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25 March 2000


TO: Ms. Patricia Rice (Religion writer) and Carolyn Tuft/Joe Holleman

Despite admonitions otherwise; that I would simply be “casting my pearls before swine,” so to speak, your reports on the Christian Identity Christians in the St. Louis Post Dispatch some weeks ago, presents a clear challenge to those of us who can see the obvious ulterior motivation behind the castigation and the deviousness in the articles.

Very often, most Christians are, or will be confronted with deceit and persecution: it has been present ever since man decided to make his own rules, follow his own instincts, a humanism, submitting to his baser nature, seeking acclaim from unholy masters rather than the Real One..

Your reporting exhibits those characteristics, as the context and the details of your reporting were set in concrete before analysis, and as good reporters, you must keep your job, must eat, so, are forced to prostitute yourselves in accommodating preset views of your editors, and, in particular, the Owners!

A rather shoddy and poorly done attack at that, lacking in any real understanding of the Faith of these Christians, their doctrines, or the history of these Americans!

Simply baseless reporting to engender more hate and vitriol against Christians primarily because their Faith, and particularly their Doctrines which most decidedly run counter to that of the owners of the newspaper.

Now, a good reporter would see in that statement, a real story, something to investigate, to present as fact, as truth that may just enlighten others to what is really happening in America, the World.

That many are awakening to realize that they themselves, are the real “Israelites”, the true Chosen of the Lord and the imposters, the “false Jews” that Jesus points to in Revelations 2:9 and 3:9,  have managed to create a monumental hoax that has distorted Christian thought for generations!
Many yet “blinded” as St. Paul notes in Romans, but, as I said, many are awakening to the reality of what has been happening around them!   And, who is responsible.

And you and your equally blinded cohorts, are simply the instruments of the Lord being used to spread this knowledge, accelerate this growing understanding of Americans to their real Identity.

Many finding out just Who they are, Where they came from and, realizing, at last, where they fit into the Great Plan of the Lord for the Ages– as many of the early Founders understood, as this growing return to the Bible,  heightens the awareness, the recognition of the Truths of their Identity, as you may also.

Certainly you recognize the distrust that most reporting creates, the loathing  Americans have for such vilification by reporters, which includes the broadcast media.

Yet, many of us would say Thanks for the vilification, as Christianity under pressure always becomes more pure and clear when the hate and castigation increases: we are advised to expect this from those alien to the Lord’s plans: advised that there are those who think they do God a favor by killing some believers..

This oppressive attitude is even promoted within the ranks of the Federal bureaucracy by many there today who have a kinship with your Owners, as a recent FBI report titled Project Megiddo, (to which you refer) was designed and edited in and by agencies led by like minded kinsmen for the Federal government..

Its basic approach is disguised behind a need for anti-terrorism, yet its focus is more towards internal American Christians as targets, particularly those of Christian Identity.
Proving as I noted, the biblical commentary - the false assumption some will see, in being justified in the eyes of the Lord: doing Him a favor, by killing Christians…
This same Thumbs-down attitude emanates as well,  from your newspaper , and is certainly reminiscent of similar ancient officialdom, of the unholy liberalism that the first Christians experienced in Rome and elsewhere, that also tried, and failed to distort the rise of Christianity!

So, when reality sets in and you all recognize how failed and demonizing your vilification of Christian Americans has become: of People whose “sin” exists only in the minds of your masters, then understand that while some object, many will Thank You for having helped awaken them to the recognition of their Identity. You are not the only “writers” being criticized for this deceit: I have included a letter I sent to Mr. Louis Freeh, the FBI Director, in response to his Project Megiddo.. This letter with attachments may just be the tripwire that tumbles you into the path of an Angry God..

One much more merciful and considerate then the one guiding your masters, those who follow other principles, more humanist than Christian, talmudic in origin, severely antiChristian in content, intent and portent! More vengeful than merciful!

Read the Talmud and understand my comments!  You may just change your jobs..

And, I suggest that you find other religion advisors than those whose principal loyalties are to the very leftist National Council of Churches whose leaders promote humanism before Biblical dictates: and bypass those others you quoted, who see in ecumenism and multiculturalism a Religion in itself, more important to them then Christ and His teachings:  ever seeking the approvals of men!   Churchianity in full blossom!

And in the term Judeo-Christianity, a “new” religion;  there may also be another story, one which exposes the fraud in this expression, a classic oxymoron, as these two faiths are the antithesis of each, diametrically opposed.  Yet, common usage would have Americans believe that one sourced the other: pure blasphemy..    Worth investigating after reading the Talmud!

If, as the Bible notes, “Am I become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?” then:

I’ll close with a comment that you will always remember:

I’ll see you and your esteemed advisors at the resurrection!


                                                    J. Richard Niemela
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