An Objective Look at
Black America!
Part 3 of 3

(Synthesis of the book
by Black businessman Albert Lee Burton)

"Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots?..." (Jer. 13:23)


The delinquent youth of the black race have been aided in their delinquency, as they have discovered a weak spot in the nature of those who produce and who call themselves "intellectuals." This is SYMPATHY and FEELINGS OF GUILT for having more than the "poor disadvantaged blacks."

These are heady tools for the delinquents, whether at home, in school, or in the world at large.

In the home it is usually the mother who is the "share-in-the-wealth" personality the teenagers can influence. In the nation, it is the church and underdog organizations such as the NAACP, Labor Unions and racial organizations. These all appeal to delinquent youth as means to get what they want, without much effort.

On a world-wide basis, they see the United Nations and the liberal politicians who are willing to share America's wealth with the under privileged Third World nations, who more often than not, refuse to help themselves. The delinquent has a tendency to "plead like a child," while he wants to be treated as a grown man, and once he gets what he wants, he takes what he believes is a manly attitude and uses "demands and legal threats" to get what he wants.

The Black teenager has found that by making a great deal of noise, he can influence others to his way of thinking. He is always trying to attract attention, both by what he says, the way he dresses and through his actions. It is as though he was thinking: "See, they are looking at me!" Often a doting father or mother will give in to their desires rather than cause trouble in the family. These immature parents have not yet learned the important lesson, that giving in to delinquents is dangerous both to them and to the family and is a means of resigning responsibility.

One should realize that the delinquent has nothing to lose, since he had nothing to invest. Only his life is at stake and few Black parents are severe in disciplining their children.

In Germany, the Jews made the same mistake being made by black delinquents today when they demanded rights from Germany society at a time when family unity was a necessity. Many paid for this with their lives, in the holocaust that followed. Germany lost that war and has been declared wrong by the world at large. If she had won, she would have been recognized as "right." This double standard can be seen, in that Germany was condemned for her bombing of London, while in the eyes of most of the world, the elimination of Dresden by Allied bombers was considered proper, although thousands more civilians lost their lives at Dresden, than in London.

One of the collective demands of blacks for jobs can be seen when a better qualified white man is forced by black pressure on the government, to give up his job for a black who is unqualified to fill it. The black does not want to start at the bottom and work his way up. He wants to start with a top salary in government, a job that pays the most, with the least effort involved.

(When I was in Ethiopia in 1960, Emperor Haile Sellassie, in answer to demands of Ethiopian youth for good education, built several modern universities. One was in Asmara, Eritrea, where I was stationed. When I left Eritrea two years later, these modern schools were still unused. The Ethiopian youth did not want to study to become electrical and agricultural engineers, or mining experts, something the country desperately needed. Instead, they wanted some high paying job such as Minister of Finance in the government, where they could make a killing on the "pay-offs." As a result, Ethiopia had to hire white foreigners to run the machinery of the government - Editor Mohr).

If you tell a black youth that the rights he demands are harmful to this country, he will label you as a "Nigger hater!"

At the beginning of World War II, F.D.R. told the American people that by fighting Hitler, we were fighting such things as "rent control," "price control," in fact the controls which Hitler had instituted in Germany which was bringing that country back to greatness. What F.D.R. did not tell us was that the system of government controls he was instituting under the New Deal, was worse than anything Hitler ever tried in Germany.

While the "great white fathers" of liberalism desire the black youth to be a success in the operation of businesses and will often offer money to help him establish one, the black delinquent completely ignores this, since he is not interested in helping himself, but wants someone else to do the work for him.

When the liberal politicians want the black boy to be interested in the industrial life of the nation, the black delinquent ignores them. He's just not interested! When the "great white liberal fathers" want the black youth to show interest in his economic welfare, he is ignored, or scoffed at. The average black youth is interested in one thing and one thing only and that is for his rights, without any obligations to society.

There is no place in an industrial nation for youth whose only interest is in personal rights without personal obligation. The lack of black progress in the last century, around the world, not just in America, is seen in every area where one sees this lack of intellectual ability and interest. One of the major sins involved, I believe, is that the liberal whites insists that the black people develop wants, for which they will not work.

A few blacks have been intelligent enough to make adjustments with the white man's way of life and have become successful. But the majority just do not want to adjust.

When a war ends, our enemies become our friends, because they have something worthwhile to offer our society and it will only be when the black realizes this and reaches this standard, that he will be accepted.

When the Irish first arrived in New York, they were contemptuously called "white niggers." But this stopped when they showed their intelligence by taking over a few banks and industries. The black will only be accepted on the world scene, when he becomes capable of doing the same thing.


What is it? It is a psychological system of evading others. Is it good? Whether you like it or not, it is essential to privacy, and privacy is a guard of completion. Is it bad? It is disliked by those who like to invade the privacy of others, because privacy is of no value to a socialistic minded person.

Privacy is of no value to those who experience no economic competition; to people with weak wills; to the lazy, who are dependent on others; to politicians who profit from the destruction of personal privacy.

The Democrats have seen the political power which enabled them to stay in office for a long time, by encouraging the uneducated and ignorant, and lazy, to vote for them.

Without segregation, and privacy, competitive America will become a handicapped nation. Our industrial legs will be weakened until we can no longer walk straight and proud as we used to walk. We will become an industrial invalid, pushing ourselves around in a socialism wheelchair.

Segregation is the foundation of a successful industrial economy and the "whole nigger or none" philosophy being seen in the modern black man will destroy it all.

As students from Africa migrate to the West, they find themselves misfits in this productive culture, and their attitudes are insulting to the people of the industrial lands in which they expect to live. (A good example of this took place in the early 1970's when I was lecturing on colonization at the University of Wisconsin, I mentioned the fact that in 1960, when I visited Angola, many black leaders did not want the Portuguese to leave. They knew that when this happened, inter-tribal warfare would break out, as it had in other liberated black countries, with the larger, stronger tribes, destroying the weaker. In the back of the classroom, a black woman student was frantically waving her hand for attention. When I recognized her she said: "We have a black student here from Africa, who can counter your argument."

A young black man rose, and in fairly good English went into a bitter tirade against America; how we mistreated blacks and how we must change to accommodate them. He said: "the thinking of black Africans has changed since you were in Angola, now they want 'uhuru', which is the Swhili word for 'FREEDOM."' When I asked where he was from, he said: "West Sierra Leon," which is a little country on the Gold Coast of West Africa, several thousand miles north and west of Angola. I asked him if he had ever been in Angola and he said: "NO!" "Had he ever spoken to an Angolese?" and again his answer was "NO!" "Then how do you know what the Angolese people want?" He became highly indignant and said: "Well I read the newspapers and watch television." This would be like a man who lives in Florida, who considers himself an expert on Alaska, although he has never been there and knows no one from that place. When I asked this black student why he had come to such a repressive country as the United States, he replied: "to get the best possible education!" When I said: "Do you mean a country as bad as you say the United States is, would allow a young man from Africa to come here and be educated? It must be costing you a fortune?" To which he replied: "The Lutheran church is paying my bill." Get the connection? Here was a young man from a minority group, who was "sucking up" on the goodies of our white culture while he was running us down. Seems to me the Lutherans got a bad bargain in this fellow - Editor Mohr).

There is a reason why blacks act this way:

1) They have been led to believe that things, such as the privilege of an education, is a "right" which they receive "free of charge."

2) Coming from a heathen culture they often act strangely, much different from the Caucasian culture they have entered.

3) They look and dress differently, often with the idea of calling attention to themselves. (Observe the difference between black and white players in a football game, when they make a touchdown - Editor Mohr).

4) These same blacks who come to America for an education belong to the African culture which wants white influence out of Africa.

5) They want to be accepted everywhere in this country, regardless of their skin color, or their boorish actions, without any form of segregation. If they want to throw garbage on your lawn, or defecate on it, that is their right, or so they seem to believe.

6) They bring twisted attitudes in morals, religion and economics, which cripples decent race relations.

(The illustration I gave of the African student at the University of Wisconsin, is a good example of Black Africa at work. They come to America, seeking the "goodies" we offer. They want to go where they please; act as they please and to "hell" with the host country. This is "niggerism" at its worst - Editor Mohr).

So now we see blacks trying to change the while culture pattern. We see this in African music, which has about taken over the world of youth music; in hair-dos, in clothing style. Rather than adopt the white man's patterns which have been successful, they still cling to the things which have held them down for centuries.

People always work harder when they enjoy their work, yet black leaders have handicapped their people by teaching them that work is onerous and degrading. This is the sermon text around which black leaders wind their way into the hearts of their flock, because it is what the flock wants to hear. (In this, they are not much different from whites.) Segregation, these leaders say, is the hell to which white men condemn all blacks.


In attempting to solve this problem in my own mind, as a black, I had to overcome my own prejudices and use a system, employed by all great executives in solving difficult problems. Get as many facts as possible on the subject, and put them to work. If the problem is not solved in a reasonable length of time, try another approach.

The black has come to the crossroads in America. He can continue to live in the slum, like the slumsters live, or he can make changes so that he can live a better life. But it will be up to him, no one else can do it for him.

Black leadership has confused him to the point where he experiences awful feelings of not knowing which route he prefers.

The question rises. Can the average black be taught what is best for him? His leaders tell him that he should have equal rights to those of the white man in whose culture he desires to live. Yet he has the right to better himself, if he is willing to try, but in most cases he does not want to go to the bother of doing this. This results in the loss of intelligent blacks who refuse to be followers of the black "wolf leaders."

Civil Rights activities, such as acting as pickets, marching, demonstrating, and protest, both non-violent and violent, appeals to the lowest class of blacks and is sanctioned by black social and religious leaders, and white liberals. These "low class" blacks draw the violent class who make trouble with the law. This was one of the means by which Martin Luther King, Jr., who called himself a "non-violent Protester," was able to stir up trouble everywhere he went. He told his people: "We will hold non-violent demonstrations in areas we know there' will be opponents such as the KKK. They will attempt to stop us and this will cause violence and will bring the police in on our side." He was very clever in doing this - Editor Mohr).

A high-class black will walk away from most of the these demonstrations, for he knows why they are being held. He knows that it is bad publicity for his people and for him, to become involved in violence with the law.

The police is a force that can become brutal. It's like a fighter's punch, if you move with it, it doesn't hurt as much, but if you resist it, it will beat you into a pulp!

Most blacks jump into a Civil Rights action on the order of their leaders. They seldom think things out for themselves before becoming involved.

The liberal white has taken a "baby rattlesnake" into his bed, when he backs illegal Civil Rights demonstrations of any kind, since they can easily turn on him and rend him.

Usually the black leader is intelligent enough that he has his followers demonstrate in some area where there will be no organized resistance to violence and looting. (There have been many examples of this in recent years in such cities as Washington, DC., Detroit, and Watts, CA. - Editor Mohr)

The "prosperity policy" of most blacks is:

"Give it to us - we have it coming!

If you have it, you should divide with us!

It's not right for you to have more than me!

Brotherhood means equal division of everything!

My share is part of what you have, and,

All that is produced should be equally divided!" This is communism, pure and simple: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need." Editor Mohr)

Every black feels that he has the right to what the whites have. This is the reason a white woman, married to a black, can expect sexual harassment at every turn as other blacks make passes at her. The "black code" is: "She has had one black, so she should have me too."

In India, the laws were changed to give the "untouchables," more equal rights, but they still remained "untouchables," to the rest of Indian society. The KUBA of SUMATRA taught that illnesses arose from relations outside the tribal group. (The Bible teaches much the same thing - Editor Mohr). The white man's ways of life has always been an experience in creativeness. One's experience is the developing tool of his knowledge and one's knowledge is the result of having the proper tools to do the job.

But people other than the white man, face a psychological struggle for self-respect, for they want things, yet have little desire to produce them. The American black is the world's greatest sufferer from this mental disease of wants, since by nature, he is not a producer.

The individual white man cannot stop to pick up and carry the overload of others, because his competitive job demands his full attention.

Yet this is the price the black wants the white man to pay. Since the liberal leaders in America have catered to the wants of the black, America has been losing out in the competitive field.

This is what sent the paper manufacturing industry of the NW. into Canada, and the oil industry into Saudi Arabia. Today America goes to other countries for essentials she once produced at home, before she became a "socialized welfare state."

If you are honest with yourself, you will have to admit that the progress made by the American white man in the 500 years since Columbus landed in 1492, as compared with the progress of black civilizations in Africa over 6,000 years, bears no comparison.

You be the honest judge. Liberals will say that I am downgrading my own race and that I am anti-black. I am just telling you the facts!

So as I remind you of these facts, let me say that the black was "down," long before the white man brought him to America, otherwise he would never have been a slave, sold by his own people.

The degree to which individual blacks seek and receive help from the white man will mark the degree of success to which he will rise in the modern world. Excusing one's self about change; blaming others for your own shortcomings, will never solve the problem.

Like a baby learning to walk, the black must take the falls, stumbles and discouraging setbacks. The black is down today, because his mental legs are weak from their thousands of years of misuse in Africa. His troubles began, long before he became a slave.

Asking, protecting, and parading is like a baby in its crib crying. It only tells all who hear that it can't take care of itself.

The black is a baby in relation to the white man's culture, and the black should be doing, if he wants, rather than crying for what he can't have!

The kind white hand can lift the black up, but being a cultural baby, he still can't walk, because his intellectual legs are too weak to hold him up. He must develop his intellectual legs, before he begins to walk.

Today, the black problem has enlarged on a world order, as the United Nations allows the African blacks to insist that the white man get out of Africa, and allow the black to keep the white man's investment. (This can be seen in South Africa, where there were no native blacks, until the white man became prosperous and the blacks came to him for work - Editor Mohr).

In Africa, the white man found riches that the black man had walked over for centuries without recognizing. They were not at all interested in them until they found that they were of value in the white world; then suddenly they claimed what they had never bothered to develop. Yet these same blacks, who came to America as slaves, when they are allowed to buy property and develop as they wish, become violent when they are not accepted as a social equal. But this cultural lack of acceptance is due in large part to his cultural strangeness and the fact that very often he refuses to live a productive life.

It is impossible for a normal person to have a strong sentimental feeling for a person who refuses to help themselves, whether they are Negroes, Mexicans, American Indians, the untouchables of India or what are sometimes called "white trash."

History, and the conduct of different people around the world point out that babies of different races are not born biologically equal. We know from observation that they do not develop psychologically equal, even within a distinct race.

The statement by Abraham Lincoln, the "Great Emancipator" that "all men are created equal," was patently false and misleading for while it displayed his emotional sympathy for the Black, it did not reflect the truth.

Today, the descendants of these black slaves, show their respect for the Emancipator by parading in front of his memorial while encouraging their black brethren to vote against every principle for which Lincoln stood.

When an individual black betters himself through his intelligence and work, he gains the means to immunize himself from the problems of the slumsters. Yet this man who has bettered himself, is looked on by his brethren as a racial traitor. The other blacks look on him with envy. They want what he has, but are unwilling to put forth the effort to get it.

The frustration of the black begins as a child, as he listens to his adults telling him that he has a birthright and privileges to much more than he will ever get. By the same system of communications they are often taught to do as little as possible, while demanding as much as possible for what they do. Often their work is done shoddily.

As a person who is forced to work hard to keep alive, you will be paid by your white boss, but not enough, because you will be required to support other members of your black family who refuse to work.

Being an inquisitive child in an environment of "do nothing" can be a degrading thing, as it creates a mental conflict in the child, as he sees things and privileges which others have, but is not allowed to see that they have had to work hard to obtain them.

This is one major reason why so many blacks dodge hard work. He will often seek an easy job, because he has been taught that all whites obtained theirs the easy way, because they were white.

By the time he becomes an adult, it is too late for him to change, for his ideas have become set in "mental cement". He becomes frustrated, and when he becomes frustrated, he reverts to his savage African self and becomes "one man against a hostile white world."

This inborn hostility awaits blacks all over the world.

In the southern part of the United States, the blacks tell their children: "The whites don't want you on his side of town." While the whites say, and truly so: "We don't want you because you refuse to keep up your property, you won't pick up your garbage, you won't mow your lawn; you won't respect the privacy of your neighbors, so stay in your own area."

Both ways are true to life, but they are hostile to the black youngster who would like to see a better life for himself. As he seeks answers to his problems from his own people, he finds them hostile to the whites, who are always blamed for his problems. When he sees what is happening in the black community, he often comes to the conclusion: "Do as the rest are doing. Don't work! Go on welfare. The white man owes it to you!"

As black boys and girls grow up and fail to reach set goals, they experience strong emotional states which are often used by the "wolf leaders," for their own ends.

Happiness to these young men and women is found in the company of the "gang, to whom lying, stealing, roaming the streets, drinking, smoking pot, doing drugs, and womanizing, becomes an everyday occurrence. The "gang" is their big hold in life and to threaten the "gang" is to threaten them.

Not to be a member of the "gang," means you are a "square," out in the world by yourself, a "loner."

When these black youth get money, often through the sale and distribution of drugs, it develops more problems than it solves. The difficulty comes in trying to satisfy oneself. They cannot understand how to handle finance with the necessary authority. (A good example of this is the way in which black athletes, who have made much money from their careers, have had it stolen from them by the unscrupulous managers, both white and black, who prey on their lack of understanding of finance. We see them end their lives in poverty - Editor Mohr).

The "non-working" black, has unlimited time to plan, scheme, cry and make any kind of emotional plea, use any kind of persuasion, even physical violence, to get what they want. As long as they get money from any source, they are expected to share it with family members, or members of the "gang," who will not work.

The average black boy gets very little family guidance along the line of "sex education." His primary source of sex knowledge coming from others in his social gang. It is popular for him to become promiscuous and the more affairs he can brag about the higher he stands in "gang esteem."

By the time the black boy or girl leaves home, they have often become "well seasoned members of the brotherhood of the jungle."

Often whites add to this problem by overlooking his objectionable manners. In the south the white man under-stood this trend so he gave his black servants gifts of clothing, food and money. He allowed his cook to take food from his pantry without trying to catch her in the act of stealing. As a result "free loading" became a part of the black culture of the south.

While freeloading in white society is looked on with scorn, in the black community it is accepted as Standard Operating Procedure. They do not feel they are doing anything wrong when they live off the efforts of others.

The black is told by his leaders, both white and black, that these are "rights," not "privileges." The are encouraged by the white liberal politician who tells them what the black "wolf leader" does: "Get everything you can from society." Of course on the part of the politician, he is interested only in the black vote, not in the welfare of the black people.

This social and economic system is not publicly disturbing as long as it stays on its "own side of the tracks" but when it invades white society, there are immediate problems. The unproductive black, like his counterpart in the "poor white trash" in some areas, is free to vote and the liberal politicians, both black and white, keep their seats in the political system as they get the votes of the minorities.

American political and religious leaders have been given so much freedom and they have often lost respect for the people who employ them. Now they are attempting to organize votes into "voting blocs," in order to perpetuate their liberal socialist plans. In fact the Hispanic citizens of Los Angeles have been criticized by liberal politicians, because they have not developed a national leader such as Martin Luther King, Jr., who can get what they desire.

Some blacks have told me: "Whites are not as great as you picture them." My answer has always been: "Then why do you want to be like them?" Why do you want equality with them and equal rights by the laws he has made, in the nation he has developed?" They cannot answer this!

* * * * * * *

Hopefully this summary of WHOLE NIGGER - OR NONE! will make it a bit easier for White Christians to understand the problems which exist between whites and blacks. They will not be bettered by "integration". Editor Mohr

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