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Brig. Gen. Gordon "Jack" Mohr


We could answer this question very simply by honestly stating: "Because they are the enemy!" But this would be too simplistic and would certainly result in charges of being a "hate monger," or "anti-Semitic."

So to prove my point, I'd like to go back a few years and "look at the Jewish record" in the United States and let you make up your own mind.

Prior to the days when the "villainous agents of the hidden hand" had political power in the U.S. our government put "hand cuffs and leg irons" on patriots such as Sen. Joseph McCarthy. McCarthy had done a magnificent job of building into the permanent record of the U.S. Congress, a roster of names of persons who had confessed, under oath, that they would be incriminated if they were forced to give truthful answers about their relationship to the Communist conspiracy to destroy America.

Now doesn't it seem strange to you, as an intelligent person, that the media of America would come to the defense of the conspirators and attack McCarthy? There were some exceptions in the media, but very few and these were of little consequence. The Jew-owned WASHINGTON POST, the Jew owned NEW YORK TIMES, and the Jew owned ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH, set the pace for the national sophisticated media. It seems almost unbelievable, that American citizens, passing as Christian patriots, would be so concerned about the protection of the rights of men and women who obviously hated the United States while castigating a great patriot who loved this country and was trying to save it.

This crime, with which they were charged, was not that of stealing a car, or the forging of a check, but TREASON - "Giving aid and comfort to the enemy of the United States." (Article Ill, Sec. 3 of the U.S. Constitution.)

What a strange coincidence it is, that close to 90% of the unfriendly witnesses in these trials were members of powerful Jewish organizations.

No one could accuse Joseph McCarthy of being anti-Semitic. He never uttered a word which could have been construed in this manner. He had even hired a brilliant young Jew as an attorney and most of the unfriendly witnesses subpoenaed were at the instigation of Mr. Cohen.

There were some patriots, as I guess there will always be, who were bitter and cynical over years of unhappy experience and abuse by Jewish officials, who went so far as to say that Cohen was a "Jewish plant" for the purpose of destroying McCarthy. From my studies of this man, I do not believe he would have been taken in by such a plot.

On November 29,1955, an issue of LOOK MAGAZINE had an article in which a Gentile named William Attwood, tried to do a job for the Jews in an article titled THE POSITION OF THE JEWS IN AMERICA TODAY. To the undiscriminating reader, this article was just another article designed to convince the American people that the Jews really are a magnificant body of poor, persecuted, misunderstood people - a maligned minority. But in numerous places in this article, Mr. Attwood slipped. Whether he made these blunders personally, or whether they were committed by the Editorial Staff I db not know.

There is little doubt that some "high-pressure" Jew was looking over his shoulder, approving every sentence. The result confirmed an opinion held by many who have studied the Jewish problem over the years. "Give a Jew enough rope and invariably he will hang himself." The official professional Jew always slips somewhere and "let's the cat out of the bag." Why? Because he has a tremendous ego and loves to brag about his power and what he will do to the stupid "goyim." He also insulates himself with coercion, intimidation and high pressure; thus eliminating the great resource of honest opinion. He keeps himself in such a state of sub-conscious panic that he annihilates all honest values. In dealing with radical Jews over the years, I have observed this personally. Since they do not have an honest answer for the "dirty work" they are doing, they try and "shout down" their opponents by calling them all sorts of evil names: "Anti-Semitic;" "racist;" "fascist," you name it. One Jewish radio moderator called me a "pornographer of paranoia" for exposing Jewish deviousness.

But a good investigation into the background of the LOOK article proved to be an eye opener.

While Sen. McCarthy had hired a Jewish lawyer to prove he was not anti-Semitic, we find every Jewish organization of note and every Jewish periodical, engaged in "bad mouthing" him. As Winston Churchill was suppose to have said: "This is an enigma within a riddle."

There was and is only one answer. Sen. McCarthy was honest enough and brave enough to expose communism wherever he found it. But when he began to tread on Jewish toes, because many of those he exposed were Jews, he was marked for Jewish slaughter. This seems a bit strange, when you consider that many high-ranking Jews had bragged over the years, about how Communism was a "brain child of Judaism." The most prestigious Jewish newspaper in the U.S. THE AMERICAN HEBREW, clearly stated in their August 10,1920 issue: "The Russian Revolution was made by Jews!"

Now it is only fair to say that there is a handful of anti-Zionist, anti-Communist, Pro-American Jews in the U.S. They have suffered terribly from their own people because they are honest enough to admit Jewish underhandedness. Two of them are Alfred Lilienthal, brilliant statesman and author of THE ZIONIST CONNECTION, and Arthur Koestler, author of THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE. There are others, men such as Benjamin Freedman, who spent his life and fortune fighting Zionism and Haviv Schrieber. One cannot but help respect these men for their honesty. But the fact still remains that every important Jewish organization in the United States took the side of the Communists and fought against McCarthy's exposure.

The LOOK article said: "Demagogues (a leader who makes use of popular prejudices and false claims to gain power) like Sen. McCarthy alarm Jews; they dread an atmosphere of unreason. They oppose him because their built-in radar detects danger signals."

Now if some Christian had made a statement such as this, that their "radar system" had given off certain "danger signals" when they were around a Jew, the press would have smeared them as being anti-Semite. No thinking Christian would ever consider himself to be anti-Semitic. In the first place this is a misnomer, since the great portion of those who call themselves Jews are not Semites. They are from a Turco-Mongolian back ground and their ancestors never set toot on Palestinian soil.

But this much used term has become a Zionist "smear word." It is employed by professional Jews to designate anyone with guts enough, who exposes their crooked works. These are the Jews who profess to love everyone and hate no one, while insisting that America's destiny and ethics should be determined by the dynamics and ethics of the Talmud. This is the Judeo-Christianity, which has superseded Bible Christianity.

For any Jew to state that Jews had special built in "radar systems" to warn them against people like me, is to admit that every Jew is biologically fixed at birth to be on the wrong side of the question. (This may be true, for the Apostle Paul said of them in 1 Thessalonians 2:15 - "...they please not God, and are contrary to all men.") This kind of philosophy leaves no room for anyone of Jewish birth to be a decent, patriotic American citizen. Any Gentile who would hold a view such as this, would be considered as an immediate candidate for the "State funny farm."

A lot of printed material has been put into circulation which defames every Jew. As a Christian, I do not believe I have to use terms such as "stinking kike," or "mud people," to express my revulsion for what some people do. Neither do I have to go to people who hate Jews for the facts. I would much rather go to Jewish sources, for it is impossible to refute these. I can prove from Jewish sources, why International Jewry always fights anyone who tells the truth about Judaism and why Jews always oppose honest men like Sen. McCarthy.

International Jewry dares not allow the average, decent, American, especially those who are Christian, to know the truth about their operations, for it would "blow the International Jewish ship out of the water."

Why should I be branded a "hate monger" when I tell the truth about Jewry? Why should I be called a "fascist" when I expose what they brag about themselves? They accuse me of being the problem. They say I cause hate for their people. Yet a mouthpiece of official Jewry, states in a national magazine, that Jews have a "built in radar system which recognizes evil in men who expose them."

I would like to have any Jew or Christian apologist for the Jew, such as Jerry Falwell or Jimmy Swaggart, explain to the Christian people of America, why more than 90% of those implicated for treason against the U.S. in the past fifty years have been Jews. Why is almost 100% of the leadership in organized evil in America - the evils which a lot of these Christian apologists say they are trying to combat - why do they never tell their people that these are Jews?

Why was it that not a single one of the Jew witnesses who testified against Sen. McCarthy and who were proven to be liars and some of whom publicly admitted to being communists, why was not even one of these ever prosecuted? Why was a man like William Z. Foster, head of the Communist Party, USA, allowed complete freedom to preach his communist hate in the United States? Why has a man like Gus Hall, been allowed freedom in this country for over fifty years when he has plainly stated that he is looking forward to the day when "the last Congressman is strangled with the guts of the last preacher."

Can you tell me why decent Americans have put up with over 40,000 Marxists professors in our public education system, a high percentage of whom are Jews, and who preach the destruction of everything decent Americans believe in?

Can you tell me why the media tells us that our greatest danger comes from the radical right, when the radical left has been ten times as active in destruction in the past ten years?

Why do we put up with a tiny minority of alien people, who hate our country, our people and our God and who smear anyone who speaks out against them? WAKE UP CHRISTIAN! YOU HAVE BEEN HAD!!!

During the Korean War, according to a speech given by General Mark Clark before the Executive Club of Chicago in 1955, he received orders from Washington which resulted in certain defeat on the battlefields of Korea.

This fine American officer said that he was shocked by these orders, so much so that he took the time and effort to contact certain public officials concerning them; especially those whose names were on the orders. These officials, according to Gen. Clark, insisted that they had never signed such orders. It became apparent, that the orders were signed by unknown personalities in the Pentagon. Why was there never a Congressional investigation of this treason?

Why was it that when Sen. McCarthy and a few others tried to find out the truth, President Eisenhower lowered an "Iron Curtain" on their investigation? Why did certain people in the White House cabal (people secretly united to bring about a change in public affairs) serve notice on Pentagon officdy H, that if they dared to pass on this information to Sen. McCarthy and his committee, they would not only be fired, but would be accused of releasing classified information? Who were these people who forged the orders which resulted in the deaths of 54,246 young Americans? Who were responsible for the 157,530 Americans who were wounded? Why have these traitors never been brought to justice? Why was there never a big hue and cry about this treason from such organizations as the AMERICAN LEGION and the VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS? Where are these traitors now? Are any of them still in our government? We have never been given the answer to any of these questions and anyone who has honestly sought to find the answer has been savagely and ruthlessly persecuted.

Mrs. Anna Rosenberg, the Jewish immigrant from Budapest, who came into prominence by the way of her Communist affiliations in New York state and through the efforts of Harry Hopkins and President Eisenhower, might have been able to answer some of these questions.

This little Jewish lady had been given the biggest job in the Pentagon, when measured from the standpoint of active executive control. She was put in charge of Military Manpower. Doesn't it seem strange to you, that the powers in control of our government could not find one person out of 20-million veterans, who were honest enough and smart enough to hold this job? Why then did Pres. Eisenhower give it to an alien, Marxist Jew? Why did our government allow an alien with a Marxist background, to take over control of America's mighty military machine? Yet to say anything about this today, is to leave yourself open to an accusation of being anti-Semitic.

The more one looks into the reasons why we lost the war in Korea - and we did lose it - the less mysterious these reasons become.

It is only fair to mention here that Gen. Mark Clark was half Jew. But it also important for us to remember that there was never anything that indicated that he was ever influenced by this fact. He was a fine military man and a good American.

So all this brings us up to a very interesting and important question. "Who master-minded" the appeasement of our sworn enemy?" Co-existence and appeasement in our government - a principle diametrically opposed to Americanism - was originated by the same individuals who brought about the Communist Revolution in Russia. Remember Rabbi Steven Wise's statement: "Some call it Communism; I call it Judaism." So it is not all that difficult to run down the source of America's appeasement.

The philosophy of "compromise" with evil is as old as hell itself. It was the same policy the devil presented to Christ when he took Him into a high mountain and subjected Him to the three temptations listed in Matthew 3. (As far as history reveals, this was the first "summit conference.") Christ however, did not sit down with the enemy and discuss the problems over a feast of expensive food and vodka. He said: "Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and Him only shalt thou serve," (Matthew 3:10).

Now if we were to move rapidly from that mountain top in Palestine to the year 1924, we would find a top communist official, Dmitri Manualisky, as he laid out the plan for the final subjugation of America. It was a plan, listed in other places in this book, whereby the Communists would offer peace overtures to America and give them "unheard of concessions, hoping to lull them into a fatal sleep. Then when Christendom (the Free Western World) was under this hypnotic spell, they would "smash us with their clenched fist." This Manualisky presided over the United Nations Security Council in 1949.

If we recognize that Satan is the creator of compromise involving all moral and spiritual problems, we can see him behind this Bolshevik trick. Our major problem is to find out who is implementing this program in 1985.

We know that during the Eisenhower Administration, it was carried out by such personages as Josh Foster Dulles, America's Secretary of State and Harold Stassen. It might be presumptuous to assume these men were traitors purposely conspiring to destroy America. Possibly they were victims of a super-hoax, and an all-powerful pressure machine which has been running American politics for more than fifty years. I have often mentioned the fact that our government in Washington today, is an alien government. I am not referring to the Regan Administration, for no matter whether Republicans or Democrats are in office, this alien government is the "power behind the throne." It is the force which "pulls the strings and manipulates the puppets we call Congressmen."

Why has America been led into one "sap trap" after another in International affairs? I believe it was Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal, who once said words to the effect: "If the State Department was on our side, they would make a mistake in our favor every once in a while." If we knew the full truth concerning the manipulation of the Baruch's, the Rosenberg's, the Lehman's, the Kissinger's and the Brezenski's, we might be able to find the answer to this thorny question.

Why did we desert Christians during World War II to carouse with the gangsters from the Kremlin? A lot of us would like to know the answer to this one! We wonder why, when our State Department tells us that our Foreign Policy for the past fifty years has been to "curb the expansion of Communism," have we on at least 14 major occasions, when the Soviet Union was on the verge of economic collapse, stepped in and with American tax dollars, bailed them out? Yes indeed, we would like someone in government to answer this question. Why when we now fully understand the stupidity of our actions in helping the Soviet Union re-arm, is the Regan Administration trying to do the same thing with Red China?

Many concerned Americans will be surprised to find that while we were told that we fought a war in 1950 to save Korea, we never permitted Korea to join the United Nations, although our State Department was fully behind the drive to allow Red China to become a member. The intellectuals and "brain trusters" in our State Department did everything in their power to turn Korea over to the Communists, just as they did China under General George Marshall.

Maybe some of you will say: "Why worry about Korea, that was more than thirty years ago?" I am telling you about Korea, because it was the key to what happened later in Vietnam and what is happening today in Central America. I was also personally involved in the Korean War and saw some of our State Department's treachery first-hand.

The Korean War often referred to as a "police action," was one of the biggest deceptions in our country's history. We experienced all the liabilities of a war, with none of the assets. We suffered over 150,000 casualties and in the opinion of every intelligent American I have ever met, we lost that war, not through the cowardice of our men under arms, not because of our military leadership, but because of the traitors within our government who meant us to loose that war.

It was the traitors in Washington, that "leaked out the information" that the Chinese and North Koreans would have nothing to fear from us North of the 38th Parallel. (I use the term TRAITORS, ADVISEDLY, TAKING IT FROM Article III, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution, which defines treason as: "levying war against them (the U.S.); adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.") If that isn't what our official policy did in Korea, then I fail to understand the meaning of the English language.

Our actions in Korea would be similar to leaking information to Mexico, that they could move unmolested into the Southwest, since we would not defend anything south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

The results of this treason was a disgraceful defeat for a nation which had never been defeated before and the men responsible for this fiasco, who should have been tried for treason, convicted and hung, have been some of the "big shots' in Washington for the past thirty years.

The end results of three years of hell in Korea was something the State Department called an "armistice." After we had been "kicked in the teeth," as a result of their treasonous policy of appeasement and downright cowardice. One of the most shocking events of this period was the firing of General Douglas Mac Arthur, for attempting to thwart this policy and win the war.

If the defenders of the Alamo could know that happened in the years 1950-53 and later on in Vietnam, they would not be able to believe that the inheritance of courage they left, could fall so low in America.

Our actions in Korea and Vietnam, were as disgraceful as though the Chief of Police, the City Council, and the leading clergymen of a big city were to sit down at a conference table with gangsters, who would humiliate them and spit on them and then dictate how they were to run their city for the benefit of the criminals.

It was as dishonorable as though a father of three daughters was to make a deal with a rapist. "You can have your pick of the girls, if you promise to leave the other two alone." Who ever heard of an honorable man who would acquiesce to such a proposition? Most fathers would rather see the entire family die, before having them so dishonored. This of course was before our churches inspired the slogan: "It's better to be Red, than dead!" Most of the poor fools who mouth this cliché, have no idea of what they are asking for.

This strange new "gray" philosophy of compromise and cowardice has become a fad with many Americans and no where is it more visible than in the church. Here we see national leaders who compromise with and glorify those who hate them and who would destroy everything they stand for as Christians. Yet they call these enemies, "God's Chosen People."

I can look back on the days of the Korean infamy with fury, because I was there and saw this treachery first hand. In 1950,1 was an Advisor with the Korean Military, serving with the Korean Military Advisory mission in Seoul. I had gone to Korea in the spring of 1948 when this advisory group was first formed.

In the summer of 1950,1 was billeted in Seoul and was advising a South Korean Infantry battalion, which was guarding one of the approaches into Seoul, at a little town called Pochon, located just south of the 38th Parallel.

From the early days of 1950, the Americans serving along the Parallel knew that it was only a matter of time until the North Koreans struck south. There were many probing attacks across the Parallel during this time, yet whenever we gave an account of these attacks to the State Department representative, they were met with skepticism and sometimes downright rudeness.

I can especially remember the week before the war began. We had seen a tremendous buildup of enemy forces north of the Parallel. In my area, an infantry company had been replaced by an infantry division of some 12,000 men, while a mounted cavalry regiment of some 1800 men and 76 heavy tanks were reported in the area. We also knew that the North Koreans were armed with new 122 mm guns which out ranged our 105 mm howitzers by some 10,000 yards.

Yet on June 24,1950, the day before the invasion began, I sat in on an officer's briefing in Seoul, in which a colonel from the State Department's Liaison Office told us there was no significant enemy action along the Parallel and we could safely attend a big party that was to be held that night at the KMAG Officer's Club. For some reason, I did not attend.

About 5 a.m. on the morning of June 25th, 1950,1 was wakened by a telephone call from KMAG Headquarters, informing me that the invasion had begun and that I was to join my battalion at Pochon as soon as possible. I was so sure that it would come at any time, that I had my equipment ready in a corner of the room and only had to load it into my jeep and head north.

Arriving at Battalion Headquarters in the village of Pochon about 6:30 a.m. I found the South Koreans under heavy attack from the north. Our Headquarters was about 500 yards south of the front lines and we were under heavy artillery attack at that time, with shells from the 122's and 120mm mortars dropping all about. On the front lines, the odds against us were twenty to one. An initial attack by heavy armor had been repulsed with the loss of six enemy tanks. These had been knocked out by South Korean suicide groups who had tied explosives to their waists and thrown themselves under the tanks and then blown them up. This came after they found that their American supplied anti-tank weapons would not stop the North Korean tanks. My Korean counter-part, a Major Kim told me about his suicide troops and then said: "But they don't like to do it that way."

Shortly thereafter I found that all the armor piercing ammunition for our anti-tank guns had been removed from the front lines, ten days before, on orders of the American Ambassador, William C. Muccio. He later told a Congressional Committee that he had done this because he was afraid that South Korean President Signum Rhee would attack the north.

By evening, our defending unit of some 850 men, was down to less than 200 and we were forced to retreat as the enemy tanks finally broke through our lines. I ended that first day walking cross-country for some 38 miles in a downpour of rain, to our base in Seoul. I arrived early in the morning, just in time to kiss my wife good bye, as she was loaded on a bus for the trip to Inchon and then by ship to Japan.

By Tuesday afternoon, June 27, the evacuation of all civilians and most of the military had taken place. I happened to be on the last plane load of advisors which was to be flow out and we never made it. Thirteen of us were returned to Seoul, when we found that President Truman had ordered the U.S. Air Force and Navy to support the South Koreans. One of our first actions was to go to the State Department Headquarters and get permission to burn a gasoline dump on the outskirts of the city, which contained a million, 40-gal. drums of gasoline, which had just arrived from the States. We were literally cursed out of the office by Mr. Muccio himself. I distinctly remember his words: "Get the hell out of here," he shouted, "I'm sick and tired of you military b 5 trying to tell me how to run this war, I give the orders around here." Five hours later 40 million gallons of U.S. gasoline was in the hands of the enemy, enough to run their tanks for three months.

When Ambassador Muccio left Seoul that afternoon, Major Paul Hedstrom of Bismarck, North Dakota and myself, went to the State Department building and searched it from top to bottom, looking for any important papers which might have been left behind by mistake. In the Ambassadors office, we found a locked room which we broke into and in that room a "military type filing cabinet," padlocked. We blew the padlock off with a shot from a .45 and found some interesting papers. They were apparently dispatches from the State Department covering some eighteen months of enemy activities, which should have been sent to Major Gen. Willoughby, in Tokyo, McArthur's Intelligence Chief. Instead, they had been deliberately withheld by the Ambassador. I picked out four of the more incriminating ones, over the warning from Major Hedstrom that "they will hang you if they find out what you are doing." The next day, I was slightly wounded and was flown to Japan for medical treatment. While there, I gave the papers into the keeping of a young lieutenant who was bound for the States on an emergency leave.

He hand carried these papers to Sen. Bill Knowland of California and these were presented to the Senate Armed Forces Committee. Mr. Knowland told me himself, later on, that when he made his report before the Committee, they laughed at him for believing that "an American ambassador would do such a treasonous thing." When he insisted that an investigation be made of this incident, it began a long period of harassment for Sen. Knowland, which ultimately ended in his being defeated for the Senate seat. (You can easily imagine where the pressure came from.)

Many of you will remember how Gen. Willoughby, McArthur's Intelligence Chief, was castigated by the media for not knowing what was brewing in North Korea. Of course nothing was said about the treason in our State Department. But those of us who were on the scene remembered, and we did some "Monday morning quarterbacking." We looked back to some suspicious things which had happened a few weeks previously.

About three weeks before the war began, a very powerful American military man, Col. William Baird, the KMAG Provost Marshall and National Police Advisor to the South Koreans, left Korea for retirement with over 35 years of service. He was probably the most powerful American military man in the country. He had a beautiful private secretary, a girl about thirty years old at that time, who had been a professional model. As soon as Baird got on the ship at Inchon, his secretary was arrested by the South Korean police and was accused of being a North Korean spy It seems that she was married to a high ranking North Korean military officer and had been using American Military Police vehicles to take information to her mother who lived in the little village of Kae'song, on the 38th Parallel. While the South Korean police suspected her, they were afraid of Col. Baird and would do nothing while she was under his protection. On the day the war began, this woman was shot by the South Korean military without a trial.

In the meantime, Col. Baird had arrived at the Oakland Naval Base in California, where he was placed under "arrest of quarters," pending an investigation into his Korean activities.

This wily old man had a dossier on Ambassador Muccio and eight high ranking State Department officials in Seoul, who had apparently been "shacking up" with this Korean beauty. These dossiers contained so much damaging material to the State Department, that all charges against Col. Baird were dropped, Ambassador Muccio was re-assigned to become Ambassador to Iceland and the eight State Department officials were all promoted. All the evidence was swept under the carpet by officialdom in Washington and nothing hit the news, until about eight years later, when an investigative reporter for PARADE MAGAZINE, wrote an account of this treason in government.

Later in Eritrea, Ethiopia, in 1961-62,1 saw more of the State Department treason, when shipments of American wheat, which had been sent as a free gift from the American people to alleviate a famine in that country, was sold by Ethiopian officials. When I went with my Commanding Officer to confront the State Department Consul in Asmara, we were bluntly told that it was none of our business and that he would ruin our military careers if we were to say anything about what we saw. I immediately wrote to my Senator and a few weeks later the "stuff hit the fan," and I was officially harassed for the next two years, until I finally resigned from the Service in disgust.

When I think that what I saw of State Department treachery, was only a very tiny corner of their treason, it makes my blood run cold and I fear for the safety of this country I love.

How could treason such as this flourish within America? Why do Americans know so little about these betrayals? Do you honestly believe these things happen by accident?

There is a "hidden hand," my friend, a submerged force, a "submarine policy", if you will, "a hidden political apparatus," which operates outside the knowledge of our citizens and which is never exposed by the media, which is part of this apparatus. You may not want to believe this. You may not accept it. BUT IT IS TRUE!!!

Ask yourself this question: "Why does Congress never make a full investigation of these things which are conveniently called 'political blunders?'

When Sen. McCarthy tried to expose this treason, his most aggressive enemy was a Jew named Maurice Rosenblatt. Behind Rosenbalatt was another Jew, Arthur Goldsmith, sometimes referred to as "the ivory tower propagandist."

A brilliant journalist named Westbrook Pegler, devoted much space to the smear tactics used by this rich and ruthless Jew. It is interesting to note that the Eisenhower a shers were often guests at the Goldsmith suite in the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City.

While Sen. McCarthy often bent over backwards to prove that he was not anti-Semitic and associated with pro-American Jews such as George Sokolsky, Eugene Lyons and Rabbi Benjamin Schultz, he hoped against hope that official Jewry would recognize their error and the danger it presented to their own people. He hoped they would see through the "witches brew of Zionist-Communism?' and repudiate it before it was too late. McCarthy knew that these Jews and others such as Benjamin Freedman, had been ostracized by the Jewish leaders because of their anti-Zionist stance.

But no man can survive very long in a battle condition with one hand tied behind his back. We learned this the bitter way in Korea and again in Vietnam. Deep down under his aversion to prejudice, Sen. McCarthy knew that his enemies were Zionists.

There are some people who claimed that Rabbi Schultz and even Gerald L. K. Smith were A.D.L. agents, planted within the framework of the Christian Patriotic, anti-Communist Movement. I do not believe this, for they all paid a terrible price for their opposition to Zionism. Freedman lost a fortune of more than $2-million and his name became a "by word" in Jewish circles.

In 1954, every important Jewish organization in America, mefontder the title of the NATIONAL COMMUNITIES RELATIONS ADVISORY COUNCIL. This included representatives of the AMERICAN JEWISH CONGRESS; the ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE; the JEWISH LABOR COMMITTEE; the JEWISH WAR VETERANS, and THE UNION OF AMERICAN HEBREW CONGREGATIONS. A special resolution was passed for the expressed purpose of condemning Rabbi Schultz, the only American Jewish rabbi who had consistently defended Sen. McCarthy and Americanism. Before this happened, Schultz had been kicked out of his synagogue.

A new cult has developed in America politics since the New Deal Era. Since the "man on the street" has become aware of the menace of Communism, those who favored Communism through support or appeasement have joined this cult. It is sometimes referred to as "Anti-anti-Communism." Most of the adherents of this strange cult do not have the nerve to support communism openly, because of the effect it might have on their businesses. So instead, they join in any campaign aimed at destroying or slowing-down anti-communists. They join the "wolf-pack" which howls for the blood of the Christian Patriots who have guts enough to expose the true Zionist enemy. They bring about the "silent treatment," often used by the press, where conservative "Letters to the Editor, seldom if ever are printed. Or they join the lying, half-true yellow journalism of the Jewish controlled press in its campaign against true patriotism.

These people have been remarkably successful in exploiting the villainy, stupidity, sentimentality, and other human traits which are in their favor.

When everything is summed up and brought into the proper perspective, it boils down to one main point. Americans, for the most part want to know the truth, but they are being deliberately kept from it by a controlled media, and those they trust the most, their clergy.

American pastors are probably as much to blame for this unhealthy state of affairs as any other group. For instead of warning their people concerning the danger which emanate from International Judaism, they are glorifying God's enemies by calling them His Chosen. Then to make things even worse, they say: "God's wrath will fall on you if you do not support the Jews." They should read 2 Chronicles 19:2 which states: "... shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate the Lord; therefore is wrath upon thee from before the Lord."

Many of our pastors have become like the shepherds of Isaiah 56:10,11, they are "watchdogs that cannot, or will not bark," they are "shepherds who cannot or will not understand," "doing everything for their own personal gain." Isaiah said they were "ignorant," not of formal learning but as the Apostle Paul explained in 2 Timothy 3:7 - they are "Ever learning, and never able to come to a knowledge of the truth."

What a terrible indictment! But at the same time, Christian people are not blameless either, for as Isaiah said in 30:10, they are literally saying to their pastors: "... Prophesy not unto us right things, speak unto us smooth things, prophesy deceits." In other words: "Don't tell us the frightening truth; tell us good things we want to hear!" and that's what they have been getting.

Every person concerned with the Zionist-Communist conspiracy should take the time to read a document titled THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION and see how these plans are being carried out to the letter in 1985. An edited version titled THE SATANIC-COUNTERFEIT.

Organized Jewry and many fundamentalist and evangelical Christians who hove been influenced by them, have branded this document as a forgery. Millions of dollars have been spent by organized Jewry to destroy this document, which first came to light in Russia about 1898. Behind the Iron Curtain, it can mean the death penalty if you are caught with this document in your possession.

Now the word "forgery" implies that there must have been an original and as you know, a forgery is made as close to the original as possible. The translators of this document represented it as being the secret minutes of the World Zionist Congress at the turn of the Twentieth Century. In it they allegedly laid down their plans for world conquest.

When the late Henry Ford, Sr., first published these, he became the recipient of threats against himself and his family He was told that his grandchildren would be in danger unless he withdrew them from circulation.

After Mr. Ford's death, an employee of Ford's admitted that he had affixed Mr. Ford's signature to an apology offered to organized Jewry, because of Jewish threats to bomb the Ford Motor Company. This apology was repudiated by Mr. Ford.

Ford had a statement regarding these PROTOCOLS which was to the effect that whether they were genuine or not, was not the point, it was in how they were being carried out. If you will take time to read them, you will see a blueprint for what is happening in the world today.

Among one of the things this secret meeting agreed to accomplish was to make our "goyim" (Yiddish for "non-Jewish" animal) society a "soft, corruptible, cowardly, compromising society." They have done an excellent job on this, especially among Christians. So much so, that at one time virtue known among Americans as "righteous indignation," (the ability to see when something is wrong and the guts to do something about it) has all but disappeared from the American scene.

By 1920, when Mr. Ford first published the PROTOCOLS, over half of them had been accomplished, and they have gone a long way towards completion of their plans in the 65 years which have intervened.

This fad of caution, cowardice, timidity and compromise is something completely foreign to the conduct of American affairs in the past. Yet it has become the policy of this century.

When Americans first came into contact with the ideology of Adolph Hitler during World War lIthe Jewish controlled propaganda machine was completely intolerant. There was no compromise preached then. World Jewry called for the liquidation of the German people. (See the book, GERMANY MUST PERISH! written by the Jewish author Theodore N. Kaufmann in 1941.)

A plan was devised by the Jew, Henry Morgenthau and his Jewish assistants in the American government for the complete annihilation of the German people through a program of planned genocide. It proposed the immediate execution of 500,000 German war criminals. (Criminals of course by their definition.) But in the intervening years, when our conflict has been with the Jew-created Soviet Union (which has killed more than 65-million of its people) we have suddenly been manipulated into retreat and timidity and a world policy of appeasement as seen in Korea, Vietnam, the Panama Canal, Iran and Lebanon.

We are told over and over, by our own government and the Jew owned media, that we no longer dare to fight (in Grenada and Nicaragua, yes, but not the "big boys" of Cuba or the Soviet Union). We are told that another war will kill us all. But is a man or woman any more dead who is incinerated by a hydrogen bomb, than one who is killed by napalm? We are not only being turned into a nation of compromisers, who cannot even express anger over something like what is happening in Afghanistan, but we are being turned into a nation of cowards.

Personally, I would rather stand and fight the evils of International Zionist-Communism arm-in-arm and be incinerated, than to see my children and grandchildren live under the slavery of Judaistic Communism.

* * * * *

There are powerful organizations at work in America, who are spending millions of dollars every year, much of it coming from gullible Christian sources, to be used in what they call the "quarantine treatment of Christian Patriots." These are the people who are intelligent enough to know the truth and who have the courage to speak out concerning it. They are the ones in particular, who are "blowing the whistle" on the Jewish control over America.

The AMERICAN JEWISH COMMITTEE, which works in harmony with every Jewish organization in America, invented this formula for dealing with American patriots. In a confidential conference held in 1955, this committee resolved to "quarantine" every patriot who dared speak out with alertness concerning the Zionist threat to Christian America. They sent out specific orders to the Jewish controlled media to enforce these orders.

They resolved that if any public figure spoke out concerning the "Jewish Question," he would immediately be labeled as a "rabble rouser," or a "leader of the lunatic fringe." They also concluded than even a smear campaign helped a patriotic group, since it brought them to the attention of the public.

We have found this. to be very true with the CHRISTIAN PATRIOT'S DEFENSE LEAGUE. We have always treated the press and TV personnel with courtesy and have always opened our meetings to them. In almost 100% of the cases, they have done "hatchet jobs" on us and have twisted our statements around to make us look like a bunch of "kooks" and "hate mongers." Recently they went so far as to accuse John Harrell, the founder of this organization, of buildted his own personal air force. (Next they will be coming out and stating we intend to bomb Washington, D.C. with the Piper Cubs we have in our air-arm.)

But strangely enough, we have found that even badly adverse reports have helped our cause. More and more Americans are waking up to the fact that the media cannot be trusted, they are learning to read between the lines of the news. As one man told us: "When I read a radical report on some person or organization that is exposing evil, I immediately ask, why are they so concerned. Could it be that those extremists are telling us the truth?"

In every instance, bad reports have resulted in hundreds of letters of inquiry.

So the Jewish "power lords," tried giving us the "silent treatment." They showed their utter contempt for the Bill of Rights. And, they have confessed over and over, by their actions, that they believe Jews have the right to use force and power, to coerce and control Americans.

If Christians were ever able to get this truth through their "thick heads," 90% of the Jewish problem would be resolved.

Why should any group have the power to determine what Americans shall and shall not know about their own affairs? When these alien people, who are completely hostile to the idea of Americanism, and who are a tiny minority, rise up and try and control all of us, we have strong motives to question their tactics.

* * * * *

One of the major tools of the Zionist "change artists" has been in the matter of "racial integration". They are enough historians, that they understand that every racially integrated society in the world's 6,000 years of written history, has "gone down the tube" from internal decay.

Up until about 1870 archeologists who were exploring ancient British antiquities never followed up their findings and what they did find, has been ridiculed by modern scholars. The reason for this is quite evident. With the coming of such men as Darwin, Huxley, Spencer and others, the theory of evolution occupied completely the root of speculative philosophy and even science.

To the theory of Evolution, which demands that man developed from a primate and a savage, through various stages until the Greek and Roman culture, the idea that a scientific community existed in Britain, 1500 years before the time of Christ, was utterly disastrous. Historians have pictured our Anglo-Saxon ancestors as savages in the skins of wild animals, barely able to use metals for the construction of their weapons. Yet when the Roman Legions tried to conquer Britain, they found ancient universities, which surpassed anything that could be found in Rome.

So modern investigators, anxious to follow the Evolutionary reasoning process, have carefully avoided tampering with anything which might prove them wrong.

Since the advent of Thomas Paine and the Jewish-German higher critics of the Bible, the statements of the Bible have been criticized and laughed at as folk tales by those who should know better.

Oriental scholars have believed that the Semites existed at least 4,000 B.C. Now these same scholars believe that the term "Semite" is derived from Shem, the son of Noah, who lived about the time of the Great Flood, which according to Scripture account took place about 2344 B.C. If this is true, then how could Semitic people have existed 1500 years earlier?

Some Orientalists believe the Semitic race originated in Central Asia and migrated into Mesopotamia about 3,000 B.C. There they found an inferior civilization which they conquered and absorbed and then founded the Babylonian Empire.

This migration of a superior race, coming from Central Asia has been proven correct, but as Shem did not come into existence until 2400 B.C. this race which came from Asia could not have been Semites. They were ARYANS, the parent white race. The name ARYAN in the Original Sanskrit language comes from the word ARYA which literally means "the noble race."

Scientific men know that there is a great deal of difference between the three principle races of mankind, regardless of all the screaming to the contrary of those who say they are alike. These three races are the Mongolian, sometimes called the Turanian race; the Negro and the White race, known as Caucasian. The white race were late comers on the worlds scene and constituted world leaders wherever they appeared. Any honest investigation into their background will show that they appeared late in history, as a highly developed civilization.

The answer to this can be found in Genesis 1:26 where we read that God said: "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over all the earth." If the Bible translators had used care and had translated the original Hebrew word for man, which is "Aw-dam", as Adam, instead of man, there would have been no doubt that only the White race was created in the likeness of God and was to have dominion over all the earth. Young's Analytical Concordance will show over 500 cases where the Hebrew word for "man" in the Old Testament, is "Adam." Which certainly indicates that God was speaking only of the Adamites. Unfortunately the translators read their assumptions into the Book, just as most Christians do today.

Now I realize that these statements are going to mr sosome of you angry and will elicit accusations of being a "white supremest." But what I am doing is merely telling you the truth. If the food is too strong for you, maybe you should go back to the "bottle feeding" you get from your own church. My job is not to convince you of anything, merely to tell you the truth.

So whether you want to accept it or not, the Old Testament gives us the best and right explanation as to why the White or Adamic people have always been superior. It has always been recognized by historians, that the White race was an agricultural race, while most of the older races were chiefly nomads and hunters. This is proven in Gen. 2:5, which states that after the creation: "And there was not an Adamite to till the ground." Then in Genesis 2:7 and 8, we find where the Lord God "formed" (not created, but formed) ADAM from the dust of the earth and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and "man became a living soul." This was completely different from the "creation" of Genesis 1:26.

It goes on to say: "And the Lord planted a garden in Eden; and there He put the man (Adamite) whom He had formed." According to Max Mueller, a great Oxford scholar, "Man is a derivative root word, which means to think. From the Sanskrit we have the word "Manu", which means 'the thinker,' this then was changed to 'man.' The name Adam, the thinker, suggests that the living soul that was breathed into Adam (not the beings of Genesis 1:26 who were created) raised him above the existing races."

This of course will be a bitter pill for the fundamentalists and evangelicals to swallow, since they have been taught by their religious leaders, and not from the Scriptures, that all mankind is alike. According to biological laws, the black and yellow races could not have come from a white couple, no matter what the religionists say to the contrary. It is against every law of nature and therefore against the genetic laws of God Himself.

Many Christians become extremely uncomfortable when they are faced with the racial issue. This is because they have been under attack for a long time with a theory designed to give them a guilt complex. This theory is that they should be ashamed of being White, because of all the evil things we "White folks" have done to the colored races.

Let me stop here briefly to point out that only the White race and the countries of Christendom, (mostly White) have been open in their acceptance of Christianity. The colored races have only been reached for Christ through a great deal of effort, expense and even physical danger.

The White nations of the world send out 98% of all Christian missionaries and Christian literature. It was the White race who abolished slavery, England first in 1834, followed by the United States in 1865. Whenever there is a great national catastrophe, it is the White nations of Christendom who are in the forefront of sending relief. For every evil we have perpetrated on the world, our people have brought a thousand blessings. So never let anyone make you feel ashamed because you are White.

The idea of cohabitation between Blacks and Whites is a sensual concept which immediately creates an evil impression. The instincts of decent Blacks and Whites, revolt at this unnatural performance. The word "adultery", which is akin to "adulterate" is not used in its proper format. It is one type of crime to adulterate the purity of a family, when the husband or wife go outside the marriage relationship for sex relations. Such conduct degenerates and ultimately destroys, first the family and finally the civilization. Fidelity is one the highest principles maintained by the traditions of the Anglo-Saxon and related peoples of Northern Europe.

It is a terrible sin, in the eyes of God, to adulterate this family relationship, but it is a much more terrible sin to adulterate a race. When Moses first presented the Ten Commandments to God's people Israel at Mt. Sinai (these were not the Jews we know today), he included God's specific command: "Thou shalt not commit adultery!" To construe this commandment as referring only to the husband-wife relationship, is to limit the breadth and wisdom of its significance God had set apart a special people - not to rule over others, as the Zionists envision and are taught in their TALMUD, but to become the "light bearers" of Almighty God, out of which would come the Savior of mankind, Jesus the Christ.

The "seed of the woman" was to come from the woman's body, with the Holy Spirit supplying its contents. This was in a direct fulfillment of Isaiah's prophecy: "Behold a virgin shall conceive and bear a child, and thou shalt call its name Emmanuel, which is interpreted, God with us." (Isaiah 7:14).

This special people who were to come from the seed of Abraham, are not to be confused with the Twentieth Century apostates who are as the Scripture says in Revelation 2:9 -"Those who say they are Jews (proper word JUDEANS), and are not: but are of the synagogue of Satan."

The faithful seed of Abraham was to maintain its racial purity and fulfill its calling in answering that first Biblical prophesy found in Genesis 3:15, when God promised that the "seed of the woman" would bruise the serpent's (Satan's) heel. It also said that there would be perpetual enmity between the seed of Satan and the seed of the woman.

I am firmly convinced, that when God said: "Thou shalt not commit adultery!" he was not referring to the purity of the home, but to the purity of our race. There are many other Scriptures which will confirm this, no matter what seal of approval is placed on inter-racial marriage by such as Billy Graham and others. These say there is no restriction on marriage between the races, as long as both are Christian, but "thus saith not the Scriptures."

There is a great deal of difference between an honest mistake and an evil obsession. When a tourist takes a wrong turn in the road, sincerely believing he is headed in the right direction, he is a victim of a mistake. Possibly he was at fault for not having learned to read a road map, but he is not the victim of an obsession and he did not make that wrong turn because of some evil motive.

However, there are very few people who, sentimentally, without question, without intelligence, and without proper consideration, would allow themselves to be used for the purpose of mongrelization It is completely contrary to nature. These same folks will often condemn adultery in the home, but glorify it when it comes to race.

After observing this unholy campaign for many years, I am convinced that its purpose is to destroy our race and adulterate the White Man's Christian tradition. I would suggest that our youth have been deliberately debauched by drink, dope and unbridled sex, not to benefit them but to enslave them. They have been taught to get their thrills through sexual intermingling. Last summer I was in Oregon on a speaking tour. Some students from Oregon State University told me that a "lesbian organization" in the school had come up with a motto which stated: "Raise black soldiers for the coming revolution," and urged the lesbian girls to have an affair with and get pregnant from a Black student. You can never convince me that this was for some healthy purpose.

Any policeman with any experience at all will tell you that white men do not go into a Black neighborhood for sexual satisfaction when they are sober, or on their way to church. It usually happens when they are dead drunk and scarcely know what they are doing.

Politicians who love to stay in office, no matter what the price, will do anything, and I literally mean anything to get the Black and Jewish vote. If they think this will come about by promising sexual intermingling, they will do it, regardless of its effect on their own people.

However, anyone who will make an honest study of this problem from a Scriptural and historical basis, will find that race mixing is always promoted by Satanically inspired demagogues, for the purpose of controlling and ultimately destroying people. History proves, beyond the shadow of reasonable doubt, that every civilization which has been guilty of miscegenation has been on the pathway to national ruin and destruction.

Let me ask you a rhetorical question. This is especially aimed at you Christians who may believe that I am a racist, or an antisemite. Is it anti-semitic for me to observe that the majority of Jewish rabbis, and every Jewish Journal and every Jewish organization which has expressed itself on the subject, is in favor of "mongrelization" for the Gentiles, but not for Jews? The very same rabbis who campaign for racially integrated schools, will send his children to a Jewish school so as to maintain his racial purity. In Israel, for instance, it is a criminal offense for a Jew to marry outside his own race. I say: "What's sauce for the goose, should be sauce for the gander."

Before we allow this sin, which God condemned by actually killing people because they committed it, occurs among our youth, ask yourself: "Who is behind it and why?" (I suggest that you read the entire 25th Chapter of the book of Numbers.)

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