Paganism is a religion more than seven thousand years old. It is the mother-goddess religion practiced in all civilized nations from the time of Adam and Eve until today. It is a valid religion of genuine worship of a real god, for those who are his descendants. It is the worship of Satan by his own race of children, the Cain/Edom descendants who are drawn to it just as European white-race Israelites are drawn to their own Shepherd, Jesus. I shall explain.

After Cain left the family of Adam and Eve, he created the religion of Paganism for the worship of his divine parents. The centerpiece of the rituals is lamentation (weeping) in commemoration of Eve's sorrow at the death of her son, Abel.  Eve, called EA, is  the mother-goddess. Temples were built to her. Statues have been found of her holding her baby in ancient Babylon. The very same religion is practiced today as Roman Catholicism, with the same characters and festivals as those of ancient times, except they call their mother-goddess "Mary." One of the reasons that God permitted Judea and Jerusalem to be conquered, along with destruction of its temple, was because the Pagan religion was being practiced in the Temple. Ezekiel had been taken captive to Babylon in 598 BC, where he was shown a vision from God in 593 BC, about iniquities inside the Jerusalem Temple. Ezekiel 8:13, 14 - "(13)Then He said to me, you shall see still greater transgressions which they are committing. (14) Then He led me to the vestibule of the gate of the house of the Lord facing the north, and behold here were women sitting there, weeping for Tammuz."

You need to know that Satan was Cain's actual father. Biblical evidence is clear about this, even though the Christian church refuses to address the issue. Briefly, the fall was Eve's intercourse with a tempter called "Satan." In Genesis 3:14 Eve says that Satan "beguiled" or "seduced" her to take of that forbidden fruit. In Gen. 3:16, God tells Satan that He will put enmity between his seed (sperm) and her seed. The Greek word there is spermatos. Gen. 5:3 says that Adam "lived two hundred and thirty years and begot a son after his own form, and after his own image, and he called his name Seth." Cain is not listed in the Bible in Adam's lineage. The list of descendants from Adam in chapter 5, has no mention of Cain as a son of Adam. In John 8:44, Jesus tells the Edomite Jews in Jerusalem that they are "out of" their father, the devil, who was a murderer from the beginning, and a liar. It is commonly accepted that this statement refers to Cain, but the church skips over the identity of the temple Jews who were Edomites, the race of Cain. So, clearly, Cain was not a son of Adam, but was out of Satan. God was establishing two genetic lines of descendants for the purpose of a contest between good and evil. This contest has defined the course of civilizations ever since. One race, from Adam, had instincts to do good, and recognized Adam (Christ) as their father, while the opponent race of wicked instincts from Cain had Satan as a father. Cain established a religion to worship his mother, EA, and his father, ENLIL (Satan).

The religion can be traced through several definite periods of history, which I will call WAVES.

WAVE 1: 5508 until 4500 BC.

Adam was born in 5508 BC, according to the Greek Septuagint, the only written Bible, until about 1,000 AD when the so-called Hebrew Masoretic version appeared. I use Septuagint (LXX) chronology and name spellings.

Adam appeared as a Christ. He had a divine mind, in God's image, a virtual God. His wife, Eve (Zoe = Life) was his own feminine nature, removed from himself to be an individual person. The fall of the perfect couple was because God's law against sex was transgressed. Immortals cannot procreate without becoming mortal. Eve had sex with a tempter, Satan, partaking of that forbidden fruit of forbidden sex. Then Adam followed suit and had sex with her too. Their offspring were the fraternal twins of that age of Gemini: Cain, whose father was Satan, and Abel, whose father was Adam. Abel, was killed by Cain; we all know the story. Cain removed from their presence, eventually going westward toward Mesopotamia, where evidence has been found of worship of ENLIL (devil) as far back as 4500 BC. Adam and Eve went eastward from the Pamir Plateau (Eden) to the Tarim Pendi Basin where they lived for many years.

Cain and his people lived in the region now called Iraq, where they instituted the religion of Paganism. He lived for 730 years, and founded the highly advanced civilization of ancient Mesopotamia. Cain was the firstborn of Satan, so he inherited a divine nature, giving him very high mental and physical powers. He went forth to represent his father, Satan, and develop this kingdom of World, of which Satan is the rightful sovereign. It is critically important that you get this in perspective. Cain, as a worker of Satan, promotes a MATERIAL WORLD, a limited and finite reality of things which appear solid and real. Because World is only a reflection of the true spiritual reality, it is nothing but a chimera, a fantasy of mind, a fraud and a lie, but it provides a stage on which the contest between good and evil is waged between these two races. In order to rule his World as Satan wants, the opponent race of Christ-types must be destroyed. It is the unrelenting quest of Satan to kill the Adamite white race. That is the contest being waged during the negative half (ca. 12,000 yrs) of one full cycle of the precession-of-equinoxes. The negative energy of Satan is lying and murder. Cain, as a person, is intelligent beyond our comprehension, born of divine parents, and knowing the truth about God and Christ and the struggle between good and evil. He hardly needed a mark to protect him from neighboring races, for he had no peers among those primitives who had occupied the lands for countless thousands of years. The sixth generation of Cain's grandchildren brought Jobel, Jubal, and Thobel, three children who excelled at worldly occupations. It would be Cain's descendants throughout history who were the great inventors and scientists and mathematicians, as it still is today. The most pure strain of Cain today is the Edomite race, known to us as "Jews." Cainites have superior worldly minds; they know how to work with earth materials and finite numbers and physical laws. They have a right to feel superior regarding worldly minds of scheming, exploiting, strategy, and deceit. This world belongs to them because they are children of Satan, who is lord of World. Cain left Adam's family because he had a great mission for his own father, to develop the kingdom of World. He and his descendants have the great minds to do that very thing, as they have done. We Christian sheep despise Satan's pogrom against us because we are the ones he wishes to destroy. We tend to forget that we are foreigners in this kingdom of World. We were introduced into it as opponents of its rightful lords, Satan and his descendants, the Cain race. Our Lord, Jesus, never railed against Satan; rather He admitted Satan was lord of this world. Jesus even told us to love our enemies, which would be the Cainites, and never get into confrontation with them. He advised us to avoid them, and make peace with them. Basically, we are told to sit back and not get involved with World, while waiting for a transfer of power when Jesus would become Lord of it. Our natures are spiritual, not worldly, and it is our quest to develop our natures in spite of relentless persecution. Well, I've gotten off track.

Cain established a religion which worshiped his father Satan, under the name ENLIL. Other members of his pantheon were EA who was Eve, Cain's mother. EA is sometimes portrayed in ancient writings as male, but that is another story, whereby priests deliberately confused matters in order to preserve their elite status and their mystery school secrets. EA is the mother goddess, who weeps at the death of her beloved son, TAMMUZ (Abel). Cain created a RELIGION OF LAMENTATION, where women wept for EA's grief. The dead son was called TAMMUZ by Cain, a word meaning "pig," as an insult to Abel. [Note: Modern Jews have a month named Tammuz. On the 17th of Tammuz, they fast. It is a day of lamentation in memory of ancient griefs.] Adam was known as ANU, recognized as the first god, but one who was not approachable to be worshiped. ENLIL was Satan, the true father of MARDUK (Cain). The father of ENLIL was BEL (aka Baal). Temples were built to ENLIL, EA, MARDUK, and BEL, but, of course, not to ANU or TAMMUZENLIL was the god of earth, while ANU was the god of heaven. You see, that is absolutely right. Satan IS the lord of this kingdom of World, while Christ (Adam) is the Lord of the kingdom of God! Cain knew the truth, and he very appropriately instituted a religion for his descendants to worship their own ancestor and lord, Satan. ENLIL was just as real to them as Christ is to us, and appropriately so. And Cain's race is still among us, and still worshiping their own lord. Roman Catholics practice that mother-goddess religion, still intact and the same as it has been for over seven thousand years. The Masons and Mormons and other secret societies hold similar Satanic rituals because they know their own lord as the true ruler of this kingdom of World.

WAVE 2: about 4,000 BC.

The Cain religion was renewed under Sargon the Magnificent, of Akkad, who ruled the land of Akkad and Sumer about 3,800 BC. MARDUK (Cain) became the Sun God, whose followers were called Children of the Sun. MARDUK (Cain) was the firstborn of EA, and brother of TAMMUZ (Abel). ANU was Adam (Christ), but too fearful to worship. That attitude makes us wonder how Adam must have reacted to Cain's murder of Abel! Notice that ANU (Adam) is venerated as the first god. Satan NEVER denied Christ's position and power, nor did Christ ever deny the same of Satan. EA was worshiped in order to gain ANU's favor. TAMMUZ (Abel) was the son, whose death was lamented. ENLIL (Satan) was somewhat equivalent to BEL, the primary god to whom temples were built. The Euphrates valley flourished as dikes were built to constrain the rivers and temples were built. Great cities were built, on such grand scale that we today would gasp at their grandeur. In BEL'S temples there were some human sacrifices, along with some cannibalism, just as continue to be practiced in some secret societies yet today.

ADAM's people stayed in the Tarim Pendi Basin of western China until the great Flood of that basin about 3,300 BC. Afterward Noe (Noah) and his family migrated to the Punjab of northwestern India, where their Christ-type religion is somewhat preserved in the Sanskrit writings of the Upanishads and Vedas. The Bhagavad-Gita, part of the Mahabharata, is one of the greatest spiritual works in existence. While the Hindu religion interprets it according to its own agenda, we can appreciate that someone, at least, still appreciates it, and that they've preserved it while we have forgotten it. It is the story of a struggle between good and evil, between two families who are related, like Adamites and Cainites. Krishna is Christ, Arjuna represents us Adamites, the Kurus are Cainites, Brahman is God the Father, and Kuruksetra is the material world where the contest takes place. On another level of understanding, Kuruksetra is the soul, where one battles against his own negative thoughts, being hesitant to kill such close relatives to which one has felt strongly attached. Krishna instructs Arjuna about the nature of his inner self, the Christ within, and about the nature of "God." Over the many centuries of oral tradition and then textual transmission, it is likely that scribes did insert some of their own words, so one must read it with carefulness. Yet, the Upanisads probably give us the only possible hint of the nature of our ancestors' spiritual values and practices. I suspect that only a genuine Adamite can discern the depth of spiritual message in these great works, rather than the present day mongrel race people of India who are not from Adam.

2,800 to 2,400

At sometime during these four centuries our patriarch, Heber, led his people from the Punjab to Sumeria, the same place where the Cain people had long ago settled and developed an ostentatious society. I speculate that it must have been Heber who led them, for his people are thereafter called "Hebrews." We have no other indication in the Bible how the people came by that name.

WAVE 3: ca. 2,350 BC

At this time in Sumeria it is another Sargon who rules. All evidence points to Nimrod, of the Bible, who takes the title "Sargon." Sar meant king and the last syllable can be spelled "kan" or "khan," which were spellings of "Cain." The title was "King Cain." Sargon/Nimrod renewed the Pagan gods in such a way that after Nimrod's death, it was his own name and that of his wife, SEMIRAMIS, that the people worshiped. SEMIRAMIS was the "Great Goddess Mother." Nimrod became, both the son, "NINUS," and the husband, TAMMUZ. BEL was known as the father of NINUS. Since Nimrod was a son of Cush (son of Ham), did that make Cush as Bel? The great city which Nimrod built was Nineveh, which means "habitation of Ninus." Statues of the Pieta have been unearthed, showing the goddess mother holding the son.

When one studies the history of Paganism, the names and characters become quite confusing. There are many more characters who appear on stage at different times, but the goddess-mother religion is constant. By this time in Sumeria, or Chaldea, the priests were deeply involved in developing their Chaldean "mystery schools." It appears that Pagan priests had always promoted mystery and confusion with their religion, for such techniques made them elite and attracted followers to them in order to learn their magic. Magic was their real game, and it was from those Chaldean mystery schools that the Qabbalah developed, then carried back to Jerusalem as the heart of the new religion of Babylonian Talmudic Phariseeism, which is still the proper name for the religion known as Judaism today. Magic was mainly the learned use of certain personal names of God for the purpose of attaining worldly desires. The Qabbalah is very explicit about this fact. While our true God of the Hebrews never had a personal name, many names were adopted for him from the Aramaic language in the Chaldean mystery schools. The name, Yahweh, was a generic term for God among the Chaldeans, and appears on ostraca and tablets in common street language use. Only in later centuries did Edomite Jews claim the word to be so sacred it must not be spoken. The name, El, was another generic term for god. "Elohim" is the plural of it, meaning "the gods." There were many many gods in the Chaldean/Babylonian pantheon, but they were never terms used by the true Hebrews for our God who gave us His name only as "I AM."

ca. 2,000 BC

Abram was told by God to leave the grand and fabulous city of Ur in Chaldea. Babylon was the epitome of grandeur, a wondrous accomplishment of the race of Cain. Babylon is a symbol in the Bible for all the materialist wonders of this kingdom of World. God advises Abram to separate himself from that grandeur, to go to a land of a very different type, another paradigm of God's children leaving the World to go to the Promised Land. We might accuse Heber of making a terrible mistake by leading his people into such a pit of hell. Yet, it is in this kingdom of World that God tests and purifies His children, culling out those who love the World, and selecting only a few off the top who remain true to Him. Cain's World serves God's purpose, and improves the genetic strain of God's children by culling the weak from it. We are destined to great responsibility in the kingdom of heaven, so, much discipline and training is necessary to prepare us for the task. Satan's World provides that test. At the time of Ezekiel, in the 500's BC, he was shown a vision, recorded in Ezekiel 8:13, 14, described as follows by him: "And He said to me, 'You shall see yet greater iniquities which these do.' And he brought me in to the porch of the house of the Lord that looks to the north; and behold, there were women sitting there lamenting for Tammuz." Paganism was being practiced in the Jerusalem Temple at the time of Ezekiel! God was very angry.

As John says in his Revelations, it is only to the ONE who overcomes that God gives the reward. For each of us, the path to God is an individual journey, and never something that can be learned from any teacher.

By this time in history, we find the Pagan religion dominated all the civilized nations. ALL had adopted from Babylon the mother-goddess religion, and had given their own names to the characters. In Egypt she was Isis; in Greece, Artemis; in the Roman Empire, Diana. Once one understands the mother-goddess theme, one finds the mythos is the same in all the nations.

WAVE 4: Christian Era

Jesus promoted such a radically different spirituality that it was rejected by the Pagans of all countries. Only God's true children of Israel responded to the call, and left the temples of organized religion to follow Him who had no place to lay His head. He suggested no rituals, no worship services, and no religious structure. The temple curtain was torn down, and the Father was made accessible to all Israelites, the only ones for whom Jesus came. The first three centuries of the Christian movement were not organized. Individuals struggled to understand what message Jesus was giving, but it wasn't very clear. Some struggled with questions of circumcision and law, but there wasn't much clear advice. It was up to each person to seek God for himself, with the powerful help of the Holy Spirit which Jesus sent. And struggle they did, intensely and fervently, many dying as martyrs (witnesses) for their faith which they didn't really understand. Now THAT was spiritual struggle, just what God wants to work in his children! But, as time passed, some leaders pushed for organization. They wanted a religion more clearly defined, and controlled. Differences of opinion were tolerated less and less, and bitter disputes increased. Roman Paganists continued to persecute the Christians, who were powerless before them.

Finally, Constantine and some bishops called a great Council at Nicaea, near Constantinople, in the year 325. Several hundred Christian leaders organized and defined their faith in words of a Creed. Emperor Constantine made Christianity the state-approved religion. The Pieta statues of the mother-goddess holding her baby or her dead son were renamed as Mary and Jesus, and the Roman Catholic religion was born. An early Pope, Gregory the Great, reformed all public services and rituals in order to adopt the Pagan festivals into Christianity. Christmas and Easter (Ishtar) and many many other festival dates were established. Priests were suddenly required to be unmarried and chaste, at least from adult women. Satan's perverted morality has never been absent in that Roman anti-Christ religion. An individual's quiet, meditative struggle for spiritual growth was over. Religion became an active practice, ruled by priests and popes. The mother goddess religion dominated Europe, and Charlemagne conquered the entire land of Europe for the Pope. Just as Cain lived through the Sargons, he now lived through the papal office, conquering, plundering, and murdering again, as is his nature. Jesus tried to warn us in John 8:44 about the nature of Satan's children, that they are not from God, and they are liars and murderers. But Christ's sheep did not listen, and were not able to withstand the tyranny of Satan's rulership in Satan's kingdom of World. Look at the Roman Catholic Church; it is a pure replica of ancient paganism. Mary, the mother-goddess, is the one who is worshiped. Jesus is not worshiped. The devil is worshiped, not directly, but through all the dead "saints" (called "daemons" in ancient times). Individual struggle in faith is not just discouraged, it is prohibited; a priest MUST be one's guide. And the cruelty of that den of vipers is no less than the famous cruelty of the Sargons. The devil's color is red; look at the gaudy, ostentatious, outrageous flaunting of red cloaks and mitres that the devil's agents wear, certainly not representatives of Jesus, are they? The great Protestant Reformers all considered the papal office to be the very AntiChrist.

It's easy to look from a distance and wonder how so many Christians could be so blind and weak, like sheep, and how anyone could adopt such a religion as Paganism. But, beware, you and I are not guiltless. In the first place, the race of Cain is worshiping their own lord, the real living ruler of this kingdom of World. It is Satan who rewards his own with worldly blessings, with prosperity and various gratifications. We have all sought such things, and lusted after them, and prayed for them, contrary to Jesus' command to not worry about them but to reject them. When we turn our emotions and our hopes and desires toward earthly gains, it is not God who grants them, but it is the lord of this world whose power it is to grant them. He is the lord of the prosperity religion so popular today. It certainly is not Christ, who showed us the way to reject the world and walk the path to Golgotha instead. No, we have Satan to thank for many many things, because we had hungered for them.


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