God's children have four minds. Scientists have not understood this idea, so there has not been any classification of creatures according to these distinctions. Rather science uses biological characteristics as the basis of specific and general classifications.


Brief synopsis of biological classifications:

All living creatures have been classified according to their BIOLOGICAL characteristics into groups by taxonomists. They classify creatures into categories of  kingdom such as animal, phylum  such as chordata (vertebrates), class such as mammal, order such as primates, family such as hominidae, genus such as Homo, and species such as europaeus or afer or arabicus or asiaticus. A species is a group of individuals who agree in exhibiting certain distinctive hereditary characteristics of sufficient importance to render a particular name convenient. [according to Americana Encyclopaedia, 1956, v. 25, p. 367] A genus is any group of species lower in rank than a family, differing in structural details such as skull shape or thickness, prognathous or orthognathous jaw, round or oval hair type, etc.

"Homo," (meaning "same") refers in genus to mankind, while horses are equus. A family is a group that differs in external form from others. Such classifications have always been controversial, with scientists disagreeing on the proper placement of many living creatures. What I am trying to illustrate is the fact that scientists classify living creatures according to biological or physical characteristics, and even there they cannot agree on which group is appropriate. In this paper, I intend to explain how all living creatures could also be classified into four groups, based on the four different types of minds.


For evolutionists and creationists, I will begin with this statement.  I do not believe that physical evolution is possible by the method described in the prevailing academic hypothesis. God has a very different program than one of accidental evolution of creatures. Of course, evolutionists don't believe there is any God behind it all, nor do they believe in afterlife. Anyway, I want to say here that we need to understand that no physical matter was ever created, but just the appearance of matter. Physicists now know that there is no such thing as a particle of matter, and that "things" exist only in the minds of perceivers. God is the supreme Dreamer who imagines this reality in His mind. We creatures are very like FIGMENTS which appear in His thought, made manifest in His act of expressing that thought, and seemingly real  simply because we believe this reality to be "real."

Given that setup, I have no problem at all with the idea that figments appeared in this illusionary reality over a long  illusionary period of time, if that is what the dreamer willed. It is far easier for me to believe that behind this great design there is a great Designer/Dreamer, than it is to believe an evolutionary process happened by accident. The theory of Darwinian evolution is unreasonable and impossible as presently conjured.  The Genesis account describes the appearance on this stage of all the players, from the tiniest microbe up to Man himself, meaning that perfect "Man" to whom Jesus referred when calling Himself the "Son of Man," namely, the spiritual Adam (Christ the anointed offspring) with whom Jesus identified. The description in Genesis of their  appearance is a very short account, not something for us to belabor; but it sets the stage where the important play can begin. Everything was perfect and Adam had his partner in a paradisiacal garden. They were immortal, meaning they could not die or be killed. Well, immortals may NOT multiply. For those who can't die, there can be no births either, lest the planet be overwhelmed with population within a few generations. So, the one primary rule for Adam and Eve (named "Zoe", meaning "life," in the Greek Septuagint), was no sex or propagation. If births come, then death must come also. They must NOT eat that forbidden fruit! And so it was in that "Garden" where perfect Man walked in oneness with their Father, their Creator. See my GENESIS commentary for a detailed account of the creation story.

Now, enter a new player into the lives of God's perfect pair: Satan, in Genesis 3. Satan appeared as a human, Lucifer in the flesh, just like Christ appeared as a human, as Jesus in the flesh. Satan and Christ are opposing counterparts. Satan, appearing as a human type person, seduced Eve/Zoe. In Gen. 3:14, Eve tells God that Satan had "beguiled" or "seduced" her, which is what the Greek word "epatese" means. In our genetic memories, we subconsciously know exactly what it was that brought our race down from immortality to be human like the other races on the stage: "illegitimate sex" is still today referred to as the "forbidden fruit."  After Satan had planted his seed in Eve, she went to Adam, who did the same. That is the beginning of the dynamic play or contest of God, whereby two races of opposite instincts would be born in order to wage an eternal battle between evil and good. Two races would be born of Eve, fraternal twins, first a child of Satan with evil instincts, and then a child of Adam with good instincts. As we know, Satan's son, Cain, soon practiced his instinct by killing Abel. It would be Adam's second son, Seth, who would serve as progenitor of the white Adamic race.

Most theologians scorn any such notion that Cain was an actual son of Satan. It is not permissible for a theologian to support such an idea, lest he find himself out of a job. Fortunately, we lay people can have Bibles of our own, unlike during the Dark Ages when the church prevented such ownership. That church then feared the people might learn truths for themselves, and that could have been disastrous to the pontificating tyrants. If we take our own Bible; and I use the Bible of Jesus, the Greek Septuagint of 285 BC rather than the Jewish Masoretic text of 1000 AD, upon which most English translations are based. Genesis 3:16 reads, "And I will put enmity between thee (Satan) and the woman (Eve) and between thy seed (spermatos) and her seed..." Here we have God speaking to Satan, referring to Satan's "sperm." In any debate about interpretation of a passage or the systematization of a doctrine, unclear passages must always yield to the clear ones. Jesus must have read this version (actually I think He had a higher source for Truth) because in John 8:44 he spoke directly to some of Cain's descendants, Edomite Jews, saying, "You are out of your father, the devil (diabolos), and you choose to do your father's desires. He was a murderer from the beginning (reference to Cain's murder of Abel) and does not stand in truth, because there is no truth in him." Then in verse 47, Jesus said, "The reason you do not hear them is that you are not from God." Can you imagine Jesus saying those words to fellow Israelites who were the sheep He came to shepherd? But, it was Edomites who had taken over Jerusalem, the politics, and the Temple under the Edomite Herod, before Jesus was even born. It was Edomites, descendants from Cain, and from Esau, to whom Jesus used the Greek words to say "out of your father, the devil." Edomites knew very well that they were spawn of Satan, as they practiced it in their Talmudic religion and their religion of Paganism which Cain had instituted. [See my article about PAGANISM in this web-site section of Articles] So, when Jesus said their father was a murderer from the beginning, they understood Him perfectly. Of course, they did not relent from their argument that they were still children of Abraam, which was also true.


Okay, all that just to provide a foundation for this article. Now, I want to discuss something which will at first seem unrelated: the four types of mind. St. John's Revelations, chapter 4, describes four types of minds, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, and Mental/Rational. They are symbolized by the lion (physical), calf (emotional), man (spiritual), and eagle (mental), in that order which coincides with the zodiac order of fixed signs, namely Leo/lion, Taurus/bull, Aquarius/Man, and Scorpio/eagle. Those symbols are also the four Living Beings of Rev. 4:7 and Ezekiel 1:10, the four Seraphs of Isaiah 6:2, and the four brigade emblems of Juda, Ephraim, Ruben, and Dan (today: Royal Britain, England, Denmark & Greece, and Germany). Ezekiel's four symbols in the wheels represent the cycles of time. Refer to the SINE-WAVE diagram. Without devoting pages to this subject, I would like to mention here that knowing about the four Minds of God can be an important key to understanding the entire program of God. The minds are not just four functions of our beings, but are the very expression of God that makes up our dimension of reality. They represent, actually they express themselves as cycles of Time. On the sine wave diagram, at the beginning of each quadrant of a cycle there is a fixed zodiac sign. From the very bottom (nadir) of the cycle, the first fixed sign is Taurus, the calf/bull, which is the emblem of the tribe of Ephraim, representing the emotional Mind. Follow the curve upward and cross the neutral line, and Aquarius is the first sign of the next quadrant. The symbol for Aquarius is the Man, which is the emblem of the tribe of Ruben, representing the spiritual Mind. The next quadrant, after the apex of the curve, is inaugurated by Scorpio, for which the ancient symbol was the eagle, being the emblem of the tribe of Dan, representing the rational Mind as the knowing of good and evil. Then, as civilization descends and crosses from the positive energy Kingdom of God into the negative energy Kingdom of World, the next quadrant begins with Leo the lion, the emblem of the tribe of Juda, and representing the physical Mind. In Numbers chapter 2, God arranged the twelve tribes into four brigades to camp around the tabernacle which is in the center. Following Juda are the tribes of Issachar and Zabulun. Following Ruben are Symeon and Gad. Following Ephraim are Manasse and Benjamin. Following Dan are Aser and Nephthalim. Why do I point out the correlation between the twelve tribes and the zodiac? Because God is illustrating, for us who seek Him, that there is order to the design of all creation, and that it is God's Mind that unites all these things into an understandable pattern. The twelve tribes were not random accident or coincidence, but they are part of the great scheme, correlating meaningfully with the zodiac ages of Time which are the expression of the Father. The history of civilization reveals God Himself through such orderly design and through the Minds which empower all life on Earth. If you read the blessings of Israel's sons, you get indications of the nature of influence given during that age of the zodiac. The meanings of the zodiac symbols define the spiritual course of God's children for each age. The blessings of Israel's sons define the human-nature course of God's children for each age. There are three blessings for each son of Israel: first the statement of his mother at his birth in Gen. 29, 30, & 35; second, the blessing given by Jacob from his deathbed in Gen. 49; and third, the blessing of Moses in Deut. 33. Also, the names given to the sons by their mothers are significant. Since they were speaking Phoenician at that time, it is the Phoenician or Greek definition that we look at. I hope to put an extensive study of Jacob's sons on this web-site soon. This is important material because we European white-race Israelites are still those twelve tribes. It is not only a matter of knowing Jacob's sons, but of knowing that we are that same family and our purpose and destiny is to be found in the records of our family's beginning. We cannot know ourselves unless we know our fathers, whose destiny we inherited.


PHYSICAL MIND (lion) is that which is expressed through all creatures which have natural physical existence, having been born from a physical parent. This physical mind operates the physiological functions of the cells and organs, such as food intake, processing, and excretion, along with a basic survival instinct of "kill or be killed." Although the design of physical organisms is wondrous, there is no rational decision making process here. Every creature from a tiny micro-organism up to Man himself has this type of mind.

EMOTIONAL MIND (bull or calf) is that which is expressed through primitive earth-races, namely the darker skinned aboriginal races who followed Adamic Man. Emotions are of a special energy which is abdominal. They operate through physical senses, seeking sensual gratification by food and sex, along with sensations of anger, violence, greed, and power. They are compulsions of desire which function as instincts, strongly influencing the course of individuals' lives. There is nothing rational in the exercise of the emotional mind. The best example of this type of mind is probably that of darkest Africa's primitives, negroes whose tribal values and lives center around sex, violence, and power, being purely emotional. Wherever the white Adamic-race or Satan's Cain-race has mixed with the blood of such primitives, the resulting mongrels gain some of the next higher "mental" or rational mind, enabling them to deal with some logical constructs and abstractions. Emotional desires are powerful compulsive instincts, belonging to all creatures above the lower animals, such as dogs and cats, certainly the anthropoid apes (with whom African negroes can successfully breed), all the earth-races, and the divine races of Adam and Cain. Through inter-racial breeding over many many centuries, the darkest races of pure emotional minds have gained some overlap into mental mind.

SPIRITUAL MIND is the expression of God the Father, through His own anointed Son, the Christ, from Adam onward. Adam's race is that of Sem, Japhet, and Ham and then the later race of Israel, the white European race of  Israel's twelve tribes. Cain's race includes that of the Edomites who took over Jerusalem, the temple, and Judea, calling themselves "Jews."  The spiritual mind is the instinct which values good over bad, which yearns for reunion with God, which lives by the golden rule, and practices values of integrity, honesty, justice, compassion, charity, and goodwill. These are some of the qualities which add up to what I call "nobility." It is our Adamic race which does not cheat or exploit others, but always gives the other person any benefit of the doubt. We treat others as we would like to be treated, with respect and with honor. These are the fruits which reveal the ancestry of a person of our race. Since none of the other races have "good instinct" spiritual minds (born from above), and since this characteristic is that through which God-the-Good expresses Himself, and lives, and experiences life, then it is understandable that God protects those who have such minds above any other creatures on earth. Our Old Testament history demonstrates the extreme protection, concern, discipline, and guidance that God gave to HIS ONE SPECIAL RACE of beings. That these Adamic or Israelite children were "Gods," was mentioned by David in Psalm 82:6, a passage which was later quoted by Jesus in John 10:34. Remember, it was Jesus' identification with God which angered the Edomites, and got Him killed! Christian members of Christ's body have been loathe to repeat that claim of divinity again because it isn't politically acceptable, and partly because they never understood what Jesus meant anyway. The reason God's children were considered in Scripture to be "Gods" is because, as members of Christ, it is the spiritual mind of God their Father that lives through them, just as it did through Jesus. Further, it is important to understand that when any one of God's children interbreeds with another race, he or she adulterates God's race, hence the resulting offspring CANNOT have the spiritual mind. The commandment against adultery refers primarily to race-mixing, while the tenth commandment against coveting covers sex-adultery. The resulting child from race-mixing might sometimes be especially brilliant, even a "giant" in society because of his mental mind, but he can not have a spiritual mind. Cain never had the spiritual mind because he wasn't born of God, and he also married into neighboring earth races. Later in history, Esau left home to marry into neighboring Cain (Aramean) races.

MENTAL MIND (eagle) is that rational and logical faculty typified best by the Orientals who strive to suppress their emotional minds in order to be intelligent. The mental mind is the primary nature of the Cain/Edomite race of Satan's corpus.  The appearance of this rational mind is symbolized by the "tree of knowledge of good and evil" It would be Eve's offspring, both of them, who possess this type of mind. But it is the highest type of mind for the Cain race, who don't have God's Spirit, who are the proper rulers of this kingdom of World, being the greatest scientists and geniuses of earth's elements.  Genesis 4:17ff tells of Cain's offspring who built cities, organizing political societies ("those that dwell in tents"), ranching livestock, inventing musical instruments, and smelting ores for the blacksmithing of metal tools. It is their mental capability that we know best as the operator of this World and our societies. Compared to the primitive races and their savage families, or tribal groups of earth's long prior history, the arrival of the Cain men was a spectacular leap which would engineer a whole new world.

The contest between good and evil, as waged by the opponent teams of Adam and Cain, takes place largely through the mental faculties. These two special races can think original thoughts, experiment, solve problems by deduction, consider multiple options and select the best while compromising the least. They can engineer plans for the future, can strategize for offense or defense, and can imagine things which no one else has yet imagined. It is my opinion that the Cain race has done much better with their mental gift than the Adamic race has done.  They use their talent with a zeal we Christians should envy. They LIVE their destinies with an intensity that never compromises, and unless our Father protected us, we would have been exterminated long ago by them. While the races from Adam and from Cain each have this mental capability, they could both work for good, but they don't. The race of Cain uses its talents for evil because they are children of Satan and it is through them that we see expressed the essence of the negative energy in the course of history. It is their compelling instinct to pervert or reverse all goodness into wickedness. Their incomparable talents are expressed through lying, cheating, exploiting, stealing, murdering, and every sort of sensual perversion imaginable. Jesus, speaking to the Edomite Jews in John 8:44, defines their nature as frauds. It is by their talent of pretense (lying) that they provide entertainment to modern society as actors and politicians. It is by their compulsion to destroy Abel and Jacob/Israel and Christ's white European race that they have engineered the historical genocide pogroms against us, from the Roman persecutions, the Roman Catholic Inquisitions, the Dark Ages, the fifty million killed under Stalin, the U.S. wars, and the present flooding of our land with all the third world races they can entice. Meanwhile, the mental capability of Christ's lost-sheep tries to work for the progress of civilization, toward justice and fairness, and does unto others as they would have done unto them. We invent and create things in order to improve the entire world, not seeking to exploit or destroy. We are climbing Jacob's ladder laboriously and innocently, but we live during the time of Esau's dominion (a blessing given him by Isaac), and it is not yet our function to overthrow their evil for the sake of the kingdom of God. In our innocence and naivete we can hardly protect ourselves from the diabolically shrewd conniving and fraud of our enemies. We are destroyed and killed daily by them because they exercise dominion of this World, for a short while yet.

Alright, there are four types of minds. Primitive creatures like bacteria and many small animals have only the one PHYSICAL mind, but the physical mind is also part of every other living physical creature, including races of the field, and Man, and Satan's race, too. EMOTIONAL minds belong to the higher order of animals which are the more intelligent animals, along with those primitive dark skin races which are the "theria," (animals/creatures/beasts) of the Bible. Satan's race and Christ's race also have emotional minds. MENTAL minds belong to Satan's race and to Christ's race, and to the Orientals to a lesser degree. Today's Tocharians in the Tarim Pendi basin of western China, near the Tien Shan mountains are white race evidence that Cain and Adam had gone there after leaving the Pamir Plateau (Edem). Finally, the SPIRITUAL mind is unique to the children of Adam, the first Christ.  It is consistent with God's extreme protection of His special Adamic race, that ancestral lineage and "blood" were so very important in the Old Testament. We people of Adam have a very different instinctive motivation that drives our lives, from all other persons, . We know subconsciously that we are foreigners in this kingdom of World where Satan's race is at home. We are prodigals who feel a homesickness, that is almost indescribable, to return to our Father and our God. It is by our instinct that we recognize Jesus as the very Head of the body in which we are members. We knew Him at first sight just as surely as a sheep knows its own shepherd. Jesus' divinity need not be proven to us; we follow him because it is our instinct to do so. We pray with a deep-soul yearning that no other race can ever experience. We direct the activities of our daily lives in a manner that expresses our spiritual mind, perhaps completely suppressing or ignoring our physical, emotional, or mental urges. The word "righteousness" becomes the criteria by which we live, and more than that it is the very purpose for our lives that we express God's righteousness in our lives. Righteousness is the expression of our positive spiritual mind, which is a participation in God our Father. Perhaps I should note that none of us live by our spiritual minds perfectly. We often yield to our emotions or to our logic and analytical minds for dealing with worldly matters. At such times we are "missing the mark," which is the definition of the Greek word for "sin." Living totally by the spiritual mind is something we should strive toward, but we will always continue to struggle with our so-called human nature which is the activity of our other three earthly minds.


Just for interest, I might mention that in St. John's Revelations, he recognized six aspects (24 elders) for each of the four minds which he saw as "Living Beings." Isaiah and Ezekiel saw those aspects as six wings: two covering the face, two covering the feet, and two by which they flew. One possible explanation for the six is that each might represent one-thousand years (approx.). Another is that those six facets of the minds are, in my speculation, glory, senses, life, belief, love, and grace. Those six facets manifest as the attributes of each mind. Animals have only one set of six physical facets. The black race has two sets, namely the physical and the emotional, while the more advanced Oriental race and Cain/Edomite/Jew race has the mental mind. So, Satan's race (members of his body) has three sets of six attributes, that is: three sixes. [Even without that 666 designation, Edomite Jews are believed by many to be the Beast mentioned in Revelations.] Christ's race (members of His body) have all four sets of six facets. Only those of pure Israel bloodline have spiritual minds.

On earth today, we have many mongrel races which resulted from Cain's or Adam's descendants mixing with earth people.  The white race Tocharians remain in western China to this day as evidence of our beginnings there. Noah's flood killed off all the miscegenated Adamic race in the Tarim Pendi basin. The race of India had been black before Cain migrated through there on his way to the region of Chaldea. Noah's family later migrated to the Punjab and there was probably some additional race-mixing, perhaps from Japheth or Ham. Some people of India reveal some degree of Mental mind, although mostly emotional, along with remnants of our own spiritual tradition which is still available in the ancient Vedas and Upanisads. The dark-complexioned Arabic people of North Africa, the Sinai, and Mesopotamia (Afro-Asian Arameans) were interbred by the Cain race after Cain left the Tarim Pendi, giving them some Mental mind which has a more unrighteous quality  than that of the Orientals. In recent centuries, black Africans have mixed with the white races of Europe and America, thus bringing themselves some Mental mind, by which they can function in our culture to a limited extent, although their instincts of sex and violence still mostly dominate their racial nature. The culture of black Washington, DC today is very like that of Zimbabwe, Africa. Admittedly, it is true that some blacks do acknowledge and serve the true God wonderfully and genuinely, even though lacking the spiritual mind. And, it is sadly the case that in America, the Cain/Edomite race of Jews (tares) has mixed with Christ's Israel (wheat) until we cannot distinguish one from the other. Jesus says, "by their fruits you shall know them." So, the pure blood of Israel sits in America waiting for the final harvest, when God's angels will separate the two, and return this vineyard to Christ's Israel who inherit it.

So, instead of classifying God's Adamic and Cain races with the earth races under the family of hominidae or the genus of homo or the species of europaeus, or even under the order of primates or as mammals, it would be more proper to consider our races to be of divine-origin who function as expressions of God in this world. We, white race with spiritual minds, have been specially placed here for a specific purpose, but we are not OF this earth. We don't live like flowers of the field, for only a day and then gone, having no afterlife like all other earth beings; rather we live eternally, forever, and are but visitors to this foreign kingdom of World. We should not be classified with any earth creatures. All other earth creatures and "people" live but once, like flowers in the field.

To say that we live forever, unlike the other races, evokes the question of where we go when we die. I see it this way. God's children are individual spirits. It is your Spirit Mind that never dies. You, as a Spirit, live again and again and again, repeatedly/continuously, forever. You, as a Spirit, are a part of God which manifests into countless physical lifetimes. You are an experience of the Father. God experiences physical life, emotional life, and intellectual life through your person. It is you as a spirit, that is a part of God, that lives through those three "minds" during a manifest lifetime. When you die, the three minds of physical, emotional, and mental all cease to exist, just as a flower dies and has no afterlife or memory. It is your spirit that never dies, but which makes progress during each lifetime in your climb up Jacob's ladder toward perfect union with the Father again. You, as a spirit, are strengthened and perfected through the trials and tribulations of life in this world. Because you, in your fallen human state, feel attached to this world and all the sensual gratifications, and because you believe in the great lie of this material world, you suffer severe lessons as consequences of your ignorance and your attachment here. You begin each lifetime learning that the world offers many gratifications, pleasures, wealth, and powers if you will just pursue them. A wonderful world is before you, and you can have a good share of it if you will dedicate yourself to worldly pursuits and promote the great lie. Satan, as Lord of this world of the great lie, rewards you if you will worship him by loving his kingdom of world. Consider all the wealthy and powerful barons of this world; they live in opulent luxury and die peacefully in their beds. It seems that they never suffer the lessons that so many of us suffer. Wickedness is rewarded. Why? Well, they are Satan's children, the Cain race, and during the kingdom of world it is appropriate that they are blessed with the temporal rewards which their Lord has to offer. They believe the great lie of material reality, and live their lives for it, and enjoy its fruits. Israelites can follow that same course and have wealthy lives here in Satan's Kingdom of World, at the cost of being culled from God's family. Esau valued sensual gratification more than his birthright, trading it for a meal. And then he spent his life trying to get it back, but to no avail.

You have a Father who loves you and wishes to save you from the great lie. You have a far greater destiny than this world can offer. God will not leave you alone to enjoy the fruits of wickedness. He put His laws in your heart and mind as a sort of instinct to guide you to fulfillment of your real spiritual self, and He permits you to suffer consequences when you break those rules. Even though you might flee Him, yet He pursues you and disciplines you and guides you and tries to attract you toward Him instead of toward this world. Unless you actually DENY that Spirit which is your true self as a part of God, you can never escape your Father's love and concern, along with the severe lessons which are designed to draw you to Him. Only the actual denial of your spiritual self can break your tie with your Father; that is the sin for which there is no forgiveness. You as a Spirit are eternal. You are a member of the body of Christ, God's son, His offspring. As a member of Christ, you, as a Spirit, live forever, experiencing lifetimes according to the Father's will.

I would like for you to meet the Spirit of one of your brothers, a precious member of Christ, Francis Thompson (1859-1907), who was a poet of God experiencing this life as a street bum in London, a gutter alcoholic and drug addict. He wrote one of the most deeply moving and spiritual poems of all time. It is The Hound of Heaven. He speaks from his spiritual mind about his attempts to flee from God. You can find the entire poem on the internet, or in a bookstore. The first part of the poem is:

"I fled Him, down the nights and down the days;

I fled Him, down the arches of the years;

I fled Him, down the labyrinthine ways

    Of my own mind; and in the mist of tears

I hid from Him, and under running laughter.

    Up vistaed hopes I sped;

    And shot, precipitated,

Adown Titanic glooms of chasmed fears,

From those strong Feet that followed, followed after.

    But with unhurrying chase,

    And unperturbed pace,

Deliberate speed, majestic instancy,

    They beat--and a Voice beat

    More instant than the Feet--

"All things betray thee, who betrayest Me."

                (by Francis Thompson)

Francis Thompson knew the weakness of human nature more intimately than anyone I've ever met. He knew how powerfully we become bonded to this hellish world, seeking satisfactions but finding grief and pain. Yet we persist! Why do we persist in our misery so doggedly? In our agony we pray to God that He will remove the painful consequences of our actions and give us happiness as a reward for our apostasy. When God doesn't relieve us of our just consequences, we become angry at Him, and wail about how a loving God could permit such things to happen. We really want Him to make our worldly hell into a heaven so we can enjoy the material and sensual satisfactions for which we hunger. We've all fled God, even while claiming to be Christian and making a show of religious zeal. But Francis Thompson, speaking from the deepest depths of apostasy, was able to be objective and truthful about his life. If you can be just a little bit honest about your life, his poem will express the wail of your soul.


Lest I be perceived as a hateful racial bigot, I would add this note, even though unrelated to the information above. I believe the Adamic race has a destined purpose of raising the level of earth societies from base-human-nature to that of a Godly civilization by means of teaching them to acknowledge the true God and His anointed Christ, but never by race-mixing. Then, the non-spirit races, the theria, can enjoy happy and fulfilled lives. So, I think that we as stewards of the earth-races have a responsibility to be kind and fair to them. As for Jews of the race of Edom who are Christ's eternal enemies, I would remind you that Esau was Jacob's brother, and that Jacob did not hate Esau in response to Esau's hatred. Deuteronomy 23:7 says, "You shall not hate an Edomite for he is your brother."  So, it is not appropriate, or approved by God, for Israelites to hate our brother race of Cain/Edom Jews in response to their genocidal pogrom against our race. On the cross Jesus asked His Father to forgive the Edomite Jews who were killing Him. He was freeing Himself from any emotional tie, like anger or hate, to His killers. Hatred limits your progress and hurts you. Consider this, that during Satan's kingdom of world it is natural for his own children to be rewarded for their wickedness, just as during our coming kingdom of heaven it will be appropriate for us to enjoy all the rewards of God's wealth. If we hate the wicked during their time of dominion, then we may have a decreased fulfillment during our time of glory. True justice permits you to have rewards equal to those you allowed to your enemy during his reign. So, love your enemies! Avoid entanglements with them, and do not walk their ways, but understand them in light of God's program while you walk your own spiritual path toward Godly perfection by rejecting this world. All of this is part of God's Divine Pageant, and He will settle accounts with our enemies at the end. Meanwhile, we spiritual sheep of Christ continue to struggle with personal righteousness while we go innocently to slaughter until all of God's Elect have been killed and treasured by God under His altar, and then the evil kingdom of World will be ended so Christ's kingdom of Heaven can begin. We, Israel, can maintain our innocence, but that does not mean we have to be ignorant of the truth or of our ancestry or of the nature of our enemies. In these end-times, the Holy Spirit is permitting the big-picture to come into view so that we can, at long last, understand the grand play in which we have exciting roles to play.

Roger Hathaway, May 2002  (revised June, 2003)

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