Race Mixing A Social and Spiritual Disaster
Part 1 of 2

by Lt. Col. Gordon "Jack" Mohr, AUS Ret.

"And God made the beast of the earth after his kind and cattle after their kind ... and God saw that it was very good." (Genesis 1:25)

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Race Mixing A Social and Spiritual Disaster Part 1 of 2

The Historic Disaster Called "Race Mixing!" Part I
The Disaster of Race mixing - Part II
God's Law Was Made To Protect Israel

Race Mixing A Social and Spiritual Disaster Part 2 of 2

Miscegenation Is The Enemy's Blueprint For White Destruction!
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Part I - The Beasts of the Field!
Part II - Where Did Cain Get His Wife?
Part III - The Living Creature!
Part IV - Difference In Blood!
In Conclusion
The Historic Disaster Called "Race Mixing! - Part I

The very title of this message will raise hackles and send "shock waves," through the liberal elements of America, both religious and political. It will elicit the epithet of "racist" for it's author, even though the facts presented are as well documented as any fact in history.

With the able help of Dr. William Stough, 210 Hermitage Drive, Knoxville, Tennessee 37920, from whom I have obtained much of this material, I hope to prove to you from scriptural and historical sources that "miscegenation", (a Latin word that was first used in 1863, which means sexual relations between men and women of different races, especially between White and Black) is contrary to the expressed will of Almighty God, and has caused disaster down through the ages, in spite of what churchmen such as Billy Graham say to the contrary.

One of the most pressing problems facing America in these closing out days of the Twentieth Century, is that of inter-racial marriage, especially between the Black and White races.

Our primary interest in this article is not what men say, but what does God's Word say about this practice, which history proves is disastrous. (I say this, advisedly, because every great civilization which has practiced "miscegenation," has ended as rotten hulks on the garbage heap of history.) This is something which cannot be honestly denied!

With the tremendous influx of alien elements into the United States and Canada over the last fifty years (both legal and illegal), especially from Asia, Africa and Hispanic nations, we have seen a dramatic change in the very essence which once made up the Christian Israel nations of Canada and the United States.

Has the influx of an alien element into American life, had anything to do with the present liberal thinking of so-called Christians who accept the God prohibited act of "race mixing?" There is no doubt about this! Many Christian leaders, especially of the so-called Judeo-Christian churches, have placed their seal of approval on an act which God has condemned in His Word, from the very beginning. Who are we to believe and follow: human leaders in their observed fallibility, or God's Word which is eternally true?

Many who have encouraged this vast foreign invasion, have said that it strengthens our country and they rightfully point out that both our countries were settled by immigrants. This is of course true, as history proves. During one fifty year period during the Nineteenth Century, the greatest immigration of all history took place, as over 50-million immigrants came to America's shores. (When I say "America", I refer to both Canada and the United States, for we are all Americans.)

But closer observation will show that at least 90% of these people came from the White Christian nations we call Christendom. They had been raised on the Christian philosophy, and although they did not all speak the same language, their heart's language was the same. They essentially believed in the One God Jehovah, Creator of heaven and earth, in the Kingship of His Son Jesus Christ their Savior, and in the necessity for mankind to obey God's Law, if they were to live a happy, prosperous life. They came from countries where the One God was revered; where a special day of worship had been set aside to honor Him; where the laws and Constitutions of their parent nations, had been built on the foundation of God's Ten Commandments. These were nations in whose blood was engrained the Israelite desire for "freedom." Where the family was honored; where women were placed on a special pedestal; where the work ethic was in effect.

Where men and women believed the Biblical admonition: "He who does not work, neither shall he eat." (Sometimes called the "Work Ethic"); where children believed in honoring their parents; where a man's word was his "bond."

Most of these people were White, the seed of Abraham in the new wilderness spoken of by the prophet in 2 Samuel 7:10. They were the "true seed" of Israel who had gone into Assyrian captivity for their disobedience to their God; who had lost their identity; who were labeled as "Gentiles; but who in this new land were now known as 'sons of the living God." (Christians, Hosea 1:10).

They had been divorced by God, but now could be reconciled to Him through the death and resurrection of their husband, Jesus the Christ. Through this act, they could once again be legally remarried. (See Romans Chapter 2).

Now in America, the words of Hosea 1:10 have come to pass - "And it shall come to pass, that in the place where it was said unto them, ye are not My people (remember the church world calls us Gentiles), there it shall be said into them, Ye are the sons of the living God," (Christians)".

So the heart's language of this vast immigration throng was the same as that of the Israelites who had settled North America in the late 1600's and early 1700's. These 19th Century immigrants were easily assimilated into the framework of American society and became the people who contributed to making America great.

But beginning about the time of the Great Social Experiments of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in the 1930's, the floodgates were opened to alien immigrants from Asia, South and Central America, and Africa. A Jewess named Emma Lazarus, wrote the words, later engraved on the foundation of the Statue of Liberty: "Give me your poor, your tired, your huddled masses; yearning to breath free." And they came, the refuse from all countries, lured not so much by freedom, as by a "free handout", given to them by "brainwashed" White Israelite Christians, who did not realize they were destroying themselves in the process.

The enemies of God and His people, "true Israel," were quick to recognize this as a further goal in their avowed purpose to destroy White Christian civilization. A goal they had envisioned from the "dusty halls of Babylon."

Under liberal Democratic Party leadership, which soon learned that the votes of the illiterate immigrants would keep them in power, government policy was put into effect, not for the welfare of Christian America and its people, but for the politicians in Washington, D.C. Since that time, as the floodgates have been opened by traitorous leaders in Washington, the United States has been inundated by the criminal and garbage element of the world. They have turned this Constitutional Republic into a Socialist Welfare State, called a Democracy, which is fast falling under the power of the One Worlders of the New World Order. Which means Zionist control!

The people in government who have encouraged this alien invasion, have done everything in their power to emasculate our Immigration Services and the Border Patrol which is supposed to guard our borders. A constant lesson of history has always been: "When a great nation can no longer control it's borders, it is on the way out."

The 1990 Immigration Law, passed by an emasculated liberal Congress, allows 714,000 immigrants to come into the United States, 1992-94, excluding refugees, whose numbers increase alarmingly every year. In 1992, over 50,000 Jews from Russia have been granted immigration status, and you can be assured that the majority of these are communists.

At one time, before an immigrant was accepted, they had to prove a source of income, so that they would not become a public liability. Today, they begin immediately to receive welfare payments, and some even get Social Security, although they have not paid a cent into this fund. The Jews are given special compensation to get started. Both legal and illegal immigrants are granted welfare and food stamps within a month after they enter this country, and this is further driving us into bankruptcy.

What has been the effect of this almost unlimited immigration from Third World nations? (Where the majority of immigrants used to come from the White nations of Christendom, they now come from the heathen nations.)

First, crime rates have shot sky high in every area where Third World immigrants have settled in any number. Many were criminals before they came to this country and were engaged in drugs and prostitution. Many came to America seeking asylum from prosecution for crimes they had committed.

Along with crime, we have seen disease rates shoot "sky high", with new and apparently incurable Oriental and African diseases showing up, while ancient killers like cholera, tuberculosis, and diphtheria, which we thought had been eradicated, are now becoming epidemic.

But what has this to do with "miscegenation?" Very much! For this influx of non-white foreigners, plus the relaxing of moral standards by the same enemy which encouraged immigration, is now deliberately mixing White boys and girls, with those of other races, knowing that close association will cause inter-racial sexual activity. These are the "intellectual traitors," We are dealing with in our schools. They are encouraged by the National Education Association. These are the ones who push "sex education" in the schools, knowing full well that it does not protect the students, but causes them to be sexually active. They know that handing out condoms does not promote morality among our youth, but encourages immorality. This is their goal, the weakening of the moral and spiritual status of our citizens, to where they can be amalgamated and controlled. They know that history proves that racial integration has been a major factor in the destruction of every great civilization which practiced it, during the sixty centuries of written history. No nation which has experimented with miscegenation, has survived the social disaster it has caused, and since the plans of the conspirators calls for the destruction of White Christian civilization, they know they MUST destroy our youth, who are the foundation of our future strength. (Do you realize that government psychologists have now declared that anyone who believes in the "conspiratorial aspect" of history, is mentally unstable, and paranoid?) Maybe this is why they are killing themselves by suicide, four times faster than the rest of us "nuts."

But above and beyond social conditions we MUST put God's Word first if we are truly to be called Christian.

I dare you to take an in-depth look at the racial issue, as presented in God's Word. If you are honest in your study, you will find that God forcefully condemns the practice of miscegenation in His people.

But if your "wolf pastors" can "hoodwink" you into refusing to accept your Israel heritage, these scriptures will have very little meaning to you, and will be completely overlooked in the preaching that comes from your church.

The Israel people (who were never Jews) were chosen by God as His special ambassadors to carry His message of salvation, and Kingdom living to all men, through the Gospel of the Kingdom.

There are many reasons why inter-racial marriage is wrong, but in this message I will concentrate on the spiritual reasons as given in the Word of God.

Many of us have observed the heartache and sadness which has come to the offspring of mixed marriages, as they are never completely accepted by either race. While the father and mother may enjoy their sexual experiment, their children invariably suffer from it.

God's Word gives many reasons why He condemns miscegenation and declares it to be an evil practice. Let's look at just a few.


When God reconstructed the earth, as recorded in Genesis 1:21, 24, 25, He created "every living creature AFTER HIS OWN KIND..." and God said: "Let the earth bring fn, i the living creatures (Heb. "nepesh", meaning "a breathing creature,") AFTER HIS KIND, cattle and creeping things, and the BEAST of the earth, AFTER HIS KIND."

This AFTER HIS OWN KIND, was an unchangeable Law of God, as much so as the Law of Gravity, or the Law or Harvest.

Here we run into a very interesting subject which will be discussed in detail in the ANNEX to this message. It is the meaning of the word BEAST. Notice how the BEAST, has been separated from "four footed animals and creeping things." We see where God forbade His people from having intercourse with these creatures. In Exodus 22:19, we read: "Whoso lieth with a BEAST, shall surely be put to death."

Over and over in the opening chapter of the Bible, as it deals with creation we see where every living thing was created to reproduce after "it's own kind!" No where in the animal kingdom do we find the inter-mingling of one kind with another. Only man breaks this commandment. Cats do not mate with dogs; rabbits do not have intercourse with squirrels, and when man tries to mix horses with donkeys he comes up with a hybrid called a mule, which cannot reproduce itself.

In this manner, God safeguarded the members of the animal kingdom and it is safe to assume, from other scriptures, that He had the same plan in mind for mankind.

In the story of creation, the formation of man is not very definite, and as a result we have many different theological opinions. For instance, most Bible scholars, especially those in the evangelical or fundamental ranks, will tell you that the two different acts, or events, mentioned in Genesis 1:26 and 2:7, were one and the same act. But they cannot be. The very wording of these verses shows they were separate acts.

I disagree with the majority, for there are unreconcilable differences between these two accounts. In Gen. 1:27 (KJV) we read: "And God said, Let us make man in our image ... so God CREATED man in His own image ... male and female CREATED He him..."

There are some fascinating features in these three verses (Genesis 1:26-28) for an accurate translation direct from the ancient Hebrew says: "And Gods (plural, more than one), said, "Let US (plural) make man in OUR image." The word for God, as used here in the Hebrew ELOHIM and has a plural meaning which is often associated with angels. It actually means "gods" (plural) in the ordinary sense, according to Strong's Concordance, ff-1430.

If this is true, could it be possible, do you think, that God delegated His supreme authority to create man to His angels and that each created male and female in their own image? Which might be the reason we have different races? (This is merely supposition and I have no scripture to back this.)

Dr. John H. Deguer, a Hebrew scholar of some note, says that the world ELOHIM, which is translated God in our KJV, refers to the "oath bound servants of God," (angels), since EL is the name of God as found elsewhere in the Bible. According to Dr. Deguer, EL (Jehovah-Yahweh) gave these angels power to create beings after their own image. Scholars for many years have puzzled over the name of God, which is ELOHIM in Hebrew, but which is a plural word.

It would also answer the question as to how all races could come from ADAM, since if this were true, as evangelical and fundamental scholars aver, God would have had to break His own Law of "Kind after kind," We KNOW He does not do this!


This brings us to the account of Genesis 2:7, where we are told that God FORMED Adam, male only, from the "dust of the earth" and did something which is not recorded in the CREATION of Genesis One, He "breathed into ADAM'S nostrils the breath of life, and man (ADAM) became a living soul."

The word ADAM in Hebrew is AU-DAUM, which means: "of a ruddy complexion; capable of showing blood in the face, or capable of blushing," which is characteristic of the white race alone.

While theologians and Bible scholars for the most part say that Genesis 2:1-5 is a repeat of the creation story from Chapter One, we find a strange statement in verse five, where it says, "and there was not a man to till the ground." The theologians and Bible scholars on the other hand, say this man was already CREATED in Genesis 1:27. Who is right?

According to the Bible account, on the eighth day, after God had rested from His creation week, He FORMED ADAM from the dust; male only! (This is a completely different act from creating man, male and female, from nothing, as found in Genesis 1:27).

To CREATE, means to "make out of nothing." But the Bible clearly says that ADAM was formed from the "dust of the earth, male only."

This man, ADAM, was a complete being. He was a "son of God," according to Luke 3:38. He was "hermaphroditic" in that he was male and female combined. None of these attributes can be found in the CREATED men and women of Genesis One.

It is very possible that the CREATED men and women of Genesis One were created thousands of years before ADAM was FORMED in Genesis 2:7. They were ordered by God to "reproduce, replenish the earth, and take it under subjugation." This also tells us that this earth existed and was populated before the creation of Genesis One, as it is impossible to replenish something which did not exist. This may very well account for the skeletons of men and women which lived on earth thousands of years before the White race which showed up about 6,000 years ago. Anthropologists know that human beings existed on this earth in Africa and Asia, thousands of years before the White race appeared on the scene.

Adam, according to the Biblical account, was placed in the Garden of Eden to "dress, cultivate, and care for it. "(Genesis 2:15). But the man Adam was lonely, so God made him a helpmate, taken from his own body, and presented him with his wife Eve. She is the mother, not of "all living," but of all living white people.

This beautiful true story has been terribly distorted in the Jewish Talmud, which states the Adam had sex with all the animals in the Garden, and when he found satisfaction with none of them, it was then that God brought forth Eve. (It takes a Jew to take something beautiful and turn it into a perversion!)

The One who FORMED Adam was JEHOVAH-ELOHIM, the Sovereign Ruler, the Almighty God, the Creator, the Judge of all nations.

Apparently Adam lived a solitary life for an undisclosed period of time, until God formed Eve. Adam recognized that Eve was part of his body and here we see the institution of the first ordinance, that of marriage. In this ordinance, according to the Bible, "two become one and for this reason a man shall leave his father and mother, and cleave (cling) to his wife, for they are now one flesh." It was for this reason that the Commandment against "adultery" was given later, in order to protect this sacred ordinance.

At this time in world history, Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden, in daily communication with God, who "walked and talked with Adam." (Genesis 3:8)

Outside the Garden, were the other races who lived and carried out God's order to "replenish and subdue the earth."

I have no intention here of going into the "sin" which drove Adam and Eve from the Garden. We know that it was the sin of "disobedience," and we know that Adam and Eve participated in the same sin, for Genesis 3:6 tells us so.

Eve was tricked into this sin by a being which scripture calls the "serpent," in Hebrew NASACH. We know he was not a regular snake, since he walked upright, was capable of reasoning, and could speak in words that Eve understood. (This will also be discussed in the Annex.) Some Bible scholars think the word NASACH refers to the title of this being, but whatever, he was not of Adam kind, for at this time, Adam and Eve had produced no children.

The temptation he gave to Eve was subtle and cast a doubt on God's Word. They were tempted to "become like gods," by partaking of the forbidden fruit.

When Adam and Eve sinned, the glory of God which had clothed them, sometimes known as the "shekinah glory," left and they realized they were naked and were ashamed. I sincerely doubt this had anything to do with a sexual sin, as taught in the SEEDLINE DOCTRINE.

Apparently Dr. Stough, to whom I am indebted for much of the material in this article, believes that the sin of Eve was that of mixing the races. SEEDLINES aver that Eve had sex with NASCAH, who was really Satan in disguise, and as a result Cain was born. I am forced to disagree with this on the basis of Genesis 4:1, which clearly states that Adam had sexual relations with his wife Eve, that she got pregnant as a result and that she gave birth to a man child she named Cain. There is absolutely no hint of any third person involvement. The SEEDLINE argument that Eve's statement: "I have gotten a man from the Lord," indicates that she thought she had had sex with God, when it was Satan in disguise, holds little water, as it is the same statement made by millions of God fearing mothers, when their first son was born: "Look, God gave me a boy."

I cannot bring myself to believe that the "mother of our race," the race from which our Savior was to spring, could have been an adulteress. If she was, so was Adam, for they partook of the same fruit. (The Jewish Talmud says Adam had sex with Satan's mistress, a beautiful demoness named Lilith. More Jewish fables.)

That the SEEDLINE which was to become the chief adversary of God's plan for redemption of the world began with Cain, I will not attempt to deny. He was the first Adamite to step into the forbidden area of inter-racial marriage. This set him at odds with God's people from the beginning. This sin came after the murder of his brother Abel. (We have an indication that Cain could have repented of his sin, and received God's favor, in Genesis 4:77). It was after this that he inter-married with the "pre-Adamic" people (see Genesis 5:16, 17).

That there were many people living on earth at this time, outside the Garden, can be seen from the fact that he not only found a wife, but he found enough people to build a great city and begin man's first conquest to rule the world.

It was after the time of Cain, when Adam's son Enos was grown, that Adam kind began to worship God. (See Genesis 4:26).

The eighth man in the genealogical line from Adam was Noah, and we see in Genesis 6:9, that he was "just (lawful and righteous), and PERFECT in his GENERATIONS." (The word GENERATION, refers to "bloodline.")

Because of his righteous life and his racial purity, the Bible says that God walked with him (verse 9). He was one of the very few men in scripture of which it was said: "He walked with God." Enoch was another, Genesis 5:22.

This statement regarding Noah does not mean he was without sin, but that his descent from Adam had never been marred by interracial marriage. By this time, all other earthy families had become contaminated by miscegenation and the Bible tells us the result in Genesis 6:12, 12 - "All flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth, and (because of this corruption) the earth was filled with violence." If you look through history, you will find this the story of miscegenation. Violence automatically follows, when men break God's Law of "kind after kind."

God considered only Noah as worth saving, along with his family, when He cleansed the world with the flood.

But trouble began again shortly after the flood, when Noah got drunk on home-made wine. Some have wondered why God did not condemn this in the scriptures, but we must remember that up until this time, grape juice did not ferment.

Noah's sons saw him in this drunken condition and treated the old man with respect, with the exception of his son Ham.

Ham evidently saw his father in a drunken, unclothed condition and treated him with disrespect. Some think he had homosexual relations with his father, we don't know. We do know that when Noah woke from his drunken stupor, he knew what Ham had done and he pronounced a curse, not to Ham, but on his son Canaan. All of Ham's posterity, including Canaan were cursed for "all generations". This curse was that Ham and his posterity were to become "servant of servants to his brethren (kinfolks)."

After the flood, Ham's descendants went south, settling in parts of Africa, and in the land of Canaan, which God later gave to Israel.

These Canaanites were natural enemies of Israel. The Hamites continued further south, settling in what is now central Africa, where they inter-mingled with the pre-Adamic Black races and became servants, or slaves to those who conquered them.

About 1920 B.C. several hundred years after the great flood, Abram was called by God to leave his home in Ur of the Chaldees and move to a new place. This was in order to keep his family line pure. He had married Sara (later called Sarah) who was his half-sister (see Genesis 20:12).

The child that God promised by covenant to Abraham and Sarah, was Isaac. However, Abraham had other children by wives of other races prior to the birth of Isaac. He had a son named Ishmael, whose mother was an Egyptian. After Sarah died, he had a wife named Keturah (we do not know her nationality), they had six sons (Genesis 25:1-3).

However, it was Isaac who was the "child of promise," and Abraham made him his heir, while he sent his other sons away with gifts into the east country. These boys evidently went to India, where they became the White rulers, later called Brahmins.

When it came time for Isaac to be married, Abraham sent his servant Eliezar back to his home country of Mesopotamia to look for a wife for Isaac. He told this servant: "Thou shalt not take a wife unto my son of the daughters of the Canaanites, among whom I dwell, but thou shalt go unto my country, and take a wife unto my son Isaac," (Genesis 24:3, 4).

When Eliezer reached Mesopotamia, he was led by God to meet Rebecca the granddaughter of Nahor, Abraham's brother. After a formal, but friendly visit, Rebecca agreed to return to Canaan and marry Isaac. Thus Abraham's family line, through Isaac, was kept free from Canaanite contamination.

From Isaac, we see how he admonished his heir Jacob, whose name was later changed by God to Israel, to take a wife of his own kindred, (Genesis 28:1, 2).

Jacob made the journey to Padan-Aram where he fell in love with Rachel and worked seven years for his uncle Laban. Then Laban tricked him into marrying Leah, his elder daughter, and Jacob worked seven more years to get Rachel, and six more for his possessions. He was finally able to return to Canaan with his wives, thirteen children and great possessions of cattle and sheep. He also had children by Bilhad, and Zilpah and because the scriptures say nothing to the contrary, we are safe to assume they were Hebrews of the Covenant race. While Jacob kept his family line pure, his sons were not as careful and one, Judah, married a Canaanite woman.

Jacob's son Joseph, while in the court of Pharaoh in Egypt, married an Egyptian woman who was the daughter of a "priest," or "prince" of On. From Egyptian historical sources we learn that she was the descendant of Shem's family who had settled in Egypt many years before. As far as scripture tells us, Joseph kept his family line pure.

The Disaster of Race mixing - Part II

The sin of race-mixing is one of the greatest dangers our nation faces today, although most Christian ministers make light of it. If God allows this church approved sin to continue, within a few generations the White race will disappear leaving the world in the control of the anti-Christ Jews who have been foremost in promulgating race mixing, knowing that history proves that bastard races are easier to control.

In America, this has become an increasing threat due to several reasons:

1) The heavy influx of Black Hispanic, Asiatic and Jewish people, strongly promoted by Zionist interests in our government.

2) The rapid increase of these races, (with the exception of the Jews who reproduce very slowly). It has been found that the Black race in America reproduces four times as fast as the White, while Hispanics and Asiatics reproduce five times as fast. It does not take a mathematician to see the end results. At the rate we are going in 1993, the White majority that settled America and made it the greatest nation on earth, will soon be outnumbered in their own country and become a minority people. When this happens, as in all other cases, America will revert to a Third World nation status.

3) The promotion of "racial equality," by the media, which in business and social situations always stresses race mixing, has encouraged Christians to do the same, even though the Word of God strongly condemns it.

4) The laws forbidding "inter-racial marriage," which once protected the White majority, have been repealed and integration is now being forced by government decree in every phase of our national life. All part of the New World Order plan of subjugation.

5) The so-called "sexual revolution," has produced immorality in all areas of our national life and has resulted in literally hordes of illegitimate births, abortions, homosexuality, and miscegenation. Don't be fooled into believing that God will overlook this blatant disregard for His law.

6) The attack on the Bible, Christian virtues, the home and the sacredness of marriage, is all part of the over-all plan of the anti-Christs. A few nights ago I watched TV evangelist Pat Robertson, as he decried this attack against Christianity in what he titled ATTACK ON FAITH! He mentioned such anti-Christian organizations as the ACLU, but never hinted that they were led and controlled by anti-Christ Jews. Of course he could not do this, since as a Christian Zionist his interests lay in an "Israeli first" policy. He calls these Canaanite enemies of Christ, the Chosen People while knowing they are His enemies. What utter hypocrisy!

7) There is a conspiracy underway, Virginia! Whether you want to accept it or not. It is a conspiracy that had its start in the dusty halls of Babylon, for world conquest, and has carried on during the last 2,000 years in what it openly states is a campaign ot ultimately destroying "White Christian civilization".

It can be summed up in these words from the Jewish/Communist textbook PSYCHOPOLITICS, page 52: "You must recruit every agency in the nation marked for slaughter into a foaming hatred of Christianity. You must suborn district attorneys and judges into an intense belief that Christian belief ... is vicious, bad, insanity causing, publicly hated and intolerable! ... You must work until Christianity is synonymous with insanity. You must work until the officials of city, county and state governments will not think twice before they pounce on Christian groups as public enemies.

"We must be like the vine upon the tree. We must use for our tools any authority that comes to hand, and then, at last, we can dispense with all authority save our own." This comes straight from the "horse's mouth."

After sin entered the world, wherever men lived together, wickedness increased and after ten generations the Bible says that "every imagination of the thoughts of his (man's) heart, was on evil continually", (Genesis 6:5), and God destroyed most of them with a great flood, saving only Noah and his family.

Years after the flood, as the earth began to be populated again, we see another move as the "One Worlders," who have been around a long time, tried to build a civilization without God, and God scattered them by confusing their languages and scattering them to areas which he had appointed for them.

God started a "new plan," and began this plan by calling Abram out of Ur of the Chaldees, because of his faithfulness and obedience. God made an everlasting, unconditional covenant with Abram, telling him that he would have unnumbered posterity, and that all the world would be blessed through him, (see Genesis 12:1, 2). Verse 3, which is a favorite of the Christian Jewish prostitutes, "And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all the nations of the earth be blessed." Let me point out that this verse says nothing about a people we now call Jews, who did not come into existence until 1200 years after the time of Abraham, and we have no reason to believe that this blessing and curse, outlived Abraham.

The descendants of Abraham, many years later, now called Children of Israel, after their father Jacob/Israel, went into slavery in Egypt and were delivered through God's miraculous intervention, using His servant Moses as His human tool. God instructed these people, which He called "His own." "Neither shall thou make marriages with them (non-Israelites); thy daughter thou shalt not give unto his son, nor his daughter shalt thou take unto thy son" Pretty specific, isn't it?

The reason given is: "For they (the non-Israel heathen) will turn thy son from following Me, that they shall serve other gods; so will the anger of the Lord be kindled against you, and destroy you suddenly. For thou (Israel) art an holy people (see 1 Peter 2:9) unto the Lord thy God; the Lord hath chosen thee to be a special (peculiar, the New Testament says) people unto Himself above all the people that are in the face of the earth." (See Amos 3:2 for confirmation).

Notice that the scripture says they are to be a SPECIAL and SEPARATE, nothing is said about them being SUPERIOR. But because they are SPECIAL in the eyes of God, this people MUST remain PURE, if they are to please God.

THe Hebrew word for HOLY is QUADISH which literally means: "set apart". Israel was to be God's ambassador to the rest of the world, carrying His message of redemption for all men who would accept Him as King. It was to show these non-Israel people how God wanted them to live in accordance with His law, so that they could live in peace, freedom, and prosperity. Many of the problems we see in Christendom today, have come because our Israel people have "reneged" on their duty to their God. For the most part, we have been miserable examples of God's ambassadors, and like the "ugly American," have become hated, where we should be loved. Instead of obedience to God's law, we have promoted sin and rebellion. It's no wonder God is disciplining His people today, ala Deuteronomy 28.

Race mixing, "miscegenation," is an affront to God and there are several reasons why it is offensive to Him:

1) It cripples God's original design, the plan God had for every race. He gave each of them distinct characteristics which would make them different from all others, while at the same time making them an important part of His world plan. "Race mixing," is an attempt to destroy God's plan for the races.

2) God created all things to produce "kind after kind." This is a biological law which is as strong and lasting as the "Law of Gravity," or the "Law of Harvest," both of which can easily be demonstrated as true.

As you study the Bible, it becomes apparent that God wanted each race to remain pure. He even designated certain areas in which they were to live.

3) Miscegenation violates the inherent "blueprint" for the genes of each human body. In spite of liberal arguments to make all men "equal", biologists know that each race is distinctly different, in bodily formation, in inherent intelligence, and in the very structure of their blood cells. All races are not biologically the same. Of course it is "politically unacceptable" to discuss this truth, but this fact doesn't change it.

Through inter-marriage, these genes become mixed up, producing abnormal or irregular patterns. The genes of the dominant parent will always determine the results in their children.

4) Miscegenation violates God's Law (natural Law) of reproduction, no matter how much Billy Graham and his ilk put their seal of approval on it. This inter-mingling is unknown to all other species. It is only man who interferes with God's law. It has been proven that if the horse mates with a zebra, it will produce offspring with zebra stripes for generations to come. The lion will not mate with the tiger, unless man forces it to. In many cases of artificial, or forced interbreeding, as between a horse and a donkey, the offspring becomes incapable of reproduction.

5) God opposes miscegenation because of its disastrous results. No where in the scriptures, Old or New Testament, is it considered as right, in spite of what some of our religious leaders have tried to make it say so.

It has another disasterous result, in that it defeats God's plan of redemption of the world through the Ambassadorship of His Israel people, who were to preach the "shed blood of His Son, for the remission of sins", to all the world.

Israel, the instrument through which God intends His Kingdom message to be spread, would not be able to survive inter-marriage, because the genes of other races were stronger and because the religious beliefs of these heathen races would lead His people away from their God. Over and over again, God cautions against this in the Old Testament, and King Solomon, considered the wisest man to ever live, outside of Jesus Christ, is a good example, as his heathen wives led him into idolatry when he became old. (1st Kings 11:4)

The plan of God for the redemption of the world through His Son, our Savior and King, was that He was to be born into the Israel race, which had been set aside for this special purpose; that He would defeat and triumph over Satan and his plan for world control, which God would not allow.

God's Law Was Made To Protect Israel

If you study the story of Abram, and the covenant God made with him because of his faithfulness, you will see God's personal direction over the patriarch's in their marriages.

Abram, married Sarai, his half-sister (later called Sarah), which was permissible at this time. Isaac, the son of Sarah and Abram, married his cousin Rebecca, whose father was Abram's brother. Jacob married Leah and Rachel, who Were his second cousins and of the Hebrew race. (None of these were Jews, for the Jewish people did not exist until almost 1200 years after Abram, where we first hear of them in 2 kings 16:6, where they were fighting against Israel.

By following God's "guidelines" Israelites kept their family blood line pure.

From Shem, the son of Noah, this family line had been kept pure from the time of Adam. They had not intermarried with the Canaanites (the descendants of Cain). Because of this racial purity and his obedience to God, Noah found favor in the sight of God, who saved he and his family from the Great Flood. The Bible tells us that Noah was "pure before God in his generations." (bloodline -Genesis 6:9)

When Jacob, whose name had been changed by God to Israel, moved into Egypt during the seven years of famine, he settled in the land of Goshen, where his people kept themselves apart from the heathen Egyptians and other races. (See Genesis 47).

While it is true and scripturally recorded that some of Jacob's sons married out of their race (Judah married a Canaanite woman, whose seed died), the bloodline of the race remained pure.

Notice how when Israel left Egypt in the Exodus, a mixed multitude was allowed to go with them (see Exodus 12:38). If you study the history of Israel in the wilderness, you will find that it was this "mixed multitude" which fell alusting and complained until all of Israel fell into this sin. (Check Nehemiah 13:3, for a later application).

When God delivered Israel from Egypt, He gave strict orders that when they entered Canaan, they were to destroy the inhabitants of the land, and were never to inter-marry with them on pain of death. This is how strongly God looked on the sin of miscegenation.

Today, modern churchmen refuse to dwell on this side of God's nature. It appears to be too harsh for their sensitive Christian people to accept. So modern churchmen differentiate between the God of the Old Testament, who they call a "harsh God of War, hatred, and destruction," while painting Him in the New Testament as being a God who "loves all mankind." Yet these "double-minded" churchmen, still preach that God never changes, and that he is the same "yesterday, today and forever". They neglect to teach their people that the God of the New Testament is also a God of wrath against evil doers. In Heb. 10:26-30, we read of this aspect of God in the New Testament, followed by this admonition in verse 31 - "It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God." You better believe it! (See what Jesus has to say about this in Luke 12:5). Strange philosophy, isn't it, that allows churchmen to contradict themselves and still be believed by the majority of their people?

Read for yourselves the account of what happened to Israel when they began to lust after the daughters of Moab, (Numbers 25:1-5). At the time when this happened Moab was a "mongrelized people" who led Israel into idolatry. It became so bad that God commanded the Israelite leaders in this sin to be beheaded.

In Numbers 25, we read how Phinehas, executed an Israel leader, when we brought a Midianite whore into the camp. Because of this sin, the wrath of God fell on all the people, and the plague that God sent against them, was only stopped when Phinehas killed both of them. (Evidently none of the other Israelites had protested this breaking of God's law).

Under Mosaic Law, Phinehas would have been punished for taking the law into his own hands. But God told Moses that Phinehas was not to be punished, since he was carrying out God's will.

Does this mean that you and I have the authority of God to execute a man or woman who are engaged in miscegenation? Not at all! Phinehas did what he did, because he was an authority in the tabernacle, and it was his task to keep the tabernacle holy. What Zimri and Cozbi did was an insult not only to Israel's God, but to the nation as well and he acted on this.

As a Christian, do you feel that God's punishment of 24,000 Israelites who died of the plague for this man's sin, was too severe? What about the millions who are today dying from AIDS, herpes, syphilis and other sex-related diseases? Most of these are caused by immoral sexual behavior. If you are not in favor of this, then why do you support it with your silence? The Bible tells us that once an inter-racial sin takes place, it takes ten generations to cleanse it from the bloodstream, provided the racial barriers are not again broken.

While the Seventh Commandment is a stern reminder, dealing with sexual relations between unmarried people, it has another meaning which is often hidden by the clergy and which the modern church has shunted aside as "adultery." The New Webster Dictionary defines "adulterate", as: "to make impure; to debase by introducing inferior or impure substances." Thus miscegenation adulterates the blood line purity of Israel, and wins the curse of God that leads to national ruin.

All through scripture, from the time of Jacob/Israel, God spoke of the Israel people (not the Jews), as a "special people, separate unto God for a specific purpose." They were not to become "Racial Supremests," as the Jews teach. (In the Talmud, Jews are taught that when their Messiah comes every Jew will have 2,000 "goyim" slaves. That's you and I, brother! But God says of Israel in Amos 3:2 that "You only have I known of all the families on earth." and because of this father-son relationship, God disciplines His people, as He is doing now with the "true Israelite".

Israel has a very special mission which demands both racial and spiritual purity, and one of the major reasons we are in the mess we are now in, is that "true Israel," has failed miserably in her mission as God's Ambassadors.

After Israel endured 40 years of training and discipline in the wilderness, God allowed them to enter Canaan and conquer it.

However, they rebelled many times, and as I mentioned before, this rebellion was often led by the "mixed multitude" who had come with them from Egypt.

This history of our people can be found in the book of Judges. It is interesting to note that on every occasion, when Israel disobeyed God, he disciplined them through foreign invasion. Yet if you were to tell most pastors that this country is in imminent danger of a foreign invasion, they would laugh in your face. Yet if God never changes, what makes you think He will act differently now, than He did 3500 years ago? (And "No Virginia, Communism is not dead". It has just changed it's outward form and is more virulent and dangerous now than ever before). In Judges 2:14, we see that when Israel disobeyed God, He sold them into the hands of their enemies and, "they could no longer stand against their enemies". In spite of our military might, we are now in a position where we could not stand against the great heathen aggregation which will soon come against us, as prophesied in Ezekiel 38 and 39. (For further information read my book A New Look at Ezekiel 38-39,)

From the land of Canaan, Israel was to travel to another wilderness, which has never been recognized by the majority of churchmen, but which is clearly spoken of in 2nd Samuel 7:10. Here we find King David, as he stands in his palace in Jerusalem, and listens as the prophet tells him of an "Appointed Place," sometime in the future, where the Israel people would move; never to be removed, and would be in peace. Since the time of their Assyrian captivity, "true Israel," has been on the move towards this "Appointed Place." Many biblical descriptions show us that this could only be in the British Isles and in North America, even though these nations are not mentioned by name. Israel, under different names, would settle in this "prepared place." (America is accurately described in Isaiah 18).

The devil (the dragon of Revelation 12) has made war with the woman (Israel) and her seed, and has done everything possible to destroy her and her children. He has failed, because God has declared he would fail, and that Israel was to become His "battle axe and weapons of war," (Jeremiah 51:20). The scripture indicates that "true Israel," under God's command, will ultimately defeat the forces of evil sent to destroy them. But this will not take place until Israelis willing to put into operation the only FORMULA FOR SURVIVAL, which will work, the one found in 2 Chronicles 7:14. Our church folks love to quote this verse, but very few, including the majority of their pastors, are willing to stop "doing their own thing," (which often includes miscegenation) to obey God. That is why I have taken as my MOTTO - OBEDIENCE TO GOD MUST COME BEFORE VICTORY!

When I talk about enemies, I am not speaking about the anti-Christ's of Judaism, but of the apostates from within, men such as Baptist evangelist Jack Van Impe, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Billy Graham and others of their ilk, who are confirmed Christian Zionists (if that is possible), who have "sold their souls to the anti-Christ's of Judaism", for popularity and money. Or as Billy Graham's wife Ruth once said: "We will do anything necessary to fill the football stadiums;" or to remain on TV.

Other forces set out to destroy "true Israel." The Roman Catholic church, steeped in the religion of paganism tried it and was stymied by Christian heroes such as Martin Luther and others who refused to deviate from scriptural truth for any reason.

Diseases such as the Black death decimated Europe and critics of the Bible, led by German Jews, for the most part, tried to undermine the faith and truth of the Word of God. They are responsible, in large part, for the Laodicean "luke-warm" church we see in existence today.

Catholic nations such as France and Spain, attempted to destroy the Protestant Christian nations which were made up in large by an Israelite majority. They failed, sometimes by the miraculous intervention of God, as in the destruction of the Spanish Armada in 1588, in their attempt to invade Israelite England.

When our Founding Fathers drew up our Constitution, they gave us a Republic, not a Democracy, and this Republic was to be under the laws and guidance of Almighty God. It was never meant to become the racial melting pot it now is, where the heathen has equal rights with the Christian. This Republic was to be a representative form of government, whereby its citizens were to elect representatives to enforce God's Law. They knew that government did not have the authority to make Law, only God is the "law giver".

This nation was to be governed by Israel people, and the heathen were not to sit in places of government. Our early leaders, such as George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, warned us of what would happen, if we allowed the anti-Christ's of Judaism to get a foothold in America. (We didn't listen, and it has come to pass!)

Today our nation has been changed into first a Democracy, then a Welfare State, and we are well on our way to becoming part of a One World Dictatorship. Today, under the direct rule of the people, we see control of government through the pressure groups such as the Jewish Anti-Defamation League, the NAACP, and many others.

Our government is no longer controlled by people who must answer to the electorate, but by appointed groups who now carry out the orders of the bureaucrats, who in turn are controlled by the International bankers. The Internal Revenue Service is a prime example of how bureaucracy now controls America. They are not a government agency as such, but are the "law enforcing branch," of the Federal Reserve System, which is not Federal at all, but privately owned. Today, all the money collected by the IRS goes to pay the interest on the national debt which has accrued since 1913, when our Congress sold the American people into the hands of the International bankers. None of our Income Taxes goes for government.

For many years, our immigration system was under Roman Catholic control and as a result their policy favored "controlled immigration" from mostly Catholic, which meant Third World nations.

Instead of immigrants coming from mostly Israel nations, as had been the trend in the 1800's, suddenly we were inundated by millions of immigrants, legal and illegal, from Catholic countries such as Mexico. This furthers the dangers from miscegenation, which always weakens a White Israel nation, and will ultimately destroy it.

Today, aliens with alien cultures, alien religions and alien diseases are openly flocking into America, with the approval of our government. It is reaching the point where the White Christian majority which built America, may soon become an endangered species in our own country. If this were to happen, we would revert to the savagery we see in Africa, where every Black nation which has come out from under White control, has degenerated into absolute chaos. Not one of them is in better shape today. Yet we never seem to learn!

The Political Action Committees, many of them run by foreigners, spend millions of dollars yearly to get their pet projects passed by Congress, while the White Christian majority surrenders more and more of our God given rights into the hands of the New World Order, and it's hordes of heathen.

Today, a great propaganda campaign is being carried on in America. We see it every day in the media, and especially on TV. It is aimed primarily at Christians, and Christian youth in particular. This is to convince them that "race mixing" is good and has the approval of God, although ALL scripture says otherwise. They even quote from the Bible such scripture as these:

"And hath made of one blood ALL nations of men, for to dwell on all the face of the earth..." (KJV, Acts 17:26).

"From one man He made every nation of mankind," (NIV).

"All nations He created from a common origin," (Moffatt Trans). "He created every race from men of one stock," (NEB).

What these men are saying is that God is a liar, and that He really didn't mean what He said in Genesis One, when He stated that everything was to reproduce "after it's own kind".

But a close look at this verse in Acts 17:27, shows you that it has nothing to do with teaching that all races came from the common origin of Adam. If this verse were to teach this falsehood, then why does God condemn it in many other places? If this teaching is true, then why didn't God allow Israel to inter-marry with the aliens? Use your head and think for yourself. Don't let some seminary "brainwashed" pastor tell you what it means. Scientists and biologists KNOW there are distinct differences between the races, and so should any observing layman. You don't have to be a scientist to see this!

The traits that make a White man white are recessive as long as White marries White. They will always have white children!

The Negroid and the Mongolian features are dominant traits. That's why marriages between White and colored always produces colored offspring.

If the White man means to maintain white traits, he MUST always marry within his race. If he deviates and inter-marries with any other race, the white traits will be lost within a few generations and his offspring will revert to pure colored. This means that for the White man to inter-marry, means his ultimate destruction. And of course, this is the plan of the "race mixers". History has proven that mongrel people are always easier to control, than pure bred ones.

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