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BALTIMORE, MD (special) –Starting today, you can decide how healthy you want to be. Will you succumb to illness and pain? Or will you enjoy energetic, disease-resistant, pain-free living?

Whether you’re concerned about cancer…arthritis…heart disease…osteoporosis………Alzheimer’s…chronic pain… depression… chronic infection or one of countless lifestyle, genetic, or autoimmune diseases…there is something you can do. There are answers available right now. And the outlook is much better than you’ve been told.

New miracle answers are available now

They’re not being reported by the mass media or the health magazines. They’re probably not on the shelves of your health food or local drug store. Your doctor probably hasn’t heard of them. Neither has your pharmacist.

Only a select group of forward thinking doctors and researchers know about these revolutionary treatments. But you can get these new health breakthroughs today, if you know how.

Arthritis pain disappears without pills or injections!

That’s what Regina F. discovered after trying this breakthrough treatment. She states, "I’ve had arthritis in my lumbar spine for a couple of years…a specialist told me that I have a lot of spurs. The pain gets worse all the time. I’ve tried everything and nothing has helped much. After only three or four days of using this new treatment, it really seemed to help—I could bend down without feeling pain! I was so impressed with the product that I told many of my mother’s friends about it, and they’re anxious to try it too. I’m hoping this will help a lot of people."

If there’s heart disease in your family, let me tell you about a very powerful pill for heart health, perhaps the most powerful yet developed. Even if you have high cholesterol from clinging to your artery walls. This breakthrough formula combines five-artery building, blood cleansing nutrients proven to reduce heart attack risk by up to 73%.

Erase skin cancer—

In less than a month

This year, nearly one million cases of skin cancer will be diagnosed in the U.S. alone. Does your doctor know about this skin cancer "eraser"? It erases unwanted moles scaly patches, age spots…even malignant "basal" and "squanmous" cancer cells. Amazingly, this revolutionary cream literally "digests" damaged cells and lets healthy ones grow in their place. All in as little as three weeks!

Are you worried about senility or Alzheimer’s disease? New research reveals tremendous hope for Alzheimer’s patients. A small trial evaluating the effects of this vitamin on Alzheimer’s patient’s astonished researchers: In only four weeks, patients were more aware of their surroundings and better able to communicate.

These treatments can change your life…and very possibly save the life of a loved one in the coming months.

Even terminal cancer CAN be controlled…and reversed!

One woman diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer—known in the medical community as an automatic death sentence—turned fate around. While she knew she didn’t have long to live, she hoped that she would survive long enough to attend her daughter’s wedding, even though her chances didn’t look good. Fortunately her doctor decided to use a natural compound found in mothers "first milk" as one of the main courses in her alternative therapy…

She not only attended the wedding, but danced far into the night with more energy than most of her guests—even the younger ones. A year later, she was playing tennis and leading a very active life.

Another woman in her 80s was diagnosed with lung cancer. Six months after she’d been using this special product, her doctor remarked that to his surprise, the lesions had not grown larger and no new ones appeared. Six months after that the doctor said that his original diagnosis must have been wrong: in spite of two CAT Scans and biopsies that had once showed lung cancer…now there were no signs of cancer!

This incredible new discovery is called lactoferrin. It’s an immunity protein so crucial to our health and defense mechanisms, that all lactating mothers produce it in high concentration for their newborns.

And it can give you super immunity. It helps coordinate your body’s cellular immune response, defending against invaders such as bacteria and viruses…and targeting cancerous cells for destruction.

State-of-the-art techniques in cellular and molecular biology have recently allowed us to isolate lactoferrin from bovine milk—completely purified of possible milk allergens, but still in its original, chemically unaltered form. In its pure, natural form, lactoferrin has been documented to…inhibit tumor growth and metastasis…enhance "natural killer-cell" activity (which target specific types of tumors and virus-infected cells)…activate neutrophil cells (which ingest and digest foreign bodies)…prevent viruses (including those that cause AIDS, herpes, heart disease, and some types of cancer) from penetrating into your healthy cells.

Be among the first to

Discover these miracles

If you know where to look…you’ll find treatments more potent and effective than any you’ve ever seen or heard of before. Treatments that are saving lives when all else fails. Because this news doesn’t come from the mass media…or the drug company’s departments…or the medical establishments…but from a most unconventional source…

Directly from the pioneers in natural medicine themselves! The people who are actually making some of the greatest new discoveries in alternative and preventive medicine—in the U.S. and around the world. These dedicated specialists are working around the clock to develop treatments that safely control and eradicate the diseases and conditions that rob you of your independence and carefree, active living.

And now we are bringing you their most powerful and effective cures in one easy-to-use comprehensive source: Underground Cures! Underground Cures is packed with amazing breakthroughs, including descriptions of how each treatment works…where you can get it…how much to take…possible side effects (though there aren’t many of these)…and case studies to show you what you can expect in your own healing. Page after eye-opening page will reveal to you the incredible breakthroughs that can powerfully improve your health! The health solutions you’ll discover in Underground Cures may seem like absolute miracles. But scientific research and clinical advances are moving at a stunningly rapid rate. So the next millennium will likely see the complete eradication of today’s most widespread and most dreaded diseases.

Scientists have even discovered a way to halt the most lethal process on earth the spreading of cancer cells. Rarely does cancer kill BEFORE it spreads! Now you can stop that lethal process, thanks to a secret found in citrus. This compound, called MCP, enters cancer cells and destroys a critical compound they need to grow and spread. It’s totally non-toxic. You just stir it into your fruit juice!

The future is so much brighter than you’ve been told and it’s packed with amazing health solutions your doctor may not discover for years. Only Underground Cures provides you with direct access to this amazing universe of health and healing.

This book is not sold in stores. Or on the Internet. And your local library won’t carry it either. But it is easy to secure your own copy. Simply pick up your phone now, call 1-888-821-3609, and ask for code 1915 with your credit card handy.

Or, if you prefer, write "Underground Cures"—Dept. XCUR-1915X on a plain piece of paper with your name, address, phone number (in case there’s a question about your order) and mail with a check for $29.95 plus $5.00 Shipping to:

Agora Health Books

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We’ll rush your order out to you as soon as we get it.

You’ll also be happy to know Underground Cures comes with a 100 % Satisfaction Guarantee. So if you aren’t fully satisfied for any reason or no reason at all simply return it anytime within a year for prompt and courteous refund.

No questions asked.

Call or write for your copy today. Isn’t your health or the health of a loved one worth it?