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The Late Lt. Col. Gordon (Jack) Mohr AUS RET.

The above picture was taken in Tokyo, Japan in 1953.

Jack Mohr was born in Chicago, IL., January 1st, 1916, the first baby born in Chicago that year.  He was raised on a farm in Central Michigan, and entered the Army as an enlisted man during the early days of World War II.  He served with distinction in  World War  II  and  Korea,  Holding  every  Combat  Infantry leadership position from PFC, to Company Commander.  He retired in 1964 as a Lieutenant Colonel.

While working with the Korean Military Advisory Group in prewar Korea,  he was captured during an abortive coup attempt against the government of president Sigmun Rhee in November 1948.  He was tried by a Communist People's Court and sentenced to be shot by a Red firing squad.  He was able to escape with the aid of a South Korean Sergeant who had joined the rebel force.  Making his way back to friendly forces, he was 'with when the war began on June 25, 1950, a South Korean Infantry Battalion on the 38th parallel at the village of po'chon, north of Seoul on the major invasion route.

He became the first American to be wounded in that war, and received the Silver Star, from Major General William Dean, (this was the day before the General was captured) for action during the opening hours of the Korean War.  He holds the record for the most number of consecutive days on the front line combat duty without a break, (276) from July 12, 1950 to May 5, 1951. He fought the war with a reward of $250,000 in gold, "dead or alive", offered by the North Korean government.

In 1951, he worked with American prisoners returning from prison camps in North Korea, and as result of his first hand experience, wrote and taught the first lessons in the Military Code of Conduct at Fort Devens, Mass.

He was a well known fundamental Baptist evangelist, with over thirty years speaking experience, which has taken him into 49 states and 5 foreign countries.  For twelve years, he was in the American opinion speaker's Bureau of the John Birch Society. He became noted for his outspoken stand against liberalism and compromise in politics and religion.

Since 1985 he has done an in depth study into Judaism and the Anglo-Israel-Identity Movement.  He has suffered much harassment from government agencies such as the I.R.S. for warning against the dangers posed by Zionism in our government and the Christian church.

At the age of 84 (Born January 1, 1916), he is no longer able to lecture, but does extensive writing and publishes a Quarterly Intelligence Report that gives insight into things not revealed by the media.  He is the author of 23 books and has an honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree from Saxon University, and earned degrees in Doctor of Letters, and Master of Theology.

He lived with his wife Doris in Little Rock, Arkansas, until  Doris peacefully past away on June 21, 2000, to be with our Lord. She will be greatly missed.

"She had been my friend, companion, and help mate for the last fifty years of my life. Her silly stories and fun loving ways will be something that I cherish until God calls me home. Those of you who loved and know Doris can rest, and praise God for she is truly healed and living life praising our God and Savior." - Jack Mohr

The Late Lt. Col. Gordon (Jack) Mohr AUS RET.

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