Part 2 of 2
(Gun Control Means People Control!)
by Lt. Col. Gordon (Jack) Mohr, AUS Ret.

"Then He (Jesus) said unto them (His disciples):". . . he that hath no sword,
let him sell his garment and buy one".

As I mentioned earlier, if anyone, criminal, or government official tries to illegally enter your home or business, without, in the case of the government official, a legal warrant signed, not by some BATF or IRS official, but by a judge of competent jurisdiction, you have the right to treat them like a common criminal. The government agent may be more dangerous than the criminal.

Common decency demands that the law MUST always protect the law abiding against the criminal. Unfortunately, in modern American, this is not always the case. Let me give you a few examples of how it has been used against the law abiding, rather than the criminal. There are many such:

1 - A man from Kenosha, Wisconsin moved to Chicago over a weekend. Since state offices were closed, he was unable to register his firearms, as the law read. On Sunday, he apprehended four men who were attempting to break into his apartment, and held them at gun point until the police arrived. They arrested him along with the four burglars and held them in the same cell in the city jail over the weekend. On Monday a judge fined the four burglars $500.00 each and suspended the fines. The innocent victim was fined $500.00 and six months in jail, because he had apprehended the criminals with an unregistered firearm. This was a blatant miscarriage of justice as anyone can see.

2 - A Chicago man who struggled with a burglar who broke into his home with a knife, shot and killed him. The judge cleared him of the shooting, then turned around and sentenced him to six months in prison for doing it with an unregistered gun. Again a plain mockery of justice!

Retired Phoenix, Arizona police officer Jack McLamb, one of the most highly decorated men on the force, now retired and Editor of AID AND ABET, a bulletin put out specifically for policeman, put his finger on the problem when he wrote: "It is an indisputable fact that at one time in America, we operated our government solely on the principle that if something was morally wrong (in government), we never committed such acts to accomplish a desired end even for good.

"If we did commit such acts, we knew we were no different from the common criminals we had taken an oath of office to defeat.

"Today, this is not the case. Over and over again there are cases brought to our attention which show us that when our present day officials are faced with the possibility of not being able to accomplish their worthy goals by obeying the law, they have chosen rather, to accomplish their goals by violating the law, and the rights of the people, if these stand in their way. When they are caught, they always cry, 'We did it for the people! It was for the good of the people we did the illegal acts"'.

The Communist and World Zionist leaders believe the same thing. Their motto is "the end justifies the means", even if they must run "rough shod" over the rights of the people and murder millions of them. This is why the largest Jewish newspaper in America, THE AMERlCAN HEBREW from New York City, in 1919 was able to say of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia: "The ideals of Judaism!" (These are not my words, but come "straight from the horse's mouth!"). As a result of this kind of thinking, promoted in their holy book of Babylonian Talmud, which states that all "goyim", (a Yiddish term of contempt, meaning "non-Jew" animal", have no rights and are on earth to be slaves to the Jews. In one place it states: "When Messiah comes, (the Jewish State), every Jew will have 2,000 goyim slaves". This is your Zionist New World Order in operation). They are the one's who want to disarm you!

As a result of this type of thinking, government officials who are under their control, and a majority in America now fit this description, will murder, terrorize, cheat, lie and steal, as long as it promotes their pet goals.

Mr. McLamb went on to point out: "Our nation's founding documents and our present laws created a system which is directly opposed to the Communist (Zionist - Mohr) system. We have a moral code which tells our people that certain acts must never be committed, no matter how desirable the final goal may be ... But today, we have some within our government system that pay allegiance to the alien idea that the 'end justifies the means'. Sadly, we police officers can attest to this"'. (unq.)

Any anti-gun gunner who professes to believe that Gun Registration will not lead to Gun Confiscation, is either a "fool", or an "outright liar", for the two always go hand in hand! The official who says: "All we want is your cheap Saturday Night Special, to keep it out of the hands of the criminals", knows they are shooting to disarm all law abiding citizens, since most gun crimes are not committed by cheap handguns.

It is unfortunate indeed, that so many decent, patriotic gun-owners, have become so "brainwashed" in liberal "mind detergent" (which is made up of an "ounce of fact, dissolved in a gallon of hogwash"), that they refuse to see how Orwellian Newspeak has effected their thinking. Many say: "What's wrong with registration of guns when all the government is trying to do is stop crime? We're law abiding folks; they know we have no intention of using them against the government".

I have been an avid pistol shooter most of my adult life. I have absolutely no use for some cheap, pot-metal pistol, which may explode when fired. But I also have enough intelligence to know that if we allow the government to register and confiscate a $79.95 Saturday Night Special, it will only be a matter of time until they try and do the same thing with our Smith and Wesson Combat Masterpiece, which cost over $500.00. That's how bureaucratic government works.

Now let's look at another angle of the problem which confronts us. At first glance it may not seem to tie in with Gun Control, but it does. There is a real possibility of a food crisis in this country in the near future. For the first time since the National Emergency of World War II, our national reserve food supply has dropped below the thirty day level. A few years ago, we had enough food stored for ten years. Then the "big hearted" liberals in government, like Ted Kennedy began to give it away, often to our enemies. After all, as a Christian nation, we couldn't let people go hungry, now could we? That would be immoral! Today, if there was an emergency, the shelves of the Super-Markets would be emptied in a few hours, as most of them have no more than five days food supply on hand. Some of you long range thinking folks, have prepared for such an emergency by storing food. The majority haven't! What would happen if the government declared food rationing, as i~ did during World War II? We can expect them to confiscate food, just as they will firearms, if we let them get by with it, and it will be a crime to have more than two weeks supply of food on hand. The only way government officials can safely confiscate your food, is to first disarm you. Gun control always comes before a government monstrosity can control it's people. It's also very possible, that you will have to protect your stored food, against hungry hordes who didn't have sense to prepare! You can't do this if they take away your firearms! WE MUST NOT LET THEM DISARM US, FOR ANY REASON!

Many of you will fight before you give up the food to feed your family, and you should, for your freedom and your life will be at stake.

The last vital warning we will have that the New World Order is preparing for takeover, will come when a concerted effort is made to disarm us. This has happened in every modern nation which has regressed into dictatorship!

As far back as 1968, almost thirty years ago, the Director of the National Task Force for the Control of Firearms was asked why most Americans were suspicious of their motives. He honestly replied: "Because they know we are out to get their guns!"

One of the best examples of how this happened on a national basis can be found in a book titled NOT A SHOT WAS FIRED! written by Jan Kosak, a member of the Secretariat of the Communist Party in Czechoslovakia. He tells how the communists were able to take over control of that country, without firing a shot, by using a process which has been described as "creeping gradualism!" It is disarmament of the people through gradual planned steps.

I'm sure most of you have heard the illustration of the frog. You can catch most any kind of frog and put him in a pan of cold water on the stove, and he will sit there without moving. Then turn the unit on to low heat, and he will sit there and cook to death, since the temperature change is so gradual. This is what has been happening in this country and Canada, until today, even good patriotic gun owners have been fooled by government objectives.

One thing Christians in particular need to remember is that government bureaucracies, especially the type we now see practicing it's socialism, hates Christianity with a special virulent hatred. For in the end, they KNOW it will be Christian Patriots who will throw a "monkey wrench" into their plans for a One World Government.

There is a reason for government hatred of Christians and that has been true since the First Century Christian church disrupted the corrupt government of the Roman Empire. The Christian Patriot, is one of the few individuals with "guts" enough to expose the ulterior motives of the New World Order, and it's Zionist leaders. Since our political leaders, and many church leaders are closely tied in with this unsavory crew, they are heading in a path which can only lead their people into slavery. As a result, Christian Patriots have always been hated and persecuted by bureaucrats. It is the God given task, for those who love the King, to do this. This was what He meant when He said: "Occupy until I come!" You can't do that, hiding in a comfortable spiritual foxhole, waiting for Him to rapture you out of the mess which was caused by your Christian apathy! The enemy of mankind seek absolute control over the souls and bodies of mankind, while the Christian Patriots seek the absolute freedom which comes only through the Kingship of Jesus Christ!

The answer as to why they seek control should be obvious to any thinking person. These "pseudo-liberals" like to think of their moral values as the "ethic of the future!" These are the fellows you will find hanging around the Student Unions of our big universities, with their strings of impressive degrees, as they attempt, many times successfully, to inculcate in our sons and daughters, a heathen philosophy which intimates that "God is dead!" and that all that matters is "doing your own thing!" These are aided by the TRAITORS who stand behind the pulpits of many of our Judeo-Christian churches, calling for "detente" with the enemies of God.

I saw this hypocrisy in action a few years ago, when I was lecturing on "Abortion" at Ohio State University, Columbus.

During the Question and Answer Period following the lecture, a strikingly beautiful co-ed asked: "If we can't have abortions and contraceptives, how will we control the population explosion?" When I asked her if she had ever heard of "Self-control?" you would have thought from the audience reaction that I had slapped her face. Here were close to a thousand young men and women, about ready to step into life, who had been so "brainwashed" by their college professors, that they believed they were "victims of their environment", and had no choice to make in life. Later, I found that this young lady was the head of an organization to protect baby seals in Newfoundland. Can't you see the hypocrisy involved here! Protect "baby seals", but no problem with murdering unborn human babies for the convenience of their mammas! No wonder this country is headed for hell!

These are the same type of folks who are so upset when someone is killed by a handgun, but show little or no concern for the millions who have been murdered by dictatorial governments, after they have first been disarmed!

These hypocrites are smart enough to know that out there somewhere in America, are strong, morally healthy Americans, men and women who see through their hypocrisy and are willing to expose it. These patriots are armed, and ready to use their weapons if necessary, to preserve their freedom. This is something their sick souls can't understand, and it "scares the hell out of them!" If this evaluation is not true, then explain, if you can, why they resort to lying, one-sided picture painting of gun owners and Patriots?

A few years ago, the Jewish owned and controlled national ladies magazine, THE LADIES HOME JOURNAL, pictured all American hunters as: "beer swilling, blood-thirsty, uneducated slobs". The REPORTER Magazine, another Jew owned "rag", in 1977 made this amazing statement: "Every year thousands of right-wing extremists join the NRA (National Rifle Association) to obtain guns, ammunition, and surplus military weapons such as machine guns, bombs, flame throwers, bazookas, and aerial bombs, which are given to the NRA from Army surplus". Let me say that if you believe this "horse hockey", you are a candidate for the State "funny farm"!

The communist strategy for disarming a free people before takeover was set forth by Nicolai Lenin, when he said: "A system of licensing and registration of firearms, is the perfect device to deny gun ownership to the bourgeoise". (Middle class!)

Yet in spite of these warnings, coming straight from the enemy themselves, there are millions of gullible Americans, a high percentage who consider themselves to be Christian, who seem to feel that if all the tiger hunters in the world were to hang up their guns, the big cats would turn into vegetarians overnight.

But anyone who has any intimate knowledge of these "man eaters", knows that "a tiger will always remain a tiger. His claws, his fangs, and his appetite for fresh blood and meat, is as much a part of his tiger nature, as his beautiful stripes. When you live in an area where man eating tigers are on the loose, sensible people go armed".

This is also true when evil men are on the loose and when they show by their actions in government that they are more dangerous than common criminals. (Can you name any time in our history, when a street gang has murdered as many citizens as our government did at Waco, Texas?)

A well-known historian, years ago, recognized this danger from big government, when he wrote: "The liberties which are most apt to remain, are those which are the most jealously and carefully guarded by their holders". Nothing can guarantee freedom, unless we are willing to guard it!

It is not pleasant to tell Americans that we have been "sold out", by our political and religious leaders, who have taken this nation to the verge of extinction as a free people. Many realize this, without the courage to openly admit it!

It literally makes me sick to think of the evil which has been perpetrated against our people by our own government, and the absolute treachery of some of our leaders, who for gain and popularity are willing to "sell their souls to the devil". But this is not at all new in history. ln Isaiah 56:10,11, written about 710 B.C. we read these words directed at the leaders of Israel. They are most appropriate for our political and religious leaders in 1997: "His watchmen are blind: they are all ignorant (of God's will for America), they are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark, (a watchdog that cannot or will not bark when danger approaches is useless); sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber. Yea, they are greedy dogs, which can never have enough, (always looking for a handout from some political lobby like the Israelis) and they are shepherds (leaders) that cannot understand; they look to their own way (doing their own thing), every one to his gain .. ." (political bribes of any kind!)

It is difficult for me to understand the moral regression which has taken place in our nation's capitol within my lifetime. But the truth remains, whether we want to admit it or not.

The problems we face in Canada and the United States, are the same as those faced by our Israel people since Jacob became their hereditary father about 1804 B.C. There are problems similar to those which have destroyed 23 great civilizations which have gone before us. These have left their bones to bleach on the sands of history, as they have been destroyed from within, by moral and spiritual subversion, long before the barbarians swarmed over their walls or battered down their gates. Today we look for scapegoats to blame, and come up with the JEWS and the ALIENS. While both of these groups have added immeasurably to America's woes, they are not the CAUSE of our problems. They are the EFFECT of our DISOBEDIENCE to God. (For confirmation on this, I suggest you read Deuteronomy 28).

When free people, especially those who dare to go by the name of Christian, like those in Canada and the United States, refuse to accept their responsibilities before God, they lose their freedoms and become slaves. It is the natural aftermath of apathy! Yet today, the average Christian in this country and Canada refuses to face up to the fact that both of our nations are in critical states, because of our refusal to take a stand on issues dealing with freedom and righteousness.

To deny that we are ensnared in a hideous complex, never ending, ever widening economic crisis, is to close our eyes to a hideous reality. Yet today, we see the strange and perplexing sight of our governments, especially that of the United States, as it borrows money, from the International Jewish bankers, at high interest rates, so that we can give it away in Foreign Aid, often to nations who "hate our guts".

While this is going on, our own military veterans, men who have put their life on the line for their country, are being given the run around by a government which for the most part has lost interest in them.

Today, American farms and small businesses are being driven into bankruptcy by the thousands, because they cannot handle the ungodly interest rates charged by the International banking vultures. But once enemy nations, such as Red China, which a few short years ago was murdering American servicemen, are now being given special preferential treatment in loans, and Foreign Aid. No wonder that Harry Hopkins, the side-kick of President Harry Truman told him: "Tax! and tax! spend and spend! the damn fools out there are too stupid to know what's happening to them!" The spending policies of our Congress remind me of King Rehoboam, as recorded in 1 Kings 12. When the Israel leaders went to him and requested a lowering of his father Solomon's taxes, he took the advice of the liberals and told them: "My father made your yoke heavy and I will add to your yoke: my father also chastised you with whips, but I will chastise you with scorpions". Today our Congress says "We will balance the budget", when they know it's impossible as long as the Jew run Federal Reserve controls our economy, so instead of lowering taxes, each Administration, Republican or Democrat makes them higher.

We have been told from our pulpits, and from TV evangelists like Jack Van Impe and the LaLonde brothers on Trinity Broadcasting System, that we MUST support the "bastard state of the Israelis", in Palestine or run the risk of God's displeasure. Yet these are the one's who "spit when His name is mentioned, and call Him an "illegitimate bastard". And we support their evil deeds. (See 2 John 10, 11). When in God's name will we wake up?

We see massive unemployment as American jobs are sent overseas under a NATF treaty, so that super-rich men can get richer paying slave wages. We see over 12-million American children going to bed hungry every night, while our legislators attempt to "feed the world".

We see immigration out of control, with over 12-million illegal immigrants flocking into this country, many times for the "freebies" they can get, while American troops, instead of protecting our borders, as they should be doing, are sent overseas to fight for the United Nations in such places as Bosnia and Somalia.

We see over 25-million people on welfare rolls, many who are able bodied, but who refuse to work, and who threaten violence and riots if they do not get "fed at the public trough". We see a stock market that has risen spectacularly to over 6000 points, but which could go broke overnight, while our Federal and State governments are "drowning in a sea of red ink".

We see terrorism looming larger and larger, as our bankrupt Foreign policy has earned us the hatred of millions of people who used to be our staunch friends. Now we see officials admitting that there is a real danger from a terrorist attack using chemical and/or biological agents which could leave millions of our people dead and crippled for life, yet while they spend billions to protect the elite in Washington, D.C. they are doing nothing to protect their own citizens.

Imagine, if you can, what would happen in this country if the Social Security, Welfare and Government checks were suddenly cut off. We would see bloody rioting on our streets within a week, as men tried to feed their families and we would very likely see the United Nations troops which are already here with their equipment, used to control our people. In fact, I am convinced that is why they are here!

Since 1983, highly trained Russian Sepenatz troops have moved freely in this country, and at that time, the F.B.I. said that they knew the names and addresses of over 100,000 Communist agents who were plotting the overthrow of this country. But we could not move against them, because they had made no overt move against us. (This is like a man threatening to kill your wife and children, while you are forced to sit idly by and wait for him to make the attempt!)

Yet, in the face of the greatest, most serious threat to our freedom, there are so-called intelligent people, many who go by the name of Christian, who want to disarm our law abiding citizens leaving them helpless before the enemy, whether this enemy is our government or some foreign United Nations aggressor.

But more and more concerned Americans, as they travel America's highways, are standing on their 2nd Amendment rights, and their motto, like mine is: "I'd rather be tried by twelve, than buried by six!"

One reason for confusion in the minds of our citizens, is that they seldom take time to study history. If they did, they would soon notice that the "denial of the right of self-defense" always accompanies the abrogation of other rights. There are many examples of this.

The F.B.I. rightly identifies "violent crime", as "murder, forcible rape, and aggravated assault". These are the crimes where the criminal is most apt to be armed. (Unfortunately, the F.B.I. does not list crimes of violence perpetrated by the government against the people).

Statistics tend to prove that stricter gun laws have little effect on the commission of crimes committed with firearms. Take for instance the Sullivan Gun Law of New York State, which is said to be the strictest in the nation. Yet violent crime in New York City runs about 142 per 100,000 population, when in little Vermont, just to the north, with one of the most lenient gun laws in the country, it is less than 45 per 100,000.

Of course the liberals are quick to point out the environmental differences between Vermont and New York City. But that is not the reason. The reason can be found in the Vermont Gun Law, which simply states: "You may not purchase a firearm for an illegal purpose. But if you use one in the commission of a crime, there is an automatic five years added to your sentence, and no judge or 'plea bargaining' Prosecuting Attorney can change it".

In New York City, with the much tougher law, only 14 out of every 100 criminals apprehended (caught in the act) in the commission of an armed crime, ever see the inside of a jail, while in Vermont, with a very liberal gun law, very few get away with an armed crime.

This is the only thing which has proven to cut down on crime. When decent citizens are hampered by the law which was de signed to protect them, then you have the foundation of a Police State.

Bible justice was very simple and direct. Under it, there was no need for expensive prisons. A proven murderer, rapist, kidnapper, or child molester was put to death, quickly! On the testimony of two or three witnesses. If the witness was found to have lied, he suffered the fate of the man he had condemned, so there were very few false accusations made.

If you stole from someone, you paid them back at the rate of twice what you stole, and if what you stole had to do with their livelihood, you paid then five times its value. You lived at home with your family and paid a stipulated sum from your pay check. If you were a "hardhead" who refused to do this, you were executed. in this way crime was kept to a minimum in Israel, as long as God's law was obeyed.

But Biblical justice has been perverted in America, as we have been "sucked into the Babylonian System of government, (which includes control of our economy), until today, justice has become a "by-word" with many. I will only give one example of this, which has stuck in my mind over the years.

In 1975, the State of Massachusetts passed what was called the CRIMINAL REFORM ACT OF 1975, or more popularly THE PROWLER BILL. This criminal tainted bill said in essence that a citizen "may not use force against a criminal who is committing a crime, if there is a way for them to retreat".

A young mother of two little children was confronted by a drunk man who forced his way into her home at knife point. She retreated into the basement with her babies, and as the drunk came down the cellar steps, cursing and threatening, she picked up an old single shot .22 caliber rifle in the basement and fired one shot which killed him. The judge who tried her case, sentenced her to 14 years in prison, stating that she could have retreated out the basement window with her children and she did not! My personal opinion is that this judge should be run out of town on a rail, and then hung from the closest lamp post, as a warning to others who may think of perverting justice!

I know most of the arguments used by the anti-gun crowd, but have never heard any of them who were foolish enough to claim that they had seen a rifle climb off a wall rack and shoot anyone, or a pistol climb out of a dresser drawer to kill an intruder. There was always a human finger on the trigger, so why blame the inanimate object?

In spite of the loud and rude sounds made by the "anti-gun crowd", only a tiny fraction of gun killings are done by law abiding persons. Even in family squabbles. Police statistics prove this. When family members shoot each other, overwhelmingly they are a criminal element in the first place. The average decent American just does not do such things.

Yet the thinking of Americans has become so "twisted", that even among many who call themselves Christian, they will back an AD like I saw in the San Francisco Examiner a few years ago. The Judeo Christian churches in the city ran a full page AD, saying: "Be a Christian! Bring your gun to church Sunday and turn it in for scrap!" (I think they were going to use this scrap to make a statute' of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., patron saint of the liberals).

It was interesting to note that only eight guns showed up city wide. I sort of liked this Ad, for I believe that any man who would be stupid enough to turn in his gun like that, is too lacking in intelligence, to safely keep it in his home!

Just as current laws against drugs and drug pushers have been a failure, so have laws against the use of guns. While drugs have created many crime problems, especially in our big cities, the liberals prefer to target guns. Have you ever wondered, especially after the government fiasco at Waco, why our government does not take action against the thousands of armed criminals and their gangs in places like Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City? Frankly, I believe they are afraid to. So they pick on individuals, such as the Weaver's, or on some unpopular group like those at Waco. Then proudly tell us how they are merely trying to protect us against these "extremists". What in the world could be more extreme than the city gangs, like those who roam the big city streets unhindered?

I believe Satan knew he could never conquer "true Christians" through force. Especially as long as they were willing to follow God's Law. He knows scripture too, and KNOWS the promise God made to "True Israel", not a heathen people we call Jews today. It can be found in Isaiah 54:17 - "No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper... This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of Me, saith the Lord".

So the enemy, knowing that OBEDIENCE was prerequisite of this promise, set out to conquer us through smooth words and promises which are given to us by our politicians, educators, and in many cases Christian pastors. These men and women have prostituted themselves to the heathen philosophy of Secular Humanism, which is actually Talmudism in disguise. It has reached the point, where as Isaiah stated, our people, many times Christians, say to their leaders: "Prophesy (tell) not unto us right things; speak unto us smooth things, prophesy (tell) deceits (falsehoods). Get you out of the way, turn aside out of the path (of righteousness), cause the Holy One of Israel, Yahweh God, to cease from before us."

The enemy has been so successful in getting Christians to disobey God, that they have been able to change our Constitutional Law, under God, into Admiralty Law, under the ungodly United Nations. This is why in every courtroom, and official government office in the United States, the American flag bears a gold fringe. This indicates acceptance of Admiralty (United Nations) Law. It is why, in many courtrooms of the nation, if you bring up the Constitution in your argument, the Judge is apt to say: "If you mention the Constitution in this courtroom again, I will hold you in contempt of court".

Today the people of this country, especially White Christians are in a "snare and a trap". The Bible foretold that this dilemma would happen if we forgot God's Law. Yet in many Judeo Christian churches in the land, Christians are being told by their pastors "God did away with the Law at Calvary. You are now saved by grace and have no need of the Law. Yet both our King Jesus, and the Apostle Paul said emphatically: "NO! GOD FORBID!" In Matthew 5:17,18 our Lord said in essence: "I did not come to destroy the Law and the prophets but to make it perfect, and not the smallest part of the law shall pass away, until all has been fulfilled". The Apostle Paul went on to confirm this in Romans 3:31, where he emphatically tells us that while we are not "saved" by keeping the Law: "Do we make void (invalid) the Law through faith; God forbid! may, we establish the Law".

Then as though to put a final seal of approval on the validity of the Law, the Apostle John in 1 John 3:4 tells us: "Whosoever committeth sin, transgresseth also the Law; for SIN is TRANSGRESSION (breaking) of the LAW". If there is no LAW, as our preachers say, then there can be no SIN, and the very idea of this is ridiculous, since we see sin on all sides.

In Joshua 23:13, our forefathers were ordered to go into Canaan and drive out the wicked inhabitants of the land, so that they would not contaminate God's people. God said, "If you don't do this, they shall be snares and traps unto you, and scourges in your sides, and thorns in your eyes . ." result: "The stranger that is within thee shall get up above thee very high; and thou shalt come down very low". (Vs. 44) ~ he shall be the head, and thou shalt be the tail". This has happened in America, where we are now under Zionist control, when you see the letters ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government) don't laugh, for it has become a reality! As a result, instead of being governed by God's Law, we are controlled by heathen laws which harass and destroy our people

Our first President, George Washington, knowing the importance of the 2nd Amendment in keeping this alien influence from taking control, said: "Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself. They are the American people's liberty teeth and keystone to their independence .. . from the hour the Pilgrims landed, to the present day (and on to 1997, I might add - Mohr), events, occurrences, and tendencies prove that to ensure peace, security and happiness, the rifle and the pistol, are equally indispensable . . . The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference. They deserve a place of honor with all that's good:'

If America is to be spared the horror which has infected 2/3rds of the world, it will be because American men and women, Christian in character, say to government: "You have gone far enough down the road to the New World Order! We will not allow you to go further".

Some say that our government has gone too far to be changed and that the enemy has become too strong to buck. Their plaintive cry is: "You can't buck City Hall!" Have you people slipped so far and become so soft, that we cannot recall with pride our first President George Washington, as he shepherded his men through that brutal winter of 1777-78 at Valley Forge?

The Tories in Washington said: "George, give up! You can't buck the finest army in the world, with that rag tag, starving, motley crew of yours". Yet he got up from his knees in the snows of Valley Forge, to put "feet under his prayers", and lead his starving, ragged troops across the frozen Delaware, to a magnificent victory at Trenton, which was the turning point of the war. Or have you forgotten the heroes of the Alamo, who stood against hopeless odds, in the defense of freedom.

I will never be able to forget the heroes of the Battle of the Bulge, in Germany during World War II, where surrounded and outnumbered, the American commander replied with one word: "NUTS!" to the German offer of surrender. Or the Marines at Chosen Reservoir in that brutal winter of 1950-51 in Korea. Cut off from all help, outnumbered thirty to one, Gen. Chesty Puller called his men together and told them: "Men, we have the enemy where we want them now, we can shoot in every direction". And the Marines came out with flags flying, bringing their dead and wounded with them! These were the men who epitomized the true spirit of America! This was the spirit, which with God's help made us a free nation and has kept us free for over 200 years. Are we to give this up, for a little temporary safety, before the International Slave State engulfs us?

Our freedom was not "bought and paid for at Valley Forge", that was merely the down payment on the account of freedom. Every generation must be willing to "pay on the account", if they are to remain free!

We will not lose our freedom sometime when at 3:00 a.m. we answer the door to a man with an automatic rifle, who says: "Come with me to the Concentration Camp!" We will lose it when we see things happening in our local schools, churches, and government, and sit back saying: "I'm only one man or woman, there's nothing I can do!" If enough of us feel that way, Americans freedom will die. We will take her to the cemetery and bury her, and over her grave erect a headstone with this epitaph: AMERICA DIED BECAUSE THE CHRISTIAN PEOPLE IN AMERICA DIDN'T WANT TO BE BOTHERED!

Mark my words, it will begin with Gun Registration, followed by disarming us!

We can win this war for freedom, with the help of God, if we are willing to accept individual responsibility as Christians, for our freedom.

If you are too busy to become involved, at least get out of the way and don't become stumbling blocks to those of us who care and mean to do something to defend your rights!

The enemy are sure they will win, because they have been assured by our actions that the people of Canada and the United States are so inherently lazy, apathetic, and immorally insecure, "decadent they call it", that we don't care what happens,! Do you fit into this category? If you do, expect to become a slave!

We do not need a majority to win, for down through history, one man with God has often been a majority! Did you KNOW that we have a FORMULA FOR SURVIVAL which will work, if it is applied? We KNOW it will, for God gave it to us. It is found in 2 Chronicles 7:14 - "If My people, which are called by My name (Christian), will HUMBLE themselves, and PRAY, and SEEK My face, and TURN from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will FORGIVE their sins, and will HEAL their land". My how the folks in the Judeo Christian churches of the land love to quote this verse. The problem is that the majority of them, including their pastors, do not want to stop "doing their own thing", to OBEY! How can we even put this into effect when our church leaders say "Christians no longer need God's Law!" It is fatal thinking which will eventually destroy us, unless we wake up and learn the truth. The MOST important thing our White Christian people MUST learn if we are to SURVIVE, is that OBEDIENCE TO GOD MUST COME BEFORE WE CAN HAVE VICTORY!


Here is some last minute news concerning the Gun control situation in the United States. (This came in before the November, 1995 election and may change rapidly if Mr. Clinton gets elected!)

In THE SPOTLIGHT WEEKLY NEWSPAPER for July 25, and August 22,1994, American gun owners were shocked by a survey that revealed that slightly more than one out of four U.S. Marines on active duty, expressed a willingness to shoot Americans who resisted Federal efforts to take away their firearms.

Further news surfaced in 1996 which indicates this survey was also given to Army, Air Force, Air National Guard, Coast Guard and other military personnel. Your sons and daughters in the military are being "brainwashed" into subservience to a United Nations entity, rather than in loyalty to this country. It is being done very subtly. The Navy claims this survey was given by a Lt. Commander working on his Master's Degree. He was writing about the United States giving up it's sovereignty to the United Nations. However, this thesis was printed in bulk and disseminated to other services.

While the Pentagon claims this survey was only made to a Marine Group at 29 Palms, California, reports are coming in from across the nation that it is being given, not only to the U.S. military, but to Federal Police Agencies.

This survey is Dept. of Defense, DD Form 3208 (rev/96). All editions close with this scenario: "The United States government declares a ban on the possession, sale, transportation, and transfer of all approved firearms. A thirty day amnesty period is established for these firearms to be turned over to local authorities. At the end of this period, a number of irregular (militia) citizen groups and defiant individuals refuse to turn over their firearms to authority.

"Consider the following statement: 'I would fire upon United States citizens who refuse or resist confiscation of firearms banned by the Federal Government"'.

Five blanks are left for the servicemen to check his position:






In the case of the Marines who were given the survey in 1994, 26.34% said they would be willing to fire on United States citizens if ordered to do so.

In response to another question asked in this same survey. 85.33% of the Marines said that they would willingly participate in a military mission under a United Nations Police Force! Where are all the Michael New's in our Armed Forces?

Could it be possible, that under the agenda of the New World Order, being pushed by men like President Clinton, our United States military is being changed from a "defender of the people, into being their suppressor?" Think seriously about this!

It appears that as quietly as possible, the combat training of our military is being shifted from "defense against foreign invasion", to "suppression of internal disorders within the United States", caused by our government violation of America's Bill of Rights.

Military men in training, instead of attacking pseudo-enemy forces in the desert as we did during World War II maneuvers, are now being trained, with foreign troops, in specially prepared villages, training in "house to house, search and seizure tactics". This was at one time considered Police work, outside the role of the military. It is still against the law, even though Janet Reno, our U.S. Attorney General, and President Clinton approved of it's use during the Waco massacre.

The One World TRAITORS in our government and the United Nations cannot make us their slaves, as they have openly declared their intention of doing, as long as our people are armed and ready to resist.

The following was taken from THE JUBILEE NEWSPAPER, Sept.IOct. 1996 titled THE SECOND AMENDMENT TAKES ANOTHER HIT!

October 2, 1996 - Congress sent President Clinton several gun control provisions as part of an omnibus spending bill. The President signed this late at night, after both Houses of Congress overwhelmingly passed it. (Senate 84-15; House 370-37).

It appears that we have few Patriots in that "sewer on the Potomac", we call our nations' capitol. Maybe this is why a high ranking member of the Israeli government could boastingly and openly say: "We (Jews) have the best Congress money can buy!"

Here is a brief summary of what they passed. ROADBLOCK GUN BAN (Sec. 657), of the Treasury portion of HR 3610: known as the KOHL AMENDMENT, this sets up thousands of "gun ban zones" across state roads, where local, state police and the BATF are authorized to arrest any unsuspecting driver who has a firearm in their vehicle and is within 1,000 feet of any school. The maximum penalty is ten years in prison.

This new law re-enacts the "School Gun Ban Law", which was ruled un-constitutional by the United States Supreme Court last year (U.S. vs. Lopez).

This provision creates a "gun-zone ban", nearly a half-mile in diameter around every school in the country.

Anyone without a "pistol carry license", driving through this zone with an unloaded firearm, that was not in a locked container, faces the maximum prison sentence of ten years. This will even apply to off duty policemen. (What good is a pistol in a locked container if an emergency arises for its use?)

Another strange quirk of this law comes because of the way "school" is defined in Title 18 of the U.S. Code. This bill could outlaw possession of firearms by parents who are "home schooling" their kids. For anyone living within 1,000 feet of a school, any hunting trip would violate this ban, as you could not even carry an unloaded shotgun to your parked car, unless it was first approved by school officials.

This is just another way your tax dollars are being used to take away your rights.

Sec. 658 of the Treasury-Postal Bill HR 3610, threatens to disarm the women it is supposed to protect. This provision will impose a "life-time gun ban" on anyone who has been convicted of using, or attempting to use "physical force", in any domestic situation. This term, "use of force", is another Orwellian "newspeak" to cover both men and women who get into a little domestic spat between spouses, roommates, lovers, etc. This evidently was the purpose of the wording of the bill. The "use of, or attempted use of force", would not only effect women like the First Lady, who has been accused of throwing lamps at the President, but could also effect parents who "spank their children" when they are disobedient. (Another violation of a Biblical commandment to parents which is bearing "rotten fruit" throughout the nation).

Under the provision of this law, if you spanked your children for any reason, you could forfeit your Constitutional Right of ever owning a firearm.

Can't you see how the chains which are slowly binding us into slavery are surely and slowly being forged by the One World adherents? Many in our own government!

Opposition to this very restrictive and dangerous bill, came for the most part from Republican freshmen in Congress, who have not yet been "seduced" into climbing on the Congressional "gravy train".

Everything but the "kitchen sink" has been put into this bill. They even threw in a study on the possibility of placing "taggarts" into ammunition, so that the powder could be chemically traced back to it's source.

It gives the BATF a pay increase of almost $100-million for 1997; $1 6-million in the regular budget plus an additional $66-million for anti-terrorist activities. Here again Orwellian "newspeak" comes into play, as the "terrorists" they contemplate harassing, are the people who fifty years ago had the great honor of being called Christian Patriots. Today, under liberal thinking, brought about through the media, education and many times in the church, the "people who love God, their race, their nation, and their family, who own firearms and are willing to use them to defend their God given rights", are held up as "hatemongering, anti-Semitic, NeoNazi terrorists" who are a danger to all decent citizens and MUST be controlled!

Who says so? The Jew controlled media, the educators, and often the Zionist controlled church! All are TRAITORS to the Christian American principle, and seek to destroy it!

Also cleverly placed in HR 3610, is a provision aimed at threatening the privacy of gun owners. The funding in this provision will force telephone companies to "retro" (change the design) of existing telephone equipment to facilitate the ability of the government to wiretap it's citizens. This could require builders to place microphones in the walls of private homes and apartments, so some government "snoop" could listen in on your conversation, twenty-four hours a day. Don't laugh! It is well on it's way to completion, with the approval of the men and women you have sent to Congress.

Use this information to confront your legislators who have turned traitor to our Bill of Rights. Don't let them get by with some bureaucratic answer such as the typical: "We appreciate your interest and want you to know we are looking out for your welfare".

A few years ago, when I happen to be in a position to find out that Russian troops and their equipment were flooding into Mexico, and were being strategically stationed within fifty miles of our border. I wrote several Senators and Representatives about this. One Senator referred this to the State Department, and an Under Secretary from Latin American Affairs, wrote me a rather nauseating letter stating in effect: "You can trust your State Department to look after the safety of Americans in the Western Hemisphere". Knowing something about the repeated TREASON of the State Department through unpleasant first hand experience, I was not at all impressed with the answer.

Most of our legislators never hear from us and when they do not, they believe they are getting by with their sometimes treasonous activities.

We MUST let them know, in no-uncertain, yet Christian terms, that "We the People" will hold them accountable for their legislative actions, and that a DAY OF RECKONING will come!

Then we MUST keep in mind two things: First, that ETERNAL VIGILANCE IS THE PRICE WE MUST PAY FOR OUR FREEDOM, and Second that OBEDIENCE TO GOD MUST COME BEFORE WE CAN HAVE VICTORY! When we act on these two things, then, and then alone will America return to the place of greatness and safety she deserves!

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