America's Destiny
Christ or Anti-Christ?
Part 2 of 5
By Col. Jack Mohr

A frank discussion of the Jewish problem in America and
the future of this country as the Zion of Bible prophecy!

Chapter Two


There are many historical discrepancies which exist concerning the early history of England, the Mother country of these United States. This is partly because of the confusion and misunderstanding which has been caused by the translation of names from one language to another. Historians when discussing the early history of our forefathers, seldom if ever, discuss the language spoken by the original Britons and Gauls.

If we are to understand the true significance of our roots as AngloSaxons, we need to go back to the original languages, rather than the piece-meal accounts which have come down to us through the Greek and Latin languages.

Today there is a strong drive afoot to discredit everything which is White and Christian; especially if it is Anglo-Saxon. So we need to take a long, hard, honest look at where our people came from, in order to understand where we are headed.

Historians have been among the worst offenders, for they have constantly put out the theory, that for centuries before the Roman invasion of Britian, our British forefathers were painted barbarians, devoid of all cultural and religious conscience. They have blithefully written off centuries of majestic British history as either fokelore or myth.

When one looks at the present scholarly approach to ancient British history, you can easily come to the conclusion that the scholars involved have entered into a deliberate conspiracy to blacken the name of the early inhabitants of these Islands and thus put a "pall of shame" on those of us who claim them as ancestors.

But there is no need for shame on the part of white Americans, since the truth of our ancestors is available for anyone who is honest enough to seek it.

Any honest scholar who reads the classical history of Rome, Greece and Gaul, and who then compares this with early British records can see this truth. It may require a bit of effort on their part, but the records are available and are stored for the most part in the British Museum Library, with a few in the Vatican Library - all of them make for fascinating reading.

Literally thousands of Cymric historical documents and monastic documents are available for study. (The word "Cymric" refers to the early people of Britain). There are other historical versions from very early British historians.

Modern scholars for the most part, and unfortunately this includes the majority of Christian scholars, have either refused to believe these ancient documents, or have deliberately ignored them. Probably more so the latter. There is a good reason for this. If they were to accept these historical documents, they would be forced in all honesty, to accept the identity teaching, that the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Scandanavian, Germanic and related peoples, are indeed the "Israel of God," who were cast into the wilderness for their sins. They would have to admit that these were the "lost sheep of the house of Israel," who Christ mentioned in Matthew 10:6 and 15:24. In the latter verse He said: "I am not sent BUT unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel."

The word "lost" used here, comes from the Greekword "apollumi," which is made up of two base words; "apo" which means: "to put away," and denotes separation, and "allumi," meaning: "punishment." What we find here literally is a word which has nothing whatsoever to do with being "spiritually lost," as most preachers would have us believe. Christ obviously sent His disciples out to preach the Kingdom message to those Israelites who had been "put away for punishment." In other words, the Tribes of Israel which were in the dispersion.

Many historians refuse to accept the ancient British manuscripts which prove the Israel Identity of these early British settlers, saying they cannot be trusted. Yet these same scholars (?) accept the historical records of Assyria, Babylonia, and Egypt, which are centuries older and which give us the early record of such men as Abram, Isaac, Jacob, and Moses.

It almost seems as though modern Bible scholars want to destroy the truth of history. It becomes obvious, with a little observation, that they are dedicated to the proposition that the people we now call "Jews" are the people of the Book. They will allow nothing to disuade them. It could be that they unconsciously realize that their own people would rise up in righteous indignation, if they realized how down through the years, they have been cheated out of one of their greatest blessings, while our worst enemies have been elevated to the top position among the families of the earth.

When I first approached my fundamentalist pastor with these truths, he rather sneeringly referred to them as "discredited British-Israel teachings." When I showed him, or tried to show him documented proofs that the Zionist Jews could not be God's Chosen People (and these proofs come not only from historical sources, but from the Word of God itself), he refused to even look at them. His reaction was: "If you preach this trash; not one Baptist church in the nation will open it's doors for your message."

I guess this touched a wrong nerve in me for I responded: "I did not realize that the criteria for being right in the eyes of God was to have Baptist approval." Just because a majority of Baptist preachers have had their eyes blinded, does not mean that I must close my eyes to the truth. I'm still a Baptist and I will put my fundamentalism up against any pastor who condemns me for my Israel-Identity beliefs. It almost seemed as though my pastor was echoing the condemnation that comes from many about the Baptists; many 9f you have heard it: "You Baptists believe that if someone is not a Baptist, they will never make it to heaven, for only you have the truth." This df course is absolutely religious "tommyrot."

It is not being scripturally honest for any pastor to disregard history which is in complete agreement with the Word of God. Maybe this type of thinking is why you have never heard a sermon preached on Revelation 2:9; 3:9 - the Son of God speaking: ". . . I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews (Judeans) and are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan." Don't get angry with me, please, I didn't write those words.

I've never yet met a fundamental, or conservative pastor for that matter, who was honestly willing to face up to the facts given in these two verses.

But let's get back to our early British ancestors. The enemies of ancient Britain wrote openly about the amazing culture of these people - they were not barbarians. The city of London, then called Llandon, was founded 270 years before Rome, about 1020 B.C. At the time of the Roman invasion, it had many of the finest universities in the Western World.

The famous British archeologist, Sir Flinders Petrie, discovered in old Gaza in Palestine, gold ornaments and beads of Celtic origin, which dated as far back as 1500 B.C. This indicates that there was probably sea commerce between the Islands and the Israelites centuries before the time of Christ. In 2 Chronicles we read how the ships of Tarshish brought much wealth to king Solomon, this was about 990 B.C. and there is much evidence that Tarshish was the British Isles. This could have been the same area to which Jonah was fleeing when he was tossed overboard in a storm and was swallowed by a great fish.

The art of enameling and the production of tin can be traced to the British Isles. The Britons were so advanced in the art of enameling, that relics can still be seen in the British Museum, which are well over 2,000 years old and are as perfect as the day they were made. Roman history proves that the Britons taught this art to the Romans.

Herodotus, the father of secular history, writing about 450 B.C. talked about the high civilization of the British Isles. Julius Ceasar, following his first campaign in the Islands in 55 B.C. wrote with a great deal of admiration about the advanced culture of the Britons, their excellent character, their ingenuity in commerce and their craftsmanship. He referred with amazement to their large cities, their architecture, their universities of learning and particularly to their religion. The Britons believed in one God, long before the first Christian missionaries arrived. They believed in a coming Messiah and in a life after death. This is what made them such fearless soldiers; because they were not afraid to die. Do these things seem to you to be the mark of the naked, barbarians our historians would have us believe inhabited these islands? Can't you see the earmarks of their Israel background?

There are many ancient historical records concerning a people called kimmerians - Kimmeri - Keloti - Kelts, or Celts as we now know them. These people seem to have immigrated through Europe from somewhere near the Caspian Sea. Archeological finds have proven that the British Isles were uninhabited before the Celts arrived. Long before they were known as "Celts," the Prophet Isaiah addressed himself to them as the inhabitants of the "Isles of the Sea."

Why have Bible historians in particular, mutilated historical facts concerning these people? It is a tragedy of the first magnitude, which baffles the mind of an honest person. Is it because they have been "brainwashed" in recent years by their seminary leaders, into a false concept of who God's Chosen People really are? Preaching the Gospel has been made into a profession.

Philologists, those who study human speech, especially as the vehicle of literature, that sheds light on the cultural history of a people, state that the ancient Phoenecian script is the ancestor of modern English. Preceding this was the "Keltic" or "Cymric" tongue, which is the worlds oldest living language. Its roots are closely related to ancient Hebrew.

We need to mention at this point, that ancient Hebrew, the language of the Old Testament, has very little association with modern Hebrew and absolutely nothing with "Yiddish," which is the world language of modern Jewry.

In the book of Nehemiah, in the Old Testament, we read how the scribe Ezra bewailed the fact that his people, returning from 70 years of captivity in Babylon, could not understand their native tongue. They had become a "mixed," or better yet, a "mongrelized" nation. Listen to Nehemiah 13:24 - "And the children spake half in the speech of Ashdod, and could not speak the Jews (Judaite) language, but according to the language of each people."

As I said, the modern Jew speaks "Yiddish," which is a conglomeration of several languages. This is because the modern Jew is a "mongrel" nation. We can see this by reading in Esther 8:7- "...and many of the people of the land became Jews: for the fear of the Jews fell on them." There were literally thousands of Jews in Babylon who were not of the seed of Abraham, just as about 90% of the people we now know as Jews, have not a drop of Abraham's blood flowing in their veins.

Abundant proof exists which proves that the ancient Celtic language of Britain is still alive. It is frequently spoken in Wales, Cornwall, Ireland, Scotland, Brittany, and Normandy.

During World War II, when the Allied High Command could find no way of preventing German Intelligence from deciphering their wire messages, Britain's Prime Minister, David Lloyd George, suggested using the Cymric tongue in their transmissions. This was done and it completely baffled the Germans.

Today's historians, for the most part, have completely distorted history and seem to gloat over the control they exert over historical facts. To illustrate this, let me tell you of an incident that happened to me a few years ago in a Florida school. I was waiting in the library to meet the school superintendent, when I picked up a Fifth Grade History book. Being a Revolutionary War buff, I naturally turned to this era in our history. Here is what I read: "We cannot always believe the stories we have been told about early American leaders; George Washington and the cherry tree; Paul Revere and so on, for it has been proven that on the night that Paul Revere was supposed to have warned the people of the British attack, he was drunk in bed with a prostitute in Boston." It's no wonder our children have little pride in our country anymore. Well the religious historians are just as guilty of distorting facts.

News reporters revel in their ability to distort historical facts so as to fit their political and racial beliefs. I remember a few years ago watching a FACE THE NATION television show on which Walter Cronkite appeared. The moderator asked him: "Mr. Cronkite, how do you feel about truth in presenting the news?" to which the famous commentator replied, in his superior manner: "My job is not to tell the truth; I am an opinion molder!" The same is true of religious historians. Bible scholars often twist scripture to fit their own narrow way of thinking, without careful consideration of what the Word of God really says. If you don't want to believe this, consider the manner in which Bible scholars define God's Laws concerning Baptism. There are many modes, and each group insists theirs is right; yet they use the same textbook to prove their point. They have done this in their teaching concerning the Jews as God's Chosen People and immediately label as "ignorance" or "prejudice" anyone who disagrees with them.

Let me give you a striking example from one of our major Protestant denominations. Can you explain to me why the writings of Martin Luther, the founder of that denomination, why his writings concerning the Jews have been completely expunged from Lutheran seminar literature? Luther on many occasions pointed out the dangers posed by allowing Jews into positions of responsibility in government. He commented on their low moral character, their trickery in dealing with politics and their avarice for gold. Yet today you can t find one of these books in a Lutheran school.

Theological scholars today, as in ages past, often describe history so as to bolster their own political and religious beliefs, not for the advancement of truth. They turn viciously against anyone who contradicts them; even when they have been proven wrong. They fail to realize that language and geography is not the standard of judgment on which race is based. There is often a change in these basic elements; but while language and location often change, race never does.

In order to properly evaluate the history of any race, we must recognize the progressive changes which appear in its language, religion, social customs, and geographical residence.

We must constantly guard against the distorter, the irresponsible, the quack, and the atheist. The Apostle Paul warned of these in 2 Timothy 3:13, when he said: "But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived." That word "seduce", means "to lead astray; to persuade to disobedience or disloyalty." This is what we must constantly guard against in our churches, even the fundamental ones.

The warped minds of these seducers are motivated by bigotry, greed, power, prejudice, intolerance, religious and racial hatred. They even hate their own people. What they cannot easily understand, they scoffingly label as "myth", or "tradition," without actually understanding the meaning of the words.

According to Webster's Dictionary, the word "tradition" means: "the handing down of information, beliefs, and customs by word of mouth, from one generation to another without written instruction." To the bigoted professors in our seminaries, "tradition" is synonomous with "fairy tales." But this is not it's meaning at all. Disraeli, the British statesman once defined tradition when he said: "A tradition can neither be made nor destroyed."

A tradition is a truth, embellished no doubt by the passage of time, but a truth nevertheless. Tradition can easily be clarified by anyone who is honest enough to try and separate the "wheat from the chaff."

For instance, the Western world has come to generalize the meaning of the word "Christian," to cover all who believe that Jesus Christ existed as a historical figure. This is not the Bible definition by any stretch of the imagination. It is also often insinuated, that the followers of Christ, from the very beginning were Christian and many pastors refer to the Old Testament saints as being Christians.

I have heard Arab leaders refer to Christians as a "race."

Yet this word did not come into being until several years after the death of Christ, when in Acts 11:26, written about 37 A.D. we read: "...and the disciples were called Christians, first at Antioch."

The people who were baptized by the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost were not called Christians. The 120 who waited in the Upper Room for this "infilling," were not called Christians. They were known as "Followers of the Way."

The title "Christian" came into being, because these people were known as "Little Christ's," hence Christian. The Greek word used here is "Kris-tee-an-os," which literally means: "Christ's followers." It is interesting to note that the word is used only three times in the New Testament.

Actually the word is a composite of the Greek word meaning "consecration," and the Hebrew word "Am" which means: "a consecrated person." Hence the true meaning of the word Christian is: "A person who is consecrated to Christ."

The early missionaries to Britain were not called Christian, but were named "Culdee." This is a Cyrmic word which means: "the servant of God." This title in itself indicates that these early missionaries were considered to be more than ordinary strangers in the islands. Their name set them apart as something special.

There is much documented proof in ancient British archives, that Joseph of Arimathea, the uncle of Jesus; the Apostles Paul and Peter, Lazarus and Simon Zelotes, were among those who brought the message of the living Christ to these islands, within ten years after His ascension.

When Christ walked on this earth, the popular language of the East was Greek, not Latin. The Aramaic and Hebrew languages were confined principally to the Judeans. There is little doubt that Jesus was conversant in Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek and Latin and if what old British historical records say is true, He could speak Celtic. These documents say that He visited these islands as a teenager, accompanying his uncle on one of his frequent visits to his tin mines near Cornwall, England.

Centuries before Christ walked the earth, the Greek language was known to the ancient Britons from their commercial association with Greek and Phonecian sailors. At this period of world history, Britain was known as "Cassiterides," after its chief industry, the mining of tin. Aristotle was one of the first historians to name Britain the "tin island," when he coined this term about 350 B.C.

The eminent British historian, Creasy, in his monumental book, "The History of England," writes: "The British mines mainly supplied the adornments for Solomon's temple."

At this stage of history, the Islanders were known as Kelts, derived from their racial name "Kimmerian." The letter "C" began to replace the "K" in spelling, but the pronunciation remained the same.

Then, as today, the descendants of this ancient people in England and Wales were referred to as Celts. The inhabitants of Hibernia - Ireland, were also called Celts. The Gaels in Scotland and the people of Gaul, now France, were called Gau Is. Ethnically, all these people came from the same race. The meaning of the word "Gaul," is "strangers," indicating they came from some other land.

We should remember that though these people were strangers in the Islands, they were it's first settlers. They were the colonizers of a virgin land, since not even savages lived on these islands before our forefathers arrived.

We can trace these strangers through their wanderings from their original homeland in the Euphrates River valley, some 3000 years B.C.

After the Kimmerians settled in the Islands, they became knows as British. Why were they so named? What was so different about these people or their way of life that caused other nations to give them this strange name?

Ancient historians say that it was their religious belief which set them apart from others. They believed in one invisible God. and in the coming of a Messiah, who was His Son. They hated idols; they worshiped in the open, facing to the East and believed passionately in the immorality of the soul.

The religious ritual which seemed to make the greatest impression on foreign historians, was their custom of carrying the Ark of the Covenant before them in all their religious observances. Only one other religion known to man had ever done this, the ancient Israelites.

It was this ritual which gave the British their surname. It is derived from the ancient Hebrew language and is formed from two words: "B'rith," which means: "covenant," and "ish," which means Join them together and you have "covenant man." The ancient word "am," attached to "B'rith" means "land." So in its entirety the word British or Britain means: "man of the covenant land."

The Covenant People of the Old Testament, living in the "Covenant Land," became the consecrated people of the Covenant Land. They were the advance guard of Christianity and were to evangelize the world for their Messiah, Jesus the Christ.

Did you know that 98% of all the Bibles printed in the world come from England and the United States? That 95% of all the Christian missionary effort comes from these countries? No nation, anywhere else in the world, has been as attracted to Christianity as have those of the United States and the British Commonwealth. Does this have the slightest meaning to you? It should have!

Could it be that these white Anglo-Saxon countries are fulfilling the covenant made with their God centuries before, in which they were told that they would be bearers of God's good news of salvation to the "uttermost parts of the earth?" This is something the people called "Jews" have never done. In fact they have no teaching concerning salvation of the soul in their religious teachings.

Bible scholars have good reason to believe that Paul's Letter to the church at Galatia was addressed to the Gaul's in Galatia. Peter's General Epistle was addressed to the "strangers scattered throughout Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia and Bithynia." The Epistle of James was addressed to: "the twelve tribes scattered abroad." (not to the Jews in Palestine.)

The national name England was only used to designate the English and the Welsh. All the Islands were known as Britain, the "Land of the Covenant People."

A traditional custom of the Kelts was to build an altar of stone, in the open, whenever they rested on their journey from the East to the West. Their journeys can be traced from Assyria to their new home in Britain by the remains of these altars.

The first stone altar in historical record was erected by Jacob after his dream concerning the ladder which reached into heaven. He built it as a witness of the Covenant he made with his God that night. Ever after, the Israelites erected stone altars. Isn't it interesting to note that the Kymri did the same thing?

In the British Museum in London, one can see the famous black obelisk of Shalamaneser II. This relic bears reference to the captivity of the Israelites in Assyria and to all the kings subjected to the Assyrian king. Among these rulers was a man named Jehu, the son of Omri, the King of Israel. The obelisk has a series of twenty carved reliefs or pictures, showing the captives. One shows Jehu on his knees, offering tribute to the Assyrian King.

Many cemeteries have been unearthed throughout the Crimean area of Southeast Asia, in which Israelite names are prominent - all of these are linked with the Keltic race.

You should remember that the tribe of Ephraim was the legal inheritor of the title Israel - not Judah, or the Jews. In the Bible, the Southern Kingdom at Jerusalem and the Northern Kingdom at Samaria are always addressed under different names. Even God refers to them as such, see Psalms 114:2.

As a result, the Ephramites governed according to the patriarchal law. Originally Judah was a part of the priestly sect, along with the Levites. But the Levites were the true dispensers of religious jurisdiction and were divided between Judah and Israel in this service.

Among the ancient British, this same group represented the professional class - the scientists, doctors, lawyers, etc., the Ephramites were the principle soldiers, the defenders of the faith. The Levites were not permitted to bear arms or serve in war. This same thing was true among the Druids of the Kymri.

When Isaac was born, God made a strange statement to Abraham, He said: "In all that Sarah hath said unto thee, hearken unto her voice; for in Isaac shall thy seed be called," (Genesis 21:12). Both Isaiah and Jeremiah gave positive clues to the identity of the British people. Jesus said that He was sent to the "lost sheep of the House of Israel." He told the Jews of His day that their inheritance had been taken away and given to another. Christ would only give this inheritance to God's own people, although preachers have tried to spiritualize this and say it was given to the Church. Yet from the very beginning, the Covenant People were bound by the Covenant Law to carry out God's purpose on this earth. God never made a covenant with any other people to do this task. Christ's strongest commission was given to the Apostle Paul, who was to go to the Gentiles with his message. Strong's Concordance, No.1484, says that the word "Gentile," comes from the Greek word "Ethnos," which means: "tribe; or specifically a foreigner, by implication, a non-Jew." When Paul went to the Gentiles, there is plenty of evidence available, that he preached in the British Isles and ordained the first Christian Bishop of England.

Jesus stated that the "Old Law" was finished at His death. He came to fulfill the Law and the Covenant between God and man. Until the British Druid church and its people were consecrated in the "way of the Lord," they were Gentiles. But of all the people on the earth, the Anglo-Saxons had the only existing faith which had been prepared beforehand to accept Christ. They were the only people who knew His name, and had spoken it before Christ was born. This should be significant!

Just as the excavation of monuments and graves in the Crimea and on to the British Isles have documented and identified the travels of the Kymri, so the same can be said of the name "Saxon."

The name "Semite," or "Shemite," comes from Shem, the son of Noah (Genesis 9:26). Until the exodus of Abram from Ur of the Chaldees, the Covenant People were called Semites. Under Abraham, they became known as Hebrews. (This term comes from the word "Eber," and was applied to the descendants of Shem.) Just as the word "Hebrew" has nothing to do with race, since it means "colonizer;" it was applied to the Israelites in much the same manner it was once associated with the Americans and Canadians. They were called "colonists," or "colonizers."

The Covenant People were nationalized under the dying Jacob; grandson of Abraham and the son of Isaac. They became a nation at this time and were made up of twelve tribes, or "states." They were called "Israel," which in the Hebrew tongue means "ruling with God." Much later, the ten northern tribes revolted under Ephraim and the nation was divided at the time of Rheoboam into the Northern Kingdom with its headquarters in Samaria, and the Southern Kingdom, with its capitol city in Jerusalem.

During the long period from Shem to the vanishing of the Ephramites, the word "Jew" was never applied to the Northern Kingdom.

Some of the Jews, or Judaites, as they are more accurately called, who sprang from the remnant of Judah and who returned to Jerusalem after the seventy years of captivity in Babylon, were Shemite, and part of Israel. But the much greater number of those who returned to Jerusalem were so inter-mingled and "mongrelized" by inter-marriage and proseliting, they had little claim to being the descendants of Abraham. I have already mentioned the example from Esther, chapter eight, where multitudes of Babylonians became Jews, because of fear.

Turn with me, if you will to Ezra 9:1, 2- "...The people of Israel, and the priests, and the Levites, have not separated themselves from the peoples of the land... For they have taken of their daughters for themselves and for their sons: so that the HOLY SEED has been mingled themselves with the people of those lands." The descendants of this union, could not rightly be identified with Abraham, although they were known as Jews.

Some Bible scholars believe this is why some people in Palestine during Christ's time on earth accepted His ministry while others refused Him. They believe that it was the "true Israelites," who accepted Him, while the Jewish Pharisees, were the one's who refused. Do you remember what Jesus said when He first met Nathaniel in John 1:47 - "Behold an ISRAELITE indeed, in whom there is no guile." Why didn't Jesus identify him as a Jew? Because he wasn't!

It is a very serious Biblical error when our pastors consider the modern day Jew to be "all of Israel," because this just isn't so! The major portion of Judah and Ephraim had long before, passed out of their original homeland and the people we now know as Jews, who are of Abraham's seed, are far in the minority!

Now let us return to God's promise to Sarah in Genesis 21:12 - "in Isaac shall thy seed be called." The Prophets said this "seed" would dwell "far off" and be known by "another name." On being questioned by the people through whose land they passed, the Israelites and those of Judah who had joined them explained that they were "the sons of Isaac, or Sacs-sons, Issacsons, or Saxons." This name can be found all across Europe, in the path of their migration to the British Isles.

The ethnological chart shows these Saxons were divided into two main groups. Each took a different route to dwell in the Isles of the West. We have already established that the Kymri came from the Caspian Sea area. But the warrior Ephramites, became known as the "Sons of Isaac." Ancient documents call them "I-Saccasuns," "I-sak-Suna," "Saksens," and finally "Saxons." They were known before this as Scythians. For about 700 years, they lived in the district known to the Greeks as Scythia; to the Romans, they were Dacia, now Roumania and Thrace.

The Anglo-Saxons were chief among the associated tribes and became its leaders.

In all their wanderings, these Keltic and Saxon people refused to intermix, or inter-marry with the peoples of other races. In fact, to do so was considered a grave offense which brought banishment from the tribe. They were much more loyal to this Law of God than their brethren of Judah in the Babylonian captivity.

Because the Judaites refused to remain separate in their captivity, they were branded by their facial characteristics, which were not Hebrew at all. In Isaiah 3:9, we are told that of these people, those who returned from Babylon, "the shew of their countenance doth testify against them." This can be seen today. Those who intermingled with the Hittites, the enemies of God, carry their facial characteristics of black hair, a swarthy countenance and hooked noses; today, we call these people Jews. They are not the pure descendants of Abraham, but half-breeds and in many instances have none of Abraham's blood.

Not only did the Saxons refuse to inter-marry, but they were true to the ancient command to "dwell together." When they began to migrate to another place, they took their aged and infirm along with them, by contrast to the actions of other nations who either abandoned or killed these people.

These tribes, who had been scattered abroad because of their repudiation of God's Covenant, winnowed like corn in a sieve, were finally gathered together in a place appointed by God. This was not in Palestine. In 2 Samuel 7:10, while David was standing beside his pillar in his palace in Jerusalem, he was given this prophesy from God: "Moreover, I WILL APPOINT A PLACE FOR MY PEOPLE ISRAEL, and I WILL PLANT THEM, that they may dwell in a place of their own, and shall move no more; neither shall the children of wickedness afflict them anymore, as beforetime." This "Appointed Place" could not have been Palestine, since David was in Palestine when this promise was made.

Then God further promised that in this new land, they would rest secure (Isaiah 54:17) - "No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper...

The Anglo-Saxon races are the only ones who have set aside a special day in which to honor God. Voltaire, the French intellectual atheist, once said: "Whether Englishmen know it or not, it is the English Sunday which makes England what England is." This is equally true concerning the United States.

England derived its name from the word "Angles," which literally means "God's-men." This name was not given to them because of any special righteousness on their part; but because instead of worshiping idols of stone and wood, they worshiped One God, long before Christianity arrived in England, therefore they were called English.

There are many "brain washed" pastors in America who insist the British-Israel story is a myth without foundation. They areas mentally "fog bound" as the medieval scientists who refused to believe in the circulation of the blood, or the geographers who thought that the world was flat, and they are as reluctant to change their beliefs, no matter how much proof is presented in rebuttal. They are afraid to admit they have been wrong for so many years.

Yet even as many amazing discoveries of thousands of documents in the Dead Sea area have proven that the Bible is true, so thousands of other documents prove that we, the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Germanic, Scandinavian race, are God's Israel and His Chosen People. Yet the same men who accept the documentation that the Bible is true, are reluctant, or dogmatically opposed to anything which teaches that the people we now know as Jews, are not God's Chosen People.

The Devil is always ready and alert to use the infidel mind and careless writers and scholars, to divert men's minds from the truth. But rest assured, my reading friend, the truth will come out in the end and many of our pastor's are going to be terribly embarrassed by it! I am not interested in being popular with men, but in seeking the truth from God, as revealed in His Holy Word and confirmed by true history

The words of Isaiah, as he addressed the people "afar in the Isles of the West," become fraught with meaning, as do the prophecies of Jeremiah. The Prophets proclaimed that the star of Jacob would spring forth from the line of David, the Shepherd King. Jesus the Messiah, came from this line. Jesus the "light of the world," directed His "Kingdom message," to the "lost sheep of the house of Israel," He proclaimed this Himself.

It is foretold that these "redeemed sheep" would keep the faith. They have proved it as no other people have. The Parliamentary platform of England is built on Christian concepts, as is the Constitution of these United States, which was founded as "one nation under God!" No other nations have ever been founded on these Christian principles. Certainly the people we now know as Jews, never followed this concept.

Our Pilgrim Father's knew who they were. They called themselves "the wandering seed of Israel in this wilderness." These were the men who wrote that great hymn of the Church:

"Ye chosen seed of Israel's race,
Ye ransomed from the fall;
Hail Him who saves you by His grace,
And crown Him, Lord of All!"

Yes, my Christian friend, we in America have a magnificent heritage. But along with this heritage goes a tremendous responsibility to carry out the obligations of God's people - we have not done this! This is why we are in the mess we are now in! Our troubles will continue to grow; conditions in America will become worse and worse; until once again, we will recognize who we are and then in penitence, fall down on our knees; ask God's pardon and see Him "heal our land!"

This great privilege which has been given to us should not make us boast; it should not cause us to be exalted over others. It should raise in us a humble spirit, that will cause us to follow God and once again acknowledge Him as "King of Kings, and Lord of Lords!"

Chapter Three


In 2 Chronicles 7:14, written some 25 centuries ago, we read these thrilling words: "If My people, which are called by My name, will humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sins, and will HEAL THEIR LAND."

For years, like many other fundamental preachers and evangelists, I preached that the people we now know as Jews were God's Chosen People, the people of the Abrahamic Covenant. I chose to overlook, as a majority of the pastor's still do, the crookedness, brutality, and murder, which brought these people back into the Promised Land.

For years, I listened as our greatest preachers proclaimed that the re-gathering of the Jews into Palestine, was the "budding of the fig tree," and that it signaled the "rapture of the church," and Christ's soon return to this earth.

Time and again, when I sought to warn Christians against the very real dangers we face, from enemies such as International Communism, I was frustrated as they told me: "My job is to preach the Gospel; God will take care of the Communists in His own good time." or maybe they would say: "This world is not my home; I'm saved and I don't have to worry about the Communists, or any of those other bad guys, because Jesus is coming back soon to rapture me out of this mess, before it gets too bad!"

You talk about people being wrapped up in a sheet of self-righteousness, some of those folks are "wrapped up in a shroud." There are going to be some such, who will be so tightly zipped up in this shroud, that they won't get unzipped in time to go with Him when He does return. For He said Himself: "Not everyone that saith unto me, Lord! Lord! will enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven." It has always been for God's people to take a stand against evil, not hide in some spiritual foxhole, waiting for His return.

It disturbs me no end, when I see decent, God-fearing, well-meaning pastors, who have allowed themselves to be seduced by the very folks who have promised to make slaves of them. Yet many of these men are unwilling to study the scriptures for the truth; they are unwilling to compare scripture with history to learn what has happened, because then they would have to admit they have been wrong. So instead, they use vicious, un-Christian attacks against anyone who tries to warn their flock against the dangers they are facing. They remind me of the many college youth I used to encounter during the Vietnam War years, who would say in essence:

"Don't clutter up our minds with the truth; we have already made up our minds!"

One of the biggest problems American Christians have had to face in recent years is that, as a nation, we have lost that sense of Divine guidance which led our forefather's to face every conceivable hardship, with the courage and Divine assurance that God would prosper their undertakings, as He has promised!

Yet today, in the millions of words used by those who run for office - even among those who proclaim that they are Christian - it is seldom, if ever, that we see men, who are willing to implore the American people to return to the "faith of our fathers."

As a result, the spirit of fear prevails in our land! It hangs like a pall across the length and breadth of our nation, it is present in every newspaper and appears on every news broadcast. It has reached the point, that when our enemies "rattle their missiles," or even make threatening gestures in our direction, we take off in the opposite direction like a whipped cur with our "tail between our legs."

This state of fear is going to increase until it will dominate our thinking and our national planning and we will become helpless in the face of our enemies. This will continue until American Israelites awaken to the realization that God has a national purpose for this country; that He brought it into existence for a special purpose; that He protected her during her infancy and is willing that His purpose be carried out!

How can we escape from this miasma of fear which now grips us? What will change the prevailing conditions which dominate our national planning? What will bring to the forefront in America, leaders of spiritual stature and righteousness, who will be joined by millions more, so that our people will be willing to face any emergency, strong in the faith that God will give us?

The answer, I believe, lies in the knowledge of our origin, destiny, and as a consequence, or responsibility as God's Chosen People. It does not call for a false pride, in which we look down upon others; it should fill us with a great humbleness of spirit, that God has given us this tremendous responsibility!

When enough Americans finally grasp the truth that God has chosen this country for a special purpose; that He has shown us this purpose in His Holy Word; when enough people who dare to go by the name of Christian realize this; then we will see a tremendous change in our national thinking, which will effect the moral and spiritual climate of the United States.

My honest opinion is, that if one-quarter of the people in America, who go by the name of Christian, would fall in love with their Lord, and strive to do His will, we could turn this nation around in six months and get her headed in the right direction.

If Americans ever become aware of the awe-inspiring fact that Divine Providence has overshadowed this country from its inception, for a special purpose, there would be no obstacle we encounter which would be too big for us to overcome.

God has given us a promise of what will happen if we are willing to accept His will in our lives; it is found in Isaiah 54:14 - "In righteousness shalt thou be established: thou shalt be faroughm oppression; for thou shalt not fear: and from terror; for it shall not come nigh thee... No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper... This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord!"

Take special note of that word "Heritage." In Strong's Analytical Concordance, No.5159, we learn that this English word is a translation of the Hebrew word "nachalah." This literally means: "to take possession of; to inherit." Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary defines "heritage" as: "property that descends to an heir; it applies to things other than actual money or property; it is closely associated with 'birthright'; it also applies to property and rank, or privilege coming by right of birth."

When Christian Americans are willing to accept the proven fact of our origin, purpose, and responsibility which goes along with this, then once again we will be able to take our role in the world as a truly great people.

The Prophet Isaiah spoke to our Israel forefathers in 59:1-3, when he said to them: "Behold the Lord's hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither is His ear heavy, that it cannot hear. But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid His face from you that He will not hear."

It has always been thus. The righteous suffer along with the wicked, when the wicked are allowed to prosper. When a nation goes into captivity because of their sins, or into a deep depression, or maybe famine, the good people go hungry along with those who caused the sad condition in the first place.

On most occasions, it has been the sad apathy of God's people, which has allowed evil to succeed. Edmund Burke, the great British philosopher once said: "All that is necessary for evil to succeed, is for good people to do nothing." America is being destroyed in this decade, because Christian people have refused to acknowledge their peculiar relationship to God and follow their responsibilities to Him.

We will not lose our freedoms on the day we answer an early morning knock on our door, to find a little man with a red star on his helmet and a Tommy gun in his arms, who says to us: "Come along with me to the concentration camp." We will lose it when we see things happening in our local schools, churches, and government, we know are wrong and we set back with a sigh and say: "I'm only one individual, you know! Everyone knows you can't buck City Hall." When enough of God's people feel like this, we will lose our freedom; we will hold a funeral service for America and bury her in the cemetery and over her grave we will erect a headstone with this epitaph: "America died, because God's people didn't want to become involved!"

There is no reason why the white, Anglo-Saxon people of America should not recognize their true identity as the Covenant People of the Old Testament. I know about the wickedness we have allowed to grow rampant in America; I know how our people and our leaders have flouted God's laws; I know about our rebellion against God. But I can also read the words from Ezekiel 20:37, 38, 44 - "I will cause you to pass under the rod, and I will bring you into the bondage of the covenant: and I will purge out from among you the rebels, and them that transgress against me. . . And ye shall know that I am the Lord, when I have wrought with you for my name's sake."

Now I can already anticipate the reactions of some of you who read this message. You will be thinking: "This fellow is one of those British-Israel nuts. The very idea that England, Canada, Australia and the United States are the Lost Tribes of Israel is too fantastic to even bother looking into." And it is, if you base your thinking on the dictionary definition of "fantastic." "exceedingly, or unbelievably great." That's what this message is all about: "an exceedingly great and unbelievable message." This is what the Bible is all about!

Let me ask you a question before we proceed any farther: "How many of you are disturbed by this message?" This includes any preachers who will be honest enough to read it. I'm speaking to you fellows who have preached for years that the "Jews are all of Israel " How many of you have made a definite study of scripture prophecies on this subject, comparing them to historical facts? I would be willing to predict, very few. For if you had done this and were then honest with yourself, you would have to concede that the facts I am presenting to you, cannot be refuted, either by scripture, or historical facts.

So I am not asking you to believe a fantasy. I do not ask you to believe me, or anyone else who makes the claims I do. But I do ask that you be honest enough to study the scriptures and compare them with historical facts, and then allow the Holy Spirit to enlighten your mind and destroy some of the pre-conceived ideas you have picked up by reading what men have said about it. Put aside the ideas with which you have been propagandized for years and listen to the scriptures. Then when you find that I am telling you the truth, have the "intestinal fortitude" to tell your people the truth.

I am not preaching this Kingdom message because it is popular; or because I expect to influence a lot of fundamental Christians. Sad to say, I will lose a lot of support from fundamental Christians with whom I have worked in the past, because they are not honest enough to search for the truth. Most of you will look for isolated scripture references with which to destroy my arguments; very few of you will search for the truth. Very possibly I will have to say as the Apostle Paul did, "Am I to become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?"

But before God, in the light I have received from an intense study of the Word, I can do no less than give you the truth. Someday I will stand before the Lord and answer for this message; but let me remind you, you will have to answer for having read the truth, and having turned your back on it!

Let me begin my argument by saying that the truth of the Israel Identity does no damage to fundamental, doctrinal Christian truth. In fact it strengthens it! I will put my brand of fundamentalism up against any of the great Bible scholars of our land without fear of embarrassment. I am a better fundamentalist today, from having learned the truth of who I really am. I now understand, as never before, the "high calling" I have as a Christian, in Jesus Christ. It makes me more determined than ever, to do my very best to work with God, to save America. Why? Because I now realize, that God's Israel promises were made for us, who are the Lost Tribes of the House of Israel. The "lost sheep" Jesus talked about.

This change in my thinking did not come as a "spur of the moment" thing. It came after a great deal of prayer and "soul searching." It came after hundreds of hours of study in the scriptures and in study of the history of our white race.

I first began to question the teaching that the Jew's of today were God's Chosen people, when I began to wonder, how a Communist, atheist, God-hating, God-rejecting nation such as Zionist Israel, could possibly pass the test marks of God's Chosen People. It just didn't make sense! So I began to study on my own; not based on something some Bible scholar had written; not based on what some theological seminary has said for years, but on what the Word of God says. (Let me hasten to say here, that I do not believe the "tommyrot" Herbert W. Armstrong puts out; although some of his teachings are true.)

But you say: "All the great Bible scholars of modern times believe the Jews are the ones!" I'm not interested in what these men teach; I go for my criteria to the Word of God and there are just too many unanswered questions. I have never met a fundamental preacher or scholar yet, who could honestly answer these questions. Oh they have tried, give them credit for that - they have torn scripture out of its proper setting to promulgate their ideas. They have used the same argument that Dr. Scofield and others like him have used for fifty years or more, but they do not come up with honest answers to the questions.

Why, for instance, if Palestine is the Land of Promise, and the returning Jews are a sign of Christ's soon return. Why is it that since 1975, more Jews are leaving Palestine than are coming in? If the Jews are to return to Palestine in great numbers, as most prophetic preachers claim they will, why is it that less than 17% of world Jewry resides in Palestine today? (There are more than twice as many Jews living in New York City, as there are in Palestine.)

Why, when God prophesied in Ezekiel 36:24, that He would gather His people from "among the heathen," have most of the Zionist settlers come from the Anglo-Saxon nations, which are regarded as Christian nations?

When God says that he will "give a new heart to His people," this parallels the New Birth experience. This signifies that Israel will become Christian in their Promised Land. If this is true, then why are most of the Zionists in Palestine, atheists? Why do they hate Jesus Christ and constantly persecute His followers? Why do they show their hatred in a special manner towards Arab Christians? Why do they refuse religious freedom in Israel?

If the Jews are "all of Israel," as most of you believe and there are about twenty million by the latest Jewish census, what became of the millions of descendants of the Israelites who never returned from foreign captivity. They outnumbered those who returned from Babylon by the millions? Every Bible scholar who has an ounce of honesty in his system must recognize this!

Why, if God promised the Patriarchs, their seed would be as numerous as the "sands of the sea" and Sarah would be the mother of "thousands of millions," have the Jews never numbered more than twenty million people?

Why were Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob never called Jews in the Old Testament; yet your preacher calls them Jews all the time?

Why, when you study history, is there such a prevalence of Jewish names among the leaders of International Communism, which has stated that they intend to destroy Christianity? Why do so many of them in America, control the media, and banking? Why do they without fail head the combines which promote pronography, sex education in the schools, prostitution and dope, which is literally destroying our youth? Don't argue with me about this? Just look at their names? Why does their religious book, the Talmud, teach them how to carry on this un-Godly subversion? Have you ever read it? It would further your education a great deal!

Why is it that the vast majority of people who have been convicted of treason against this country in the past fifty years have been Jews? Why have they sold "America down the river?" Don't try and pull the wool over my eyes and say that God would choose a wicked people like this!

I believe what we are seeing in the world today, is a fulfillment of the prophecy given in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9, to the Church of Smyrna: "...I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews and are not, but ARE OF THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN." Why do our fundamentalist preachers never discuss these verses? Because they can't come up with an honest answer for them!

As I saw these things, and many, many more, taking shape in the world, I began an intense study of scripture and history, looking for the truth. It is of great interest to me, to see how history always confirms scriptural truth. The more I studied, the more I became convinced, that by no stretch of the imagination could the people we call Jews, be the People of the Book.

I will not spend any more time trying to convince you that the Jews are not the people spoken of in the scriptures, because I want to take time to speak about your ancestry, if you belong to the white, Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Germanic, Scandinavian, or related races.

People should be proud of their racial background. There is nothing wrong with blacks believing that "black is beautiful." But by the same token, we should not be ashamed of being white - although there has been a terrific propaganda campaign underway for a number of years to give us white folks a "guilt complex." But none of us, who go by the name Christian, must allow ourselves to have a presumptive pride, which would set us above everyone else. In fact, the knowledge of our ancestry, should prove a humbling experience.

I want you to look for a little while, into the background of our white people - Aryans, they have been called for centuries. I want to use historical facts, backed by scripture, to prove that the background of the people of England, Canada, Australia, the United States, and most of Europe, came directly from the "seed of Abraham."

Historians, archeologists, and anthropologists admit there is a link between the early inhabitants of the British Isles and what we now call the "mid-East."

One of the first rays of light, revealing the people who inhabited Britain,is that they were called "Abiri," which was the name the inhabitants of Canaan, gave to the Israelites in 1451 B.C., when they made their exodus from Egypt.

At Stonehedge, England, glazed beads, made only by the 18th Dynasty in Egypt, about 1700 B.C., during the years of the Israelite slavery, have been found in ancient British tombs.

Oriental scholars claim that the Semites originated in Central Asia and migrated to Mesopotamia about 3,000 B.C., where they overcame the Turanian population and absorbed them into their society. These were the people who founded the Babylonian Empire. This migration of a superior race from Central Asia has been proven correct by many archeological finds. But since Shem did not come into existence until about 2400 B.C., this race of immigrants could not have been Semites. They were their ancestor race, the parent white race called Aryans. The word "Aryan," comes from the ancient Sanscrit language and means "noble race."

In Genesis Chapter Two, we have a brief description of the location of the Garden of Eden. It mentions that four rivers came out of Eden and since the Euphrates River is mentioned, most Bible scholars assumed that it was the Euphrates River in Mesopotamia. They never bothered to check this out for geographical accuracy and this error has been taught in most of our churches. A little study, would have shown that the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers merge into one river, which in no way resembles the description given in Genesis 2. If the Bible statement is true; and we know it is, then we must look somewhere else for these four rivers.

There is such a location and the only one is in the "cradle of the world." Starting from one source on the Pamir Plateau of Central Asia, between the Tian'S han Mountains on the North, and the Hindu Cush on the South, are the four great rivers called the Indus, the Jaxartes) the Oxsus, and the Tarim. The Oxus is still called by its ancient name of Gihon, which is the same name as that used in Genesis 2. The Chitral branch of the Indus, answers the Biblical description of the Pison; the Jaxartes is the original Euphrates and the Tarim, going East, is in all probability the Biblical River Hiddekel.

The people of Central Asia still consider this plateau as the original location of the Garden of Eden. It, and it alone, answers the geographical description of Genesis 2:10 - "And a river went out of Eden to water the garden; and from thence it parted, and became four heads."

There is a strong probability that the Aryan race came from this locality. One of the best proofs lies in the studies of the ancient languages. The Chambers Encyclopaedia says: "Between Sanscrit (the mother of modern Hindustani); Zend (the language of the ancient Persians); Greek (the language of Asia Minor); Latin (the romance language of Italy, France, Portugal, Spain and Rou mania); Celtic (once the language of all Northwest Europe and now confined to Wales and parts of France, Ireland, and Scotland); Gothic (the mother tongue of the Teutonic people, including the English); and Slavonic (spoken in various dialects by the people of Central Europe); the researchers have established such similarities, they must have come from a common origin."

In the old Hindu paintings of India, their gods were always portrayed as having white skins, fair hair and blue eyes.

In Genesis 10:6-20, we see that Nimrod was a son of Ham, as well as was Canaan, after whom the land of Canaan was named. From Genesis 12:2-5, we see how the sons of Japheth spread themselves over the seacoasts of the Mediterranean. Three of these names are of special interest in our study. Gomer, which means "darkness;" Javan, named on Ptolemy's map of the world as present England, and Tarshish, the son of Javan, after whom Spain was named.

The Maritime possessions of ancient Israel are named in 1 Kings 10:22; 22:48; 2 Chronicles 9:21, and Jonah 1:3, the name Tarshish is prominent in all these passages.

Shem was the father of the children of Heber, from which the name "Ibiri," "A bin," and "Hebrew" finally came. We often think of the Hebrews as Jews and even learned Doctors of Divinity speak of the Jews and Hebrews as one and the same people, but the scriptures make a sharp distinction between the houses of Judah and Israel. The people we now know as Jews, make up only an infinitesimal portion of the Hebrew race, and many who go by this name have not one drop of Abraham's blood flowing in their veins.

The word "Eber," or "Hebrew" means "colonizer," in the Hebrew-Phonecian language and the descendants of Heber were the greatest colonizers and mariners in the world's history. Since the 22nd Century B.C. they have dominated every nation with which they have come in contact.

The early Chaldean priests were genuine astronomers. They understood the solar year. They divided the day into twenty-four hours; they recognized the constellations and named them. Isn't it interesting that all the human faces on the signs of the Zodiac depict pure Aryans who look like the Anglo-Saxons of today?

We don't have time in this message to go into the archeological, historical and anthropological proofs that the Anglo-Saxon races are direct descendants of the Biblical Abraham. If you are honestly interested in studying this further, I would suggest you get Frederick Haberman's book: "Tracing Our White Ancestors;" this tremendously documented book is published by the Covenant PubI. Co., of London.

The first recorded arrival of any known group of people in Britain, took place in 1103 B.C. when a man named Brutus the Trojan arrived with a colonizing group. His name is another form of the Phonecian Barat, or Brith-ish, which literally means "the Covenant Man."

In Genesis 38, we have the rather sordid story of Judah's ignoble union with his daughter-in-law Tamar. But God often works in mysterious ways to perform His will and it was from this union that the line of Judah-Parez came. This was the line which was to bring forth the Messiah from the House of David.

In Genesis 38:27-30, we see the record of the birth of twin sons to Judah and Tamar. As Judah was the royal family of Israel, the midwife who was attending the birth, was extremely careful to mark the first-born since he would be the rightful heir of the throne. She bound around the hand of the first baby to be born, a scarlet cord. But if you remember the story, the baby's hand was withdrawn and the other child was born first. He was called Pharez, which in the Hebrew language means "a breach." The child who had been marked as the heir was Judah-Zarah, who became known for his great wisdom, second only to that of Solomon (see 1 Kings 4:31).

Darda was one of the sons of Zarah. According to the Jewish historian Josephus, who wrote about the year 1 A.D. Zarah founded the ancient city of Troy 34 years before Israel left Egypt. An exhaustive study of the royal houses of Europe will show that the lines which have branched out of the house of Judah-Zarah over 3,000 years ago, are of the tribe of Judah and are the blood lines of Western European royalty. None of these, by the way, were Jews.

The dying Jacob prophesied: "Judah is like a lion's whelp," (Genesis 49:9). Did you know that every noble house in Europe has a lion on it's "coat of arms?" It was to Judah that the sceptre belonged. (The true Jews, not those converted to Judaism in Russia, who are of Khazar descent, but those who are of the blood of Abraham, are descended from Judah-Pharez.) After the division of Solomon's Kingdom, the House of David ended its temporal rule in Palestine with Jehochin and Zedekiah in 585 B.C. Brutus was of the line of Judah-Zarah.

Many historical critics reject the old British chronicles as mythology - the Story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, being a good example. But there are authentic records showing that King Arthur did reign in Britain and that he could trace his ancestry back to Judah-Zarah, through his ancestor Brutus.

For many years, historians taught that the British were uneducated savages and that they were civilized by the Roman invasion of the Isles. They say that the religion of the Druids was one of fear and human sacrifice. But these premises, just as evolutionary theories, have been proven false. The Druid religion was very similar to that of the Hebrews; they worshiped one God, whom they believed was the Creator; they looked for His Virgin born Son to be the Savior of the world; they had blood sacrifices for sin, much as the early Hebrews, but they were animal sacrifices.

Does any really intelligent person believe that a mob of untrained savages could have defeated Caesar's Legions? Yet they did, time and time again, until Rome was finally forced into making a peace treaty with them. Yet our modern history books 90 to great lengths to discredit the Britains. Why do you suppose? Could it be that someone wants to keep the truth from the Anglo-Saxon people concerning their birthright? Who do you suppose would benefit most by this? Could it be the people who now go by the name of Jew and who control most of the world's printing houses? Think about this!

It is unfortunate, that along with higher criticism of the scriptures which developed in Europe, there came a downgrading of their historical backgrounds. We see a similar phenomenon today, where our youth are being taught to have "guilt feelings" about anything which is "white." They have been told how repressive we Americans have been to other people, when the truth is that no country in the history of the world has done so much for the needy and oppressed, as the white, Anglo-Saxon people of America. (This help is not coming from the Jews - they help only their own people.)

Today, instead of using our great American heroes as examples for our youth, they are held up to ridicule, even from our pulpits. A few years ago in Florida, I came across a vivid example of this. Visiting in one of the local schools, I picked up a history book being used in the Fifth Grade and read this statement: "The stories we have heard about many of our American heroes are not true. Take Paul Revere for instance; it has been proven that he did not make that ride, to warn the people that the British were coming, since he was drunk in bed with a prostitute, the night this happened."

But while the Bible critics have weighed each brick of the Old Testament and tested its every timber, they have been unable to replace the one thing they sought to destroy. They have been like hammers which wore out on the anvil of a black smith shop. But isn't it strange and rather sad, to see modern intellectuals who would rather believe they were "sons of apes," than "sons of God;" even though scientific evidence proves this theory to be false? The reason is, their chief aim is to raise man above God.

Over a hundred and fifty years ago, a German philospher named Ludwig Feurbach stated: "Man will finally be truly free, when he realizes there is no God of man, but man himself." This idea became so deeply rooted in the diseased brain of a young Jewish intellectual named Karl Marx, that it became the bedrock on which modern Communist philosophy is built.

These intellectuals have come up with findings, which prove, so they say, that the Genesis account of the Creation, the fall of man and the deluge, are nothing more than Hebrew fairy stories. A few years ago, a Southern Baptist theologian wrote a book called "The Genesis Story," in which he discounted the first ten chapters of Genesis as being merely myths. He was backed in his stand by Dr. James Sullivan, who was the Sunday School Secretary of that great denomination for many years. Now Southern Baptists wonder why they are being plagued by skepticism in their church.

But it is even stranger to see how most of the Bible critics have labored under the delusion that the Old Testament belongs to the Jews. Despite all their knowledge of Hebrew and their textual criticism of the Bible, they have never discovered that the old Covenants were never made with Jews and that there were no people known by this name until 2 Kings 16:6, about 742 B.C., some 1172 years after Abram left Ur of the Chaldees. The Covenants were made with Israel, the same race which still bears the ancient Phonecian name of "Brith-ish", the "Covenant man."

It would be both interesting and beneficial if we could go more into detail concerning the throne of David in the British Isles and on the symbolism which can be traced back to ancient Israel. But right now, I want to spend some time speaking about our own land of America, as I believe it is mentioned in Bible prophecy.

Unfrtunately in the past 150 years, Fundamentalists have done practically nothing to fight the destructive criticism of the Bible. I realize that Godly men like Dr. David Otis Fuller of the GAR BC have written books in defense of the King James Version, but unfortunately, most of the time, instead of trying to prove the truth of this Book of all Books, they have betrayed the Bible by saying: "The Bible says so and therefore we believe it!" With the exception of evolutionary arguments, these men have done little to defend the Book.

Too oten, when Fundamental writers came up against portions of the Bible they did not understand, instead of searching for the truth, they took refuge in "spiritualizing it." There is no greater admission on the part of Fundamental scholars of their inability to understand portions of the Old Testament than that which is found in many of the Sunday School lessons which are used in most of their churches. In these lessons, they blithely skip over vast amounts of important material and hit only the popular stories.

The Old Testament is a book of Jewish legends, if we accept the assumption that the people of Israel are Jews. Many Bible critics such as Thomas Paine and Robert Ingersoll have challenged Fundamentalists to prove when, where, and how, the glorious promises of Jehovah for His Chosen People have been fulfilled in those who are now called Jews - they have been unable to do so!

If you will look at the detailed blessings given to Joseph through Moses in Deuteronomy 33:13-16, you will note they consist of material blessings; the wealth of the seas; abundant harvests; mineral wealth; oil, gas, coal; plus other blessings and protection. The Jews, have never in their history, since the time of Solomon, had any of these promises. There has been only one group of nations in the world who has had abundant harvests, year after year, decade after decade. There has been only one group of nations which have consistently mined the ores, drilled the oil wells, and digged the coal - all harvests of the precious things of the earth. Only one group of nations has consistently converted these things into the goods and services of modern civilization. This is not the Israeli of Palestine by any stretch of the most fertile imagination, but the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Germanic, Scandinavian peoples of America and their related nations in the British Commonwealth.

In Deuteronomy 15:6. God told His Israel that they would lend to many nations. Who has given so much of their national wealth for the aid of many nations? Certainly not the Jew! With billions of dollars worth of wealth in the Dead Sea, Jewish authorities publicly admit that the only thing which keeps Israel alive, is their aid from Christian America. This doesn't sound much like the fulfillment of Bible Promises to me!

None of the disciples, with the exception of Judas Iscariot, were Jews. They were Israelites. Why do our preachers keep on insisting that the people we now call Jews are "all of Israel?" The true Jews, of the blood of Abraham, make up only an infinitesimal part of true Israel, yet it is this small majority that our preachers always talk about.

The Gentile Church, never existed in the land and the Epistles of the New Testament were addressed for the most part, not to Jews or Gentiles, but to the "twelve tribes scattered abroad."

There is no equivalent term in the Greek language for the English word Gentile. It is essentially an English word, found in no other language. It is derived from the Latin word "Gens," meaning "Nations," or "tribes." When the Apostle Paul said: "I am an Apostle to the ethos," (the equivalent Greek word for "gens",) is Ethos, this literally meant the "tribes of Israel," and has nothing to do with the heathen.

Over and over, Jesus said that He had come into the world primarily for the "lost sheep of the House of Israel." lie told His disciples in Matthew 10:6, that they were not to go to the "gentiles," or "heathen," but to the "lost sheep of the House of Israel." The word "lost" as used here is not the theological meaning of "being unsaved." In Matthew 15:24, where He said: "I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the House of Israel," the Greek word for "Lost," is, "Appolumi," which literally means: "those who are separated for punishment." In other words, Christ said: "I am sent unto the tribes of Israel which have been set aside from their brethren for punishment." This puts a completely different light on the subject than what we have been taught in most of our Fundamental churches.

If you will make a close study of Isaiah 40 - 66, you will discover these messages are about Israel's rebirth, not in Palestine, but in the Isles of the Sea, somewhere to the West of Palestine. I believe he was speaking about the Reformation Period in Western Europe, when men and women by the tens of thousands came to know the Lord as Savior. There is no way the Jews can be fit into any of these passages.

Some Bible scholars say these chapters were fulfilled when the Jewish remnant returned to Jerusalem from Babylon, after the Seventy Years of captivity. But I challenge you to show me any Jews mentioned in these passages. There were no Jews located in the Isles of the West, when Isaiah penned these words, but there were Israelites, by the thousands and it was to these that these passages were penned.

When our Pilgrim Fathers landed at Plymouth Rock, on the rocky shores of New England, over 300 years ago, they brought the Bible with them; this was the basis of the new country they founded. They recognized themselves as the "seed of Abraham in this wilderness," yet you cannot find one Jewish name in this group.

Because of the blindness to the true identity of God's People, Jacob-Israel, most of the Christian ministers are taught erroneously, that the Church's members form Christ's Kingdom. This is only half true, when compared with the glorious reality. The Book of Revelation states that those worthy to be chosen (the true body of resurrected overcomers) by God to reign with Him do not constitute the Kingdom, they are "co-heirs" of the Kingdom. They will be the "kings and priests" who will rule and reign with Christ for a thousand years.

There will be many "born again" people who will not be in this select group, because they have never "suffered with Christ, so that they might reign with Him," (Romans 8:16).

There is something in this verse that most preachers miss. You are not going to float to heaven on flowery beds of ease, and still rule and reign with Christ, for His Word clearly says: "if so be that we may suffer with Him, that we may also be glorified together."

Why are our pastors and churches so blind to the truth of a literal coming kingdom, when we pray: "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven?" Why have Christian people been taught to look to heaven as their future home when we are told that we will "rule and reign with Him," if we are faithful? Is it because our people have not been taught the glorious truth that they are indeed God's Chosen People, His Stone Kingdom of Daniel 2?

If we dare to use the words "a Chosen People," it will preclude boasting, if we remember that in the language of true religion, the word "chosen" means "for service," or perhaps even "for suffering," but never for favoritism, as the Jews teach.

Some of you may be thinking: "What good is it to know that we are Anglo-Israel?" It is sad to hear fine Christians say: "I have Jesus and that's enough for me; being an Israelite won't save me!" If I was to go to these same folks and say: "I have a will which proves that you are the inheritor of a large fortune and privilege," would they say to me, "Well, what if I am; that won't save my soul: what's the good of that anyway?" You know as well as I do, that they would do everything possible to take earthly possession of their inheritance.

If these same people really believe that their future is in heaven, then why do they go on piling up earthly possessions whenever they can? It doesn't appear that by doing this, they are proving their contention that "Jesus is coming back in the near future to rapture them out of this world." lam convinced that many of these fine people fit the words of Isaiah, when he said: "These people do honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me."

This is the true value of knowing we are Israel. It establishes our claim to the greater blessings God said would be Israel's in the "latter days." In that time, as they accept their responsibilities, they would make known God's wonderful love to all men. It is no wonder so many professing Christians are so anemic in their stand for God and against evil, when they accept their inheritance. They are as bad as Esau, when he sold his birthright for a mess of soup.

If Americans were to recognize the truth of their identity, it would give us a revival of our spiritual life and bring about the cleansing of the evils which are now destroying is.

Things which now divide us - the splits, sects, divisions, bicke rings, whispering and jealousies would all perish and we would stand united before the world, as the witnesses of God's wonderful power and grace. We would put away nationally, the greed, hatred, oppression, drunkenness and Sabbath breaking and we would see the day dawn when the world really will "beat their swords into plow shares and their spears into pruning hooks."

I thank God that those of us who have tested these truths can stand upon the impregnable truth of His Word in the scriptures and that we are ready, to gladly give to any man, an answer for the hope that is in us.

What a power and what an incentive for better service of the Lord we love, can come about as we recognize our identity with Him.

There is serious trouble abroad in this land and you all know this. It is something that no politician can control. It has come about because our Christian people have literally lost their way. They have lost the knowledge of their true identity. They are paying today in tears for their waywardness. The "money changers" have invaded our nation and those of us who claim to love the Lord have left them in power.

During the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1897, the poet "laureate" of England, Rudyard Kipling, was asked to write a poem for the occasion. He came up with the sobering words of the "Requiem."

"God of our fathers, known of old;
Lord of our far-flung battle lines,
Beneath whose awful hand we hold,
Dominion over palm and pine;
Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet,

Lest we forget!"

"The tumult and the shouting dies;
The captains and the kings depart;
Still stands Thine ancient sacrifice;
An humble and a contrite heart;
Lord God of Hosts, he with us yet,

Lest we forget!"

"Far flung our navies melt away;
On dune and headline sinks the fire.
Lo, all our pomp of yesterday,
Is one with Ninevah and Tyre.
God of the nations, spare us yet;

Lest we forget!"

"If drunk with sight of power we loose
Wild tongues which have not Thee in awe;
Such boastings as the Gentiles use,
And lesser breeds without the law.
Lord God of hosts, be with us yet,

Lest we forget!"

"For heathen heart that puts its trust,
In reeking tube and iron shard;
All valiant dust that builds on dust,
And guarding calls not Thee to guard,
For frantic boast and foolish word,
Have mercy on Thy people, Lord!"

In Psalm 33:12, we read: "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord; and the people whom He hath chosen for His own inheritance." In verse 18 - "Behold the eye of the Lord is upon them that fear Him, upon them that hope in His mercy; To deliver their soul from death, and keep them alive in famine. Our soul waiteth for the Lord. He is our help and our shield. For our heart shall rejoice in Him, because we have trusted in His Holy Name...

That's the answer to America's problem. Acceptance of His Son, Jesus Christ, as our promised Savior. Then along with personal acceptance must come the recognition of Christ as King of Kings and Lord of Lords, so that He may reign supreme. It must begin in the individual heart and then spread over this nation. This is the formula for America's survival. This is the hope of our nation!

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