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L.S.D. 25

June 5, 1967

The greatest hoax in history was put over on the American people and the world on June 5, 1967

This was the report of the so-called “Six day war” of the illegally conceived and unlawfully created “State of Israel” against the Christian and Moslems of the United Arab Republic.  In reality, it was a 60-minute blitz carried out by utilizing the military might of the United States and carried on by traitors to this nation in high governmental positions Zionists who are loyal only to the “State of Israel” and who bleed the Christian American taxpayers to support a nation of Pharisees who persecute other Christians.

The very life of this illegitimate “State of Israel” depends on lies.  It was founded on a lie and its existence has been perpetuated by one lie after another.

First, these people who call themselves “Jews” are remnants of those tribes who elected to remain in Babylon after the 2 tribes were released from Babylonian captivity, with a mixture of Asian Mongoloid-Turco-Finn ancestry, and who live by the evil Babylonian Talmud.  Literally, they are Satan worshippers, the humans through whom Satan can accomplish his works on earth.

Second, Palestine was never their homeland their homeland is the Khazar Kingdom hidden in the Ural Mountains of Russia.  After their seizure of the Holy Land following World War II they forced the Christian and Moslem Palestinians, whose ancestors had been its inhabitants for seventeen centuries, out of their homes, confiscated and destroyed their property and eradicated most Christian shrines.  Since practically all news media is owned by Khazars, their vicious cruelty to the rightful inhabitants has been carefully concealed from the American people.

Third, the Zionists base their claim to the Holy Land on another lie, a lie promulgated down through the centuries and insidiously sold to the Christians, that they are “God’s Chosen People.”  Only the Israelites of the Old Testament were God’s Chosen People, these to be an example to others.  The recently coined phrase “Judeo Christian religion” is as contradictory as would be “Devil Christ religion” or black white.  Another lie is their coined phrase “Anti Semite” to smear anyone who exposes their subversion, and “racist” to smear those who would keep their races pure.

Few Americans have ever heard of the Balfour Declaration.  This infamous agreement was promulgated in 1916 when Great Britain and Germany were at war.  In that autumn Germany had won the war but trough connivance between Lord Balfour of the British War Cabinet and the World Zionist Organization, Palestine was promised to the Zionists in return for railroading the United States into the war as England’s ally to defeat Germany.  Not only was the Satanists desire the defeat of the Christian Germany, but also the control of the Holy Land involved much more. This was expounded by a Zionist in a quote from l’Unite Nationale, a French Canadian paper published in Montreal November 4, 1953.  The President of the World Jewish Congress, Dr. Nahum Goldmann, at Montreal, Canada, in 1947, declared: “The Jews might have had Uganda, Madagascar and other places for the establishment of a Jewish fatherland, but they want absolutely nothing except Palestine; not because the Dead Sea waters by evaporation can produce five trillion dollars worth of minerals and powdered metals, not because the sub-soil of Palestine contains 20 times more petroleum than all the combined reserves of the two Americas, but because Palestine is the Crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, because Palestine constitutes the veritable center of world political power, the strategic military center for world control.”

Only the uninterrupted flow of billions of U.S. dollars over the past 20 years has made possible the continued existence of the so-called State of Israel.  This military, financial and economic aid had already cost U.S. taxpayer over 23 billion dollars by the end of 1968, 97 percent of which was supplied by the Christians and only 3 percent by the so-called Jews.

The Zionist lie about the “Six Day War” illustrates the extent to which this monstrous “State of Israel” depends on the U.S. support for everything except manpower.  It is now known that instead of the” Six Day War” as publicized it was a 60-minute blitz, planned, promoted and perpetrated by traitors in the U.S. and using U.S. military strength to accommodate President Johnson’s Zionist friends.

The Johnson administration practiced the greatest deception on the Arab states to insure the success of this blitz.  In the week immediately preceding it, President Johnson himself lulled the Arab states into a false sense of security when, with great publicity, he extended and invitation to President Nasser to send the Vice-President of the United Arab Republic to Washington as his personal guest.  President Nasser accepted and started his Vice-President on his way to Washington.

In the same week, President Johnson instructed his Vice President Humphery to proceed to Cairo immediately, as his ambassador of good will to President Nasser.  Vice-President Humphrey was about to leave for Cairo when the 60-minute blitz was sprung on the U.A.R.  To more completely throw the Arab states off guard, President Johnson had prevailed upon them to submit the explosive issue of the right of passage through the Suez Canal and the Straits of Tiran to the international Court of Justice for an opinion and it was agreed that neither side was to take military action of any description pending that opinion.

While preparations were in progress in Washington to receive the Vice President of the United Arab Republic, while Vice President Humphrey was preparing to board a plane for Cairo, and while peace prevailed along the Suez Canal and the straits of Tiran, a U.S. military U2, high flying photographic espionage plane was secretly flying over the Suez Canal Sinai area photographing every military airfield and military installation.  These photographs were being made for the so-called State of Israel.  Prior to the “60-minute blitz” the armed forces of the “State of Israel” had in their possession these photographs pinpointing every military airfield and military installation in this area of the U.A.R.

At this point the U.S. C.I.A. spy-ship the U.S.S. Liberty was introduced into the conspiracy.  Like her sister ship, the U.S. S Pueblo and all other of the 200 C.I.A. spy ships, the Liberty was equipped with the world’s only electronic device, which, from a great distance, could render all radar inoperative.  Before daybreak on the morning of June, 5, 1967 this device was activated, and with the U.A.R.’s radar defense system knocked out, the “State of Israel” was free to attack 200 jet planes descended on the Suez Canal Sinai area.  These planes were equipped with special tanks designed to spray L.S.D. 25 gas over the area.  Pilots and crewmembers wore gas masks purchased from Germany a short time before, and the gas was sprayed over the entire area in the same way agricultural fertilizers are dispersed.  The United States Chemical Warfare division and its military use had been demonstrated by U.S. experts to “Israel.”

Because L.S.D. 25 is invisible, odorless and tasteless it can be inhaled without the victim’s knowledge.  In ten to fifteen minutes after the gas enters the lungs, the victim becomes incapable of thinking or acting and is unaware of what has happened to him.  He remains under the effect of this gas for from twelve to fifteen hours and its action can be prevented only by a special type of gas mask.

These 200 planes saturated the area with L.S.D. 25 gas in a sufficient quantity to assure that all persons in the Suez Canal Sinai area were rendered incapable of thinking or acting.  All persons lay around as though dead.

Allowing ten to fifteen minutes for the L.S.D. 25 gas to completely paralyze their victims, the “Israelis” now moved in with 200 bombers.  These bombers were loaded with the most destructive type of bombs, including a secret bomb developed by the United States for the destruction of airfield runways.  With no sign of resistance from their insensible victims, the bombers swept over the Suez Canal Sinai area several times, destroying every U.A.R. plane grounded on the airfields and pulverizing the sophisticated weapons in the military installations.  Then the so-called “State of Israel” Rushed into the area hundreds of tanks with troops wearing gas masks to protect them from the L.S.D.25 gas still in the air.

Reports of what had taken place began to reach the interior of the U.A.R. Planes and tanks and troops were rushed into the Suez Canal Sinai area to join forces with the gas victims who were now slowly regaining their senses.  Prior to that time the “Israeli” tanks and troops had reached the Suez Canal, where they dug in to remain.  The canal was then rendered useless with sunken ships, the primary objective of the “60 minute blitz.”  With their planes destroyed on the ground, their runways demolished and their weapons pulverized by the bombing, it was hopeless for the U.A.R.’s armed forces to attempt to reconquer the Suez Canal Sinai area.  Fighting continued on a limited scale for the balance of the week.  Then the United Nations arranged a cease-fire.

In the first hours of the day of the “60 minute blitz” a tense mood of uncertainty gripped the White House.  In the weeks preceding the blitz, General Earl G. Wheeler, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in person assured President Johnson that if the United Arab Republic were blitzed they would be defeated in 3 or 4 days.  Ambassador Goldberg was finally convinced after C.I.A. Chief Richard Helms assured President Johnson that General Wheeler’s estimated time was an understatement of how quickly the U.A.R could be defeated.  Much could be gauged, however, since prior to this time General Rothschild, one time head of the U.S. Chemical Warfare Division, had reported to congress the success of experiments of L.S.D. 25 gas on U.S. soldiers, yet until the blitz had actually commenced, President Johnson sore before dawn each morning for the late intelligence reports and had called in his crisis command for long rounds of conferences.

It is easy to understand why those involved in the conspiracy preferred to have the “60 minute blitz” advertised to the world as a “6 Day War.”  It was not wise to let the world know the truth about the part the United States had played in this treachery and it was wiser to make it appear that the brave little so-called “State of Israel” had struggled for six days before they single handedly defeated the giant U.A.R., with Jordan and Syria thrown in for good measure.

The so-called “State of Israel” is aware that it’s continued existence depends upon railroading the United States into war with Russia.  This will be the third time that tis nation has been suckered into a war as a direct conspiracy of Zionist lies.  If this I permitted to occur the United States is destined to emerge from that war a defeated nation.

Few people in the world are aware that Zionism is the creator of Communism.  This is the tool to be used for the eradication of Christendom, which the Zionists have tagged as “Capitalism” or “Imperialism” to further confuse the issue.  Thus the world has been cleverly divided into two hostile camps, one to annihilate the other.

That they are past masters of inciting wars no one who is aware of their nefarious schemes can deny.  Moshe Dayan, ex-gangster and self styled “General,” who is termed Defense Minister of the armed uprising resulting in the occupation of Palestine and other Arab territory, was rushed to the United States to tell a television audience how “peace could be preserved in the Middle East.  On December 8, 1968 on the ABC network he was asked how he believed peace could be preserved in that area in view of the offers of Soviet assistance to the Arab victims of Zionist aggression.  Without hesitation “General” Dayan replied “All you (meaning the U.S.) Will come in.”  That leaves nothing to the imagination.  “General” Dayan told his story in the fewest possible words.