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Brig. Gen. Gordon "Jack" Mohr

Tied in very closely with mongrelization is our present problem of alien immigration. Why has billions of dollars been spent by lobbyists and propagandists to break down our immigration barriers and flood our land with aliens. Now someone is bound to observe that all Americans, with the exception of the native Indians, have been immigrants. This is true! During one fifty year period in the Nineteenth Century, more than 43-million people flocked to our shores, in the greatest mass movement of people in the world's history. But observe closely that the vast majority of these were White people from Northern Europe. While they did not all speak the same language, their heart's language was the same. The majority of them were Christians; they believed in the sanctity of the home and womanhood, they believed in the work ethic; they honored God's laws. But in the past fifty years, since the immigration barriers have been deliberately broken down, America has been flooded with aliens. They are alien in their religion; they are alien in their moral beliefs, they are alien in their political philosophy. It's no wonder that it is among this group that the Communist agents have their field day.

The major reason that America has always been strong, vital and dynamic, Christian and progressive, is because it has been predominately White. Now some of you are bound to violently disagree with this, but it can be easily proven One of the best examples I can think of is the country of Italy. The people in the north, the Lombards, are mostly of white stock and they have produced the great Italian leaders; the soldiers, statesmen, painters, musicians. In the south, the people are of mixed breed and even in Italy have a reputation of being lazy, shiftless and not to be trusted. If you have ever traveled extensively in Italy you know this to be true. There are many other examples. So before you slap a "racist" label on me, remember that history proves that the great scientific civilization of Egypt was a white civilization. Look at the picture on the tombs of the pharaohs and you will find they are all Caucasian. It was not until their military campaign brought black slaves from Ethiopia and Sudan into their palaces and there was integration between White Egyptian and their black slaves, that Egyptian civilization was lost to the world.

In the past fifty years, there has been an underhanded, Jew led campaign in the United States to make White people feel ashamed of their heritage. While it has become popular for Blacks to believe that "Black is beautiful," you are supposed to believe that it is a shame to be White. This is a lie!

It has been the White nations of the world that have abolished slavery, England first in 1834, followed by the United States in 1865, while in much of Africa and Asia, slavery is still practiced and in some places the horrible practice of cannibalism. At no time in the history of the world, have a people fought against an enemy and then turned around and placed those enemy on their feet and nursed them back to health. We did that because we were White and Christian, no colored civilization or race has ever done that. So don't be embarrassed because you are White.

Am I anti-Semitic when I point out that every Jewish organization, rabbi and periodical in this country has backed open immigration. If that makes me anti-Semitic - please explain why?

Many years ago, Gen. George Van Horn Mosley addressed a Congressional Committee. He was one of America's greatest patriots. During World War I, he had been the "right hand" man of Gen. "Black Jack" Pershing, the American Commander of the Expeditionary force we sent to Europe. He was retired, when he made this speech and that he had been joining in protest of neutral legations appears to indicate that the danger was being realized by them. "I consider the immediate suppression of Bolshevism as the greatest issue now before the world, not even excluding the war which is still raging. Unless Bolshevism is nipped in the bud immediately, it is bound to spread in one form or another over all of Europe. It is organized and worked by Jews who have no nationality. Their objective is to destroy for their own ends, the existing order of things. The only manner in which this danger can be averted would be a call to action on the part of all the great powers." (UNQ.)

Illustrating the tremendous power of organized Jewry, it must be noted that the British White Paper referred to was followed by a Revised White Paper, which omitted entirely the role played by the Jews in the Bolshevik Revolution

The statement in the original paper is in accord with what the U.S. Ambassador to Russia, David R. Francis wrote in January, 1918. He said: "The Bolshevik leaders, most of whom are Jews and ninety percent of whom are returned exiles, care very little for Russia or any other country. They are internationalists and they are trying to start a world-wide social revolution for their own ends." (UNQ.)

The JEWISH CHRONICLE of London, carried an article in the April 4,1919 issue, which was in accord with the report from the Netherlands and from France, it said: "There is much in the fact that Bolshevism itself, in the fact that so many Jews are Bolshevists, in the fact that the ideals of Bolshevism are consonant (in agreement with) the finest ideals of Judaism (Talmudism.)" (UNQ.)

In the September 10,1920 issue of the AMERICAN HEBREW AND JEWISH MESSENGER, the following quotation appeared: "What Jewish idealism and Jewish discontent have so powerfully contributed to accomplish in Russia, the same historic qualities of the Jewish mind and heart are tending to promote in other countries." (UNQ.) (Vol. 107, p. 507, THE HEBREW MESSENGER.)

All these quotations and many more can be found in the Congressional Library.

The experience of Russia, where millions of Christians were deliberately and brutally murdered, stands before us as a vivid example. Trotsky, the Jewish Minister of War, who personally ordered the killing of more than 6-MILLION Christians, became our neighbor in Mexico for a short time, until he went to Russia with 247 of the worst Jewish bums from New York's East Side and $20-million donated by the Jew, Jacob Schiff. They were stopped by Canadian Customs at Goose Bay, Labrador and held in custody, until pressure from the American State Department turned them loose to loot and rape in Russia.

Then we had another vivid example in Hungary, where Bela Kun lead the murder squads. When the Hungarian patriots tried to stand against this tyranny in 1956, it was the President of the United States, Dwight David Eisenhower - who had been elected on his promise to do away with the Iron Curtain - who turned a deaf ear to the cries of the freedom fighters. Instead the U.S. State Department sent a cablegram, in the clear, for all the world to read which said: "The United States does not look with favor on countries hostile to the Soviet Union, on the borders of the Soviet Union." The next day Khruschev's tanks rolled into Budapest and crushed the revolution.

If you wonder why Germany hated the Jews, all you need to do is take a look at the terrible experiences they went though after the Armistice of World War I and see how it was Jewish control of economics, that brought the German people, the most industrious in Europe, to the point of starvation.

Germany had been the next State in Europe, after Russia, which was earmarked to go Communist. Fortunately the character of the German people was aroused, and regardless of what you may think of Adolph Hitler, it was under his influence that Germany threw off the Communist yoke.

If any of my readers stupidly accept Communism as 20th Century Americanism, you should read and absorb the Manifesto of the 8th Convention of the Communist Party of the U.S. in April 1934, and note especially the following statement made at this time: "The revolutionary way out of the crisis begins with the fight for unemployment insurance, relief to the farmers - through administrations, strikes, general strikes, leading to the seizure of power, to the destruction of capitalism by the revolutionary people's government."

What they fail to state is that not one - not one - of the countries which has tried Socialism-Communism - has ever succeeded in doing for the people what they have promised.

Then if this does not wake you up, it would be well for you to read what Earl Browder, Communist leader in the U.S., declared in his book WHAT IS COMMUNISM? published in 1936:

"The revolution does not simply happen, it must be made. (P. 163).

"Thus some form of violence is unavoidable. There is no possible choice between violence and non-violence. The only choice is between the two sides of class trouble." (P.169) Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. the Black activist knew this and followed its precepts, even while preaching "non-violence."

Then if you are still unconvinced, you might turn to the Sept. 9, 1928 issue of PRAVDA, (Moscow's official news organ), which declares: "The world-wide nature of our program is not mere talk but an all-embracing and blood-soaked reality. It cannot be other-wise. Our ultimate aim is world communism, our fighting preparations are for world revolution, for the conquest of power on a world-wide scale, and the establishment of a world dictatorship."

This is the same aim of world Zionism. In PROTOCOL III, you can read their plan for bringing this about: "We (Jews) appear on the scene as the alleged Saviors of the workers from the oppression of the aristocracy, those, who have enjoyed by law, the labor of the workers. They are interested in just the opposite - in the KILLING OUT OF THE GOYIM! Our power is in the chronic shortages of food and physical weakness of the workers, because by this they are made our slaves. By want, envy and the hatred which it engenders, we shall move the mobs and with their hands, we will wipe out all those who hinder us in any way." (UNQ)

For heaven's sake, folks, look around you and see how this has been and is being done!

Now at this point, I want to state emphatically, that I do not by any means endorse the proposition that all Jews are Communists, or that all Communists are Jews. In the very nature of things, no loyal Jewish American (by this mean an American of Jewish faith), can possibly be a Communist. That outstanding Jewish American, Samuel Gompers, who at one time headed the American Federation of Labor, was so resolutely opposed to communism that he publicly declared: "I can think of nothing that would constitute a more needless and base betrayal of civilization than American recognition of the Soviet Union." (UNQ.)

Individual Jews can and have been good Americans. But unfortunately, serious embarrassments are placed in their way by organized Jewry which declares that all Jews are a distinct nationality In his book, THE JEWISH PROBLEM - HOW TO SOLVE IT!, the Jew Louis Brandeis said: "Let us all recognize that we Jews are a distinct nationality of which every Jew, whatever his country, his station, or shade of belief is necessarily a member. Organize, organize, organize! until every Jew in America must stand up and be counted - counted with us - or prove himself, wittingly or unwittingly of the few who are against their own people." In other words. You are a Jew first, before you are an American and your loyalty must be first to Zionism!

Such a state of affairs creates a divided or dual loyalty, wholly inconsistent with loyalty to any nation, by those affiliating with organized Jewry. Brandeis' statement cannot be lightly brushed aside, when one keeps in mind that he was elected, along with the Communist Litvinov, to the Jewish Hall of Fame, as being among one of the 120 greatest living Jews. (See 1938 World Almanac, p.413.)

The existence of an organized World Jewry is openly declared in a Fireside Discussion Group Leaflet #VII of the Anti-Defamation League of the Jewish B'nai B'rith, which stated: "Approximately a race, definitely a people and consciously a unit, we are a historic people - a world community." (P.3).

This same idea of Jewish unity was reaffirmed by Rabbi Louis Loeb of Washington, D.C. who proclaimed that his creed was: "Jerusalem as the head capitol of the United States of the World." (UNO) (WHO'S WHO IN THE NATION'S CAPITOL, 1929-30, pp 447, 448.)

Few Christians realize how complete is the Jewish State, as it is organized and operates within the United States. It is a complete nation within a nation, which demands loyalty to its plans. The Jewish people of America, are the only ones among many hundreds of nationalities who are allowed "dual loyalty" in this country.

Our inquiry will also include an investigation of the controlling organizations of this Jewish State, operating within America. The -Big Four are:



(3) THE B'NAI B'RITH, with its affiliates of the ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE and the JEWISH DEFENSE LEAGUE. (The latter two are the KGB of organized Jewry in America,) and


There are other powerful Jewish organizations which you will discover as your investigation proceeds. Bear in mind, that this Jewish nation is complete in every respect, including having their own court system.

The question of Communism and National and International control will not be settled as long as this condition exists. We are not interested at this time in the poor, down-trodden communist running down some dark street alley, but in the great power at the top, which interferes in the operation of our own government, in fact controls it.

Since I have had the temerity to challenge this Jewish octopus and to expose it in an effort to protect our Christian people, I have come under attack from them and from their stooges in the churches. In fact I have received more "flack" from the JUDAPHILES behind the pulpits, than from the Zionists themselves. They like to have others do their dirty work for them."

Now there is much for us to remember, we realize that this speech was delivered more than forty years ago and that the power of the Jewish Octopus has grown by leaps and bounds since then. Today, the Anti-Defamation League openly proposes legislation for the benefit of Jews only and intimidates the cowardly Congressmen in Washington into voting for it. If these men show a spark of Americanism and take only a tiny stand against Jewish control, they are immediately "earmarked" for defeat at the polls (See the example of Sen. Fullbright of Arkansas; Sen. John Towers of Texas; Sen. Percy of Illinois, and the tremendous fight to unseat Sen. Jesse Helms in North Carolina It looks as though organized Jewry may have reached its objective with Sen. Helms, for he has suddenly softened his resistance to Zionist control.)

* * * * *


From time to time, freedom loving Americans have been encouraged by the words of the prominent men who have had the courage to "beard the enemy in his den." One of these was the eminent broadcaster, Dean Manion. Over thirty years ago he made a public speech titled: THE HIDDEN HAND THAT CONTROLS OFFICIAL WASHINGTON. Needless to say, it was not well received by organized Jewry or the hordes of "yes" men who cater to them in our Nation's Capitol.