Crusade for Christ

Date: December 6, 1999

TO: Police Chiefs; Military Leaders; Politicians; Educators, and Christian Pastors.


As a combat veteran of World War II and Korea, I well remember. the triumphant, ticker tape parades by which the American people. welcomed home their military heroes from Europe and the Pacific. At that time, 55 years ago, it was considered and honor to be a Christian American Patriot. Today, this term is one of contempt, as the Jewish controlled media and TV, with the aid of the evil Administration that now controls Washington, D.C. is trying to brainwash the gullible American public into believing that Christian Patriots, especially those of the Christian Identity faith, are a danger to the safety of the country.

Thousands of veterans and other decent Americans are becoming increasingly disturbed by the deceit we see coming from government agencies to accomplish this. Our government under the direction of our Rhodes Scholar, President Clinton, is in the process of turning our sovereignty over to the control of International enemies, and their New World Order.

President Clinton and the high ranking Jewish officials he has appointed (more than any President in history. Although Jews consist of less than 5% of our population, they hold every important position in the Clinton Administration, are dedicated to the proposition that America MUST go into their Zionist World Federation and become part of their International Slave. Plantation.

In order to do this successfully, they must silence or eliminate. those pesky individuals who "love their God, their country,. and their families, and are willing to fight for them if necessary." We take the Apostle Paul's teaching in 1 Timothy 5:8, literally - "But if any provide not for his own (this includes protection), and especially for those of his own house; (immediate family), he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel."

The enemy of America's enemy, is the armed, Christian Patriotic Community.

In October 1999, Louis Freeh, the Jewish head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.), and a violent anti-Christian, sent an official bulletin to all American Law Enforcement officials under the seal of the F.B.I. It was titled PROJECT MEGIDDO (copy enclosed). The information in this document, which indirectly accuses the Christian Identity church of being a "subversive, potential terrorist threat," was provided by the ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE of the Jewish B'nai B'rith, (a violently anti-Christian organization), and the 'SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER run by a Morris Dees, who is equally violently anti-American Patriot. ADL, is an agent of the Israeli Government, operating illegally on American soil without a license, while the SPLC has been a means of making Dees a multi-millionaire and a so-called expert on terrorism.

These two "radical anti-Christian organizations" are now for all intents and purposes, part of the F.B.I. Fact Finding team and knowingly supply false information to the Justice Department. They are aided in their efforts by the public statements of the U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno who has said, "Those Christians who believe the Bible; attend a Bible believing church; home school their children; believe in the Conspiratorial Theory of History; are against gun control, and the United Nations, can be considered as potential terrorists dangerous to the stability of the country." Of course nothing is ever said about the radical left wing Jewish Defense League, or equally extremist left wing organizations.

In the 34 page PROJECT MEGIDDIO Report, based on false information from the ADL and the SPLC, the F.B.I. says that "some members of the media, and specifically racist groups such as Christian Identity and Odinism, are acquiring weapons and surveying targets in anticipation of the Millennium."

I have been a member of Christian Identity since 1981, and can honestly state that I know of no "true Identity Group", that could be so classified. Of course there are a few extremists in Identity circles, just as you find snake handlers among the Baptists, and Voodoo worshipers in some Black Baptist churches. The Church of Jesus Christ Christian (sometimes referred to as THE ARYAN NATIONS) in Hayden Lake, Idaho, which is often held up by the media as an example of extremism, is not 'true Identity', but can be classified as National Socialist.

Using the power of the Jewish controlled national media and TV, government agencies are setting the stage for Jesus' statement in John 16:2, when He told his disciples: "They shall put you out of their synagogues (public meeting places); yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you, will think that he doeth God service." (The YOU in this verse is identified by the word SYNAGOGUES).

Pastor Peter J. Peters, of Laporte, Colorado, a nationally know Christian Identity leader, in a letter to other CI leaders. on November 18, 1999, of which I was a honored part, analyzed PROJECT MEGIDDIO quite properly, I believe, when he said: (1.) The left-wing magazine NEWSWEEK broke the story of Y2K in 1998, it was picked up and carried by fear mongers on the right, and has become the latest government fear craze; (2.) The media on the basis of false information given them by Morris Dees, of the SPLC in 1996, began to demonize Christian Identity in the minds of the American people, along with the militia; (3.) The F.B.I. which has become a willing tool of the ADL and the SPLC, prepares PROJECT MEGIDDIO and sends it out to all U.S. Law Enforcement heads. By further use of the power of the controlled media and TV, they convince millions of brainwashed Americans, that Christian Identity is a danger to the security of the country; (4.) Agents provocateur, commit terrorist acts over the New Years Holiday, as they did at Ruby Ridge, WACO, and the Oklahoma City bombing, and Christian Identity and the militia are blamed; (5.) These terrorist acts could be used by the President to declare Martial Law, suspend the Constitution, completely disarm the American people, and turn us over to the New World Order." If you resist, you may be shot, or disappear into America's extensive Gulag System to never be seen again. The Russian people didn't think it could happen to them!

The purpose of this mailing at my expense, is to acquaint you with the TRUTH of what is taking place in Washington, DC which you do not read about in the media, or hear on 'TV.

For several years, the Internal Revenue Service, has told me, Off the cuff of course, that they do not consider Christian Identity as a legitimate religion, although they accept Satanism, Wicca, Voodoism, and most heathen religions. As a result, they have stolen over 108,000 dollars through seven audits on this Ministry in the last ten years, placing a levy on my Military Retirement Pay in 1998, and stealing over 25,000 dollars. This is part of the government harassment campaign against genuine Christianity. The 302, (c) 3, churches who adhere to government guidelines, in running their churches, are not harassed.

Included in this packet with the PROJECT MEGIDDIO REPORT, is a treatise by Pastor Peters, showing you the real meaning of Christian Identity beliefs.

We are not AFRAID as we face the future, for we KNOW that God is still in charge of things, and that a Day of Reckoning. is coming when He will be vindicated. He WILL NOT BE MOCKED! Psalm 2:1-5, sets the stage for what will happen in the near future, I believe, and it will come, whether you want to accept it or not.

Of this you can be SURE, you will stand before Almighty God some day, and give an account of your earthly stewardship. I do not want you to be able to tell Him: "No one ever warned me!" What will your answer be? That is something between God and you!

This letter is an effort to bring you the TRUTH, and possibly head off bad trouble that could destroy the country we love.

I will be happy to communicate further with you on this matter, if you so desire.

Yours in the service of Christ and Country,


Jack Mohr

An Analysis by the of the FBI's Project Megiddo

An Analysis of the F.B.I.'s Project Megiddo:-

*   *   *   *   *
The attached analysis, entitled PROJECT
MEGIDDO, is an FBI strategic assessment of the
potential for domestic terrorism in the United
States undertaken in anticipation of or response to
the arrival of the new millennium.

(The F.B.I.'s strategic assessment of thepotential for domestic terrorism in the U.S. undertaken in anticipation of or response to the arrival of the new millennium.)

*   *   *   *   *

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