, crucify Him." The mob of Jews screamed and shouted, "Crucify Him! So the body of God was crucified.

I want to call to your attention, that out of this pattern of "not guilty," we are to note that the Jews, after the resurrection of Christ and His ascension into the heaven, then brought their attack against the church. The Apostle Paul, whose name had been Saul and who had come, as you know, from Tarsus, and he didnít know Christ or anything about Him, but had been appointed by the Jews to captain their armies. Paul says, in the 16th chapter of the Book of Acts, "I was given the command and I was given papers, to go to Damascus, to gather up the Christians, to throw them in jail. I was also given orders to gather the Christians and stone them when they professed Christ." You see, in Paulís time, the high priests were still putting out the commands of death, and without trial and without a court hearing, and Jewish armies were putting Christians to death.

They have never changed. We could go down through the years and trace their persecutions, their machinations, their chicanery, and show how, by means of Genghis Khan, they brought the Mongol hordes in to crush Christian civilizations, and when this was done, God alone brought death to Genghis Khan and saved Christian civilization in Europe from the conspiracy of Jewry.

When they raised their hands to give life again unto the same beast out of Asia, the hordes of political Zionism and New York Jewry spawned the Russian Revolution, captured and liquidated the Czar and took over inside of the Soviet Union. And I want you to know that the majority of those commissars that sat on the Peopleís Court were Jews. I want you to know; from evidence given by Captain Schuyler, who was one of the investigators for the United States Government Secret Service, that most of the prosecutors were Jews.

(Ed. Note: In the National Archives of the United States is the report from Captain Montgomery Schuyler, dated June 9, 1919, which states that "Ö at that time there were 384 Ďcommissarsí (in the Soviet Union), and of this number more than 300 were Jews, of which number 264 had come to Russia from the United States since the downfall of the Imperial Government.")

Did you know that, in the Soviet Union, 17 million Christians were put to death before magistrates and by the prosecution of Jewish persecutors who hated the gospel of Christ? They hated Christians the same as their forefathers had hated Christ and had hated the church back in the day of its origin. Almost two thousand years had passed, and the Red revolution came along to demonstrate all of the evil and all of the malice in the hearts of Jewry and they adhered to a constant design. They do it today. They do it everywhere, where the red "hammer-and-sickle" flag flies.

They brought false accusations then, they bring false charges now. They charge a person, they bring false witnesses, they bring great mandates of action, they demand you sign confessions and they may liquidate you. They torture you and they put you to death. They put to death that many Christians in Russia. They also went into Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, and did the same thing there. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania constantly had Jewish judges and Jewish prosecutors. The men of those countries were carried away in oxcarts, and they were transported to the mines in Siberia, and out onto the steppes, to work. Those that did not die of freezing or starvation were tortured and shot, while Mongolians were placed in their homes to mongrelize their families. So the countenances of the people of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have been changed. These nations have been destroyed, mongrelized, and the people have been blackened because organized Jewry with false witnesses brought their charges.

The Jews carry their design against the heart of Christian civilization. The United States of America is one of the great nations in Godís kingdom. It has been one of the greatest nations, from the day that God planted and prepared it for the occupation of His people, unto this hour. But organized Jewry have moved in. By illegal immigration and by subversive alterations in our immigration laws, they have swarmed into this country. They gained control of the economy and then started to pack the courts. And I tell you that there is no justice in Jewish courts. More than that, with their power in all areas of information and instruction and with the power of their finance, they gained control in our Government until today the United States Government has whole areas of Socialism and Communism, even in the agencies which are supposed to support the policies of justice.

There are judges that sit upon the courts that are controlled entirely by the power of the Jewish press and purse. They charge patriots, who love America and want to weed out Communism, with all kinds of false charges. They gather the patriots, they bring false charges of gun possession; and then, when the patriot wants to defend himself, and he canít bring his witnesses into court. His attorneys are told, "We will hold you in contempt if you object" and they, roughshod, sentence American patriots one after another. This is going on today, right here in the United States, because there is absolutely no truth in Jewry and they serve a lie. They called for the death of Christ when He was not guilty, saying finally, "His blood be upon us." And they are calling for the death of Christian patriots in Christian civilization today.

Concerning World War ll, there are many things that people do not know. For instance, inside of Germany, the Jews wanted to gain power and control. The fact is that Germany had voted an economic system that would be run by Germans and would provide money, interest free, and would not permit the borrowing of money from Jewry. Jewry therefore could not operate their loan system, so they formed an underground and they started to liquidate the burgomasters and public men of Germany. They injected cyanide in the milk bottles on the porches, and they boast of this in their book called "Haggahah." They tell how they murdered the Germans because they were such a terrible people; and this was before the war, before their alleged persecution, before their lying tale of "six million."

So again we see that they will do the same thing in our time. They move in as the assassins. They also move in with false patterns of justice, they gain control of the courts, and they utilize this against the patriots of the land. And so it is, in your own country. In your own land, they strive against the children of the kingdom.

Back in World War ll, when the Jews had gotten the White people of the world to battling one another and Christian nations fighting Christian nations, some patriotic Americans saw the power of Jerry and they put out their pamphlets that said, "We donít want to be drawn into this thing, this is a Jewish conspiracy." Then the United States Government prepared a bunch of indictments and charged these American citizens with sedition. Amongst all of those Americans charged with sedition there was the possibility that one or two of them could have been agents of a foreign power, but this was never established. Great preachers and patriots, great Americans were gathered together, and a sedition trial was held, while the newspapers and radio, controlled by the enemy, came out with all kinds of statements that were filled with lies, and the Government prosecuted these people and held them in prison. They would get out on bail, and then be put back in again. The Government hounded these people for one and a half years as the proceedings dragged on and on. Then it was postponed when God suddenly took the life of the judge.

Since God had removed the judge, it was declared a mistrial, because, after so long a time, the many witnesses could not be brought together again and some were no longer alive. Those people that were charged with sedition were eventually saved by an act of God. But I want you to know that here is no justice in these sons of Lucifer, who act the same today as they did then, and of whom Jesus said, "If I tell you the truth, ye can not understand it.

And so it is that they are still pushing their evil with the utmost energy this very hour. They stand, with press, radio and television, behind the biggest propaganda stories of all time. The world communist program can promote anything over television or radio, they can put out anything they like, over the pulpits of the world, by the National Council of Churches, because again the Sanhedrin, sitting in the background, is in control of a terrible design to wreck vengeance on the Christian church and destroy it.

But I want you to know that the Christian church shall rise, people who make up the kingdom of God shall rise, and God will sound His voice before His army and there shall come out of it a tremendous army of the Most High God, and they shall be joined with the armies of heaven, and the vindication of God will descend upon these evil doers. And one of these days there is not going to be one of them left, because they will be placed in the constellation of Ara, and not one of them will remain anywhere on this earth.

"Not guilty!" was the verdict, and their cry has been, "His blood be upon us and our children." Servants cannot expect that they are going to be treated better than their masters, and likewise, children will be treated no better than their progenitors. So His blood will be upon their children. The Jews do the work of the deadly force. They operate as lawyers, they operate as doctors, and they operate as pharmacists. They carry out their design. They will poison, they will liquidate, they will cut and mutilate, they will destroy. And this, my friends, is a part of their design.

God is going to quicken the responsibility of Christians that they will stand up against apostasy. One of these days, no one that will not recognize that Jesus is the Christ will be allowed a license for a profession in the United States of America. That day will come. And I tell you, when this nation becomes the nation of the kingdom of our Lord and His Christ, only Christians will be allowed as citizens within this nation, to carry out their practice, or to do the work which God had called them to do. Then we are going to know the deliverance which God has promised, and every knee is going to bow and every tongue is going to proclaim that Christ is God, and people are going to sing, "Hallelujah!" with true meaning for once in their lives.