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         For several thousand years now, man has been ungratefully tinkering with the diet provided for him by a wise and beneficent Creator. Not content with the products of nature as they come in all their luscious flavor and nutritional perfection from the hand of the Divine Dietician, man has “sought out many inventions” of his own to add to his bill of fare.

       Not only has he rashly appropriated many, many items never intended to be used for food, but also he has further outraged propriety by tampering with the Divine formulas on which the good foods themselves were put together. We find him self-confidently altering, adulterating, and “refining” his food until today the have but little resemblance if any to the original articles.

       One of the more seductive and destructive of these attempts at improvement has been the growing demand for sweeteners, and the merchants of the Earth have not been slow to pander to this perversion of public taste. We find these substances for sale everywhere, and included among the ingredients of a large proportion of manufactured foods.

       The clever manipulators have contrived ever new and more profitable ways to remove and concentrate the sweetness from one good food, where it belongs, in order to introduce it into other foods where it does not belong. As a result the whole digestive mechanism is disturbed, and the intricate processes of nutrition frustrated and thrown out of balance. Is it any wonder that general health has declined so sharply in this generation?


"For Why Will Ye Die?" 



“We squander Health

In search of Wealth,

We scheme and toil and save;

Then squander Wealth

In search of Health,

And all we get’s a grave.

We live and boast of what we own –

We die and only get a stone.”



How true that is of most people! They neglect the care of the body in the acquisition of wealth and when they do acquire the pot of gold they find their bodies are too wracked with disease to enjoy the glitter of the rainbow. They find that all the money in the World will not buy the joy of a healthy body.

 What is even more tragic, many people spend their entire life searching for the rainbow’s end, and then never find the pot of gold at all.

Without health there is no enjoyment of life, with or without wealth. Any time or money spent on the improvement of the health of the body is time and money well spent, and repays the spender a thousand – fold.

Health lies in following Yahweh’s Laws in regard to simple, natural foods, proper rest, sunshine and fresh air – the things which are the least expensive in life, and which are the Heritage of all.

There is no royal way to radiant health. It cannot be obtained by pushing a button or by turning a switch or taking a pill. Yahweh is no respecter of wealth, rich and poor alike are punished for disobedience.




Few people realize how completely they are made of the food they consume and that sickness and disease are the result of improper diet.  Within the last few years, however, this fact has been more generally accepted everywhere and is causing a veritable revolution in the treatment of disease.

Dr. Alexis Carrel, of the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research, stated, “If the doctor of today does not become the dietitian of tomorrow, the dietitian of today will become the doctor of tomorrow.” His was not just a voice crying in the wilderness. A host of modern doctors and scientists now recognize how vitally important is the food we eat. Man is what he eats, and only through proper diet can he maintain health, vigor and immunity to disease.

To understand this better, let us examine the human body.  We find it is composed of billions of tiny cells.  Then, when we analyze each cell, we find it is composed of some sixteen basic chemical elements.

The little cells of our bodies do not live forever.  They wear out just like the parts of any machine wear out.  In fact, there isn’t a cell in the entire body that last more than seven years.  And, as each cell wears out, it is discarded from the body and Nature must have more material to build new cells to take the place of the old.

We can see how the old cells of the skin are discarded from the body.  After we soak our feet awhile, we can massage away rolls of old dead skin cells.  Our feet, being encased in shoes, cannot get rid of the old skin cells as rapidly as can the rest of the body.

We can also see the new cells of the hair pushing the old cells out of the body.

We can also see the new cells of the hair pushing out the old hair cells.

But the inner cells of the body are being replaced, too.  The old cells are eliminated through the four organs of elimination (lungs, skin, kidneys and bowels) and new cells are constantly replacing the old cells.  And how strong this new body structure is depends upon the materials with which Nature needs to build strong, healthy cells.

The question which arises, then, is “Where shall we find these minerals?”

In the first place, we find them all in the earth, but they are in the form of inorganic minerals—a form which our bodies cannot assimilate.  No one would think of picking up a bar of iron and trying to eat it, no matter how anemic he is, for he knows he cannot use that kind of iron.  It is in the inorganic form and the body cannot digest it.  How, then, is man to get these minerals?

Yahweh has solved this problem and had given to the plants the power to take the inorganic minerals out of the soil and, through the action of sunlight, to change them into organic, or living form, so animals (including man) can use them.

Certain organs of our bodies require more of a certain mineral than others; the teeth and bones need more calcium, the blood corpuscles more iron, and so on.  Scientists have proved that if there is a lack of certain mineral in the diet, there will be a corresponding weakness in a certain part of the body—the organ affect will not function properly and we have what is called “disease.”

The name of the disease will depend upon the organ or organs affected.

Thus, if there has been a deficiency of that minerals required to deep the pancreas built up, that organ will become weaker and weaker until finally it can no longer make up the insulin required to digest the sugar foods and the disease will be called “Diabetes.”  Or, it there is a deficiency of other minerals in the diet the result might be a sluggish gall bladder or weakness of the kidneys, or a hundred and one different diseases.

It also follows that if a certain disease has occurred in the body, then more of those minerals, which have been lacking should be taken into the system to build up the organs affected.  And we find certain plants are higher in some minerals than others, so it is those plants, which should form a prominent place in the diet.

It is important that certain things, which we call vitamins, should also be present in the diet, for without them we cannot use the minerals in our food.  Minerals are like the gas in our automobile, vitamins like the spark.  The ear cannot use the gas if the spark is lacking.  And neither can the body utilize the minerals so necessary to the rebuilding of the cells if the vitamins are lacking.  But Yahweh combines the mineral and vitamins in the natural foods in the proper combination for bodily needs.





When man first discovered fire and learned to cook his food, thus destroying part of the mineral and vitamin content provided by Yahweh, disease was born.  As “civilization” advanced, Man commenced to “refine” his food, depriving it more and more of its mineral salts and vitamins.  Is it any wonder that on our present-day diet of refined, chemicalized, dematerialized, devitalized and artificially colored and flavored food there is so much sickness in the world today?  The body eliminates what it can of this mass of foodless food and stores the rest away in the various tissues and organs of they body.  There, in this deposit of dead matter, germs like scavengers breed; putrefaction and rotting takes place and pus, mucous and other acid poisons occur, and disease is the result.

These poisons may break out as boils or colds; they may center in the muscles and be called rheumatism; in the joints as arthritis; in the lungs as tuberculosis, and so on. But there is really only one disease no matter where it settles, and that is the acid poisons in the system caused by the demineralized diet of today. Germs can never breed in healthy living cells, cleanse the body of these poisons and you cleanse it of disease.





The theory of raw juice therapy appeals to the intelligence of every thinking man and woman. It is so reasonable and natural. Scientists tell us that our bodies are composed of over sixteen mineral elements and if there is a deficiency of any one of these elements, sickness of some kind is the result. We find these elements in living growing things, especially in the vegetables.

Scientists have known for many years that if we could only take enough of these minerals and vitamins from the plants as Yahweh has provided them for us, pure and unadulterated, we could build a rich, red, disease – resisting blood stream. But how could this be done? The hard, coarse fibrous material in the vegetable makes it impossible for man, with teeth and digestive system weakened through centuries of soft living, to extract more than a fraction of its value.

Raw vegetable juices are the answer. With these juices it is possible to quickly flood the system with the minerals and vitamins from fresh, raw fruits and vegetables – just as Yahweh combined them.





The action of the raw juices, through their alkaline minerals, loosens the acid poisons in the body, dumping them into the blood stream to be eliminated through the various organs of elimination. You can, in thirty days, bring about changes in your body that will seem miraculous to you. Scientists tell us that there is no blood cell in the body that is over fourteen days old. Therefore, the sooner a person starts drinking an abundance of raw vegetable juices, the sooner he will begin co-operating with Yahweh. When he does this, Yahweh begins to work wonders, and the beginner will develop a sparkle in the eye, a glow in the skin and a spring in his step. Flabby muscles tighten with vitality and energy; the brain becomes keener, the senses more alert, and energy comes in surges. He will immediately begin to experience the thrilling joy of renewed life.





Nature, given a chance to cure, and supplied with her own kind of materials, can do her repairing far better than any one can possibly imagine. These materials are found in raw a vegetable, the juice of which contains the vital elements, and may be taken with very little digestive strain. It is assimilated into the blood stream within half an hour after it is taken into the system.

Men and women have actually been snatched from the brink of the grave by the wonder-working powers of these precious juices. Patients with stomach ulcers have reported that in from seven to nine days all pain has disappeared. Seemingly miraculous cures have been obtained through the use of raw vegetable juices in cases of high blood pressure, neuritis, arthritis, rheumatism, heart trouble, sleeplessness, anemia, and a host of other ailments, all of which are due in part to some mineral or vitamin deficiency in the system and the consequent piling up of acid poisons in the weakened cells of the body.

Everyone knows that a pale, underweight, and anemic person lacks iron in the blood stream. A natural source of organic iron is found in raw spinach and beets. If sulphur and potassium are low, the liver will suffer; sodium is necessary to prevent stiffening of the joints as it keeps calcium in solution in the blood stream and prevents it from settling around the ends of the bones and in the arteries. Celery juice is especially high in sodium.

Each one of the elements is of vital necessity in keeping the body in health and may be obtained by drinking the raw juice from vegetables highest in these elements. When one of the minerals in a person’s diet is low, some part of the body will surely suffer – when one is completely gone, life may not long continue.




Statement of Prof. Max Schlapp, of the New York Post-Graduate Hospital: “Modern scientific research has shown that the development of the embryonic brain is under the control of the blood chemistry and endocrine glands of the mother, and that it is within her power to create an idiot or a superman, depending on her mode of life during the period of gestation. The old theory of heredity is gradually being replaced by a newer concept according to which the development of the embryonic brain is largely determined by chemical conditions affecting the brain of the embryo during its development. Thus, a lack of iodine in the diet of a pregnant mother may cause underdevelopment of the thyroid gland and brain of the embryo, resulting in an idiot. On the other hand, an abundance of iodine will lead to the birth of a child with a superior brain. Thus a minute quantity of iodine may determine whether the child will be an idiot or a genius. It is, therefore, important that the pregnant mother consumes an abundance of organic iodine.”

Good sources of organic iodine are the juices of lettuce and watercress.



RAW CARROT JUICE FOR CHILDRENThe value of raw carrot juice for children can hardly be over-estimated. It supplies the Vitamin A so necessary for growth and health and is also an excellent source of calcium. It may be given alone or with water, it is so easily digested that it may be given with perfect safety and with very beneficial results to very young infants. It is a rich source of practically all the essential minerals and vitamins and is so delicious that children love it.

Mothers have reported that their children have been transformed from pale, weak sickly children into vigorous, vital and robust boys and girls through the use of raw vegetable juices.




Of course a person cannot live on juices alone. The digestive tract requires a certain amount of bulk on which the muscles may contract and thus keep working in a natural manner. But most people are living on such a devitalized and demineralized diet that Nature hasn’t half a chance to keep the body functioning properly.

In all the natural foods we find thing which our bodies require- fruit, vegetables and whole grains. With these is needed a certain amount of protein which may be obtained from various sources according to availability and preference.

The vegetable should be eaten raw or waterless cooked, as boiling dissolves or destroys the greater part of the mineral and vitamin content. These minerals and vitamins are partially lost in the steam, and some of the remainder is poured down the kitchen sink—“the best-fed mouth in America.”

The closer the diet consists of these natural health foods, (fruit, vegetables, and whole grains, with a little good vegetable protein), the higher will be the health level of the body.

Of course anyone deficient in certain minerals and vitamins can hardly consume enough of these health foods to bring up the supply quickly. Moreover, a person with an ulcer anywhere in the digestive tract simply cannot take the roughage of the raw fruits and vegetables

To these people a VEGETABLE JUICER is worth its weight in gold.




Dr. Pope and N.W. Walker, D.Sc., in their book Raw Vegetable Juices, say:

“To overcome the deficiency of live organic mineral salts and vitamins in the human body, an abundant use of raw vegetable juices is essential because the digestive tract cannot assimilate the volume of bulk otherwise required by eating raw vegetables and fruits in sufficient quantities. As it is the chemistry of the individual that makes him what he is both mentally and physically, the copious intake of raw vegetables juices will so rechemicalize the body that Nature will take care of the elimination of disease and the regeneration of the cells and tissue.

“The raw vegetable juices are the builders of the cells and tissues of the body and are the greatest and speediest known regenerators of the liver and kidneys.  Carrot juice contains all the elements and all the vitamins found in the body.  It is the richest source of Vitamin A, which the body can quickly assimilate.   

“Consequently it has been used successfully in dissolving ulcers and cancers.  It is the best food for children and adults whether sick or well.

“Disturbances in the blood pressure respond readily and permanently to the use of mixtures containing carrots, celery, parsley and spinach juice, provided that all starches and sugars are eliminated from the diet.

“A combination of carrot, beet and cucumber juices has been found to dissolve gall stones and kidney stones and to bring back to a normal condition the liver, gall bladder and kidneys.”




“Celery juice is high in sodium, which is one of the most important elements in the human body. It neutralizes organic acid formed from the excessive eating of fatty, starchy food, fat meat, lard, margarine, potatoes, oily nuts and other fatty food articles. The eating of such food drain the system of its sodium salts until there is almost complete sodium starvation, resulting in indigestion, fermentation, nervous prostration and heart disorders. Heartburn is a sign of a lack of sodium. Getting sleepy after a meal indicates that the sodium supply is low and it is a warning of future stomach disorders.  The spleen, the bile, the liver, muscles, brain, blood corpuscles, fibrous tissue, cartilage, blood serum, lymph, nearly all body fluids call for sodium.  A fatty, starchy diet demands sodium or fermentation and acid formation takes place.  As soon as there is too much acid, heat and waste work one upon the other and germs breed.

“When sodium salts are lacking, pus pockets may form throughout the body, the teeth may decay, the liver enlarge, the spleen suffer, the mucous membranes become catarrhal, the skin hot and dry, there may be violent headaches, due to congestion of blood in the head, the eyesight suffers the lungs and breathing processes may become disturbed, resulting in asthma, catarrh, bronchitis, etc.”




Celery is very high in sodium salts, so for your health’s sake, make this celery juice test:

For thirty days drink one glass of celery juice daily.  With this celery juice program eat plenty of the following food, which are high in sodium:

Carrots, lentils, almonds, spinach, strawberries, sweet apples, beets, cucumbers, gooseberries, radishes, and a small amount of high quality protein.

Get an abundance of rest along with this diet and you will be amazed at the results.



MANY WAYS TO USE VEGETABLE JUICESVegetable juices may be taken either alone or in combinations advised for the various ailments.  They may also be used in the diet in various ways.



Dr. Charles C. Higgins, of the Crile clinic in Cleveland, tells of a painless diet for dissolving kidney and gallstones, thus making operations for this ailment unnecessary.  In this clinic albino rats were fed on diets deficient in Vitamin A and very rat developed either kidney or gallstones.  They were then fed on a diet containing a plentiful supply of Vitamin A with the result that these stones were dissolved.

Then eighteen human beings who had kidney or gall stones were fed on the Vitamin A diet with the consequent result that their stones also were dissolved.  Where stones had begun to form the diet soon dissolved them.  One patient with a stone completely filling one kidney had gotten rid of it in six months.  No medicine was used.




IMPORTANT WARNINGIn every case where juices are referred to herein, they are RAW, not canned.  There is no commercial canning process which does not subject the contents to heat and, in so doing lessens and changes some vital elements, and totally destroys what has been defined as the “Life Principles.”

This “Life Principles” which is an important factor in Raw Juice Therapy, can best be understood by reflecting that a raw carrot, for instance, when planted in the ground, will grow.  It contains the “Life Principle.” When cooked, and then planted, no power on this earth can make it grow.  The element of Life has been totally destroyed by the application of heat.

To maintain Health, and to regain Health where disease conditions have become apparent, LIVE FOODS, and the concentrated essence, in juice form, of LIVE VEGETABLES AND FRUITS are absolutely essential.



RAW VEGETABLE JUICESDr. Walker says, “Raw carrot, celery, and endive juices combined, are most helpful in asthma and hay fever, provided the cause of these conditions has been permanently removed from the diet. The cause, naturally, is usually milk and the concentrated starches and sugars.”

          Nobody grows old merely by living a number of years; people grow old by deserting their ideals without replacing them with better ones.


          We should make every reasonable effort to earn the respect, friendship and approval of all straight thinking people. Although the others are not worth too much cultivation, yet a uniform courtesy, patience and kindliness should mark all our dealing with them. It is fatal, nevertheless, for us to compromise principle or lower our standards in any effort to enlist the good will of either group toward our cause.