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Oxygenating Massager/Exerciser


Bring Health To Your Whole Family.  Improving physical, mental and emotional health for all ages.  Extremely valuable to those who through “age” or physical limitations can’t exercise.  The Swing Master-Deluxe provides a “work-out” for the whole body regardless of age, sex time of use, place or climate conditions.  Just lie down to use it and let the ‘snake-like’ or ‘swimming fish motion’ work on your whole body.  There is no pressure, stress or tension applied on any part of your body, and in the lying position ensures no possible injury.  Your heartbeat and blood pressure do not increase.

If you have problems with:  Lack of exercise and bad circulation, tired and sore muscles, poor digestion, constipation, arthritis, back pain, bone spurs, nervousness general pain and insomnia, poor functioning of internal organs, asthma and tracheal inflammation, period pains, anemia many chronic conditions, and being overweight, the Swing Master-Deluxe may help you.

Oxygenating the body:  75 trillion cells provide the body with energy to carry out every brain function, body movement and needs of all body systems and organ function.  Each cell has only two needs to produce this energy, nutriment from food intake and oxygen.  Oxygen starvation of cells can result in immune dysfunction, cardiac symptoms, sleep and respiratory disorder, blood chemistry disturbance, intestinal problems, anxiety, depression, headaches, fatigue, stiff neck, shortness of breath, dizziness, to name but a few health problems.

Spinal influence on health:  Within the brain and extending through the core of the spinal column, is the central nervous system and branching our from it is the nerve network that reaches every part of the body and provides all body functioning not under conscious control, (breathing, digestion, heart rate etc.)  This extended ‘nerve’ network is termed the Autonomic Nervous System and it further divides into the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous Systems, which provide vital balance to the body’s ‘nerve’ functioning.  Any impairment to the spinal alignment or abnormal spinal pressure on vertebrae joints can impair the autonomic nervous system resulting in minor and major body dysfunction, disorder and disease.  The spinal column bone marrow is also a source of blood production and immune system globulin upon which middle aged adults are more dependent, following depletion of globulin production from the  ‘aged’ and shrinking thymus gland.  A glance at the animal kingdom and at sea-creatures show how they use ‘snake-like’ or ‘swimming fish motion’ movement in their walk, run or swimming action, providing benefits that keep them free of almost ever human aliment

Utilization of Full Spinal Movement:  The spines design permits sideways snake-like movement that serves to relieve vertebrae joint pressure and thereby promote greater ‘well being’ Modern man fails to exercise this design feature, part of the reason being that stress of mind creates body tension and rigidity.  Spinal movement has been reduced to a forward and upright bending action and even in walking, the natural twisting-sideways movement of the spine from arm, leg and upper torso momentum, is restrained by body tensions. When we awaken or feel tired, we raise our arms, stretch and yawn, and in the process, flex the spinal column in a twisting snake-like or swimming fish movement.  Instantly we feel a pleasurable sensation of energy movement and alertness of mind.  The reason being that in yawing, the lungs fill with air and greater oxygenation of cells occurs, pressure on the vertebral discs momentarily releases and the autonomic nervous system is stimulated.  Next time yawn and stretch, remember to notice how good it feels and the value of oxygenation and spinal flexing.

Important Things To Know:  Lymph fluid in the body exceeds the quantity of blood and one of its functions is to cleanse the body’s waste.  Lymph fluid has no ‘pump’ action to move it around the body but its cleansing of waste-toxic matter will be aided by the Swing Master-Deluxe massage. Such cleansing may cause bad breath and also thirst, water cleanses and aids in lymph cleansing, so drink plenty of water to hasten the cleansing and remove any breath problems.

The Swing Machine provides the answer to being healthy without energy loss, body stress or effort.  The Swing Master-Deluxe offers you the versatility of 16 adjustable speeds, 4 preset timed options, and AUTO 15 minute workout that takes you from the slowest speed up to the fastest speed and back down again.  The AUTO position is not for the beginner or for people who are ill.  With time you can work up to this full aerobic workout.  Because the massage/exercise is done lying down, relaxed position, with all loads and stress reduced on the spine and other body areas during maximum oxygenation and subsequent energy production, the sense of well-being arising from the massage/exercise is immediate and noticeable.  Most people experience a deep sense of relaxation during the massage/exercise and a pleasurable to exhilarating feeling following the massage.  Some feel tired or sore in some areas; this may suggest a healthy circulation is being restored.  Soreness might also relate to an old injury or “Chi” energy flow blockage.  If soreness occurs, reduce session time to 5 minutes at the slowest speed. Later increase time and speed.

  6 Major Benefits Derived From Using The Deluxe Swing Master:

Cellular Activation- Massage stimulation to the sympathetic nervous system opens up the bronchioles to provide maximum oxygen access to the lungs, simultaneously the blood flow to and from the lungs is increased, enhancing oxygen exchange from the lungs to the blood and therefore to the body cells, to excite cellular metabolism.

Spinal Balancing- With the body relaxed in the lying position with no weight on the spine, the massage unit will influence a correction to certain conditions of mis-alignment.  Such corrective action can in turn cure or alleviate these complications.

Improving The Immune System- The Swing Master-Deluxe stimulates globulin production, which increases the immune’s system defense capacity thereby providing greater freedom from disorders and disease.

Blood Production- Blood is produced in the spleen and spinal bone marrow.  The massager/exerciser’s action increases spinal ‘marrow’ blood production.  This has a positive effect on any form of anima.

Balancing the Autonomic Nervous System- The influence of the massager/exerciser on the sympathetic nervous system can restore the vital balance to the nervous system, resulting in restoration of health.

Exercising Internal Organs- Western medical science is beginning to consider ancient eastern traditions that focus healing and good health on a life force energy, which flows in channels through all living forms.  Western practitioners to ‘invigorate’ the life-force energy flow to restore health to unhealthy organs are increasingly using acupuncture and associated therapies.  The Chinese refer to the energy as “Chi”.  The Swing Master-Deluxe will aid in unblocking the “Chi” pathways and ensure a maximum flow of this healing source, through all body organs, to restore normal or improve functioning to impaired organs and body systems related to such organs.  Dizziness might accompany initial massage sessions, try raising the head with a small thin pillow, this should resolve the problem but remove the pillow later for better results.  Persistent dizziness could point to an inner ear problem, and dizziness and headaches may suggest high blood pressure.  Nausea may indicate low blood pressure or Meniere disease.  Seek medical advice if dizziness persists before continuing the massage sessions.

4 Main Features of the Swing Master-Deluxe Massager/Exerciser:

Full body exercise with no side effects.

Just lie down to use it, there is no pressure or stress involved.

No injury. Simple, comfortable and easy to develop a regular massaging/exercising routine.

Precautions:  The massager/exerciser should not be used under the following conditions:  immediately following (or within 3 months of) an operation.  Bone fractures or sprains.  If suffering from a serious infection or bleeding.  Or if you have a serious heart disease.  If you are pregnant.  Within 30 minutes after a meal.  If extreme pain occurs during the massage/exercise.  Such pain should be investigated and you should not use this unit as long as extreme pain is present.




FEATURES… Center Mounted Motor and Drive.  Fully Adjustable with 16 Speeds allowing you to select the perfect speed for your body from very slow to very fast. Also offers a 15 minute auto cycle that starts with the slowest speed and takes you up 1 speed at a time to the fastest speed hold you there for a few minutes then will automatically reduce speed step by step until it reaches the slowest speed holds you there for a minute and then shuts off. Also comes with an Electronic Timer with 5, 10, 15, and 20 Minute Options.


WARRANTY… 2 Years Parts & 1-Year Parts and Labor.

With a 15 Day Complete Satisfaction Guarantee…


COST… About Half of the Chi Machine…

Call Your Distributor for Current Pricing…


Chi Machine

-This Is a Multi Level Product-


FEATURES… Center Mount Motor and Drive.  This is a Single Speed Machine with a Twist Dial timing Device.


WARRANTY… 1-Year Parts and Labor

With a 14 Day Complete Satisfaction Guarantee..


COST… $460.00 Plus $18.00 to Join Multi Level Company Then add the Shipping Costs Of $20.00-$30.00 Depending how you want it shipped. TOTAL COST… Approx. $500.00





William White

1336 E. 1400 N. Road

Onarga, Illinois 60955

(815) 683-2716




 Swing Master-Deluxe Machines   $300.00 Each

 Handling And Postage 

    USA    $ 7.50

 Canada    $ 12.50

     All Other Countries    $ 20.00

Please Use International Money Orders or US Postal Money Orders