America's Destiny
Christ or Anti-Christ?
Part 3 of 5
By Col. Jack Mohr

A frank discussion of the Jewish problem in America and
the future of this country as the Zion of Bible prophecy!


Part Two

In Part One, we looked at the evidence that White, Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Germanic, Scandinavian and related peoples are the Lost Tribes of Israel. I pointed out that the remnant among those who call themselves Jews, who are the seed of Abraham, is very small, just an infinitesimal part of those who are God's Chosen People. I showed that the vast majority of God's People do not know who they are and how once this information becomes available to them, once it is again preached from the pulpits of Christendom, then and only then, will we see the great revival which will bring Christendom back to God.

If what I told you in Part One is true, and I have given you the historical and scriptural facts to the best of my ability, the question naturally arises: "Who are the people who call themselves Jews. Why are they trying to deceive the world into believing that they, and only they are the people of the Book?"

I will attempt to answer this question in Part Two under the following subjects:

Chapter One - The Great Betrayal

Chapter Two - The True Enemy Exposed

Chapter Three - Christianity's Greatest Hoax

Chapter Four - Exploding the Chosen People Myth


Chapter One


In Isaiah 58:1, God's messengers are admonished to: "Cry aloud; spare not; lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and show my people their transgressions."

For the most part, our pastors have refused to do this and as a result the patient is very sick and is in extreme danger. Unless something is done soon, he will die. But the strange and alarming fact is that the doctors we have placed in charge of the case have betrayed their patient. In fact, they are doing everything in their power to weaken him and hasten his demise. They have allowed quacks to dictate his treatment, which has turned out to be detrimental to his recovery.

This patient is very dear to us, for it is our own United States of America. The men we have put into office for the past fifty years or so, have allowed Fifth Columnists to in filter our Government and dictate the course of our nation. Their ultimate purpose is the destruction of this Constitutional Republic.

We are hopelessly in debt. We have been sold a moral code which stinks of death and corruption and which is often promoted by the "frocked devils" who stand behind the pulpits of many of our prestigious churches, masquerading as Christian shepherds.

In order to finance the death of this patient, measures are being constantly passed in Congress to hasten his death. Citizen is being turned against citizen by a heathen philosophy which has invaded our country from Eastern Europe. It is designed to ultimately enslave us.

The "loud mouthed liberals", with their high sounding talk about "love for everyone," have very little love for the black, the Indian, or the Chicano, but are willing to use them as "cannon fodder" in the revolution they are striving to start. Listen to Article II, par. 5, in their plan for world conquest: "Through the press we have gained the power to influence while remaining ourselves in the shade: we have the GOLD of the world in our hands, not-withstanding that we had to gather it out of oceans of blood and tears. But it has paid us, though we have sacrificed thousands of our own people. Each victim on our side is worth in the sight of God, a thousand of the heathen."

Maybe you are one of those "brainwashed" people who do not believe such a thing could happen in America. But it is happening, right now, right before your eyes. If you will open your eyes and mind to what is happening in this country, you will see the disintegration process going on all about you. When you realize this, possibly you will understand the significance of the words which Khruschev screamed at the United Nations a few years ago, when he pounded on it's podium and screamed: "We will bury you!"

Most American diplomats and the gurus of the news media, put those words down to the rantings of a little peasant, as he insulted the greatest nation on the face of the earth. When he returned home, Khruschev sneeringly stated: "I went to America and spit in their faces and they thought it was dew!"

But Khruschev was speaking as the official representative of a very powerful nation which has been our enemy since 1917; an enemy which has promised, over and over again, to destroy us and the freedom we possess. In fact, hardly a year passes, in which this enemy does not reiterate this same threat!

In 1949, Dmitri Manualisky, head of the United Nations Security Force, from his position as Under Secretary of Military and Political Affairs, was recorded by Pravda as having stated: "Communism and Capitalism cannot long exist side by side. We are not strong enough to destroy them (the U.S.) now, so we will begin by producing the greatest peace offensive ever seen. There will be unheard of concessions from our side and the Capitalist nations, stupid and decadent, will leap at the chance to be our friends; they will rejoice in their own self-destruction. Then when their guard is down, and they have gone to sleep, we will smash them with our clenched fist."

That threat was made over forty years ago, yet our Government has continued to build them up and support them, to the point where now they are strong enough to carry out their threat. Communism is not dead!

Why have we allowed this to happen? Have all these things taken place due to some strange evolutionary process, or have they been deliberately caused for a Satanic purpose, the destruction of Christianity and all decency. We will see!!

For over fifty years we have watched in frustration the painful and rapid disintegration of the greatest nation the world has ever known. During this period, we have lost our International prestige. We have gone down-hill in economics, politics, morality and military strength.

Many decent people have stood by in frustrated silence, as our Constitutional processes have been eroded, our competitive free enterprise systems have been replaced with socialism, our national resources have been depleted and given to our enemies in the name of "détente."

We have stood helplessly on the sidewalks of this country, as our sons have been sacrificed in two no-win wars and two world wars, all of which have been avoidable and all of which were planned by evil men, in devious ways, so they could line their pockets with our wealth and further their control over a free people.

America is in a rapid retreat on every front. Our moral and spiritual strength has declined to the point, where once great churches, which few years ago were "lighthouses" for the Gospel, have been turned into "glorified religious country clubs," where men and women join because it adds to their social prestige and where the Gospel preached, is the treason of the Social Gospel.

Today, America is faced with a blackout of truth. How can we understand the dangers we face and guard against them, when the media is under the control of our enemies?

Our leaders seem incapable of understanding the threat to our country, which comes largely from within. While many Americans are alarmed by what is happening, most of them are confused. Why are we in retreat? Why have we lost our prestige abroad? Why are we unable to cope with problems at home?

My purpose in this chapter is not to discuss the defeats of the past five decades, although there have been many of them. It is not to point out our lowering morals standards and the crime which is literally crippling us. It is to show you our loss of freedoms - most of you recognize these things.

What I want to do is show you how these problems have been deliberately created and how America has been deliberately manipulated into our present crisis by leaders who are openly contemptuous of our Constitutional process and who often come from a background which is hostile to the very concept of a Constitutional Republic.

It is not that our leaders do not understand the problems which are strangling us; it is not that they are incapable of understanding them. Our main problem is that many of them are traitors to our American concept of freedom.

The facts I am about to present to you are not popular. Some of you will find them repugnant, because they will be diametrically opposed to what you have been taught in your schools and churches. Some of you will be inclined to scoff at them and very possibly stop reading the first time you come in conflict with what you believe.

These facts disturbed me tremendously and I began to search for the truth concerning them. One day, during my daily Bible study, I read in 2 Chronicles 19:2, the story of a good king named Jehosophat, as he went north to help the wicked king of Israel, a man named Ahab, in a battle against the Assyrians. When Jehosophat returned to Jerusalem, he was met by a prophet of the Lord who chastised him by saying: "Shouldest thou help the un-Godly and love them that hate the Lord? therefore is wrath upon thee from before the Lord."

If God never changes, as the Bible clearly teaches us, then He hates atheist nations as much today, as when He had them destroyed centuries ago. He hates them, whether they are Russia, China, or atheist-Zionist Israeli, which is a nation that hates God, Jesus Christ and persecuted Christians. How can Christian America spend the largest portion of our foreign aid on a nation that constantly repudiates God? How can we support the very people who are today engaged in destroying everything we as Christians stand for? I cannot understand this position on the part of any Christian pastor.

I do not ask you to believe what I write in this Chapter, but I do challenge you to be honest enough to check these facts out; I dare you to put them under the most powerful magnifying glass available, the Word of God, and when you find that I have told you the truth, then have courage enough to act on the truth you will then have.

Some of the best documented information you can obtain on this thorny question can be obtained from the book THE IRON CURTAIN OVER AMERICA, written in 1951 by Col. John Beatty, U.S. Army Retired. Col. Beatty was a former officer with the Army Intelligence and was Chief of the Army Historical Section. Some of the information I will give you comes from this book. I suggest you get a copy and study it thoroughly. Because of it's contents, it has been under constant attack since it's publication, by both the Zionists, the Communists, and the Judeo-Christian church.

Let me say here that it is essential for us to differentiate between Zionism and Judaism, since they are not always one and the same thing. Yehudi Menu hin, the famous Jewish violinist once said: "I am an integrated citizen of the United States. lam a Jew by religion and by nothing eIse." This man waged a relentless and courageous campaign against the Zionists whom he considers: "only use and abuse their religion to promote Jewish nationalism, the new religion of so many subverted and brainwashed Jewish people." Remember that ours should not be a vendetta against the Jewish people. Here I depart radically from some of my Identity brethren, who do not believe that a Jew can be saved. I do not consider this to be Biblical. I am not against the Jews as a people, but against the philosophy that some of them propagate, which would destroy America and Christianity.

There are many patriotic Jews, such as Alfred Lilienthal, author of the revealing book THE ZIONIST CONNECTION. This is another book which every concerned Christian should read, especially preachers who are giving their fullest backing to Zionism. He says: "I believe I articulate the voice of many Jews who wish to think American, but who will not volunteer an expression of their innermost feelings, even though they cheer from the sidelines. I cannot tolerate Israel turning me and others, who regard ourselves as Americans of Jewish faith, into second-class citizens in our own country . . . yet today, if I wish to retain my religious affiliation, I am bound, whether I like it or not, to help, assist, give to, lend to the foreign state of Israel, in a manner in which non-Jewish Americans do not have to do. I refuse to be a hyphenated American. I am neither an American-Jew, nor a Jewish-American. I am an American of Jewish faith, and Israelis' flag is not, has not, and never will be mine." This statement was written in the Reader's Digest in 1950.

So do not let any prejudice against the Jews and their connections with Communism, color your thinking concerning all Americans of Jewish faith. To do so would be fatal to our very understanding of Americanism. We need to be alert to the dangers posed by Zionism and let our people know about them, without creating a climate of hatred which will destroy us all.

There is not a one of you who hears this message, who would shoot a watchdog that barked at night to warn you of an approaching intruder; this in essence is what Christian Americans have done for the past fifty years. Only an informed America, with the help of God Almighty, can save this nation. The ancient prophet said: "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge," not lack of education, but lack of knowledge, or the truth about what is happening to them!

The great Roman Senator Cicero once said: "It is impossible to know the truth and not be held accountable for it!" So I warn you, once you have heard the truths in this message, whether you accept them or not, you will be held accountable before God. There can be no excuse for you to remain in your spiritual foxhole, while our battle for survival rages all about us.

Probably our greatest task is to get good people involved. Edmund Burke, the British Philosopher was once quoted as saying: "All that is necessary for evil to succeed, is for good men to do nothing!"

This is certainly true! You see, we will not lose our freedom on that day when we answer a knock on our door at 3 a.m. and open it to a little man with a star on his helmet and a Tommy gun in his arms, who says: "Come with me to the concentration camp!" We will lose it, when decent Christians, like you and I, see things happening in our local schools, churches, and government we know are wrong and we sit back and say: "I'm only one individual you know and everyone knows you can't buck City Hall!" When enough decent Americans feel this way, we will lose America; freedom will die; we will bury it in the cemetery and over her grave we will erect a headstone with this epitaph; "America died, because the Christian people of America didn't want to be bothered!"

For us to have a full understanding of the problems we face today, we must go back more than 1,000 years in history to the fundamental problem of Europe, the source, seat, and historic guardian of Western Christian civilization. This problem has been to save itself from the inroads of a heathen philosophy which had and still has its seat and source in Asia.

From the fall of the Roman Empire in the West in 476 A.D. to the present time, one of the principle weaknesses of Western Europe has been its lack of unity. Wars have been fought, brother against brother, which were instigated by this heathen philosophy, for the purpose of destroying all vestiges of Christianity. In the principa timocument of this enemy, Article 7, Par. 1, we read: "The intensification of armaments. the increases of police forces are all essential for the completion of our plans... Throughout the world, we must create ferments, disorders and hostility. Here we gain a double advantage. In the first place we keep check in all countries, for they will know that we have the power to create disorders or restore order. In the second place, by our intrigues we shall tangle up all the threads which we have stretched into the cabinets of all the States. We must be in a position to respond to every act of opposition by war with the neighbors of that country which dares oppose us and if they should venture to stand collectively against us, we must offer resistance by universal war. We must compel the governments of the Gentiles to take action in the direction favored by our plan. If our terrorist attempts against them fail, if we allow a general uprising against our control, we shall respond with the guns of America, or China, or Japan."

These breeches were healed in Europe to a certain extent during the Crusades, when men were aroused to go to the Holy Land and release Jerusalem from the hands of the Moslem hordes. For nearly a hundred years (1099-1187), the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem ruled in Palestine, until they were finally driven out by the Saracens under the brilliant leadership of Saladin.

During this same period, there was a great deal of unrest in men's hearts concerning spiritual matters. This culminated in Martin Luther nailing his ninety-five theses on the church door at Wittenberg, Germany, on Halloween 1517.

The new form of Christianity he began was known as Protestantism and it made remarkable progress among the German people; many of the Teutonic knights embracing this new faith. These people developed a strong sense of duty and loyalty to Christian principles and from them came the statesmen which made Prussia great.

From the very beginning, the relationship between Germany and America was friendly. Not only was the basic blood-stream of English descent - almost identical with that of the Germans - in addition, over 25% of the early American settlers were of German descent.

In the early 1900's, Germany was admired by this country. She was a strong, Christian nation, part Protestant and part Roman Catholic, exhibiting many of the same characteristics as seen in America.

Then came World War I in 1914, in which Britain, France, and their allies were opposed by Germany and her allies. Since the people of America admired both these groups, they were reluctant to take sides. Finally in 1917, due to extreme Zionist pressure on our government, this country was literally seduced into World War I.

Chaim Weismann, the well-known Zionist leader, states in Paul Goodman's book WEISMANN, A TRIBUTE written in 1945 - "We Jews are the greatest war profiteers."

The great majority of American Jews were trapped into support of the Zionists on the basis of not being told the facts. In that they were no different from most Christians in 1993. But the Jews at the top of the International Bankers clique, made enormous profits out of the suffering and death of others.

It was during this period, while Woodrow Wilson was campaigning for re-election under the slogan: "I kept America out of war!" that his right-hand man, the mysterious Col. Edward Mandel House, was in London, working with Winston Churchill to bring the United States into the war on the side of Britain. This was accomplished by loading the passenger ship Lusitania with explosives and then having her sunk by a German "U" boat off the coast of Scotland colay 15, 1915. This incident was contrived, not by Germany, but by the Jewish Internationalists who wanted us into the war on the side of Britain.

If you can remember your history, this was to have been a "war to end all wars!" Yet this greatest "blood-spilling" of all times between men of kindred race did not bring world peace.

Here let me digress for a moment to bring you a statement made by the eminent Jewish Rabbi Reichorn in the Prague in 1868 at the funeral of Grand Rabbi Simeon-Ben-Ihuda: "Thanks to the terrible power of the International banks, we have forced the Christians into wars without number. Wars have a special value for the Jews, since Christians massacre each other and make more room for Jews. Wars are Jewish harvests! The Jew banks grow fat on Christian wars! Nearly 100-million Christians have been swept from the earth by war and the end is not yet!" Remember now, this statement was made in 1868.

At the end of WWI, a secret agreement was made between President Wilson, Prime Minister David Lloyd George of England, and Prime Minister Clemenceau of France. The leaders of the Allies, in their peace terms, set the groundwork for the takeover of the German government by Adolph Hitler a few years later.

The financial crash came in Germany in 1923, as German money was devaluated by the International bankers and the German people began to suffer terribly, especially those in the industrial areas. In their hunger and desperation, they began to blame the Jews for their troubles, since many of them were identified with the International bankers, while others were leaders in the Communist movement.

This German attitude was intensified as the German Zionists began to acquire power during the terrible year of 1923, using funds from race-conscious Jews in other countries. Thousands of Jews from Old Austria, Hungary and Russia, rushed to get in on the "gravy train." As they gained further political power, they tightened the economic screws on the German people, so that when Hitler came along, they were ready for someone to save them from the Jews. This fateful German-Jewish tension was destined to play a major role in the later history of the United States.

At the end of World War I, anti-German propaganda in the United States was being fanned by fanatical Zionists, with very little respect for decency or honesty. The "Huns," or "Boche," as they were slightingly called, were made out to be uncivilized barbarians. Most of the vociferous anti-German propagandists of this period were Zionist Jews, as can be seen by looking at the names of the popular writers of that period.

When the war ended, tensions did not end, as would have been strategically advisable and these tensions were continued in the Jewish controlled press and in the new opinion-molding medium of the radio. Americans were literally taught to hate and despise the German people, from which so many of them had sprung.

In 1936, while Britain sought to establish workable arrangements with Germany, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in his first term of office (1933), recognized Communist Russia, while remaining neutral towards Germany. Then in October 1937, in a speech made in Chicago, the President did a complete "about-face" and came out with a strong tirade against Germany. The task of the anti-German propagandists was made easier about this same time, by the appearance of Adolf Hitler on the German stage.

Now we need to go back on the stage of history for a few centuries, to the First Millenium of the Christian Era. Several tnbes occupied an area between the Don and Volga Rivers, north of the Caucasian Mountains. They were known as the Khazars. By slow stages, they had extended their boundaries to the Sea of Azar and the Black Sea. They were a people of mixed Turkish and Mongolian stock.

In the 8th Century A.D., the Khazan, or tribal chief, wanted a State religion for his pagan people. He adopted a form of Judaism, which had been strongly influenced by the heathen Babylonian Talmud, and which was in complete opposition to the Mosaic Laws of the Hebrews. All one needs to do to understand this, is do some reading from the Talmud, used in modern Jewish synagogues. It was this form of Judaism, intermingled with Babylonian occultism, which was accepted by the khazars in 741 A.D.

The Slavic people in the area now known as the Ukraine, were engaged in constant warfare with the Khazars and by 1016 had driven them out of the area. These "bogus" Jews went north and became widely distributed in Western Russia. (It is very important for you to note that these people had no blood relationship in any manner, with the descendants of Abraham; their ancestors had never set foot in Palestine.)

The religion of the khazars, was the religion of the Pharisees who crucified Christ and whom Jesus accused of being "children of the devil." Now don't get upset with me for making this statement, for it can be found in John 8:44, read it carefully in it's entire context and you will see what He was saying: "Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there was no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own; for he is a liar, and the father of it."

In Revelation 2:9 and 3:9, the Apostle John writing to the church at Smyrna, years later said: "...I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews and are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan."

Now there is little doubt in my mind, that by now, some of you are convinced that I am anti-Jew. This is not true. All I am doing is giving you the facts your pastor has neglected to bring to your attention, for obvious reasons. The facts are available to you, if you are honest enough to look for them. We have been propagandized from our pulpits for so long, with the idea that the Jews are God's Chosen People, that few Christians are honest enough to face up to the truth that we have been lied to. Then when someone is honest enough to come along and tell you the truth, you immediately accuse him of being anti-Semitic. This is an old Communist trick which they learned from the Zionists.

Have you ever heard Walter Cronkite, David Brinkley, or other popular newsmen describe the Zionist pressure which literally runs our Government in Washington? Have you ever wondered why a man like Gen. Brown, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was forced into an apology when he warned Americans that they better check Zionist pressure in our Government? Have you ever wondered why John Connolly was driven out of the Presidential race, because he had the courage to speak up about this pressure? It's because the American people are afraid to face the truth. That's why we are loosing the war for our freedom!

Have you ever wondered why Israel can do no wrong as far as our Government is concerned? Did you ever hear a word of condemnation for the terrorist acts of the Begin Government against Christian Arabs? Of course you didn't! Don't you know that the Israeli were the first country to vote against us in the United Nations, when it came to approving China's entrance a few years ago? This is not being anti-Semitic, it's just telling the truth and letting the "chips fall where they may." The Zionists cannot stand this! Their only defense is - use the "trigger word" - anti-Semitic!

The relationship between the Slavs and the Jewish Khazars was never a happy one and it had nothing whatsoever to do with religion or racial origin, since the Slavs were noted for having absorbed many minorities into their culture with few problems.

The reason for this friction was ideological. As time passed, these Khazar people of mixed and non-Russian stock, hated the Russian people, and became known to the world as Russian Jews, although they had no claim on the blood of Abraham and their religion was at complete odds with that of Moses.

Jesus interestingly enough mentioned this to the Pharisees in Matthew 15:3 - "...Why do ye also transgress the commandments of God by your traditions?" In Mark 7:13 - "Making the word of God of none effect through your tradition, which ye have delivered... So you see, what went on in Eastern Europe and Russia, had been going on in Judaism for at least seven centuries.

Since the Babylonian Talmud is distinguished by magic incantations, the practice of the occult and other heathen practices, these people became known wherever they went for their fanaticism and corrupt morals.

We hear so much these days from Protestant pulpits about the persecution of the Jews. I have never heard a preacher with "guts" enough to tell the truth: the Jews were kicked out of every Christian country in Europe, not because they were Jews; not because of their religion; but because of their corrupt morals and their under-handed, deceitful way of doing business and their habit of robbing their Gentile neighbors.

The Judaized Khazars became not only an indigestible mass in the body politic, but they became characterized as a "State within a State." Their first allegiance was to the Babylonian Talmud. This same situation exists today; wherever you find Jews who follow the Babylonian Talmud, you find Jews who hold a dual citizenship in Israel and the country where they reside. The Jews are the only people who can legally hold this dual citizenship in the United States.

In the fertile grounds of Khazar-Judaism, the seeds of Communism sprouted and grew with surprising rapidity. The Khazar Jews were attracted to the writings of another Khazar Jew named Karl Marx, during the period 1818-1883;

The Marxist program of State control over everything, which was so repugnant to the mind of the Western World, was no obstacle to the Khazar Jew, since the Talmud taught acceptance of dictatorial control and the Talmud contains over 12,000 of these controls.

While Russia was staggering under the defeat by Germany in 1917, the Communists, whose hard-core was made up of Khazar Jews, struck against the Government and with the financial help of Zionist bankers in the United States, they took over control of that unhappy land. The first Communist Commissars were largely Jews. According to data furnished by the Soviet Press, out of 556 important functionaries of the Bolshevik State in 1918-19, 457 were Khazar Jews. In more recent years, the Communist rulers of Rumania, Hungary, Poland, and the Ukraine, have been Khazar Jews.

It was from this same ethnic group that political Zionism sprang up in 1884, under a Khazar Jew named Thedor Herzl. Mr. Herzl presided over the first Zionist Congress which met in Basil, Switzerland in August 1897.

Dr. Chaim Weismann, the head of political Zionism when it first reverted to violence, was born in Poland of Khazar stock.

Political Zionism entered its violent phase, when discovery was made of the incredible wealth of the Dead Sea, in southern Palestine. An independent Jewish State was the only method of Zionists had, to gain control of this land in their drive for world domination.

Now again, I am sure that many of you have read thus far, are still unwilling to admit what I am saying, although all of it is carefully documented. You have been taught in your churches for so many years, that the Jews are God's Chosen People that you will refuse to believe the truth. It was the Hebrews who were given the promise of God as found in Genesis 15:18; the people of this area were not known as Jews until many centuries later. The first mention of people called "Jews" does not occur in the Old Testament until 2 Kings 16:6, a thousand years after the time of Abraham. So to use the term to describe Abraham, Isaac, or Jacob, is very bad scholarship, if not outright deception. In fact the word "Jew" was not even known in the English language until the beginning of the 18th Century.

There are many documents which prove without the shadow of a doubt, that the Khazar Jews were and still are in the forefront of the Communist efforts to control the world. There were Jews such as Sam Carr (Cohen), organizer from Canada; Fred Rose (Rosenthal), organizer for French Canada; the German Jew Rabinovich, in charge of liaison with American Communists; John Gates (Israel Regenstreif), Editor of the Communist Daily Worker; Gus Hall (Hallberg), Head of the Communist Party. U.S.A. (this was the man who predicted the slaughter of 60-million Americans when Communism took over the U.S.A.) Then there were Jews like Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin - all principle founders of Communism.

Others apprehended in stealing the secrets of America's atom bomb and handing therri to the Soviets, were Harry Gold (Abraham Brothmann); Miriam Moskowitz; M. Sobell; David Greeng lass; Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, (the only traitors executed for their treason. Today the Zionists are trying to make martyrs out of these two).

In 1951, Dr. William PerI of Columbia University was arrested as part of a Soviet Atomic spy ring, he had changed his name from (Utterperl); while at this time the true head of Communism in America, was the Khazar Jew, Gerhardt Eisler.

It is interesting to note that almost 100% of the Jews involved in Communist activities in the United States were of Khazar origin.

This simply means they were not Jews at all.

According to the American Zionist Handbook, 68 to 70% of all the Jews in the United States have their background in Poland or the Soviet Union and it is significant that the Canadian Royal Commission, in its findings on Communism in Canada stated: "It is significant that the number of documents from the Russian Embassy, specifically note 'Jew', or 'Jewess,' in the entries on Canadian agents, showing that the Russian Fifth Column attached particular significance to this Jewish influence in the Party."

You see, my Christian friends, I am not making accusations off the "top of my head." Nor am I showing you these facts to cause you to hate the Jews. I am simply trying to show you where most of our national security problems are coming from.

It would be well to make a few remarks at this point concerning American Immigration policies. On December 2,1823, President Monroe proclaimed, in the famous document which bears his name, that the American Government would not allow Continental European powers to extend their political systems into the New World. Up to 1900, most of the immigrants to the United States had come from Western Eu rope, where their ideals were those of Western Christian civilization. These were the people who subdued the Western frontiers and helped build the moral and spiritual foundations upon which this nation became great.

But about 1880, our immigration policy began a significant shift to include millions of people from Southern and Eastern Europe. Most of these people, with the exception of the Spaniards and Italians, had little regard for the principles of Republican Government. A large portion of them were non-Christian in culture and had no intention of accepting American ideals. Instead they tried to move this country towards a collectivist ideology.

In 1908, the President of Columbia University, Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, called attention to the fact that Christianity was a dominant part of the American nature. He went on to express his fears that "our capacity to subdue and assimilate the alien elements brought about through immigration may soon be exhausted." He concluded, as Abraham Lincoln had seventy years earlier that "the dangers which confront America will come from within."

Statistics for this period of our national growth will show that the new immigrants were mainly Italians, Slavs, and Khazar Jews from Russia and Eastern Europe. The Italians and Slavs posed few problems, since their ideals were essentially Christian.

But the Khazar Jew was strikingly different. These newcomers arrived on our shores in vast hordes. The total number of Jews who arrived prior to 1920 reached over three million. They were referred to as Polish Jews and comprised the largest percentage of the Jewish population of New York City.

The older Jewish immigrants, who were for the most part people of true Hebrew blood and who followed the Old Palestine Talmud and the Laws of Moses, had been assimilated into the American way of life and most of them had become good citizens. But they were overwhelmed by the flood of "pseudo-Jews" who arrived from Russia. The older Jews had very little racial connection with the heathen Khazars who came from Russia.

But as the Khazars began to dominate the Jewish population in the United States, the position of the Americanized Jew became a precarious one. Many of this group were branded as "Quislings," "betrayers of Judaism," our outright traitors. This emphasis came from the Khazar synagogues, which tried to silence the orthodox Jews who were sympathetic to our American way of life.

This is still true today, where orthodox Jews, who refuse to back political Zionism, are actually persecuted by those who "say they are Jews and are not."

So it is very necessary that we use care in not lumping the true Hebrew with the Judaized Khazar, who is not of Hebrew blood and is a fake. The orthodox Jews should receive our sympathy and cooperation, for they are concerned about saving freedom in America too!

The Khazars consider themselves to be superior - a separate nationality, a "nation-within-a-nation," and one which is certainly hostile to American ideals. They are absolutely ruthless and often exercise violence against their own people if it will help their cause. On November 25, 1940, for example the SS Patria was blown up in Haifa Harbor, killing 276 Jewish immigrants. At the time, this incident was attributed in our Jewish controlled newspapers to the British. It was not until 1950 that the truth came out and the disaster was placed at the door of the Zionists, where it belonged. As David Flinker, an Israeli correspondent for the Jewish Morning Star wrote: "The Hananah General Staff took a decision not to permit the Patria to leave Haifa The English must be made to understand that they could not drive the Jews away from their land. So the Patria must be blown up. The ship got ready to go to sea and none of the passengers were warned."

Ffteen months later, the SS Straum exploded in the Black Sea, killing 769 illegal Jewish immigrants; once again the British were blamed and once again it was proven that this time the Irgun, the Zionist terrorist organization, did the job in order to raise hatred against the British and open Palestine for Jewish immigration. Over and over again, Zionists, following the Satanic teachings of their Talmud, have murdered and terrorized anyone who stood in their way, friend and foe alike.

So great was the immigration of the Jewish Khazars to the United States, that in 1947, immigration officials stated that "over 50% of the world Jewish population now resides in the U.S." (This meant about eight million of them.)

Te problem created in the United States by such a powerful minority, possessed of an aggressive foreign ideology, and fired by ambitions to rule the world, is something each concerned American needs to understand, if we are to survive as a free, Christian nation.

The burning hatred of the Khazars for Christianity and decency has been inherent through the centuries. This was apparent when Jesus accused the psuedo-Jews of His time of being "guilty of all the righteous blood of men from the time of Cain until His time." (Luke 11:45-51).

Go back in history and you can see this same virulent hatred, as it has been behind most of the major "bloodbaths" in world history. See their offspring as they continue these wicked practices in the Communist countries and now in Palestine, where they have killed and persecuted Arab Christians and have closed down Christian work in Israel. These and other facts are things that I cannot get away from, no matter how loud our pastors trumpet that they are God's Chosen People!

As the Khazars took over in Russia, they instituted a succession of purges which liquidated millions of people, principally those who were Christian. We are not interested in these purges in this message, except to state that the Khazar-Communist plans call for a liquidation of most men and women in America, over the age of 30, because they "can not be re-educated into the Communist philosophy."

In the Communist Textbook on "Psychopolitics, written in 1933 and taught in the Lenin School for Political Warfare at the University of Moscow, can be found in the Communist plan for the takeover of the United States. In Chapter Twelve, page 52, they say: "Just as in Russia we have destroyed after many years of most arduous work, the Church, so we must destroy all faiths in nations marked for conquest. You must recruit every agency of that nation into a foaming hatred of religion

"We have battled in America since the century's turn to bring to nothing any and all Christian influences and we are succeeding. While we today seem to be kind to the Christian, remember we have yet to influence the Christian world to our ends. When we have done that, we will have an end to them everywhere."

Even as the heathen Khazars subjected Russia and China to a rule of terror which killed over 140-million people, so they have begun their infiltration of America for the same purpose.

Before the outbreak of World War II, in March 1939, Josef Stalin addressed the 18th Congress of the Communist Party in Moscow and laid down the plans for world domination which have never been changed. Our State Department has known about these plans all along, but because of Zionist influence in the "upper echelons" of our Government and through the years of detente with our sworn enemy, they have sought to strengthen our enemy. This comes under the act of TREASON, as defined in Article III, Section 3, of our Constitution.

It is interesting to note that the Democrat Party as early as 1912, began to woo the votes of these Eastern immigrants. In the early part of this Century, the Eastern Europeans, who were mostly "liberals and radicals," flocked into the Democrat Party. They can best be exemplified by the distinguished Harvard Khazar Jew, Louis Brandeis, whom President Wilson named to the Supreme Court. Brandeis invisioned a "new cooperative one-world order." (According to the Universal Jewish Encyclopaedia, Vol.11, pp. 495-499, he was an active Zionist.)

Brandeis was also an active factor in influencing Wilson to get America involved in World War I, even as he campaigned on the slogan: "I kept America out of war!"

Although England had promised self-rule to the Arabs in Palestine because of their help in defeating the Turks, Wilson was readily won over to Brandeis' scheme for a Jewish homeland in Palestine, which had already received favorable attention from British Prime Minister David Lloyd George.

An article appearing in the Jewish Chronicle, February 2,1936, titled: "The Origin of the Balfour Declaration," said that certain representatives of the French and British Governments had been convinced that the best and perhaps the only way to persuade America to enter the war, was to secure the cooperation of Zionist Jewry in the United States, by promising them Palestine. Since Wilson attached the greatest importance to the advice of Judge Brandeis, the Zionists worked through him to get us involved.

It was the flood of liberal votes from these Eastern Europeans which raised the Democrat Party to a majority status and under which we have seen the most drastic decline in our history and under which we have fought our last four wars. America has been under the control of this basically anti-American group since at least 1932.

The first spectacular victory of the non-Christian Eastern European Democrats, came when Roosevelt, within nine months after his inauguration, recognized the Soviet Government of Russia.

This has been followed down through the years by the debacles of Yalta, Potsdam, Teheran, Hungary, Cuba, China, our betrayal of Taiwan, the sell-out of the Panama Canal, the destruction of Rhodesia, and the debacle in Iran, Afghanistan, and Iraq. All of these events, and many more, were brought about by the manipulation of the heathen element in our Government.

The present Administration of Bill Clinton, a man who professes to be a Christian, shows further sad example of this heathen control. There is not one man the President has appointed in this Administration, that by any stretch of the imagination can be called a Christian. But many who hate God, decency, and freedom, have been elevated to places of top responsibility and many are Khazar Jews.

There was no more shocking example than that of foreign born former National Security Advisor, Zignibew Brezinski, a Marxist who has publicly stated: "Though Stalinism may have been a tragedy for the Russian people, there is the possibility that for the world at large, it may have been a blessing in disguise." (I'd like to see him tell that to a refugee from behind the Iron Curtain, whose family has been slaughtered by the Communists). Again he said: "America is undergoing a new revolution which unmasks the obsolescence of our Constitutional form of Government." He then goes on in no uncertain words to declare that he believes that our form of overnment is "out of step with the times," and that he believes in and advocates "one-world government" for the best of the people. (He is a Khazar Jew.)

Look at the list of men, down through the years, who have betrayed the best interests of our country - Litvinoff, Morgenthau, Dean Acheson, all protegees of the Khazar Jew, Felix Frankfurter and all of foreign, non-Christian stock; Henry Kissinger.

Acheson had served in the law firm of Brandeis and his record of disservice to this country, which began in 1939, when he was a paid lawyer for Joseh Stalin in the United States, reads as a eulogy for treason.

Many patriotic, well-informed Americans in the old State Department and the American Federation of Labor, pleaded with President Roosevelt not to recognize the Soviet Union. But F.D.R., puffed up with his own importance and egged on by the clique of Marxist Fabian-Socialist-Zionists in his government, who posed as liberal intellectuals, signed his name to the franchise which recognized this enemy of all mankind. Without Congressional approval, he made a treaty with the Soviet Union, giving them the right to establish an embassy in the United States, with full diplomatic immunity and this has been a "hot-bed" of Soviet espionage ever since.

It was Soviet Foreign Commissar Maxim Litvinov, the plunderer ot Estonia and the Kremlin's first agent for socializing England, who received "red carpet" treatment in Washington, then sat down with Roosevelt, after Acheson and the Khazar Jew Morgenthau had done the spadework for treason. This was the deal which has led America to the brink of disaster in this era.

After this nefarious deal was consumated, large numbers of naturalized citizens and ideological associates, were infiltrated by appointment or by Civil Service, into the State Department. Among those who "feathered their nests" during this shameful period were "leftists," Eastern European converts to Communism and a few native Americans who sold out their birthright for a "mess of stinking socialist pottage!"

By the beginning of World War II, the Communist infiltration into our State and Agriculture Departments had reached the point, that when Martin Dies, head of the House Committee on Un-American Activities, warned Roosevelt, he was shouted down by an irate President who screamed; "I am no more a Communist than you are; but there is no danger from Communists in this country, some of them are my best friends." When the unyielding Dies reiterated his warning, F.D.R.'s climatic argument was: "We need their votes!"

Time and time again, Dies was called to the White House, where he was alternately threatened and cajoled to stop annoying the Communists in our Government.

Probably the greatest enemy infiltration took place in the new Atomic Project, where there was a heavy level of Eastern Europeans employed. The Khazar Jews were conspicuous in this agency during the 40's and 50's. (Don't get upset with me - I am only quoting facts!)

The influence of this heathen ideology reached its peak in mid 1951, when Milton Katz was at the helm of U.S. Foreign policy in Europe; Anna Rosenberg was in charge of the manpower of our Armed Forces; Manly Fleischman was Administrator of Defense Production and Nathan Feisinger was the Chairman of the Wage Stabalization Board. These were all Khazar Jews and it was under their control that we saw American principles "slip down the drain."

The man appointed by President Truman to head the "Committee on Religious and Moral Welfare and Character Guidance in the Armed Forces," was a Khazar Jew named Frank Weil, a New York lawyer and President of the National Jewish Welfare Board. Is there any wonder, under leadership such as this, that orders came down to the Chaplain's that they could not use the name of Jesus Christ in their weekly Character Guidance classes?

Probably the top Khazar in our Government during this period was Vienna born Felix Frankfurter, who headed a nefarious group of anti-American Khazars composed of Alger Hiss, Lee Pressman, Benjamin Cohen (Truman's Senior Assistant) David Lilienthal (Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission), Nathan Margold, Donald Hiss, Milton Katz, and former Secretary of State Robert Patterson. All of these men worked directly under the influence of Felix Frankfurter and were violently anti-American in their concepts.

Another powerful Khazar Jew who was frequently summoned to aid the President, was Isador Rubin, later appointed by the President to a position in the United Nations.

There was Leo Pasvolsky, a Russian-born Khazar who rose to power in the State Department; there was Samuel Rosenberg who wrote many of F.D.R.'s speeches; there was Henry Morgenthau, Secretary of the Treasury and sponsor of the vicious Morgenthau Plan to destroy Germany after the war; there was Hubert Lehman, Director of UNRRA and who diverted many of it's funds to Soviet satellites.

Doesn't it seem strange to you, the large number of Khazar Jewish names which crop up in the area of treason? Yet many people, including a majority of our Christian pastors who ought to know better, will accuse me of being anti-Semitic and hostile to God's Chosen People. Well, I'm really sorry about that, but I can't change the facts. Do you suppose you might be wrong?

In his personal diary, Secretary of Defense James Forrestal, recorded that he told Joseph Kennedy, our Ambassador to Great Britain, that Prime Minister Chamberlain had told him: "It was America, under the leadership of world Jewry, which forced Britain into war with Germany."

In 1950, Forrestal argued with Democratic Party leaders saying: "No group in this country should be permitted to influence our Foreign Policy to the point where it interferes with our national security." Immediately, Forrestal came under vicious attacks from the Zionists; Bernard Baruch, the Advisor of President Roosevelt warned Forrestal of possible personal retaliation if he continued in his America-first course. There is much evidence that Forrestal was murdered. Before his death, Congressman F. D.i-Sesevelt, Jr., expressed fear that the Democratic Party might lose votes because of Forrestal's strong anti-Zionist stand. The Secretary angrily retorted: "I think it is about time that somebody should give some consideration as to whether we might lose America."

When Germany attempted to improve her relations with the United States in 1937 and again in 1938, she was rebuffed by the Roosevelt Administration. The official reason given was: "Fear of domestic h: ttical reactions in this country which would be unfavorable to the Administration." Yet this same Administration had thought nothing of public reaction when F.D.R. unofficially recognized the Soviet Union in 1933.

Finally in desperation, feeling that he was being surrounded by a British-French-Soviet encirclement, Hitler went to desperate measures and declared a policy of "guns instead of butter." It was his reaction to Jewish treason within his country and the Zionist pressure against Germany, that caused Hitler's bitter hatred of the Jews. Any honest study of this period will show that World War II was caused primarily by our President's policies, which were governed for the most part by his Khazar advisors.

In Proverbs 25:5, we read these interesting words: "Take away the wicked from before the king, and his throne will be established in righteousness." This has been true of every Administration which has served this country in the past fifty years. Most of our trouble has come from anti-Christian, wicked advisors in our Government.

One of the men who understood this problem and I believe was murdered because of it, was Gen. George Patton. He had recognized the dangers from Communism as far back as 1943 and hated it with every fiber of his magnificent character.

Many Americans still look on Harry Truman as one of the best of our recent Presidents, because of the stand he took on Korea. Yet if you are honest in your evaluation, you will have to admit that he did more to strengthen the Communist position at Potsdam, than any man we have ever had in the oval office.

A honest study of World War II, will reveal that we did not fight that war to stop the advance of Naziism; it was not fought to "make the world safe for democracy." We received absolutely nothing of value for our victory in that war. The entire benefit from that conflict went to the Communists, who took over most of Europe and enslaved over a billion people in Asia, all under Khazar leadership. It is no wonder that Jesus said to their fathers: "Ye are of your father the devil. He was a murderer from the beginning..." It's no wonder that his Khazar children follow in the path of international murder.

Most of the facts I have given you have been deliberately with Sea from the American people. Why? Because if we knew what was happening, we would kick the money changers out of the temple; they cannot afford to have us do that, until they have consolidated their strangle hold on the world.

Even worse than the deliberate withholding of the truth from our people, is the deliberate slanting of the news. A good case of point was the slaughter of the Israeli athletes at the Olympic games in Munich in 1972, by eight Palestinian guerillas. The New York Times used terms such as: "Murder in Munich; Arab Fanatics; Homicidal hatred; Indiscriminate murder." Yet when the Israeli air force shot down a Libyan plane that had strayed over Israeli occupied territory in a blinding sand storm, killing 74 people, the same New York Times ignored the story for over a day and finally came out with a story which called it "a tragic, horrifying blunder."

I could fill this book with the same deliberate slanting of American news, both in the news media and on television. It is always slanted to favor the Zionists and has reached the point where very few Americans know the truth of what is going on in the Middle East.

Even those Christians who travel to Palestine are given the full propaganda treatment. They are met by Israeli guides who give them the benefit of Zionist propaganda free of charge. They usually have preacher guides, who are so sold out to Zionist interests it is pitiful. They are never told about the deliberate persecution of Christians in Israel; the closing of Christian missions, the Zionist hatred for our Lord Jesus Christ. A few years ago, when a Moravian orphanage was closed by the Israeli Government, the name of Jesus Christ, over the entrance way, was immediately cemented over by Government order.

We have been led to believe by our preachers that the Israeli are a deeply religious people, with a deep sense of the prophetic elements of the Old Testament. This is false. From their own sources, they admit to being over 60% agnostic or outright atheistic. I do not advocate hatred or persecution of these people, I am just asking that the American people be allowed to know the truth and not be forced to swallow the unmitigated "swill" that we have received from the media and from our pulpits. I have noticed that few of the preachers who are always taking guided tours to the Holy Land, ever bother to take their Christian "sheep" over to hear the Arab side of the story.

A few years ago, Walter Cronkite, the guru of CBS stated: "My job is not to tell the American people the truth; I am an opinion molder."

This same false Zionist propaganda can be seen in the theatre and on television, and most certainly in the movies. Movies such as "The Diary of Anne Frank," and "Holocaust," which are called documentaries, are held up to the American public as being true, but have been disclosed as planned frauds. I will not take the time to go into this, except to say that it is a proven historical fact, that Hitler never killed six million Jews in Germany during his regime, for the simple fact that there were not that many Jews in all of Europe during that period. A reward of $50,000 has been available for a number of years, for anyone who can give documentary proof of this "annihilation" of Jews in Germany; no one has attempted to claim it, because they know it is false. Yet these untruths have been one of the greatest sources of Zionists funds from the stupid Americans who fall for them "hook, line and sinker."

This same kind of propaganda has been inserted into our school books, where few books of the pre-war (1940) era are available to our high school and college students.

Why have the many anti-Jewish statements of Martin Luther been expunged from the textbooks of Lutheran Seminaries? Have you ever wondered why the many warnings given to Americans in earlier days, concerning the Jews, have been taken from our textbooks? Benjamin Franklin and George Washington were strong in the denunication of Jewish influence in their day. Why is it that there has been one goal of the left-wing, anti-American, atheist forces from which they have never deviated? This is to place our government in the hands of atheist aliens and non-whites.

Secretly and publicly, in the press, in the school, in government, and in the church, white Christian Americans have been downgraded at every opportunity and are being replaced in positions of responsibility, by alien non-Christians. There must be a reason!

Why has America been propagandized for over fifty years, mostly by Jewish writers and commentators, through the newspapers, in books and magazines, on the radio and TV, through the movies and now in our textbooks, to accept the heathen philosophy of Zionism, which is diametrically opposed to everything Christianity stands for. It is blasphemy to say that the religion of Jesus Christ is founded on a Judeo-Christian basis, for the Judeo basis is opposed to everything our Master stands for.

Why for the past few decades, have non-whites, aliens and foreign born Jews, been promoted in governmental positions, over better qualified white Americans? Why has "inter-marriage" been encouraged by this same Satanic crowd, in direct conflict with God's Word (see Exodus 19:51 and Deuteronomy 7). Why are aliens, who can't even speak our language clearly, put into sensitive positions of government, often over American born whites?

I'm thinking now of un-Godly men like Henry Kissinger a German born Khazar Jew, and the foreign born Khazar Brzezinski. In Deuteronomy 17:15 we read: - thdo-Jayest not set a stranger over thee, which is not thy brother." "Don't try and tell me that law was only for the Jews - it makes a great deal of sense. In Joel 2:17, a prayer for God's Divine assistance says: "...Spare thy people, O Lord, and give not Thine inheritance to reproach, that the heathen should reign over them: wherefore should they say among the people, where is their God?" This is what we have done in America, for these Khazars are heathen, atheistic, God haters of the worst type.

Why has our government subsidized the birth rate among the nonwhites in America, while the white population is constantly being lectured about the dangers of population increases? Why is most of the welfare money, which is strangling the American economy, going to people who often refuse to help themselves and who look on it as their right, rather than as a short term aid measure? It is these people, who constantly put the heathen into office in America and this practice is destroying us. Why are most white Christians unaware of the dangers from a non-white controlled central government? Can you give me a logical answer for this? Of course you can't!

Many of you readers who come from Fundamental churches will immediately puta label on me. If you don't, your pastor will. My pastor firmly believes that I have departed from the faith, because I refuse to accept the propaganda he puts out that the Jews are God's Chosen People. Yet my beliefs have not changed concerning the Gospel. I am a Fundamentalist in the strictest meaning of the term, and the truth I have learned, has strengthened my belief in the Book.

You may possibly remind me of God's Covenant with Abraham in which He said: "I will bless them that bless thee; and curse them that curse thee." But God wasn't speaking to a Jew... Abraham never was a Jew! My pastor reminded me that unless America helped the Jews, we would be cursed, then he said: "God has blessed us, because we loved the Jews!" But this is a patently false statement. God has not blessed this country since we accepted Zionist control over Palestine; the worst period in our nation's history has come on us since we turned our backs on God and helped His enemies.

We need to remember that the Bible is very careful to differentiate between Israelites and Jews - this is something most Fundamentalisanyoeachers need to learn to do! There are some Jews who are Israelites, a very few - but there are very few Israelites who are Jews! The terms are not interchangeable, as our pastors have indicated. I dare you to try and discuss this with your pastor. Nine times out of ten, he will become angry and instead of sitting down with you and trying to give you proof from the Word of God, he will try and discredit the person who has opened your eyes to the truth. Why? Because he has also been propagandized for years. In both Protestant and Catholic Seminaries pastors have been taught that the Jews are the People of the Book. You don't think after all this time there are many men honest enought to admit they have been wrong, now do you? My pastor even refused to look at documented facts I had available for him.

Nowhere in Genesis 12 does the Bible speak of Jews. God was speaking to Abraham who was a Hebrew and very few of the Zionists have any of Abraham's blood flowing in their veins. This is one reason, many orthodox Jews, refuse to support the Zionists, they recognize them as fakes. Must we allow this heathen philosophy to destroy everything we as Christians stand for, merely because our pastors refuse to accept the truth?

Why do you never hear a Fundamental pastor speak a word of warning concerning the words of Revelation 2:9; 3:9? Why is it that you can make unkind remarks about Germans, Italians, British, Poles, Canadians, Catholics, Pentecostals, Fundamentalists and Mormons, and no one gets too upset. But merely breathe a word about "those who say they are Jews and are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan," and the roof falls in on you?

Why is a person who is anti-communist, almost without fail labeled as anti-Semitic? Is it because so many of them "who say they are Jews," are on the same side as the Communists? Are they afraid that Americans will learn the truth about who they really are and that they will lose their stranglehold over us?

If the Zionists are God's People, why do they deliberately murder, as they did in the case of Count Bernadotte of Sweden in 1948. One of the Stern Gang leaders, a personal friend of Ben-Gurion said: "We killed him because of his declared intention of turning Jerusalem into an International city. He was our enemy." Suppose we did that with the Jews and said: "We must get rid of tur J because they want to turn America into a Communist nation." Would we be justified in doing that? Can you imagine the reaction in the Zionist controlled press?

There have been many incidents of Zionist terrorists bombing Jewish synagogues in order to put pressure on reluctant Jews to join political Zionism. Yet these facts are suppressed in the news media and from our pulpits. Even our pastors seek to find excuses to justify Zionist atrocities. It seems at faough these people can do no wrong.

Alfred Lilienthal, a well-known orthodox Jewish writer put it quite aptly in his book: "The Zionist Connection:" "It is possible that Adolf Hitler had more of the blood of Abraham flowing in his veins, then the men who are trying to take Palestine by force, from it's rightful owners. It is possible that some of my Christian readers, have more of this blood in their veins, than Menachim Begin or Golda Meier." Yet Godly men, like my once good friend Dr. David Webber, from the Southwest Radio Church of the Air, state publicly that the Jews have a right from God, to take the land of Palestine by force, from it's rightful owners.

While the blood of Abraham the Old Testament patriarch, flows in the veins of many Palestinian Arabs and others who live on the shores of the Mediterranean, the true descendants of the "friend of God," are not the heathen race, which now rapes and ravages the Holy Land.

Why are our Fundamental churches seeking to befriend those who say they want to destroy everything we as Christians believe in? Why do people like Dr. Jerry Falwell of the "Moral Majority," and evangelist Jack Van Impe, back the enemies of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost? Why do they back the very people who are behind the immorality they say they want to stop in America?

Must God Himself put His curse on this nation, because His Christian people are supporting His enemies; because our spiritual shepherds refuse to open their eyes to the truth and lead their flock astray? I suggest you read 2 Chronicles 18, 19 and see how the wrath of God fell on a stupid king, who backed the enemy of God. (And that enemy, by the way, was a King of Israel.)

The American public, especially those of us who go by the name of Christian, are entitled to know the truth. Our pastors should be the first to give us this truth and they have not done so. If we are to remain free, we must demand that the truth comes to us from our government, our schools, and most of all from the pulpits of our land. We must do away with the unofficial censorship which perverts our school books, and perverts our history and denies the truth concernmg the white Christian people of this land.

In 1951, the infant State of Israel showed it's true colors, when they voted to allow Communist China into the United Nations, voting against America, who was supposed to be their friend.

During the early days of the modern Israeli, terrorism was the "mod us operendi" of their leadership. Israel are the only nation in the world, which have as it's leader, a man who was an acknowledged bank robber, murderer, and terrorist. All of these terms aptly applied to Menachim Begin, who bragged publicly of kill Pan more than 300 people with his own hands; he has been instrumental in driving over 880,000 Arabs - Moslems and Christians alike, from lands they owned. Even many Jews have protested his disobedience to the Laws of God. They also apply to the present Israeli Premier.

The United States, under President Harry Truman, swung full force behind this gang of murderers. In 1948, Truman was quoted as saying: "We need to help the people of Israel, since they have proved themselves in the best traditions of hardy pioneers and the highest standards of Western civilization." Mr. Truman, never had the "guts" to define what he meant by the "best traditions and highest standards of Western civilization," unless he had reference to our earliest American gangsters who murdered and robbed the Indians, or the cut-throats of Quantrell's gang who murdered and raped in Harry Truman's backyard during the Civil War. That's the same class the Zionists have placed themselves in!

The liberal politicians greed to obtain Zionist votes and money for the socialism of the Democratic Party, has cost us the loyalty of twelve Arab nations which were our former friends and which are a lot closer to us in their religious beliefs, than the atheist Khazar Jews. The Moslems at least believe in One God; they honor the Lord Jesus Christ as a great prophet and do not look on him as the "illigetimate son of a Jewish harlot," as most Zionists do.

A good idea of the way in which Americans have prostituted their honor to these heathen can be seen in a statement which was made in 1974, during the gubernatorial campaign of Hugh Carey in New York. He told Zionist Premier Rabib: "Don't pay any attention to the polls; we are behind what Israel does, no matter what they do!" If he had said this about any State but Israel, he would have been tried for treason. But in New York, they made him their governor.

Probably our greatest mistake in foreign policy came at the end of World War II at Yalta, when F.D.R., a dying President, with the traitor Alger Hiss at his elbow and George Marshal in attendance, consented to the brutality of allowing Stalin to use millions of prisoners as slave laborers, in direct contravention of all rules in the Geneva Convention. At least a million of these unfortunates died in Stalin's camps. Form that time to this, our government has been riddled by the Khazar element which took over in Russia. They are more interested in money and power than in what is best for this country. One of the prime examples of this is foreign born Henry kissinger, a Khazarin the best tradition, a known agent of the Russian KGB and the man who sold us out in Vietnam.

Since Christianity is closely allied with the founding and growth of America, it has been this factor which made national unity out of the many ethnic groups which make up America. The acceptance of the basic tenets of Christianity, were the basis for our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Our concept of national honor and integrity, in national as well as individual rights, came from and was founded in Christianity.

But when our churches began to tire of their proclaimed duty to be the "salt of the earth," when they transferred their loyalty from the risen Christ to a heathen cult they proclaimed as God's People, then public and moral decline set in and we now find ourselves on the precipice of destruction.

Today, the greatest threat to America is not from the Communist guided missiles. It comes from within, from the insidious forces which are gnawing away at the foundations of America; from the church leaders who have prostituted their task of recognizing the truth and passing it on to their people; from refusing to warn against the enemies which are determined to destroy their right to preach the Gospel they claim to love.

We in America who care about the future of our country and the future of our children must never lose hope. We must proceed with boldness and joy, knowing that God has promised us the victory, if we will put our faith in Him. Many people believe that America has passed the point of no return! I cannot accept this'.

In the Old Testament, in 2 Chronicles 7:14, is a verse which I have engraved on the bottom of my stationery, many of you know it by memory: 'If my people, which are called by my name, will humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will FORGIVE THEIR SINS, and WILL HEAL THEIR LAND!"

I firmly believe, that if one-fourth of the people in America, who go by the name of Christian, would fall in love with their Lord enough to obey His commands, we could kick the "Money Changers" out of the temple, clean up the mess in Washington and have us headed on the proper course in six months.

If Christians would get out of their spiritual foxholes and take a stand for God and decency, it would give a new life to patriotic officials in the military and in the Congress, those who have been struggling so long against almost insurmountable odds. It would free Americans from the haunting fear which now rests on this land like a poisonous pall.

In Alan Paton's book: "Cry, Beloved Country," he has written these words:

"I shall no longer ask myself if this or that is expedient, but only if it is right. I shall do this, not because I am noble or unselfish, but because life slips away, and because I need for the rest of my journey a star which will not play me false. . . a compass that will not lie! I do it because I am no longer able to aspire to the highest with one part of me and deny it with another."

This star is our faith in God; this compass is the Word of God, which was "made flesh and dwelt among us," and who can once again bring us back into the paths of righteousness. Then and only then will we realize: the truth of Isaiah 54:17 - "No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper, and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn."

Chapter Two


In our time, more than at any time in history, the chief strength of the wicked, those who would destroy Christianity and the freedom it brings to mankind, lies in the cowardice and apathy of men and women who call themselves Christian.

Christ's answer to the apathy of Christian America could well be found in the words of Zechariah 13:6 - "What are these wounds in Thy hands? Then shall He answer, Those with which I was wounded in the house of my friends." Why? Because they did nothing to defend Him against His worst enemies - the one's who crucified Him. Instead, they have joined them, praised them, and called them God's Chosen People.

Instead of crying about anti-Semitism; Instead of constantly harping about their persecutions; concerned Jews would do well to remember that their reputation will not be improved by their continual deception, no matter what their Talmud says to the contrary. When they deliberately set out to deceive the leaders of the Christian world, and this is their acknowledged plan - they are not helping their people. Jewish reputation, world-wide, can only improve as Jews set their hearts and attitudes towards God and their fellowmen in the proper perspective. They have tried too hard and too long, to fool people into believing they should be blessed and have special favors because they are special in the eyes of God. They have fooled many, but in every instance, it has brought about the persecution of which they so bitterly complain.

There has been a Fifth Column at work within h: tChristian churches of America for a long time. It's purpose is to destroy Christianity; it has fooled many sincere Christians, even good Bible preachers. But it must be exposed, no matter how traumatic the results, or the Synagogue of Satan will triumph over the cause of Christ and send this old world into another Dark Age, worse than anything this world has ever seen.

While this lecture will undoubtedly be labeled as anti-Semitic, by the enemies of Christ, and a lot who claim to be His friends, it has not been designed to hurt the Jews. This is not my intention. Most of my abuse will come from the Fundamental church which I have served for so long. But it is this group, in particular, which needs to know the truth about the un-Godly force which is seeking to destroy them and which they in their ignorance have been feeding and protecting. So I begin this lecture with the prayer that God's Holy Spirit may lead our thinking and give us the wisdom to choose between truth and falsehood; then the courage to take a stand for the truth.

In recent years we have heard a great deal about this thing called "anti-Semitism." It has become a "triggerword" for the liberals. It has reached the ridiculous point to where a person who is anti-Communist, is often accused of being anti-Semitic. What does this all mean? Why have the churches of America been flooded with false information concerning the Jews? Who are these people which exert such a strange and powerful influence on the politicians and preachers of America? Are they really the Chosen People of God, as our Fundamental preachers claim, or are they members of the "Synagogues of Satan," as the writer of Revelation indicates?

Now I realize this is a very controversial subject and that I will come in for a lot of criticism from those who have been my friends, for I will be going against the established concept and this is always dangerous. But what does the Bible really say concerning these people? Are the Jews, and those known in the Bible as Israel one and the same, or have our preachers been deliberately misled, for a specific purpose?

Does the promise and curse of Genesis 12:3 apply to the Jews of today, or have we been led into a situation where the enemies of God, are being exalted by our religious leaders as God's Chosen? "I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee. . . "this was God's promise to Abraham; does it apply to the people we now know as Jews?

Most of our Protestant and Catholic churches teach the obvious falsehood that Abraham was a Jew. Was he really? What does the Word of God say about this? What does history teach us concerning the Jew and his relationship to God?

So our most effective tool in studying this thorny question will be the Bible, which I believe is the infallible Word of the Living God. In addition, we will look at history, which always collaborates the Bible. This must be the final test of the authenticity of the Jewish claim of God's favoritism.

In 485 B.C. the troubled association between the Hebrew Tribes of Judah and the Children of Israel came to an end. Israel had rejected the "Chosen People" creed which was beginning to take shape in Judah and went their own separate way. As a result of this act, which took place about 29 centuries ago, they set themselves aside from the people we now call Jews. When the Zionists adopted the name "Israel," in 1948, as they took over the land of Palestine, they did it on a patently false pretense.

While many of my religious contemporaries will vehemently deny this - and I will be flying in the face of most of the prominent evangelists and preachers of fundamentalism - they have been oriented towards the Jews since childhood. Their Sunday School literature has pronounced the Jews as God's Chosen; they have been taught this in their seminaries. Yet the people who now occupy Palestine do not fulfill the Bible prophesies concerning God's Chosen People who come under the Covenant of Genesis chapter 12.

Probably the greatest obstacle I must overcome in your mind, is to convince you of the truth that the "Jews" and "Israel" are not one and the same people. They are not!

The tribe of Judah, from which the true Jew comes, was a tribe of ill repute. It was Judah who sold his brother Joseph, the beloved of Jacob, called Israel, to the Ishmaelites for twenty pieces of silver. It was another Judean, a man by the name of Judas, who centuries later sold his Lord for thirty pieces of silver. He was the only Jew among the disciples of Christ. The tribe of Judah was founded in incest, read Genesis 37 and 38.

Since the priestly scribes who wrote the scripture account of this incident centuries later were the masters of Judah, just as they were at Jesus' time, they often altered the oral traditions to suit themselves, much as the liberal preachers of today, try and alter the Bible. Yet in spite of this, they preserved the story of their incestuous beginning and the treacherous nature of their people. Why they did this is a mystery, known only to the peculiar mind of the Talmudists who govern Jewry.

But regardless of what Bible scholars say regarding the unity or separateness of Judah and Israel, the Bible says they were separate. In the Old Testament, Israel is often referred to as the House of Joseph; this is in direct contrast to those who are called the House of Judah. The Jewish Encyclopaedia says: "Joseph and Judah typify two distinct lines of descent. Judah was in all likelihood a non-Israelite tribe." Remember now, this information is coming from an official Jewish source, it's not something I made up!

The Encyclopaedia Brittannica says: "Judaism developed long after the Israelites had merged themselves with mankind. The true relationship of the two peoples is best expressed in the phrase: 'The Israelites are not Jews!' "This of course is in direct contradiction to what we have been taught in our Fundamental churches.

Historically, Judah survived Israel as a nation for about a hundred years and it was during this period that Judaism was brought forth - this was the thing which spawned the scourge of Zionism. It was during this time, that Israel disappeared from the world scene as a national entity.

From the very beginning, after their exodus from Egypt, the children of Israel distrusted Judah, as they had every right to do. The hereditary priests of the Hebrews, the Levites, had attached themselves to the Southern tribe of Judah. Their aim from the beginning was power and they realized they could have no power as long as the ten tribes of Israel remained separate. The Israelites distrusted the priesthood and demanded a king, such as the other nations had.

The Levites recognized this as an opportunity to set up a puppet monarchy, with the stipulation that the king would reign for life and that he could not set up a dynasty. When Saul was chosen king, the unified Kingdom of Israel began its brief existence.

While some Bible scholars believe that the account of the Books of Samuel are allegorical, rather than actual happenings, since they could not have been written by Samuel, as his death is recorded in 1 Samuel 25 - whoever wrote these books, at a much later date, may have used the Book of Jasher, which is mentioned in this record (2 Samuel 1:18), as well as the random writings of Samuel, Nathan, which are noted in 1 Chronicles 29:29, as sources for an account of the "acts of David."

The real end of the united kingdom of Israel began about 3,000 years ago, when Israel refused to accept David, a Judaite, as their king. A Jewish historian named Dr. Kastein says: "Israel ignored him." They declared Saul's son Ishbosheth as king. According to Samuel's account, this son was murdered and his head was presented to David, who then restored a nominal union between the two kingdoms, with Jerusalem as its capitol. This lasted through the reign of David and Solomon.

Formal Judaism holds that the Messaianic consummation of prophecy will come under a worldly king of the House of David. This racial exclusion of all who are not Judaites, is one of the formal tenets of Zionism and is the Law of the Land in the present State of Israel. If you are not a Jew - notice I did not say Israelite - if you are not a Jew, there is no way for you to become a citizen of Israel.

Racial discrimination and segregation were unknown to the tribesmen of that day as can be seen by the incident between David and the Hittite woman Bathsheba. David married her and made her queen, after he had murdered her husband.

Solomon therefore, was only half Hebrew and could not properly be called a Jew, since the Jews did not come into existence until years later, when the kingdom was divided during the reign of his son Rehoboam.

Solomon began his reign with three murders, including that of his brother and vainly sought to save his kingdom through intermarriage on a grand scale. He married princesses from Egypt and the surrounding tribes and had hundreds of lesser wives. So racial segregation must have been virtually unknown at this time among the Israelites.

When the kingdoms of Judah and Israel split up in 937 B.C. Dr. Kastein says: "They had no more in common for good or evil, than any other two countries with a common border. From time to time they fought each other: while at other times they were allies. The Israelites rejected the Chosen People theory and believed their destiny was apart from that of Judah. King Jereboam made the separation from Judah as complete as possible, in both religious and political sense."

Of the Judaites, Dr. Kastein writes: "They decided they were destined to develop as a race apart... they demanded an order of existence fundamentally different from the people about them. These differences allowed no process of assimilation with others." It was from this group, that the people known as Jews came.

Dr. Kastein goes on to say that the word "Judaite," actually refers to the Levites and it was this corrupt, ruling class, which the Israelites repudiated.

The two hundred years in which Israel and Judah existed side by side, were filled with the voices of the Hebrew - not Jewish prophets, as they harangued the Levites for their wickedness. This included the creed they were even then constructing, which eventually, during the Babylonian captivity, became the corrupt and often obscene Jewish Babylonian Talmudic Law, which is the basis of modern Jewish religious teaching today.

It is interesting and also important for us to note how the Hebrew prophets, just prior to the captivity of both nations, decried the teachings of the Levites. They rebuffed the blood sacrifices of the priests. Listen to Isaiah 1:11 - "To what purpose is the multitude of your sacrifices unto me? saith the Lord: I am full of the burnt offerings of rams, and the fat of fed beasts; and I delight not in the blood of bullocks, or of lambs, or of he goats."

These prophets for the most part were Israelites and most of them came from the tribes of Joseph, Ephraim and Manasseh. These men were already on the way to the New Testament understanding of God, which was preached by Christ and His followers and which is completely contrary to the teaching of the Jewish Chosen People Theory. These prophets constantly rebuked the priests for their slaughter and enslaving of the heathen, which is today openly taught in the Talmudic law of the Jews.

They taught that God desired moral behavior, neighborly conduct and justice towards the poor and oppressed, the fatherless and widow. They did not teach hatred and slaughter of those with whom you disagree.

Israel disappeared from the historical scene about 721 B.C. when they were carried captive into Assyria and disappeared to the North and West.

If the Bible promises of their redemption are to come to pass, they will come out of the ranks of mankind in which they became involved and merged and the Bible tells us that very few of them will know who they are, or what their destiny is, until their Messiah, Jesus Christ returns. This is certainly true of our white Christian people.

These are the only people who can possibly meet the scriptural criteria of being the Israel of God, certainly the Jews do not measure up to this standard.

Given the prevalent Westward trend of movement among the migrations of the world's people since the beginning of history, and especially in the last 2700 years since Israel disappeared from the historical scene, it makes sense that Israelite blood flows in the veins of White Americans and Europeans. There is much historical and archeological proof to back up this assumption.

Yet in the face of overwhelming proof to the contrary, the Judaists in our churches, claim that Israel was completely and deservedly lost and that the modern Jew is all that is left of Israel and that they and they alone, are the Chosen People of God. How blind can intelligent men become? The Apostle Paul tells us in Romans 1:22 - "Professing themselves to be wise; they became fools."

Most of our Fundamental preachers - men who believe the Bible and preach it fearlessly - still continue the myth that the heathen Jew is God's Chosen. So they subsidize, protect and aid the very people who according to their own religious doctrine, are dedicated to the destruction of our religion. Great evangelists like Jack Van Impe, for example, who have been instrumental in leading thousands to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, nevertheless give their full cooperation to a nation of savages who would destroy everything we as a Christian stands for.

According to Jewish authorities, the Zionists of today cannot agree with the Fundamentalist theology which believes that the Israelites vanished without leaving a trace. Instead, they have been pronounced dead, by the Jews, in the same manner as a Jew who marries out of the fold of Judaism is excommunicated. In this sense Israel has vanished! Why do our preachers never tell their people about this Jewish belief? Does it make Israel any less Israel, because Jewish authorities have trned their backs on them?

The true Jewish feelings concerning Israel can be seen in this assertion from the Talmud: "The ten tribes have no share in the Jewish world to come." In this mnner, the Israelites have been banned from heaven by the ruling sect of Judah, who for the most part are heathen imposters themselves.

This should make it clear to any honest observer, that the use of the word "Israel," by the Zionists is rank forgery. Yet I find Dr. Van Impe and others, using the terms "Jew" and "Israel," interchangeably. This is not only bad scholarship, it is a deliberate falsehood.

Ample proof exists that the Zionist State was set up by help from Christendom. Our Christian nations seem to be comforted by the idea that we are fulfilling God's prophecy to Israel, even when we help a people who are not of Israel and who are dedicated to our destruction Any honest study of Talmudic Law, as taught in today's Jewish synagogues throughout the world, should show the deepest skeptic, the bitter hatred of the Jews for the Christian world. Listen to this Talmudic summary by Rabbi Orach: "The precepts of justice, of equity, of charity towards one's neighbors are not applicable with regard to the Christian, but constitute a crime in anyone who would act differently ... the Talmud expressly forbids one to save a non-Jew from death ... to restore lost goods to him, or have pity on him."

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