Nations of Race
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God, Man, Nations And The Races


Dr. Wesley A. Swift


Tonight we are speaking on a subject that seems to have much latitude, because we are talking about God and man, nations and the races. It is a very important thing that we know something about the pattern of yesterday, about the antiquity of the earth and the things, which we can understand today by that ingenuity and technique which God has developed among His people, as He brings things to their remembrance, stirs within them a great desire to study, and to know and to proclaim truth. We are interested in one thing tonight that is truth. Now we want to say this before we go into the areas of our discussion: There are things that we will say, and there are some statements, which we shall make that we can establish. Some of these will be pertaining to the Scriptures and the things that are declared therein. Let us make this clear. We believe in the Scriptures. We believe every word that came out of the mouth of God. But we do not believe that every that every word written in the Bible is Scripture or came out of the mouth of God. Let this be understandable, because we can establish this in many instances. We don’t want to take time to go into all those facets tonight, but we are going to talk things that are related to the patterns of time and of history that we must recognize and know.

We are now living in a period of great conflict of ideas; a period in which the concepts of the world mind is attempting to overthrow the position of the Kingdom of God. It is seeking to challenge the destiny of the race, which God established in the earth as His own household. It is seeking to challenge the program of God’s Kingdom and is substituting for it a world order under the administration of the United Nations, which, they tell us, will reach the fine utopian objectives, which will be produced by this new process. We can proclaim tonight, however, that the program of God’s Kingdom is an eternal program, that the Kingdom of God is the only solution for the problems of the world. It is the divine solution. It is the only one that will ultimately be obtained. In the first place, whatsoever God does, He does because He wants to do it. No one is going to change it. No one is going to destroy it, because He said: “I am God. I will do all My pleasure.” This proclamation in the Book of Isaiah is rather a complete and final one. There may be a great many people today who think they can challenge God and all the things that pertain to Him. This is quite obviously a way of life in the areas of the Soviet Union and among the communists today. There is a design to challenge God and His existence and everything that relates to Him; but inevitably, they cannot remove the eternal nature of God and His purposes from the universe of which they are a part. All the ranting of the communists, and all of the declarations of the agnostics and the atheists, do not change the great fundamental facts that we are faced with this evening. Therefore we are not concerned about the challenges and the ranting of those who have this peculiar type of mental vacuum in the seat of their cranium and have no capacities for perception in the areas of God. There were a great number of people who lacked spiritual capacity in Christ’s time.  He knew who they were and where they came from, and said, “Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do,” and “Why do ye not understand My speech? Even because you cannot hear My word.” We are, therefore, not particularly disturbed about agreeing today with those who have this spiritual vacuum, though they fought against Christ and His church; fight against us today; finance and back the world revolution, and are even today penetrating your own nation with their pseudo-intellectuals seeking to upset the standards of God’s Kingdom in the pattern of race.

Someone might say, Dr. Swift, what difference does it make about the patterns of race and of nations? What difference does it make to us as Christians? It should make a very vital difference when propaganda factors are trying to move into the areas of Christian nations to tell you what we have one basic responsibility, that is to bring everything together into one conglomerate mass, that we must integrate all races, all cultures, and all religions. Nor do they stop in this declaration in areas of materialism alone. They move even into areas of education within the structure of denominations, and, with pseudo-theology, they are attempting now to accept and enroll, in the areas of social and brotherly conduct, the recognition of other religions, other god’s as well as other races, for a purpose of massive world integration. We find a President of the Unit States takes a stand for integration, calls for integration and calls for it at every level. He is thinking to bring about, to implement the design of those peculiar sociologists that surround him, by now ordering integration in housing, and all these areas, as though they were something guaranteed by our Constitution. They have nothing to do with our Constitution. They are a violation of the rights of individuals throughout the land that make up the great majority of our society. This is a strangely bent trend. It is the capture of a world mind, moving out over people with propaganda of error. There is only one way to face the propaganda of error. There is only one way to face the propaganda of error, and that is with truth.

There are whole areas of ecclesiastical and theological ignorance tonight. Now when we talk about this, it is not that we are at war with the church, because we are a part of the church. The church is a dynamic institution that will never be destroyed, an institution that will exist, that can never be thrown down even by the enemies of the Most High. We must stand out for truth and we must work for the intellectual liberation of the peoples of God’s Kingdom from error, and this will be spiritually witnessed as we survey the facts that go back into the patterns of yesterday. A great number of them know very little about anthropology, though they speak quite forthrightly when they are propaganda brainwashed, as though they had all the answers.  Anthropologists today, who have never been in agreement with theologians who wanted to put the whole pattern of human history in the last 6,000 years, have also been investigating, and they have been growing up. They have discovered a lot of things they didn’t know, and each passing year produces more and more evidence, as we will show. The facts concerning the patterns of man’s life and time and existence in the earth, and coupled with patterns of fact relative to geology and geological changes, we can come up with a lot of answers that were not previously known. We also cite that if the clergyman doesn’t study to show himself approved concerning all these things, he won’t know how to rightly divide the word of God, because he has no background concerning the creation of the Creator when they relate to patterns of creation? We make no excuse today for ignorance upon the part of those that proclaim and advocate what they say is true.  They should know the subject before they advocate the pattern in context against the purposes of God, and misinterpreted today by many. We point out that truth sets men free.  When men know the truth, they can’t be taken in by the pattern of propaganda. This also involves very important statements concerning God, concerning the time element as it relates to earth. It has a lot to do with man, and how long people or beings who walk upright, who are in the same general image as you and I, who are called men and belong to the general homo sapiens, how long have they been on the earth? Let us go a little farther back. It relates to nations. Did nations have a common origin, or did nations, emerging out of men, all have a common background, or races have a common pattern of origin?  Theology also makes a statement that some period back, which in the chronology of some is about 2348 B.C., or 3145 to 4600 B.C. in other chronologies, they say a flood drowned everybody upon the face of the earth, that all people who today survive are the descendants of the three sons of Noah and his wife. So Noah and his wife, and his sons Ham, Shem and Japheth, the tell us, have begotten all the people that are upon the face of the earth. That means, therefore, that they would be common parents, within a period of some 2,400 years before Christ, of all the Asiatic, of all the Negroid, and all the White men on the face of the earth. In fact by this declaration, therefore, they would have had three sons, and each one of these sons would have had to have fathered a different race. This may fall into the theology of some people, but it is biologically unsound, unscientific, it is not genetic, and there isn’t any truth in it.  Now don’t go out here and say we said there wasn’t any flood, there wasn’t any ark, and there were no sons of Noah. There were. But they did not represent all the people on the face of the earth. They represented the land wherein this happened, and the Hebrew word for the earth there is “erets,” meaning that place, that country, that land; and the entire catastrophe happened in that land, in that place. We can establish, as we will, that each race had a distinct and different origin upon the face of the earth, as to time and as to the experiences by which they came into being, came into existence, all of them a part of divine creation.

The words for creation fall into two capacities, one is “bara” and one is “yatsar,” in the ancient Hebrew. One means to bring forth issue out of Himself, the offspring of God, a begotten people. The other means to make out of substance, like you would mould them and create and impart life to them as a craftsmanship. One is to produce a progeny; one is to make a craftsmanship. Many theologians are not aware of this, or pay little attention to this, and many come to the idea that all races had a common origin. There are created children, and there are begotten offspring. Now in dealing with the pattern of earth, I want to cite that we are dealing with a period of many millions of years. As far as to the exact point where, out of the creative purpose of the Most High, the earth was brought into existence, no geologist today can actually say. We discover that, as going back down through the ages to the pre-Cambrian seas, we are going back to a period several millions of years ago. And when we go beyond that, we discover that there are fractures and upheavals that come from faults that sometimes lift pre-Cambrian ground, to show us that there were things before pre-Cambrian, showing that upheavals even preceded this pattern of antiquity. When we watch the uplifts and the exploration that is being done in all phases throughout the earth, we discover volcanic flows, and conditions and changes that precede this, that cause us to know the earth is many millions of years old.

I want to say this concerning you as a people: There is a household of people existent in the Biblical record, if we accept the Bible declaration, that celestial spiritual beings, like begotten beings of the Most High, were with the Eternal God when He created this solar system out of the vastness of the Milky Way system. So therefore, there are celestial beings that are almost time less relative to the time measure of years, because they were with the Father when the world was framed; and if you were to turn to the writings of the Apostle Paul, in the Book of Ephesians, you would discover that all the White race, the peoples that make up our Western civilization, are the people who were with the Father in celestial dimensions before this solar system was created, and have already been blessed with spiritual power in that dimension. See the first chapter of Ephesians.  If you have a Scofield Bible, it tells that the believer existed in heavenly realms and was a pilgrim in the earth when at a latter time he arrived here. So you will discover that even the Baptists have to do go down and take another look at this, for there is evidence that every last one of those who are part of the White race and a Christian society, that they celestially and spiritually pre-existed with the Father even before this creation.

Now let us deal with the fact of what we fond when we deal with races, because there are numbers of people upon the face of the earth who are diametrically opposites in many ways, and there is a vast distinction between races. As we said to you a week ago when we were talking to you about the subject of race, it is quite obvious that the distinction is not, as Unesco tells us, only skin deep, but is far more than that. For instance, in this past week we were looking at a medical encyclopedia, which is bought out by one of the major companies, McClelland, who continues to bring this out. This medical encyclopedic is always bought up to date every two years in order that new terms and facts might be made known. Into this goes all of the findings of medical science, which is summarized so that they can find quick point of contact on almost any subject. In one instance of it, they were discussing the cranium. Under this they have some diagrams. They show the cranium of the higher race, or Caucasian.  They also show the craniums of lower races and lower orders of society. They talk within the discussion as to findings of psychiatry concerning the mental differences and reactions, and they come out of different concepts and backgrounds. So, they list the higher order and the lower orders among the peoples of the earth. The White man is the highest, and the Negro is the lowest. There are also lower Negroes that go almost to the bestial level. They show the difference in the slope of their cranium, and in the inside, the difference in brain capacity between the different species, and the heavy super orbital ridges. These factors are the text in the latest, most modern medical encyclopedia. This wasn’t written for the United Nations for propaganda purposes. This was written as a textbook for medical science. I am not concerned with propaganda; I am interested in the facts. Therefore, I discover that they can demonstrate, by the very structure of the container, that there is a difference between White men, there is a difference between White men and Asiatic, there is a difference between White men, Asiatic and Negroes, and there is a difference between scales of Negroid, some going down even to lower levels than others. I am also aware that these are of marked and definite design to show that if you are going to take all mankind and call them human or call them all men because they walk upright, and that involves the White man, the Asiatic and the Negroid, then they are sub-species here, and difference within the species. We are well aware that kind begets like-kind, seed having life in it self. This is a Bible law. This is biological law. And this, my fiends, is the law of mitosis, and the law of genes, and the law of heredity. Today, very few medical doctors or students of science would discard the laws of heredity. They have been well established, and as we pointed out a week ago, Christ also recognized the laws of heredity even in the patterns of thought and conduct when He turned to those that were His adversaries and said, Now I expect you to be this way; you are going to be just like your father’ he was a liar, a devil, a murderer, and his offspring are going to be like him. So you have a perpetual “Jukes family” among certain people.

Now as to the patterns of time I declare unto you that, as far as Biblical record is concerned, the Biblical record is the record of sixty-six bound books, but I want you to know that the Scriptures contain many, many more books than this. Our race is most fortunate in having preserved to this day many of the books that were rejected by theologians who after ten o’clock were never ready to make a decision anyhow. For remember, even when the Council of Nicaea was held the clergy were to select the books, that even Constantine made the regulation that, because they had imbibed too much spirits that would have affected their decisions, after ten o’clock they were not to vote. I would not like to say that all divine order and law and Scripture had been selected by men who were just this astute. I think we are most fortunate that the spirit of God preserved as much of the holy record for us and let it become bound in one volume. But the writings of Enoch and other things of great importance, the patterns of the Zohar, the ancient wisdom known in the mystery schools of Israel, are clearly a part of ancient pattern, and we can find evidences of them and records and fragments of them that go farther back than Pentateuch as written by Moses. Now I am willing to accept Moses, who in his writing of the Pentateuch, was writing in a period of about 1480 years before Christ. And in Moses’ writing, 1460, 40, 20, along in these periods of time, during the course of his experience he wrote five books. These five books start with Genesis and go on through Deuteronomy. We are not questioning the content of the record. We don’t think Moses wrote all of the Book of Deuteronomy, because be surely didn’t talk about his death and burial, because he never died.  He couldn’t have written about his own death and burial, because that is quite a physical impossibility. Since it is included in the books that Moses wrote, we know he didn’t write that part of it. Somebody else wrote it in, either because he didn’t know where Moses was, or he wanted to sell this bill of goods afterwards. We can establish that for you in another sermon, at another time, that Moses not only had not tasted of death, but he was with Elijah on the Mount of Transfiguration talking to Christ and was not in any nether world waiting for the resurrection at that time. So this proves he had not died and that he was in the dimension of spirit even as Enoch had been carried into the heavens. We point out to you that the Book of Jude talks about how Lucifer was contending with Michael over the body of Moses, and if Moses had died a natural death and Lucifer had the soul of Moses in bondage, waiting for the coming of the Messiah, there would have been no argument over the body. He would have known where it was. But he didn’t know where the body was, because he didn’t have possession of the man Moses. Now let us go back to Biblical record. There are therefore, books of Scripture written in the periods that follow the events that Moses writes about, some of them cover many thousands of years.

Remembering that 5,400 years is the exodus out of the Eden condition, or garden, by the Adamic race, this is the proper chronology. Now you have what is known as Ussher’s chronology.  You open up the Oxford version irrespective of which one you have; the King James Version starts out with Ussher’s chronology 4004 B.C. let me point out something to you now. I have in my hands a King James Version of the Bible. This happens to be a Scofield edition. The only reason why we are using this is because it contains some rather interesting material, well known to theology, which we can point out to you, and you can easily find it to quote. You will discover that on page fifty-seven of his encyclopedia concordance, he talks about the chronology of the Old Testament. He shows that Ussher, who gets his from the altered Hebrew, starts out 4004 B.C.  He talks about Hales’ chronology, which starts, with the Septuagint that starts Adam at 5400 B.C., a discrepancy of 1,396 years. You will note that the most perfect text is the Alexandrian text. So on page fifty-seven, below this it says the Alexandrian text starts Adam out 5503, and 5400 B.C. is the time that he left the “garden.” Now the Scripture is all right according to its record, but the putting of this chronology over the pages and for the events is to give the Christians the idea about when these things happened. So let me point out to you, now we have a theologian like Scofield; this is the foundation of many of the positions held today by Baptists, because this man was a Baptist theologian of renown, and he was a chain reference developer in the Scriptures for easy understanding. If Scofield were here today, and on this platform, he would be in complete agreement with us. He was demonstrating his understanding, as he was advancing into that field in the days of his death some time ago.  Now, we point out that he cites that chronology of the Old Testament, as given in the Hebrew text, is represented with much accuracy by marginal dates in the old authorized English versions. Now he says that the dates of Archbishop Ussher are convenient for the succession of events, but they are not authoritative. In fact, when conservative scholars go over this situation, they discover that there is a discrepancy of 1,400 years. In other words, he says this is a convenient set of dates, but they carry no weight of authority. What value has a date at all, if it is not authoritative? What value is a chronology that is 1,400 years short? When you go back into the history of why it was done, you will find that the Jews took 1,400 years of dating out of the king line in order to prove that Christ couldn’t be the Messiah, because the most ancient Scriptural records had prophesied it would be 5,400 years from Adam’s leaving Eden, and its condition, that the Messiah would come. Of course a lot of doctrines have been built around time. They say that 4,000 years from Adam to Christ, and now 2,000 years thereafter, we are about to start the 7,000 years, which will produce the millennium. There isn’t any basis to this theory either, because it was 5,400 years from Adam to Christ. It is almost 2,00 years from that time now. If that had been true, we would have been in the millennium, deliver me from it. This idea that the Kingdom of God is going to come in and reign for 1,000 years and then give up is a fantasy anyhow, because this Kingdom of which you are a part, which is developing and growing and shall attain its leadership and dominion, shall never end, and of the Kingdom of the Most High and of its dominion there shall be no end.  This would disappoint some people, but let me point this out to you: I have called this to your attention to show you that chronology as you have it in the text of your King James version is not important. The Alexandrian text is important. Even Hales, out of the old Septuagint, is important. I just use this quotation to show you that we are not telling you something based on fiction. Our own research, which is far more complete than what I have just told you concerning this matter, will prove conclusively that the times and the dynasties and the patterns of these events of history contribute many more years even to the Adamic race.

When we deal with Adam some 5,500 years before Christ, at the origin of Adam, this is the first time that White men of the Adamic race ever walked the earth. But do not think for one moment that this is the beginning of the Bible. Let us for a minute take Mr. Moses.  I am willing to agree that Moses was an expert. I am willing to agree, because he studied in the Temples of On. He had been raised as a son of Pharaoh’s daughter, and he had gravitated to these great schools of learning in the university cities of On, which were established by Enoch and Job. They were still here. They were there when the Greeks had gone down to study. They were there as the great university cities of Egypt, founded by White men of your race, and when Moses went down, he learned the truth and he learned the tradition. He learned the history. He started out a small boy, taught by his own mother in the background of the things she understood, but he was accomplished in the knowledge and wisdom that existed in Egypt. When Moses wrote, he didn’t write out of ignorance. He wrote out of a polished background with more accurate information than many modern scientists, and behind him was the all powerful influence of the Holy Spirit of God, not only guiding and directing and unveiling to his mind, but instructing him what to correlate in the record. Now, I read these words in the Book of Genesis: In the beginning Yahweh, or God, (the word is Yahweh) created the heaven and the earth. “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” The processes are entered into with argument, because from this point on we read, “And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And God Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, let there be light:  and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good:  and God divided the light from darkness. And God called the light Day, and the darkness He called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day. “Although these creative days are great cycles or eras of time, there are those who have come to the conclusion that all the creative days were twenty-four hour days. When God divided the light from darkness and called the light Day and the darkness Night, and the evening and the morning were the first day, they assume this was a twenty-four day. They believe this, even though it was not until the so-called fourth day that God created the two great lights, the sun and moon, to rule the day and night. They don’t want to even give it divine measure, when a day is as a thousand years with the Most High. I am going to tell you that there are a great many days, and many millenniums, between the second verse of Genesis and the end of the sixth day.

In the beginning God created the heavens and earth. Give Him all the time that took place. When this veil is lifted from your remembrance, you will know how long that was. We know that there were upheavals that swept the earth. There were great upheavals. There were volcanic eruptions; there were great impacts of astronomical bodies.  There were conditions that plunged us into intense cold, as though we had been plunged through a deep freeze. The earth passed through ice ages, passed through them once, it passed through them twice. There are evidences of an ancient third one. In the patterns of uplifts and catastrophes and of upheavals, astronomical bodies caught and twisted us in the course of time and moved us even in position. At one time the earth was turned clear upside down. We have geological evidence of this, as well as Biblical evidence of it in the writings of Isaiah. We don’t have the time to go into all the patterns of that subject tonight, but we were caught in the great tail of a passing comet, caught by the attractive force of a great body that turned us from one end to the other. Geologic proof is that as we always rotate into the sun, as we rotate towards the east, that we have material on our mountain ranges known as comet drift. Each comet drift is were we snapped through the tail of a great comet, and we laid the drift always on the east side of the mountains as we rolled into it, because we popped through at great speed. As we come closer to the head of a comet, we get larger rocks and bigger boulders; farther out, smaller particles. The end of the comet is like gas. The deposits that are placed, as we roll into it then, are all according to the graduation of size, by the attraction of the comet and where we snapped through it. When a comet passes through our solar system, anywhere within the proximity of earth or any other planet, the power of gravity pulls the tail of the comet towards the closest planet, and the planet pops trough the comet tail at the point were the tail and planet meet. Thus, we have comet drift on the present slopes of the Alleghenies, and the Andes, and on our own High Sierras, and we have comet drift in the Alps. We have two layers of comet drift in the Alps. We have a couple of comet drift in the Andes. We have one down here on parts of the Sierras, proving that it hadn’t been lifted as high at the time we popped through two of the comet tails back, but it did catch the last one. On the west side of these slopes, we also have five groupings of comet drift; different rocks, different formations, different substances, which prove that in the antiquity of the age of the earth, when the earth was revolving in the other direction, we went through five comets tails and astronomical lambasting of all kinds of debris, from things that were in space as we popped through. And this, my friends, transpired in the antiquities before our earth turned. Geologists agree to this.  The evidences are there. You don’t find any of the debris of the last comet drifts on the western slopes, just on the eastern ones. It shows that we made a complete orientation. 

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, and you were there. And the earth was without form and void, and darkness was on the face of the deep. The darkness that is on the face of the deep, and the earth being without form and void, is rather interesting.  The writings of the ancients in the areas of early Hebrew tell us the condition that made the earth without form and void was the hand of God placing gigantic forces in operation, to void great evil and tremendous transgression and to bring catastrophe and judgment for the elimination of people from the earth bondage and superstitious evil. Now the fact remains that Mr. Webster tells you the word void means the aftermath of judgment by great power. To void a thing is to remove or efface it as it was. So the first verse of the first chapter of Genesis, in the record of Moses, tells us that God created the heavens and earth. The second one tells us that it was void, and there is a big space in between. Let me point out to you that the fourth chapter of Jeremiah produces again the spiritual factor that exists in your race, as God speaks to one of His prophets and brings back to his memory through the spirit consciousness the things that he had witnessed. And so Jeremiah must prophesy, and in the fourth chapter of Jeremiah, the twenty-third verse, he said, “I beheld the earth, and, lo, it became without form and was void; the heavens had no light. I beheld the mountains, and they trembled, and the hills did move. I beheld, and, lo, there was no man, for the birds of the heavens had fled. I beheld the fruitful places that was a wilderness, and all the cities were broken down from the presence of Yahweh and His anger.” So when that happened, between the first and second verse of Genesis the earth had been inhabited, the earth had people on it, the earth in that period of time had cities on it, and the catastrophe effaced the people and wiped out the cities. And that is one of the reasons why you can go down beneath the strata of the cataclysm and you can find the remnants of the artifacts of the people of that catastrophe, and it was existent way back in early time.

I want to give a setting, for a moment, to time. And that is the only reason why I brought out of my library three anthropologies, among some forty-five volumes on the subject. One of them isn’t yet two weeks old and has only been off the press for a month. The first, which I would call to your attention, is one of the latest ones.  Now we are not necessarily in agreement with some of the positions, which he takes, or any concepts that it is a gradual evolution, but I am only interested in the actual factors that are not theory but are science.  The pattern of Mr. Carlton Coon’s volume, “Origin of Races,” which was off the press in 1962, has recording on the new dating, which we now have as it relates to time.  He talks about the discoveries, which are found down at Olduvai Gorge in East Africa. In Olduvai, we have a group of scientists and anthropologists with the latest scientific instruments. Among some of these who have been doing excellent work down there, of course, are the Lindsays and others. What I wish to point out to your attention is this: Until August 1961, most geologists, paleontologists and anthropologists were content to accept, at least provisionally, that the date of one million years ago was long enough for the beginning of the existence of man on the earth. They accepted this on the basis of the strata they had found, human artifacts, that is, the things man had made, stone implements and pottery, and even glazed ceramics. So they had some art. This, my friends, was over 500,00 years ago. Now this was up until 1961.  And that is one of the reasons why, as it was in the period of a few years ago, we told you we had evidence that there had been men on the earth over 500,000 years ago. We went a little farther than that, because of Dr. Lissner who produced his remarkable volume over two years ago. Dr. Lissner is one of the world’s greatest anthropologists and, with the anthropologists who had been working with him, by argon 40 facts, a science which is quite unquestionable, they established the antiquity of the artifacts and of the fires that men had built, to be 600,000 years. Radiocarbon can do this only to a limited degree because it runs out when you go back so far, but new processes to find the ends of radiation go farther than this. So I would point out that Dr. Lissner had 600,000 years of the history in which man had existed on the earth.

I turn now to South Africa. You remember our reporting to you on world events of a discovery a little over nine months ago; we told you about the Wooleys and the Lindsays, and we mentioned to you that we now had evidence that man existed 1,500,000 years ago upon the earth. This can upset a lot of that of theology, but you can upset a whole lot of that and not hurt anything. Now, the same methods that had been used by Dr. von Koenigswald when he produced his time measures on Java, after they made their last discoveries, were used down in the Olduvai district, and with the argon 40 method, we have now proved out of the Zinjanthropus level in the uplifts which they were sampling and testing, whose antiquity they knew, but now by the argon 40 method they discovered that these formations were 1,570,000 years and 1,890,000 years, and the average was 1,750,000 years ago when these were made. The argon 40 methods are incontrovertible. Science knows that we have a definite scale and pattern. When they set up, they set up around the artifacts of man.  They set up around the fact that man not only had instruments, he had things, which he had made, and we find the evidence of it. Of course, we can always add to this the pre-Cambrian borings of Montana, with bronze gears, showing a metallurgy also that had preceded the African Stone Age. You can’t always measure that people are all living in the same kind of situation at the same time anyhow. The idea that is advocated by many, that, if there is a stone age down in Africa, there has to be a stone age up in Montana, is quite foolish, because we are living in a highly technological, electronic age, and moving into a space age, and they are still in the stone age in parts of Indonesia. They are still in the Stone Age in parts of Australia. And these Congolese Hottentots would still be one hundred percent in the stone age if it hadn’t been for the civilization that the Belgians and Western Europeans brought there, and when left alone they go right back to it and start eating one another. I want to point out that this is a rather significant thing. In the underlying basalt that was found in the Koenigswald beds, those that Oakley was working on this past year, we have no only found the materials, the tools, and these substances; we have found the remains and the partial fossils, solid in the beds of the rock. I am not going into all the patterns of it, but I just want to tell you this, that we can’t even tell you who it was that was on the earth at that time. But we do know that people were on the earth, and they were intelligent beings, and they used instruments, and it takes intelligent beings to use instruments.  The average chimpanzee and ape doesn’t use them. Nor in the age of evolution had there been this particular type of fauna and animal like established.  I think one of the patterns that is rather interesting, and it deals also with this, is a volume which has been in existence for some time, “Man, Time and Fossils” This happens to be, of course, Ruth Moore’s book. Many people are acquainted with it. It is not in agreement with all of the opinions then held, because they were trying to find evidences to support evolution. But the significant fact is that they ended up finding man existing before the animals form whence he was supposed to have come. So this is quite evident, that there could be no connection between the animals that we here and the intelligent beings that were on the earth at an earlier period. Nor, my friends were they dependent upon these animals for food. This is also self-evident. Because if they had been dependant on them for food, they wouldn’t have been here very long. It also demonstrated that, involved in those periods of antiquity, they must have had other uses for weapons tan for food, because one doesn’t have to attack plants with a weapon. So it is quite obvious that there were battles being fought for the earth in earlier periods of time than later development was to produce. 

Now I think that we will pause for one moment and will come back to the text, just to establish how clearly they support what is contained in the Scriptures. I am just citing for you that we have the evidences of mankind existing first, upon the earth. We have the evidences in the writings here of Dr. Lissner in his volume which deals with man; God and man, as he finds theology existing 600,000 years ago among the Tungus. In Moore’s book, she deals extensively with Peiping discoveries of Chicken Bone and Dragon Bone Hill, near Peiping in China” also the Lower Peking Foundation. Now what do you find?  You find here that they have been able to go down for 12,000 years, (radio carbon gives evidence of it) and find that there are Asiatic, Chinamen, with no difference in kind, type or shape of skull, 12,000 years ago, with art, with a language, and they also possessed a characterization of figure, though it is somewhat different than modern Chinese. They found they built fires. They found they made very fine metal as well as stone instruments. We find, also, that all of these excavations show the type of fossil that is discovered is the Asiatic type of fossil with what we call today the Mongolian type head. Quite evident about this is something that I want to point out to you.  In an earlier period, in fact in 1972, Dr. von Koenigswald, a very brilliant German paleontologist, was working in Java near the Solo River where volcanic eruptions and the flow of the river had been laying coverage’s and deposits down the years. And they had gone back into early periods to look for the missing link, because in one upheaval and one area where the river has been changed, they found a lot of bones of all kinds, and some of them fossilized. That is the reason why one of the first discoveries of Dr. Du Bois, a Dutch physician, in 1890, was called the pithecanthropus erectus, or the ape-man that walked upright, the Java man. When they got through putting it together and showed it as the missing link in many of our various museums, as copies were made, it looked like it could have been part monkey and part man. But there is one thing I like about the scholarship of some of these men; they are honest. They thought they had something. But when they started applying carbon 14 to the specimens, they discovered that they had different periods of time.  So you cold have a monkey head, and you could have a human torso, but it didn’t mean they were the same creature if they came at different periods of time. They were honest enough to disassemble it.  They haven’t taken it out of the textbooks yet.

Continued investigation in the beds came up with something. In China there were some unusually large molars, great huge teeth called giant or dragon teeth, and they used to be kept in the dispensaries of Chinese doctors. They thought that by grinding up these teeth, they would have great and magic powers. They came from tremendous people of great strength. This was not only something that caused Dr. Weidenreich of Germany to become interested, but also other anthropologists. Hand-digging in the Peking excavations, they finally came upon the evidences of giant men.  Simultaneously, trying to find the answer to the riddle in Java, von Koenigswald and others went down again. They came up with men, and they came up also with giants. They were Tungus, they were the Asiatic or Mongolian type, but some of them had huge skulls and huge bodies, and they found giants much larger than the normal human being. When they discovered this, they had a great find. But, in Peking they found Mongolian or Chinese giants there that were one and one-half times bigger than the giants were in Java. They went down underneath the scarf of lava flow, and here they found another giant, and then they found some regular size men. They were not missing links. They were all there. They didn’t have any factor that would even justify classing them as such. So they closed up pithecanthropus erectus, the Java man, to discover that in antiquity we had men 11,000, 12,000 and 14,000 years ago living in Java. We had them living this long in the areas around Peking, but before we got through with fossils that were unearthed from here and from the steppes behind high China, we came up with men who were in the levels of measure, whose earth measure, by the compaction and by the type of earth formation and by the argon 40 test, were 600,000 years ago living in the earth. Now, we don’t have a complete fossil of the 600,000 year-old man, only little bone fragments, but we have the instruments they made, the finely wrought tools, the finely chipped stone.

I think it rather interesting that I could go over here again to the anthropology of Dr. Coon and establish that some of the oldest people we have on earth have been found in Britain. In three places in Britain we go back to show, as far back as 153,000 years ago, there were men who had weapons and instruments and lived in Britain. We know that some 14,000 years ago and 11,000 years ago, two cycles of it, Tungus with Mongolian structure of head to identify them, had moved into Europe and were living inside the mountains.  We find also that they lived in caves in France. We have the evidence today of their art. Their art looks like art. When they painted a mammoth, he was a mammoth. They painted great bears, and they painted other animals, which haven’t been there in that period of time, 11,000 to 14,000 years, likenesses of which we can now find in the rock strata. But these fellows weren’t taken over by this present thinking, as the world order now thinks. When they painted something, it looked like the thing they wanted to depict and so the pictures on the caves, 14,000 years old, look a lot better than those they paint in Laguna Beach; that is, some of them; we wouldn’t say that of all the art in Laguna. Now, I am not a lover of what they call modern art, which you have to be crazy to understand. I have more in common with the Tungus man, who could paint an animal that looked like an animal, than a person who had to cut it up in fourteen pieces and mix in with it the parts of an old washing machine to be realistic.

There isn’t any question about the fact that the use of carbon 14 and argon 40, as means of determination, are giving us a very accurate, scientific way of delineating the time element of peoples and their existence. So I tell you that some people existed back in the original pre-Genesis creation, that existed in the beginning, and were destroyed or wiped out in the void, of verse two in chapter one. And then in the antiquities of yesterday, God reconstructed. That doesn’t mean that everybody, who watched, died, either. That may be one reason why we don’t find any bones in some of the older of these deposits. They just probably flew away and went somewhere else.  This wasn’t a good place to live anymore. You say, why? Well, I think they had no problem in coming and going. I think you are going to find, one of these days, that our sophistication can be a little shaken, and you are going to find out that it is not impossible at any time for a great number of beings or species from other parts of the universe to come here. The angelic hosts came here on ships, when they lost the battle in the sky. That is how the host of Lucifer and his fallen angels arrived here in the earth. They arrived, because they were defeated in space and made this solar system their refuge. That is how Lucifer and his host arrived in the earth, but that is a story, which started after preparation of a re-creation. There is no doubt in my mind that the Luciferian upheaval was responsible for the catastrophe that wiped out the first creation. We point out, that in the Book of Genesis, you are moving into a second creation after the void and after the catastrophe. I point out to you that in progressive and geologic ages, God put things upon the earth to suit Himself.

When we talk about God, we believe God to be a very definite, eternal personality. He has been making things forever, and t hat is why you have never invented an instrument that can get to the edge of the universe, and you never will. Now I want you to know that our Father is an eternal spirit, has embodied Himself and is in completeness, an ever identifiable person, has a countenance, that His physical body is the image of His spiritual body, that you are His offspring, and you are in the image of your Father. I want to point out to you then, that in the record of man and of time, we are told here in the first chapter of the Book of Genesis, concerning the patterns of creation, that in the sixth era, having already put everything else that was upon the earth, including the various things in the fields of necessary botany, all the necessary growing herbs and necessary trees, then after this we discover that He puts on the earth the things which are necessary such as the animal life that has to live on the plants, and so forth. Now, the sixth day God created man, male and female created He them. This is the first chapter of the Book of Genesis, the twenty-seventh verse. God blessed them; He said, “Be fruitful, multiply, and re-populate the earth.” Now listen to this. The Scripture says: “Be fruitful, multiply, and re-populate the earth.” So therefore it had been populated at one time, and been decimated, and was now being repopulated. He didn’t make two or three kinds of men He made one kind. And when He made him, He also made a woman. And these were male and female. They multiplied; they extended their dominion over the earth in that era. They succumbed to the Luciferian fallen archangel’s dominion in that era. And it was in that era that the ancient patterns of revealed truth, even interwoven through all the New Testament, came to pass, for God turned to His own household, His Elohim, which is plural for God; God turned to the Elohim, and this is the word used in the eighty second chapter of the Psalms, when it says, “Yahweh said to the Elohim, “Ye are Gods and all of you are the children of God.” So in the Book of the Psalms, David said that God said, “You are Gods and all of you are the children of God.” It says, “Ye are Elohim and all of you are the children of Yahweh.” The Eternal speaks out. The Eternal has finished the heavens and the earth. He has finished His creation.  And in the second chapter it says that on the seventh day or in the seventh era, God rested from the works He had previously made. He viewed them and He contemplated them, and He said, “I have made the earth, and I have made all the things you see. I have made all of the creatures. I have put upon it all kinds of animal life.” He didn’t have to bother to produce a second time the life that was in the sea, because the water on the earth didn’t drown them at all. They lived through the catastrophe. Of those He had said, “Let the waters bring forth abundantly,” and they did. But when He comes to the seventh day, He talks about all the thins that He had made, and He blessed them on the seventh day, and He set it apart, and then He rested from His work. And ten God looks out over it ad He said, Of every plant of the field, before it was in the earth, and every herb in the field before it grew, Yahweh had not caused it to rain, as we know rain. It was watered with the mist of the earth. And behold, there wasn’t any man to till the ground. Now listen. We have passed from the first chapter of Genesis over to the second. We are in the great speculation of God’s creative work. We have now moved over to God’s saying, “Behold, I put all these plants and all these things here, but there is no Adamite.” The word here now is “Adam.” Behold, there isn’t any Adam to till the ground. We have nomads, we have warriors, we have old races that have hinged on their nomadic existence like the Tungus, but we don’t have anybody to till the ground. My household is not here, and their knowledge and their adaptability to make the earth produce its food, the agricultural experts, the Adamic race are not here. So in this seventh day, God goes and plants a garden eastward in Eden, and He puts into that garden all of the finest of the fruits which are pleasant for sight, every tree that is good for food.  He plants it all in the garden. Also in that garden is the tree of life. Now, we are told that after He planted the garden, God took and put Adam in the garden. And when He put Adam in the garden, He said, I command that thou mayest east of the garden of all that you truly see here, you may freely eat. Every tree which is for herbs and for food you may eat of it. There is only one tree that you can’t touch, that is the tree that has knowledge of good and evil. This is a racial tree. This is a tree with intellect of right and wrong.  It is made up of peoples and races. You can’t touch that one. You are not to mongrelize. You are to maintain a holy seed.

What about this Adam, anyhow? You have to go into the record to find out about Adam. For you will discover that when it talks about the pattern of Adam, it says that God had brought for Adam, and the old word is “bara.” He brought forth issue, and the offspring was Adam.  And then He caused a deep sleep to fall on Adam, and He separated, and the Hebrew word says that He separated out of Adam the female portion. There is nothing that says anything about a rib in the old text.  Then out of this, God made Eve, as said, “I have taken woman out of Adam.” Now, this hasn’t anything to do with that sixth day creation when He just made man and woman. This one was a separate act.  This was a work of surgery. He put Adam to sleep, He separated a part, He produced woman that they might be one flesh, His household in the earth. This is the beginning of the Adamic race.

The whole story out of the background of such revelation was given to the great patriarch Enoch, who descended from Seth. This great patriarch whose righteousness is referred to, as he sought after knowledge and wisdom to apply divine law to his purpose of living, never knew death, because God eventually took him, and used him as the great patriarchal leader of divine wisdom and knowledge. He took him into the heavens, educated him according to the records, and set him to work to bear its testimony. Two patriarchs God chose at that time, one was Enoch and one was Job.  If we go back into the record, they write much concerning the fact of what God told Enoch.  He said He had put the Adamic race, His sons and daughters, in the world, so that there would be a way for the entrance of the spirits of His celestial children to come into the world, abiding in the bodies which He had started the propagation of, to carry that holy seed; that this race was the offspring of God, tat this race was transplanted from heaven to earth so that His Kingdom would thus be built. That mystery is supported in the Book of Revelation when the new world order of the Kingdom of God is coming down out of the heavens, and has been coming down through all the ages, from the days of Adam to your time. This is as a bride prepared for her husband. This is the new world order. Out of it comes the new Jerusalem and the eventual developments of it, as you see it written upon the gates of the city the names of the twelve tribes of the children of Israel, which again proves that these twelve tribes are the children of Israel, were the final ethnic development of the house of the Sethite race, or the Adamic race. These are no Jews. No Jews qualify. They didn’t have this origin. It might be an interesting thing to you, that we can prove to you tonight, that Jews existed before Adam, and we can prove this from archeology in the Sumerian dynasties and the background of these people also in Asia.

Now, as we turn back to our thinking concerning this matter of races and their pre-Adamic race lines, I want you to turn with me for one moment over to the Book of Ezekiel, the thirty first chapter. Ezekiel is sent to talk to Pharaoh. “It came to pass in the eleventh year, in the third month, in the first day of the month, that the word of Yahweh came unto me.” He knew the exact time, and tells you when God said these things to him. “You go unto Pharaoh king of Egypt and to his multitude and say: Whom art thou like in thy greatness? Behold, the Assyrian was a mighty cedar in Lebanon.” Now when they talk about this, the biggest and tallest trees in Biblical time were the gargantuan redwoods in Lebanon. So when God referred to the Assyrian empire like a tall cedar in Lebanon, He was calling attention to something that everybody knew, that the biggest trees in the ancient world were these mighty redwoods in Lebanon. The only other place where you will find tem is in California. These gargantuan redwoods are exactly like the Lebanese trees, mighty and powerful, and when you want to compare a great empire to a tree that is the biggest thing you can compare it to. Therefore, God said to Ezekiel, You go down and you speak unto Pharaoh and say: Behold, the Assyrian was like this great and mighty tree of Lebanon, a great and mighty redwood. He had fair branches, with overshadowing shroud, high in stature. His top was among the thick boughs. Now, the waters that made him great, and the deep that set him on high, were the streams and rivers running round his plants, sending out there little rivers unto all the trees of the field. If you understood the Zohar, which was also an interpretive pattern of the symbols of revelation of God to man, you would understand that the waters were the racial stream of the Assyrian empire. The mighty tree was that empire whose roots go deep into the stream. As there are many waters out of this racial stream, there can be many offshoots and many plants a part of this great empire.  So the Scripture talks about racial streams. That is why there were several streams that cam out of Eden, but they were not, my friends, of the Adamic line, for Adam was placed in Eden where the streams already were. I also point out to you that the trees were great empires, and we will show you much evidence of this. That is the reason why, when it talked about the trees of knowledge of good and evil, they couldn’t have anything to do with them. So trees that are racial streams, already having succumbed to Lucifer, and Luciferian streams, like fallen angels that haven’t kept their first estate, were peoples and races in the earth that, from the day Adam was put into Eden, he was to have nothing to do with, as far as intercourse of race and intermixture of philosophy and society or intermarriage. Listen!  Therefore, the Assyrian’s racial streams were so great and deep, and the waters ran all over the earth, his height was exalted above all the other trees, or nations, or empires, that were in the field. And the field was the world, and Jesus tells you the field was the world. Now, let us take a look at what transpires. It says here that the boughs became multiplied, the branches of his empire stretched out until the multitude of his racial streams shot forth, and all the fowls (this word is also nomads) of the earth, and all the fowls of the heavens that nest in his boughs, (symbolic) and all the beasts of the fields, (the word here is Enosh) that brought forth their young, were under his shadow, and under it dwelt all the great nations. Now there is no contradiction here as to what we are saying. We want you to understand that the Bible advocates, by the word which was given to Ezekiel, that in the days of Eden, the Assyrian or Sumerian empires came out of the Tungus dynasties, which is talked about here by Dr. Lissner, 600,000 years having its origin, migrating, and developing. Out of the Tungus came the Sumerians, and out of the Sumerian the ancient Assyria arose and grew to become the most powerful of the existing nations in the earth.

You say were there any other people beside the Asiatics? Yes. In the rebellion of Lucifer, his great fleets had been destroyed and they came to earth. Because of the element of time, we just tell you that in the twelfth chapter of the Book of Revelation, it tell you there was a war in heaven. You can go home and read it. And Michael defeated Lucifer, and he was cast to the earth. And now, earthbound, he brought with him what the Book of Enoch tells us were his axmen and swordsmen and a whole race of warriors, dark and curly headed ones.  We call them Negroes today. They call them other things down in Africa. The Negroes came in with the warring ships of the fallen angels whom they served, and in the violation of divine law, started to mutate species and mix races. This was a violation of divine law.

When God sent your race to build a kingdom that was never to be destroyed, it was eventually to bring a whole world back under law and under righteousness, overthrow the darkness, and transfer the Kingdom of heaven to earth. Remember, a kingdom is an administration; it is a rule; it is a government; it comes by inheritance; it has to be a family matter or it’s not a kingdom. You pray as Jesus taught you to pray, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.” And I don’t have to tell you, my friends that our Farther and His family, which is my family and yours, rule in the heavens. We have no problems up there. The fowls of the heavens (the peoples of earth) were all nations dwelling under the Sumerian empire. We are told that his branches were so great that all the other nations in Eden envied him, in the garden of God. And this is the garden in which Adam was placed, and Adam wasn’t in Eden very long before he was driven out. By this time, he couldn’t have propagated the many races and the many empires and fathered all the people that existed on the earth for a period of some 685,000 or 690,000 years before him. Now God said, I have made all the nations to shake at the sound of the fall of the empire of these Sumerians. I have brought them down to the grave, and all the other nations of Eden, the choice and the best of their great tree like empires, all have had a drink of the waters of death and shall be comforted in the nether parts of the earth," (which was destiny.) Now remember, thou Pharaoh, thou also wast a great tree. You were an empire. Who were you like? You were like the Sumerian, only he was higher. And I can also bring you down with the rest of the trees of Eden into the nether world. You say, what has this to do with the measures of time, or importance? I’ll tell you what it has to do. It just proves that there were races of people all over the earth, before Adam. It demonstrates that they were old lines and ancient lines, and they were a part of that creation which is referred to in the sixth day of Genesis, and they also had the mutations and the forces of darkness here, because when Adam was placed in Eden, he was told not to have anything to do with this tree that had intellect and knowledge of good and evil.

I want to go back to the periods before the flood. I have no problem today in any field of archaeology of establishing the dynasties of Egypt 7,000 and 8,000 years before Christ. I have no trouble establishing that the building of the city of On, the Temple Zendera and the great pyramids, by the factors involved in the history, started out under the Khufu dynasty that started in the earliest dynasties of Egypt and were the work of two great and wise White men who were referred to, in all the records of Egyptian dynasties, as the children of Osiris, the Ka of Ra, Aryan, White men. And strangely enough, what do they say of the pyramid age?  5,000 to 4,000 B.C.; they try to push it up this way, and push it back; but the Egyptians were on the earth before the flood. The location where the family of Adam multiplied and developed was in the upper Tien Shan Mountains, the upper Pamir Plateau. The high mountains of that country are much lower today, and changed, because of geologic upheavals and erosion during the last 5,000 years. When the fathers of Enoch migrated down to the Persian Sea, some of them had gone across onto the lands of ancient theology, and their worship of one God, and their proclamation of His truth, and of the coming of His messianic destiny, the Krisna of history. They had moved across Tibet where they had set up great measuring instruments in which they were measuring the sky, and Enoch, whose experiences were to add to these early scientists of your race as God had given him the measures in which the messianic destiny would be unveiled, to the eventual establishment of His Kingdom in finality. They built instruments to measure this, and you will find that this is recorded in the writings of India, of Tibet, and of Persia. You not only have the ancient pattern of Do-ring as it exists from Persia to Tibet, but you also have Avebury, and other settings of these rings to measure the sky. Of course, you have Stonehenge, one of the best known, in England. Wherever you’re Aryan, Manu, tall White ones went on the earth, we find these formations. The record of their coming, the first sign of the measure, the first indication of when these things were done, is about 5,000 years before Christ. This ties in with the history of your race. I point out to you then, that the fall of your race and the seduction of Eve, which had ended with the birth of Cain, and some time after the birth of Abel, Cain slew his brother and was driven out of Eden. He went and dwelt in the land of Nod, on the East of Eden, according to the sixteenth verse of the fourth chapter of Genesis. There he took a wife, and she bare unto him a son whose proper name is Enosh, not Enoch, and he built the city of Enosh under the name of Enosh. And Adam and Eve had seven children, then Seth was born, which signifies the necessary cycles under divine law for the cleansing of the womb. And when she bore this son Seth, she said, “God hath appointed me another seed in place of Abel.” In the fifth chapter of Genesis, “And this is the book of the generations of Adam. In the day that Yahweh had bestowed him in the likeness of God, begat he him.”  This is the original text. And it says, “Adam lived a hundred and thirty years, then he begat a son in his own likeness, after his own image, and he called this one Seth.” This is the first one that is begotten after his likeness, and in his image, with spiritual seed and capacity to carry it on. And from this Sethite race, you race, you now come down through the Book of Genesis, on down to Enoch. Then you come down to Methuselah, and continue on down to Lamech and Noah.  But Enoch didn’t stay in the land where that branch of the household stayed. He came on down from the Persian Sea and settled in the land that was later to be called Palestine. He built, together with Job, another city called Ur Salem, U-r-s-a-l-e-m. We have records of this.  Ur is an ancient word-meaning city. And it is from this city that they took out of it, in a period that shows the size and the number of your race, 144,000 savants, and they migrated to Egypt to build this great measuring instrument, to bear witness to the purposes of God, in the exact place where it had to be properly oriented. So Enoch and Job, two great patriarchs, moved down to do this work, and the flood hadn’t come yet. The flood came in the days of Noah, in the upper Tarim Basin; and the reason for it being that there was a group of unassimilable giants, mongrel offspring of fallen angels, (this means they were Jews, bigger than anyone ever saw before) there were giants in the land in those days after the sons of God (the word here is not sons of Yahweh, it is “nephilim,” meaning the fallen angels) saw the daughters of men that they were fair, and they took wives all of which they chose, and by force and violence, we are told in the records. They then tried to absorb the White race, those in the upper Tarim Basin. God saw the evil after there were giants in the earth in those days, because this was a mingling, in violation of divine law, of a fallen spiritual order, who was many ells higher normally than man, and the strange forces of life and cell division dept on increasing the size of this offspring until they were giants. It says their every thought was evil continually. They were killing and maiming and destroying, capturing and seeking to absorb, by extreme mongrelization, your race.  So God told Noah, “I will destroy these Enosh from off the earth.”

I just want to pause in this phase of this message to point out something rather interesting on this. In turning inside of this book by Moore, I read about the comment made by even the archaeologists on this, not attempting to be spiritual, and they are talking about these Chinese giants that they find in these upper steppes, and said, “Therefore these Chinese giants were one and one-half times larger than even the Java giants, several times larger than men.”  And remember now the Biblical words, which now come to mind, “For there were giants in the earth in those days.” Genesis: chapter six, verse four. And we find them when we dig them up. We also find that ever since the violations of divine law started mutations among races, there were these giants. And these giants, we discover, became classified according to Chinese history as their gods, and their philosophy and their religions were wrapped around these fallen demons whose caricatures they worship. The reason why I bring these things to your attention is a subject we cannot finish tonight, but we will carry on under the subject: The Races and the Flood. It is to show you that these things occurred long before the history of the flood, that Egyptians existed before the flood. I have in my library one of the few copies that Queen Victoria originally had printed of the “Book of the Dead,” one of the great, wide museum volumes from Britain. In it are exact copies of the plates of all the colored friezes and all of the content of the plates of the “Book of the Dead” that were originally found when British archaeologists first opened up the tombs of Egypt. And I go back into the first three dynasty periods, pre-flood dates, and I see the finest reproduction of the courts of the Pharaohs.  I see White priesthoods of On. I see them recorded in the ancient record. And I see dark, curly-haired Nubian slaves, proving there were Negroes before the flood, proving there were White men in Egypt before the flood, proving as Prof. Sayce and others have been able to prove that in the earliest dynasties of Egypt there were all these different races. And the Egyptians were the same people that were there when Joseph went down in Egypt, and this of course is in connection with the fact that there is much that you must know about what the Bible really says, and about what the facts of record are concerning the flood, concerning nations. It is important because we today are the United States of America. We, who make up a part of the great White race of the Western nations, are the Kingdom of God.  We are a race that was begotten of God, the last race God placed in the earth. Our destiny is to keep our race intact, to repudiate all policies of integration and mongrelization, to retain the supremacy and dominion and leadership in this our country, and to carry out our destiny for the building of God’s Kingdom. It requires that we have the answer and that we have the knowledge and that we know. You shall know the truth and the truth will make you free. We don’t hate the earth, for we were sent here to bless it. But let me assure you that you can’t bless it with ignorance by surrendering to it, and permit them, as they started in the beginning, to destroy you. Have nothing to do with the tree of knowledge of good and evil, as it relates to partaking of its fruit. Of the tree of earth God has given you of every herb and every fruit-bearing tree the right to eat. We point out to you the fact that all these races existed before the flood. The fact that in the caves of Kilimanjaro are the skeletons of Negroes, fossils 73,000 years old, and the fossils of the Turanian or Tungus peoples go back onto the hundreds of thousands of years, but the White men, the race of which you are a part, have 5,400 years before Christ, with a variation up to a hundred years longer, and we have this period from Christ to your time. You came with a civilization, and God gave you the spiritual impetus to translate it into all areas of technology. You have been accomplishing this in your time.