An Objective Look at
Black America!
Part 1 of 3

(Synthesis of the book
by Black businessman Albert Lee Burton)

"Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots?..." (Jer. 13:23)


Whether you or I want to admit it or not, there is a pressing racial problem present in America. This is a problem which has been exaggerated and used by the enemies of our white Christian civilization, to destroy this wonderful country of ours, and the freedom and progress it has brought to this world. In 1912, a Jewish Communist by the name of Israel Cohen, wrote a book explaining this plan, it was titled A RACIAL PROGRAMME FOR THE TWENTIETH CENTURY. You can find this quotation, taken from this book, in the US. Congressional Record for June 7, 1957. It is self-explanatory:

"We must realize that our party's (Communist) most powerful weapon is racial tension. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by the Whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party.

"In America, we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the Whites, we will endeavor to instill in the White's a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise to prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige the Negroes will be able to intermarry with the Whites and will begin a process which will deliver America to our cause." (UNO.)

That's what this pamphlet is all about. It is the synthesis of a book, which was reviewed on page 9 of the March, 1990 issue of the THE CHRISTIAN PATRIOT CRUSADER, under the title WHOLE NIGGER OR NONE!

This book review evoked so much response, that I attempted to obtain a copy of the original book by black businessman Albert Lee Burton, written under the above title in 1966. After a good deal of undercover detective work on the part of myself and others, we discovered a copy of this book. (It is out of print). The owner graciously allowed me to use it for the purpose of writing this article.

The information given herein is that of Mr. Albert Lee Burton, a black businessman who at that time lived in Los Angeles. This review is not always "word for word," with what Mr. Burton said, I have taken some editorial license with it for the sake of brevity. I will assure you that his meaning has not been changed in any way. I will be using the word BLACK, where he uses the term NEGRO, since that is the present day usage of the word.

I am taking the time, effort and expense of bringing you this information, coming "from the horse's mouth," so to speak, so that White Christian Americans in particular will better understand this sensitive issue of RACE.

Unscrupulous men, who are not interested in the welfare of either the Black or White races, or the welfare of America, desire to use the race issue as a means of taking away our hard earned freedom and substituting the dictatorship of a One World Government; our President now refers to as the New World Order. They have openly bragged how they will do this, using race as one of their major tools. It behooves concerned Americans of both races, to see that these evil conspirators are stopped. This can only come about, as the White majority understand the basic problems confronting the Blacks of America. (In the few places where I have inserted Editorial comments, I will mention it.)

The problems we have with the Blacks of America will never be solved, as long as White Christians of the kingdom Movement, insist that only they are loved by God and that all others come under the derisive term of "mud people." My Bible tells me in Gen. 1:26, that when God created the first man, male and female (and I believe these were non-white people), He looked on His creation and in vs. 31 pronounced it "very good." If God declared this creation to be "good," then who are you, or I, or any "racial extremist," to call them "mud people." I think this borders on blasphemy.

Those of you who know me will not mis-understand this statement, for you know how I stand firmly on the scriptural admonition against the mixing of races through inter-racial marriage. This is another matter completely. What I am trying to do in this little book is to give you a better understanding of another branch of the human race, who YAHWEH GOD created for His own special purpose.

There has been a "colored curtain" drawn across the United States, according to author Burton, and this curtain can be withdrawn and both sides live in harmony, if they understand each other. This by no means implies that they are to intermingle and adulterate their own bloodlines.

I will give you Burton's ideas and let you make up your own mind. Take what Mr. Burton says and compare it with what the Word of God says about race. All the quotations will be his, unless otherwise so noted.

The individual black does not represent a problem. It is the "wolf leaders" of the race, who call them together and lead these easily led people. They seem to idolize a leader and will follow him for good, or bad, appearing always to say: "Lead me! Lead me!" It is the black leadership in America that is leading the blacks into progressive discontent.

The black is being led with a complete philosophy of progressive goals which means perpetual dissatisfaction, no matter what the White's do to satisfy him. This is a "wolf leader's" paradise! There are only two classes in the American Black class system. There are first just "blacks". This includes all blacks with the exception of the clergy who are a definite and distinct class. The Blacks have no control over their clergy who are their undisputed leaders. The Black of today is a free slave, slaving for his leaders, who, unlike the southern plantation owners, who at least fed and clothed them, do nothing but keep them discontented and looking for a "free ride."

The Black leaders seldom encourage industrialization, since they refuse to encourage cooperation with and respect for white leadership; they will not encourage hard work or privacy as a way of life; they will not encourage "equalness," which is quite different from "equal rights."

The Black "wolf leaders" employ politically loaded programs to lead the easily led and easily discouraged Black. Their favorite subjects are EDUCATION, EMPLOYMENT and POLITICAL UNREST!

EDUCATION: This subject is loaded with emotional and sympathetic subjects involving children and public money. In the field of education, Blacks are completely ignorant. To them, the word EDUCATION is used specifically to mean UNDERSTANDING. They ask special educational privileges for Black children and some time or other, the "wolf leaders" demand that this education stick closely to Black Culture. It is sort of like demanding an unsegregated airplane ride and then telling the black flock, Let's walk!"

EMPLOYMENT: Economic unrest is the main weakness of our American form of industrial democracy, because it pushes the aggressive to do something, while it permits the lazy to organize and demand more... Technological advances add tools which make the unskilled black laborer obsolete.

POLITICAL INTEREST: The demagogic interpretation of these two words in Black life means ONE MAN ONE VOTE. VOTE FOR THE FREE HANDOUT!

The Black was, and still is, good for slave stock, because he forever seeks the easy way to solve problems, and that is let someone else do it! This refers to his thinking as well as his doing, and the way he is so easily led.

Permitting the Black to vote, created our greatest political problem. (Let me remind you, that these are the words of a Black businessman, they do not come from Jack Mohr - Editor).

The educated Black gives prestige to the "wolf leaders" because he feels the pain of variety and constraint, more than the others. His problem is he is attempting to use a White man's education in a black world. He seeks a White man's reward in a black world and they aren't there!

The Black "wolf leaders" are highly deceptive about the public evidence of his equality. He tells his people that he is getting them "equal rights," not "equality." This decoys both the Blacks and the Whites and calls for more political action to get the Black more rights along the Black pattern. They have little respect for the American pattern and set goals impossible for the average Black to reach.

When a Black shows interest in doing things the White man's way, the "wolf leaders" call him "money hungry," "brainwashed," a "white man's nigger," an "Uncle Tom."

The Black "wolf leader" does what most Blacks want and that is to make a living without working. (This is a noticeable trait of the Jew, from whom the blacks learned this aberration - Editor Mohr). The leader sells "hot air" and is idolized by Blacks for his ability to do so. (This was the "stock in trade," of men such as Martin Luther king, Jr., Ralph Abernathy, and now Jesse Jackson - Editor Mohr).

The easy going, non-competitive stock of average blacks are so easy to lead, that less than 10% of their leaders are educated. Yet he can hold them in their churches or other places of gathering, hollering and singing, and they will flock to him like ants to a honey pot.

In some cities these places of gathering can be found two and three to a block, and many are nothing less than STORE FRONT CHURCHES. Operated by totally uneducated blacks who have the "gift of gab."

Each one supports its leader. Due to lack of ventilation, the air often becomes heavy with human aroma, yet few leave their seats to go out for a breath of fresh air. They sit complacently, until they are stirred up by their leader's rhetoric.

Blacks MUST be led and taught by White leaders and teachers of quality, if they are to ever reach the goal of equality with Whites.

The Black leader will tell his people that White's only want to use him. This is true to a certain extent. But it is also true that the Black "wolf leaders" want to do the same thing, only for ulterior purposes. The White man has what the Black wants and can use, but the Black "wolf leader" has what he culturally wants, and this is control over the mob.

A store front church in my area was so successful, that the Black leader not only owned an expensive car, but was able to support at least two wives. He was a heavy drinker of gin. He would not go to the liquor store, but would send one of his parishioners to purchase it for him.

Somewhere he had heard the word THEOLOGY and knew that some referred to him as a THEOLOGIAN, although he wasn't exactly sure what that meant, since that was the extent of his theological experience. His religious EXPERIENCE, did not cover RELIGIOUS ETHICS, and while his vocabulary was extremely limited, he could speak well. As his church grew, he bought an old abandoned theater that held hundreds of people, and people stood in line by the hundreds to get in and hear him. As the church grew, so did his consumption of gin and he would preach so hard and with such sincerity that he would have to change shirts in the middle of his sermon. He was a great showman and devoted his life to his three great influences, PREACHING, his TWO WIVES, and GIN.

It has become common knowledge that the only time he could preach was when he was drunk and this knowledge actually increased his congregation. Once they heard him, they were "hooked" and joined his flock.

This preacher once told me that his whole life was his two wives, and God, in that order, and that the gin put him in contact with God.

His lack of leadership ability cost him both his church and his prestige in the black community and he never could understand why, because THE PERFECT SLAVE STOCK OF HUMAN BEINGS HAVE NOT CHANGED IN THEIR WEAKNESS TOWARDS LEADERSHIP.

Gangs of black youth are seen on the streets of every American city, usually following a leader. Racial Organizations appeal to the same type of thinking.

Almost all of these easily led human beings are Democrats, because this political persuasion offers more leadership and less individualism, more social and economic relaxation and heaven on earth for the slave stock. That they cannot bring this about, means nothing to the "wolf leaders."

The individual educated Southerner understands these slave traits and he sets up social and civic programs which are positive to the "slave mentality." This is what the trouble making Northern White disagrees with. So using "negative" leadership, he leads the slave stock to riot, destroy, and even kill for the emotional entertainment of the leader. Every species of human being is happy when in an environment native to him and his kind. (I have lived on three continents and have rubbed shoulders with many different kinds and races of people. I have never had trouble getting along with them whether they were white, yellow, or black. I had friends among all these different types, but as a fellow of average intelligence, I desired the company of my own people as much as possible, and always sought them out. Like most decent white folks, I had an ingrained more which told me that it was wrong to mingle my blood with that of another race. I didn't even have to have the Bible to tell me this. It came naturally, as it does to all decent White people - Editor Mohr).

In his dealing with the American Negro, the White man has devoted his tax money to social and emotional problems, to solve these problems. But the conditions he has brought about are not native to the blacks, so they appear as selfish and against them. They are led in this thinking by the "wolf leaders", who demand conditions that are familiar to the Black, but not to the White. Stop the Black leadership from their selfish demands on their own people, and you will stop Black trouble. Any intelligent White man should be able to see this!

In the scientific world, that Black has been inflicted by a mental disorder we might call "neurasthenia," (an emotional neurosis, usually the result of emotional conflicts, characterized by irritability, fatigue and anxiety without any apparent physical cause.) The Black has become inflicted by this nervous disorder due to the fact that since the Civil War, the White man has made industrial progress by doing, while the Black, for the most part has been in industrial retreat.

This means that the whole race must be re-educated. The Southern form, understood by some, liked by some, and disliked by others, works for the good of the average Black and Southern Blacks have only rebelled against this when led by their "wolf leaders," whether Black or Northern liberal.

The moral logic of the Black race must be changed and it is a job which needs skill and delicacy. Many people with dark skins cannot be included here, because for many reasons, especially environmental, they are culturally Caucasian rather than Negro.

Our American political trend not only has contributed to the juvenile delinquency, but to black failure to live a productive life. In his home, the black youth hears admiring stories about this morally degrading trend in terms of his own view of life and as a result his actions are delinquent. When lying, stealing, violence becomes the answer to get what you want out of the political system, then it not only contributes to juvenile delinquency, but more forcibly contributes to the blacks failure to be productive. The White politician, especially among the liberal element, has been a terrible example to the Black youth, for when he sees men high in government, as they dabble in the dope trade, in crime, in perversion, and get rich doing it, there is little deterrent there for them to live a decent life - Editor Mohr).

The black has been told by the liberal, that he is equal; that he has the right to vote; that he has no need to worry, for the government wants to be his father, so just go and vote as we tell you to! As a result, the national pride of blacks as a whole has sunk to such a low ebb that the "black, dirty mud of Niggerism, stinks with an aroma that decent Americans want to escape. That's why you see White, and decent Black folks, leaving urban areas by the droves.

This political trend of "buying votes, is in line with black thinking, and he supports it with his vote. He votes for any tax raise, since this puts more money in the pot, making for more government jobs and handouts and usually, it comes out of the pockets of the hated Whites.

Most Blacks who left the South to go North, did so because they believed the government would "father" them and give them every break they needed to get what they wanted.

Many Blacks love to see the Caucasian embarrassed and will vote for anything which will saddle the White with more "big government, from which they get their handouts". (This is the reason we see the blacks vote primarily as Democrats, since the Democrat liberals have opened all stops to benefit the blacks, so they could garner their votes - Editor Mohr). It gives the black a sense of pleasure to believe that the White man is being pulled down to his level.

The goal of equality for all men is impossible to reach, for now, as in the past, men have been and are perpetually unlike and unequal.

Here we see a basic cultural difference between the Black and the Caucasian and no form of government, autocratic or democratic, has ever been able to provide equally for both races. There has always been formidable destitution and poverty due to the natural evils which inflict the human race - misfortune, vice, diseases, floods, droughts, storms, earthquakes, and disasters brought on by ignorance. There is nothing "democratic" about a government forcing the fortunate, working man, through taxation, to support and protect those who will do nothing to help themselves. It is impossible to abolish poverty. Even Jesus Christ once said: (Matthew 26:11 - "For ye have the poor always with you. . ."

While much progress has been made in the last 150 years to contribute to the comfort and happiness of mankind, the black takes a negative part in it, in that he desires to sit and claim a birthright share in our progress, while doing very little to promote it.

The lack of the blacks ability to think for himself is shown in his demands for more leadership under socialist goals, such as those which have been provided by the Kennedy family.

The Black is different from the Caucasian in that he has little need for privacy. The black men of the world have become victims of a feeling of helplessness, because they are by nature, the son's of Africa, whose sons have incapacitated them for centuries.

The black man sees and realizes that he should act as the Caucasian in order to be accepted and successful, but he cannot. It is not in his nature. It is not part of his system of thinking and acting.

The more the white man attempts to help him, the more disturbed he becomes, due to the changes that have been forced on him.

(When I was in Kenya, East Africa in 1958, I met an Englishman at the Norfolk Hotel in Nairobi. During a lengthy and very interesting and informative conversation I asked him about the rather childish way in which the British government handled the native blacks. I will never forget his answer: "How can you take a man who was swinging in the trees fifty years ago and turn him into a jet pilot overnight?" How indeed! It can't be done! At this time, in Ethiopia, where I was stationed, Emperor Haile Selassie was trying to answer the demands from young Ethiopians who wanted a college education. He built three modern, beautiful universities. One of them was in Asmara, Eritrea, where I was stationed. Three years after it had been built, it was still not being used, because the young Ethiopian blacks did not want to be taught to be electrical, mining, and agricultural engineers, the thing their country desperately needed, they wanted to become "ministers of finance," and other high government jobs. When I left Eritrea in 1962, the Ethiopian government was hiring foreigners to handle the task, native blacks should have been doing, but couldn't. - Editor Mohr).

The black has often been forced into the position of accepting "pride destroying help," and the more disturbing this condition becomes, the more help he needs.

This has resulted in the shameful spectacle of millions of grown people, who without apparent shame, beg for sympathy in the name of Civil Rights. Being by nature, easily led, his emotional level is that of love, pleasure and grouping together with his own kind.

There is such a need for privacy in the Caucasian life, that it is impossible for the black with his African background and the liberalism of modern black life to escape the non-morally obligating liberalism of the black home and compare themselves to the Caucasians.

The hot suns of Africa for centuries did more than darken the skin of these people and put a kink in their hair, it effected their minds too. For centuries the non-productiveness of the native black has been natural.

The Black "wolf leader" preys on this situation. He attempts to identify all blacks, not as a "minority group," or a "lower class," but as "we the Black!" In his church and politics, the black leader blames adverse conditions on the opposition in order to protect themselves. He pictures his people as a helpless baby and all sorts of blames are hurled at the White man who is actually feeding him and keeping him alive.

The lowest type of black, the criminal element, is sympathized with by the decent black, who seldom condemns his moral violations as long as they are not against his people.

The Black leader will seldom condemn another Black leader in public, no matter how wrong he may be. (In this they are like the Jews. Many American Jews detest Zionism, but seldom will you find them condemning the excesses of the Zionists, especially among the Israeli - Editor Mohr).

A Black violates a law and is punished because he violates the White man's law, but the Black policeman or prosecutor who has him convicted, is accused by the Black community of being a "white man's nigger." (This same attitude can be seen in South Africa, where most of the violence by Blacks has been directed against the Black policeman, judges, and their families, because they carry out the law of the land, which is White man's law - Editor Mohr).

The Black's excessive interest in sex is one of the conditions which prohibits his social ventures with other races. (But more important than this, it is against the Natural Law of God, which was old when the Ten Commandments were written -Editor Mohr).

A Black violates a law and is punished because he violates the White man's law, but the Black policeman or prosecutor who has him convicted, is accused by the Black community of being a "white man's nigger." (This same attitude can be seen in South Africa, where most of the violence by Blacks has been directed against the Black policeman, judges, and their families, because they carry out the law of the land, which is White man's law - Editor Mohr).

The Black's excessive interest in sex is one of the conditions which prohibits his social ventures with other races. (But more important than this, it is against the Natural Law of God, which was old when the Ten Commandments were written -Editor Mohr).

The Black's excessive interest in sex is based on a inbred natural biological need, but even more than this, it is used to escape from the modern world's realities which he finds are too difficult and mentally demanding for him to accept.

Sex provides the black man in particular, with a glorious moment of satisfaction, a feeling of equality. If his partner happens to be a White woman, so much the better, since at that moment, all inequalities disappear. Sex is used by many blacks, in the same way that they use drugs and alcohol.

The Welfare and Aid to the Needy Family Programs of the Government have added free money to the "sex ego prop" which frees the black man from the fear of having to support the child he sires. The government picks up the tab for his pleasure. All the man has to do is have as much fun as the opposite sex will provide. This government financed "sex insurance," is adding millions of illegitimate children to an already overburdened welfare cost.

When a black man becomes "Caucasianized," he has no interests in "fair housing," for he will build or buy his own house and support it. Fair Housing Programs spread slums across a decent city. Once a "slumster" moves into a decent housing area, no matter what his color (and unfortunately there are many "white trash" who fall into this same category - Editor Mohr), you can't get him out. He will run the decent folks out first. His children live in the streets, slumming their lives away in filth and dirt of many kinds. This child influence becomes like an epidemic in a decent neighborhood. It brings a high standard of living down into the dumps. To live around it, means an automatic slide down.

Standards of living can only be set by the individual, not the government. One man buys some property and takes pride in painting, repairing and beautifying it. This is his standard of living and he desires neighbors who think as he does.

But the slumsters standards are different and are associated with a bottle of wine. He doesn't care about garbage, because 'he is used to living with it.

He wouldn't bother with a garbage can if he owned one for he would rather dispose of it on his neighbor's lawn, or hear it smash in the gutter. He achieves nine things by doing this and associates his freedom with his right to discard his wine bottle where he wants:

1 - Throwing away the bottle gives him needed exercise.

2 - Throwing it on a neighbor's lawn shows your dislike for him.

3 - It saves a long, tiring walk to the garbage can.

4 - He can sit it on the curb to give the neighborhood kids something to play with.

5 - He can use it as a weapon if it becomes necessary.

6 - He can break it on the curb to show his dislike for the fellow who usually parks in that spot.

7 - He can break it in his neighbor's driveway for the same reason.

8 - It is a pressure release for him to break something, and;

9 - Buying a garbage can would use up his wine money.

So he subconsciously associates his other standards of life with his wine bottle. No police force is great enough to keep him from littering, or to force him to change his atrocious living standards, because he does not want to change. His emotions are fed on the lowest level and crave entertainment, not achievement.

The slumster always expresses his feelings of gratification through destructiveness. The government can put him in a new house, or apartment and he will destroy it in a month. (This is true, whether the "slumster" is "white" or "black," and unfortunately we have many "White" slumsters in America - Editor Mohr).

The world has an image of success and this is a "White" image. The Black wants to have a part in this image, but he does not want to fit himself into this image. He wants the White man to do it for him. Neither the American Black, or the Black African have employed history, work, or production to better themselves. They desire an equal spot in the modern world without achieving it for themselves.

In our present day culture, the blacks are attempting to culturally rape the White Race, because the Constitution and its original Amendments, did not provide the necessary protection against this black attack. Organized labor has set the "rape pattern" by bowing before the "equal opportunity" laws which have been enacted by White liberals and which actually discriminate against Whites

The White man as a biological being is not the difference. He himself is the image of this difference and he rightly uses it as a measuring stick for success. The honors of wealth usually goes to those who produce. In this respect, the black has no one to blame but himself, for poverty and shame has always been the lot of those who refuse to produce.

Collections are taken from blacks at every Civil Rights meeting. This money for the most part goes into the pockets of the "wolf leaders," White and Black alike, who are attempting to cause racial conflict.

Blacks need black leadership, not that of Liberal White, but it needs leadership which seeks to elevate the black, rather than pull the white down.

The slave who has been turned free is confused and follows his religious leaders who have led him all his life. At one time, these leaders attempted to prepare him for heaven, but now, the preacher often has changed his route and is leading his people into what he hopes will be control of politics. (This can be easily seen when you study the life of men such as Jesse Jackson, Ralph Abernathy, etc., Editor Mohr).

This sounds practical to most Blacks, for if the preacher can lead them to a far off place called "heaven," then surely he can lead them to control over an earthly government. (This of course, was the purpose of Martin Luther king, Jr. - Editor Mohr).

Equal Rights, Equality, Civil Rights, and Education have become "buzz" words that the average black uses without really understanding their meaning. He does not understand what is good for the country, and for the most part is not interested in it. In many instances, he is not interested in the overall good of his own people, but concentrates instead of what he as an individual can get out of the system. (Also a failing of many Whites - Editor Mohr).

You might ask black leaders: "Why don't you teach your people?" and you would find that most of them do not want their people to know the truth. (This seems to be a failing among most liberal leaders, black or white - Editor Mohr).

The black leader, like his white counterpart, wants money and prestige, so he sells his people, unconditionally EQUAL RIGHTS: EQUALITY; CIVIC RIGHTS; and, EDUCATION! as the panacea for all his problems.

This brings us up against the problem of EDUCATION. What is EDUCATION? The dictionary will tell us that "education" is the imparting of knowledge." The teacher should be the active agent who stores in the pupils minds, the things they will need to know to be successful in life.

There is no place in this process for excuses, or blames. We MUST seek results. We cannot fit the civilized world into an uncivilized culture. To attempt to do this means we lose all perspective.

Every community, no matter how rude, MUST develop certain habits of decency and discipline to make it a safe place to live, both internally and externally. It must afford protection for the weak against the depredations of the strong. These requirements of decency, also require standards of cleanliness of both the body and the mind. If unsanitary conditions exist, you can expect disease to flourish. If low morals exist, you can expect crime to flourish.

But to the uneducated, both black and white who want these privileges on a political and social scale, they often seek them for personal reasons, and not to better their knowledge. (Hosea was right when he said (4:61 "My people are destroyed for lack of KNOWLEDGE." Notice he did not say "lack of education," but "lack of knowledge". There is a great deal of difference between the two. Our world is full of educated idiots, so that education in itself, cannot be a "means to the end." - Editor Mohr)

The uneducated in society want the things which come from a mind which has been disciplined by education, without having to go through the agony of becoming educated.

Today in America, "prudence" has been destroyed. This is the ability, or capability of exercising sound judgment in matters pertaining to living. "Prudence" is needed so that the labors of the present can serve the needs of the future.

It is lack of "prudence" on the part of our politicians, which has caused them to give our enemies the tools of war which may be used against us in the future, for immediate profit.

The American politician is today using the power developed by hard work and investment, and is taking it through the black vote. The "land of the free, and the home of the brave," has become the "home of the confused," as our citizens, black and white alike, have become "political prisoners. This has been caused by the lack of "political prudence," so that our American Foreign Policy and diplomacy has become one without wisdom.

Order, cleanliness, and prudence are the fundamental things which distinguish civilization from barbarianism. If a people is to enjoy civil liberty, they must first develop habits of self-control among the great body of its members and habits of leadership among a considerable number of them.

The only security a neighborhood has against the misuse of self-control or leadership, lies in the vision and intelligence of its people.

The English people, and the American Southern White were experienced in using the cultural sanction which was necessary among a diverse people. The Northern Whites were ignorant in this field of collective social psychology. Their first great mistake was the Civil War, which was not fought out of a great love for the Black race. After this war, the freed black, through ignorance, inertia, and the freedom he had obtained, was set back for a century in his search for productivity. Today, we find many of him on welfare as free men, rather then the producer he could have become and which he was as a slave. This has made him unhappy and restless.

A people MUST have a vision of what the country needs. This does not include migrants and "free loaders", who are interested only in what they can get for their own well being. To the habit of VISION, I give the word IMAGINATION. To the habit of INTELLIGENCE, the name THINKING.

These were habits the white race learned gradually and painfully over the years in order to be successful. These are habits the blacks MUST learn, if they are to be successful in the modern world.

White culture tolerated a limited number of FREELOADERS, because they were culturally peaceful and confined their socioeconomic interests within the bounds of their respective classes.

But the black represents a special and severe problem in that he recognizes no socioeconomic or class system, by which his problem can be understood by the Caucasian.

The lower black yearns for a social position enjoyed by the upper class blacks and whites who have to struggle for it. Often you will find that blacks who have risen to this "upper class" status, will support the lower class, ignorant blacks in his public demands for equality without working for it.

To teach habits of prudence we must have "private property; private interest;" and SEGREGATION as a guard to this privacy, and the rights of privacy through law.

All Americans MUST have equal protection under the law. But the black does not seek privacy; he seeks "equality - NOW!" The ignorant mind screams WHOLE NIGGER OR NONE!

The easily lead, "lower class" black understands only what his "wolf leaders" want him to understand. If you want to change his understanding, you must first change his leadership.

For teaching habits of VISION, we have the home, school and church; then the press. In most schools, the teachers teach Caucasian thinking. The black teacher teaches Caucasian technical thinking, while often promoting black regulatory thinking. This is because the white way of thinking is foreign to them.

A little investigation will prove that good schools are predominately attended by students from the same culture.

It is very difficult for a black teacher to teach a white child, Caucasian principles. It throws the entire education system out of gear, whether this occurs in the school or church, and when it fails to inspire the students to think for themselves.

Nine people out of ten believe the way to train a child is to impart as much knowledge to him as possible. They often fail to distinguish between possession of information and the ability to use it. No sensible man believes you can train a boy to ride a horse by giving him as many horses as he wants; or that if he had a horse, he would automatically gain the ability to ride. This does not come naturally. He must be willing to take his spills and bumps, in order to learn how to ride.

During the early days of our country, schools taught only a few subjects: the three "R's" - 'Readin, writin', and arithmetic." Some teachers who were capable, added a little grammar, geography and history. But to the modern critic, this curriculum seems poor and bare. Yet with all its poverty and barreness, our grandfathers had two great advantages. In the first place, the child was taught the habit of "hard work." (The Biblical principle of: "He that will not work, shall not eat," - Editor Mohr).

Whether they were writing English, or translating Greek; or solving problems in mathematics, students worked hard with little help from the teacher, and certainly no such modern conveniences as calculators. (In this school of "hardship," sometimes called the "University of Hard knocks," our forefathers formed the habits which enabled them to perform difficult tasks - Editor Mohr).

The white men who formed the nucleus of our early American education, regarded high school and college as the beginning of their education, not the end of it.

For a child who wanted to read, working under a teacher who knew how to read as well as punish, the old education system was the one which made America great. (This was the system which produced STATESMEN, rather than POLITICIANS - Editor Mohr).

A similar system MUST be followed by the black, if he ever expects to reach "equality status."

One of the most pressing problems with blacks is that they want more out of life than they are willing to put into it. You will often find them demanding shorter hours, with less work.

The type of education we had in the eighteenth and nineteenth century taught boys and girls what intelligent work was all about. The type of education which has been developed in the last part of the Nineteenth and the Twentieth Century furnished subjects of human interest in great abundance, but gave its pupils little ideas concerning the hard effort and self-control which was necessary to be a success. Society is not interested in what you know, be you black or white, but in what you do with this knowledge. Society wants verification of information; it wants to see what bearing it will have on the conduct of the individual.

This thinking may cause criticism from the Northern White, who wants to force his Caucasian education on the black, while the black is interested only in what place he can obtain in the economy.

Higher education at public expense should be regarded as a privilege to be earned, not as a right to be abused!

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