Crusade for Christ


Hon. Tim Hutchinson
Sam Rayburn Senate Office Bldg.
Washington DC.

Dear Senator Hutchinson:

This is my first communications with you, so I wish to express my appreciation for the fine Constitutional job you are doing in our Nation's Capitol. Because of your current interest in The I.R.S. scandal, I thought you might be interested in my rather lengthy experience with the U.S. Government, both while in service and since retiring in 1964. I do not ask for your help in my continuing problems with the I.R.S. but merely write this for your information. Realizing how very busy you must be, and the length of this letter, I understand that you may not be able to read it personally. I just want this information to be available to you.

I am a retired Army Lt. Col. with 22 years of service in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam, and combat service in WW II and Korea. I am not a native of Arkansas, but came from the Canadian border of North Dakota. I settled in Arkansas because of the pleasant experiences I had while stationed at Camp Chaffee, and Camp Robinson during WW II. I liked the people and the area, so here I am today, in a Retirement Community in Little Rock.

Strangely enough, I was one of those men who went down to the Recruiting Office, the day after Pearl harbor, "starry-eyed with patriotism, and a zeal", to protect this country and the people I loved from a horrible enemy. I didn't know then what

I know now, about the Machination of politics, that cause a war where the American people receive nothing but pain, suffering, death and an unpayable debt, and that those who instigate the war, profited by selling war materials to both sides. They were our true enemies then, and still are.

After a brief period of combat duty in the South Pacific in 1945, I went into Japan with the Occupation forces and was there until the spring of 1946, when I was discharged as a First Lieutenant and went back to ranching in North Dakota.

After a disastrous farm year in 1946, where I had 5,000 acres of wheat hailed out a week before harvest , I was in the mood for a change, when I received a letter from the Dept. of Army asking if I was interested in going to Korea, at my former rank, as an Advisor to the Infant Republic of Korean forces. They were looking for men with a speaking knowledge of Japanese.

In the spring of 1948, I was sent to Korea and assigned as Advisor to the 19th R.0.K. Infantry Regiment, stationed in Yo'su, in the far SW of the Korean Peninsula. In the fall of 1948, Communist rebels who had been specially trained in a school in P' yong 'Yang, North Korea, who infilted the South Korean Military, staged a coup attempt to wrest the. South Korean government from President Sigmun Rhee . About 2500 men from the regiment I was advising, joined the rebels, and in ten days of terror, set up their typical Communist People's Court and brutally slaughtered over 3,800 men, women and children. Most of the damage was done in the little city of Sun'chon, in Challo' Namdo Province, which was known as the Christian city of South Korea. The Southern Presbyterians had a missions there for 45 years, and the Roman Catholics for over forty. As in most areas where communism has taken over, Christians suffered the worst. During the forty years of Japanese occupation, the Korean people had been completely disarmed, so they had no means of protecting their families from the rebels. This is one of the major reasons I have taken a strong stand against Gun Control, knowing that every time it eventually leads to "People Control."

I was captured by the rebels and the beaten up, When I tried to stop the execution of the police chief, as he was impale on a sharpened bamboo pole set in the ground. Eventually, after sampling communist brain washing tactics first hand, I was sentenced by a people's court to be executed as an enemy of the people. I was saved by the miraculous intervention of a rebel sergeant from my regiment, who volunteered to shoot me, took me to the village edge, where his firing squad fired over my head and turned me loose. I was able to escape to the mission station of Dr. John Curtis Crane, of South Carolina, where from a hill in the center of the city, I could see first hand what happens in a communist take over.

Very few Americans who have been softened by our Christian influence, can understand the brutality of a heathen culture especially one that hates Christianity. Very few of our people have ever seen babies taken out of mothers arms and swung against a tree or a stone wall. Few have seen women raped in the streets, then cut into pieces by soldier bayonets; few have seen a beautiful young woman, stripped naked, and nailed to a branch of a tree with spikes driven through her breasts, while a bundle of rice straw, soaked in oil was fastened between her bare thighs and set on fire. When I saw that, I promised God that if He got me home safely to the people I love and the Country I love, I would do every thing within my power to see that this never happened in America. I have been active in warning the America people of dangers we face, especially in our bankrupt foreign policy ever since, through lectures and the printed page. This is one reason I have received harsh treatment from our government, who cannot allow our people to know the truth of what is taking place! I was what is called a "nominal Christian" at the time, although I had never taken seriously the Christian life. But when I saw God act in miraculous ways on several occasions to save my life, I became convinced that He is much more than that "Big Spook in the Sky," that many blaspheme.

After this experience, I was given the option of returning to the States, or being transferred to Japan. I realized that if I left this area, I would have an innate fear of Communism that could effect me all my life. So I made one of the hardest decision I have ever made, and asked to be sent back to the area where I had been captured. During 1949, were in a state of Perpetual war With the rebels who has escaped to the mountains and were being supplied by an underground from North Korea. My regiment lost over 960 killed, and I came under enemy fire on numerous occasions. At this time, and during the war, I was living under a $250,000 in gold reward, "dead or alive!" offered by the North Koreans to "save face!"

In January of 1950, I was transferred to a border station along the 38th Parallel, north of Seoul at the village of Po' chon. This was on the major invasion route into Seoul. I was advising an Infantry Battalion of some 850 men at the time.

During the first six months of 1950, those of us who worked a long the 38th Parallel were conscious of an enormous military buildup in the North, which could mean only an invasion. Yet when we took our reports to the State Department, they were always scoffed at. After turning in one critical report I had a State Department official sneeringly say: "You military fellows see a Communist behind every rock and under every tree," and he wasn't far from wrong.

On Friday, June 23 I turned in a report containing 29 references to increased enemy activity opposite my position. An infantry company had been replaced by an Infantry division of some 12,000 men; a mounted horse cavalry regiment of some 1,800 men had moved in; over 75 heavy tanks had been reported in the area, and we knew the North Koreans had been supplied with 122 m/m cannon, out ranged our 105 howitzers by some 10,000 yards.

Yet when I turned in this information over to the Colonel from the State Dept., at our Saturday Horning briefing, he stated: "There is no sign of unusual activity along the Parallel, feel free to attend the bash at the Officer's Club tonight."

I was so sure that the invasion was eminent, that I had my gear packed and ready, and when I was notified of the invasion at 4:30 Sunday morning, I was on my way to my unit within minutes of receiving the call. What an opportunity to say: "I told you so!" But too serious to be facetious.

I arrived at my unit about 5:30 am to find them under heavy attack from mounted cavalrymen , infantry and heavy tanks. In an attempt to stop tanks that had broken through our lines, I towed a 65 mm anti-tank gun north of the village to defend a bridge. Yet when 1 fired on the tanks, I discovered that all my ammunition was high explosive, which exploded on the outside of the tanks without doing any damage. I hit the lead tank eight times at a range of less than 100 yards, without even slowing it down. Then watched as they ran over my jeep and flattened it. I received the first medal given to an American that morning, the Silver Star; the citation signed by Maj. Gen. Leven Allen.

On arriving back at Battalion Hq, I learned that all the anti-tank ammunition, had been withdrawn from the front lines ten days earlier, on order of the American Ambassador, William C. Muccio. It seemed that Mr Muccio, was afraid that the ROKS would attack the north.

We ended that day by walking through the mountains for 38 miles, with the remnants of our 850 man Battalion. We could account for only 48 men and one officer. The rest had been killed or captured. I arrived in time to kiss my wife good by, as she was being loaded on a bus for In' chon and a four day trip to Japan with other civilian refugees on a Norwegian fertilizer ship that happened to be in the harbour.

The evacuation of most Americans, including military had been completed by the evening of June 26. I was on the last plane to leave for Japan, and before we could take off, word arrived that Pres. Truman had ordered the American Navy and Air force into the war on the side of South Korea. We were ordered to return to Seoul. That evening Capt. Elmer Lowry and I went to the ambassadors home to get permission to burn a large gasoline dump on the southern outskirts of Seoul. A million 40 gallon barrels of gasoline had been shipped In only a few days before and we did not wan this to fall into enemy hands I'll never forget my reaction when Muccio literally cursed us out of his home, screaming: "I'm damned tired of you military types trying to tell me what to do. I'm giving the orders!" and four hours later, 40-million gallons of gasoline were in enemy hands, enough to run their war machine for three months.

Early June 27th the Ambassador and two of his flunkies left, for Tokyo, and Major Paul Hedstrom, and I were sent to the State Department building in downtown Seoul, to check and make sure no sensitive materials were left behind. In the Ambassador's office we found a locked door, which we kicked in, and in a little storeroom, a military type safe, with a padlock which we shot off. In this steel filing cabinet were reports of enemy activity along the Parallel for the preceding six months, which had never been forwarded to Mac Arthur's Tokyo headquarters. You may remember that when the war began, the media had a field day criticizing Maj. Gen. Willoughby, Mac Arthur's Intelligence Chief, because he did not know about the North Korean buildup. The reason, State never notified him although they knew.

When I picked out four of the most critical documents, Maj. Hedstrom asked me what I was going to do with them? I replied that I in tended to get them to Washington to someone who would to do something about it "You mean break the chain of command to do this?" he asked. "They will hang you if they find out! I knew this was true, because breaking this chain is a "cardinal sin" In the military. However at the time, I felt so strongly about it, and was sure that if it went through regular channels, either the Dept. of Army, or the State Department would cover it up.

The next day, I was slightly wounded when our headquarters was strafed by a North Korean fighter plane and I was flown to Itazuke, Japan for medical attention. I took these reports with me and gave them to a young officer who was headed back to Washington. He hand carried them to Senator William Knowland (R-Ca), a conservative who at that time, if I recall, was Chairman of the Senate Armed Forces Committee. He told me later that when he took these reports before this Committee, they laughed him off the Senate floor, at the idea that an American Ambassador would commit such a treasonous act. When he insisted on an investigation powerful Democrat liberals began a campaign of harassment, which later drove him out of the Senate.

You can imagine the harassment that came my way, when the military higher ups learned that a mere First Lieutenant had blown the whistle on State. I began to be given insignificant jobs that would never lead to promotion, such as Club Officer of the Fort Ord Officers Club.

The Public Information Office at Fort Ord used me however. and because of my war experiences I became a rather popular speaker in service clubs on the West Coast, and even served as a technical advisor for a movie on the war that was being shot in Hollywood. I was given Carte Blanche by the Commanding General to speak on any aspect of the war, stating: "Just make sure you can back up what you say, and tell the people the truth!" This was most unusual coming from a high ranking military man So I built up somewhat of a reputation as a speaker on the West Coast, even speaking on Don Mc Neil's Los Angles Breakfast Club.

About this time I began to do some Monday Morning Quarterbacking. I recalled how a few weeks before the war began, Col. William Baird, the KMAG Proost Marshall, and National Advisor to the Korean National Police, who at that time were more powerful than the Army, had left Korea via ship, for Oakland, California, where he was to retire after 36 years of service. His ship had not cleared Inch'on harbour, when the Korean Military Police arrested his female secretary, a beautiful former model who had worked for him for two years. It seems that she was the wife of a powerful military man in Pyong 'yang, North Korea. For two years, she had been using American Military Police vehicles, and G.I. drivers, to take information from Seoul to her mother who lived in the little Parallel village of Kae' song, NW of Seoul. This information crossed the line into the North. She had also been "shacking up" with seven top State Department officials, and had seduced them into giving her over $2-million in State Dept. funds which went to her husband. When the w��‡�began, the South Korean police shot her without a trial.

In the meantime, Col. Baird's ship arrived at the Oakland Naval Base in California, where he was put in "arrest of quarters" pending the possibility of a Court's Martial. He had such an extensive dossier on Mr. Muccio and the rest of the State Department, that everything was "swept under the carpet," Mr. Muccio was sent as Ambassador to Iceland, and the seven State Department fools, were all promoted. Not a word of this it the media, although high ranking men in KMAG knew about it. It was not until years later, that a little magazine called PAGEANT, published the complete story.

I began to realize that I was only a small cog in a mighty machine, and if I had experienced these things, then treason in our government must indeed be rife.

Later in 1958, when there was a big cutback of 5,000 Field Grade officers, I was given the option of leaving the service with a healthy lump sum payment, or staying in at my highest enlisted rank. I was fortunate enough to have a permanent rank of (E-6) Sergeant First Class, and with 14 years of service, I wanted to complete the time for retirement. Later in 1962, in Eritrea, when I again blew the whistle on State Department "dirty work," I was immediately transfer red to Ft. Richardson Alaska, where I came under the most in tense harassment. The CID even placed a full time man to watch everything I did. When my enlistment was up in 1964, I said: "Enough is enough!" and retired at my highest rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

During the Korean War, I became one of the highest decorated Army' men of that war, with the Silver Star, the Bronze Star with "V" device and four oak leaf clusters; the Purple heart with three Oak Leaf clusters, the Korean Order of Tac Guk, similar to our Distinguished Service Cross. I also received decorations from the Polish and Czechoslovakian Governments for my stand against Communism. During the Korean War, I held the record for the most consecutive days of front line duty without a break, July 10, 1950, until April 1951.

After retiring in September 1964 , I went to Mexico with my youngest son to work on a book , which was an account of my experiences as a game Warden in Eritea.

Returning to the States in the spring of 1964, we settled in Hot Springs, Ark., on the shores of Lake Hamilton, and I began my CRUSADE FOR CHRIST AND COUNTRY, which was a one man to exhort the American to return to the values which had made us great. It an effort to wake up the "rank and file" American to our responsibilities to God and country. My motto was "The Bible holds the key to our survival and OBEDIENCE TO GOD MUST COME BEFORE WE CAN HAVE VICTORY!"

At this time I was a "hard-nosed" Fundamentalist Baptist evangelist , holding meetings in some of the largest churches in the country, and was welcomed in schools such as Tennessee Temple, and Bob Jones University. My mind was so incased in "hardened denominational cement," that all I could understand was Baptist doctrinal teachings. It took the "dynamite of God", through a traumatic experience, to shatter this cement and allow me to study God's Word and see what it meant, without having some seminary educated preacher tell me what it says.

I was thoroughly Judeo-Christian in my belief, and even considered going to Palestine to volunteer to fight for the Israelis as a mercenary. Yet in spite of my church training, I had difficulty accepting these anti-Christ's as God's Chosen People, as I knew then too well and could see that this was not true. My Savior in John 10:26, said to them: "But ye believe (Me) not, because YE ARE NOT OF MY SHEEP." In Matthew 23:15. He accused their religious leaders of going over sea and laid to make converts , only to turn them in to "two-fold more a child of hell than yourself!" (hardly "chosen people" material). Yet when I asked the seminary professors what these verses meant I was let by stony silence, or was told: "Sit down! Shut up! and don't rocking the boat!" I never had a pastor or seminary professor attempt to explain what Christ meant.

In 1971 and 72, with the Vietnam War reaching it's hottest point, I worked the college lecture circuit, and came into close and Sometimes violent contact with members of the S.D.S. ("Student's for a Democratic Society"). Led by men like Abbie Hoffman aid Jerry Rubin, who were tearing our college campuses apart. In over 25 such confrontations, I was amazed to find that the leadership of these radical groups were 100% young Jews from wealthy families. Usually their daddies were criminal lawyers.

This Jewish affiliation with Communism so intrigued me, that in the summer of 1979, I took off three months from a very busy schedule, to study this phenomenon. I went to Jewish sources for my information. I was amazed to find that reputable Jewish sources, such as THE AMERICAN HEBREW, the largest Jewish newspaper in the U.S. in 1919, had a front page article which said: "What we did in Russia through Jewish money and brain power, we will accomplish in America!" In another place, it state: "The ideals of Bolshevism are consonant with the highest ideals of Judaism!" The leading Rabbi in America, Rabbi Stephen Wise, when asked about Communism replied: "Some call it Communism; I say it's Judaism!" I was amazed to find that over 450 of the top revolutionaries in the 1918 Revolution were Jews from the Lower East Side of New York City, the kind their own people Contemptuously refer to as "kikes." The money that made the Revolution a success, $20-million, was donated by the New York Jew Sidney Warburg, and was hand carried to Russia by another Jew, Nicolai Lenin. The millions of Christians who died horrible deaths under the hands of the Communists were almost always killed by Jews. As I also did some in-depth study into their religious book, the BABYLONIAN TALMUD, I began to understanding of their terrible hatred against Jesus Christ and for anyone who goes by the name Christian. Their leaders have openly declared their intention to "wipe out White Christian civilization.

After completing this study, I wrote a letter to 200 Fundamentalist leaders telling them what I had discovered , and promising that If I came to their church for a meeting, I would not push the Jewish issue, but would answer truthfully any questions raised concerning them. On the basis of this, fourteen week-long revivals scheduled for 1981 were canceled within a month after mailing the letter

Pensacola Christian Academy, one of the loudest in proclaiming me to be a "turncoat apostate," who had abandoned Bible truth.

About this time, another incident in my life took place, which added to the harassment I was already receiving from Fundamental Christian and Jewish sources. In the summer of 1980, I was invited by a friend who lived in Brownsville, Texas, to go on a fishing trip to the fabulous bass area of Lake Vincente Guerrero, near the city of Ciudad Victoria. Arriving, we found the weather too windy to get on the water, so we went dove hunting in the hills north of the lake. That day we came across a large number of heavy military vehicles including tanks and half-tracks, that bore the Russian Red Star, this included rocket launchers. One of our party had a camera with a telephoto lens, and took pictures. On arriving home, I hand carried these pictures to the State Department in Washington, D.C. where I was rudely told that we had been in an "off limits" area, and that what we had seen was none of our business. They were upset because I had not brought the negatives and threatened any of us who spoke about this to others. This angered me, as I felt that Texans had the right to know what was taking place on their border, so on a radio talk show, a few weeks later I discussed what we had seen. Immediately "hell broke loose, as F.B.I., C.I.A. and other government officials were "sicced on me". Most of their visits were "fishing expeditions," where they were looking for some reason to "nail our hides to the wall."

Up to this point, I had never mentioned Jews or Judaism in any of my lectures. Then one night, following a J.B.S. lecture, I forget where, during the Question and Answer Period the question was asked: "What do you: think about our open check policy with the "Israelis?" My reply was: "I believe the time has come when we MUST take a strong, closer look at this policy." I was called to J.B.S. Headquarters in Belmont, Mass, where Mr. Welch, head of the Society gave me a verbal tongue lashing for mentioning Jews. He said: "Never, under any circumstances are you to mention Jews, Judaism, or Zionism in a derogatory manner." My reply was that if I could not tell people the truth, then they needed someone else in my place and I resigned.

Since that date. I have had several audits by the I.R.S. It seems that "once they have tasted blood," and know they can get money from you, they never let up. In all, they have stolen over $80,000 from this Christian ministry. They have based this on the idea that since my religion is not "legitimate," neither is my Prison Ministry, which reaches men in 126 State and Federal prisons in 26 States, and is dedicated to bringing men to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, orienting them to what's happening in the country, and laying a foundation for them to live Christian lives when they get out. This is not the purpose of the so-called rehabilitation programs of most prisons. They make criminals, instead of turning criminals into good men! As the result of this thinking, they have not allowed me to deduct expenses for this ministry from my income tax. They also co all donations made to my Crusade work, as "earned," even when they are marked as "gifts."

In 1996, I received my seventh audit from the Little Rock branch of the I.R.S. and they are attempting to collect over $22,000 for the years 1994-95. It will be like getting "blood out of a turnip," since I am already deeply in debt from money they confiscated over the past ten years. This year for the first time I am striking back, and have a Tax Expert working on my case. Additional expense! I honestly believe they are trying to bankrupt me, and drive my Crusade work out of business.

They have threatened me with "levies" and "liens" and recently I received a letter from the Collecting Agency in Austin, Texas saying they would levy my Army retirement pay and Social Security, because I had not answered a prior letter in ten days. I sent him proof that I had sent answers to the I.R.S. in Little Rock; the Oklahoma City Area Branch, and Headquarters in Washington D.C. I have found from long and bitter experience, they do not hesitate to lie if it benefits their cause, and will twist the law, even their own regulations around to fit their own purpose. This is what has the American public up in arms. It will grow worse, until you men in congress do something to harness the bureaucratic monster Congress created in 1913.

I am not a "tax resistor." I believe a Christian should pay their legitimate taxes, and believe the Bible teaches this. My Savior, Jesus Christ told the Jewish authorities: "Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things which are God's!" In Matthew 17:27, we have an incident where Jesus had His disciple Peter, that a piece of money found in a fish's mouth and pay the authorities: "Lest we should offend them!" He said.

Senator, it is a bitter pill to swallow, to have given over 20 years of the best of my life to the service of my country, and now have a "rebel gestapo," of the International Bankers, operating within our government as their police force, rob me illegally and unfairly.

I am an old man now, almost 82 and in poor health.

*        *        *
Senator, a day of reckoning is coming in America, soon I believe, in which the vast mass of caring Americans are going to stand up "en mass" and hold the President, Congress, and our "brainwashed" pastors accountable for what is taking place. It is going to be a most uncomfortable time for some. I pray you will not be among them.

I believe you the in the position to do this country and it's people a real service, by backing those who are looking into the illegal bureaucratic actions of this branch of government. I do not ask for myself, but for all concerned Americans.

Yours for Christ and a Free, God-honoring America


Gordon D. (Jack) Mohr

P.S. In March of 1998, the I.R.S. instituted an unlawful levy against my Military Retirement Pay, which will cost over $23,000.00 more and will end in January 1999. God alone knows what they will do then. But my FAITH is bolstered by the SURE knowledge that a Day of reckoning is coming, when the King will return to clean up this mess we have made, and demand an accounting from His enemies, (see Luke 19:27). In the meantime, His orders remain: "OCCUPY" until I come!" JM
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