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The Gold Fringer American Flag

The United States Colors are Red White and Blue. Yellow or Gold, is the color of An American Martial Law Military or Occupation operation. Hence, the Yellow insignia on the Federal Cavalry as they Occupied and

Maintained Martial Law in the South after the War Between The States,

And later in the occupied territories of the land west of the Mississippi in more recent times. Yellow is the color or stripe put on the American Flag when it represents Martial Law, whether as a parade banner or standing silently in a Court Room..

Whenever Martial Law exists, or in whatever legal jurisdiction Martial Law Claims jurisdiction, the cardinal rule is that All Common Law Rights of the Citizen Have Been Suspended or abandoned. Whenever a man or woman joins the military, he or she voluntarily abandons, waves and suspends ALL his or her Constitutional Rights, as a matter of contract.

Have you ever heard any soldier demand his 4th Amendment Rights of security of his personal papers and effects during a military inspection? If so, you heard it from the stockade! While it can be shown that America has been technically under martial law since the days of the Civil War, most Americans are unaware of the fact, and blissfully go about their lives as if they still have rights. Some courts even go along with the charade, as if such rights still exist. Occasionally, the veil is lifted for an instant.

We know for certain that our beloved rights, for most Americans, do not exist. It is toward that unfortunate status that the psychological programming surrounding the “Yellow Ribbon” is directed. Of course we like to see a young lady with a “Yellow Ribbon” in her hair. But, what is meant when it is said that someone has a “Yellow Stripe” down his back?

Yellow is the psychological mark of a cowardice, and has been for generations.

  Webster’s second definition of “Yellow

“…featuring sensational or Scandalous items, of

ordinary news sensationally distorted…mean or cowardly”

  Why then would the American news media promote the use of the” Yellow Ribbon” even to have it super-imposed on the American Flag, or hung as a tassel or banner from above it on the staff? Under the scheme of the New World Order being pushed by Republicans and Democrats alike, there are to be No Unalienable Common Law Rights reserved to anyone. The American Bill Of Rights will be a thing of the past, if, in fact, it is not already. So, if you want to make news sensationally distorted; if you want our troops in particular, our nation in general to be thought of as “ mean and cowardly” you associate our Middle East actions with the color Yellow.

The way you conduct yourself legally, while Americans can be either a Citizen of the Republic or a Subject person. If you are a person of any other race residing in America, you do not have this choice, but are automatically assigned to the status of a 14th Amendment citizen of the legislative democracy of Washington D.C., a separate and distinct government that that of the Republic of The United States Of America.

The Flag of The Republic, the one most Americans Pledge Their Loyalty to “The Republic For Which It Stands” is the Flag Without the military gold fringe around it. Any American Flag with a gold fringe, is the flag of the legislative democracy of Washington D.C. and is displayed in those federal territories, enclaves, and courts of Washington D.C.  jurisdiction.

In any court displaying the gold fringe flag, the rights protected by the Bill Of Rights, have been suspended. You cannot enter one of these “democracy” courts and demand rights. The judge may, if he wishes, give you the privilege of not testifying against yourself, but he does have to do so. He has not sworn to uphold the Republic Constitution, but only the legislative Democracy Constitution. You must accept a licensed lawyer whose status is that of being subject of Washington D.C. When a Court, the House of Representatives, and the Senate is flying the military flag of the U.S. Government it signifies that it is an agency of the U.S. Government, not an agency of the people.