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by Lt. Col. Gordon "Jack" Mohr, USA Ret.
(Honorary Brig. Gen. C.E.D.S.)

"The Lord hath poured out upon you (Israel) the spirit of deep sleep, and hath closed your eyes: the prophets (preachers) and your rulers (politicians), the seers hath He covered . Forasmuch as this people draw near me with their mouth, and with their lips do honor me, but have removed their heart far from me. . . Therefore, behold, I will do a marvelous work and a wonder among them: for the wisdom of their wise men shall perish, and the understanding of their prudent (those who take part in the political process) will be hid." - Isaiah 29:10, 13


These men are listed in Gen. 10:21-31. It is through this "bloodline" that Jesus Christ the Redeemer was to come - Adam, Seth, Noah, Shem, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Judah, David, Jesus (see Matthew 1 and Luke 3 for the complete genealogy.)

In Gen. 10:32, we learn that Shem had five sons - Elam, Asshur, Arphaxad, Lud and Oram. From the genealogy of Shem in Gen. 11:10, we find that Shem came from Eber or Heber who was the father of the Hebrews (not the Jews). There were no Hebrews on earth before this time. From this Hebrew family came our forefather Abraham, first called Abram.

Following the confusion of tongues, which took place at the Tower of Babel (Gen. 11:7-9), we find the human race divided in-to two main groups - the HAMITIC-JAPHETHIC combination and the SHEMITE people. From the HAMITIC-JAPHETHIC group come most of the war-like nations and confederation of nations, which grew up in the Chaldean area, with Shinar as its center. This was about 2,000 BC. This confederation developed into the Assyrian Empire which was the first great world-empire. This society is sometimes called the Gentile Nations and had its secret societies called the CABAL, which were started by Nimrod. It was government by force, being a totalitarian dictatorship and provided the Gentile National System which has become known as the BABYLONIAN system. It is still controlling the world today and holds most of the world, including the Israel nations, in economic bondage. It is almost totally controlled by International Jews. It is in direct opposition to the system of economics appointed by God for His Israel people.

Most Christians have been completely fooled by the propaganda that white Christians are Gentiles, and the Jews the Chosen people. It is the other way around. The Jews, who are descendants of Cain and Canaan, have been the bitterest foe of the Israelite people since the beginning of their recorded history and have always controlled the evil system of "usury bondage" which now threatens the world's economic systems. It was condemned soundly in Mosaic Law.

Today, modern Judaism, is an occult, evil religion, controlled by a secret CABAL called the KABALLA. Their sacred book, the BABYLONIAN TALMUD, contains many of the occult secrets which came direct from Babylonian idol worshiping practices.

The descendants of Ham and Japheth, who knew Shem was divinely appointed stock, who was to prepare the world for the establishment of God's Kingdom on earth. They set out to frustrate this plan, by seizing control of the world through secret organizations. In the 1700's, this secret organization was known as the ILLUMINATI, which was the forerunner of Communism. Interestingly enough, the top leaders in these conspiratorial societies for ages, have been Jews.

The Bible reveals a great deal about Satan's plot to seize and control the world and destroy God's people. It tells a great deal about how they will go about frustrating God's plans, and predicts their ultimate defeat and destruction.

But it is next to impossible, for Christians to be successful in this war which we are fighting for our survival, unless we know who our enemies really are. For centuries now, God's bitterest enemies, the Jew, has set himself up as the Chosen People and have subverted God's real Israel into helping and supporting their own worst enemies. In 2 Chronicles 19:2, we read these words: ". . . shouldest thou help the ungodly? and love them that hate the Lord; therefore is there wrath upon thee from before the Lord." This is a verse Twentieth Century Christians better understand, before they destroy themselves.

The indifference of Christians to this insidious enemy which has infiltrated our ranks, was shown many years ago when Nicolai Lenin, then head of the Communist world said in effect: "We will never have to fight against them, because they will become so morally corrupt, they will drop into our laps without a fight."

While it may be difficult for "brainwashed, subverted" Christians, especially pastors, to face the bitter truth. They are going to have to accept it and act on it if they want to survive. The fact remains, in spite of all the howls of protest which come from Jewish sources and their Christian stooges such as Van Impe and DeBoer, that there is much evidence which proves that revolutionary Jewish effort is behind the movement to wipe out Christianity. Yet when a blasphemous movie, such as the recent TEMPTATIONS OF CHRIST, makes the Christian world angry, few Christian leaders have the courage to point out that it was Jews who made and distributed that picture and who are making money off it.

An honest look at the destructive fervor of world Judaism, will bring before us, terrible pictures of oceans of blood, and millions of Christians who have been slaughtered in hideous ways, to slake the blood craze of those who hate Christ and His people. (For more information on this, listen to my cassette tape, THE PLOT TO DESTROY CHRISTIANITY.)

Must we wait until the heathen hordes commanded by International Zionism march through our city streets? Must we constantly restrain ourselves, under our Christian standards, until we see our wives and daughters raped by those who consider a "non-Jewish woman a piece of meat to use any way they desire?" Must we wait until they burn our Bibles and board up our churches and we are driven underground? How long, O God! How long, must we sit back and allow this to happen?

If the Jews want to live in peace and security, as they constantly aver, then let them prove it by their actions. This is not shown, when they try and take prayer from our schools, and Christian symbols from our city streets. As long as they continue their aggressive ways against Christ and Christianity in this country, then it is our right, nay, it is our DUTY, to defend our families, our friends, our faith, our race, and our country by any means which are available. We MUST NOT allow these anti-Christs to dictate the terms by which Christian America is to be governed. If TRUE ISRAEL will seek God's face, then "No weapon which is formed against thee shall prosper (be successful): and every tongue that shall rise against thee (even from the Judeo-Christian pulpits) shalt thou condemn. This is the heritage of the SERVANTS OF THE LORD - ISRAEL."

Chapter XVIII

It was from the Shemitic race, through Heber, that Abraham came. Later God changed his name to Abraham. He was chosen above all other men on the face of the earth, to be the father of a very special people - these were not to "lord it over others," as the Jews are taught - these were not to be a MASTER RACE, as Hitler had in mind, but were to become "servant-rulers," one's who would first prove they could "serve" before they were given the privilege of "ruling."

It was through Abraham and his offspring, that all the families of the earth were to be blessed.

Not only through their actions, but because through them would come the Savior King, who would one day rule the world in complete justice.

There were three major figures in this remarkable family which we will discuss:

ABRAHAM - From whom came Ishmael, the father of the Arab people. Abraham also had six sons by his third wife, Keturah (~ee Gen. 16; 21:1-8; 25:1-4.)

ISAAC - The son of Abraham's old age. (He was 100 and his wife Sarah was 90, when this child was born.) This was the son God had chosen, to be the father of the family, from which His own Son, would have His earthly birth. Isaac had twin boys, Bsau and Jacob, (see Gen. 25:24-26.)

Esau was called "Edom," which in the Hebrew language means "red," because he was a hairy man, covered with red hair. Some of Esau's descendants can be found among the Turks, while other, through his grandson Amalek, are among the people we today call JEWS. (They say so in their own encyclopedia.) They are now, and have always been the bitterest enemies of true Israel. (See Mal. 1:2-4 for their final disposition.)

The nation of Idumea (Edom) was absorbed into Jewry during the time of John Hyrancus, about 125 B.C. These people were forced to become Jews, much as those Persians spoken about in Esther 8:17. These people were not Israelites, even though they were from the seed of Abraham. The majority of Jews during Christ's time belonged to this group, and all the Jewish leaders among the Pharisees and Saducees were from this lineage. This was very probably the basis of Christ's cutting remarks to them in John 8.

JACOB - Jacob was the youngest of the twins born to Isaac and Rebekah. He was a greedy man who took advantage of his brother Esau's weakness for material things (a trait which is typically Jewish). But at the Brook Jabbok, Jacob was "born again," he experienced a spiritual rebirth (see Gen. 32:22-28.) He became a new man and God gave him a new name, ISRAEL, which in Hebrew means: "ruling with God." He is the father of all physical ISRAELITES. There were no ISRAELITES in existence anywhere, before this time.

As many of you will remember from your Sunday School lessons, Jacob had twelve sons who became the fathers of the twelve tribes of Israel. They were all ISRAELITE THERE WAS NOT A JEW AMONG THEM! They were Semites and Hebrews. Their religion was HEBREWISM, not JUDAISM! The term "anti-Semitic" which is such a trigger word for modern Jewry, is a gross misnomer since very few of modern day Jews are Semites. The term is used for the purpose of "fooling, and brow beating", Christians.

There are multitudes of people on this earth today who are descendants of Abraham, just as God promised him it would be. They can correctly say: "We are the sons of Abraham," which is something which very few Jews can honestly say. Many of the "seed of Esau," adopted Judaism and can rightly be called Jews, but they have no moral or legal right to use the term ISRAEL, and are using it only to confuse Christians and cover up their designs for a World Jewish Empire.

Chapter XIX

In Romans 11:25, the Apostle Paul writes that "Blindness in part is happened to Israel." Now most of our Protestant and some Catholic pastors will say this has reference to the Jews and that when Jesus returns the second time, the Jews will recognize Him as their Messiah and all of them will be saved.

J ourVan Impe, in his book ISRAEL'S FINAL HOLOCAUST!, p.152, says: "In the coming age (millennium) of peace, Jews will love the name of Jesus and will be thrilled with the benefits of His kingd9m." (UNQ.) It appears that Van Impe never read Luke 19:27, which is an accurate description of what is going to happen to the anti-Christ Jews when Jesus returns. Maybe he has translated this verse to fit his own interpretation of Scripture, as he has apparently done with many others. This statement by Jesus, follows His story of the nobleman who went into a far country to receive a kingdom (Luke 19:12-27), it becomes quite evident that He is speaking of Himself and the Jews were those mentioned in vs. 14 - "But his citizens hated him, and sent a messenger after him saying, WE WILL NOT HAVE THIS MAN TO REIGN OVER US." These were almost identical to the words used by the Pharisees and ALL the Jewish people, as Christ appeared before Pontius Pilate and they cried: "We have no king but Caesar!"

Van Impe continues his Jewish white wash job on p.155 - "because of their business ability, the Jews have been the scapegoat for the economic ills of many nations. Their success in handling money has often brought them grief. Hitler's excuse for the holocaust was in large part because the Jews had monopolized the wealth of Germany. Few have recognized Jewish prosperity as the fulfillment of God's promise to Abraham as recorded in Gen. 12:1-3." (UNQ.) Now that's stretching the Word of God mighty far and is treading on mighty thin ice, since the historical record shows that the Jews were kicked out of every country in Europe, sometimes more than once, because of their immoral conduct and because they tried to take over control of every country they lived in, just as they are doing in America today, through their control of the economy. Van Impe can scream to the contrary until he has a coronary, but that is not going to change the truth of what the Jews have done to dest pritrue Israel.

As masters of "usury" Jews ran Germany to the brink of economic destruction before WWI I. In fact, it was Jewish actions in Germany, that drove the German people into the arms of Adolf Hitler. Whatever his position concerning the Jews, whether he may have been right or wrong, he was correct when he labeled them as a "nation of leeches, parasites, and blood suckers." This is what Martin Luther, the Great German Reformer said about them centuries before: "Next to the devil, Christians have no more bitter, more poisonous, more vehement enemies than a real Jew who earnestly desires to be a Jew... Should they at times do something good, know full well that it is not done out of love for you, nor for your good." (UNQ.) Possibly this was what the APOSTLE Paul had in mind in 1 Thess. 2:15, when he said of the Jews of his day: "Who both killed the Lord Jesus, and their own prophets, and have persecuted us (the Christian church); and they PLEASE NOT GOD AND ARE CONTRARY TO ALL MEN." (Emphasis mine.)

It is "true Israel" who has been blinded, not the Jews. We have been blind for 2500 years, to our identity, to our heritage, to our responsibilities before God, to our mission. But now, as the END TIMES are coming on the scene, the "blindness which happened to Israel in part," is being removed, as thousands upon thousands of "true Israelites" are beginning to wake up and find out who they are. Like Esau, White Christians have not realized the value of their birthright and have sold it out to the Jews and thus despised it.

The Romans 11:22, verse, has been applied to the Jews by our "brainwashed" pastors, but this blindness does not have to do with unbelief. It comes from the Greek Word "porosia," which literally means: "stupidity or callousness." We have been "brainwashed" through our own "stupidity and callousness" to the truth, into believing that the Jews will be restored nationally to Palestine in their unbelief and there will accept Christ. I predict they will return to Palestine all right, not to accept Christ but to fulfill the prediction of Luke 19:27.

Typical of the "baloney" which is coming from the fundamental churches of America is this masterpiece of Jewish propaganda written by R. B. Thieme, pastor of the Berachah Church of Houston, Texas. Thieme is supposed to be a "super-intelligent" man, at least he considers himself to be so, who reads both Hebrew and Greek. On p.137, of his book ANTI-SEMITISM, he says: "Whereas our ancestors picked lice from their hair and fleas from their bodies while they still lived in caves and hovels under the most primitive conditions, the ancestors of the Jews had a fantastic standard of living. They had laws of hygiene which were absolutely phenomenal. (Of course he is speaking of ISRAELITES, since there were no Jews at this time - AUTHOR.) They possessed a perfect system of justice and super-morals. They practiced soil conservation and rotation of crops. Their excellent dietary laws contributed to the nation's health. They produced inspired artisans, poets, and musicians, great statesmen and warriors, judges and kings. No matter how terribly they have been persecuted; how cruelly they have been driven from country to country, the Jews have NEVER SUFFERED DEFEAT OF THEIR CULTURAL OR SPIRITUAL STANDARDS." (UNQ.)

If you want to know the basis for their "cultural and spiritual standards," read their TALMUD and then see what unadulterated "hogwash" this brain is putting out. It's enough to make an honest man "sick to his stomach." In reality, it is a "blasphemy of the truth."

In the first place, Thieme is not speaking of Jews, although this is what he calls them. He is intelligent enough to know that he was speaking of Israelites, not Jews and that they are completely "different breed of cats." I challenge his statement about the "Jews never having suffered a cultural or spiritual defeat." Let this distinguished scholar explain, if he can, why every evil influence in America - the very things which are tearing down what he says he stands for, are being bankrolled by Jewish money. It is the Jews who operate the filth of Hollywood, that put out films degrading our Savior, like the filth of THE LAST TEMPTATIONS OF CHRIST. It is Jewish doctors, for the most part who own and operate the "abortion mills" of America, which yearly slaughter close to 2-million unborn babies. It is Jewish crime lords who own and operate the prostitution rackets, and get fat off the proceeds of dope; they are the ones who wallow in child pornography and own the filthy magazines which are a disgrace to our nation. They were the spiritual father and mother of "hard rock" music. Look at every evil which is destroying America, and somewhere in the background, funding it and promoting it, you will find a Jew. Is this what Thieme means by "cultural and spiritual standards?" It's no wonder our Master said to them: "Ye serpents (snakes), ye generation of vipers (poisonous snakes), how can ye escape the damnation of hell?" It's no wonder He told the Pharisees that each of their converts became "two-fold more a child of hell than themselves," (Matthew 23:15.)

One of the most difficult problems for most Bible students and readers, is that they cannot intelligently understand the Book, until they understand the difference between Israelites and Jews.

Before we try and even understand our Bibles, we better get our definitions straightened out.

It is impossible to transfer the promises made to Israel, to another people we call JEWS. We MUST not ascribe statements concerning the JEWS, to a people who are ISRAELITES. To break this rule is to result in mental chaos which will utterly blind the reader to the truth of the Scriptures or to God's purpose for men on this earth. Because men have constantly broken this rule, we see hundreds of different denominations in this country alone, all claiming to have the truth and nothing but the truth. Anyone with any common sense can see the fallacy in this kind of thinking.

There are five classes of Israelites mentioned in the Bible:

1 - THE TEN TRIBED NATION OF ISRAEL - this was the Northern Kingdom of Israel.

2 - THE TWO TRIBED KINGDOM OF JUDAH, known as the Southern Kingdom, which included Benjamin and some of Levi.

3 - THE HOUSE OF DAVID, which was taken out of the Tribe of Judah and set up as a separate entity to rule over Israel forever.

4 - THE FEW JEWS WHO ARE ISRAELITES. (Remember a vast majority of Jews are not.)

5 - SPIRITUAL ISRAEL. That vast army of people, regardless of race, color or social position, who accept Jesus Christ as Savior and King and who have been called by the Spirit of God into Sonship. Paul said in Gal. 3:29 - "If ye be Christ's, then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise. (Some Identity preachers will violently disagree with this, but I believe this is what the Bible teaches.)


You may recall that Jacob-Israel has 12 sons and that one of them bore the name of Judah. If all the descendants of Judah had formed themselves into one tribe (which they did not), the Judahites would have had a one-twelfth portion in Israel, and never at any time, all of it, as most of our preachers proclaim when they say: "The Jews are ALL of Israel."

Some of the people we today know as JEWS are descended from Judah, the people we today know as JEWS do not represent "ALL OF JUDAH", only a very small part. Nor do they represent the HOUSE OF JUDAH.

The name JEW is a contraction of the Hebrew word YEIIUDIM, which literally means: "a remnant of Judah," and that is exactly what they represent - those who are actually from this tribe.

But the vast majority of JEWS are not Israelites. Millions of people have been adopted into the Jewish religion. In Esther 8:27, we read where "many people of the land became Jews; for fear of the Jews." The land which was spoken of here, was a vast tract which stretched over 127 provinces from India to Ethiopia, to Asia Minor. None of these people were Jews by blood and none could claim Abraham as kin. You see, just because a person becomes a Jew by religion, does not mean that they are an Israelite, a child of Abraham. Think of such examples as the black singer Sammy Davis, Jr. Would any preacher be so stupid as to say that Davis was an Israelite and thus the son of Abraham? While Jewish sources say there may be as many as 18- million Jews in the world today, only a tiny minority of them can be classified as Israelites. Many are heathen who have become Jewish proselytes and we have already seen what Jesus said of them, when He told the Pharisees that their converts became "two-fold more a child of hell than themselves," (Matt. 23:15.)

Many Edomites were forced into accepting Judaism, in order to remain in Palestine. This does not make them Israelites.

The Encyclopedia Britannica will tell you that an entire nation of people who lived in the vicinity of the Black Sea in the 8th Century became Jews by adopting this religion. These were Khazars, but this did not make them Israelites. These Jews, the Ashkenazim Jews of today, from which 95% of modern Jewry sprang, had no connection with Israelites of the Land of Palestine. Every leader of the modern Israeli nation has been an ASHKENAZIM JEW, of Khazar ancestry. These people were Turco-Mongolian. Jesus recognized that these people were not genuine Israelites and the Apostle Paul in Titus 1:10-14 warns Christians about these imposters.

Nehemiah makes a careful distinction between the "people" and the "Jews" in Nehemiah 5 and a careful study of Jesus' Parable of the Wheat and the Tares, (Matt. 13:24-30, 36-43, together with His statements in Matthew 23, where He denounces the Pharisees and scribes, seven times calling them "hypocrites, children of hell, children of the devil," shows this. A genuine JEW, if there is such a creature, would racially be an ISRAELITE, because he would have to be descended from Judah. But the JEWS of today ARE NOT JUDAH and they most certainly are "not all of Israel," because most of them are not Israelites at all!

The Jewish convert to Christianity, Benjamin Freedman, who spent much of his adult life fighting Zionism, believed that he was a gentile baby who had been adopted by Jewish parents. He was very high in world of Jewish hierarchy and was the confidant of seven American presidents, and close friends with such Jewish leaders as Bernard Baruch. In his book FACTS ARE FACTS, which is a letter written to a Catholic priest, who had converted from Judaism to Catholicism, he said on p.69: "The Oxford dictionary brings out clearly that JUDAIST and JUDAIC are the correct forms for the improper and incorrectly misused and misleading JEW and JEWISH. JUDAIST, and JUDAIC ARE CORRECT, JEW AND JEWISH are incorrect. They do not belong in the English language if the use of correct words is of interest to English speaking people.

"The SO-CALLED or SELF-STYLED JEWS, cannot truthfully describe themselves as JEWS because they are in a sense JUDEANS. They may correctly identify themselves by their religious belief if they wish, by identifying themselves as JUDAIST. A JUDAIST is a person who professes so called JUDAISM as his religious belief. . . The origin of JEW does not have its roots in JUDAISM. The adjective form of JUDAIST is JUDAIC. JEWISH is an objective and is incorrect, since JEW is a noun.

"Well-planned, well-financed publicity by self-styled JEWS in English speaking countries in the 18th, 19th and 20th Centuries, has created a wide spread acceptance of JEWISH." (UNQ.)

Freedman then goes on in a rather "tongue in cheek" manner to describe all the outlandish uses of the word JEWISH "Jewish rye bread, "a converted Jew bragging of his Jewish blood (I have seen this happen many times - AUTHOR.) "as if he believed JEWISH blood was biologically different from that of the Catholic which he claims to have become." He then asks this question: "Do you determine race by religious dogma or doctrine?"

He continues: "If a JEWESS is the female for the male JEW; I must admit I have been unable to find female or male designations for any other religion. It has become popular to refer to the Virgin Mary as a JEWESS. But it doesn't make very much sense to me.

"Another word which creates a lot of problems is JUDEOCHRISTIAN . . . it presents a strange combination. Does JUDEO refer to PHARISEEISM or to TALMUDISM? or so-called JUDAISM? This is as unrealistic as to say that something is 'hot-cold'; 'light-heavy'; or 'wet-dry'; 'happy-sad'. These terms are antonyms, not synonyms. Judeo-Christian in the light of incontestible facts is also an antonym (word of opposite meaning,) not a synonym, as self-styled Jews would have Christians believe. It's just more sand for Christian eyes." (UNQ.)

If preachers of the Gospel would spend more time telling their people the truth concerning "personal salvation" and telling them about their responsibility to the "kingdom of God on earth", as they are supposed to do, rather than waste their people's time trying to prove that Judaism and Christianity come from the same source, there would be far fewer confused Christians and we could make much faster headway 'against those who seek to destroy us.

Mr. Freedman goes on to say on p.72: "The word anti-Semitic is another word which should be eliminated from the English language. . . it serves only one purpose today. When self-styled Jews feel that anyone opposes their objectives, they discredit their victims by applying the word 'anti-Semite;' through all channels they have at their command and under their control. (Well over 90% of all the news media, plus TV, radio and Hollywood studios, are owned/and or controlled by Jews. For more information see my book SATAN'S KIDS - AUTHOR.)

"I can speak with authority on this subject, because self-styled Jews were unable to disprove my public statements made in 1946 with regards to the situation in Palestine, they have spent millions of dollars to smear me as an anti-Semite, hoping thereby to discredit me in the eyes of the public who are interested in what I am saying. Until 1944, I was a 'little saint' to these same self-styled Jews, but when I disagreed with them publicly on Palestine, suddenly I became the Number One Anti-Semite in the country.

"It is disgraceful to see Christian clergy take-up the use of the word 'anti-Semite!' (Thieme, in his book ANTI-SEMITISM!, p. 141 says: "One of the worst things that can happen to the believers in the Lord Jesus Christ is for him to become involved in anti-Semitism; it is generally a manifestation of his revisionism [one who andocates a change in doctrine.]" - AUTHOR.

"They should know better. They should know that 'anti-Semitism' is a meaningless word in the sense in which it is used today. The correct word to use would be 'Judeo-phobe'! Anti-Semite is nothing but a smear word, because Semitic is associated with Jesus in the minds of most Christians. Christians have become accessories to the destruction of the Christian faith by tolerating the use of this' smear word; which is used to silence those who would about.

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