In Chapter five we had an introduction to the idea that our history is a story of a long-term battle between good and evil, played out as a war between two brothers, Esau and Jacob. The identity of who these people are today is not well known to the common people, and is certainly not known by traditional Christianity. The lost-sheep of the house of Israel are those Israelites who left the middle-east at the times of the Assyrian and Babylonian captivities, about 720 BC and 586 BC. Those tribes of Israel dispersed to the northwest and west, to areas of Europe, Anatolia, Greece, Italy, Iberia (means "Hebrew"), and Britain (means "Covenant people"). The details of those migrations are pretty well documented, although ignored by most Christians, and especially by the Jewish companies who publish history books. This information is certainly not new and I'll show you that it has been available for thousands of years. The reason it isn't acknowledged by Christianity is a good question.

One good answer to that question is that God intended past generations to be ignorant of it. Our Old Testament tells of a Covenant with God which required His children to acknowledge Him as their God, and there were to be consequences if this wasn't done. Well, our ancestors ignored him, as was their stiff-necked nature, so they suffered the consequences just as promised. About 745 BC, God told his own children they would be scattered all over the world and for 2,520 years would forget who they were; they'd forget their origin, their true identities, and their purpose.

Another reason we tend to be so ignorant is that we have not yet come out of the Dark Ages. For over a thousand years the Roman Catholic Church forbad education and owning of Bibles. There was a time when the penalty for owning a Bible was death. During that dark period, many things were forgotten that had been known before. People even came to believe the world was flat. Books were burned and libraries were destroyed by the Roman Church. Anyone who dared propose new thoughts suffered punishments or death. When a few brave men, like Luther, Calvin, and Wycliffe dared stand up boldly and criticize that evil Church, they started a protest movement which came to be called The Protestant Reformation. During the Reformation period, those theologians rejected some of the Roman Church's most obvious errors, but the new sects which they designed continued to hold most of the basic doctrines of the old evil church, and they held to similar religious practices. Now, we've gone nearly five-hundred years with very little re-examination of denominational beliefs. It seems that Luther was the LAST Reformer! Modern Christians are reluctant to question anything their theological leaders didn't address centuries ago. So, for these reasons, the major Christian denominations have failed to recognize historical data that have been readily available to them. Thus, here we sit, at the end of the twentieth century and still don't know who we are or why we are here. In the following pages I will try to remedy that just a bit.


Our story begins at the beginning of our Bible. The entire Bible is a story about one particular race of people, the white race, a special race which has a special purpose, and it began with the special creation of Adam, about 7,500 years ago, 5,508 BC according to the Greek Septuagint. Adam was born into a world brought forth by God's Word, the Christ, along with other races who did not possess the spiritual Mind that Adam had. The black race was created on the first part of the sixth day as theria of the Earth with only the physical and emotional Minds. On the second part of the sixth day, others were formed who had physical, emotional, and rational Minds, but still lacked the spiritual. For a detailed discussion of this, click on FOUR MINDS.  I call the non-Adam races "earth-people" because they belong to this world like the trees and other creatures belong here. They don't have divine spirits like the descendants of Adam and Cain.

The Bible then details the history of the special race of people who descended from Adam; it tells of their turbulent times, their anguishes, their despairs, their failings, and their victories. It tells of their struggles to obey their God and the consequences of disobeying. It tells of contracts (covenants) which God made with them several different times. God made contracts with Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Moses. Always it was the same: God said he would be their God and they would be his special children; all they need do is trust Him. And God warned them to avoid doing a couple things above all: don't chase after other gods of neighboring earth-peoples and don't breed with those other races. Well, that is where the trouble started: those other gods looked so good and they promised so much, they were just hard to resist, along with their pretty women. Most of the Old Testament history is about the tribulations which accompanied these two disobediences. The Almighty Father would warn them not to do it, or they'd get smacked. The people would do it and then get smacked, over and over again! They were like an obstinate puppy who refused to learn!


In order to understand the purpose for these specially created people, one must understand long term history as cyclic. As you have already seen, on the diagram of SINE-WAVE DIAGRAM, the world nearly reached the bottom of a cycle when Adam and Eve were introduced into it. The very bottom was at the time of Noah where we have the story of a great flood. Then the curve began to ascend. Halfway up the curve is a horizontal neutral line. We are right now approaching that neutral line, ascending. Believe it or not, the world is improving! But, and this is an important "but," it is necessary at times to clear away the old before the "new and improved" can be born. We are now at that moment in history that has been prophesied by many prophets and by Jesus to be the "end-time." We must experience a traumatic destruction of our materialistic, wicked civilization in order that a more holy civilization can be born. This will soon occur and is somewhat like the story of the Exodus, where the people who left Egypt all died and only those born during the forty-year transition were allowed to enter the promised land. Our forty year transition begins about 2000 or so, and a new civilization will not begin to recover and take shape until about 2025. In other words, we are crashing, and it is all according to God's good plan. The Great Pyramid shows Christ returning in 2039, but that date can only be approximate.

I started to explain "purpose." What is ours? If you understand the great plan of history just outlined above, then you may have already guessed what our purpose is. Into this Kingdom of World, God introduced His special race of white people, with special minds that are creative, productive, inventive, philosophical, and spiritual for the purpose of carrying the life of this world from the primitive state to a highly advanced spiritual level. God is reclaiming (redeeming) and perfecting His world from evil, through His special divine race. The peak of this spiritual state will be reached in about six-thousand more years; in other words, the next six-thousand year period is the fourth quarter of the game-plan. What a game it is! God has placed on the stage of this Pageant two opposing teams, each having divinely empowered minds. The characters who represent these two teams make this story far more significant than is usually recognized. The first two opponents were Cain and Abel. Cain killed Abel, winning that round, and went off to live with neighboring primitives where he propagated a race of people who would always represent evil. Adam is progenitor of the good guys. The race of Cain can be found as evil-opponents throughout the Old Testament. One appearance of an opponent of God's pure race is that of Ishmael (father of Arab race), whose mother was a darker skinned Egyptian. But, most important is the appearance of Esau, brother to Jacob. Then the twelve tribes of Israel, God's chosen ones, would descend from Jacob, while Esau's descendants would populate Edom and would eventually step in to reclaim Esau's birthright by fraudulently claiming to be the rightful descendants of Israel. The world today is entirely controlled and defined by this very fraud, which we will discuss shortly.

But for a moment, let's regress and look more closely at the special white-race appearance into the world.


Of course, the history of our race starts with Adam. During the age of Gemini (heavenly twins) which lasted between 6,133 B.C. and 4,090 B.C., the heavenly twins, Adam and Eve, were born in the "Garden of Eden." That place is probably the Pamir Plateau in central Asia, now part of Tajikistan. The Pamir is about 180 miles by 180 miles and surrounded by mountains. It is from the surrounding mountains that four rivers originate, going in all four directions; this is the only place in Asia which satisfies the description given in Genesis for the garden of Eden. Read my commentary on GENESIS for a complete detailed account of the creation story.

After the "fall" and their eviction from the paradisiacal garden, they went to the East. That would put them in the Tarim Pendi area of westernmost China, with the Tien Shan mountains to the north. The Tarim Pendi is a vast area of low-land with high mountains surrounding it. It is most likely that Noah's flood was within this basin, since there is evidence of a great flood there at the appropriate time in history. Recently, scientists have discovered hundreds of well-preserved Caucasian mummies near the southern slopes of the Tien Shan mountains, in the Tarim Pendi. An article about them is in DISCOVER Magazine, April 1994, titled, THE MUMMIES IN XINJIANG. Also, there is a good book about them, titled THE MUMMIES OF URUMCHI, by Barber. These mummies have been dated to be older than four-thousand years. They have blond and light-brown hair, Caucasian features and skin, with dyed clothing made from finely woven wool. Those ancient people are starkly different from any of the Chinese and Mongolian peoples of the region. Along with the mummies, some sophisticated tools have been found, which, for anthropologists and archaeologists always indicates the presence of Caucasians. There are even vestiges of an ancient Caucasian language in this region, a language called Tocharian, spoken by Caucasian people of Western China which the Chinese have long hidden from the world. Their language belongs to our Indo-European/Aryan family of languages.

From that region, the migration of Caucasians is next seen in northwest India, in the Punjab. Here is the source of ancient Sanskrit writings: the Vedas and Upanisads of the Hindus. Sanskrit is also an Aryan language and represents the "Indo" part of the "Indo-European family, which includes German and English. Philologists (language scholars) claim that all Caucasian languages are of the same family and have the same parent language, now lost, which they call "Aryan," a word which in Sanskrit means "noble."

By 3,500 B.C., Caucasians populate the Mesopotamian area, now Iraq, as Sumerians. They were the lineage of Cain, who migrated there from the Tarim Pendi. The Sumerian civilization gave way in time to the Akkadian (2371 BC, Sargon of Akkad) briefly - until 2200 BC when Sumer ruled again. About 2006 BC, the Elamites destroyed Sumer and with the Amorites established the Old Babylonian Empire. The Babylonians were a mongrel mixed-race (sometimes ruled by Aryans, such as Hammurabi), worshiped foreign gods, and practiced occult-magics, and the Pagan Religion of lamentations. And this explains why our Old Testament Prophets had so many negative things to say about them. We will discuss them more later.

As we trace the ancestry of the white race, we find that God always selects only one strain from each generation for his "chosen" ones. From Adam's children, God selected Seth's line for himself. From Noah's children, only Sem was selected. Japhet's descendants went Europe. Ham's people went to the Canaan area of Palestine and then southward into Egypt. The Pharoaic dynasties were Ham's descendants and their tombs reveal them to be Caucasian.

Sem was Caucasian, of course. It is nonsense to think that Noah had three sons of three different races (species) to provide the source for all the people of the world. The darker skin races were here long before Adam and Eve, as they always have been. Actually, the modern Khazarian race, calling themselves Jews, is a mongrel mix of races, which DNA will prove, and probably has already done; but we may never see the honest results of the Jewish scientists' work.

You might question why I propose that Adam began the White race. Is that just a fantasy or is there credible evidence? Well, the historical facts have never really been hidden. For instance, in Westminster Abbey, in London, there hangs a large genealogy chart which lists the ancestry of England's Royalty, person by person, back to King David in 1,000 B.C. Our Queen Elizabeth II is a direct descendant of King David! She knows clearly that she is of the Royal line of Judah, a grand-grand daughter of Israel himself. The Bible tells us the lineages from Adam to Noah to Abraham to Israel to David, so we know that David is descended directly from Adam. Thus, the Caucasian Royal line is traceable from Queen Elizabeth to Adam. Queen Elizabeth is actually the 153rd generation from Adam!

In order to better understand the contest between the two brothers, we need to review a little O.T. history. About 1800 B.C. is the time of the twelve brothers, the sons of Israel. Two of the sons are most significant to us, namely Joseph and Juda. Joseph fathered Ephraim and Manasseh, from whom come the people of Britain and the United States. Juda fathered Pharez and Zara. It is from Pharez that Jesus descended, while Zara's sons went off to Troy, Greece, with their descendants going to Europe, and then Ulster, in Northern Ireland. The descendants of the two sons of Juda are critically important to the royal line of God's chosen people. Regarding the founding of Troy by Darda, son of Zara: "Dardanus, a son of Zeus, migrated to the kingdom of Teucer and there, at the foot of Mount Ida, founded the city of Dardania. Dardanus married the daughter of Teucer, Batia. One of Dardanus' sons was Erichthonious, whose son, Tros, gave the name Trojans to the people of Ilim and the name Troy to the city." (Crowell's Handbook of Classical Literature, by L. Feder; Lippincott & Crowell, NY, 1964, p.430.) To this day the Dardanelles are just north of old Troy. You can read the plays of Euripides for more info about these men. It is my opinion that Zeus is the legendary "Zara," son of Juda.

King David is from the Pharez line of Juda, and he reigned over a richly blessed kingdom of all twelve-tribes in the promised-land. David's son, Solomon would be the last king to rule over the whole twelve tribes. Following Solomon there was a split between two factions and Jereboam became King over ten tribes of the northern kingdom, called "Israel." Rehoboam became King over two tribes of the southern kingdom, called "Juda." The kingdom, or "House," of Juda consisted of the tribes of Juda and Benjamin, along with leading members of the tribe of Levi (priests) because Jerusalem was the temple-city and it was in the land of Benjamin. Other Levites were spread throughout the cities of the northern kingdom, too.

A line of kings followed for each of the two kingdoms until about  700 B.C. when the Assyrian Captivity purged the ten northern kingdom tribes from Israel. Then, about 586 B.C., while Zedekia was king of Juda, the remaining three cities of the southern kingdom were captured and taken to Babylon. That ended the existence of the kingdoms of Israel in the promised-land forever.

The Royal throne of David seemed to end at this point, but God had promised it would never end! So, what happened here? Well, the Royal throne of David did continue, and here's how. About 550 B.C., the prophet, Jeremia, took two daughters of King Zedekia and the stone of Jacob (the throne of David) with him as he went first to Egypt, then got on a boat to Spain. In Spain, Jeremia left one of the daughters to marry the King there; and he carried the second daughter, Tea Tephi, daughter of Tamar, by Phoenician boat to Ulster, Northern Ireland. Ulster was ruled by King Eochaid, a descendant from the Zara line of Juda. King Eochaid married Princess Tea Tephi, daughter of Zedekia, of the Pharez line of Juda. So, God continued the Royal line of Juda miraculously by reuniting the two lines of Juda on the stone of Jacob which represents the Royal Throne of David. Just as prophesied, God had scattered his children to "isles afar." The Stone-of-Jacob was in Ulster for a few centuries, then went to Scone, Scotland for several centuries, until it finally came to rest where has been for seven-hundred years, until 1996, in Westminster Abbey beneath the Coronation Throne. In September, 1996, the stone was returned to Scotland; it is now on display in Edinburgh.


After 586 BC, with the fall of Jerusalem, and the subsequent Babylonian Captivity, God's children of Israel were dispersed to other parts of the world by God; very few still dwelt in the Middle-East. Yet, there would be one more important chapter to be played out on this Middle-East stage before God's plan was complete. The Savior must yet come, as prophesied, and that would happen through the lineage from Pharez Juda. Although the twelve nations of Israel were gone from the area, there were still individual Israelite families living in the northern regions of Palestine, between the Sea of Galilee and the Mediterranean Coast. Also, following the Babylonian Captivity, about 510 BC, some true Israelites did return to the Jerusalem area, wanting to rebuild the temple and continue their religion. However, while the Israelites were captive in Babylon, their religion changed a lot. They absorbed some of the occult Chaldean Mystery School practices, with its Astrology and Magic and Secret-Wisdoms, along with the Pagan Religion. They also adopted a new language which was a mixture of their native Phoenician with the Babylonian Aramaic language, resulting in a language they called "Hebrew," after themselves. They also mixed racially with the foreign races in and around Babylon. And, they developed the Babylonian Talmud and Qabbalah as the basis of their new religion, abandoning most of their old religion of Abraham. So, the people who returned from Babylon were quite different from the Hebrews who had been taken captive by Nebuchadnezzar seventy years earlier. Also, there were hardly any true Judahites among the returnees. The prophet, Ezra, could not even find one true Levite Priest to serve as a priest, from among the priests who returned. [Ezra 8:15 - Most of the temple operators were Nethinim, who were Kenites, a foreign race, traceable back to Cain, who during the Babylonian Captivity pretty much replaced the true Israelite peoples, especially the temple people. The Nethinim, along with Edomites, paganized the temple worship and took over the affairs of the Jerusalem religious scene, well prior to the appearance of Jesus.

We are now discussing the Inter-testamental period, between the histories told in our Old and New Testaments. Well, about 510 BC the returnees from Babylon did rebuild the temple in Jerusalem and practiced their exciting new religion, officially called "Babylonian Talmudic Phariseeism." About 132 B.C., Jerusalem was being tormented by disruptive pressures from the Edomites who  dwelt in areas of Judea. The leader of Jerusalem, John Hyrcanus, forced their conversion to his religion of Judaism (actually "Talmudism" or "Rabbinism"), and the Edomites adopted it enthusiastically. Keep in mind that the Edomites were descendants of Esau! So, they joined the Jerusalem scene, and soon Rome appointed the Edomite, Herod, as King of the Judeans. Esau had successfully taken over the scene of Jacob, his brother. This was his attempt to reclaim the birthright, even if it had to be by fraud; he was, of course, unaware that the Throne of David had already continued in Ireland! In chess, God's sneaky move would be called a "gambit." Esau was named "Edom," meaning "red," because he was born quite red. Red has always been the color of Edomites, and is still today the color of the Rothschild's (Red shield) and their political system of Communism. Their color is their flag!

Just prior to Christ, there were yet some true Israelites in the Jerusalem area, some who had tried to be pure and to retain the true religion of the Hebrews down through the generations. But, under the rule of the Edomite Herod, the true  Israelites were pushed to the fringe areas and towns around Jerusalem, where they dwelt in poverty. It is to these people in the nearby towns that Jesus went, such as to Bethany. Of course, Jesus was born into one of those poor families, in Bethlehem, a village just south of Jerusalem. And it seems clear that Herod, at the time of Jesus, knew the difference between his fraudulent Edomites and the true children of Israel; his fear of fulfillment of the Messianic prophecy would indicate this, as he tried to kill all the Israelite babies around Bethlehem.

Only by understanding this contest between Esau and Jacob can we understand why Jesus went each year to the Temple in Jerusalem to accuse, berate, and expose the Edomite Jews as liars and frauds. This also helps us understand why those Jews wanted Jesus killed. It also makes clear what Jesus meant when he said He came for "none except the lost-sheep of Israel." And even more, it helps us to understand the race-of-Cain when Jesus tells the Jews, in John 8, that their father is not God, but the devil. Also, Rev. 2:9 & 3:9 become understandable when Jesus says that those who say they are "Jews" (Judahites), are not, but are of the "synagogue of Satan."

The contest between Esau and Jacob did not end with Jesus' death. It has become more intense and greater, even, till today. Here are some historical incidents that are born from this contest of evil against good, as the Jews have warred against true Israelites continuously.


The religion of the Jews has been based on the Babylonian Talmud since the Babylonian Captivity, as they freely admit. Following Christ's attempts to expose their fraud, and during the first couple centuries after Christ, the Jews were plagued by criticisms and accusations from Christians. So, it was about the fifth-century A.D. that a group of Jewish scholars, the Masoretes, began work on creation of an Old Testament in their "Hebrew" language. The Hebrew language was developed from the time of the Assyrian captivity, as a mix of Phoenician with Babylonian Aramaic. The Hebrew square-letter alphabet (Hasmonean Script) was not developed until about the time of Christ. Anyway, the new Hebrew language Old Testament was completed in the ninth-century A.D., after three hundred years of work by Jewish scribes, and they presented it to the world as the genuine, original Old Testament, written in God's own sacred language of Hebrew. There is NO evidence of any such Old Testament in Hebrew prior to that creation. The Roman Catholic church bought the Jews' fraud without question. The Eastern church never did accept it, and has retained to this day the Greek Septuagint version of 285 B.C. While the Masoretic text (now used as basis for all English versions) parallels the Septuagint text fairly closely, it is noticeable that much of the messianic material is corrupted or watered down. They also tried to give symbolic meanings to most of the Old Testament character names, based on their new Hebrew spellings of those names, and added the letter "h" to many. Their fraud is extensive and has deeply influenced and colored Christianity to this present day. Esau's evil is pernicious! It is, after all, the devil's great work. A recent indication of the extent of Satan's influence is coding discovered in their Masoretic Hebrew text of 1000 AD. God has never worked like that, but we can spot similar Satanic efforts in the coding and masking found in the devil's "Rock" music.


Mayer Amschel Bauer was born in 1743 to Moses Amschel Bauer, an itinerant money-lender, a Khazarian Ashkenaz Jew. Moses tired of wandering around, so opened a shop in Frankfurt, Germany on a street called Judenstrasse (Jew Street). Over the door to his shop he placed a large Red-Shield. Moses taught his bright son all he could about the money-lending business. After Moses' death, Mayer took over his father's business and changed his name to that of the red-shield over the door: Rothschild. Amschel Rothschild accumulated vast wealth through his money-lending business and began dealing with heads-of-states and princes. He became immensely wealthy. Amschel can also be credited with drawing up plans for the Illuminati, and placed Adam Weishaupt in charge of its development. Sir Walter Scott, in his Life of Napoleon, states that the French Revolution was planned and financed by the money-changers of Europe.

The Jewish Encyclopedia has details confirming these things. Anyway, Amschel's son, Nathan, would become infamous for his money-scheming talents as he manipulated governments, and wars, and exploited the wealth of the peoples. Nathan became head of the House of Rothschild in 1812. He was religiously devoted to the Talmud. In 1815, Nathan, through subterfuge, gained control of the British economy. The House of Rothschild has retained that control ever since, through its International Banking, and through The Bank of England which is controlled by them yet today. It was also during early 1800's that they gained control of France's economy, and later years would find them gaining control of the economy of the United States, a fascinating history of events. The Rothschilds are Jews of the Khazar/Edomite lineage. Thus, it is the descendants of Esau who today exercise the Talmudic exploitation and economic domination of the descendants of Jacob. The contest between the two brothers continues.


In the middle of the greater London area, there is a square mile of land that is not a part of the British Empire; it is a sovereign state; its name is "The City of London." This land is ruled by a group of twelve to fourteen people, called "The Crown." They are the Jewish International Bankers, including the most powerful of all, the Rothschilds. The City/The Crown is not under the British Sovereign, the Queen, at all. It is also not subject to British Parliament; rather, the Crown controls Parliament. The City is represented by a Lord Mayor, who is thereby the Monarch. When the Queen of England visits The City, she is met at the Gate; she bows to him, and asks permission to enter. He grants permission by handing her the Sword of State. He is her Monarch; she is the subject. The British Royalty and Parliament serve only as figureheads, whom The Crown manipulates. It is figured that these International Bankers privately OWN more than half the wealth of the entire world. It is by this wealth that they manipulate nations and use wars to accomplish some of their goals. Jewish writers claim that Jews were behind the Civil War in the U.S., and the First & Second World Wars, along with every other war during the past two hundred years. It must be made clear that the Britain and the Crown (Empire) are two separate entities, and two different races! While Britain did actually have some colonies: Australia, New Zealand, Union of South Africa, and Canada, those only comprised thirteen percent of all people who were thought to be under the British Empire. The remainder were Crown Colonies, not under Britain at all: such as India, Egypt, Bermuda, Malta, Cyprus, Central African nations, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Gibraltar. Since The Crown controlled British Parliament, Britain supplied military troops to both conquer and control Crown lands, at no cost to the Crown. But The Crown reaped all the profits. The Crown (Esau) works the White-race of Jacob like ants work aphids. They call us "goyim," which means "cattle."

Esau had begged his father, Isaac, for some kind of blessing; Isaac said, "... it shall come to pass when you have the dominion, that you shall break the yoke from off your neck." Later scriptures abound with prophecies in which Jacob responds to Esau's dominion over him/us, foretelling that after Esau's dominion, then Jacob will annihilate Esau. (See Obadiah 1:17,18; Is. 34:5,6; Ezek. 25:13,14; Mat. 13:40; Jer. 30:7,8; Malachi 4:1,3) But, we must not forget that Esau was promised a period of dominion, and that is exactly what we have suffered for the past few centuries: the Jews have dominated the entire white-race of Jacob. The contest between two brothers is the contest which defines our lives today.


The Federal Reserve Bank is a private corporation, not Federal at all, neither is it a Reserve. It is wholly owned by eight International Jewish Banks and operated for their profit. It is the means of directly exploiting the product of the United States. It carefully regulates our economy so people are kept at a level barely above poverty, but not so poor as to destroy production. It prevents affluence in order to promote incentive for production. Here is how it works. When the U.S. needs a billion dollars, it does not have the right to create money from nothing (fiat), so it signs a billion dollar note to the "Fed" which does have the right to create fiat money, and a billion dollars is deposited in the U.S. account. That billion is not a transfer from the Fed because it never existed before the Fed created the deposit into the U.S. account! The result is threefold: (1) Our nation's money supply is immediately devalued (inflated) by a billion dollars which has no value behind it. (2) We promise to pay the Fed a billion dollars of real money, produced by American labor, which is our capital-loss, and (3) We pay interest to the Fed, endlessly, more capital loss. Our national debt is now over four trillion dollars and most of it is to the Fed's International Jewish Banks. The debt is not for real money loaned to us from them, but for money that never existed before. We pay them nearly a billion dollars interest per day in real money. Thus it is that the Jewish Banks have total control of our economy and exploit our nation to whatever degree they choose, just as they do to most of the rest of the world, a world of goyim.


Once we understand the evil religion which returned from the Babylonian Captivity to occupy Jerusalem with the Edomite Herods, and know how Esau's descendants have gone on to enslave and exploit the descendants of Jacob, then we can better understand why the Old Testament prophets and the Book of Revelation indict Babylon so emphatically. Rev. 17:5 reads: "And on her forehead a name was written: 'MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.' v. 12: the ten horns which you saw are ten kings who have received no kingdom as yet, but they receive authority for one hour as kings with the beast. These are of one mind, and they will give their power and authority to the beast. These will make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb will overcome them, for He is Lord of lords and King of kings; and those who are with Him are called, chosen, and faithful." The ten kings who have no kingdom may be those International Bankers who own The City of London and half the wealth of the world. They reign over God's chosen and desire to destroy the descendants of Jacob. They make up the body of Satan just as we make up the body of Christ. Our "brother's natural instinct is the destruction of us and our Lord.

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