America's Destiny
Christ or Anti-Christ?
Part 5 of 5
By Col. Jack Mohr

A frank discussion of the Jewish problem in America and
the future of this country as the Zion of Bible prophecy!

I can tell you one thing, when Christians finally realize how they have been fooled by their clergy, how they have been lied to about the Jews, there is going to come one of the greatest explosions Christendom has ever seen and it will blow these "Jewish prostitutes," out of their place of authority in the Christian church. Pray to God that it happens before they destroy us!

The day came when I became increasingly concerned about events which were taking place in the Mid-East. In spite of the media efforts to cover up the treacherous dealings of the Zionists, enough leaked out to make me realize we were not getting the whole truth from the press and certainly not from our government or our pastors. Then one day, as I read the story of Jehosophat, in 2 Chronicles 18 and 19, and especially the words of 19:2, "Shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate the Lord? therefore is wrath upon thee from before the Lord." I began to wonder if America might not be in the same boat. The more I studied the situation, both from scripture and from history, the more I became convinced that we had not been told the truth about the Jews. The more I studied, the more I became appalled at the obvious propaganda lies, which had been palmed off on unsuspecting Christians as the truth.

For the most part, the Zionist Jews are an atheistic, communistic, God-hating crowd. They hate Jesus Christ and all Christians with a special virulent hatred. This is taught to them by their religious instructors and comes straight from the pages of their Talmud. Three times every day and four times on the Sabbath and religious holidays, the orthodox Jew pronounces a curse on Jesus Christ and all Christians. (So much for Jewish world brotherhood.)
In the Sanhedrin, 67a, Jesus is referred to as "the son of Pandira, a soldier."
In "Kallah," lb, (18b), He is called "the illegitimate and conceived during menstruation."
In the "Schabbath," 104b, He is referred to as "a fool and no one pays any attention to fools."
In "Sanhedrin," 107b, He is called "the seducer and corrupter that destroyed Israel."
In "Hilkhoth Maakhaloth," Christians are called "idolaters" for worshiping Christ.
In "Abhodah Zarah," 15b, it is suggested that Christians have sex relations with animals; "
In Makkoth," 7b, "Jews are innocent of murder if the intent was to kill a Christian."
In "Orach Chaum," 225,10, Christians are more to be pitied than sick pigs.
In "Zohar," II, 64b, the birthrate of Christians must be diminished materially.
In "Zohar," I, 46b, 47a, the souls of Gentiles are said to have come from an unclean origin.
In "Sanhedrin", 58b, Striking a Jew is like hitting God in the face.
In "Hilkoth Akum", IX, 2, a Jew may only give gifts to a Christian if he is irreligious.
In "Babha Bathra," 54b, Christian property belongs to the first Jew claiming it. In "Babha Kama," 113a, Jews may lie and perjury to condemn a Christian.
In "Zohar," I, 160a, Jews must always try and deceive Christians.
And so on, and so on, and so on, ad nauseam!

The Jew is behind every immoral, anti-Christ, secular humanist, effort in the United States. They promote the E.R.A., the Women's Lib Movements, the pro-homosexual movements, the pro-abortion movements. They push for Sex Ed in the schools; for the removal of anything having to do with Christianity. I dare you to look carefully at the names behind these things which are destroying America, and then dare to tell me they are not Jewish.

Why do people like Dr. Jerry Falwell, president of the Moral Majority, back the very people who are causing the problems his organization deplores? Doesn't he know that you can't fight evil, when you back its promoters? Why do Godly men like Dr. David Webber, of the Southwest Radio Church of the Air, insist on backing the murders of Zionism? Why do they take trip after trip to the Holy Land, to brainwash more Christian suckers with this Zionist propaganda I have never heard of any of them being honest enough to visit the Arab side once in a while and try and find out what is really happening.

Many of these men are fine, Bible-believing, Bible-preaching men. But they have been "in filtered," "softened up," and had their arms twisted by anti-God forces and they refuse to see this Is it because they are afraid they might have to admit they have been taken in by these clever rascals?

The frequent use of smear words, such as "anti-Semite," are completely false when applied to 90% of the Jews, for they are not now, and never have been Semites.

One of the biggest problems Christians face in trying to understand these things, is the changes which have taken place in the Bible, even the King James Version. Certain statements in the original 1611 Version, were considered offensive to the Judaists, so they were deleted in later printings. Yet none of the blasphemous, blood-thirsty references concerning Christ and Christians, have ever been eliminated from the Talmud. (So much for your brotherhood between Christians and Jews.)

Today the Christian faith stands in an extremely perilous position. The history of the world, during the last century in particular, confirms a vast, Satanic plot against Christianity. There is a world-wide network of conspirators, who are implementing this plot against Christianity, while most Christians seem to be sound asleep, as far as facing up to the truth is concerned. They are unaware of what is happening, and are being lulled into an ever deeper and more fatal sleep by their shepherds.

The ignorance, or more accurately indifference of the Christian world, to what is happening, has dealt a terrible blow to the Christian faith. During this crisis, when Christian Paul Revere's ride across this land with messages of warning, they are met with indifference, contempt, and abuse, by those they are trying to save.

In order to defeat any enemy, you must first know who they are and then how they operate. This means that of dire necessity, we must discover how they are attempting to bore from within. We must do this before they become too strong to combat.

Many Christians are troubled by the mysterious pressures they encounter, especially from so-called Christian organizations such as the National Council of Churches, which often seem to be on the enemy's side. (There are many good Christians who still belong to and support this organization.) But if we can recognize these forces, they can be stopped, and our Christian faith will stand like the Rock of Gibraltar, against all Satanic influence.

I believe our pastors are mainly responsible for this "Fifth Column," which is rotting us out from within. For fifteen years, while I preached the dangers to America, and the need of a spiritual revival, I backed the enemies of Christ and the Church. I refuse to do this any more, regardless what the consequences may be.

I believe many pastors are afraid of the pressure they will receive, if they take the stand they know they should. Others like Dr. Billy Graham, seem more interested in the big crowds, and the TV coverage they get, than in taking a stand. This was not always so with Dr. Billy. Some will actually fawn on our enemy, as some of our outstanding fundamental leaders did, when the chief murderer of the Zionists, Begin visited America.

Today, as the world is slipping back into barbarism, the Church of Jesus Christ remains the only bulwark against this enemy. The time has come, when Christians must stop "pussy footing" around in this conflict for survival.

The dedicated enemy of Christ has shown world wide savagery in dealing with our Christian brethren and in suppressing their faith. What makes you think they will treat you differently?

Our Christian clergy may get upset when I tell them that they are aiding Gods and their own worst enemies. They may refuse to accept this, but this is the same thing that happened in Russia.

I have already mentioned one of the pet phrases that is consistently used: "Jesus was a Jew'!" Nonsense! That statement is a historical and scriptural distortion and can easily be proven false by anyone who will take a little time and honest effort to look into it. There is no foundation other than Judaist propaganda in this statement. Historians and knowledgeable, honest theologians, will confirm that during Christ's lifetime, Jesus called Himself a Judean, not a Jew. He never referred to Himself as a Jew.

When He was crucified, a Roman governor had inscribed on His cross the Latin words: "Jesu Nazarenous Rex ludeorum." Anyone with a working knowledge of Latin knows that should be translated: "Jesus of Nazareth, Ruler of the Judeans." At the time of the crucifixion, as far as Rome was officially concerned - and this is proven by written records of the Romans at this date - there were no people in the known world who were called Jews. They were "Judeans." The word "Jew" has only been used in the English language since the beginning of the 18th Century.

At the time when Jesus lived, there were no religious, racial, or national group known as "Jews." Our pastor's should be intelligent enough to realize this.

Jesus was first referred to as a Jew, when the original King James Version was changed for the first time. Already, pressure from this ungodly group was being exerted on Christians to control their thinking.

You may be inclined to say: "What difference does it make; Jew and Judean mean the same thing, don't they?" It makes all the difference in the world! If this word conveyed the proper implication, there would be no argument in it's use. But the Jews have been very careful to see that it does not. The word "Jew", as used today, is not synonymous with Judean. When it was first introduced into the King James Version, this was it's meaning: "an inhabitant of Judea." It had no religious meaning whatsoever. But when the change was made in the 18th Century, a well-organized, well-financed world pressure group created the secondary meaning of the word, which is used today: Let me illustrate with this simple example: "If you were speaking with an Egyptian and said to him: 'Give me a camel.' He would immediately think of a hump backed dromedary. But if you made the same statement to an American, he would give you a cigarette. It is the same word, but it has a completely different meaning in different languages.

How many Christians do you know, who think of a Judean, an inhabitant of Judea, when the word "Jew" is used? Probably none! Because today, the secondary meaning of the word is used and it has at least four universally believed theories: A self-styled Jew, with probably not a drop of Abrahamic blood flowing in his veins is:

(1) a person who professes the form of worship known as Judaism;

(2) a person who claims to belong to a racial group associated with the ancient Israelite;

(3) a person who is a direct descendant of an ancient nation that thrived in Old Testament times; and

(4) a person blessed by God's special design, with certain alleged superior religious and cultural characteristics denied other racial, religious, or national groups.

Here is where the secondary meaning of the word confuses Christians. The implications and innuendoes of the word "Jew" to many intelligent Christians -- is in direct conflict with incontestable historic facts. It has nothing whatsoever to do with whether they believe the Bible or not, since history never contradicts the Bible.

Many Christians are beginning to realize that Jesus was not a member of a group, or a sect in Judea, which practiced a form of worship known as Judaism; or that Jesus was a member of a group whom we now call "Jews;" or that those who today call themselves "Jews," are not lineal descendants of the folks who lived in Judea during Jesus' stay on earth In fact, many Christians are becoming slightly nauseated with the clergy's repeated references to an ungodly crew, such as today's Jews, who they refer to as God's Chosen People. Do the clergy not realize what will happen when their people finally understand how their preachers have lied to them? I wouldn't want to be in their shoes.

Concerned Christians today are asking: "If Jesus really was a Jew, why have the Jews for the past 300 years spent such huge sums of money to manufacture the fiction that the Judeans of Christ's time were also Jews?" It just doesn't make sense to intelligent, spiritually discerning Christians, nor should it.

A little study will show you the economic, political and social advantages which have accrued to the Jews as the result of this propaganda. To make Christians believe that their Lord was a Jew and that their religion was an off-shoot of Judaism, has brought them huge sums of money.

While this fiction is still being preached in a majority of fundamental and evangelical pulpits, many Christians are beginning to realize just how blasphemous this really is - I am one of them!

Now last you get the wrong idea and accuse me of attacking fundamentalism, let me say that I am a fundamentalist of the "hard-nosed" variety and my thinking about the cardinal issues of the Bible have been strengthened, rather than weakened, by what I have learned.

The religion practiced in Judea during Christ's stay on earth, like that of today's Judaism, was Pharisaism; Christian preachers should know this. If they would do a bit of honest study, they would realize that the teachings of modern Judaism have very little in common with the teachings of Moses.

If you want proof, let's go to the head of the Jewish Theological Seminary in America, Rabbi Louis Finkelstein, in the foreword of his book THE PHARISEES, page 21, he says: "Judaism became Pharisaism; Pharisaism became Talmudism; Talmudism became mediaeval Rabbinism, and this became modern Rabbinism. But through all these changes in name, the spirit of the ancient Pharisees survives unaltered."

These were the religious leaders of Christ's day, whom he constantly upbraided and who harassed Him and finally killed Him. Listen again to what Christ had to say to them, (Matthew 23:2) "The scribes and Pharisees sit in Moses' seat: All therefore whatsoever they bid you observe, that observe and do: but do not ye after their works: for they say, and do not." In other words, they were religious hypocrites.

In Matthew 23:29-33, He says: "Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites: because ye build the tombs of the prophets and garnish the sepulchres of the righteous, and say, 'If we had been in the days of our fathers, we would not have been partakers with them in the blood of the prophets.' Wherefore ye be witnesses, that ye are the children of them which killed the prophets. Fill ye up then the measure of your fathers. Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?"

John the Baptist knew who these were when he said Matthew 3:7: "O generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come?"

Again in John 8:19, Jesus spoke to the Pharisees and said: "Ye neither know me, nor my Father." Then in verse 38 - "If ye were Abraham's children, ye would do the works of Abraham." Then in verse 44, He gives His most scathing denunciation: "Ye are of your father the Devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth." Jewish authorities of today, say that this same group which Christ denounced, are the one's who lead Jewish worship in the modern synagogues. Jesus speaking about this same crowd in Revelation 2:9, warns the church at Smyrna about the "blasphemy of them which say they are Jews and are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan." Apparently both Jesus and John the Baptist knew these men were fakes, yet our fundamental preachers tell you they are God's Chosen People. Are they calling Christ a liar by their actions?

The form of religion taught in Christ's time and that taught to the Jews of today, was and is a religious practice based on the Babylonian Talmud. This is a set of 63 books, which had been brought back from Babylon and was inter-mingled with the heathen superstitions of the Babylonians. They gave lip service to the Laws of Moses, but twisted them out of shape and in many instances, made the Laws of God, of "non-effect."

The Zionist leaders of modern Jewry have constantly told the leaders of Britain and America: "The Bible is our mandate!" While what they really mean is that the Levitical Laws have been twisted completely out of shape, so that they can destroy anyone who disagrees with them.

That part of the Levitical Law, found in the book of Deuteronomy, calling for the utter destruction of all other religions, may not seem important to Christians of the Twentieth Century, but it is. For as Jews moved into area of the West where Christianity flourished, they carried with them these same Levitical orders to destroy and Christianity became their primary target. The ideas of the inquisition of heretics; the use of informers, the same ideas we see being used in modern communist countries, came from Jewish Talmudic laws. The denunciation of family members who had incurred suspicion was demanded. This is the same terrorist device the Zionists introduced into Russia in 1917 and which they have used in every country taken over by Communism. While the Christian world has often gasped at the terrible brutality of Communism, few Christians realize that the seeds for this action came from Jewish teachings as found in the Talmud.

Under Zionist law, the heathen have no rights and the thinking of the "bandits: who now control Zionist Israel", is the same as that of a heathen philosophy they brought back from Babylon 25 centuries ago.

Listen to the words of warning that fell from the lips of our Savior in Matthew 16:12, he warned His disciples: "Beware of the doctrine of the Pharisees." Then in 15:7, speaking to the Pharisees, He said: "Ye hypocrites, well did Esaias prophesy of you, saying, 'This people draw nigh me with their mouth and have honored me with their lips, but their heart is far from me. But in vain do ye worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men." In other words, the words of the Pharisees, the Rabbis, have precedence over the commandments of God, as found in the Ten Commandments God gave to Moses at Mount Sinai.

The Book of Deuteronomy, in the Old Testament, is a curious work. It's name means "Second Law." It was very probably written by the Levites, rather than Moses, since it was completely different from what Moses had taught. Dr. Funk, a noted Jewish scholar says: "God foresaw that one day a time would come, when the heathen would possess themselves of the Torah (the body of Divine teaching found in the scriptures) and would say to the Jews, 'We too, are the sons of God.' Then will the Lord say: 'Only he who knows my secrets is my son.' and what are these secrets? they are the oral teachings."

In this manner, the Levites were within their self-granted right to make changes in the Mosaic Law as they saw fit. They felt that they were authorized to change the Law, as times changed; just as modernists feel they can change the Bible to fit in with modern thinking.

It is interesting to note however, that the Book of Deuteronomy, in effect, cancels the Laws of the Ten Commandments as given to Moses on Mt. Sinai. These commandments had something definite to say concerning murder, stealing, adultery, coveting, bad neighborliness and were perverted into a mass of statutes which enjoined murder, massacre of the heathen, the murder of apostates, the taking of concubines from among captive women, the exclusion of strangers from debt-remission and so on. By the end of this strange book, the Ten Commandments had been nullified with the purpose of setting up, in the guise of religion, the political idea of a people sent into the world to destroy, possess all others, and rule the world. The ideas of Deuteronomy are diametrically opposed to those taught much later by the great Hebrew Prophets such as Isaiah and Jeremiah.

The ideas of Deuteronomy, later enlarged in the Talmud are inherent in the Jewish Communist Manifesto of Karl Marx. It is a political program for world domination, commanding the destruction of all others. The rewards for obedience are earthly rewards -slaughter of the enemy, slaves, women, booty, territory and empire. The punishments are also of this world and of the flesh. Moral behavior, is required only towards those who believe as you do, all others are your enemy. These ideas, as exemplified in the Jewish Talmud, were totally destroyed by Christ's Sermon on the Mount.

The present day Jews like to tell Christians that Jesus of Nazareth drew His teachings, which revolutionized world thinking, from the Talmud. This is a lie out of the pits of hell itself. If you have ever read the Talmud, you will recognize this blasphemy. There has never been recorded as vicious a blasphemy against Christ and Christianity, as that found within the pages of the Talmud. If you will take the time to honestly check out any part of these 63 books, you will be shocked at the irreligious implications found there.

In 1935, the International hierarchy of the self-styled Jews, published the first English translation of the Talmud. It became known as the "Soncino Edition." Some day, Christians are going to wake up to the fact that they have been fooled by Jewish propaganda and they will realize how the word "Judeo-Christian" culture is a completely false statement. There was no possibility of the doctrine of Jesus Christ being built on the false base of the anti-God Talmud. There can be no grounds on which Judaism and Christianity can meet. Let me give you a few quotations from the Talmud and let you make up your own mind:

1 - "ZOHAR," 160a - "Jews must always try and deceive Christians."

2 - "BABHA KAMA," 133a - "Jews may lie and perjure themselves in order to condemn a Christian."

3 - "ABHODAH ZORAH," 15b - This suggest that: "Christians have sex relations with animals."

4 - "MIDRASCH TALPIOTH," 225 - "Christians were created to minister to the Jews."

5 - "SEPHER OR ISRAEL," 177 - "If a Jew kills a Christian, he commits no sin."

6 - "ORACH CHAIM," 225 - "Christians and animals are grouped for comparison."

7- "SEPHEROR ISRAEL," 177- "Take the life of a Christian and kill them and you will please God, the same as when you offer Him incense."

These are but a few of literally hundreds of references, which are used by the modern day Jew in his synagogues throughout the world. Many of these Talmudic teachings are so coarse, vulgar, and obscene, I could not mention them in a message such as this. To say that these are the basis of Christ's teaching, is the worst kind of blasphemy.

If you have ever wondered why the Jews are noted for their cheating in business deals, you will not have to go further than their religious training. In a prayer, which is prayed on the Day of Atonement, called the "Kol Nidre," (they recite this three times standing, in concert with the Rabbi who chants at the altar.) According to Vol. VIII, p.539, of the Jewish Encyclopedia, this prayer makes "null and void," all oaths, vows, and promises a Jew will make with a Gentile during the following twelve months. This means, that he can lie and cheat with the blessings of the Rabbi.

This prayer is explained in the Talmud book of "NEDARIM," 23a, 23b - "He who desires that none of his vows made during the year shall be valid," may pray the "Kol Nidre." In other words, this is a device, whereby Jews may lie, cheat, and steal with impunity.

This prayer dates back to the days of the Khazar Jews. They believed it suited their purpose to keep secret from their Christian conquerors the fact that they were Jews and their attitude towards Christians. So the Talmud was revised so they could pledge loyalty to their leaders, while secretly repudiating them. This same idea is prevalent today. While they may be citizens of the United States and pledge an oath of loyalty to her, they are protected from God's judgment by the "Kol Nidre" prayer, which allows them to become traitors if it is to the good of world Jewry.

The Zionists have gone to tremendous pains and expense, to "black out" the origin and history of the Khazar Kingdom from which most of them have descended. Many historians will agree, that the purpose of the Kol Nidre prayer was to keep Christians in the dark from knowing who the Jews really were.

Probably the greatest historian on the origin and history of the Jews in Eastern Europe, was the Jewish Professor, Dr. H. Graetz. In his famous book, titled THE HISTORY OF THE JEWS, he points out that when other Jews heard about the Khazars for the first time, they assumed they must be the "ten lost tribes." Then on page 141, he says: "But the Khazars professed a coarse religion which was combined with sensuality and lewdness."

When the Khazars were conquered by the Russians in the 13th Century, their language became known as "Yiddish" and for over six centuries, since then, Jews the world over have identified themselves as being "Yiddish." You never hear of an Eastern Jew identifying himself as being a Pole, a Russian, a Lithuanian, a Roumanian, or a Hungarian. They will tell you: "I am Yiddish!" Interestingly enough, before this language became known as Yiddish, it was the mother-tongue of the Khazars. Yiddish must not be confused with Hebrew, even though they use the same alphabet. There is not one word of Yiddish to be found in ancient Hebrew, and vice versa. Why? Because they come from separate sources.

Countless millions of dollars have been expended by the National Conference of Christians and Jews, to expunge from the New Testament all passages the Jew consider offensive. Most of this money has come from Zionist sources. Within recent years, they have mounted a massive campaign within the Roman Catholic church, to take the blame for the murder of Jesus, off the backs of the Jews. But listen to what the Bible says of this, as found in Matthew 27:24, 25 - "When Pilate saw that he could prevail nothing (remember that he had tried to set Jesus free), but that rather a tumult was made, he took water, and washed his hands before the multitude, saying, 'I am innocent of the blood of this just person; see ye to it.' "Notice this next verse very carefully: "Then answered all the people (Jews), and said, 'His blood be on us, and on our children.'" How could this be any plainer? Yet the Jew is saying they were not to blame!

Most of the Jewish "white-washing" is done in the name of "interfaith brotherhood!" What a lovely, innocent appearing word! But have you ever wondered, why this unsavory crew has never done anything to remove obscene references to Christ and Christianity from their Talmud? With the Jew, it must always be a "one-way street," in their favor!

The next time you hear someone boast of their Jewish blood, you might ask them: "What becomes of this Jewish blood, when a Jew is converted to Christianity?" How is Jewish blood biologically different from that of a Christian or a Moslem? It isn't, of course!

So in view, of what I have shown you, how can you as a Christian, accept the term Judeo-Christian? They are "antonyms," "words having opposite meanings." The term Judeo-Christian is unrealistic and would have the same meaning as "hot-cold," or "poor-rich."

On the basis of Jewish teaching, the term anti-Semite or Semitic, should be eliminated from the English language. It serves one purpose and one purpose only, to be used as a "smear word" against anyone who criticizes the Zionists.

I am grieved, as are most decent people, by the new lows to which our national morality has sunk. I realize this is an indication of a decline in the "faith of our fathers," which was a Christian, not a Jewish faith. The Jews had absolutely nothing to do with the greatness of America. In fact, our founding fathers gave us frequent warning concerning them.

Listen to this copy of the original, from the written records of Charles Pickney of South Carolina, of the proceedings during the drafting of the United States Constitution in 1789. This was a statement made by Benjamin Franklin, concerning Jewish immigration.

"There is a great danger for the United States of America. That great danger is the Jew. Gentlemen, in which ever land the Jews have settled, they have depressed the moral level and lowered the degree of commercial honesty. They have created a State within a State, and when they are opposed, they attempted to strangle the nation financially as in the case of Portugal and Spain.

"For more than 1700 years they have lamented their sorrowful fate, namely, that they were driven out of the motherland; but gentlemen, if the civilized world today should give them back Palestine as their property, they would immediately find pressing reasons for not returning there. Why? Because they are vampires and cannot live on other vampires. They cannot live among themselves. They must live among Christians and others who do not belong to their race.

"If they are not excluded from the United States by the Constitution, within a hundred years they will stream into the country in such numbers that they will rule and destroy us, and change our form of government for which Americans have shed their blood and sacrificed life, property, and personal freedom. If the Jews are not excluded, within 200 years our children will be working in the fields to feed the Jews, while they will remain in the Counting House gleefully rubbing their hands.

"I warn you, gentlemen, if you do not exclude the Jew forever, your children and your children's children will curse you in your grave.

"Their ideas are not those of Americans. The leopard cannot change his spots. The Jews are a danger to this land, and if they are allowed to enter, they will imperil it's institutions.

"They should be excluded by the Constitution."

But this warning was not heeded and Jewish influence has caused great psychological and moral damage to America. It has inculcated in our people the philosophy of "How do you make more money; you only go around once in life, so live with gusto!" This has been the philosophy which has drained our youth of their moral courage, to the point where many of them can see nothing worthwhile to protect any more.

The sabotage of our nation's moral and spiritual standards has been one of the most important objectives of this unfriendly, parasitic conspiracy which masquerades under the banner of International Zionism. It is heading America, at a breakneck pace, towards a materialistic, totalitarian, one-world government, with the Zionist in the seat of authority. Frankly, this scares the wits out of me!

This plan has been most effective, because the cooperation of the "male prostitutes" who stand behind the pulpits of this land, trumpeting the falsehood, that these heathen are God's Chosen People.

In Alfred Lilienthal's book THE ZIONIST CONNECTION he says: "To the Zionist leaders of world Jewry, their concept of 'world rule' is that of extreme racism. To them, what makes a person a Jew is not the practice of the Jewish faith, since many are unabashed agnostics or atheists: suffice it that he was born a Jew, so he remains always a Jew. Such is the philosophy of Zionism

"The historic connection upon which the Zionists have stated their claim to Palestine turns out to be nothing but a racial myth. Ten tribes started out in Canaan 35 centuries ago; then disappeared and more than half of the other two never returned from exile in Babylon. How can anyone claim descendency from that small community that inhabited the Holy Land at the time of Moses' Covenant with God? Who can say for sure, that many Christian readers of this book, might have a far better claim to Palestine than Menachim Begin, or Golda Meier? Queen Elizabeth belongs to an Israelite society which traces its members back to the Lost Tribes of Israel."

The catastrophic decline of Christianity, in spite of all the vivid stories concerning a "nation-wide" revival, disturbs all of us who are concerned Christians. Christendom is no longer Christendom; Christian America is no longer Christian America, for we have allowed our country to be taken over by a heathen philosophy which is opposed to the "faith of the fathers." The Christian church is literally committing suicide today, by the reckless manner in which we are promoting a heathen philosophy and calling it of God.

If you are one of those "brainwashed" Christians who have swallowed the Zionist propaganda "hook, line, and sinker," let me ask you a few simple questions in closing. As far as I have been able to ascertain, none of them have ever been intelligently answered by any fundamentalist preacher or scholar:

1 - Most of the preachers say Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were Jews - why, when the word was not used until a thousand years later in 2 Kings 16:6?

2 - When preachers speak of the Exodus from Egypt, they almost without fail call it the "deliverance of the Jews from bondage." There were no people called Jews at this time. The Bible calls them "Israelites;" the "House of Jacob;" "He brews," but never Jews. Why should our preachers use that term?

3 - Abraham's seed were to be as "the sands of the sea," (Genesis 22:17). In Genesis 24:60, Isaac's wife Rebecca was promised to be "the mother of thousands of millions." At the time of the Exodus, Moses prophesied in Deuteronomy 1:11, that God would make the Israelites "a thousand times so many as ye are." At this time there were about two million Israelites in Egypt. Yet the Jews have never numbered more than 17-million; if you are going to call them Jews. How do you explain this?

4 - The New Covenant as recorded in Jeremiah 31, was made with the "house of Israel and the house of Judah," nothing is said here about Jews. Hebrews chapter eight verifies this. Yet most preachers say this Covenant, which was to make Israel a Christian people, just didn't work out for the Jews. They have never been able to explain, why the white race has been the only people to really accept this Covenant and has printed and carried the Word of God to all the world, as God's people were supposed to do.

5 - Most preachers teach that Jesus came to the Jews, but the Master Himself, in John 10:26, very plainly tells the Jewish leaders: "Ye believe not, because ye are not of my sheep." Who then are His sheep? Could it be those people who have built their nations on His laws, the Christian nations? Certainly it cannot be the Jews!

6 - Israel was the only people who God ever promised that He would watch over them and answer their prayers. What people have prayed to the God of Abraham for the past centuries? If the white, Nordic races are the same as the colored races, then why did God choose the white race in which to establish His worship? Why have only white nations been known as Christian nations, following God's laws. Why when Paul wanted to go into Asia and preach, did the Holy Spirit send him into Asia Minor, and then on into Europe instead?

7 - When God told Israel in Jeremiah 3:14, "I will take you one of a city, and two of a family and will bring you to Zion: and I will give you pastors according to mine heart; which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding." Why did God bring over 40-million Caucasians to America during one fifty year period?

These people had "born again" preachers as their shepherds. They led America to become a Christian nation.

Yet our preachers have the audacity to say that 3-million atheistic Jews, returning to Old Palestine with their Rabbis, and a false religious book - people who curse the name of God and His Son, they have the gall to call these God's Chosen People!

8 - Finally, how can you equate God's Chosen People with the fact that most of the Communist functionaries are Jews.

a - That it was Jewish money that financed the Communist revolution in Russia.

b - That Jews run the filthy propaganda mills of Hollywood, where God's name is made a laughing stock and Christ is blasphemed daily.

c - That most of the people accused of treason against this country have been Jews;

d - That most of the pornography, the homosexuality, the pro-abortion, pro-Sex Ed, the moral degradation of America has Jewish influence behind it.

Can you still look me in the eye and say these are God's Chosen People?

I do not advocate hatred of the Jews. I differ from some, in that I believe there are patriotic Jews in this country. There are many who deny Zionism. I do not believe in persecuting any people. But by a like token, I do not believe in allowing the Zionists to control our government, our banking institutions, and our media.

If America's pastors would become imbued with a passion for the truth, they would realize that their mission is far more than "preaching the Gospel." They must be willing to "Occupy until He comes!"

Chapter Four


Have you ever wondered why in this so-called ' enlightened age", when all subjects can be intelligently examined, there is one subject that remains "taboo?" You can openly discuss sex, communism, Protestantism, Catholicism, Mohammendism, Metaphysics, and most anything else. But it is considered bad manners and downright sinful to discuss Judaism, especially if what you say can be construed as being critical of them.

If you want information on the Mormon religion, you can go to most any good book store and purchase THE BOOK OF MORMON, THE DOCTRINE OF THE COVENANTS, or THE PEARL OF GREAT PRICE. If you wish to learn about Christian Science, the books of Mary Baker Eddy, its founder are readily available. If you wish to learn something about the Moslem religion, the Koran, translated into English is available.

There is not one single existing faith which you cannot study, with the exception of JUDAISM. But if you try and find out what Jews really believe, and what they are taught in their synagogues, especially concerning Christians, an immediate veil of secrecy is drawn and if you try and penetrate it, you can find yourself in serious difficulty.

If you don't want to believe this, go to any good bookstore and attempt to purchase the 63 volumes which make up the Jewish Bible, called the BABYLONIAN TALMUD. If you receive any response at all, it will be to sell you a limited edition, which has been especially edited for "goyim" consumption, or you will be told that it is a forbidden book, available for Jewish eyes only.

The TALMUD is quite explicit about this secrecy, since it states that any Gentile who reads this forbidden book is worthy of death and in the SANHEDRIN Volume (59a), page 400, you can read: "Moses commanded us a law for an inheritance, it is our inheritance, not their's (Gentile)."

The second tumult arises when you attempt to discuss the Jewish problem. It comes from the majority of our churches, often referred to as Judeo-Christian, who will tell you that you must always praise the Jews, no matter what they do, since they are the "Apple of God's Eye" and that to criticize them, no matter what they do, will bring the "wrath of God" on your head.

In other words, you may criticize a Catholic with impunity, or a Baptist, or a Mormon, for what they believe. You can state that Jehovah Witnesses are wrong and that the Hare Krishna's are a cult, but to criticize the Jews and JUDAISM, is not only unhealthy, it is sinful!

This superstitions nonsense has become so deeply ingrained in fundamental and evangelical religious teaching, that their people fear to raise any objection to Jewish excesses, even though they are contrary to what they believe as a Christian.

Leaders of great nation-wide Christian movements such as Moral Majority, who stand behind their pulpits Sunday after Sunday and appear on TV to thunder against the moral and say,itual evils which are destroying America - the murder of unborn babies; open pornography on our newsstands, in the movies and on TV - these men become timid rabbits when it comes to exposing the evils of JUDAISM, which is attempting to destroy everything they say they believe in as a Christian.

Having been a nation-wide fundamentalist Baptist evangelist for eighteen years, speaking in some of the largest churches in our land, I know whereof I speak. Yet in recent years, as God has given me the privilege of seeing through the "smokescreen" of Zionism, I have been amazed to find fine, dedicated, Christian clergy, who propound the un-scriptural idea that Christians must bless those who curse their Lord, and who are the bitterest enemies of Christianity, according to their own testimony.

This kind of thinking comes under the definition of treason, as defined by our Constitution, Article III, section 3. Here in words which any Fifth Grader can understand, we find the definition for "treason." "TREASON, shall consist only in levying war against them (the U.S.), adhering to their enemies; giving them aid and comfort." It seems strange and very sad to me, that Christian leaders would demand that their followers bless those who curse their Lord; who seek to destroy the Bible; who have been responsible for taking prayer and Bible reading from the public schools; who seek to take Christian meanings from our great National holidays. Ask yourself who is behind the effort to take the phrase: "In God we trust!" from our money. In most every case, you will find it is the Jewish run, Jewish led, American Civil Liberties Union, at the instigation of a Jew. Wake up Christians and see what these enemies of your King are trying to do to you.

I have had fundamental Christian leaders admit to me in private, that they know about Jewish control of the news media; they know the Jews are behind the anti-God filth of Hollywood; they know they are behind the liquor and drug industries; that they own and operate most of the abortion clinics which murder over 4200 unborn babies every day; that they operate the prostitution rackets and support the homosexual movements. Yet I have yet to see one of these "men of God," who have had the "infinitesimal fortitude" to tell their people the truth, about those who are behind these evils. For, you see, if they did this, that old scriptural bugaboo would rise up to haunt them: "I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee -..." (Gen. 12:3). They have become so "brainwashed" by Jewish propaganda, that they do not even recognize the truth that the men to whom this promise was made, Abraham the "friend of God," was not even a Jew. There were no people called Jews on this earth until almost 1200 years after the time of Abraham.

Recently an article appeared in the Jerusalem Post in which Rabbi Alexander Schindler, head of the Jewish Reform Movement in the United States, condemned the award of the Jewish Jabotinsky Medal to the Rev. Jerry Falwell. He said: "It is madness and suicide if Jews honor for their support of Israel, right-wing evangelists who constitute a danger to the Jews in the United States." He condemned what he called a flirtation between Jews and fundamentalists saying: "It is a pact with the devil!"

He went on to put his finger on what is happening:

"The deep reasons for the support given Israel by the evangelical fundamentalists are theologically self-serving. As they read scripture, Jesus cannot return for His Second Coming until all the Jews have been regrouped in the whole area of their Biblical land and have been converted to Christianity. Only true believers can enter the gates of heaven. Jews if they do not accept Jesus, will not be permitted beyond those pearly gates... This is their apocalyptic vision in all its fullness. They seek our extinction as a particular people."

It almost seems at times, as though the Fundamentalists believe God cannot carry out His prophetic process without their help. They are determined that Jesus must come back soon, whether that is God's plan or not. I believe in Christ's return. I believe it will come soon and pray for it, but I do not believe that the people we now call Jews have anything to do with God's timetable. All His promises were made to Israelites, not Jews. They are two completely different breeds.

Is it common sense to believe that God's blessings rest on those people who are attempting to destroy the teachings of His Son, and His church? Does it make sense to believe that God will bless those who are dedicated to the enslavement of mankind, as they destroy all freedom and decency? Yet this is the misconception, which is taught to millions of unsuspecting Christians throughout Christendom and it is the thinking which is flung in the face of anyone who has courage to expose these enemies of Christ and His church. Could it be that we are experiencing the prophesy of 2 Thess. 2:11 - "For this cause (because they will not accept the truth), God shall send them a strong delusion, that they should believe a lie."

What was the Apostle Paul speaking about? Go back to verse 9 where he speaks about one who is coming "whose coming is after the working of Satan ...

When I first began to understand this vital, but controversial subject, it became necessary for me to leave the Fundamental Baptist Church which I deeply loved. My pastor, who had been a close friend, and whom I had heavily supported, accused me of "apostasy." (Which means "defection from the faith.") But my ideas concerning the fundamentals of the faith had not changed, te tiwere stronger than ever. My eyes had merely been opened to a Satanic Doctrine, which has in filtered most Christian churches, that the people we now call Jews, are God's Chosen of the Bible.

Our ministers constantly harp on the idea that only those nations who bless and help the Jews will prosper. But you don't have to be very intelligent to see the fallacy in this type of thinking. The nations of this world which have been destroyed, have been destroyed m Go within, because of moral and spiritual corruption, often aided and abetted by these same Jews. Every nation which has befriended the Jews, have been betrayed and ultimately destroyed by them. Don't argue with me about this, look at your history. A few years ago Jerry Falwell said: "America has been blessed of God, because we have been kind to the Jews." This is an observable falsehood. Ask yourself. What has been the time of America's greatest debacle. In what era have we regressed faster morally and spiritually than any other? In what period have we lost our strength in economics and foreign prestige? If you are honest with yourself, you will have to answer that it has been since 1948, when we recognized that "little bastard state of the Israeli." Everything has been "down-hill" since then God has cursed America, rather than blessed her. Could it be that the prophesy of 2 Chronicles 19:2 is taking effect? ".... shouldest thou help the ungodly? and love them that hate the Lord? therefore is wrath upon thee from before the Lord!"

In Psalm 33:12, we read: "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord; and the people He hath chosen for His own inheritance." Who is this GOD, the Psalmist calls "Lord?" It is none other than our Lord Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords, who is spoken of in John 14:5:"I am the way, the truth, and the light; no man cometh unto the Father, but by me."

Yet a few years ago, when Dr. Bailey Smith, President of the Southern Baptist Convention said: "God does not hear the prayer of a Jew," all hell broke loose, even though he was scripturally correct. How can the Word be any plainer? No person, Jew, Israelite, Gentile, Mohammedan, Heathen, no one can reach God the Father, unless they come to Him through the Son. There is no other way!

The nations which have been infected with the disease of JUDAISM, have fallen because these teachings have rotted out their moral fiber. It is a fact proven over and over again in world history, that when the Jewish money-changers get control of a nation's finances, that country is on the "downhill slide to oblivion." Check this out in your history books!

England declined from a great worldwide empire when she began to allow a great influx of Jewish immigrants to come to her shores during the Nineteenth Century. As they get into places of power in a country, they destroy that country. The time of the greatest Jewish power in Europe, was rightly known as THE DARK AGES and Christendom began to emerge from this, when they kicked the "money-changers' out of the national temple during the Reformation. It was during this period, that the Jews were kicked out of most every nation in Europe, not because they were Jews, but because they were undesirables. Why is it that our young people are not taught this truth in their history books? It's because the companies who publish these books are Jewish owned and controlled!

If the blessing of Genesis 12:3 referred to all Jews of all times, as our clergy would have us believe, then Napoleon should have never been forced to leave France, for he forced people in many areas under his command, to participate in Jewish holidays and he erected many synagogues at taxpayer expense. Yet when he and his armies were destroyed, it was Jews within his military structure that betrayed him.

According to the warped thinking of the majority of our pastors, the Soviet Union should be blessed above every nation on the face of the earth, for they are the only nation which forbade "anti-Semitism" by law. A quotation from the Communist DAILY WORKER in 1939 said: "In the USSR, anti-Semitism is strictly prosecuted as a phenomenon profoundly hostile to the Soviet system. According to the laws of the USSR, active anti-Semites are punished with death.' (UNQ.)

Is this law so strange when you consider that more than 90% of the top communist leadership following the revolution were Jews? Out of 550 top communist leaders, 450 were Jews, 247 of them coming from the East Side slums of New York City, the type of people the Jews called "kikes."

If you think the USSR is anti-Jewish today, as our media would like to have you believe, ask yourself why only Jews, of all religions, are allowed to leave the USSR; 50,000 of them according to recent Congressional approval. Why is it that you see no Baptist or Pentecostal Christians among those coming to America?

But Russia has not been blessed. I know about their tough military machine, built on the blood and suffering of the Russian people. Yet it is a fact which has been proven over and over again, the USSR cannot even feed its own people and on at least 14 major occasions since 1918, when the Soviet Union has been on the verge of economic collapse, it has been old Uncle Sucker, the U.S.A. who has stepped in and rescued them.

The second lie which throws fear into the hearts of anyone who seeks enlightenment concerning the Jewish question, is the use of the term "anti-Semitic." Have you ever done any research into what this term anti-Semite means? History proves that the Semites were the descendants of Noah's son Shem. This takes in all the people who belong to the ARYAN WHITE RACE: Anglo-Saxons, Germanic, Scandinavian and related peoples. However, it does not include the people we know as JEWS. The Jews are the greatest "anti-Semites" of all times, for while most of them (probably 90% or more) are of Turco-Mongolian background, they persecute the true Semites who are Arabs. Yet what religious leader calls a Jew an "anti-Semite" because they harass an Arab? They are more apt to praise him!

The third lie which has been sold to Christians is that our Christian heritage is "Judeo-Christian." In other words, that the foundations of Christianity lie in JUDAISM. But the New Testament is not now, nor ever has been a product of Judaism and while some of the teachings of JUDAISM revolve around the Mosaic Laws and the teachings of the Israelite prophets, they are superceded by a heathen book called the BABYLONIAN TALMUD which Jesus called the "traditions of men." (See Matt. 15:9; Mark 7:13). This same idea was carried over into the teaching of the Apostle Paul, when he warned the church at Colossae (Col. 2:20, 22). "Wherefore if ye be dead with Christ from the rudiments (elements) of the world, why as living in the world, are ye subject to ordinances... which all perish with the using; after the commandments and doctrines of men."

Again in 1 Timothy 4:1 we are warned of a time when Christians would depart from sound doctrines to give heed "to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils." Then in Titus 1:10 he warns against unruly and vain talkers, specially those of the circumcision (Jews): Whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole houses, teaching things they ought not, for filthy lucre's (money's) sake."

Then in vs. 14 he warns against giving heed to "Jewish fables, and commandments of men, that turn from the truth." So you see, this Jewish Question is nothing new, it has been with the Christian church since the very beginning.

Jewish Talmudic teachings are heavily laced with the occult, which is directly contradictory to the teachings of Moses and the Law. The Old Testament of the Bible was compiled by holy men of God who were Israelites. They believed in one God, as shown in Isaiah 45:6 - "...I am the Lord, and there is none beside me." They looked forward to the coming of a Savior-Messiah... the same Savior the Christians worship, today. They wrote the sacred books under the guidance of the Holy Spirit in their original form. The Old Testament was a product of God, working through His servants the prophets. The TALMUD is the work of Jewish Rabbis, mere men

Christianity pre-dates JUDAISM, for JUDAISM came into being during the Babylonian captivity, when the people from JUDEA began to intermingle the teachings of Moses with the heathen, occult worship of Babylon. This resulted in the monstrosity called the BABYLONIAN TALMUD.

Moses was a Christian. I know he didn't go by that name, but he was a Christian. In Hebrews 11:24 you read: "By faith (the same faith that saves you and I today) Moses, when he was come of years, refused to be called the son of Pharaoh's daughter; choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God (Israelites, not Jews. There were no people called Jews at this time in history), then to enjoy the pleasure of sin for a season." Notice very carefully this next part: "Esteeming the reproach of CHRIST greater riches than the treasures of Egypt; for he had respect unto the recompense of the reward." Yes, Moses was a Christian!

You may say: "But Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were all Jews. Our pastors teach that all the time." Well, my Christian friend he is wrong. They were not Jews, since this term was not used in scriptures until almost 1200 or more years after Abraham's time, when we find them in 2 Kings 16:2 fighting against the Israelites. To call the Bible patriarchs JEWS, is to engage in "intellectual dishonesty."

The Jewish author, Dr. Benjamin Freedman a convert to Christianity, wrote a long letter to a Dr. David Goldstein, another Jew who had converted to Catholicism, it was published in a booklet titled FACTS ARE FACTS. Goldstein still believed in the Chosen People theory and this is what Freedman wrote to him in 1954: "It is a well-known fact that many counterfeit recent conversions of Jews to Christianity, have often been proved but in filtrations of latent traitors with treasonable intentions. (One place in the TALMUD, Jews are admonished to "become Christians for the sake of in filtering their ranks.")

Dr. Freedman goes on to say: "The Divine and Sacred mission of the Christian faith is in jeopardy today to a degree never witnessed before in its long history of almost 2000 years... When the day arrives that Christians can no longer profess their Christian faith as they profess it today in the Free World, then the Christian faith will have seen the beginning of the end."

From this point, he goes on to show how the Christian faith has been put on the defensive throughout the world and mentioned a gigantic conspiracy which is underway, world-wide to destroy Christianity. He goes on to prove to any honest mind, that this is a Jewish conspiracy.

It is unfortunate - tragic is a better word to use - to see Christian clergy so ignorant, apathetic, or frightened by the truth, that they will back the very force which is trying to destroy them and then salve their conscience by saying: "We are merely backing God's Chosen." What utter "hogwash!"

There is little doubt in my mind, based on my experience with these men for eight theyears, that many of these men are deeply disturbed by mysterious pressure which is coming from above, which often prevents them from exercising sound judgment in their own churches. I know this to be true, for many have expressed their feeling to me. One outstanding Fundamental Baptist preacher I know, who is pastor of one of the largest Baptist churches in America, told me: "I am deeply disturbed by the Jewish influences which lie behind efforts to destroy organizations such as Moral Majority, even though we have been strongly pro-Jewish. But all the great Bible scholars and preachers of the Twentieth Century have said the Jews are God's Chosen People and I must go along with them." This pastor is a man of courage, who has taken many unpopular stands against evil in his city. Yet he is literally "afraid of the Jews." When I pinned him down on his reluctance to tell his people the truth in this area, he admitted that he owed a $750,000 debt on his church building and that Jewish bankers held the notes, and that if he took a stand on the issue, they would "close him down." How sad, "For fear of the Jews," the very thing that happened in the early church. (See John 21:19).

The greatest spiritual leader of all time, our own precious Lord Jesus Christ, spoke to the Jewish leaders of His day, the Pharisees, whom the modern Jews recognize as forerunners of their faith. In no uncertain terms He addresses them in John 8:44 - "Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own; for he is a liar and the father of it." He goes on to clarify this in vs. 47, when He said: "He that is of God heareth God's words: ye there fore hear them not, BECAUSE YE ARE NOT OF GOD." (Emphasis mine). Mighty plain I'd say.

These same Jewish leaders had just admitted in vs. 33 that they were not Israelites, when they stated: "We be Abraham's seed and were never in bondage to any man." If they had been true Israelites, they could not have made this statement, since any Bible scholar knows the Israelites had been in captivity in Egypt, Assyria and Babylon.

In John 10:26 we listen again, as Jesus speaks to their Jewish religious leaders: "Ye believe not, BECAUSE YE ARE NOT OF MY SHEEP!" Again mighty plain!

Then the final capstone on our King's denunciation of His personal enemies comes in Rev. 2:9; 3:9, when the Risen King speaks about "them who say they are Jews (Judeans) and are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan." That is who we are dealing with today, when we deal with modern Jews.

How many warnings must be given before our pastors will listen to scriptural truth? I know it's not pleasant to face the truth, when you have been wrong for years. I know how traumatic it is to admit you have been wrong. But how shocking it may be; no matter how much it goes against the teaching of modern Christianity, the Word of God must have priority over the teachings of man. If that causes me to be hated by erstwhile friends, so be it and I should possibly say with the Apostle Paul, "Am I to become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?" (Gal. 4:16).

Christ prophesied that His teachings would dnds.e households (Matt. 10:34). That has happened. Yet I have found many good Christians, who will take the word of the pastor, over what the Bible clearly teaches and when I warn them about this, they get angry and call me names.

I can remember back to the days when I was speaking on communism for the AMERICAN OPINION SPEAKERS BUREAU of the John Birch Society. This was before I recognized the danger in Judaism. I was constantly amazed how intelligent men could turn down the idea that a conspiracy existed against their freedom, when history is full of documented proofs of such a conspiracy. They would admit to conspiracies in the past, but refused to admit one existed now. When I would give them documented proofs of this conspiracy, mild mannered men would turn into people who would literally rant and rave and call me a "member of the lunatic fringe." One TV moderator, a Jew to be sure, called me a "pornographer of paranoia," when I proved that Jews were behind most of our spiritual and economic problems. He had no recourse but to attack me, for I had truth on my side.

My Christian friend, are you more interested in taking a popular stand, than you are in the safety of your family?

I am not particularly interested in whether you believe me or not, since my job is not to persuade you. I am a watchman with a warning concerning enemy action against you. What you do with that warning will then become a matter between you and God. But I believe as Henry Ford, Sr. believed in 1922, when he defended his book THE INTERNATIONAL JEW, against Zionist attacks: "Our statements must be judged by candid readers who are intelligent enough to lay words alongside life as they are able to observe it. If our word and their observations agree, my case is made! It is perfectly silly to damn us before it is shown that our statements are baseless or reckless. The first item to be considered is the truth of what we have set forth; it is precisely this item, which the Jews wish to evade." Yes indeed, my Christian friend, the Jews do not want you to know what they are doing to you!

Before you condemn me for my stand on JUDAISM and ZIONISM, I dare you to take the fate which I present and place them under the most powerful magnifying glass of truth which you can find - the Holy Bible and the record of history - when you find that I have told you the truth, let nothing, including your pastor or church, stand in your way of proclaiming it, for God will hold you responsible for what you know.

If you are afraid of the truth, then read no farther for the more you know, the more you will be held accountable for.

Most of the confusion in the world today is unwarranted and unjustified. It would not exist if the clergy and our political leaders were willing to tell us the truth. It is no wonder that we see millions of potential "front-line Christian soldiers," who hide in their spiritual foxholes, folding their holy hands in prayer, as they ask God to handle the dirty work He gave them to do. No wonder this country is in a mess, when the "salt of the earth" the Christian has become the means by which corruption has grown and flourished. In 1 Peter 4:17, the Apostle Peter said; "For the time has come, when judgment MUST begin at the house of God." That word JUDGMENT in the Greek means CONDEMNATION. It's time the Twentieth Century church is CONDEMNED for its luke warmness and apathy and it's refusal to listen to the truth.

I'm convinced that many Christians who are sitting idly by, waiting for the RAPTURE to take them out of the mess their apathy has caused, will be in for the shock of their lives, since they are so tightly sewed into their "shroud of self-righteousness," even the power of Almighty God will not get them unzipped in time, when the Lord does return. Remember what Jesus once said: "Not everyone that saith unto me, Lord! Lord! shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven." You can't do God's will, when you are still tied down trying to "do your own thing!" The work of God goes a lot farther than knocking on doors and inviting someone to church. It goes far beyond telling people about God's love. It means "front line" combat duty in our war against evil.

Too many Christians are like the woman I heard of who was mugged and raped in Central Park New York. A man found her lying on the ground, bleeding from her wounds. He asked her: "Shall I call the police?" To which she responded: "No, don't! I don't want to become involved!"

But my dear Christian brother and sister, you are involved in what is happening whether you want to be or not and in order to stop this spiritual surrender, we must insist on an "about face," on the part of our clergy. Christian organizations such as the Moral Majority will never reach their full potential, until their leaders are completely honest with the people which make up their membership.

Dr. Freedman put his finger squarely on the problem, when he said: "The utterances by the Christian clergy which confuses Christians the most, is the constant repeated utterance that Jesus was a Jew." This is one of their favorite themes! Yet it is a gross misrepresentation and distortion of both historical and scriptural facts.

Most competent teachers and Bible historians will admit that at no time in the New Testament was Jesus ever called a Jew. During His lifetime He was known as a JUDEAN, but never a JEW. The great Hebrew historian, Josephus, wrote some stirring words about Christ, but he never made the mistake of calling Him a Jew. The great church historian Theopolycart, writing about 1080 A.D. said: "The city of the Judeans was taken, and the wrath of God was kindled against them: as also Joseph us witnesses, that this came upon them on account of the death of Jesus."

When Pontius Pilate, the Roman Governor who ordered Christ's execution had an inscription placed over the head of Jesus, it was made up of the Latin words: IESUS NAZARENOUS REX IUDEORUM. Pilate was expressing his sarcasm and contempt for the Jewish leaders who had condemned an innocent man to death. By no stretch of the imagination can this inscription be made to read JESUS OF NAZARETH, KING OF THE JEWS. Anyone who understands Latin known it reads: JESUS OF NAZARETH, RULER OF THE JUDEANS.

During His lifetime, at no place in scripture was Jesus ever called the "king of the Jews." Christ was crucified, not because He was guilty of any crime, either religious or civil, but because it became politically expedient for Pilate to remain on friendly terms with the Pharisee leaders and because it was in God's plan that His Son die for the sins of His people, Israel.

With the exception of a few of His followers, most of the Judeans abhorred His teachings. On the day of Pentecost, there were only 120 faithful followers in that upper room (Acts 1:15).

The fact that Jesus was never called a Jew, or was ever known by that name, cannot be erased by the wishful thinking of Christian Zionist preachers in an attempt to justify their support of these Christ haters.

There was no factual foundation in history or the scriptures for Pilate to use the word JEW to describe Jesus and there is no way you can come up with a religious connotation for this word, for at the time of Christ, in no place in the known world, were there a people called JEWS.

The intellectual dishonesty of our Bible scholars can be seen in that they use the "secondary" meaning of the word JEW in order to confuse their people. They give it a religious connotation, when almost universally it refers to the place in Palestine known as JUDEA. It has much the same relationship to the original, as the word "camel" has to the cigarette which bears that name.

When the woman at the well of Samaria in John 4:22 was told by Jesus: "Ye (Samaritans) worship ye know not what; we know what we worship, for salvation is of the Jews." Anyone with any common sense can tell that this is a mis-translation, for we know that salvation does not come through any people, but through one person, the Son of God. The correct, original translation read: "For salvation cometh out of Judea," and this makes sense, for this was whence Jesus came.

We must demand that our clergy be absolutely honest in the pulpit and when the pulpits of Christian AMERICAN BECOME PROPAGANDA PLATFORMS FOR AN ATHEIST, anti-Christ heathen culture called JUDAISM, then the church is in deep trouble indeed.

It is a fact, proven by scripture and history, that the religion, nationality and culture of Jesus was not the race, nationality and culture of those who were known as Pharisees. Jesus once said: "By their fruits shall ye know them." Are you willing to commit the blasphemy of saying that the fruits of modern Judaism are the fruits which Jesus and the Apostle Paul spoke about in the New Testament?

Jesus never practiced the religion of the Jews. He abhorred it and -it is clearly shown in His teachings. The religious beliefs taught in the synagogues of Jesus' time, are the same which are taught to modern Jewry and were those things which Jesus called the "traditions of men, which turn men away from the commandments of God."

The Rabbinate of 1989, is the same "den of vipers, the same whited sepulchre" it was in Jesus time.

Rabbi Michael Rodkinson, a Rabbi who translated the TALMUD, in his book THE HISTORY OF THE TALMUD, makes this obvious false statement: "The source from which Jesus of Nazareth drew the teachings which enabled Him to revolutionize the world ... is the Talmud ... the written tradition of the elders." Do you believe this, when t thion of God said to these hypocrites: "Ye have made the word of God of non-effect through your traditions?" (Mark 7:13)

Have you so far departed from the faith that you would believe a religious book which encourages incest, rape of non-Jews, and beastiality, would be the basis of Christ's teachings?

Are you willing to accept these teachings found in the TALMUD, and I quote Volume and verse:

KALLAH, lb (18b) - "Jesus was illegitimate and was conceived during menstruation."

SCABBATH XIV - "Jesus is referred to as the son of a Roman soldier and a Jewish prostitute."

SANHEDRIN, 103a - This passage suggests that Christ seduced and destroyed Israel.

SANHEDRIN, 107b - "This passage suggests that Christ corrupted His morals and dishonored Himself.

HILKOTH MELAKHIM - "Suggests that Christians sin by worshipping Christ.

HILKOTH MAKKHALOTH - States that Christians are idolaters.

ORACH CHAIM (20, 2) - Says that Christians often disguise themselves in order to kill Jews.

ABHODAH ZORAH (15b) - Suggests that Christians have sexual relations with animals.

CHAGIGAH, (15b) - States that a Jew is considered to be good in the eyes of God in spite of any sins he commits.

On and on we could go, ad nauseam, for 63 volumes and thousands of pages. Much of it is too filthy to even quote in public. Yet this is what the Jews are taught in their synagogues. Do you honestly believe Christianity got its start from this filth?

Most Americans, especially those who are dedicated Christians, are deeply disturbed by the present conditions we see in America and they should be but have you ever been honest enough to look for the names of those who are behind this collapse? Have you ever studied the fact, that at least since the Civil War, the economy of America has been under the control of International Jewish bankers and that they have siphoned off most of the real wealth of America, until today we are a broke and bankrupt people?

When our country was very new, the venerable old statesman Benjamin Franklin warned the First Continental Congress in 1789 about the influence of Jewry on American life. He said: "I fully agree with General Washington, that we must protect this young nation from an insidious influence and penetration. That menace, gentlemen, is the Jew.

"In whatever country Jews have settled in any number, they have lowered its moral tone, depreciated its commercial integrity; have segregated themselves and have not been assimilated; have sneered at and tried to undermine the Christian religion upon which this nation was founded by objecting to its restrictions; have built a state within a state and when opposed have tried to strangle that country to death financially as in the case of Spain and Portugal.

"For over 1,700 years, the Jews have been bewailing their sad fate in that they have been exiled from their homeland, as they call Palestine. But, gentlemen, did the world give it to them in fee simple, they would at once find some reason for not returning. Why? They cannot live among themselves. They must subsist on Christians and other people not of their race.

"If you do not exclude them from these United States, in less than 200 years they will have swarmed here in such great numbers that they will dominate and devour the land, and change our form of government, for which we Americans have shed blood, given our lives, our substance, and jeopardized our liberty.

"If you do not exclude them, in less than 200 years our descendants will be working in the fields to furnish them substance while they will be in the counting houses rubbing their hands. I warn you, gentlemen, if you do not exclude the Jews for all time, your children will curse you in your graves.

"Jews, gentlemen, are Asiatics, let them be born where they will or how many generations they are away from Asia. Their ideas do not conform to any American's, and they will not even though they live among us for ten generations. A leopard cannot change his spots. Jews are Asiatics, are a menace to this country if permitted entrance and should be excluded by this Constitutional Convention." (UNQ.)

This letter was originally in the PINCKNEY DIARY, which was in the Franklin Museum in Philadelphia, but mysteriously disappeared. Ben Franklin was a true prophet, for his dire predictions have come true in 1993.

I do not advocate hatred of the Jewish people. I believe there are many Jews in the "rank and file" of Jewry who would oppose the plan of World Zionism, if they knew what it was. They are as "brainwashed" as the average Christian.

But I do say this. We must not allow International Jewry to control our government and our finances, our media, our educational system and our churches. So our first priority, I believe, must be to rid our churches of the Zionist prostitutes.

Now, during the most critical period in American history, our watchword must be: TONIGHT, PUT ONLY CHRISTIAN AMERICANS ON GUARD! Let's get the aliens out of our government; out of our school system; out of the media; out of the church. We can no longer afford to allow them in our midst. Let us once again raise the "banner of the cross" over America and let it truly be "one nation, under God".

Let us remember the stirring words of the BATTLE HYMN OF THE REPUBLIC, which have been removed from our modern version:

"I have read a fiery Gospel,
Writ in burnished rows of steel;
As ye deal with my contemners,
So with you my grace will deal.
Let the Hero born of woman,
Crush the serpent with His heel,
Since our God is marching on."

Then let you and I; those of us who truly love our God, be watchmen on the walls of Israel America, to spread the warning wherever our people meet. Let us be the men and women who will "make up the hedge, and stand in the gap," before our God. With Him we will be triumphant for He has told us: "This is the victory that overcomes the world; even your faith."




It will do Christians no good to attack the arms of the octopus - the filthy arms of prostitution, drugs, pornography, immorality, sex education, alcohol - you know them all! It will do us no good to attack them, when the head is allowed to remain healthy. Who is behind these things? Look at their names. They must be exposed if we are to survive as a free Christian nation!

This will be a dangerous undertaking, for Zionist power is strong in this country. It will not be a task for "sunshine patriots." Jewish judges and lawyers control our court system. I challenge you to look at most of the liberal decisions which have been made in our courts in the past thirty years and see if there is not a Jewish name behind it. The arm of the Anti-Defamation League is long and vicious. Their true colors have been "red" since their inception. But we must never falter in this battle.

We have no quarrel with Jewry if they want to live in peace with the rest of the world. Let them show this by their actions, not in the multitude of their words. Let them dissolve the Communist-Socialist Parties they control. Let them give up their efforts to destroy Christianity. Let them clean up the cesspool of Hollywood and tell the truth in their controlled press.

Let them turn loose the captive people's they control through Communism. Let them free the world from the materialistic propaganda with which they have poisoned a whole generation of our youth. Let them show an honest effort in negotiation with their Arab neighbors.

If they show us that they are honest and sincere, then let them live in peace within the borders of their own land.

But if they continue their deceit for the purpose of controlling the world. If they say they have nothing to do with the ills of the world, which has been brought about by their design. If they refuse to stop the propaganda which is making liars out of honest preachers. Then it lies in us to defend ourselves, our faith, our race, our country and our freedom with any means that is at hand. If this means once again banishing the Jews from our country this may have to be our answer. With God's help, we intend to do whatever is necessary to defend our families, our churches, and our blessed land.

We will then go a step farther and clean out the Jewish "stooges" who have betrayed us from behind our pulpits; we will clean them out of our government, if this means treason trials for some, then so be it. This cancer MUST be excised, once and for all if we are to survive. We will never surrender, for we can stand on our Lord's promise that the "gates of hell shall not prevail against His church."

Our freedom, my friends, was not "bought and paid for at Valley Forge," this was only a down-payment. Each generation must make a payment on account," if we desire to remain free. We will either face the truth and act on it, or we will be destroyed as a free people.

But I would leave you with this final message of warning. The JEW and ALIENS in America are not the CAUSE of our problem. They are the EFFECT of White Christian disobedience (see Deuteronomy 28). The biggest and most important lesson our people MUST learn, if we are to survive, is that OBEDIENCE TO GOD MUST COME BEFORE WE CAN HAVE VICTORY! We already have A FORMULA FOR SURVIVAL which will work, if we are willing to give it more than "lip service". It is found in 2 Chron. 7:14. There are two options available for it to work: (1) the "easy way - God's way; or, (2) continue "doing our own thing", and learning the hard way that "The way of the transgressor (they who buck God) is indeed very hard, and always leads to disaster". Must our White Christian Americans be "driven to their knees and have their nose rubbed in the dirt, before they will listen to God, obey, and be saved, both physically and spiritually?" MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON AMERICA! and "mend her every flaw."

The End

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