Christianity Affirms Racial Integrity

by Col. Jack Mohr

Given the trends in some churches today, interracial marriage may yet become a sacrament. Leaders of these bodies are always telling us that a "true Christian" (at least if he is white) must be "color blind" and completely ignore what is obvious to his eyes and other senses. Strangely enough, it is perfectly acceptable for "true Christian" non-whites to be as color-conscious as they please. They gain credit for the concern they show their people.

Such hypocrisy should give white Christians a clue that the gospel of color-blindness is an ungodly tool being used against them. It is time for all genuine Christians to question the allegedly self-evident truth that indiscriminate mixing and miscegenation are pleasing in the sight of God.

Certainly this "truth" was not evident to our Southern forebears who certainly were fine Christians. They would have wondered, and so should we wonder, why God would create profound differences between peoples (far greater than mere color) and then have us pretend that those differences don't exist. Is God a God of truth or a God of pretense and deception?

If one looks to the Bible to find justification for color-blindness, he will go away disappointed. Its pages rarely fail to point out the ethnic backgrounds of its characters. It even points out that the (black) Ethiopian cannot change his skin.

Furthermore, we read in the Bible that God separated humanity into "nations" or "peoples" - different groups with different ethnic and cultural characteristics. In Deuteronomy, Moses states that God gave each nation its "inheritance" (perhaps unique talents and abilities) when he divided mankind and "set up boundaries for all the people." The New Testament repeats the same formulation in the book of Acts when Paul states that God created "every race of man from one man" (Phillips tr.) and set the limits (or boundaries) of their habitation. The purpose of this division, says Paul, is leading men to seek after God. Christ said He would judge nations separately and rule over them after His Second Coming.

Consequently, it is unchristian to break down the ethnic barriers that God has ordained. Nevertheless, there is a certain flexibility among the families of a greater nation, such as the countries of Europe which formed from one basic stock. Peoples of these countries migrated to America, and, due to the small basic differences between them, remelted into a new family branch.

But one can never say in linguistic or factual truth that men of the four primary races black, white, yellow and red - can ever be classed together as one people. Though they may live under the same government, they remain separate peoples in the eyes of God and man.

Some will maintain that the love of God breaks down all barriers, and further maintain that a Christian is to love his neighbor. But love here involves a breaking down of spiritual barriers - attitudes of hatred, lust, envy and greed. It is not the universal solvent of liberal mythology which washes away all distinctions among men and makes them exactly alike.

A Christian is to respect peoples outside his ethnic fold as children of God and try to be peace with them. But this respect can only flourish when peoples acknowledge the distinctions between them, uphold these distinctions and develop their own unique talents. Jesus told the Jews not to despise the Samaritans, but he didn't command the two groups to mix and intermarry. One cannot truly love another person by ignoring real differences and pretending he is the same. That is to live a lie, and genuine goodwill can't build on a foundation of untruth.

To assess further whether the integrationist ideology is the will of God, we should examine its origin, its promoters and the fruits it has borne. None give any witness to God.

The belief that all men are basically the same comes not from the Bible, but from the Enlightenment of 18th century France. The philosophers of this movement sought to cast God off His throne as ruler of human affairs and replace Him with human reason. Since all men can reason, they reasoned, all men are the same - except for such men as themselves who can reason better than most and who therefore should rule society.

The Enlightment was the source of modern-day liberalism, socialism and communism. And it has been the godless disciples of these views who have dominated and directed the drive toward integration. To impose their ideology they have censored the work of many able scientists who have found significant mental, emotional and physical differences between different races and ethnic groups. They have forbidden reasonable debate on racial differences, and threatened those who have tried to defy their ban.

One must ask if a cause is God's will that proceeds from godless men, suppression of truth and intimidation.

Next, let us consider the fruits of integration. Since the time that slave traders broke the God-ordained separation of blacks and whites, can anyone deny that the association of the two groups in America has been anything but a disaster for either people? Blacks suffered the pains of slavery, and white Southerners suffered hundreds of thousands of dead and the destruction of their economy on account of that institution. Today the conflict between the races undermines the United States at every social and political level.

Much success has been claimed for integration in recent years, particularly in the South. But no honest Southerner can vouch for this. Such success that integration has had has been to the extent that both races have lost their vitality and self-respect. Many whites have forsaken their traditions and embraced the liberal ideology of guilt and self-hatred. Many blacks have adopted the self-destructive attitude whites owe them a living. The mutual loss of self-respect has eroded the morals and culture of both peoples.

The next and last stop on the integration train is interbreeding and intermarriage. To assess the fearful consequences of this final breaking of God's law of separation, one should look to Latin America where the white and Indian races mixed centuries ago. Examine the poverty, instability and cultural disharmony of such countries as Mexico and Peru, and ask if either of these countries reflects anything of the glory of their Indian forebears, the Aztecs and the Incas, or of the Spanish civilization that conquered them.

Furthermore, consider the religious corruption in these countries along with others such as Brazil and the islands of the Caribbean. There all too often one sees a Catholicism blended with gross superstitution and undermined by such practices as spirit worship. Then remember that God's reason for setting the peoples apart was that they might seek after Him.

The task of the Christian in the South and the rest of America is to prevent the fate of Latin America from befalling us. The only real solution is to divide the territory of the U.S. and let each distinct group have its own territory and government. Separation must be carried out in the most humane way possible, in keeping with biblical principles.

In the meantime, Christians must affirm opposition to intermarriage and uphold the integrity of their respective groups. A special concern for one's own group is affirmed by Paul who expressed pride in his Hebrew heritage and states his willingness to be cursed for the sake of his people. Anglo-Saxon and black Christians should feel the same commitment to their respective peoples.

Nevertheless, the integrationist mentality has been deeply ingrained in the minds of many American Christians. They must reflect once again that its source is not the Bible, but the Enlightenment and the "melting pot" creed which American liberals have derived from that Cult of Reason.

The mentality of the integrationist factions, be they liberal, socialist or communist, is one of contempt and hatred for men of all races. A mass of raceless, rootless men is the easiest to control and enslave.

Sadly, though, these leftists have cleverly turned the charge of hatred away from themselves and pinned it on many decent Christian people through the use of such trick concepts as racism and bigotry. These work by confusing the issues of racial hatred and the God-given affinity one feels for one's own kind. Thus a white man who merely prefers white culture is identified as a "racist" and is the moral equivalent of some brute who would kill a black man for no other reason than his race.

This makes as much sense as saying that a man with normal sexual feelings is the moral equivalent of a rapist. (Some feminists have actually tried to pull this line.) When liberals succeed in making people feel guilty about normal, instinctive feelings, they have a powerful tool for manipulation and control.

In contrast to what they tell us, the Bible teaches that we must first love ourselves in order to love others, and it is most difficult for a man to love himself without an adequate love of his own culture and kin.

Christians, and white Christians in particular, must cease to be intimidated by false accusers. The true bigots are those who connive for power, teach lies, ignore God's injunctions and deny the realities of God's creation.

The End

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