Part 1 of 9

by Lt. Col. Gordon "Jack" Mohr, USA Ret.
(Honorary Brig. Gen. C.E.D.S.)

"The Lord hath poured out upon you (Israel) the spirit of deep sleep, and hath closed your eyes: the prophets (preachers) and your rulers (politicians), the seers hath He covered . Forasmuch as this people draw near me with their mouth, and with their lips do honor me, but have removed their heart far from me. . . Therefore, behold, I will do a marvelous work and a wonder among them: for the wisdom of their wise men shall perish, and the understanding of their prudent (those who take part in the political process) will be hid." - Isaiah 29:10, 13


Chapter I - What Our Critics Say About Anglo-Israelism!

Chapter II - The Faith of Anglo-Israelites!

Chapter III - Covenants of the Bible

Chapter IV - The Dedication of Our Race

Chapter V - Esau and Jacob and the Spurned Birthright

Chapter VI - The Covenant Promises Confirmed

Chapter VII - Egypt - The Exodus - The 13th Tribe

Chapter VIII - The Training of Israel

Chapter IX - The Palestinian Covenant and Seven Times of Israel's Punishment

Chapter X - The Divine Marriage

Chapter XI - The Appointed Place!

Chapter XII - Israel Comes to the Isles

Chapter XIII - Who Were the Druids?

Chapter XIV - What are the Latter Days?

Chapter XV - The New Covenant

Chapter XVI - Marks of Identity!

Chapter XVII - The Origin of the Races

Chapter XVIII - The Shemitic Race and Israel ...

Chapter XIX - Classes of Israelites

Chapter XX - Twelve Tribed Israel

Chapter XXI - The Nation of the Jews

Chapter XXII - National Identity -What Does It Mean?

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The subject of "true Israel" is a complex one and is recognized as such by all intelligent Bible scholars and students. There is a great deal of confusion surrounding it, and often more heat than light when it is discussed. Because it involves an ethnic group called JEWS, it has become even more confusing since a majority of Bible scholars equate the terms "Israel" and "Jew" as one and the same. They are not! Because the majority of Bible scholars accept this premise does not make it so, as Moses told the children of Israel: "Thou shalt not follow a multitude to do evil."

The confusion regarding Israel centers around four entirely different entities:

1 - The man named Jacob (Israel) in the Bible and his physical descendants;

2 - A geographical portion of the Middle East called the Promised Land. (This in reality comprises nearly all of Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Trans-Jordan, Palestine, the Sinai Peninsula, more than half of Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia and a large section of Sudan;

3 - Most Christians think of it as the nation of the Israeli that exists today between the Mediterranean Sea and the River Jordan, and,

4 - True Israel.

Because of this confusion and because truth regarding the Anglo-Israel belief has been completely distorted in the minds of most Christians who are actually uninformed and k about Bible truth, other than what they hear from pulpits." This and the fact that most pastors have been"befuddled" by the teaching they have received in their church seminaries. For this reason, I am trying to do a difficult task and through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, will attempt to educate, at least in part, those who are interested in the truth - that regarding their Anglo-Israel heritage.

Because the term British-Israelism has been given in recent years by cultists such as Herbert W. Arm WORLDWIDE CHURCH OF GOD, which br followers into believing that he was one of the "ir sent by God." (For further enlightenment on this man and his activities, I suggest the book titled: ARMSTONGISM RELIGION OR RIP-OFF, by Marion J. McNair, member of that organization.) Because of this co minds of already befuddled evangelicals and fundamentalists use the term Anglo-Israel. I am indebted for much of the information I will give to Mr. Merwyn T. Judge, of Sydney, Australia who in 1970 wrote a monumental work titled MAN THINKING! His book was designed in tabloid form from original Bible studies made by the British-Israel World Federation (Canada, Inc.), whom I also wish to acknowledge and thank. The about to read is actually an outline of what Mr. Jud added comments by General Mohr, which will understandable to its American readers.

Chapter I

Someone has truly said: "You can learn more about a man from his enemies, than from his friends." So what we are going to do in this chapter is examine some of the ideas which have been implanted in Christian minds concerning Biblical Israel.

In a recent letter received from a fundamental Baptist pastor I have known for some time, he said: "While I share many of your views on the conspiracy, I do not do so for the same reasons. The doctrinal position you have taken, while new to you (Anglo-Israel Identity), has been around for a long time and is vulnerable on many points.

"At the onset, let me agree with many of your generalizations about the people we call Jews. They are a very powerful, generally agnostic, unsaved and godless people. Modern Israeli, as a nation, by no means fulfills Bible prophecy. In my judgment, Begin was a cut-throat in the same class as Mao and Stalin, and because the people are under the judgment of God, like wandering Cain -marked but somehow immune to destruction (Gen. 4:14-16), they are involved in most of the troubles of the world through their control of much of the world's money.

"The special experience and background you bring to this book is particularly important, as I see it, so you should consider all its pitfalls. Because there is a 'troublesome' people who are so unsuitably called 'the Chosen', the Anglo-Israel position ultimately resorts to an argument for 'oughtness.' That is, anybody as bad as the Jews ought not to be the chosen of God and therefore cannot be. Setting out to prove that Anglo-Saxons and related peoples are the ten lost tribes of Israel, is flying in the face of science, logic, and linguistics, and those who do this, invariably accept the fact first and then try and find evidence to justify their position; one cannot follow evidence in the Bible and arrive there without presuming (to go between what is right and proper) the guilt of the Jews and building a case 'ad homenim' (appealing to a person's feelings or prejudices, rather than his intellect.)

"I appreciate your challenge IN KNOW YOUR ENEMIES, page 18, to check all things by the Bible. As I play 'devil's advocate' for you, check my Scripture references . . . and when I challenge a point, show me where I am wrong.

"I believe this new doctrine you have embraced is vulnerable historically. There is no evidence for the ten lost tribes in the Bible. The doctrine that there is a 'doctrine of the remnant,' which teaches that when God's ancient people moved from obedience to apostasy, God would cause great trouble to come upon them, plagues, diseases, wars, deportations, greatly reducing their numbers and leaving them only a remnant - a tiny portion of the original nation. The Minor Prophets major on this theme.

"So representatives of all the twelve tribes survived the captivity and returned to the land. (Here he lists 2 Chron. 36:23; Ezra 1:3, 5; 2:70; 7:7; 13, 28; 8:24, 25, 35; Nehemiah 9:2; 11:20 and 12:47 as proof of his statement.)

"In the New Testament, the Jews were called "all of Israel." Compare Acts 2:5, 36; 13:24; with Matthew 3:5, 6; Romans 11:26; Luke 1:80; Acts 4:10; 5:21; 4:8. The Jews are called Israel. (Note that in Acts 2:5, these men were not listed as "followers of Judaism," but as Judeans, godly men living in Jerusalem.

Quite a difference. Acts 13:26 rather than proving that JEWS AND ISRAELITES are one and the same people, shows that Christ came to the stock (seed) of Abraham and "whosoever among you that feareth the Lord." Vs. 27 indicates that those who dwelt in Jerusalem, the "psuedo-Jews" knew Him not, nor yet the voices of the prophets." (Notice that the writer is careful not to say "their prophets", which are read every Sabbath day, they have fulfilled them (the Scriptures) in condemning Him. (My purpose in this book is not to refute this pastor, merely to show what he believed.)

"There is no respectable evidence of Israelites migrating from Babylon and ASSRYIA to England. Our people (Anglo-Saxon) have no true Sabbath, have had no circumcision, and our language is not similar and certainly not related to Hebrew, (please note Isaiah 28:11 - "For with stammering lips, and ANOTHER TONGUE, will I speak to this people [EphraimManasseh], God's people in their new land were not to speak Hebrew-Editor.)

"Exodus 31:16, 17 and Ezekiel 20:12 show how important the Sabbath is to the identity of Israel. Finding English words which sound like Hebrew BRITISH - 'BRITH' (Covenant) 'ISH' (man), etc., can be done in any language.

"Secondly, I believe you will not be able to justify your position linguistically. You argue on pps. 9-11, the difference between the word JEW and ISRAELITE, HEBREW, etc. You deny they are synonomous. That JEW is something alien to God's People. It only confuses the issue to point out that HEBREWS were not JEWS, that ISRAELITES were not JEWS early in the Old Testament. Of course HEBREW was a term used before Jacob; Jacob was called ISRAEL and later his offspring were called ISRAELITES. Only one tribe of twelve became JEWS, the tribe of JUDAR. But this does not refute the fact that the word is used synonomously during some periods and certainly in the New Testament, when they meant the same thing. The words developed in their meaning over the years.

"Jesus was from the tribe of JUDAH and therefore a JEW. The Wise Men called Rim that in Matthew 2:2, (not so, they said: 'Where is He that is born king of the Jews?' The word JEWS here is translated from the word "chakmowiny", which means "Israelites." So the true translation should have read, "Where is He who is born king of the Israelites," not JEWS - EDITOR). Was He (Jesus) not king over all the other tribes also? Of course! JEW has become the term used for all 12 tribes of ISRAEL, the same throne as David's (Luke 1:32-33). (But look closely at this passage, it says he will rule over the House of Jacob [ISRAEL], nothing is said here about a people called JEWS - AUTHOR.)

"Jesus claimed to be the king of the JEWS as clearly as language can convey it. John 18:33-35; also John 19:19-22. I'm sure that you know that in Greek "Thou sayest," means 'yes', like our idiom, 'You said it brother!' (But that is not what it means in the Greek. The English phrase "Thou sayest," means in English: "That's what you say!" Then Jesus asks Pilate: "Did you say this of yourself, or did others tell it thee of me?" In other words, Jesus most clearly did not admit being king of the Jews, but said to Pilate that this was the claim of the Pharisees -AUTHOR).

"Jesus claimed to be king of the JEWS, and He was heir to the throne of united ISRAEL (True). The Apostle Paul was also a JEW and said so proudly (Acts 21:39; 22:3) of this there is no question. (Here again the Greek word used does not define him as a Jew, but as an Israelite. Why did the translators not use the correct word? Your guess is as good as mine. In 22:3, the same word ISRAELITE is used in the Greek - You see, evidently our Baptist preacher friend has been using arguments which he heard in the seminary, without ever checking them out from the Word itself. Paul was a Benjamite by blood - not of JUDAH. He was a Roman by citizenship, and a JEW by religion, and a PHARISEE, by political party. Just as I am of English-German blood, a citizen of the U.S. and a Christian by religion. Paul was not a JEW by blood and there is no Scriptural evidence to so prove - AUTHOR.)

But back to our Baptist pastor's letter: "Your position constantly resorts to the use of the generalization fallacy and is therefore indefensible logically. (NOTE - These are all theological terms he learned in seminary - AUTHOR.) Logic is an exact science similar to mathematics. A logical syllogism (a deductive scheme of formal argument consisting of a major and minor premise and conclusion, is built on two statements which eliminate any conclusion but one. It is like drawing two lines which converge on a map. It is like saying: 'All Chinese are Oriental'; that is a premise. Then you might say, 'This man is Chinese', having said that, these two things then give you a logical conclusion that the man must be an Oriental. But suppose the premise (to presuppose) is false . . . The premise must be true to begin with.

"Because JEWS killed Christ does not mean that ALL JEWS are bad. Rules of logic demand that if you have a 'same' premise, you cannot have an 'all' in the conclusion.

"Yet you (Jack Mohr) have fallen into this false conclusion repeatedly. That is to say, because some or even 'most' of the JEWS are bad, therefore ALL JEWS are enemies (p.16, par. 1). (What I actually said was this, quote from p.16 of KNOW YOUR ENEMIES: "Every major evil that the Moral Majority claims to abhor, everything which is helping to destroy America and the Christian church, can be traced back to the ones our pastors call God's Chosen People. No wonder they are universally hated! Check out the facts for yourself, I dare you! These anti-Christ people have cost the Christian nations of the world untold billions of dollars and uncounted suffering, because of their long-range ideas to destroy us and they are taught these ideas in their synagogues. No wonder our Lord called them the "synagogues of Satan," fRev. 2:9; 3:9]. Not one word here abdut all JEWS being evil. This is something this pastor has read into my writings intentionally, I believe - AUTHOR).

"You eventually conclude that INTERNATIONAL BANKERS are the culprits and I could not agree with you more. But NON-JEWISH INTERNATIONAL BANKERS are rotten too. (Here he is careful not to tell that these non-Jew bankers are under the complete control of the Zionists - AUTHOR). Some bankers, does not equal all JEWS, just as SOME FUNDAMENTALISTS do not equal all FUNDAMENTALISTS. (AUTHOR)

"Another argument you use is the lengthy point-by-point identification, pp.97-105, of what TRUE ISRAEL MUST be. The Bible does not have such a list, or make such identification.

This identification of yours has been IMPOSED ON SCRIPTURE, not stated in it. (But again, this premise is proven false, for there are well over 200 identifying marks in the Scriptures, which will identify Modern ISRAEL in these last days. Of course they are not given in a concise list, but are scattered around throughout Scripture. The people we know as Jews do not answer to one of them. Since we will speak more about this later on, I will drop this subject now, except to say that my critic evidently has not read His Bible with an open, unprejudiced mind, or he would have discovered at least a few of these identifying marks - AUTHOR).

Again you state that the JEWISH people were in favor of Christ's death. Obviously not Joseph of Arimathea, Nicodemus, Mary and Martha and most of the disciples. (Well, rather than argue with this "brainwashed" brother, I rest my case on Matthew 27:25. Either accept what he says, or what the Bible says. Take your choice! This Scripture says: "Then answered ALL THE PEOPLE, and said, His blood be on us, and on our children." The people this pastor mentioned who believed on Jesus, were Israelites from Galilee, THEY WERE NOT JEWS! You see, our fundamentalist preacher has been so thoroughly brainwashed that he cannot tell the difference between JEWS and ISRAELITES - AUTHOR.)

He goes on: "You beg the question repeatedly in calling America a CHRISTIAN NATION. Certainly you do not mean that all Americans are saved, or that even most are. (He then goes on to mention the wickedness of America, which we all know about, but neglects the obvious that America was founded as a Christian nation, on the principles of God's Law and that the charters of every one of the original thirteen states indicated that they are founded "for the glory of God and the propagation of the Christian faith." We were never meant to be a "hodge-podge of religions." Our founding fathers made a covenant with God which was just as binding as that made by the Children of Israel at Mt. Sinai, and the reason we are suffering in America today, is not because of the Jews, or the aliens, but because white Israelites are more interested in "doing their own thing," than in obeying God's Law. He said, Deut. 28, that if we disobeyed Him, all manner of evil would come upon us and that our enemies [in this case the Edomites] would get up above us very far, and we would come down very low." - AUTHOR).

He continues: "Most indefensible of all is the incredible credence your new position gives to the spurious (false) Gospel of Nicodemus. You warn so eloquently against Jewish fables, quoting Titus 1:14, yet you actually accept this one so uncritically. There are dozens of these false gospels. Some were written by clever unbelieving Jews for the purpose of debunking Christianity or to gain profit from it. Some already existed in Paul's time and he warned against them in 1 Timothy 1:4; 4:7. Many are quite fanciful and devoid of any historical value. (All this diatribe, because I mentioned the Gospel of Nicodemus. I did not state that I believed in it. This man has evidently set himself up as an authority on the many letters which were written by early Christians, getting his information, no doubt, from the Jew tainted seminarians who taught him - AUTHOR).

"When you leave the Bible for proof, there are a thousand snares. There is no historical proof of what happened to Israel between the Assyrian captivity and the time of Christ." (UNQ.)

But enough of this diatribe (sarcastic criticism). The fundamentalists love to use this and other arguments to bolster their beliefs, but we shall see, as we go along, that many of the questions raised by this pastor and others will be answered in the chapters which follow.

A radio evangelist, commenting on my message THE PLOT AGAINST CHRISTIANITY, relied most heavily on an attempt to discredit me, rather than answer my arguments. He said: "In my judgment this is a hodge-podge of truth, half-truth and totally false concepts. I have no confidence in JEW BAITERS; nor do I have any confidence in NOBODIES (Jack Mohr) who take on some of the greatest Bible scholars and expositors of all times. (Remember that there was a time when the church authorities swore that the earth was flat, and when a man named Galileo proved otherwise, they burned him at the stake -AUTHOR).

He continues: "What an awful thing to write off Israel (here again he shows his ignorance, by being unable to tell the difference between Israel and the Jews - AUTHOR.) to whom most of the promises of the Bible are made. This man (Jack Mohr) is theologically mad." (UNQ.) I would encourage each of you who is really interested in this subject, to search the Old Testament and see if you can find one reference to God's promises ever being made to a people called Jews. You can't, for they are not there!

Occasionally, support comes from unusual sources and they are always greatly gratifying. This letter came from a man, who according to his own words, pastored a Baptist Church in Manhattan for 22 years. He said: "I pastored the ___________________ Baptist Church in Manhattan for 22 years with both Sunday morning and evening services broadcast. My radio broadcasting experience covers 41 consecutive years, 32 of them in New York City."

He continues regarding my writings: "Thank you for sending me the tremendous article entitled THE PLOT TO DESTROY CHRISTIANITY. I have carefully read it through, and was impressed by the astute revelation it contained.

"Col. Mohr has given much material hitherto unknown to me . . . I feel that he has given a true picture of conditions. . . he has in clarity and, I think in justice, made known the tragic truth concerning the satanic Zionist program in America today; its nature and purpose. I could wish such a tract could be read and acted on by millions of deceived Christians, especially knowledgeable Christians, to waken them to the serious position this country now occupies." (UNQ.)

Notice the difference in this Baptist pastor's evaluation of my writings. Why the difference? Because he was willing to look at the truth and recognize it, while the other men refused because it contradicted their church teaching.

Another well-known evangelist says: "As far as having an avowed enemy in the communists, Col. Mohr is right. But when he transfers all his feelings against the Jews . . . claiming they master-minded and controlled communism, then I must part company with him." (UNQ.) Here again, a man who recognized at least part of the truth, but refuses to change his thinking on the Chosen People, in the face of all evidence to the contrary.

Another states: "Many people's thinking concerning Israel depends on their view of the Covenants. If we believe the Old Covenant is still, in effect and that both Old and New are still valid, one would come to a wrong conclusion.

"When Christ said He came to fulfill the law (Matthew 5:17), He fulfilled all the requirements of it and thus terminated it. Since Christ declared ALL foods clean (Mark 7:18, 19), He negated that part of the Old Covenant. (The Greek word for "fulfill," is "pleroo" which means: "to execute an office; finish a task; perfect." In no way does it indicate the ending of something else. In Mark 7:18, 19, there is absolutely no indication that Christ declared ALL foods to be clean and thus negated the Old Covenant. He merely expressed the thought that it was the inward thoughts of man that defiled him, not what he put into his mouth. This portion of scripture had nothing to do with food, but with inward thoughts, Jesus merely used food as an example. You are not defiled by what you eat, but it can make you sick. The Greek word for "defile" as used here means "to pollute" - AUTHOR).

"The basic problem with Christians today is that they do not believe the Bible. (Here I agree with him l00% - but I disagree with him totally on his next statement - AUTHOR.) At least they do not believe the Bible concerning the Jews and Israel . . . Anyone who has received Christ in his heart as Savior is a Jew. This means that all Christians (according to Romans 2:26-29) are Jews, regardless of their racial backgrounds. If he lives in Jerusalem and claims to be a Jew and does not know Jesus, then he is not a Jew. (Here again we have had a mistranslation, whether fundamentalists want to accept this or not, for the word here, from the Greek, indicates it should have been JUDEAN, not JEW, since it had absolutely nothing to do with the religion of JUDAISM. Do you actually believe our Savior would equate Christianity with those whom He said were children of Satan? [John 8:44] - AUTHOR).

"Israel has always been and is today a spiritual rather than a physical entity. The olive tree is Israel (yes, but not the JEWS - AUTHOR). After Christ's death, the individual JEW, who did not believe in Christ, was broken off, while the believing Gentile was grafted in. (Here he again shows his ignorance of the meaning of words in the Greek; the word Gentile, does not mean "heathen" as most Christians believe, but referred to non-Jewish nations, that is Israelites - But now he shows some spiritual discernment - AUTHOR).

"The biological Jews of today do not spiritually (or physically) qualify as the house of Israel. (They never did - AUTHOR). When true Israel is gathered from all nations, God will cleanse them from all sins. This prophecy was not fulfilled in 1948 . . . I believe that those of us who are saved, who comprise true Israel, will be the ones to return to Palestine.

"But let me repeat, I love the HEBREWS (Jews) and I love their nation (ISRAELI). I AM ALL FOR THEM. I love to visit our promised land, which they are temporarily occupying. What they are now building will be wiped out soon and we Christians will rebuild it after the Great Tribulation." (UNQ.)

Isn't it interesting to note the contradictions in this man's theological thinking. He knows the Jews are not the Chosen People, yet he still supports them. He still equates them with the ancient HEBREWS, with whom they had no connection. He is evidently a "rapturist" from his remarks regarding the Great Tribulation. His entire theological train of thought is tied up in these people, whom he admits are not God's Chosen. Strange, isn't it?

Another Baptist preacher writes: "I am sorry you have listened to the writings of men instead of the inspired, preserved, inerrant, infallible Bible, preserved for us in the King James Version." (UNQ.) Again some fundamental presupposition.

From a well known Christian school in Florida, which had scheduled me for a week of meetings in 1981: "I do not know when you become a follower of the Identity Movement (makes it sound like a heathen religion, doesn't he? - AUTHOR), but I do have a copy of your letter concerning your change in position . . . You accuse me of inferring that IDENTITY and BRITISH ISRAELISM (ala Herbert W. Armstrong) are one and the same and I plead guilty of this.

"I would like a full doctrinal statement showing your real belief. I have a doctrinal statement from Sheldon Emry, but it is not complete. For instance, it does not say whether or not the humanity of man is part of the IDENTITY doctrine. However, I do have a copy of the CHRISTIAN VANGUARD, which says that Christ is completely God and not at all man. This destroys the doctrine of the incarnation and the atonement and does damage to His offices as Mediator, Redeemer and High Priest.

"Perhaps the VANGUARD is not the official paper of your brand of IDENTITY (notice the sarcastic snideness in this remark - AUTHOR).

"I believe there is a more logical and Scripturally sound answer to the Jewish question. I suggest you read Louis De Boer's book, THE NEW PHRISEEISM...

"I do not write to antagonize people, I believe you are involved in a cult which is close to the truth, but not close enough. If you have not rejected all the possible answers to the Jewish problem before embracing Identity, you embraced it prematurely." (UNQ.)

Here again we see a man who is presupposing and is speaking about something he knows next to nothing about. He uses the CHRISTIAN VANGUARD, as an example of ALL Identity thinking. His letter came after I sent out a letter to 200 fundamentalist leaders in 1980, showing what I had found from a summer of intense Scriptural and historical study into Judaism during the summer of 1980. As a result of this letter - I had fourteen week long revivals, which had been scheduled for 1981 cancelled. Not because I had changed my doctrinal stand, but because I now refused to accept the people we call Jews, as the Chosen People of the Bible.

A lady from Dallas wrote: "It is one of the saddest things in the world when one of the brethren turns from the faith taught in the Bible and embraces doctrines of men which are contradictory. The men whose teachings you have embraced are naturally very persuasive, as they have the charisma of the devil to back them up. (ALL YOU Identity preachers take note! - AUTHOR.)

"The Bible is not hard to understand . . a Jew is a direct descendant of Abraham, and that's all there is to it. Nothing can change that, and any other interpretation is not of God." (UNQ.)

When I asked this sister, if her interpretation of a Jew, included people such as black singer Sammy Davis, Jr., she got so angry she could hardly talk.

All these things were brought about because of that letter I wrote. I had been a Baptist evangelist at this time, for eighteen years and had been welcomed in some of the largest Baptist churches in America. But I became greatly disturbed by the actions of the "pseudo" Jews in Palestine, who I had been told were the Chosen People. At this same time, I was a member of the American Opinion Speaker's Bureau of the John Birch Society and traveled the length and breadth of America making patriotic speeches. I noticed that whenever I spoke against communism I was labeled "anti-Semite", even though I had not mentioned the Jews. This disturbed me. During the Vietnam War years, I worked the college circuit and made speeches at some 23 major colleges. In each one, I was confronted, sometimes violently, by student dissidents, in every case lead by young Jews from wealthy families. This disturbed me to the extent that in the summer of 1978 I spent several hundred hours in a prayerful study of the Jewish problem, both from the Scriptural and historical perspective. It soon became apparent to me, that in spite of what I had been taught from fundamental pulpits, and a fundamental seminary, that Baptists in particular, had been lied too on such issues as the Jews, Judeo-Christianity, Israel, the Pre-Tribulation Rapture of the church and dispensationalism. (The study of history in dispensations, "ages").

Please be careful to notice that I did not say that Baptists were lied to deliberately, because I do not believe that this was and is true with most of them, but somewhere back along the line, there had been some deliberate deception at work and I do blame pastors for being so negligent in their Bible studies, that they allowed this to happen. I know that some Baptist preachers knew the truth regarding the Jews, because they admitted it to me. They did not have the spiritual courage to "buck the tide," or go against the popular opinion of their church. I will admit that I was forced into this study, and went "kicking and screaming" into an understanding of the truth. When I finally had the courage to speak out, I was immediately branded as a "black sheep" in the Baptist family and within two weeks after the day I attempted to talk to my pastor regarding these things, I was completely ostracized by the Baptist pastors in Mississippi to the point where they would not even greet me on the street when we met. Not one of them took the Scriptural steps of trying to reason with me over the actions I had taken. I was not ostracized because of apostasy, since I was still a fundamentalist at heart and still believed as the fundamentalists do, with the exception of the "Pre-Tribulation Rapture, which I could no longer Scripturally accept. I was "black-balled" because I refused to accept that Satan's Brood in Palestine as the "true Israel.''

But once I learned who the Jews of today really were, another problem presented itself. If the Jews were not the chosen people, who were? I knew enough from my Bible study to know that somewhere in the world, physical Israel existed, since the Bible clearly taught this.

About this time, in the summer of 1979, I believe it was, I was holding a revival meeting in a large Baptist church in Quincy, Illinois. One evening, after a rather successful service, I was approached by a nice looking gentleman, who inquired if I had ever heard about Israel Identity. I rather flippantly replied: "Oh, those are those religious nuts who believe they are the true Israelites." He replied: "Yes, and I'm one of them!" This sort of embarrassed me. He then showed me a book he had titled: JUDAH'S SCEPTRE AND JOSEPH'S BIRTHRIGHT, by J. H. Allen, who I believe had been a Presbyterian preacher. A reviewer in the BAPTIST MESSENGER said of this book: "This is one of the most interesting volumes we have read in many a day . . . and we confess that the arguments produced by Mr. Allen seem unanswerable. It is more thrilling than Western fiction. The description of the scarlet thread, the royal remnant, and the part played by Jeremiah in the preservation of the ruler for David's throne, will cause you to lose sleep rather than go to bed without knowing the outcome." (A most remarkable statement coming from a Baptist publication.)

The man who spoke to me, was Dr. R. C. Stevens, a veterinarian from the little town of Mendon, Illinois. He said: "I'll give you this book, if you promise to read it." I promised and went back to my motel that night and began to read. Just as the Baptist reviewer had said, I was fascinated with the book and I lost sleep that night, so that I could find out the outcome. By the time I had finished, I was convinced in my mind, that here was the answer to the Jewish Question. Dr. Stevens has become one of my dearest friends. It was because of his courage in approaching me concerning a controversial question, that I learned the truth. In 1987, at a summer Bible camp in the Western Rockies, I had the privilege of being "baptized for the remission of sins," by this Godly man. I will ever be in his debt! When I first learned the truth about Israel, it came to me like a "Breath of spring air in a smoke filled room."

But in order to accurately set the stage for what Anglo-Israel Identity is all about, we need to look some more at what our opponents think we believe. Let's look briefly at Louis De Boer's book THE NEW PHARISEEISM (a study in the Logical Implications of the Theology of British-Israelism). My how the fundamentalist and evangelical scholars like to use that word "logic." De Boer says in his introduction, p.5: "It is the thesis of this book that the theology of British-Israelism as it is being promoted today is a potent revival of Phariseeism. It is the evil genius of all the cults, that, although they profess Christ with their lips, yet they all universally and uniformly deny Christ. (I guess you Identity folks didn't realize what an evil bunch we really are, did you? - AUTHOR)

"The theology built upon the fact of a supposed identification of the Anglo-Saxon race with physical Israel according to the flesh, constitutes an effective denial of Christ, both as Lord and Savior - that it even denies that Jesus of Nazareth is the Christ, the promised son of David - that there is no need for the atonement that He has wrought and that it has a salvation of its own, totally apart from the work of redemption He has wrought - that it is truly another gospel . .

(I can assure you, having been in Identity ranks for nine years, that this statement by De Boer is totally false and is maliciously made, as you will see when we discuss Anglo-Israel theology in a later chapter. It is typical of the diatribes which are used in the evangelical and fundamental world, against an explanation of the Bible which they are unable to Scripturally deny. I don't know whether you have noticed or not, but when people are backed into a corner on their theology, and cannot come up with Scriptural answers, they resort to sarcasm and the use of diatribe -AUTHOR).

On p. 11 of this book, De Boer says: "They (Identity) believe that the present day ethnic and racial group known as JEWS, is not physically or racially descended from Abraham through Isaac and Jacob, but is an alien seed of Asiatic stock which has historically adopted Judaism as its faith, and is more properly identified as the Khazars. That they are not Jews, nor descendants of the tribe of Judah... that Christ was not a Jew.. "(For what the Jews themselvn Acay about the Khazars, I would suggest Arthur Koestler's book THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE -AUTHOR).

"It is with those who believe this and trust in this in application to themselves, that we will dispute concerning the things of the Kingdom of God."

On page 17 of his book he states: "Another subversion of historic post millennialism to serve heretical purposes has been promulgated by British-Israelism. This view holds to the "post millennium" view of an earthly millennium, BEFORE THE RETURN OF CHRIST which will constitute the Kingdom of God. It rejects the Church Kingdom theory and holds to a civil rather than an ecclesiastical kingdom." (The proper terminology for him to use here should be "spiritual kingdom," since evangelicals and fundamentalists alike, have the bad habit of spiritualizing anything they cannot explain in Scripture -AUTHOR).

On page 30, he continues: "For those who believe in the need of regeneration, repentance, and the absolute need of and dependence on Divine grace, there is no theological difficulty in accepting Jews for what they claim to be." (This is most certainly true of such men as Jerry Falwell, Billy Graham, David Webber, Jack Van Impe, and a host of others. They back the Zionist Jews in their claims, even though so-called Jews (see Rev. 2:9; 3:9) 'cannot claim a single one of the more than 200 finger prints which, Scripture uses to identify "true Israel" - AUTHOR).

But enough of De Boer, who when all his writings are boiled down to truth, do not amount to very much.

At this point, I believe it would be worthwhile for us to look at the "all out" proponent of anti-Christ Judaism. Baptist evangelist Jack Van Impe, the "Human Bible" as he is sometimes called. (He claims to have memorized all the Bible). The following statement was taken from his book ISRAEL'S FINAL HOLOCAUST! (from the title, you can see that he does not know the difference between Israel and the Jews).

In the introduction to his book, p.9, he states: "It is impossible to grasp God's prophetic plan apart from an understanding of His promises to Israel. (So far, so good, I believe this - AUTHOR.) All prophetic truth revolved around the Jews. The Bible reviews their history and unfolds their future. The future of the world will be effected by the future of Israel." (It is quite clear to see that this man does not understand the difference between the word JEW and ISRAEL and that he attributes all the promises God made to Israel, to an anti-Christ people we know as Jews - AUTHOR).

On page 10, he asks this question: "The Old Testament prophets foresaw the return of the Jews to their homeland in the latter days. Does the existence of the State of Israel fulfill this prophecy?" (To those who have done their homework, the answer is an unqualified, NO! - AUTHOR.)

On page 50, Van Impe states: "We who live within the memory of the Nazi nightmare, when six-million Jews died in Europe, might conclude that Hitler's hatred of this people was a phenomenon of the Twentieth Century. Not so, for Jewish blood had been spilled across Europe . . ." (UNQ.)

At this point Van Impe's Christian Zionism begins to show its true color, as he perpetuates the Zionist lie that 6-million Jews were murdered by the Germans during World War II. Any honest student of history, who is willing to take an honest look at what really happened during World War II, will surely know that there were never more than 3.5 million Jews in territory under German control and that far more than half of them had escaped before the war ended. According to Jewish statistical sources, there were never more than 550,000 Jews living in Germany proper when the wasephgan, and again according to Jewish sources, there were more Jews alive at the end of World War II, than there were when the war began in the late nineteen thirties. But then, these Christian Zionists never bother to check out the facts, for fear they will contradict their beliefs.

It is true that Jewish blood was spilled across Europe and that they were kicked out of every nation on the continent.

But it was not because as Van Impe says: "Satan hated them!" It was because of their crooked business dealings, their immoral Talmudic mode of life and the fact that they interfered with the government of every country which gave them refuge, just as they are attempting to control our government now.

The Apostle Paul put his finger on the reason why these people are universally disliked, and it had nothing to do with Satan's hatred for them. Why should Satan hate the one's our Lord said were his children (John 8:44). In 1 Thessalonians 2:15 we read that they killed the Lord, and their own prophets, and persecuted the early Christian church and "THEY PLEASE NOT GOD, BUT ARE CONTRARY TO ALL MEN." (Emphasis mine.)

Why is it that the proponents of Zionism are not honest enough to admit this Scriptural and historical truth? This Jewish myth of the "holocaust" has poured countless billions of Christian dollars in-to Jewish coffers, and still the "stupid Christian sheep" enjoy being robbed by those who hate them more than anyone else.

On page 52, Van Impe continues his fairy tale concerning the Jews: "Everywhere the Jews were blamed for the ills of their day. Some still foolishly follow this practice. In the Twentieth Century, Jews are accused of controlling all the money (they own the Federal Reserve System and all ten private banks which govern it - AUTHOR). They cause all depressions, influencing spiraling inflation and plotting the conquest of the world." (UNQ.)

Now there is no argument here, since if you will honestly look at the majority of names of those who control International finances, you will find 90% or more are Ashkenazi Jews. Look at the names of those who own and run the abortion clinics of America, which yearly murder more than 2-million unborn babies, again Jews; see who controls the liquor and drug market, which yearly kills thousands of Americans and makes slaves of many more - again Jews; see who owns the sources of pornography, who produces the filth of Hollywood and TV, see who they are. A very, very high percentage of the people Van Impe supports are the subverters of Christian America. Van Impe knows this, as do many other Christian Zionists, yet they still stubbornly cling to support of these Christ haters, under their guise that they are God's anointed.

Then on p.55, he uses the fundamentalist "boogie man," which is their favorite argument. He says: "One wonders how long this nation (America) will officially stand on the side of the Jews . . . if we do not, the Land of the Free, is about to enter its darkest hour." (UNQ.)

His argument is based on God's promise to Abraham in Genesis 12:3, when He said: "I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee." But America has not been blessed because we have been kind to the Jews. In fact America's darkest hours have come since we recognized this Christ hating country of the Israeli's in 1948. We have gone down hill faster, in every area of American life, economically, politically, militarily, morally and spiritually, since we have sided with God's enemies. Could it be that we are seeing the results of 2 Chronicles 19:2, which states: ". . . shouldest thou help the ungodly; and love them that hate the Lord? therefore is wrath upon thee from before the Lord. Pretty clear and plain isn't it. Yet such is the fundamentalist "mind set" that when a blasphemous movie like THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST, is produced by Jews in Hollywood, the Christian protestors are oh so careful, that they do not step on the toes of the Jews and become known as "anti-Semite."

Another attack against ANGLO-ISRAEL IDENTITY came in the September 1981 issue of FAITH FOR THE FAMILY, the official organ of Bob Jones University in Greenville, S.C. It was written by Dan Olinger, whose father I knew real well.

This article titled BRITISH-ISRAELISM, started off by equating all Identity people with Herbert W. Armstrong's cult and he quoted liberally from Armstrong's writings. Olinger claims that the Herbrew words "b'rith-'ish", which Identity says means "covenant man," actually stand for a "covenant of man" which completely changes its meaning.

He goes on: "British-Israelism (Identity) carries two especially virulent dangers which should be considered by every Christian. In the first place, it is rooted in post-millennialism, which teaches that man will establish the Kingdom of God on this earth before Christ returns. Very few conservatives hold to this.

"Secondly, BI acts as a 'rabbit trail' to divert Christians from the main business at hand. It is not correct really, to call British Israelism a cult, or a heresy, since it is does not deny any major doctrine or fundamental of the faith. (Cultists like Armstrong are clearly heretics, but it is not BI that makes them such.) (Notice carefully how he differs in his evaluation from De Boer - AUTHOR.) But experience shows that adherents of BI spend most of their time trying to convert Christians to BI, rather than trying to win the lost." (Unfortunately, in some cases this is true. But by a like token, while evangelicals and fundamentalists have "keyed in" on personal salvation, they have neglected part two of Christ's Great Commission, Matthew 28:19, 20, which clearly states: "Teaching them to observe ALL THINGS whatsoever I have commanded you . . ." This is the major reason why 45-million "born again Christians" have such a little effect on the country. They have become the "salt which has lost its savor," (It's ability to act as salt) Matthew 5:13. While about two-thirds of the Bible teaches national salvation, evangelicals and fundamentalists concentrate on the one-third, while they leave the country to go to hell. We have forgotten, even while we mouth the words, what Jesus taught us to pray: "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, IN EARTH, AS IT IS IN HEAVEN," (Matt. 6:9).

Olinger accuses Identity people of studying the Bible only to prove their preconceived ideas about Identity. I claim this to be false, for this is exactly what the evangelicals and fundamentalist do. In my own case, I studied the Bible for hundreds of hours, searching for the truth, always asking God's Holy Spirit to guide me in my search for the truth. It was a grief and amazement to me, to find that the fundamental pulpits of America had been lying to me about the Jews, the Rapture and the Kingdom of God on this earth, for over 40 years. Very possibly this lying was unknowing, but it was lying nevertheless and I'm sure that the seminarians who taught this heresy of Scripture, knew for the most part, what they were doing.

Olinger went on to say: "While a person can be saved and believe in BI the chances are he will not be a victorious Christian, but will be one who will give heed to 'fables and endless geneslogies' which minister questions, rather than godly edifying which is in the faith,' "(1 Timothy 1:4).

While I have run into a few of these Identity folks he mentions, to my sorrow, I can also say that the majority I have met are Godly men and women who are concerned not only with the "salvation of souls," but the Godly operation of our country. "By their fruits shall ye know them."

So now that I have allowed the opposition to speak quite freely and tear us apart at will, let's look and see what ANGLO-ISRAEL IDENTITY is really all about.

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