Open Letter
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This letter is dedicated to those whom Yahweh has given ears to hear


In my observation of the Christian/Israel/Patriot Community over the past few years I have noticed a disturbing imbalance in the lives of the majority of my fellow brothers and sisters. It is causing problems not only in the individual lives of the people but also the life of the community as a whole: but most importantly, it is causing the Glory and Honor due unto our Father Yahweh to suffer.


The imbalance of which I speak is an overemphasis on Political Freedom to the neglect of Physical Freedom. By Physical Freedom, I mean health and vitality. To our credit we are, for the most part, very knowledgeable and zealous for our political freedoms, but those freedoms will do us little good without the physical health, strength and vitality to enjoy them.


In my recent reading, study and observation it has become painfully obvious to me that we are not only being assailed by the enemy in the area of our political rights and freedoms, but also, and perhaps even more importantly, we are being attacked on the most sacred ground, the very Temple of the Holy Spirit.


First Corinthians chapter six, verses nineteen and twenty teach us that we are the Glorify Him (Yahweh) in both Bodies and Spirits; both of which are His (if we are His Children).


The same Elohim who established the moral, political, and social Laws that we are seeking to re-establish ourselves under also laid down certain Laws regarding our physical health and well being. Unfortunately these seem to be the Laws that we are ignoring or neglecting to our own destruction. I encourage you to read Deuteronomy chapter 28 which details the Blessings of obedience and also the cursings of disobedience to “observe carefully all His Commandments and His Statutes…”


Yahweh, the Most Holy One, is the Author, Creator and Designer of our “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made” Temples. Many of us are sadly reaping what we have sown by ignoring His Laws governing our physical health. Yahweh is no respecter of persons. Obedience in one area of life does not give us a license for disobedience with impunity in another area.


There are innumerable books in addition to the Bible, which apply themselves to expounding upon the Laws and principles, which Yahweh has set in motion to govern His physical creation.


There are things that we can do to reverse the damage done, to begin reaping the Blessings instead of the cursings: but we must first start with simple, whole hearted obedience to ALL of HIS LAWS and stop being controlled by our tongues and our stomachs like the heathen and start Glorifying Yahweh in our Bodies/Temples as well as our Spirits. (Read Romans chapter 6)


I believe that a word to the wise is sufficient in this matter. My prayer for all of Yahweh’s Children is that of the Apostle John in III John 2, “Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things, and be in health, even as your soul prospers!”



May Yahweh Bless and be glorified in His people!