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Brig. Gen. Gordon "Jack" Mohr


I can understand people who are ignorant and even sympathize with those who sincerely believe I am wrong in my evaluation of the Jewish situation. But the people who really puzzle me are those Christians who say: "We know you are right and you are doing a great work, we hope you succeed in alerting Americans, but we won't take a stand with you!" Some of them, including a lot of preachers, will not admit they are afraid.

These people are "Apostles of the First Peter." By this I mean the Peter who was afraid to confess his association with Christ, because of a little servant girl. That Peter knew he was lying, but he was man enough to admit it to himself and cry bitterly about it. Then he went out and did something about his fear. God honored him, by allowing him to preach the first great sermon of the Christian era at Pentecost.

This was the Peter who told the Jewish authorities, when they tried to stop him from preaching: "Whether it be right in the sight of God to hearken unto you more than unto God, judge ye." this is the Peter I want to follow, the Second Peter, the penitent Peter, the forgiven Peter, the courageous Peter, who was later willing to die for the truth he knew he preached. How we need men and women like this in 1985.


No one needs to accuse the Jews. Read what they say about themselves. They condemn themselves out of their own mouths.

A Copy of the MILWAUKEE JOURNAL for Sept. 17,1955 carried this story: "RED HUNTERS BEDEVIL FREEDOM, SAYS RABBI - "The U.S. should not use up so much energy fighting Communism, that it has none left to build democracy, said Rabbi Dudley Weinburg of Temple Emmanu El N'ni Jeshrun."

Now doesn't it seem strange to you that a Jewish rabbi would be so concerned for fear that someone would expose Communism? It only confirms what Rabbi Steven Wise said in 1918: "Some call it Communism; I call it Judaism!"

* * * * *

It is interesting to me to see some people in conservative Christian circles, who call anyone a "fraud" who tries to expose Judaism. They are often called "straw men," who are "agents of the Jews." It was sort of like the Pharisees accusing Jesus of casting out devils by the aid of Beelzebub, the chief of the devils. But one of the men so accused by gutless Christian leaders had this to write in 1955:

Form your own impression of him: "Jesus Christ, the Son of God, stands in the center of the world stage at this moment. (Jesus said, Matthew 10:32, 33 - 'Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess before my Father which is in heaven ...")

His miraculous personality is being lifted up both by His disciples and His enemies. The amazing fact in Christianity, aside from Christ's revealed Deity, Lordship and Saviorhood, is that any mention of His name lifts Him up. If He is cursed, He is lifted up! When He was buried, He was glorified in the resurrection! When He is abused, the lovers of Christ are aroused. If He is made the center of crude, barbaric commercialism, even the Christ-hating merchant cannot put up the word CHRISTMAS in his store, without honoring Him. (Did you notice how they did away with the word CHRISTMAS during the 1984 holiday season? It was HAPPY HOLIDAY, or SEASONS GREETINGS, not MERRY CHRISTMAS!)

For those of us who think of Christmas as the dynamic moment when we celebrate the advent of our Lord, it seems difficult to break through the materialism, the vanity and the extravagance of Christmas. We observe that even a drunk cannot say MERRY CHRISTMAS, without honoring Jesus Christ.

Oh yes, I know all about the arguments some use against the celebration of Christmas. They say that it is a heathen holiday and that the Christmas tree and the ornaments are heathen symbols and they are. But the day itself, whether coming at the wrong time of the year or not, should be important to the Christian, for it was on that day, centuries ago when we acknowledged "the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us..." John 1:14. Nothing wrong with a celebration that honors and glorifies Him!

The Jews, the pagans, the modern Herodians are as determined to stamp out His name and discredit our Lord today, as they were that night when the order went out from king Herod the Edomite, to kill all the baby boys in Galilee, so as to eliminate Him.

Strange creatures have appeared on the scene in recent years who call themselves Christians. I cannot honor any man or woman as a Christian who brings Christ down from His throne to the level of a Ghandi, a Buddha, or a Confucius. Enemies of Christ who pose as Christians and Christian leaders are seeking to "down grade" the Son of God. They want to bring Him down to their own sinful level. I believe He was "man in the flesh," But He was also "God with us!"

Patriotic organizations such as the CHRISTIAN PATRIOT DEFENSE LEAGUE do not assume the responsibility of teaching religious dogma. That is not their task. I discuss doctrine in my CHRISTIAN PATRIOT CRUSADER, because as a watchman, I must declare the "whole counsel of God," not just the part I especially like. The CHRISTIAN PATRIOT DEFENSE LEAGUE is dedicated to the preservation of an America, which maintains the full dignity of a Christian Republic. It is dedicated to the protection of that Republic. We feel that it is the responsibility of the church to keep alive the holy truth which has to do with personifying God on earth through Jesus Christ. Many churches have not done this. Many have turned away in recent years, from being lighthouses for truth, and have become instead "glorified religious country clubs," where men and women belong and attend because of the prestige it gives to them. These, the apathetic Alka Seltzer Christians, who come to church and "fizz" for an hour on Sunday morning and forget God for the rest of the week, are the cause of America's downfall. "It is my pleasure," this man of God said, "to confess my complete faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. He was born of the Virgin Mary, and I believe there is no other name given among men whereby we must be saved. I believe that His teachings and those of the Apostles contain the full truth concerning my personal conduct on this earth and my hope for immortality when this fleshly temple is discarded. If I did not have this faith; if I did not believe every word He uttered; I would not preach what I do.

"His enemies killed Him! His friends buried Him! But He rose from the dead in order that the simplest and the humblest person might understand fully that He is the Master over death. I do not believe a prayer can be prayed, which God will hear and answer, unless it is prayed in His name. In fact, He said it in stronger words: 'I am the door of the sheepfold. He that climbeth up any other way is a thief and a robber.' This is my confession!"

I know of no greater testimony to the saving power of Jesus Christ than this testimony. I know of no greater reason for the fight in which I am now engaged. This is the testimony of millions. But unfortunately, many millions who have accepted Him as Savior, have never made Him their king. They still insist on doing their own thing, rather than obeying His law. The Apostle John in his First Epistle (2:4) tells us: "He that saith I know Him, and keepeth not His commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him." Please don't get angry with me, those words are not mine!

* * * * *


The founders of this nation wrote the Constitution on the assumption that its spiritual character and full intent would keep us free. They never dreamed that individuals, posing as Americans, would so mis-interpret the Constitution as to destroy it.

A very discerning patriot from California wrote about this: "Article six of the Constitution of the United States clearly states that Treaties made with any foreign power shall become the law of the land. The wording is unfortunate. Par. 2 says: 'This Constitution and the laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof; and all treaties made, or which shall be made under the authority of the U.S., shall be the supreme law of the land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, anything in the Constitution or the laws of any State to the contrary not withstanding.'

"These few innocently written and simple words, were embodied in a document written by our founding fathers to make it possible for our citizens to live in freedom forever... Those tragic words, which in these latter days, are interpreted by our high Supreme Court in a manner not foreseen by those who framed the Constitution, act as a floodgate through which those forces bent upon our destruction now spread their poisonous political filth.

"Fanatical 'one-world', or 'super-government' crusaders maintain a powerful lobby within the United Nations organ. Well meaning churchmen and duped educators as well as women and men in high places of honor have been hoodwinked and persuaded to join in this movement.

"These international rascals who practically control many departments of the United Nations, are now seeking to invoke the vicious wording of Article 6 and are determined to use every trick and device known to secret and dishonest diplomacy, for the coercing of the American people into abdicating their sovereignty, thereby surrendering the control of all government, resources and their Constitutional right to govern themselves.

"While I am not a lawyer and therefore do not possess the learning to compare the concept of the treaty power in the days of Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson or Calhoun, what those gentlemen thought makes very little difference. Nor am I disposed to waste time splitting hairs with learned lawyers who have the ability to twist the meaning of words and distort phrases for the aid and comfort of those who would barter away our American Life by making a treaty with any foreign nation the supreme law of the land. (This of course, is what the Genocide Treaty is designed to do! - ED).

"Every layman can understand that what we need today is to amend this provision of the Constitution. Since the Supreme Court has overrode the rights of Americans in the following words:

"The treaty making power is an extraordinary power liable to abuse. Treaties make International Law and they also make domestic law. Under our Constitution, treaties become the supreme law of the land. They indeed, are more supreme than ordinary laws, for Congressional laws are invalid if they do not conform to the Constitution - whereas treaties can override the Constitution. Treaties, for example, can take powers away from the States and give them to the Federal Government or to some International body and they can cut across the rights given the people by the Constitutional Bill of Rights."

There you have it - for those who are not too mentally lazy to read something basically more involved than the comics or the sports page.

The Supreme Court tells you that here is a power, vested in the President and a few Senators, which can override our Constitution. Worst of all, their power can be exercised by the President alone without the confirmation by the Congress. IT CAN BE DONE ANY TIME DURING A TIME OF NATIONAL EMERGENCY! It is called the DOCTRINE OF EXECUTIVE AGREEMENT. When will the American people wake up to this deadly and inherent danger to our rights as freemen?

* * * * *


"When you tell a lie, make it a big one; shout it long and loud enough and even intelligent people will begin to believe you."

The Jew-paid propagandists of the media have tried to brainwash Americans into believing that the Arab people are procommunist. In fact, the majority of Arabs, especially the Muslims, are violently anti-communist. The trick of the International Jew propaganda machine has been to corner the Arabs with embargoes and fake propaganda in hopes that they will be forced into trading with the Communist nations. They have been eminently successful in their efforts, and several hundred million Arabs, who were once friendly to the United States now "hate our guts." The Jews use these facts to try and whip up anti-Arab sentiment in the United States.

Communism is completely contrary to the Arab doctrine. In fact, Mohammedanism is much closer to Christianity in its basic beliefs, than this fake Judaism which we hear so much about today and which is really Phariseeism. Except for the brainwashed Judeo-Christians who have been taken in by Jewish myths and who cannot be Bible Christians and Judeo-Christians at the same time, Christianity has made the grave sin of helping those who hate the Lord. In 2 Chronicles 19:2 we read these words: "... shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate the Lord? therefore is wrath upon thee from before the Lord." I wish some of our churchmen would ponder this verse once in a while.

* * * * *

From the very beginning of the Zionist movement into Palestine, the Jews have been plotting to make Jerusalem their Capitol. A lot of Zionist Congressmen, many of whom are not Jews, would like to move the Israeli capitol from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

In an address given December 1, 1948, Chaim Weizman, the first Israeli President said: "Jerusalem is ours and any other rule over the city is inconceivable." Bernard Joseph, alias Dov Joseph, then Military Governor, said: "No matter what is decided, IS ours!" Weizman must have forgotten that he was a Russian Jew, with a British passport. In fact, being of khazar origin, like Menachim Begin and about 95% of the rest of the Israeli's, he was not a descendant of Abraham and none of his ancestors had ever set foot in Palestine.

I agree with them when they said: "No alien shall ever rule over Jerusalem!," for both of these men were aliens to Israel. It includes a vast horde which our Lord spoke about in Revelation 2:9, when He mentioned "those which say they are Jews and are not; but are of the synagogue of Satan."

It should not be necessary to remind any Jew of the role played by their ancestors almost 2,000 years ago, for Mt. Golgotha is still there to remind them of their murder of the Son ot God.

"We cannot forget Jerusalem!" Weizman said, to which we must add that Jerusalem will never forget the Jews. It will never forget the destruction by Jews of Christian shrines, as they battered the cross and trampled underfoot the emblem of Christianity and covered it with human excrement.

"We want to be free in the land of Zion," Weizman said and we dare not but admit that Jews now have the free run of Jerusalem. They are free to loot Arab property; they are free to rape and murder, as Begin did at Deir Yassin. They are free to bomb and napalm women and children as they did recently in Lebanon.

"And last but not least, we need to remember that it was Jews, who killed Count Bernadotte, the United Nations Mediator and his chief observer, in broad daylight in the center of Jerusalem, because he would not do things their way."

Are not these proven claims strong enough for you Christians to realize that the Jews hold Satanic rule over the Holy Land?

In 1952, the Archbishop of Galilee, Msgr. George Hakim, protested to the Israeli Minister of Religious Affairs, Dr. Hertzog on the wholesale destruction of the Christian village of Ikrei. It was totally destroyed by the Israeli with vicious cruelties which would match anything Hitler was ever accused of.

Today the truth is known! Communism is Jewish, whether you want to accept it or not!

It is Jewish whether it is found in Russia, China, or Palestine and they will not rest until you my brainwashed Christian friend, are wiped off the face of the earth, as Christians were in Russia -over 60-million of them! That's a real holocaust!

In the Communist textbook on PSYCHOPOLITICS, page 52 you can read their own words: "We have battled in America since the century's turn to bring to nothing any and all Christian influences and we are succeeding. While we today seem to be kind to Christians, remember we have yet to influence the Christian world to our ends. When that is done, we woreihave an end to them everywhere.

"You must work until Christianity is synonymous with insanity. You must work until the officials of city, county and state governments will not think twice before they pounce on religious groups as public enemies. You must recruit every agency of the nation marked for slaughter into a foaming hatred of Christianity. You must suborn district attorneys and judges into an intense belief ... that Christ practice is vicious, bad, insanity-causing, publicly hated and intolerable."

This ties in with PROTOCOL XIV, which states: "When we (Jews) come into our kingdom, it will be undesirable that there should exist any other religion than ours..." This is why Christianity cannot survive in a Jewish world any more than a nation can exist "half slave and half free,"

* * * * *


The people of America who are really being hurt in the crossfire of demagoguery and mongrelization are the sincere, hard-working, law abiding people of the Black community. While millions of dollars are being spent in propagandizing Blacks, much of this is really hurting them. The daily threats coming from liberal legislators in Washington and the media, regarding Southern Whites bowing to Black demands is doing little but hardening the resolve of many White people, that they are not going to have their lives run by the Jew dominated "carpetbaggers" from the North. Even in the North, the indiscretions of sentimental liberal saps are crystallizing a resentment which the average person cannot understand. The propaganda on TV, which shows a Black as the top detective in most every "cop" program, and Blacks walking arm in arm with white girls, is breeding a white resentment which few people care to understand. The constant throwing together of Blacks and Whites in intimate scenes on the TV screen, is causing a burning resentment in many at the present time, even though they will not openly admit it. This propaganda is not for the purpose of helping Blacks, or for bringing about an understanding between the races. The Black people of America are being prepared by the International Jewish Communists, to be the "cannon fodder" in a race war they hope to start, so that they can pick up the pieces and have their one-world government.

The election of a Black girl as campus sweetheart in a Mid-Western College was a bad blunder. In the first place, the word "sweetheart" suggests a close and intimate male-female relationship, social-intermingling and possibly love-making. Of course the Black population in these States is relatively small and many people in rural areas have little understanding of the "Black problem." (I was almost twenty years old before I saw my first Black and he was in a circus.) The sweetheart thing could very well have been a sentimental gesture by those who did not want to seem to discriminate. But such things as this are manipulated by small-time liberal operators for a completely different reason. The evil it will do, in the provocation of illicit relationships between the races is incalculable.

It saddens me to think of the consequences which could be wreaked on honest, patriotic Blacks, when this thing comes to a head and the manipulators are safely out of the danger area.

When resentment finally crystalizes - and it always does - the manipulators are seldom the ones who suffer. It is very possible that the Whites who ignore mongrelization today, will be the ones who will react in the most extreme manner when they finally wake up and realize what the enemy has done to us.

A lot of ministers of the Gospel who should know better, and who have fooled their people in this racial matter, better look for a deep hole to hide in when this thing breaks, for they are going to have some embarrassing questions to answer before their congregations, as to why they twisted God's Laws concerning race mixing. They will be caught in a trap of their own making and I can predict that it will not be a pleasant one. We need to remember that Galatians 6:7 was written to Christians, for Christians, about Christians - "Be not deceived, God is not mocked; whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap." This is sometimes known as the LAW OF HARVEST and it proves true 100% of the time. Today, a majority of our ministers and politicians are "sowing to the wind, "and the day is coming soon, when they will "reap the whirlwind." It will not be pleasant!

When the time of awakening comes to both Blacks and Whites, history will probably repeat itself and the innocent will suffer along with the guilty. Malcolm "X" deceased leader of the Black Muslims, once made this true statement: "When you add cream to coffee, you come up with a weak mixture and both ingredients suffer." Of course he was speaking about racial mixing and he was exactly right. Would that more of our "bleeding heart" liberals could understand this "fact of life."

* * * * *


While the following article appeared in the ST. BENEDICT CATHOLIC CHURCH bulletin in Cambridge, Mass., over thirty years ago, it has a strong message for 1985. Some of the names have changed, but the truth is still there.

Americans are not by nature a very wary people. They prefer to rush at life with a wide-eyed exuberance, trusting devoutly that their native charm will fend off all foes and leave them to enjoy the ever-brighter and happier world promised them in the TV advertisements.

This penchant for off-guard living is currently being exercised in a most striking way. With a confidence and abandon scarcely paralleled in history, American families have surrendered their leisure time to a motley assortment of crooners, wisecrackers, saxophonists and hams, who have assumed the task of keeping America happy.

The interminable outpouring of this crew, from stage, screen and loud speaker, have made such pursuits as thinking, talking, and enjoying one's friends, not merely un-necessary but out of date. It is entertainment officially designated as such - that provides most of what America laughs at, most of what we cry about, and most of what we get excited about. This form of entertainment has even invaded Christianity, where the TV programs of the electronic evangelists rival those of the entertainment world. All you have to do is watch a Billy Graham, Oral Roberts, or Rex Humbard show to see for yourself.

The American living room has been turned into a cheap vaudeville house, a center of indecency and insinuated smut and as the Good Book says: "My people love to have it so."

Though few Americans are aware of it, show business is almost exclusively a Jewish product. The habitual wariness that Christians show of upsetting these anti-Christs, plus natural Jewish willingness, have kept Christians from realizing just how anti-Christian their entertainment has become. Any American couple with tickets to a Broadway hit, if apprised of the Jewish state of things, would probably blithely assume there were no Jewish fingers in their entertainment pie, since they were going to hear a Gentile entertainer, or so they believe.

What most of these naive innocents do not know, is that the majority of the stars whose names appear on the marquees are perhaps the only Gentiles in the show and that often they are not Gentile, but Jews who have changed their names to keep the "stupid goyim" in the dark.

Control, not notoriety is what the Jews seek. And control of the entertainment and music world is what they have obtained in the past fifty years.

If the aforementioned couple were to investigate the ownership of the building where the theater was located, the chances are very high that it would be Jewish owned. The Schubert Theater Company for instance, amassed an immense fortune of over $400-million in about thirty years. In Boston, they owned and operated even legitimate theater in the city, including the Opera House.

Knowing that Jews own the American theaters, it should come as no surprise to normally intelligent people, that America's plays and music for the most part, are written by Jews. The Jews have such a stranglehold on this industry, that any Gentile written play, used in the theater, is always Jewish produced.

The schemes and subterfuges used by the Jews on Broadway, were enthusiastically copied by Hollywood and are now being used on television. They often work behind the names of such Christian stooges as Dale Evans and Roy Rogers, Pat Boone, etc.

Today, due to the guile and money power they exert, Jews control nine out of ten top movie studios in Hollywood. Among top producers and directors, 98% are Jews, while in the lesser studio operations - script-writing, score-composing, wardrobe-design, make-up, etc., their numbers look like an overstuffed bureau of the Israeli government.

For those Americans who seek their entertainment at home via television, all three major TV networks are Jewish owned and control led.

Controlling America's music trade has been a Jewish obsession and they have a vise-like control over all song outlets. The songs Americans hear today are for the most part written by atheistic Jews. Among the most noted in recent years have been the Gershwin brothers, Jerome Kern, Irving Caesar, Frank Loesser, Richard Rogers, Irving Berlin and of course Oscar Hammerstein.

The Talmudic concern of Jews in entertainment is less that their names become household words, than that they should establish household attitudes. Seeing the delight with which many Christian Americans accept their filth, the Jews have been encouraged in their efforts to debauch America, especially our youth.

As a clincher for those naive American Christians who doubt the thorough going Jewishness of America's professional entertainment, here is a partial list of well known stars who are Jewish: Bette Davis, Gregory Peck, Paulette Goddard, Jerry Lewis, Judy Holliday, Keenan Wynn, Hedy Lamaar, Danny Kaye, Melvyn Douglas, Sammy Kaye, Benny Goodman, Harry James, Betty Grable, Joan Blondell, Barbara Stanwyck, Lee J. Cobb, Marlene Dietrick, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Ethel Merman, the Marx Brothers, the Andrew Sisters, Judy Garland, Sid Caesar, Dinah Shore, George Burns, Gracie Allen, Red Buttons, Bud Abbott, Milton Berle, Henry Morgan, Eddie Fisher, Tony Curtis, Shelly Winters, Piper Laurie, Kirk Douglas, Victor Borge, Farley Granger, Jack Webb, and a host of lesser and more modern stars and starlets.

In increasing numbers in recent years, Jewish agitators have infiltered crowds gathered for most any purpose and have acted as agitators. During the Vietnam War, as a speaker on the American Opinion Speaker's Bureau of the John Birch Society, I worked a college circuit and had many confrontations with the college radicals and on one occasion was actually assaulted. In every instance, the leaders of the disturbances were Jewish youth, mostly from well-to-do families.

The Jews have become increasingly upset to hear their ancient anti-Christian prejudices exposed. Sometimes, as in the case of the INSTITUTE OF HISTORICAL REVIEW, they have been attacked by radicals from the JEWISH DEFENSE LEAGUE. Always when Jews are attacked, or a synagogue is defaced, the media immediately blamed it on the Nazis or the KKK. But on many occasions, it has been found that the J.D.L. have carried out these attacks on their own people, for propaganda purposes. In 1983, a Nazi parade scheduled to be held in predominately Jewish Skokie, Illinois, drew national attention. Yet the same media that spouted their pro-Jewish propaganda, were very careful not to reveal that the so-called Nazi who set up the parade, was a member of the JEWISH DEFENSE LEAGUE who was acting as an agent provocateur.

Yet when the IHR building was bombed by Jewish radicals in 1984, the media scarcely mentioned it and the local police have done little if nothing to apprehend the culprits.

A question concerned Christian Americans need to ask and have answered is. Who are these Zionist gangsters who operate with such impunity in our country and what is their purpose? While the media rants about the danger to America posed by a few armed right-wing radicals in some remote area of the Northwest, they are totally ignoring the much greater danger from armed Communist agents who are in the United States with the avowed purpose of destroying us. In 1983, the F.B.I. publicly admitted they knew the whereabouts of over 100,000 of these agents, but under existing American law, they cannot touch them. This is suicide!

Much of the racial trouble which has erupted in Boston has been traced to a top Jewish agency in Massachusetts called THE NEW ENGLAND ZIONIST YOUTH COMMISSION. It operates through two affiliated clubs called YOUNG JUDEA and the STUDENTS ZIONIST ORGANIZATION. These participated in ai least four training camps referred to by the Jews themselves as "Zionist Youth Camps." The ADL which was instrumental in having "para-military" laws passed in at least nine states, has been very careful not to propose these laws in states where the Jewish camps are located and military training, including the use of illegal automatic weapons is conducted in these camps under the eyes of a tolerant police force. If the same training was carried out by "right-wing" groups, there would be a terrible furor raised not only in the media, but by the police. Using a little common sense, it becomes quite easy to see where the control lies and just how "one-sided" these laws have become.

The mere fact that Jews are desperately trying to hide the truth from Christians, should give an intelligent person something to think about. They have become the "book burners" of the Twentieth Century, for they are determined to do away with anything that is critical of their actions no matter how truthful it may be. This includes the Holy Bible, the most "anti-Semitic" book of all. In our neighbor to the north, Canada, the Jewish organizations have banned the sale of many historical works which do not show the Jews in a favorable light. In the United States they have been trying for some time, to take the Gospel of St. John out of the New Testament because it is decidedly anti-Talmudic. The sad thing is that these anti-Christs are being helped by many liberal, evangelical and fundamental ministers who cannot see beyond the end of their noses and realize that these Zionists are their worst enemies.


The answer can be made short and simple. It was formed to destroy the freedom given to our people by the Bill of Rights and hand over the resources of the richest nation on earth to the "have not" nations of the Third World who care very little about helping their own people. They know they will never get America's riches, as long as we remain a sovereign people.

The United Nations is part of a long range strategy to bring about world control by a handful of powerful, wealthy Internationalists, the majority of whom are Jews. There is no reason to beat around the bush on this point, because this truth is obvious to anyone who studies the international situation.

The fact that the creators of the United Nations chose a Soviet secret agent to be their Executive Officer during the formative days at Dumbarton Oaks, should tell any intelligent person a great deal.

The superficial thinker may say: "But he was only one and anyone could have made the same mistake."

This shallow logic is easy to demolish. Since the founding of the U.N. it has become a safe refuge for thousands of communist spies who work quite openly within this country under diplomatic immunity. With the U.N. - Headquarters in New York City, they are in a strategic position to infilter and prepare this country for destruction. This they have told us was their plan, reiterated over and over again.

Practical observers know that communist agents in the U.N. manipulated our military into ignominious defeat in both the Korean and Vietnamese Wars.

Here are a number of valid reasons why I believe we should banish this organization from the United States:

1. - They have taken our sons into battle in two no-win wars without the consent of our Congress or our people.

2. - By their clever manipulations, they have drained America's treasury and have involved us in a crippling debt.

3. - They have subordinated our Constitution by chicanery and literal interpretations which have violated the traditions of our nation.

4. - They have used our power, our money and our military apparatus to intimidate and browbeat nations seeking to establish their own sovereignty. (Good examples are Rhodesia and now South Africa.)

5. They have used the power, influence, money and military might of the U.S. to drive millions of Arabs from their rightful possessions in Palestine and have set up an illegal, bandit state known as the Israeli.

6. - By trickery and use of the word "convention," they have organized something which is in no sense a convention, for the purpose of drawing us into International rulings which are detrimental to the welfare of our nation and its people. By this trickery, they are now attempting to pass a resolution known as the Genocide Treaty, which if passed, would subject American citizens to arrest and trial in foreign courts and imprisonment on foreign soil.

7. - They have used the power and influence of the U.N. to justify the mongrelization of our nation and the destruction of the integrity of the White race. This is in itself the "genocide" they say they abhor.

8. - They have placed a foreign beachhead on American soil and we are told that it no longer belongs to us.

9. - They have flooded our shores with spies - communist and Zionist alike, who hate America and everything we stand for and who have told us over and over again that they mean to destroy us.

10. - The U.N. has created a forum for our foes on our own shores, where our enemies can vent their spleen against us, while our government protects them from the anger of justly disturbed Americans. (A good example, during the Vietnam War, communist agitators burned an American flag on the steps of the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. without any interference from the police. But when a Polish-American patriot tried to burn a Soviet flag on the steps of the Soviet Embassy a few blocks away, he was arrested and incarcerated.)

11. - Spineless politicians in our Congress, corrupted by International Zionist traitors, have given immunity to this alien horde. They cannot be arrested for violation of American law.

12. - They are re-writing the textbooks of American schools, under the camouflage of the United Nations Educational Organization, UNESCO. They are building a synthetic patriotism in the minds of American school children, not for America, but as one-world citizens. (A good example of this. A few years ago in a Texas school, I saw a First Grade teachers handbook, written by a radical Jewish child psychologist named Paul Brandwein. The first paragraph said in essence: "All children coming to your classes are insane, because of what they have been taught in their homes and churches. It is your task as teachers to correct these erroneous ideas and prepare the way for these children to BECOME THE INTERNATIONAL CITIZENS OF THE FUTURE.")

13. - They have inspired thousands of American school teachers to downgrade patriotism for America and pride in our history.

14. - They have given us a new flag to follow - the spider flag of the U.N. which apes the sickly blue and white of the Zionist flag; The flag of the anti-Christ.

15. - They are bankrupting our nation deliberately, to put our wealth into the pockets of the Internationalists which control them.

16. - They are following PROTOCOL VI of THE PROTOCOLS OF ZION, which states:

"It is essential for us at whatever the cost to deprive them (the non-Jew) of their land. This objective will be best attained by increasing the burdens upon landed property - in loading the land with debts."

Open your eyes and see what is happening to the American farmer and small business men. They are being systematically looted by the bankers and their property for the most part is going into the hands of the alien Jews.

What we see happening today in America would have made the Jewish carpetbaggers of the post-Civil War days look like small potatoes. Today's land grabbing devils (St. John 8:42-47) are the descendants of the same Jews who once before invaded the South in the name of HUMAN RIGHTS and JUSTICE during the Reconstruction Era. Today, these same people are systematically raping the White Christian people of America. Ask yourself how many Jews have gone out of business during these days? They are attempting, under the cloak of HUMAN RIGHTS and JUSTICE to manipulate the American farmer into loss of his land.

Isn't it strange how the American government swarms to the aid of the Jew owned airlines, tobacco companies, railroads and steel industries, but can't find help for the men who keep America alive and feed the world?

17. - They have organized a monetary "booby trap", beyond the understanding of the average American designed specifically to loot our people in the greatest scam in the world's history.
Through their so-called World Bank, they have literally looted the wealth of America. They operate in the shadows and exploit the lack of information our people have regarding their criminal operations.
18. - In all the United Nations activities on the shores of Christian America, they have outlawed prayer, chaplains, Scripture and above all, any mention of Jesus Christ in their official sessions. This in a Christian Nation which is their host.

19 - They have invaded America' military and trade secrets and have sought to destroy American industry through cheap slave labor.

These, my American friends, are but a few of the evils the United Nations has brought to our shores. They have exploited the knaves and fools among our legislators to the point where many of them have committed acts of treason against our people, our flag, our Constitution and our traditions.

Who among those of you who read this book dares to defend and justify these acts? This substance of treason? No man or woman who loves God! No man or woman who believes in Jesus Christ! No man or woman who really loves America!!!

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