An Objective Look at
Black America!
Part 2 of 3

(Synthesis of the book
by Black businessman Albert Lee Burton)

"Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots?..." (Jer. 13:23)


What are his cultural identifications? When in Africa, the black was a savage, the ideal species for slavery. There are many tribes in Africa, just as there are many tribes of Indians. The American Black slave came from certain tribes. Many of whom would not bow to slavery. As a slave he was easy to lead. He had little or no confidence in his ability to think or act for himself. He did what he was told, whether by his black leaders, or the slave owner. His abilities were as they are today, not towards leadership, but in the ability to talk entertainingly.

During the period of American slavery, African natives, who were chosen by the slave marketers for their docile nature, were lifted culturally out of savagery into slavery. They developed a two class slave system. The domestic slave and the field slave.

It was during this period that "racial integration" had its start in America, and it was here, that overly sympathetic Northerners became America's number one trouble makers in the field of racial relations.

It was when the black found that he could turn the Northern White against the Southern White, that racial trouble began, which culminated in the Civil War.

Today, the modern black is the product of this system, and is a modern slave who is often less equal today than he was during the years of actual slavery.

This should be clarified by stating that during this period, the black slave was a producer. His white owner or overseer was not a producer. When the end of the Civil War brought an end to slavery, it brought freedom for the black without production. The white man in the south, became the producer and the black found himself falling farther and farther behind.

During the slave period there was no need for government welfare; no aid to needy children; no public housing, since it was to the benefit of the slave owner to provide these services for his slaves. He often became a sort of "father figure" to them and many Black families took the owner's name as their own.

Today, social laws are the black's way of life. If you don't believe this read the political platform of every aspirant to public office.

Today the modern black is a modern slave, looking to the white man to give him a job; support him with tax money; give him a place to live; and "food stamps" to live on. He would be satisfied in being a slave if it were not for the greed of his own wolf leaders," who have manipulated him for their own benefit.

The American black now demands "equality," while at the same time he demands the right to be different. A people cannot be equal and different at the same time. The black wants his difference with the white man excused. This includes the lack of effort on his part and the black leaders capitalize on this. He wants security, without risk; he is confused and is in need of a strong and powerful father whom he can trust and who will shield him from the pressures generated by the American way of life. He cannot find this father in his own leaders, nor in the liberal white who wants to control him for his vote.

I must make this clear here. I am speaking about the majority of blacks, who have never given up their NIGGERISM! These have little respect for their neighbors; spies on them; speaks loudly when in public so as to call attention to himself; overuses the public sidewalks and public conveyances; dresses differently; allows his children to trespass and has little respect for the moral principles of others. This is why he is so often at odds with his white neighbors, and why white's dislike living near a black neighborhood.

Like it or not, nature set the pattern for black thinking and action in the heat of Africa over thousands of years, until he was suddenly brought to America and thrust into a white man's civilization. He has never completely adapted to it.

The black leaders finds himself in an enviable position, since he is in one of the most lucrative businesses in the world, with little or no investment. He has nothing to lose and 100% profit. This leadership has invaded every black home, church and fraternal organization and has caused the black people untold suffering.

The black leader sets about developing a set of wants in his followers and develops an emotional display which causes the white man to feel a sense of guilt and a desire to help the black. As long as the blacks can organize as a voting bloc and vote, black leaders will be influenced by black desires. This leadership plays up to the white liberals telling them: "Give the black what he wants and there will be no trouble; beside that, you will have our votes."

One of the basic causes of the present cultural conflict has come about as the black was given political freedom, which he interprets and uses to direct his social and economic life. It is like bringing a big "outside dog" into the living room. He will tear up the divan cushions to make himself comfortable. You paid for the furniture, but by letting him in, you made him feel equal and he will act like a dog and nothing else. The fault is not his, but yours! The black is a black and will always be a black, but when he tries to act like a white man, he tears down the very thing he desires most, equality with the white, and his "wolf leaders" whether black or white, lead him in his destruction.

In America, in order to properly adjust to society, one must know and understand the English language. Words transmit thoughts and emotional feelings; language is a method of behavior; language is a response to external situations, controlled by inner thought. (This is what Solomon meant when He said: "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he," [Prov. 23:7] - Editor Mohr.)

Black thinking will remain immature until he learns to properly use the English language. The black leader uses language to control his people. He tells them "You have invested your lives in the AMERICAN Economic System, now it owes you a living!" "You have more invested in the system than you are getting out of it." He fails to tell them that SEGREGATION PRIVACY and PRODUCTION are good! Instead, he tells his constituents to vote, protest, parade and organize for equal and civil rights.

The Black leader stresses Black Rights, not Black obligations, to be producers, instead of drones!

Instead of making some effort to establish a program to guide him in his personal and racial achievements, he directs his energies into religious and political channels which demand that the white man accept him as he is and assures him of his equalness.

These efforts are confusing to the black, since he insists on conducting himself according to his Negroism. The white man is then asked to do the impossible, which is to accept someone who is culturally different from him as an equal, when they insist on remaining culturally different.

This is the type of logic our American bureaucrats have developed. There are many good Americans with white skin who have moved in the direction of false emotional winds, due to their lack of factual anchorage. These are controlled by their emotions rather than facts. (This is especially apparent when looking at crime and prison statistics, which show that American blacks, with less than 25% of the population, make up 75% of the prison population. Immediately the white, uninformed liberal and the "wolf leaders" of the blacks begin to scream: "Racial discrimination and environment is to blame." No facts will change their emotional fervor, even when it is proven that blacks prey on their own people more than on whites - Editor Mohr.)

The Civil Rights Movement in America is like a circus or zoo, which tries to put horses, lions, snakes, monkeys and tigers into one cage and then wonders when there is trouble. It just won't work, because they are different.

The American blacks, collectively, make little effort to fit themselves into a predominately white society, which has been relatively successful. Instead, they want to be accepted as they are. When they are encouraged by white leaders to try and better themselves, they answer with hate, insults and excuses.

A good example took place in Oakland, California in October 1963, when the Oakland mayor asked the blacks in West Oakland to join in a "Clean the City Project," in order to better their living conditions and that of their children. The local N.A.A.C.P. rejected this suggestion as insulting and today, West Oakland is the slum district of that city, where neither blacks or whites are safe on the streets after dark.

Under the old pre-Civil War standards of the South, blacks lived in black districts, as they wanted to live. If they wanted to live as animals, that was their prerogative. If they didn't want to use garbage cans, they threw the garbage out the back door, or on the streets.

White people lived in white districts and their mores caused them to keep their areas clean. If a sloppy white lived in the area and would not take care of his property, "peer pressure" would often force him to do so.

Chinese lived in Chinese areas and kept their areas clean. Cultural democracy has always been protected by cultural segregation. America is a land where all may segregate if they will and if the blacks are ever to become equal, he must learn to segregate.

Today, West Oakland, California is the "cesspool" of the West Coast and slumsters are encouraged to vote to force non-slum people into accepting them as they are.

They do not seek the privacy white's desire and they hate segregation because it prohibits them from invading the privacy of the white's. The slumsters want a better life, they say, but they want the white man to make it for them!

The black dislikes those who seek privacy, since it hinders him from employing his psychological weapon of privacy invasion. When a black develops methods to protect his personal privacy, he gets "out of step" with the black community and is labeled an "Uncle Tom," or a "White man's nigger." He has become an "oddball" in the black community.

The black views productiveness as a part of raw nature that he can exploit like picking coconuts off the ground. All he had to do was pick them up, and wait for the monkeys to throw more down. The coconut tree must not be fenced in, even though it was on private property, and someone was paying taxes on it, since all were allowed to partake of its fruit. Parking places and non-parking places alike, should be used whenever you take a liking to it. (Note the parking lot of some big supermarket on a busy day and see how many of the illegally parked cars belong to blacks. Notice how many will park in places reserved for crippled persons, and they will get terribly upset if you call their attention to this, for they honestly believe there are no parking rules that apply to them - Editor Mohr).

The blacks yearns for material things and like a baby he cries aloud when he can't get what he wants. His urge for ego gratification has been freed from all repression by the white liberal who tells him that he is free and equal and that all he needs to do to prove this, is to vote the straight Democratic ticket.

You can see this ego at work in a black who put his entire family in hock, so that he can buy a Cadillac and make payments on it. He will buy enough gasoline to drive fifteen or twenty miles and while his children live on the streets, he will park his Cadillac where people can see it, and will sit in it while he drinks cheap wine and then throws the empty where it shatters in the gutter.

(When I was stationed in the Army at Fort Richardson, Alaska in 1964, I roomed next door to a black sergeant. He owned a beautiful new Chrysler Imperial, along with four other blacks. They got to drive it a week at a time, every five weeks. My neighbor spent so much on his share on the payment, he could not afford to drive very much and would spend his weekends, polishing his beautiful car until it shown like a jewel. That seemed to satisfy his ego - Editor Mohr).

Civil rights do not make a man equal, and unequal people can't enjoy "equal rights." It's like giving a man an airplane, when he has no idea how to fly it. The black asks for rights he already has, but doesn't know how to use. So he continues to ask for more rights and throws more money in the collection plate, of the "wolf leader" who promises to get these rights for him.

The poor black wants legal protection in exercising his rights. He does not care what form of government he lives under, as long as he achieves his perceived equality. It can be socialism, a democracy, a Republic, communism, or liberalism. It is all one to him. He has no investment of any kind in his government and has nothing to lose when a government changes its form. He wants things; privileges and above all the feeling of "social equality."

Due to the black's non-productive cultural trend, he cannot make long range competitive economic plans, for he realizes that he will never become equal to the white man on an economic basis.

The social equality the black demands is extremely favorable to the liberal politician in that it gives him supreme power, and a lever to fit the black into his socialistic system.

Segregation against any people are politically, economically, and socially offensive, it is consistent with moral law and is in accord with the God-given, fundamental right of self-defense.

This is a right which has been developed and survived through centuries and was a "natural God given law," old when the Ten Commandments were given at Sinai. But the black completely and belligerently ignores the right of the Caucasian to this self-defense. With excuses, blames and demands for rights, he leads over-sympathetic white liberals into a state of permanent socialism. The word "brotherhood," is used to "sugar coat" this offensive trend.

American politics has conditioned people of the lower classes (we sometimes call them the disadvantaged - Editor Mohr) with the idea that every American, regardless of his status in life, his ability, or his willingness to produce, has an equal right with those who produce. This simply is not true!

The black feels that it is his inherent right to eyeball White women; live on welfare, which comes out of someone else's pocket; have an excess number of children, that someone else will take care of; go to places where he is not welcome; live permanently in housing that is paid for by the taxpayer; be on permanent charity; ask for special privileges; and be different from the norm; demand privileges without obligations; vote to "share the wealth" with those who work to produce it; destroy residential beauty through his slumster tactics; park wherever he pleases; permit his children to run wild on the streets and trespass on private property and discard garbage wherever it is convenient; he fails to reveal to himself his misconceptions, his doubts, his limitations and his fears.

Black leaders are fearful of the "peaceful dream-minded-ness" that is the inherited characteristic of the Black. Should Black leaders advise their flocks in peaceful ways, would mean that the aggressive leader had outlived his usefulness as a political leader.

The causes and processes which cause black hysteria are not understood by most Whites who have never observed the "neurological" black that exists under that dark skin and kinky hair.

Very few blacks themselves are aware of the causative processes which cause the maladies from which he suffers.

The symptoms first appeared on the American scene, when word went out: "You are free! Now you can do as you wish!"

Today the Black is technically "free", yet millions of them, into the third and fourth generation are living on "Aid to Needy Children," welfare, and other types of social programs. Today, the average Black says: "Work is for fools!" and as lazy as many are, they are still allowed the privilege to vote and have equal rights with productive members of society.

White men would never have remained slaves to either blacks or whites, since most of them would rather die than be slaves! But not the Negro. Today, if slavery were instituted again, the black man would make an excellent and faithful slave, faithful until the death of his master. There would be few exceptions.

What causes this difference?

For centuries, the heritage of the black man in Africa did not allow him to asset himself. Centuries of extreme heat cooked his brain to the point where it retarded his progressive energies.

The constant expansion of black wants and desires beyond the range of the rewards he earns, is the basic cause of the hysteria he shows and this is constantly being preyed on by his ruthless leadership.

A good doctor would not try and cure a case of small pox by applying salve to the sores caused by the disease. The sores are signs of the real problem which is buried deep beneath the visible skin.

When the internal problem is cured, the external sores disappear. (Jesus Christ, speaking in Matt. 12:35 said: "A good man out of the good treasure of the heart bringeth forth good things: and an evil man, out of the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things." In another place it says: "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." Editor Mohr).

There is a cause why the black as a unified group of people lacks uniformity of behavior when compared with the white. But the white man did not cause this difference.

The black wants the white man to take the medicine which is supposed to cure the black's illness. The white is immune to this black disease, so the blacks become sicker and sicker.

The more the white man helps the black, without allowing him to help himself, the more unequal and hysterical the black will become.

The slogans: "March in the name of Civil Rights and God's Justice," are a hangover from African primitiveness.

The hysteria I am speaking of has its roots in mental diseases and not in organic breakdowns. The black is an easily led stock of human being and is a ready victim of HYPER-SUGGESTIBILITY!

All conflicts and rebellions have a cause, but the welfare of the black people is not the correct answer here. That is a "black political answer." A surprisingly large number of black people have not developed themselves mentally to the degree where they can escape the primitive influence of black or white leadership mental disorders which show hysterical features.

Hysterical people are not interested in the welfare of the country at large, but only in their own personal demands and dreams. One of the greatest sins I can think of is to become so involved in what someone else is saying, that you can't think for yourself.

While we have laws which prohibit a leader from striking someone in the head with an axe, or an ice pick, we have no laws which keep them from injecting harmful ideas into people's brains. Blacks must learn to think for themselves if they are ever to escape the influence of unscrupulous leaders. As a result, the black often lives in a self imposed hell.

As a individual matures, he becomes equipped with a number of patterns of thought and action which are judged normal, proper and good, by his peers, and others in his social classification.

One's mood, temperament and disposition, is part of his fundamental pattern of emotional response. These accepted patterns are related first to the community as a whole, then to sub-groups, and finally to those of his own personal group.

Due to individual variations, society does not demand absolute conformity to the norms, but overt conformation to the general pattern of decency.

When a large number of differences appear, especially when they are pronounced or violent in nature and are considered to be detrimental to society at large, then this can be considered as being abnormal.

It is difficult for the black to escape these cultural obligations and fit himself into the strange culture of the white man which often seems severe to him. Some have done it but very few blacks qualify to fit into the white man's world.

At this point, the "class crowd," or "gang" appears in an effort to protect and further their social aims.

This "class crowd," or "gang," is usually a threat to law and order, since it is an infringement on the rights of others and attempts to set itself up as the ruling authority.

The exact conditions in which the black man finds himself in these closing days of the Twentieth Century, the social changes, having his "equalness" drummed into his consciousness and his right to equal vote - has produced sudden changes in blacks as individuals. The "gang" promises them satisfaction of their repressed desires.

The black says he wants "fair housing." This usually means he wants the white man to provide housing for him. During the days of slavery, this is what the white man did for his slaves.

Then came the Civil War, and suddenly the black found that the white man was building houses on one side of the railroad tracks for whites only. They sold their old, dilapidated, worn out houses to their ex-slaves, on the "other side of the tracks." These freed slaves never thought to build houses for themselves, so they went north, where a company, or the government provided them with houses which usually had been abandoned by the whites.

But since the black is now free and equal, he demands the houses he wants, in the area he wants, under the conditions he wants. In other words, he wants everything to accommodate his desires without doing anything to bring it about.

When he doesn't get what he wants, he always has words to excuse his position, he can always blame the white man and is usually backed in his stand by his "gang."

The leader who forms these gangs understands the attitude of those he intends to lead. He gets them seated and listening, in the same manner their preachers do in church, then begins to work them into a frenzy

The success of this "crowd action," will depend on the eloquence of the leader and his ability to control their actions. In the case of mobs, polarization is simple for a religious leader, because the people who listen to him, are usually already under his influence. This was the power exerted by Martin Luther King, Jr. a man whose life left much to be desired. But he was a preacher, and an eloquent speaker, who could move crowds emotionally to do anything he desired - Editor Mohr).

A good speaker will use outside disturbances, such as a police or fire siren, or someone in the audience who may be coughing and will weave it into his speech as added stimuli. A good speaker has a store of these devices on hand. When he does not desire a high degree of attention, say when the collection is being taken up, he becomes a "master begger" who is in charge of the service and will divert the audience with marching music performed by the choir or organist. These devices can be used to bring about conflict and suspense. Human interest, action, humor and novelty can all be used successfully, as the "crowd" loves them. Thus "gangs" are lead in a pattern chosen by the leader, so as to solve his problems.

Organized labor does essentially the same thing, as does Civil Rights, and Equal Opportunity adherents.

Welfare solves the problems of those who do not want to work. It sets the economic standards for those who would rather be idle, than be productive, while working for a "minimum wage."

Aid to Needy Children and Food Stamps leads in terms of solving these problems which are often caused by sexual activity and which compensate the woman who is sexually reckless. These are paid more for the birth of each child and child bearing, most often outside marriage, becomes a business in the black community.

Many of the girls who were reared on Aid to Needy Children funds, start having children of their own, some at a very early age, so that the free money never stops coming in. Many of these people have never worked and know little or anything about work principles. They will lie, cheat, steal, rob and spend their time in idleness, but they will not work. The welfare worker tells them what goodies are available, and how they can get extra money from the "honkeys" that pay the bills.

Strangely enough, these welfare workers are usually white liberals, often blacks now, and these become legal advisors to the "drones" who seek to squeeze very penny possible from the long suffering tax-paying worker. They get paid for supervising the distribution of "free money.

The door to the liberal politician is always open to the black gang leader, for this is where the votes lie, which keep these "blood sucking" politicians in office. Because they have always been the "liberal" party, you will find most blacks are Democrats.

The free handling of money always leads to corruption. It can be no other way, as long a human nature remains as it is. (It has been said that the reason "democracies" fail, is that the citizen realizes he can vote largess to himself from the general funds - Editor Mohr).

"Share the economy," is part of the black way of life, since he has lived for centuries in Africa on these same principles and it is taught in most Negro homes. He sees welfare handouts as a sort of "foreign aid," to which he is entitled. It becomes not a privilege, but a "right" to him.

The shocking privilege of the right to vote gives strength to the black "gang" crowd and they spend endless hours on political schemes to get more from the white man's society, while refusing to produce anything themselves.

The more overcrowded a field of endeavor becomes, the more corrupt it usually gets. It is like a mechanic who charges

$200 for a repair job when the only trouble is a loose bolt. The mechanic excuses his overcharge, by telling himself that if the bolt had not been tightened, it might have caused damage worth $500. Thus he justifies himself in a criminal activity.

Why is it that so few black contractors build houses for blacks? It's because this business will never bring him in a lot of money. The politician refuses to push it, because it won't bring him votes. So the politician takes the easy way out and goes along with the desire of the black "gang". This is what we find in the Welfare Program of America, where those on welfare are actually stealing from the productive tax payer and are sheltered by labor as a whole. We have people who live off "tax free money," while they protest against those they rob.

The same is true of the Civil Rights Groups. With the upsurge of immigration to the United States, has come a confusing set of strange and confusing political and social conditions. As the southern black has migrated north and west, they have added to the already insurmountable problem of welfare caused by the hordes who have come from Mexico and South East Asia, often illegally.

Now we have the problem of racial integration on a class basis, and residential integration on a class basis. We find the school system unbalanced on a socioeconomic basis and every citizen segregated on a defacto basis.

When the black arrives in large numbers, he does not build houses for his people, he wants the white man to wear out houses and then moves in where the white's refuse to live.

As the blacks arrive faster than the white's move out, problems erupt. So both the liberal white real estate agents and the black agents seek black housing in white neighborhoods, knowing this will cause trouble between the races, but not caring as long as they can make money and be protected by the government.

The houses that the upper class whites sell, often house three or four black families. While the black complains that he cannot understand this kind of segregation, the words "segregation," and "discrimination," are actually white northern liberal terms.

The black respects no way of life other than his own. He has few cultural exchanges to make with other ways of life. To seek rewards for trying, is foreign to him. In order for him to reach total equality with the white, his whole philosophy of life must be totally un-learned, and he must go back to cultural zero and be given a completely new start under Caucasian control and guidance. He must be willing to develop Caucasian thoughts and his obsessions in life must be productive, rather than to be a drone.

The real causes of frustrations in the black youth come from eight major sources, I believe:

1) A home environment which actually teaches him not to work.

2) Wanting things and privileges which can only come through work.

3) Not knowing, or being told how others MUST work to obtain things.

4) Being constantly told that they are disadvantaged because of their education.

5) Having to divide the rewards of their work, with family members who refuse to work.

6) Threats of expulsion from the black society they refuse to adapt to.

7) Knowing the white system is different from his, and;

8) Being told "You can't do it because you're black," when he should be told: "You can if you are willing to apply yourself."

The word WELFARE must be eliminated from black society because it is killing all black desire for productive action.

The long legs of experience, intelligence, and productivity has made the white man the "king of the forest." It has given him speed and power. Yet the average black still clings to his Negroism, and remains a low-brow, unlearned being, hid by the tall grass of his nature.

He wants to be left alone to live as he wishes; he has little desire to raise his standards, in fact, he sets his own standards and loves them. He refuses to be caught up by the vigor of those around him who are producers.

He has lived for centuries in an awesome surrounding, without being effected by the grandeur of it. The more he learns about life, the more dissatisfied he becomes. In his case, "ignorance is indeed bliss," and the ignorant can relax and rest in poverty and slums, while the intelligent refuse to do this.

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