Firearms and Freedom!
Part 1 of 2
(Gun Control Means People Control!)
by Lt. Col. Gordon (Jack) Mohr, AUS Ret.

"Then He (Jesus) said unto them (His disciples):". . . he that hath no sword,
let him sell his garment and buy one". Luke 22:36

My first lecture in the fight to protect our 2nd Amendment rights to "keep and bear arms", was made on September 25,1973, in Martin, Tennessee. That was over 23 years ago. I don't remember much about that meeting, but it was the first one in a series of 260 lectures on this subject, which took me into 45 states, Canada and Mexico.

This message is an up-date on that first lecture. As we approach the year 2000, the "turning point" of the 21st Century, it is of more vital importance than ever before, since that is the year that the New World Order adherents say they will enslave all man kind on their Jewish controlled Global Plantation. In the Babylonian Talmud, the religious guide of world Jewry it clearly states: "When our Messiah (the Jewish State rules supreme) every Jew will have 2,000 goyim (a Yiddish word of contempt meaning: "non-Jew animal, you and I) slaves".This slave state can only take over control of mankind, if our American people, especially White Christians, can be. "brainwashed" into accepting government control of our firearms, beginning with registration and culminating in confiscation.

All "stops have been pulled" by the enemy in an all out move, controlled by Zionist interests in Washington, D.C. to bring us under this control. This Jewish control in our Nation's Capitol has become so strong, that according to International Zionist sources, America is now run by Jewish interests, no matter whether Democrats or Republicans are at the wheel. They have been in the "driver's seat", since 1913, when a TRAITOR President and Congress, sold our economy into the hands of the International Banking clique now known as the Federal Reserve Board.

Today International Jewry controls not only our economy, but the media, the entertainment world, the law practice, the medical profession, education, sports, and a large share of the Christian world, who teach their "spell bound listeners;' that these "despoilers of mankind" are God's Chosen People, whom we must honor and support, even as they destroy us!

But in spite of these tremendous odds, which have grown to the point where a high ranking Israeli official could openly and contemptuously say: "We have the best Congress that money can buy". ln spite of the fact that our President has appointed over sixty anti-Christ Jews to high government positions, they cannot be successful until good Americans are first disarmed. This is why we see them expending millions of dollars, nay billions, to convince our people that Gun Control is for our protection and safety.

Our Founding Fathers were not only politicians; first and more important, they were statesmen. (We have not had one worthy of this title in America, since Gen. Douglas MacArthur was smashed by the liberals, because he believed '£there is no substitute for victory", and sought to win the War in Korea, over the objections of the politicians who were even then playing the New World Order game).

These men established this country as a Republic, not the Democracy which has been crammed down our throats for the last fifty years. Today the term we hear used universally is "America is a democracy!" Yet any honest study of history will show that Democracies, are one of the worst forms of government ever developed by mankind, and have never lasted. They always degenerate into dictatorships. The government we have today, is closely akin to Jewish inspired Communist-Socialism!

Today, the men who have been voted into office since 1913, have turned this mighty Constitutional Republic, from a giant among the nations, to a Democrat weakling, then a Welfare State, until today we are tottering on the dangerous edge of totalitarianism, which will be worse than anything we can imagine!

I am honored to be able to present you with these truths. The interest of many of you in our 2nd Amendment rights, in the face of tremendous odds, reminds me of a story I heard one time about a Texan who was visiting the Niagara Falls in Canada. As he watched this majestic natural display of power, a Canadian said to him: "I bet you don't have anything like this in Texas?" To which he replied: "Sure don't, but we got a plumber in Houston who could stop that leak".

So let's take some time and look at the "leak process" in America, which has become a destructive torrent. Today we need "patriotic plumbers", who will stop this leak!

Since I am not trying to win a popularity contest, nor am I running for office, I will be able to tell you the truth. Some of you undoubtedly won't like what I have to say, but it's the truth. I may have to say as the Apostle Paul did to the church at Galatia "Am I therefore to become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?" (Gal. 4:16)

Our situation in America reminds me of another Texas story. It seems that a cowboy was riding across the Panhandle during a blizzard, when he came across a huge rattlesnake that had been frozen in it's coils. For some strange reason he felt sorry for it, and dismounting he placed it inside his fleece lined coat and rode on. When the snake thawed out it bit him and as he died in agony, he said: "Mr. Snake, why did you do that when I was trying to help you?" And the snake replied: "You dumb cowboy, you knew I was a rattlesnake all along!" The moral of the story is that you can't play "patty cake" with a rattlesnake without getting bit!

Our Founding Fathers realized this, for as George Washington once said: "Government is like fire. It can be a good servant, but once out of control it becomes a frightful master". Another of the Founding Fathers said: "because of this we must bind down big government with the chains of the Constitution".

So they set about to establish a government where individual freedoms were given top priority, such as the world had never seen before. They were incorporated into a matchless document which we call the "Bill of Rights". It was added on to the original Constitution, when many of the Founders would not sign it until these freedoms were included. The "Bill of Rights" was designed to protect the American people from a government, which some time in the future, might turn away from being the servant of the people, and attempt to become their master.

It could more properly be called a "Bill of Limitations", for this is what it does to big government. The first nine of it's Amendments say to government: "Thou shalt not! Thou shalt not! Thou shalt not!" then the Tenth says in essence: "Government, if there is anything we forgot in the first nine, you can't do that either, unless we the people give you that right! And this nation truly became a nation, "of the people, by the people, and for the people."

To put teeth into this "Bill of Rights", and protect it and the people from government, the Second Amendment was inserted. This was not for the purpose of giving Americans the right to own guns for hunting, or target practice, but to protect them from a government which got "too big for it's britches!" By adhering to these principles, this country has remained free for over 200 years.

Unfortunately, in our search for a "better way of life", the "American Dream" some call it, many good, Christian Americans have forgotten the purpose of government which is to protect its citizens, not become their nursemaid.

At no place in the Constitution, or in any law of the land, does a city have the right to tell you that you can't build on your own property without a "city permit" or a "building license". In no place does the government have the right to say: "You can't drive on our public highways unless you purchase a driver's license from us". Yet government has usurped these rights and many more. There are certain God given rights which government may not tamper with, yet today, our politicians have thrown the "Bill of Rights" into the garbage can, as they make "rules and regulations" which are designed to control our people and turn them into slaves.

Few Americans realize that the alien plans for the Federal Reserve System which now illegally controls our economy, was hatched in Europe by the International Jewish banking family of the Rothschilds, our 150 years ago, when they made plans for the future control of our economy and the wealth which went with it. This is why there is no possibility of government "balancing the budget", as long as this monstrosity is in place. Our politicians know this, even those who shout the loudest about "balancing the budget!" This foreign element, made up exclusively of alien Jewish bankers, has literally robbed the American people of trillions of dollars in our national wealth, and today is the driving force behind the institution of the Global Plantation which will complete their plans for world slavery.

The great German statesman, Otto Von Bismarck realized this before the War Between the States began and said that an insidious process was in operation in Europe in banking circles (Jewish all of them) to keep America under control, by controlling her economy. "If she is ever allowed to print her own currency, we will never be able to subjugate her," they said.

Nowadays, you are apt to hear some 'jerk" say: "Our Constitution is out of date. It was written for the horse and buggy days, we need to revise it for 21st Century America!" They forget one essential "fact of life", and this is that "Truth is eternal. It never changes!" It does not change from one century to another, no matter whether men like it or not! The interpretations of Congress, or the Supreme Court cannot change the Constitution, for the basic truths are as "self-evident" now, as they were the day the "Bill of Rights" was signed. Today this nation is being destroyed by evil men in public office, who for their own nefarious reasons have discarded the truth of the Constitution.

America's elder statesman in 1776, Benjamin Franklin once said:

"He who values his safety more than he does freedom, deserve neither". Yet in recent years, Americans have been on a "safety binge", and as the result, the "chickens of our evil domestic and foreign policies" are "coming home to roost", and we don't much like what is being hatched.

In 1913, we allowed an alien, foreign power to seize control of our economy, when a traitorous President Woodrow Wilson, while his Jew advisor, Col. Edward Mandel House, and a treasonous Democratic Congress, railroaded the Federal Reserve Act into law, and our economy became subservient to alien interests.

Today our national debt is controlled by eight privately owned banks, who control the Federal Reserve. They are above the law and do not answer either to the President, Congress, or the American people. Here are the banks which control our economy:

1 - Rothschild Bank of London and Berlin;
2 - Lazard Brothers Bank of Paris;
3 - Israel Moses Seif Bank of Italy;
4 - Warburg Bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam;
5 - Lehman Brothers Bank of New York;
6 - Kuehn-Loeb Bank of New York;
7 - Chase Manhattan (Rockefeller's) Bank of New York, and
8 - Goldman Sacs Bank of New York
These banks are all owned by International Jewish bankers. They control our economy and national debt. Our National Debt can never be paid, as long as these vultures control our economy. They are also the "driving force", behind the New World Slave Order.

So as Americans have searched for the "easy way - the good life", we have become a lazy, greedy, backsliding people and nowhere is this more evident than in our churches. Most pastors love to talk about the "goodies" folks can get from God, and tell of all the blessings they will receive if you support their particular ministry, but we hear precious little about our responsibilities to God and our fellow men. We are beset with the Oral Roberts Syndrome: "Something good is going to happen to you today, IF you support my ministry!"

Because of this attitude, good people, Christian people, have been hiding in their comfortable, spiritual foxholes, waiting for Jesus to handle the dirty work He gave them to do, and the battle rages outside and the enemy gets ready to take over.

The Prophet Jeremiah explains this in (5:31) - "A wonderful and horrible thing is committed in the land; the prophets (preachers) prophesy (preach) falsely, and the priests (politicians) bear rule by their means, and my people love to have it so. What will ye do in the end thereof?"

How can you possibly protect a people who are willing to allow the enemy to run their lives? It's impossible! Yet it is being attempted in this country.

No group in America has been more negligent than those of us who call ourselves Christian. I can say this because I am one of this group! Instead of being front-line soldiers", in the battle which rages for our souls and our freedom, we have been cowering in our spiritual foxholes asking God to save us from the results of our own apathy. According to Isaiah 59:2, God does not even hear the prayers of many so-called Christians. He most certainly does not answer those who are in DISOBEDIENCE to Him!

Instead of a battle cry coming from the Christian church, we have heard the whining excuse: "You can't allow the church to have influence over the State". Or as one woman told me, when I was lecturing on Gun Control in Minneapolis a few years ago: "Colonel, I believe everything you said tonight, but I'm born again, you know, and I don't have to worry about things like that. Jesus will come back and rapture me away before it gets all that bad!" Talk about being wrapped in a sheet of self-righteousness, that old sister was wrapped in a shroud and didn't know it!

Christians for the most part in 1997, have become the "salt which has lost it's savor", it's ability to halt corruption, and Jesus said in Matt. 5:13, that when this happens they are good for nothing but the "garbage heap!"

If you want proof of this, answer the question, if you can, why with 50-million "born again" Christians in America, we are headed for hell faster today than at any time in our history? Something is obviously wrong! In Jeremiah 23:22, we are told that if the preachers of the land would preach the "whole counsel" of God's Word, the people would "turn from their evil way, and from the evil of their doing". This hasn't happened, which indicates to me that something is sadly lacking in the preaching coming from our churches, even those that are growing the fastest.

We have become like the woman I heard about who had been mugged and raped in Central Park New York. A man found her laying on the ground, bleeding from her wounds. He said: "Shall I call the police!" to which she replied: "No don't! I don't want to become involved!"

Our danger in America at this time is not from Communist Jews, or radical aliens, although they have certainly added to our problems. The major danger we face comes from White Christian people who have been elevated to positions of trust in our government, and have betrayed this trust! And to the good people who have allowed them to get by with their treason! The JEWS and ALIENS are not the CAUSE, they are the EFFECT of our DISOBEDIENCE to God. If you want scriptural confirmation for this, read Deuteronomy 28.

We all know that when a public official takes an oath of office, many times with their hand on the Holy Bible, they say they will "protect this country from all enemies, both without and within, and will bear true allegiance to our Constitution". Many of them are not doing this! Instead, they do what is "politically expedient, and which gets them the biggest reward".

A Jewish rabbi named Cohen, from the YESHIVA, the Jewish Seminary in New York City, recently said: "We (Jews) now control America through the governmental powers that we have usurped. They are our slaves, but first we must make them fearful and anxious. They must become willing to give up their Constitutional Rights in exchange for promises of safety and security. We (Jews) are fighting against time. The patriots and some Christians are getting too close to the truth". We cannot allow this to happen. They will begin by voting our allies out of office." This is what has happened since World War II.

How far will you Christians go in defending these enemies of God and your Savior? Is it because you do not understand the depth of hatred they have for your Savior and for all of you who go by the name of Christian? Why are you willing to engage in national suicide?"

Cohen went on to explain how Jews, numbering less than 4% of the population could control the country. He said: "It is easy! We control the media, the newspapers and the magazines, the wire services, the TV and entertainment. We are free to make the 'goyim' of America, think what we want them to think! As they think, so will they do! How can they not believe, when a thousand identical fingers all point to the same accusation? We have already enslaved their minds, and they do not realize it. But I warn you, we MUST not allow them to learn the truth, for if they wake up, we are finished"!

Now I realize that those of you who read this, and come from a Judeo-Christian church will find these facts hard to accept, since you have had pounded down your throats, the falsehood that Jesus was a Jew and that the Jews are God's Chosen People. This in spite of the fact that your Savior definitely said otherwise. (See John 10:26), where He told their leaders': "But ye BELIEVE NOT, because ye are NOT OF MY SHEEP," (emphasis mine), or Matt. 23:15, where He accused them of turning their converts into "two-fold more a child of hell than yourselves". Hardly a criteria for God's Chosen!

Cohen continues: "Like the animals they are, the 'goyim' can be dangerous to us. Fortunately for us, we have ensconced in the White House, the greatest friend the Jews have ever had, President Clinton. He has been of great benefit to us and will be rewarded and he knows this!"

To prove this, notice how Clinton has appointed to high government positions over 60 anti-Christ Jews, although he professes to be a Christian.

You may ask: "Why have you brought the Jews into this discussion. I thought you were speaking on Gun Control?" The reason, as any thinking person should be able to see, is that Jewish influence in America, is foremost in every effort to destroy White Christian civilization. They openly boast of it! This MUST begin by DISARMING us. The idea that out there somewhere, are men and women who love God, their own people, their country and their family; that they are armed and willing to fight for these things, is something their narrow souls can't comprehend and it "scares hell out of them!" Don't argue with me about the Jews and what they have done to harm America, look at the names of those who have been found guilty of treason against America; those who back every evil thing which is destroying our moral foundations, and you will find a preponderance of Jewish names. I'm not responsible for the fact that they are Jews, I'm just telling you the truth about it! You can reject the truth, and take the consequences of becoming slaves. That's your right! But how will you explain it to your children sometime in the future, if you are still alive, and more important, what will you say when you stand before God?

Under the present corrupt political system, we see men who have proven by their actions to be TRAITORS against this country and it's people, as they have been voted into office term after term by blinded voters, as long as they bring financial "goodies" to their constituents. The cry is no longer "What is good for America!" It has become, 'What is good for me and mine!"

Many years ago, a noted historian said: 'Treason doth prosper; what's the reason? For when treason prospers, none dare call it treason". Today TREASON is prospering in America and Christian people are allowing it to happen!

I can't think of a better example then that of Robert "Strange" McNamara, who was Secretary of Defense during the Vietnam War years. Recently he has written a book, which is making him millions, in which he openly admits that he knew we were wrong in going into Vietnam, but that for "political reasons", he remained silent. The media has praised him for having the courage to admit he was wrong, when in any decent society he would have been tried for TREASON, and executed as the TRAITOR he was!

Where are the cries of outrage from the loved one's of the more than 50,000 Americans who died in a war fought for political expediency? They have been quieted by the falsehoods published in the Jewish controlled media, and often from their own church.

The same thing that happened in Vietnam, has taken place in Panama, Desert Storm, Haiti, Somalia and now in Bosnia, and will very possibly take place in the Middle East soon, in a big war, as we defend the anti-Christ's of the Israeli, against those they have persecuted? When will our Christian people have the courage to say to our government: "This is enough! This is as far as we will allow you to go!" Instead the Judeo-Christian preachers will pontificate on Romans 13, and tell their people how Christians MUST obey their government, even when it is anti-Christian!

Today, as TREASON has become profitable in that "cesspool of iniquity on the Potomac" that we call our Nation's Capitol, many elected officials have opted for a giant socialist bureaucracy which controls our people from the "cradle to the grave", and which is leading them into One World slavery!

The purpose of this message is to analyze one very important part of this conspiracy, which is designed for ultimate control over all mankind. It is popularly referred to as GUN CONTROL! I am going to use this subject as the jumping off point, into an even more important subject, which might be titled "People Control!"


There is no area in American politics, where more bureaucratic pressure has been exerted, than on Gun Control! Over a 100 years ago, the internationally famous lawyer, Frederic Bastiat said:

Each of us has the natural right from God, to defend his person, his liberty, and his property. These are the three basic requirements of life; the preservation of any of them, is completely dependent on the other two".

Civilized laws, during the 6,000 years of written history have been based on this premise. It was the idea our forefathers had in mind, when on a foggy day, June 15,1215, in a place called Runnymeade, England, they gathered, sword in hand and demanded these liberties from the despotic King John. This became known as the Magna Carta, and was the basis of our Constitution. It was with this same idea in mind, the framers of our Constitution wrote the 2nd Amendment, giving the PEOPLE the means to protect themselves against a despotic government. Notice it's specific wording: 'The right of the PEOPLE (not the National Guard, or the Militia, but the people) to KEEP and BEAR Arms, shall not be INFRINGED". (This means it may not be tampered with by government, at any level, for any reason). They wanted future generations to be sure of it's meaning, that this RIGHT belonged solely to the PEOPLE, and that it was given by God Himself! The 2nd Amendment was not given to protect our hunting rights, or our rights to belong to some Shooting Club, it was designed as a final protection against a government which turned from being the "servant" of the people and attempted to become it's "master" . . . Thus, this is the principle reason we MUST retain this right!

We know the plans of the International Zionist gangsters are to control the world, for they have told us so plainly. This was the major purpose behind International Communism, which was the "brainchild of Zionism".

We know this, for Jewish sources, such as their leading newspapers have bragged about it. This was the force which has been responsible for the horrible deaths of over 100 million people, including millions of Christians who are always the main object of their hatred.

Since they have not been able to finance a big war since World War II, which they feel will be necessary to control us, they have done it by insidiously inserting their agents within our government, our media, our education system and many of our Judeo-Christian churches. Our main danger today, is not from Moscow, or Beijing, but from Washington, D.C., New York City, and Jerusalem.

Rabbi Cohen stated: "Although we Jews make up less than 4% of the U.S. population, sixty percent of President Clinton's political appointees have been our people. We now control the Supreme Court, national judges, Ambassadorships, the F.B.I., the C.I.A., and the B.A.T.F. We now control America's governmental powers which we have usurped. Our first task is to make Americans fearful and anxious. They must be willing to give up their Constitutional rights in exchange for our promises of safety and security".

What we see happening in America is nothing new. It is a repeat of history as seen over the centuries.

A vile, wicked man is elected to the highest office in the land, by a Constitutional vote of a free people in a democratic country. This ungodly schemer, realizes that only a dramatic act of chaotic evil will catapult him towards dictatorial power. Therefore, this national leader orders the destruction of a Federal building, not caring about innocent lives which may be lost.

In a brilliant diabolical move, he blames the fiery carnage on his enemies, in this case Christian Patriots, and cleverly inflames the public against them via the media.

Then he orders law enforcement to become involved and hundreds, nay thousands of innocent men and women are swept up in the government net. Most of these will be Christians who have refused to bow their knee to his evil desires. He has his minions plant evidence to frame these people and then smugly announces over national TV that "I am doing this' to protect you," and the "brainwashed" simpletons, sitting before their TV "boob tube", proclaim him a hero, and re-elect him for another four years of chaos. Not realizing that this time it may end in slavery and death!

Actually he is fulfilling the prediction Jesus made in John 16:2, when He said: "They will put you out of the synagogues (meeting places); yea, the time cometh, when whosoever killeth you (true Christians), will think he doeth God service". So through use of the controlled media, the general public is inflamed against the Christian Patriots, who are really the only people who care about the future of America. The others have already proved they do not care by their apathy!

As acts of planned government terrorism escalate, people will agree to give up more and more freedoms, until one day they find themselves trapped in world slavery.

The national leader will explain to his people via TV and the media, that respect for his government MUST be the prime objective of the day and wide-spread legislation will be passed by a subservient Congress. Anyone who opposes the leader's plans will be classified as a "hate monger" and a danger to humanity. "We MUST purge the nation of this evil," will be his cry! His first act will be to take firearms out of the hands of the good citizens who just might oppose him. "Why do good citizens need firearms"? he will say. 'The government will protect them". (Sort of like having a fox guard the chicken coop.)

Then, once disarmed, the plans for enslaving the people can go forward, as his world masters have planned all along.

Unfortunately, the people who should be in the forefront of the fight to preserve freedom and our right to keep and bear arms", the Christian ministry, will be in the forefront of the effort to appease the anti-Christ in charge of government, and thus maintain their "tax free" status. They will trumpet the planned message that Christians MUST never use force, no matter what the provocation, even though the Apostle Paul tells us in I Timothy 5:8 "If any PROVIDE not for his own, and especially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel". The English word PROVIDE, comes from the Greek PRONEO, which literally means: "to look out for beforehand", which most certainly would include their protection. This is what this message is all about. Your Christian duty to protect your family, your nation, and your freedom!

I was made aware of the "pacifist" position of the National Council of Churches many years ago. (It has now infested most of the Judeo-Christian churches). I was debating a United Methodist minister on a Minneapolis Radio Station on the Gun Control issue when he said: 'The only reason you would want a gun is that you intend to kill someone".

My answer was: "A statement like that doesn't deserve an answer, but I'm going to give you one anyway. I have a gun for the same reason I keep a fire extinguisher in my house, I don't expect the place to catch on fire, but it sure would be nice to have if it ever did!"

When I asked him what he would do, if someone broke into his home and threatened his wife and daughter with rape. He replied: "I wouldn't do anything if it meant using violence!" My reply was: "You are beneath the contempt of a decent man!" A man who has this attitude shouldn't be considered as a man, no matter how religious he may be!The Judeo-Christian crowd love to quote Christ when in His Sermon on the Mount, He said: "Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them that despitefully use you, and persecute you". Jesus spoke these words, yes He did! But I have found that most of them, including their pastors don't really mean them. When I broke away from the Judeo-Christian philosophy in 1980, and began to preach the truth about Judaism, (I didn't change my doctrinal teaching), they descended on me like a "hawk on a June bug," and torn me into bits, calling me names such as "apostate", "hate monger", "anti-Semite", and worse. Yet in the years which have passed, not one of these ministers who used to be my friends, has ever tried to show me where I was wrong. They avoid me as though I had the plague! So much for "love your enemies".

But these same preachers are not honest enough with their people to go further than this verse which deals with treatment of personal enemies, to show you what the Word says about the enemies of God.

lf these ministers were honest, they would study the meaning of the word ENEMY, and find that it has two meanings. There is an enemy in the "national or racial" sense. The Jews are such an enemy to White Christianity in particular, by their own open admission. The Christian soldier has the obligation to defend himself, his loved one's and his country against such an enemy. Then there is the enemy of God, which the Bible speaks about in 2 Chronicles 12:10 ". . . shouldest thou help the ungodly? and love them that hate the Lord? therefore is wrath upon thee from before the Lord". (This is what you do when you support Judaism in any way!) Then there are David's words in Ps. 139:21, 22 - "Do not I hate them, O Lord, that hate Thee? and am not I grieved with them that rise up against Thee, I hate them with a perfect hatred; I count them as my enemies". This is the kind of HATRED, all true Christians should have. Yet in over sixty years in a Judeo-Christian church, I can never remember hearing either of these two passages read, to say anything about having sermons preached on them.

Then there is the personal enemy that Paul speaks about in Romans 12:10, when he said: "If thine enemy hungers, feed him, and if he thirsts, give him drink!" From the context of this verse, we know he is speaking about the Christian or racial brother who may be at odds with us. He goes on to say that we should be willing to suffer loss, rather than to take a Christian brother into court, and thus bring disgrace to His Kingdom Movement.

Nowhere, in either Old or New Testament, are God's followers told to "turn the other cheek" to evil men who seek to harm them, their family, or their country. This is what the "gun banners" want you to do! Over and over in the Old Testament, we have examples of men who used violence to save their own people. (Read about it in Genesis 14).

Looking back on the more than half a century I spent in the Judeo-Christian church, I can never remember a sermon preached on Luke 22:35, 36. This incident took place during what we now call the Last Supper. Jesus was discussing His departure, and His return to set up His Kingdom. He reminded them how He had sent them out to preach the Kingdom message and how they had gone unprepared, yet they lacked nothing. Then He makes this significant statement: "BUT NOW," (this indicates a change has been made), "but now, he that hath no sword (weapon of defense), let him sell his garment and buy one". What did He mean? This was as much an order as when He said: "Go into all the world and preach the Gospel!" He was telling them that they were going into a hostile world, which would attempt to destroy them, so "be prepared, buy a sword"! There is no indication that He ever changed this order, so I tell you Christians today, His word is still "Be armed and prepared to defend your Christian heritage", against evil men.

It should be pointed out at this place, that our "freedoms were not bought and paid for at Valley Forge". That was only the "down payment" on the account. In order to remain free, we MUST make payments on our freedom in every generation.

You see these rights, were given to us as a precious heritage, purchased with blood, suffering, and tears.

It may have been those women who stood behind the muzzles of the Revolutionary War cannon, and serviced them, when their men were shot down. It may have been your great-grandfather or grandmother, who trudged beside a Conestoga wagon across the prairies with a Bible under one arm, and a rifle under the other.

These rights were purchased at the Battle of the Marne in World War I; our men fought for them at Bastogne, during World War II; at the Chosen Reservoir in Korea in 1951 and during the Tet offensive in Vietnam. (We did not fight for them in Desert Storm, or now in Bosnia).

Today, if you want to see the direction our government officials are taking, get a copy of State Department Book Publication 7277, titled: FREEDOM FROM WAR (The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament). As you read this, you will understand why our Armed Forces now serve under United Nations Control, and why it is impossible for us to fight a war in defense of America, without U.N. approval.

What is the best way for our enemies to bring about "complete and general disarmament"? Common sense dictates that it must begin through individual gun control and confiscation of firearms in the hands of those who may be willing to use them against a "rogue government".

It always begins with "gun registration", followed by "gun confiscation", as surely as day follows night. Don't ever let the gun control folks tell you differently!

This is what folks like Sarah Brady, and President Clinton seek. Even the liberals who take little interest in the subject, recognize this!

I have before me, as I write, an Editorial from the Tyler, Texas TELEGRAPH, for Sept. 21,1996, which takes a realistic look at "gun control", as taken from a recent article in the liberal Los Angeles Examiner. After stating that he did not own a gun, and did not like hunting, this writer from a major California newspaper said: "In spite of this, I am unequivocally opposed to additional gun laws". Quoting from his column titled THE BRADY GUN LAW IS RIDICULOUS, Donald G. Smith, states that he does not belong to the National Rifle Association. He goes on to say: "There are anti-gun activists crisscrossing the country at every hour, day and night, spewing forth the erroneous message that new gun laws are needed to cut down on crime.

"They won't! It is a matter of record that New York City, and the District of Columbia have the toughest gun laws in the nation. Yet a person is more apt to be mowed down in either of these enclaves than in any other political sub-division in the world.

"This should tell the anti-gun activists something, but apparently it hasn't registered. It is notable that the 1994 Brady Gun Law, for all it's waiting period, all it's background checks and noble intentions, has had no effect on crime whatsoever. It represents only a lot of huffing and puffing for no apparent reason.

"The crux of all this anti-gun activity lies in the inexplicable mind set of the American liberal, which deals with any problem by

(1) appropriating money;
(2) by forming a committee, or;
(3) by passing a new law.
"In the case of guns, the liberal has chosen the latter option and believes that by passing more laws (notice closely now) all guns will disappear, along with all gun related problems.

"What they choose to overlook is the obvious reality that criminals don't give beans about the law, which is why they are criminals in the first place. Waiting periods and background checks serve little purpose because they only apply to people who normally keep the law.

"The anti-gun activists seem to be unaware that guns do not wear out, spoil, or disintegrate. A turn-of-the-century vintage Springfield rifle, or a Colt handgun, if properly maintained, is as fine a weapon now, as when it was manufactured.

"If no guns were manufactured anywhere on earth, effective immediately, we would still have enough firearms on hand to supply the criminal population for the next millennium.

"The answer to the problem, which those with a left leaning tilt refuse to face, is to focus their energies on the users, not on their weapons. We have enough gun laws now, so the obvious answer is to go after the people who violate these laws. Anyone who uses a gun in the commission of a crime, should receive an automatic life sentence. The problem lies not with the weapon, but with the person who shoots or threatens someone else.

"Anyone with half a brain cell working, can be taught to make a lethal weapon out of a piece of pipe in about fifteen minutes. Of course, this activity is illegal, but that means nothing to the criminal. We can stop the criminal in his tracks, by cracking down on him, rather on the tools he uses: "Maybe if we could get judges to use existing laws, we would see a reduction in crime." (UNQ.)

Undoubtedly there will be screams from the liberals, who will say: "What about the poor fellow who steals from a grocery store to get food for his hungry family. Should he be put away for life?" Yes, if he is armed when he commits the crime. He is saying by his actions in being armed, "I am going to take away your property and if you try and stop me, I'll kill you if necessary". It's as though he had already done this!

How unfortunate it is, to see good, often Christian people, as they compromise with evil and evil men and are willing to give up their "God given rights" for a little momentary security. Few of these are willing to look into the future and see the results of their cowardice, to their children or grandchildren.

After extensive travel and speaking before thousands of people across America, for the past thirty years, my opinion of the average American is pretty low. I have found that the majority, if you give them a comfortable home to live in, three square meals a day, a nice car to drive, a TV set, and a six pack of beer, they will sit comfortably before the "boob tube", and let the country "go to hell," without a whimper! How very sad to see our nation drop to this level!

These are aided by the "faint-hearts" in our Judeo-Christian churches, especially those who stand behind their pulpits, who point trembling fingers at gun owners and say: "Isn't it terrible, so many Americans killed by guns every year. Wouldn't you be willing to give up your gun, if it would save a life?" Yet these same "fools", refuse to look at historical records, which show that in nations which have been disarmed by their own government, for their "own good, no doubt," they have been murdered by the hundreds of millions, including millions who go by the name of Christian.

When was the last time your preacher told you about the millions of Christians who have been murdered by Judeo-Communism? Has he ever! I'd be willing to wager most of them love to harp on the so-called Jewish Holocaust of World War II!

If the time ever comes, when decent Americans are willing to assume the status of slaves on the Global Plantation of International Zionism, then there is nothing that can save them from their stupidity. Slavery, my friends, will be the consequences of moral cowardice!

It would be well for our people to remember that every country which has been taken over by Communism with the cooperation of it's politicians, educators and pastors, traitors all, have taught their people: "It's better to be Red than dead!" and in all these countries, they and their families have been the first to be liquidated!

A few years ago, after President Nixon returned from his pilgrimage to Moscow, he suddenly dropped all references to the "evil Empire" which has been the proper term for the Communist countries. Suddenly he told Gorbachev: "We are now your friends!"

Was President Nixon so lacking in intelligence, that he could not understand, that a Christian nation cannot compromise with atheistic, God hating nations such as the Communist countries, and, yes, the Israelis, and come out in the "driver's seat"?

Has our national leadership become so immoral and lacking in plain old fashioned "guts", that we cannot see that Socialism, Communism and Zionism come from the same "rotten barrel", and are all "brainchildren" of lnternational Zionism which has murdered millions of our Christian brethren?

While we have been told by the media that Communism is dead, a little study will show that they merely cleverly changed their name, while their idea of world conquest is still alive and well in the Zionist World Movement, as taught in their religious book the Babylonian Talmud. Socialism creeps in quietly through the ballot box. It seduces its people into believing that guns and gun owners are evil and that Big Government will protect them, when in reality it is their worst enemy. It is like a man with cancer. He may live comfortably for years, until one day, he wakes up with unbearable pain and his doctor tells him: "It's too late! If you had come to me six months ago, I might have stopped it. Now you have six months to live!", and he sends him home to die in agony.

History proves over and over again that you cannot compromise with evil, and come out in the "driver's seat", either as a nation or an individual. It always destroys you in the end. We have 6,000 years of written history to prove this. Yet as the great Athenian philosopher said: "Men are blind as stone, and deaf as mud", to this truth!

I remember hearing a story of two lady school teachers who were on their vacation in the Middle West, when they stopped at a large city Zoo. To their amazement they found a cage containing a huge, fierce, black maned African lion and a little lamb. They asked a zookeeper: "Sir, how do you get the lion and Iamb to get along so peacefully?" To which he smiled and replied: "It's easy, ladies. All we have to do is replace the Iamb every two or three days". This is always the result of "detente" with the enemy.

Have our national leaders been so "brainwashed" in liberal detergent, (which is a mind washing solution made up of an ounce of fact dissolved in a gallon of hogwash), that they refuse to see the danger we face? When their leaders speak words to the effect: "We will make the Christians believe we want to be their friends. We will do this through the biggest peace offensive the world has ever seen, and the Christians, stupid and decadent, will leap at the chance to be our friends. They will be willing to cooperate in their own destruction. Then when their guard is down, and they have gone to sleep, we will smash them with our clenched first". (This thought came from Dmitri Manualisky, in 1949, when he was Under-Secretary of Military and Political Affairs in the United Nations).

It echoes the statement of Gus Hall (Hallberg) the perennial head of the Communist Party, U.S.A. when he said: "I will live to see the day when the last congressman is strangled with the guts of the last preacher. The Christians love blood so much, they are always singing about it. We will give them all the blood they can stand, as we cut the throats of their children, and drag them across the altar rails of their churches. May the parents drown in the blood of their own children". This is the enemy we face so blithely, and with such little Christian concern!!

When Gorbachev visited America a few years ago, according to their official newspaper, PRAVDA, on his return he told the Russian people: "I went to America and diddled President Reagan and the American people and we have them where we want them now". Then came the apparent collapse, and what appeared to be the "break up" of the Communist Empire. Yet with enough guided missiles in their armory to destroy the Free World, and still under control of men who hate Christian America, we have been "force fed" the information that they are no longer a danger to the Free World. Yet every one of these "breakaway" nations are governed by "hardnosed Communist Jews", who hate the West. They are now rearming with aggressive weapons, three times faster than we are. In the past five years we have not built a nuclear sub, while they are producing two per quarter, all superior to what we have now. While we have not floated a nuclear carrier in five years, they are building two per year. They do not build these aggressive weapons unless they intend to use them. Yet gullible Americans, led by the compromisers in Washington, D.C., are spending billions each year to sup-port these enemies and keep them economically strong. We have done it since World War II .While spending billions in defense against this so-called enemy, on at least fourteen major occasions, when they were on the verge of economic collapse, our leaders set them up again, using our tax dollars.

Have we been deliberately duped by the enemy? or do we have TRAITORS in Washington, D.C.?

Over 100 years ago, Supreme Court Justice was quoted as saying: "If the people frame a Constitution, the rulers must obey it. Neither rulers nor functionaries . . . have the right to cripple or destroy it, because according to their view, it is inconvenient, or unwise". Yet this has been done, and the Supreme Court which should be it's guardian, has been foremost in destroying it!

In "Le cesspoole Grande", sometimes called Washington, D.C., many of our leaders have become traitors to the real concept of Americanism and refuse to follow the ideals laid down by our Founding Fathers. They follow the concept: "When treason prospers, none dare call it treason!"

Unfortunately, many of our government servants have found means of making TREASON profitable, as they have done, and are doing business with our enemies, both in Vietnam and China.

A few years ago, when a highly decorated Vietnam veteran turned in information to Washington implicating high ranking officials in the dope trade, he was told to "keep your mouth shut!" When he refused, he came under government persecution. I had the same thing happen to me in Korea, when I turned over State Department documents which came into my possession after Ambassador Muccio left Korea and I was sent to search the State Department building in Seoul. I sent these to Sen. William Knowland, (R-CA) who was head of the Armed Forces Committee. He told me later than when he insisted that an investigation be brought against Ambassador Muccio, liberal Democrats in the Senate began a campaign of harassment which drove him from the Senate. You can imagine what happened to me, when high officials found that a mere First Lieutenant had gone above their heads and "jumped the chain of command".

Today, in the Armed Forces, as in the rest of the government, it is not "What is right!" But what is expedient! Do what your superiors tell you to do, and no questions asked! The very thing we prosecuted German soldiers for doing in World War II. I can no longer, in clear conscience advise a young man to enter the military, as he will no doubt be putting his life in jeopardy for the United Nations, and could very possibly be expected to harass his own people. It sickens me to see where young men have to be promised a college education to enter the service. There was a time when Americans did this for love of country and American principles!! We were making $21.00 a month in those days, when we put our life on the line!

The twin bulwarks of civilization have always been "individual responsibility", coupled with "individual freedom!" The two go hand in hand. If men are to remain free, they must be willing to protect ALL freedoms, not just those which appeal to them.

If for instance you believe in "freedom of speech", and you should, but have little use for firearms; if you allow the government the right to take away my Second Amendment rights, it will only be a matter of time until they take away your First Amendment rights. It has always been thus! The reason for this should be obvious. All our freedoms are so closely tied together and woven into the fabric of our well being, that if you destroy one, you begin a deterioration process which will destroy all of them.

The very opening words of the Declaration of Independence proves that our Founding Fathers understood this when they said: "Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and translucent reasons; accordingly, all experience shows that mankind are more disposed to suffer while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing forms to which they are accustomed." (NOTICE CAREFULLY NOW!) "But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same end, evince the design to reduce them under absolute despotism; IT IS THEIR RIGHT; NAY, IT IS THEIR DUTY, to throw off such a government, and provide new safeguards for their future security".

This was the basis on which the War for Independence was fought! We are very close to this same "stage of despotism" with the Clinton Administration now!

It was for this principle of freedom that men and women have died and are even today being imprisoned. Men like Gordon Kahl, who are regarded as criminals by the alien government in Washington, but who in reality were Christian Patriots who loved their country and were willing to speak out for our rights, even when they knew they would be censored and persecuted!

If Patrick Henry had been alive in 1997, he would have been referred to by the controlled media as a "seditionist, a hate monger, an anti-America!" For surely, on the basis of his stand in an earlier day, he would take a stand against the DICTATORSHIP which is being formed in our Nation's Capitol.

Benjamin Franklin would be labeled as an "anti-Semitic, hate monger" for "spilling the beans" about the part played by International Zionism in this TREASON!

It was a patriot who stood before that First Continental Congress, as they trembled in indecision. John Hancock had given a stirring speech counseling loyalty to the King. At this, John Adams, rose, and pointing his finger at Hancock, he spoke these words which have come ringing down to us through the corridors of history: "Is life so dear, and peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, 'Give me liberty or give me death"'! He sat down to thunderous applause, and the Declaration of Independence was signed without a dissenting vote.

Yet today, we see signs of an internal decay, which can only lead to defeat and slavery. Millions of Americans are now beginning to remember Adam's words, and more will as the noose tightens around our throats! The question is, will we do anything to stop it?

This same spirit caused Davy Crockett of Tennessee, to march over a thousand torturous miles, with a band of frontiersmen to a place in Texas called the Alamo in 1836, to fight beside the Texans in a hopeless fight against overwhelming odds! When he arrived, they asked him: "Davy, why did you come here? This is not your fight!:" and he replied: "we have made it our fight!" Why? Because he knew that if freedom died in Texas, it would only be a matter of time until it died in Tennessee. This is a principle we better learn to recognize, if we wish to survive!

If the bureaucratic monstrosity we call our government can murder a patriot's wife and son in Idaho, and over 80 men, women and children in Waco, Texas, on a pretense of wrong doing, then they can do the same thing to you, if you have the courage to stand up to them and say "NO"!

If parents can be jailed in Missouri, for refusing to send their children to a government run school, where they will be taught the false religion of Secular Humanism instead of love and obedience to God, if these parents can be sent to prison for standing up for their rights, then it can happen to you in Florida, or New York.

A man many admired during World War II, once said: "If you will not fight when you can easily win without bloodshed (and this most American Christians, by their actions refuse to do); if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may arrive at a moment when you will have to fight with all odds against you, and you have only a precarious chance of survival". I wish this message could be trumpeted from the pulpit of every church in America. We are now in this precarious position, which is the major reason we MUST NOT GIVE UP OUR GUNS at any cost!

I have before me as I write, a law which was approved by the State Legislature of Oklahoma and signed by it's governor on May 11, 1990. It went into effect on January 1, 1991. It requires all citizens to present to the tax assessor, on a yearly basis, a detailed inventory of all personal property, including jewelry, guns, and personal items, etc. If the tax payer refuses to do this, the tax assessor is authorized to obtain a search warrant and go into a private home and make the inventory himself. In fact the law specifically states: "At least once, every four years, the assessor MUST inspect all real property in the State". This did not take place in some communist "gulag", but in the conservative state of Oklahoma. I have no idea if it is being carried out. But if such a draconian law can be passed in Oklahoma, it can be passed in your state, unless you take steps to stop it. The old saying is still true: "All that is necessary for evil to succeed, is for good men and women to do nothing!"

This is something that Christians need to learn, before they have their right to worship God, taken from them. Lawmaking is headed in this direction!

If we could get Christians to spend half as much time fighting against evil, as they do in in-fighting among themselves over some point of doctrine, we could win this war! We need to remember the words of Benjamin Franklin when he told the Continental Congress: "Gentlemen, the time has come, when we will either hang together, or we will hang separately!"

Tyranny is never stopped by appeasement! You can't "plea bargain with tyranny". It needs men and women with "enough fire in their souls, to raise a little smoke once in a while". We must either learn to work and fight together, or face a horrible end in some Zionist concentration camp. This is their plan!

I have now finished my introduction, and I hope have laid the foundation to discuss FIREARMS AND FREEDOM - Gun Control Always Means People Control!

I am going to approach this important subject from a different angle than most, since I will not use many statistics. I have noticed that most folks forget figures as soon as they leave a meeting. I have also noted that the saying is true: "While figures never lie; liars are often clever in using twisted figures to prove their point".

A prime example took place a few years ago during a Congressional hearing on Gun Control, held by liberal Senator Birch Bayh from Indiana. His star witness was Sen. Ted Kennedy, the "hero of Chappiquiddy". Mr. Kennedy testified under oath, that 32,900 Americans had been killed the preceding year by guns in the hands of civilians, and that since 1900, over 750,000 Americans had been slaughtered by civilian gun fire, more than in all the wars this nation has ever fought.

These are impressive figures and are even more interesting when we see how he came up with them: He took the FBI statistics for people who had died in the preceding year by gun shot wounds, including murder, manslaughter, suicide and accidents, and lumped them under "gun killings". Then because these cities represented approximately half the national population, he merely doubled them. One does not have to be very brilliant to see where these would not be accurate, for we know that urban areas have a much higher death rate from gunshot wounds than rural areas.

No one was able to figure where "Teddy Boy" came up with the 750,000 killed since 1900, since records on gun deaths have only been kept on a national level since 1932.

Listen to his closing argument: "The force of argument against guns is simply a fresh corpse every day. How far must deaths from civilian gunfire go, before the public decides against guns? A disarmament pact is needed among American civilians, which will stem the flow of blood caused by guns in the hands of Americans".

One does not have to be brilliant to understand that Senator Kennedy was deliberately making a misleading statement in which he was attempting to ascribe all gun deaths to law abiding citizens. This is simply an outright lie! The percentage of gun deaths at the hands of law abiding Americans is extremely low and when we take a close look at the Senator's statement, we can see that he doesn't "lie any better than he swims".

The last FBI Uniform Crime Report I have is ten years old. It was made in 1987. With over 200-million firearms in the hands of American civilians, less than .015% were ever used in the commission of a crime. 99.85% were not so used. Only .002% of the long guns (rifles and shotguns) and less than .018% of the handguns were ever used in committing a crime. These official figures should give you a pretty good clue as to who the culprits are, and it's not the law abiding citizen against whom the gun laws are aimed.

The Jewish controlled media has been especially obnoxious in putting out deliberate misinformation. It comes to the public through big name broadcasters like Peter Jennings, Sam Donaldson, Dan Rather, and others. It comes though the Zionist controlled newspapers and magazines. They have been lying to us for over ten years. They have told us that 80% of the American people are in favor of gun laws, when experiences in liberal states such as California and Massachusetts, have seen the people rejecting them, often by a heavy margin.

When the California Chairman of A.P.R.A. (American Pistol and Rifle Association) wrote to the networks requesting the source of their information, he was referred to the New York Times, which is probably one of the most prejudiced anti-gun sources in the country.

Gun control has been a "hot issue" and is bound to get hotter. For total control of our people by the New World Order, cannot take place, as long as 100-million Americans are armed and ready to defend their God given rights.

As a result, the "mattoids" in our government, and those above them who hand down the orders have been working on a long range plan which will eventually disarm civilians if it is successful. When this happens, "goodbye to freedom, and welcome to the Zionist Global Slave Plantation". For this reason alone, we MUST NOT ALLOW ANYONE TO TAKE OUR GUNS, FOR ANY REASON!

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