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Heraldry of a Nation


Dr Wesley A. Swift

This afternoon, we are speaking on the subject of Heraldry of a Nation. A few weeks ago, we spoke on the subject of the Standards of the Nation. At that time we discussed with you the location of the Standards of Israel, where they were, where each and every nation that was a part of El’s great marching household existed We identified them from one part of Europe to the other, and from their destiny relationship in their migration, to this Nation. We have the history, the background and many other factors that relate to these things. But one of the most significant measures of time and destiny is heraldry. By heraldry we mean the emblems and symbols that have been used by your people on their national seals, their crests, emblems and their flags.  The origin, background and meaning of your national flag is a part of this heraldry.  These symbols, crests, emblems and flags have meanings and significance of an esoteric nature relating to the covenants, prophecies and destiny of your race.  They have been a part of the culture and traditions and have inspired your people since the time of Jacob.

Today there is a very evil design, which is sweeping the world, which comes out of those who the Messiah refers to, as having an emanation of darkness.  It is a design to swallow up all nations and all peoples into a least common denominator of darkness, and in attempting to do this, they would mix all races and all religions and all faiths, produce a super government and bring everybody in, under the United Nations, and then dominate it by the powers of evil.  Today, this is the trend of Antichrist.  It is not going to be a successful one, because it is doomed to defeat, and for this you can thank El.

If ever there was a time when we need to remember our beginnings, when we need to remember the foundations of the things, which made us great, it is at this hour.  Knowledge of these emblems and symbols, which relate to our ancestors, and us, will help us to remember our beginnings.  We must rediscover the “Holy Seed” which El refers to, and did not want mixed or mongrelized through time.  We must remember why he sent your race into the earth, and why He established it in the building of His Kingdom, why He had built great nations of it, and why this is destiny and prophecy.

No wonder, that today the powers of darkness want to destroy all foundation and background of Bible origins.  No wonder they want to take the Bible out of the schools, and they want to take prayer away from your race.  They want to produce the kind of degeneration that will occur, from juvenile to adult that will end morality, ethics, and the standards of the Kingdom, and make it even more easily, eventually, for them to dominate it.  That is one of the reasons why, again, we tell you why it is most important that men and women remember their beginnings.

There are things of great significance in the background and the patterns of heraldry, and we point them out.  We might go back to the fact that it is well known among almost all Bible students that there are twelve tribes of Israel, and some may know there were thirteen.  We recognize that, after Joseph had gone down into Egypt, and there in Egypt had been rejoined with his father Jacob and his brethren, the time came when his father was very old and ill.  Jacob called for his beloved son Joseph and asked that he bring his two sons near, that he might bless them, saying “I am going to give my name Israel to these two lands, Ephraim and Manasseh, that have been born to you in the land of Egypt.”  This was most significant, because here again had been a great hand of Divine destiny.  For Joseph in Egypt had not married an Egyptian, but he had married one of his own kind.  For a wife, he had gone to the temples of On which had been built in the days of Enoch and Job, and where a great White priesthood had carried on its patterns of wisdom and knowledge.  They not only had great wisdom and understanding in the ancient land of Egypt, but were still there when the Greeks sent their sons down to Egypt for education in the temples of On and the great universities of On, where Plato and Aristotle and many others received their instruction.

Remember also that out of the background of the purposes of the Most High, that Asenath the daughter of Potipherah, the priest of On, became the wife of Joseph with the approval of Pharaoh, for the good that Joseph had done in Egypt.  The issue of this marriage, Ephraim and Manasseh, thus rejoined and two most ancient lines of the house of Seth (who was the son of Adam).  Through their father Joseph, they were descendants of Seth through Shem, one of the sons of Noah, and Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who had lately come into Egypt.  And through their mother Asenath, they were descendants of Seth, from some of the Sethites who had accompanied Enoch and Job into the land of Egypt over two thousand years before, and established in Egypt the great White priesthood that came to be known as the Shepherd Kings.

When we reflect upon these things, we remember the words, which were given by Jacob to these two grandsons Ephraim and Manasseh, the sons of Joseph, when he guided them before their grandfather to receive his blessing.  Joseph did the thing, which was a normal thing to do.  The blessing would naturally go to the first born, first, then to the second born.  Though these were twins, they had been born, supposedly, in this order:  Manasseh first, then Ephraim.  However, there is some prophecy and some record concerning this matter, but let us take a look at the Book of Genesis and the prophecies which emerge at this time.  We discover here in this forty-eighth chapter of the Book of Genesis, it says that Jacob, (or Israel), said unto Joseph, “I had not thought to seeth face; and, lo, now I see they see,” And Joseph took both, Ephraim in his right hand and Manasseh in his left hand towards Israel’s right hand, as his father faced them.

As Jacob gave the blessing, he did something that Joseph first was disturbed about:  he crossed his hands and he put his right hand, not on Manasseh, but on Ephraim, and his left hand over on Manasseh.  Joseph said, “Why is this?” And he father said, “Because Manasseh shall be a great nation and a great people, but truly his younger brother shall be great than he, and he seed shall become a multitude of nations” This, my friends, is the “Union of Jacob,” (the Union Jack).

Symbolically, this was later to become an emblem of great significance amount the people of Israel, the crossed bars which represent the crossed hands.  If you were to study the flag of Britain today, you would discover that the British flag is a combination of three flags.  One of them is the blue field with crossed bars, which is known as the Cross of Scotland or Saint Andrew’s cross.  The Irish flag is a white field, and on it is the broken cross of crossed red bars.  And there is what is known as the flag of Saint George, which is the white field and the large, massive cross, across that.  Then when eventually Ireland, Scotland and England (and Wales) were brought together, all three emblems were joined together in one great flag.  Thus you have all the crosses, all the emblems, and you call it the Union of Jacob or the Union Jack.

Someone said, “I am not interested in that” Well, it wouldn’t hurt you to be interested in everything that goes into your background, and into the background of your forefathers.  It is a lot more important that you become interested in a background of Britain, in Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, or Nordic people, than to become suddenly interested in Africa and Asia, which is not your blood line.  Right now, we are about to expend thousands of our sons in defense of an area we could have held with Asiatics a long time ago.  If we had left Kai-shek on the mainland of china, we wouldn’t have to send anybody to Laos (or Vietnam) today.  We are not apposing the stopping of Communism everywhere, but let us use our technological greatness and not our sons.

There was something about this event in the forty-eighth chapter of Genesis, that was to have great importance, the crossed hands or crossed arms, which was later to become a great sign and a great manifestation of identity in Israel.  The great wisdom schools of your race kept these secrets they were taught in the temples they were understood as symbols of great significance, and all of these patterns were maintained.

I want you to remember the blessings, which were given unto the House of Joseph.  Each one of the tribes of Israel was given the blessing; but to the House of Joseph, first, was a special blessing given to his two sons, and then upon Joseph himself.  For it says, Joseph is going to be a fruitful bough of this great Kingdom of god, a fruitful bough which shall go over the wall; and his branches shall spread out in the earth; the bow of his strength and the arms and the hands shall be made strong by the mighty El of Jacob, and out of him shall come the Shepherd, the great King of a Stone in Israel.

We have therefore a unique mark, identity of the House of Joseph, with not only strength and leadership and protection, but we have also the sign of the “branch” and the “bow” and the “arrows.”  Do you know what branch this is, when it talks about the bough and the branch?  What tree is Israel, symbolically and most generally?  It is an olive tree not only a wild olive tree but a natural one, because of the division between the ten tribes of Israel, and Judah and Benjamin.  Judah and Benjamin were called the natural tree that stayed at the center, whereas the ten tribes that had gone apart and had been carried away in captivity, were still olive branches; and all Israel, all the peoples, and all the nations that came from them, were olive branches.

Do not think tat this hasn’t had a great effect upon your people, wherever they have gone.  There is not, today, on White nation of Western Europe that doesn’t have olives and olive branches woven into its background and into its shields, into its heraldry and on its buildings.  This is also true down in Greece, around its state buildings and on the background of all its emblems.

Dr. Gordon recently brought out, as some of you read in your newspapers, the fact that all their investigations in the areas of Greece and concerning the antiquity of Greece, down in Minoa, have proved that the peoples of Greece were Hebrews and descended from the Hebrew people, and a fact, which we had told you long ago.  That truth was made perfectly clear to us, on the basis of what the Apostle Paul had said, when he was down in the land Greece and at Mars Hill.  He said “All our fathers passed through the same water; all our fathers ate of the same manna that came down out of the heavens” If all our fathers participated in the same things, then the Greeks had to come from the same origin as did the rest of the House of Israel.  This is quite evident.

When your founding fathers arrived here and decided to look for significant emblems for American heraldry, one of the emblems, which they chose, for the emblem of trees significant in America, is found in the Book of Jeremiah.  It reads, in the sixteenth verse of the eleventh chapter:  “Yahweh thy name, A green olive tree, and of goodly fruit” and it also says that Yahweh had pronounced this. Now, thou art an olive tree, and the branches thereof are the branches of the House of Israel.

I am going to point out some things that are important in heraldry.  The Union Jack eventually emerged from these signs which Israel used at various times, and once the sign of the crossed arms was used in a Davidic fight.  It was once raised as a banner in struggle against the Philistines, and that is a matter of history and record, today, in the Zohar.  So you see, it wasn’t the first time it was used, when the British used it.

There are certain emblems that belong to your race, and you watch for them.  You watch for the lion, the unicorn, and the eagle.  You watch for the olive tree, because this will stay with you always.  And you watch for the stars, for El had said in His promises to Abraham (Genesis:22:17), and passed from Isaac and Jacob: “That in blessing I will bless thee, and in multiplying I will multiply thy seed as the stars of heaven, and as the sand which is upon the sea shore.”  You shall be numbered as the stars in their constellations.  This is a part of your destiny.  Symbolically, among many nations, each colonial outpost was always marked as a star, in their assembly, for its position in heraldry and this was someday to have its effect upon your nation.  When we study the background of these symbols, let me remind you that this is significant, because the United States is historically a part of this matter.

When you number the tribes of Israel, you have twelve tribes, counting the House of Joseph as a single tribe.  But remember that the House of Joseph was divided into two tribes, Ephraim and Manasseh.  One was to become a “multitude (or Commonwealth) of nations,” and the other “a great nation.”  That made the heraldic number of Manasseh, the last to be blessed, thirteen.  Now, heraldic numbers are significant and do follow through.  America’s heraldic number is thirteen.  There are thirteen thirteen’s in your history that are significant, that we will point out to you, commencing with thirteen colonies.  The significance of this is not just something trivial, but is a matter of great and eventual guiding destiny.

I would like you to know that the major emblem of the British Empire is a great shield and crest.  There you see the lion on one side and the unicorn on the other.  You say, “Why is this?”  Because the unicorn is the symbol of the strength of united Israel, which shall push with its horns ands strength, and the lion is the symbol of the location of the throne the unicorn of Israel and the lion of Judah.  Now I point out to you some things of great significance concerning this matter.  Let me first bring to your attention, the unicorn; this because so many people do not realize its significance in prophecy as a matter of heraldry.  Yahweh here speaks concerning the things of the House of Joseph and the things that relate to Israel.  I read here in the thirty-third chapter of Deuteronomy, in the seventeenth verse:  “His glory is like the firstling of the bullock, and his horns are like the horns of the unicorn: with them he shall push the people together to the ends of the earth.”  He will establish his colonies and build nations all over the world, he shall build a kingdom and the symbol of it is the horns of the unicorn.  This shall be one of the marks of Joseph.  This is not the only place where this particular symbol is used, but this is one where it has unusual significance.

In the twenty-fourth chapter of the Book of Numbers, I note these words, and this relates to Israel coming out of Egypt:  “El brought him forth out of Egypt, he hath as it were the strength of an unicorn:  he shall eat up the nations his enemies, and shall break their bones, and pierce them through with his arrows.”  El is going to exalt him higher than all the enemies of El’s Kingdom, Agag and all of his Assyrian hosts, all the Turanians (Asiatics) on the face of the earth.  El brought him out of Egypt and has given unto him the strength of a unicorn.  This is to be found in the eighth verse of the twenty-fourth chapter of the Book of Numbers.  Significally, I would remind you that in the declaration of El’s blessing, we have another very interesting statement concerning the strength of the House of Joseph.  In the thirty-third chapter of the Book of Deuteronomy, where it talks about how his glory shall be as the horns of the unicorn, it also says these are “the ten thousand of Ephraim, and the thousands of Manasseh.”  This means the House of Joseph.  The Angle-Saxon people symbolically are here mentioned.

It is a rather significant thing that El Almighty speaks concerning you, and how He looks upon you, in the symbol of the eagle, and says (in Deuteronomy 32:11), “As an eagle stirreth up her nest and fluttereth over her young, and spreadeth abroad her wings, and taken them on, and beareth them on her wings; So Yahweh alone did lead him, and there was no strange El with him.”  He said (in Exodus 19:4),  “I bare you on eagle’s wings, and brought you unto Myself,” as an eagle stirreth up her nest, as an eagle renews its youth.

Remember, my friends, that there is strange and significant prophecy here for El Almighty refers to how He coached and guided you and sent you into flight.  If you are acquainted with eagles, the symbolism of this is quite apparent.  The parent eagle will take the young eagles on her back and will fly high into the sky, and when they are ready to be taught to fly, she tumbles them off. As they start to flutter and flop down, if they don’t fly, she swoops down and catches them again upon her wings.  Then she forces the young eagles to try again and again, until they finally learn to fly.  I have watched this, looking out over the Palisades of the Hudson River, as the eagles used to soar high in the sky, and take out their young eagles early in the spring and teach them to fly.  I have watched them fly above the storms, as the storms came in from the wet on summer afternoons, and they would fly high, high above the clouds, when the storm over “and they will rise with wings as eagles.”  This is your destiny and your symbol.

Did you know, today, that all of the great nations of the Western world, all of the kingdoms and the nations of Europe, either are gathered under the sign of the lion, and have tied the lion basically to their crest, or have used the symbol of the eagle?  In Scandinavia, there was one thing added, which was the wolf.  Some people don’t’ realize why that is.  But if you turn to the forty-ninth chapter of the Book of Genesis, you will discover why.  You will discover, here, that Benjamin, who was a part of the peoples that went eventually to Iceland and settled in Scandinavia, along with the other Scandinavians and the Normans, had the sign of the ravening wolf upon his seal and crest.  That is why you will find the wolf used among the Scandinavian nations in their symbols.  But in the background you will discover, in their Royal line, they identify themselves with the lion, and in their empire you will see the wings of the eagle.  Germany even used two eagles for the major imperial eagle and you will also see in the United States, the outstretched wings of an eagle.

You say, “Well, this was just a coincidence.”  Do you really think it was just a coincidence when your founding fathers decided to put on the Great Seal of the United States, the symbol of the olive branch, of the eagle, and of the arrows?  And why did they say therefore that El had chosen thee as a “goodly live tree,” an Israel identification?  Why did they put the arrows of Joseph in one talon of the eagle, and why did they put in the other talon, the symbol of the olive branch of Israel, thirteen leaves, thirteen berries?  “Thirteen of the arrows,” you say, “were for thirteen colonies.”  Yes, but this wasn’t all coincidence this was destiny.  Let me point out to you that in those days, we had a knowing, wise group of men, wise master builders from ancient Masonic background and tradition, whose Christianity was woven with their faith and who understood that this was the great hand of Divine Destiny that was at work here. When they chose their emblems, they chose them as wisely as the British Empire, which had put the lion and the unicorn upon its crest and seal.

Let us take a look at what the Scripture says about your race and about the symbol of the lion. We turn to the declaration in the Book of Numbers, in the twenty-third chapter, concerning Israel, and it says: “What hath El wrought! Behold, the people shall rise up as a great lion…” Ezekiel the prophet adds something that is of great significance, for Ezekiel writes concerning the end of the age, and this is what he says in the nineteenth chapter of Ezekiel:  “Moreover, take thou up a lamentation for the princes of Israel, (now we are tied to an identity: the princes of Israel) And say, What is thy mother?  A lioness:  she lay down among lions; she nourishes here whelps among young lions.  And she brought up one of her whelps: it became a young lion, and it learned to catch the prey; it devoured men.  The nations also heard of him; he was taken in the pit, and they brought him with chains unto the land of Egypt.”  This is the House of Joseph.  It was Joseph who went down to Egypt, from the pit and where am I reading this from?  From the Book of Ezekiel, and it was written by Ezekiel the prophet, years and years before the rise of Anglo-Saxon Dom in the British Empire.  And I read here that this young one taken in the pit, behold, he became a young lion, and he went up and down among the lions.  He was to become a leader among the lions, as Joseph in his vision and in his dream said, “I saw the sun and moon and eleven stars bow down before me” because this was a part of his destiny the House of Joseph.

I want to take you for one moment to the thirty-eighth chapter of the Book of Ezekiel, because we are tracing prophecy to the present hour of threat, in which the whole world is facing the expansion of the Soviet, its designs for world conquest the hordes of Asia and it tells us about the powers of God and Magog, and about their design to move against and invade the “lands of unwalled villages,” the great open countryside of Christian civilization.  And in that time, the Scripture tells us that there is going to be resistance, and it is going to come, first, from the nation of the “outstretched wings of the eagle.”  This is the twelfth chapter of Revelation.

In the thirteenth verse of the thirty-eighth chapter of Ezekiel, it refers to “the merchants of Tarshish, with all the young lions there…” Do you know here Tarshish was?  Did you know that in one of the nations known as Tarshish, the “city of the sea goers” was London?  Did you know that it was called Tarshish, in Rome?  Did you know they referred for a long time, to London, as the city of Tarshish, and “these the ships of Tarshish and all the young lions thereof”?

I point out to you that in this great struggle, when the nations of God’s Kingdom will oppose and resist the powers of World Communism and all their forces, it still refers to the young lions and the eagle that are going to resist these forces of the darkness.  I turn for one moment to the background of this measure and see, in the heraldry of a country, that the heraldry was understood.  The people knew they were a part of the lions that were here referred to, in the nineteenth chapter of Ezekiel:  “What is thy mother? A lioness…” The House of David with whom El had made a great covenant, was to be a symbol in the nations of El’s Kingdom, and never would there lack on to sit upon that throne. 

In other messages we have shown you how El used Jeremiah to transfer the seed of Zedekiah, after the captivity of Judah and Benjamin by Nebuchadnezzar, down to the land of Egypt, by the way of the city of Tahpanhes, and over to the Isles, on the ships that plied in the coastal trades into Britain.  We discover before we are through, that the seed of King Zedekiah, through his daughter, was transferred to Ireland, to Scotland and to Wales.  We discover how that kingdom migrated from the time of the union of this daughter and the King line of Ireland, on down to the powers that migrated to Scotland and to Wales.  We see today, on the walls of Westminster Abbey, the entire background, the seed line of that throne which goes back to King David.  That is a very significant thing.  Someone says, “I am an America” Yes, I am also an American, but I am proud of my origins.  I am an American and I am proud of the eagle, because I know its destiny.

Every nation, which has a throne in Europe, today, is related to the British throne.  I want you to remember that Kaiser Wilhelm with his great eagle, as a symbol of his strength, also had a lion in his own personal crest, and was a cousin to King George.  I want you to know that the lions of Scandinavia, and the great and tremendous forces that once went out with the early Vikings, carried in their crest and in their symbol, the eagle and the wolf:  the eagle of Israel and wolf of Benjamin.  This in itself is important evidence.

Did you know that the Vikings called themselves the children of the hunting eagle? Did you realize that almost every Viking wore eagle’s wings upon his helmet? Did you know why they put them there? You go back, my friends, in the story of why they started to wing their helmets, and they tell you that they are the sons of the Mighty El Who rides the winds and Who hath ordained that His sons were going to carry their light to the ends of the earth. O, there were periods of history that were a great struggle for survival and of great wars, but we point out to you that the heraldry still marks a pattern of origin that is important.

Let us for one moment take a good look at the Seal of the United States.  If you have a dollar bill, take a look at it.  The only good thing they ever put on it, except “in El we trust,” was the Seal of the United States.  You know, the words “United States Note” are never printed on currency issued by the Federal Reserve System.  Now listen.  Significantly, today, that Seal is found on your money, at least on your dollar bills.  They do not put that Seal on a Federal Reserve note, you know.  They cannot legally put that Seal on any currency that is not lawful money.  You look at most of the money in your pocket, and it says, “this is redeemable in lawful money” of the United States government.  Someday, we are going to have all lawful money as well as a Christian administration.  That may disturb some, but it is still true.  Look at the Great Seal of the United States.  We adopted the beginnings of the measure of that Seal, and our flag, in 1782, when we established the foundations of them.

You know, our flag and our Seal have both been very significant.  Our first flag, over here, was actually a pine tree on a white field that was here first used in Connecticut as a Revolutionary flag.  The next one was the Union Jack, with the thirteen bars of red and white.  Then eventually we produced the flag which started to fulfill our prophetic numbers, and we had that circle of thirteen stars, and we started to number ourselves, they said, “according to the stars of the heaven,” in our field.  And this was according to your prophecy and your destiny.

Did you know that the United States Government, in the Congress of the United States, designated Professor Totten, then a professor at Yale University and a great master in research on heraldry, and commissioned him, at the expense of the United States Government, to produce all of the records and facts pertaining to our national heraldry, and they are used to this day, as the great authority on the background of your race.  This man became involved in this research, and before he was finished, he wrote seventy-eight books on the fact that the White race and Anglo-Saxon peoples were the Israel of the Bible and the Household of El.  So it proves, the more you study, the more you find out.  It is quite evident, what some people don’t know, is the result of what they have never studied.

As Manasseh was the thirteenth and last of the Israel family to receive the blessings from Jacob-Israel, so the United States was the thirteenth and last of the western nations of El’s Kingdom, and thus assumed as a symbol, “the outstretched wings of the eagle.”  You are a part of the House of Joseph, and your founding fathers knew this.  So you have arrows in your heraldry, and your forefathers referred to them as the “Arrows of Joseph.”  They referred to the fact that they were the symbol of “the bow of Joseph that would abide in strength,” and that the symbol of blessing of El’s great Kingdom, the “oil of spirit,” was the symbol of the olive branch of Israel; and so there it is, with its thirteen berries and thirteen leaves.  So the peoples of the world could look at the eagle, and they could dwell at peace with it; but if they made war with it, they would meet the arrows of Joseph.  So the emblems of both peace and war are in the claws of the eagle.

The “eagle with the outstretched wings” was to be a leader among the nations of El’s Kingdom.  Let us take another look at the eagle on our Seal.  We see the constellation of the Most High El.  We see at its top, the symbol of thirteen stars.  They are set in a constellation of glory.  And we see this:  “One out of the many,” El having made us one out of many.  Now, this has two historic origins, because when they put in “E pluribus Unum,” (one out of the many), it was mentioned even in the days before it became a part of your Seal, having been originally on the “pine tree” flag.  George Washington said, “We are the one nation, out of not only these many colonies, but also out of many peoples with a common background.”  It was an important thing to George Washington, to say “Christian.”  Today, if you say “Christian, “ you are antisocial.  The outstretched wings of the eagle: this was the shield of the Most High El, and El said, “I will be a shield unto thee,” and a shield is on the breast of the eagle saying, I will be a shield unto thee, I will protect thee from all the darts of your enemies.

We turn to the other side of the Seal, and here we see one of the most important and significant things. The ancient symbol of Israel had been the fling eagle. It had been a symbol of Joseph. But on the other side of our Seal, we see: “The new order of the ages,” and we see the pyramid with the all seeing eye of El, and the cap stone, and it says and we are the “new order of the ages.” Well, what is the new order of the ages?  “Behold, I have made a covenant with the house of Israel and the house of Judah. Now I make a new covenant with the house of Israel and the house of Judah; not the kind of covenant I made with their fathers, but a new covenant, a better one, because it includes many better things.” What is the new covenant with the House of Israel and the House of Judah?

The new covenant is the establishment not only of His Kingdom and the pouring out of His Spirit, but it is the complete empowering of His sons and daughters with new life, the consummation of an atonement that was consummated with His own gift, by grace. I want to point out to you, this, that Peter, inspired by the Holy Spirit, records in his writings, the Christian order, and in so doing, he talks about many things whish are a pattern of mystery that most Masons discovered in their Royal Arch meetings. This was a wisdom, which early Christians were also taught in their assemblies here in the United States, when they went to church and were told things that related to background heraldry. So therefore we discover, to whom was the Messiah coming. Chapter two of First Peter: “To whom coming, but as to a living stone, disallowed indeed of man, but chosen of El, and precious…” a living stone, the mighty Kingdom of the Most High and a living stone. You are the living stones.” Now this is El’s word. You are the living stones. You are built up as a spiritual house and a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to Yahweh through Yahshua. You may read in First Peter 2:6, “Wherefore also it is contained in the scripture, Behold, I lay in Zion a chief corner stone, elect and precious: and he that believeth on Him shall not be confounded.”

You are a chosen generation or progeny, A Royal Priesthood in a Holy Nation and a peculiar people, that you should show forth the praises of Him Who called you out of the darkness, in His light. So Peter talks about you, and again refers to you as. “You who are the strangers and pilgrims.” And the Apostle Paul, in the Book of Hebrews, said that your race was a race of strangers and pilgrims; and if you could remember the country you came from, in the celestial realms, you would have gone back there but He put over you a gracious forgetfulness, to finish the task. He wasn’t looking for you to translate yourself into another dimension. He was looking for you to build His Kingdom, where He sent you. For this reason, He kept from you the spiritual recollections, the powers of re-entrance at this time.

I read these words of Peter: “You are all lively stones built up into a spiritual house, and you have a chief corner stone.” And the only building that has a chief corner is the pyramid; and that is the apex stone. This was understood by George Washington, who made many most brilliant addresses, some of which you can find today in the British Library, concerning the symbolism and the heraldry of our race. He referred to the fact that our national symbol followed the Messianic ideal construction of all the stones sealed together by the Messiah, the chief corner stone, Whose all seeing eye of El and Whose abiding referred to the Messiah as the stone which the builders rejected, to become the head stone of the corner, which were the words which Yahshua Himself gave. It most significant, that on the reverse side of the Seal of our Nation is the emblem of a pyramid, for it was your race, back in the days of Enoch and Job, that built the first pyramid in Egypt; and there, erecting that pyramid, they left the capstone off, on purpose and wittingly. It was known that in the symbols of this pyramid was the ideal symbol of Messianic building, and within that building, and with its passageways and its course of masonry and its symbolism and its perfect orientation, was the science of measure and of prophecy and of spiritual guidance and identity that was to last throughout the ages, and people call it one of the wonders of the world. Egyptians copied it, but never knew the science that made this one, the greatest of them all. It is a significant thing that on your Seal is the emblem of the pyramid, and there on that Seal is the all  Seeing Eye of Yahweh as its capstone. And if you want a measure of significant prophecy, in the days when Queen Hatshepsut was the queen in Egypt, in honor of the sons of Joseph and of Joseph as prime minister and for his brilliance and his assistance, two obelisks were made: one of these obelisks was set at the other end of the Karnak temple square, and at the other end was the other obelisk set.

Did you know why they were set there, to honor? The beginnings of your race. Did you know they were set there, to honor Anglo-Saxondom, that had not yet been formed? For one has on it, “The mark of Ephraim, and May it follow his steps,” and the other says, the mark of Manasseh, and may it follow his steps.” And after years and years of standing erect in this square, covered over eventually by sand, rediscovered by archeologists, and eventually Egypt gave one to Britain and gave one to the United States.

When these obelisks were given, nobody divided them up by their content, because the inscriptions hadn’t been translated yet. In fact one of my friends (an educator) made a special journey to England to make a very special contact. He wanted to see what was on that stone, and as certain whether or not the people knew about it. He went also to New York, where he found the stone there to be somewhat weather-beaten. But they had taken perfect impression cast of it before it had been set there in the park. So he went to the Museum of Natural History and to its department of Egyptian Antiquities, but the people there didn’t know what was on that stone. They had never bothered to translate the inscription. So they translated it for him, and two days later said, “Why this is half of the history of the House of Joseph, and it says, “The mark of Manasseh, may it follow his steps.” And when this educator went over to England, the people in England knew they had the other one, but they didn’t know what was on it, either. Of all the plates that had been done by Dr. Budge, who translated thousands of plates of Egyptology and whose work in Assyriology stands out as one of the most outstanding works of antiquity translation in all time and history, but he just hadn’t bothered to translate that one.  Then they translated it, and they found the other half of the story of the House of Joseph was on it, and it said, “The mark of Ephraim, and May it follow his steps.”

You know, this isn’t just an idle pattern.  It is a part of your background, the setting up of the high marks, the heraldry of your society.

Now just remember this, and don’t forget it:  Your emblem is the green tree, the olive tree and sometimes the ever living pine tree was also used as a symbol of the actual throne seat of Israel.  You have the olive tree, you have the green pine tree, you have the emblem of the eagle, you have the lion, you have the unicorn, you have the unicorn, you have the arrows of Joseph, and you have the olive branches.   These are all most significant emblems.  But what about your enemy?  Do you know what he has for an emblem, everywhere?  He has the dragon or the serpent, always, whether it is in China or in the ancient steppe peoples.  With the Mongols that came against your people, in the hordes of Genghis Khan, flying between the staffs of the nine yak tails was the symbol of the dragon.  Isn’t it a unique thing, that in every period of time, the symbols of it are quite distinctive in the identification of peoples, their heraldry and their background?  The other day, General Mao was speaking under the banner of the red flag, he was flanked on either side by great ornate dragons, and when he marched out to review his troops, a weaving dragon on ether side walked alongside of Mao.  That is just like it should be, that is the mark. When I look at some of the synagogues around the country and see all the snakes on them, that they have woven into that six pointed star with its serpent, that is also as it should be.  This is not the Israel of El.  The Israel of El are made up, today, of the great nations of Christendom.  That is why Yahshua made His identifications.  The emblem goes back to symbols, which were used by ancient peoples, even the symbol of Lucifer when he ruled over the earth.  Yahshua said, “You are the children of the serpent and the viper, not the children of the Kingdom.”

I point out to you that there is nothing more important for you to understand, than that you are a part of a great and divine destiny, that your culture, your vision, and all that you have attained, is because El has spiritually energized His spiritual seed.  He has energized the capacities of vision.  He has given to you idea, knowledge, and power, and accompanies the people who worship the Most High El.  I can go back here, to the blessings of Joseph.  El said, “I am going to bless everything about you and your race, I am going bless the hills and I am going to bless your knowledge of how to get out all the precious things that are in them, I am going to bless your agriculture, I am going to bless your mines.  Everything that you put your hands to do, I am going to give you the “Know how, “how to do it” and I think that is true.

Today, we can walk all over the earth and say, well, the raw materials are everywhere, and they are, though El placed a great bounty of them in our own nation.  There are great riches in the Himalayas, and there are great values to be found in the hills of India, and they are to be found throughout the Congo, and the ends of the earth but in most instances it takes the House of Joseph, or the house of Judah in Germany, or Scandinavia or Belgium, to find it.    In other words, you can walk all over wealth, but if you never dig it out or you never use it, you will never accomplish anything with it.  You have soil, and you can have seeds that grow voluntarily, but when your race goes out to till the soil, it moves into production unequaled anywhere on the face of the earth.  And remember this: seven and four-tenths of your populations are producing two hundred percent of the food you can consume, because you have a hundred percent surplus.  No other place on the face of the earth was ever like that, before.  You say, “We couldn’t do that somewhere else.” O yes, we could do that somewhere else.  We just sent ten experimental engineers over to one small valley in India, and produced more food than that whole province had ever produced before.  They were ten American farmers.

You say, “ Why didn’t they copy them?”  I cant’ tell you what goes wrong and short circuits the thinking in the seat of men’s intellect.  But I can tell you this that without a vision, a people perish all day long.  It is quire obvious that the Scriptures, from Old to new Testament, have made it very clear, that unless men serve and worship the Most high El, unless they apply themselves to do His will, they are not going to be guided with wisdom and vision and idea, and they are not going to be blessed.

Our enemies may be gaining some technological power, and they seem to be developing in areas of weapons of destruction, but they had to steal almost every technological secret from an Anglo-Saxon or a German or a Scandinavian or a Britisher, somewhere.  They looked over your shoulders and ran with the secrets.  I just would advise you, someday, to look over all the names of the atom bomb spies that took your secrets to the Russians.  You will discover that there was only one Christian amongst them, and she was a woman, Elizabeth Bentley, who later repented and turned state’s evidence.  All the rest of them were non-Christians.  All the rest of them were clearly identified with the sign of the serpent.

We are not worried about the out come of this conflict, because El Almighty has clearly outlined what the enemy intends to do.  It tells you, in the Bible, that he is going to raise up his standards, he is going to hurl them against you, eventually giving up his entire attempt at seeking to “con” you out of the world.  He is going to try to conquer the parts you won’t let go of, and that is when he is going to receive one of the greatest educations in his history.  Because, I am going to tell you, that your are going to do a lot of things in the prophecy of the years which are just ahead of you, which are going to cause the nations of the world to know that you stand for righteousness and justice, and that you are going to stop the forces of evil.  El tells you what nations are involved in it, tells you your part in it, and tells you the outcome, though I do think we are going to have to see some changes made in these United States.  I think we are going to find that El will remove leadership that will not follow “thus saith the Lord: and chooses a whole group of advisers, the majority of which are non-Christians.  This is an insult to his church, as well as yours.  I think that you are going to have to adopt the principals that our pilgrim fathers had, in the thirteen colonies, and George Washington and his advisers had, and that, my friends, was to think in terms of Christianity and to think in terms of Christian society that crossed every denominational line, but didn’t concede that a creed was worthy of recognition that was nor Christian.

This was Christian country.  The Supreme Court has ruled it so, on numerous occasions.  I wouldn’t want to trust it, maybe, to the decision of this court, because its decisions have not always been Constitutional, but have been in the pattern of the revolution our enemies are attempting to produce.  We have never quite discovered the secret with which one court can reverse the positions of previous courts, because there is no machinery set up in the administration of four previous Supreme Courts, or a new one?  If the four previous ones used the Constitution, and the new one quotes communists like Du Bois and Myrdal, I think you should take the previous decisions, don’t you?

One of these days, it will be discovered that this is a nation of stone, of lively stones, fitly famed together.  You may wear on it, but you are not going to change it, and the wearing is just going to polish it.  We are going to set the capstone on the pyramid, one of these days, and that is why Christendom prays, “Master Yahshua, come quickly.”  And when the capstone has sealed all that building together, as it now symbolically does under the new order, there is no power on earth that can destroy it and that which seeks to destroy it, will destroy itself. El is not harsh, and El is not cruel. His grace and His wisdom reaches out to all that will call upon His name. He is an El upon the whole earth, and a Father unto you. But let me assure you this, that if you hurl yourself against the rock, you get hurt. If you seek to destroy that which has been ordained by spiritual forces as final and perpetual, you are going to discover that you are injured by it. This isn’t revenge; this is just the result of beating one’s head against the stone.

I tell you, heraldry is of significance and it has its importance. I am glad that we are a nation of the eagle. I am glad that Britain still has the symbol of the lion. I am glad there is still a throne that can historically go back to the House of David, for the day is going to come when the nations of El’s Kingdom are going to be very willing to recognize the throne of Yahshua the Messiah.  If there is anybody that has so much politics in his blood that he says, I won’t surrender to that throne, you are in the wrong church.  Of course, that is quite obvious, for we have our critics. But I want to tell you this:  This sermon will bring more people to their remembrance than probably any sermon preached in this city, today, because this sermon will reach a million people, as it goes out over our tape lines this afternoon.  It will play thirty-eight times in Britain, it will play in Germany, it will play in Scandinavia, it will play in Germany, it will play in Scandinavia, it will play in Switzerland, it will play in Africa, as well as here. This is why I tell you that this is a period when El has promised that He was going to stir up His people, and He said that they are going to scarcely get over all the cities of Israel before the end of the age. But we are going to work at this, because we feel that this is time fro men to remember.

Now, along comes a Bible critic who says, “This isn’t important what difference does it make?  What difference does it make, who you are? What difference does it make, where you came from?”  There are a lot of people who would like to have you think that it doesn’t make any difference. But I can show you, over here, that it must be of some importance, because the Scripture says, “Who are the Israelites?”  You say, “What difference does it make?”  Well, who are the Israelites? To them pertain this positioning of son ship, the glory of El, the covenants of El, the giving of the law, the service of El, and the promises, and concerning whom are the fathers, concerning whom Yahshua came in the flesh.  Now, if that is not important, you tell me something that is, will you?  You say, “ That shuts a lot of people out.”  That doesn’t shut anybody out that is a Christian.  Because that is why you are Christians.  O want you to pause for one moment, as we turn over to the Book of Galatians and read this: If ye be Yahshua’s, if ye belong to this Household “If ye be Yahshua’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.”  It is not that you become Abraham’s seed by being Christians.  The reason you are Christians is because you are Abraham’s seed.  The Spirit went out and called the sons, and the sons answered.  “I call My sheep by name, and I lead them out, and I give them eternal life, and they never perish and I have already destined them,” He said, “ to be a great nation and a company of nations in the earth. I have determined,” as He said to Micah, “that among all the nations of the world, the chief nation, highest among the nations in its power, was going to be the great nation in the Kingdom of My people that shall stand up as leadership and power.”

This nation, today, is the strongest nation in El’s Kingdom.  I am not talking about the dragon kingdom, I am not talking about the beasts of the earth, but I am referring, my friends, to the Household of the Most High El.  I want you to know that no violations of law, no disobedience by not keeping all the commandments, and no conditional promise made upon obedience, can change the promises which El made, concerning you and the nations of El’s Kingdom of Israel, as being kingdoms before Him, or your being the literal seed of Abraham to receive the blessings.  You say, “How is that? Didn’t the law set that aside?” No.

Let us read the Apostle Paul, as, inspired after his heavenly vision, he said in the seven-tenth verse of the third chapter of Galatians: “now this I say, that the covenant which was confirmed before of El in Yahshua, the law which was four hundred and thirty years after this, cannot disannul” it cannot make tis promise of none effect.  You say, “ Who made it?” Do you remember when Melchizedek met Abraham?  Well, in Yahshua, El made a covenant with Abram that can never be set aside, that out of his seed will come the great nations of the great Kingdom of El. These nations have emerged and you are a part of it.  No conditions, afterwards; can se aside those original covenants made upon the oath of El. It say’s, “As long as the sun, moon, and stars are in the sky, the throne peoples are going to be before Me.”

I want you, for a moment, to turn over to the Book of Samuel. Here in the Book of Samuel we read concerning something that El said to David. Now, when El made this statement, in the seventh chapter of Second Samuel, David was in Jerusalem. He was in his own house, the palace of the King. There was the stone of Jacob, right there, the coronation stone, the King’s own pillar was right there (it is now in the British throne in Westminster Abbey, in the coronation chair); but there it was at that time, right there where David sat and he was in Jerusalem. It was then, that El said to David, “Just as I took you out from among the sheepcotes, from following the sheep, and made you to be a ruler over My people Israel: and as I have gone whithersoever thou hast gone, and I have cut off thy enemies out of thy sight, and I have given thee a name, a name of the great men that are in the earth, a greater name than they. Moreover, I am going to appoint another place for My people Israel to dwell. I am going to plant them there, and they may dwell in a place of their own, and they are not going to have to move any more; neither shall the children of wickedness afflict them any more, as aforetime.” It will be in the course of time. And when they finally arrive at this point, they will battle, because He said, “You are My battle-ax and My weapons of war.” You are going to have to fight evil, but the children of darkness are never going to conquer you and they are never going to move you.

When our founding fathers came over here on the Mayflower, they landed on that Eastern coast and they said, “This is the place that El hath appointed us to dwell, and wherein He gave this promise to our father David.” You see they all knew it. They all believed it. They had all been raised on it, Mason and Druid. In the background of the wisdom that had been taught to them, they knew who they were. These are not just coincidences. I read the other day, in one of the most beautiful volumes lately produced on the Christian foundations of the Constitution, some of the speeches made by the president of Yale University, and Harvard, in those early days. They talked about the fact that we were a nation of Israelitish origin, that we were a nation of El’s Kingdom, that we were a great new Christian order with a Divine Destiny. Now those men were not foolish, they were the foundations of the things that made you great.

The thing that is destroying you, today, is the stranger that has come in, who has somehow learned how to confiscate your goods and redistribute them all over the world, in guise of taxes and supposedly doing good, but is doing the Marxist design, which he came here to do, and it is not, my friends, doing the good that you are capable of doing throughout the earth. Listen, El said, “I am going to appoint this place where My people will dwell.” And He also said, “I am going to establish My covenant between Me and thy house, that thy house and thy throne shall endure forever.” So as I look out over the history of our nation, there are many things we haven’t the time to discuss this afternoon, but I am convinced as I see its Seal, that we are carrying forward a destiny of prophecy in which a great number of Scriptures tie together even the identity of the emblems.

This has all been in your Bible. It has been there all the time. Yahshua said, “If ye be Elohim’s ye are Abraham’s seed.” He said, “If you have a new covenant, then I had to give you the old one first.” And He said, “I have come for the lost sheep of the house of Israel; I call My sheep by name, I lead them out. “ You say, “ Yahshua is my shepherd, I shall not want….” He said, “You are Christians because I called you by My name, sheep of My pasture. This is the symbol of your church relationship, but the eagle is the symbol of your national destiny. I am going to tell you, my friends, there is one thing the eagle does it screams when it sees the serpent.  If there is any one enemy of the serpent, and the serpent kingdom in the earth, it is the eagle that swoops down, picks him up, and carries him high over the rocks.  One of these days, there will be no “serpent-dragon” problem in the earth, for the eagle and the lion will be supreme.  There will be one throne of righteousness in the earthy, and it will be the righteousness of your Father, and His Kingdom and His righteousness in the earth, for the eagle and the lion will be supreme.  There will be one throne of righteousness in the earth, and it will be the righteousness of your Father, and His Kingdom and His righteousness will endure forever, and the great nations of El’s Kingdom will stand as the great symbols of El’s purpose and destiny in the earth.

One thing you can be sure of, is that this flag of the numbering of the sons and daughters of Israel is more the symbol of the new order than has ever appeared on the earth, because you have become now, one nation out of also the many peoples of the   nations of Western Europe.  Do you realize that all of the peoples of Western Europe have gathered here under the emblem of Manasseh? Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Nordic, Basque, Lombard, and Germanic they all are of one race, and they all have one denominator that makes them one in Yahshua.  This is a Christian nation.  There is nothing else that you can absorb.  There is nothing else that will eventually be here, because the time will come, even according to Old Testament prophecy, when there will not be a Canaanite left in the House of El.

I just want to add this to your remembrance, I mentioned it the other night:  The usurper who by trying to take your place in the Scriptures, tries to say he is the “Chosen People,” wants to deny you segregation, wants to deny you the balance of power in trying to maintain a Christian society, he may tell his people to buy “kosher,” but he doesn’t want you to vote the “sign of the cross.” Now just remember this, that in the course of these attitudes, that they at the same time try to say they are the “people of the Book,” and try to take away from you the instructions of the Old Testament, which they don’t want you to follow at all. Now, no one can come into your land and condemn you on this Book, because, if they don’t like it, they can go to Asia and follow Confucius or Brahma, Vishnu, Siva or Kali, or they can go down to Palestine and read the Talmud that is being rewritten every few years by their rabbis, but we will keep the word of El as He gave it to us.

We will discover, every word is true that comes out of the mouth of El, as archaeology and time brings back unto us more of its manuscript.  But I want you to know one great positive thing, important for you to know, El’s promise to the sons of Jacob, El’s promise to you by covenant:  “ Not only will I abide with you forever, but My spirit will be thy guiding light, My voice will be thy voice, My mind will be thy mind.” And the Apostle Paul says, under the revelation of the Spirit and after his vision, “Let this mystery now be known among you, that it is Yahshua in you that is the hope of light, glory and power; and the divine quality that is in you, is activated by the very presence of El.” This is the mystery that has been hidden from the nations.

Someone said, “What is going to happen to the rest of these people?”  The best thing that ever happened to them.  Someone said, “What perdition are they going to?” The Father that created the heavens and the earth hasn’t consigned these people to perdition.  They created perdition right here, by their error.  Do you know what He has promised?  That every knee shall bow and every tongue shall proclaim that Yahshua is Yahweh, in the heavens above and in the earth and in the nether world itself, every knee shall bow.  And in the hours that are to come, they are going to sing the great praises and songs of peace and of wisdom and of prosperity, from one end of El’s earth to the other and it will match up with the rest of the universe, when that comes to pass.

Every once in a while, I find some body who is carried away by a little of the wisdom of Tec field.  Then it is brought to his attention that the Scriptures show that men surpassed his field of knowledge, ages ago, and that the wisdom in the universe is yet bringing him up to the primer of some of the things he is going to know in the future.  He then begins to avidly study the word of El and finds the experience so rewarding, in the area of his thinking, that he wants to dig deeper and deeper into the subject.  The greatest men of faith I know, happen to physicists and astronomers who, instead of running out of El, have found so much of it, that they just don’t know how to put it down.  So I tell you this, that as a great nation of El’s Kingdom, we can say “ Novus ordo seclorum,” and this great land of the eagle, with the outstretched wings, will be the new order of the ages in which all members of your race and all the sons and daughters of El can become united, under the cap stone of Yahshua the Messiah.