Who Are You
And Why Are You Here?

Lt. Col. Jack Mohr, AUS Ret.

In Psalm 8:4-6 we read: "What is man (or who is man) that Thou (God) art mindful (Heb. "zakar" - 6485 meaning: "to remember; to make mention of; to think well of") of him? and the son of man that Thou visiteth him? (Heb. - "paquad" - 6485 meaning: "visit with a friendly intent; to oversee; to remember"). For Thou hast made him a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honour. Thou hast made him to have dominion over the works of Thy hands; Thou hast put all things under his feet." (Control).

The inspiration for this message came from my third reading of PRIMOGENESIS, an inspirational book written by Dr. Howard B. Rand, Merrimac, Mass. I appreciate his permission to use parts of his book in this message.

Have you ever wondered why God chose this earth, one of the smallest planets in the vastness of heaven, as the home for His creation, and special people?

The Psalmist evidently was concerned with this when lie wrote in vs. 3 - "When I consider Thy (God's) heavens, and the work of Thy fingers, the moon, and the stars, that Thou hast ordained ("set up; fashioned").

If God planned to crown His creation with "glory and honour". They why did He choose this little planet earth for His purpose?

As we study this question "Who or What is Man?" we must come to the logical conclusion that God chose this plant for a definite purpose, which was the development of the human race.

Knowing that the Law of God is "immutable" (not subject to change), we can know for a certainty that all mankind did not come from the original parentage of Adam and Eve. To have had black, white, yellow, red and brown people come from a common heritage, would have broken the law of the Creator, when He ordained "in the beginning," that everything should "produce after its own kind!" (See Gen. 1:12, 24, 25).

There is some theological question over whether the "male and female" creation of Gen. 1:26, and 27 was the "formation'' of ADAM (male-singular) in Gen. 2:7. 1 am inclined to believe there were two distinct acts involved here. The "creation" of man (male and female) out of nothing in Gen. 1:27, comes from the Hebrew word "bara" - 1254, which means: "to make; create out of nothing.")

Notice that this ''creation'' was viewed by God as being ''very good." Vs. 31.

But in Gen. 2:5, we read a strange statement: "...and there was not a man to till the ground." Following, in verse 7 we see where God "formed" AU-DAUM, out of the dust of the earth (male only) and did something which is not reported in Chapter 1. He "breathed into his (AU-DAUM'S) nostrils the breath of life, and AU-DAUM became a living soul."

Let's look closely at a few key words in this Genesis 2 account. Here the word for "man" is "Adam" - 120. It can have several meanings: "to show blood in the face - in other words, be capable of blushing. Only the white race can do this; to be of a ruddy complexion; a human being; a common sort; a man of mean or low degree." It is essentially the same word which is used in Genesis 1.

But we notice a distinct difference in the Genesis 2 account. Here God "forms" AU-DAUM, (not male and female,) as in the first account, but male only, out of the "dust of the earth." (Here the Hebrew word for "formed" is "yatsar" - 3335 which means: "to squeeze into shape; to mould into a form; to fashion with a purpose.") Notice that the Genesis 1 account is a "creation out of nothing," while the Genesis 2 account is a "formation" out of the "dust of the earth."

Then notice another difference in Genesis 2:7, where it says that God "breathed into AU-DAUM'S nostrils the breath of life, and AU-DAUM became a living soul." The Hebrew word for "breathed" is "naphach" 5301 meaning: "to inflate; to blow; to cause to live." The "breath" comes from the Hebrew "nsamah" - 5397 meaning: "divine inspiration; vital breath; intellect; soul; spirit.''

The word for "life" is "chay" - 2416 meaning: "alive; living thing; living creature."

Notice that it was the "formed" man AU-DAUM, who was placed iii the Garden (Gen. 2:8) to "dress it." The word dress means ''to work; to serve; to be a husbandman."

The "creation" of Genesis 1:28 was given "dominion over every living thing." The "formation" of Genesis 2, was ordered to be a "husbandman;" caretaker of the Garden.

Now I am not going to be presumptuous enough to say that the "Creation" of Genesis 1 did not have a soul. There is no Scriptural evidence of this. I do not have to make an assumption, since Scripture tells us the truth about these two, distinct groups of mankind, no matter what theologians say to the contrary. (Read Genesis 1 and 2 very carefully and see for yourself.)

We do know, from the biological laws of God, which are as "immutable" as the Law of Gravity, that God ordained that "like should produce like." Therefore we know, that the various races of mankind, with their many differences, could not have come from a common parentage. To have done this, would have required the Creator to break His own law and this He never does!

In order for us to more fully understand the differences between races, we must be honest enough to admit that there are differences in bone structure, hair, color of skin and according to biologists, a difference in the structure of the blood. We know from reading the Bible that iii the beginning, God set the boundaries of their habitation. (See Acts 17:26). Here the Greek word for "bounds" is "horothesia" - 3734 meaning: ''limit placing; boundary lines.'' The word "habitation'' comes from the word "katoikia" - 2733 meaning: "Place of abode; residence.'' The word ''blood" is "haima'' - 129 meaning: ''kindred.'' The word ''nation'' as referred to here is ''ethnos,'' 1484, which means: ''a race; nation; people.''

Deut. 32:8 indicates that God Himself divided the "inheritance of the nations" when He separated the "sons of Adam (white race) and "set the place (bounds) of abode of the people."

The Bible, from the 2nd chapter of Genesis to the end of Revelation is written primarily to and about one people. This is the seedline of AUDAUM, the white man who shows blood in the face. It begins with Adam and Eve, then continues through Noah who was "perfect in his generations,'' (of pure white blood,) or until a special family from this race is called through Abraham in Genesis 12:2, 3 (the blessing and cursing in this chapter, by the way, had absolutely nothing to do with a people we now call Jews, although this is what is generally taught in our Judeo-Christian churches. These people called "Jews" did not exist until almost 1200 years after the time of Abraham, when they first appear in 2 Kings 16:6 and are fighting against Israel. To call Abraham a Jew is the height of intellectual dishonesty.)

From Abraham, through Isaac and on to Jacob, the "usurper", who after being cleansed of his avarice and trickery, became known as Israel, a "prince with God," (Gen. 32:28).

From this point on, about 1739 B.C., both the Old and New Testaments were written for and about this special family, which had been chosen by God from all the families of the earth for a "special purpose." In Amos 3:2, we find God speaking to Israel and saying: "You only have I known of all the families of the earth; therefore (because of this) I will punish you for your iniquities." He then asks a very searching question in vs. 3 - "Can two walk together, except they be agreed?" Other races and nations are mentioned throughout the Bible, but only as they come in contact with the Israel people.

The New Testament begins by stating that it is the "Book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham .

These were a special people, set apart for a special purpose, to be His ambassadors to the rest of mankind. It was to these people, specifically that Jesus came as a Savior. He said so Himself, "But He (Jesus) answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost (banished for punishment for disobedience) sheep of the house of Israel." When Jesus sent His disciples out by twos to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom in Matt. 10:6, He specifically told them not to go into any city of the Samaritans, or into the way of the Gentiles (non-Jew nations), but "Go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel."

The Apostle John reiterates this in John 10:26, when Jesus speaking to the rulers of the Jews, tells them: "Ye believe not, BECAUSE YE ARE NOT OF MY SHEEP." (Emphasis mine.) This seems mighty plain and to the point to me. Why is there an argument among His followers over whether Jews are the Chosen people, when Christ says here they are not?

Again, let me make it plain that Christ was not speaking about people who were spiritually lost, when He spoke about the "lost sheep of the house of Israel." The English word "lost," comes from the Greek word "appolumi" which means to "destroy; or perish." It is made up of two root words, "apo" which means to "separate; depart; cessation" and "ollumi" which means to "destroy; ruin; punishment." In other words, these "lost sheep" were the Israelites who had been banished from their homeland as punishment. All of the New Testament is addressed to these people as can be seen in Gal. 1:1; Eph. 1:1; Phil. 1:1; Col. 1:2; 1 Thess. 1:1; 2 Thess. 1:1; Titus 1:1; James 1:1; 1 Peter 1:1; Jude 1 and Rev. 1:4.

Have you ever wondered why men were the size they are. When you see the extremes of nature, from the invisible atom, to the immensity of the planets floating in space, why are men universally about 5 ft. 8 inches to six feet in height? No doubt, God had something specifically in mind when he made man and women the size they are.

The Bible indicates that God has specific plans and purposes for His creation. That's one reason I don't like to hear Identity preachers, or any others, refer to "dark skinned people" as "mud people." Regardless of what you think of them, the Bible says that God looked on them after their creation and "Behold, it was very good!" Who are you or I to downgrade God's handiwork?

The Bible tells us of a time, when this world will be free of sickness and deaths caused by war. Yet today, multitudes are disturbed by what has been called a "population explosion," especially among the Third World nations. But what will be done with that tremendous population that will result from a world free of the deaths caused by sickness and war? Does God have a solution for all these problems, or is He leaving it up to humankind to find a way out of the maze it is now in?

We can be sure God has a plan, if men are willing to listen to Him and do things It is way. If God is the center of ALL creation, as we believe, then His plans and purposes encompass the entire universe, not just this tiny planet earth. Even with modern inventions, mankind has not yet been able to explore the infinity of smallness, nor the infinity of greatness.

We don't know very much in reality about outer space. Our most powerful telescopes will reach out only a few thousand light years into outer space. (This is the speed of light, traveling at approximately 187,000 miles per second, multiplied by 60 seconds in a minute, 24 hours in a day, 365 days in a year. A stupendous distance which our finite minds cannot grasp.) Yet scientists know this universe goes far beyond mere ''light years.''

Could it be possible, do you suppose, that God will provide for men and women who graduate with honors in His Kingdom, to go on and explore and possibly populate these remote regions? Is this what Jesus meant when He told His disciples in John 14:2: "In my Father's house (Greek - "oikia" - 3614, meaning: "residence; abode; a family household.") are many mansions (Greek - "mane" - 3438 meaning: ''residences; places of abode.") ... I go to prepare (Greek -"hetoimazo" - 2090 meaning: "to prepare; provide; make ready.") a place (Greek - ''topos'' - 5177 meaning: ''a larger particular locality; location; home; quarters") for you."

We could translate this to say:

"In my Father's place of abode are many residences. I go to make ready a home for you."

Then He went on to say: "I will come again, and receive you unto Myself; that where I am, there ye may be also."

Is this the heaven we have been told about in our churches, where we have somehow or other been given the idea of people dressed in white, with angel's wings, sitting around on a fluffy cloud for eternity, strumming on a harp and singing praises to God and the Lamb. I think not! Solomon recognized God's "home" as all the universe, when he wrote in 2 Chron. 6:18 - "behold, heaven, and the heaven of heavens cannot contain Thee..." The Father's House includes His entire creation. It is not some compartment on the 1200th floor of the New Jerusalem, as some seem to think it is. One man recently, who has been praised and promoted by Jimmy Swaggart, is supposed to have visited heaven, spoke with Peter and others, and was shown the apartment where he will dwell through eternity. If you believe "fairy stories" such as this, you are a candidate for the "funny farm." You will find nothing about these kind of experiences in the Bible.

There are many places possible for residence in the vastness of the universe. Could men and women be in training here for responsibilities which may lie ahead? Could it be that when Jesus said: "Other sheep I have which are not of this fold, them also I must bring," (John 10:16), that He may have been referring to human life on another planet? I don't know and neither does anyone else! I do know that the Apostle Paul was given a glimpse into the hereafter and it was so stupendous he wasn't even sure of what he had seen. It did cause him to say in the words of the Prophet Isaiah (64:4) - "Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him," (1 Cor. 2:9).

The Bible indicates that not all of the Israel people will be able to attend the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, when the Son of God is reunited with His bride, Israel. (Not the "church" which is the "body" of Christ, but His "Bride.") (For further information on this, carefully study the Parable of the Ten Virgins, Matt. 25:1-13). There will be Israelite men and women who will be qualified to "rule and reign" with Him, only because they have been "overcomers." (You don't become an "over-comer" by hiding in an air conditioned spiritual foxhole, asking God to come back and rapture you out of the mess, your apathy has caused.) We -read in Rev. 2:7 that those who "overcome" will "eat of the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God." In vs. 11 we are told: "he that overcometh shall not be hurt by the second death." vs. 17 - "he that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written..." Vs. 26, "to him that overcometh and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations". In Rev. 3 this same theme continues in vs. 5 - "He that overcometh shall be clothed in white raiment, and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life, but will confess his name before my Father and His angels." Vs. 12 - "He that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God; and I will write upon him my new name."

Remember now, this is our Risen Lord, speaking to the Apostle John. Vs. 21 - "To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in His throne." In Romans 8:17 we are told: "...if so be that we suffer with Him (Jesus), that we may also be glorified together." 2 Timothy 2:12 - "If we suffer, we shall also reign with Him; if we deny Him, He also will deny us." You see, my friends, "ruling and reigning with Christ" does not come automatically. Just because you are a saved Christian, does not mean you will reign with Him. Only those who have "overcome" will be given this privilege. I believe that our present life may well be a "postgraduate course" in greater responsibility for what is to come.

This "postgraduate course" which some men call the "Kingdom Age," will be that period when Jesus Christ YASHUAH, will sit on the throne of David and reign over all the universe as King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, as He administers the perfect Law of God.

This period will come about in God's own good time, in spite of every opposition from the enemy. In Psalm 2:1-3, we read about the reaction which can be expected from the world's leaders to Christ's Kingship: "Why do the heathen (nations) rage, and the people imagine (ponder over) vain things (worthless). The kings of the earth set themselves (in rebellion against God) and the rulers take counsel (sit down together to consult) together against the Lord and His Anointed (Jesus), saying: 'Let us break their bonds (no longer obey God's Law) asunder, and cast away their cords (chains of the Law) from us."

And God's reaction is given in verse 4: "He that sitteth in the heavens -. shall laugh; the Lord shall have them in derision." (Hold them in contempt.)

Unfortunately, there will be some Israelites among this rebellious group, who will not qualify for the kingdom. These will be those who rebel against the King and His Law, who are more interested in "doing their own thing," than in obeying Him. They will show by their actions, their unfitness for continued existence in God's perfect creation. In Ezekiel 20:37 we read of these. Remember now, that God is speaking to Israel in these "latter days." "And I (God) will cause you (Israel) to pass under the rod (meaning a stick used for punishment or correction), and I will bring you into the bond (compact; agreement) of the covenant: and I will purge out (clean) out from among you the rebels (those who refuse to follow God's Law), and them that transgress (see I John 3:4) against me; and I will bring them (the Israelite rebels) forth out of the country where they sojourn; and they shall not enter into the land of Israel: and ye shall know that I am the Lord."

While scientists cannot understand or come to a conclusion about bow the universe was born, we through the power of faith can understand. We know the truth that: "In the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was with God, and the WORD was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by Him, and without Him was not anything made, which was made." (John 1:1-3)

We have seen the evidence of His power in the lives of millions of men and women who have been changed through His Divine power.

Let me say here, that it is impossible for you to believe the theory of "biological evolution" and believe the Bible. They are incompatible! I know many scholars, including some who claim to be Christian, who will argue about this, but I base my arguments on the Word of God, not what Dr. Ph.D. says is so.

In the Garden of Eden, our mother Eve was tempted. Not by a beautiful apple on a tree, nor by some seductive sexual force, but by the suggestion of an evolutionary theory. This theory is that man can reach the status of God. This idea was promulgated about 150 years ago by a German Jew named Ludwig Feurbach, who stated: "Man will finally be truly free, when lie realizes that there is no god of man, but man himself." This idea became so firmly rooted in the diseased brain of a young Jewish radical named Karl Mordecai Marx, that it became the bedrock on which modern communism was built.

The adversary in the Garden tempted the woman by saying in essence: "The reason God does not want you to eat of the fruit of the the tree of knowledge of good and evil, is not because you will die. You will not surely die! But God does not want you to become wise like He is and that is what will happen if you eat of this fruit."

In a like manner, if the enemy can convince our Israel people that they evolved from some lower form of life, then they can be convinced that they can raise themselves by their own "bootstraps" to the level of God.

in the Communist textbook, PSYCHOPOLITICS, first used at the Lenin School of Psychopolitical Warfare, University of Moscow in 1933, we read on p. 35: "Man is an animal and his entire reasoning capabilities, even his ethics and morals depend on his stimulus response mechanisms.

On page 9 - "Basically, man is an animal who has been given a civilized veneer." On page 30 "Man is an animal. He understands in the final analysis, only those things with a brute understands." On page 39 "Just as a dog can be trained, so can man be trained," and on page 42 - "In any nation under conquest, the first things which must be degraded is the state of man himself. He must be degraded from a spiritual being to an animalistic reaction pattern. He must think of himself as an animal, capable only of animalistic reaction patterns. He must no longer think of himself, or his fellows, as capable of spiritual endurance or nobility."

How is this degrading done? Through the teaching of the evolutionary theory. In this theory, men are children of apes, instead of children of God.

There have always been intellectual folks, down through the ages, who say they can't believe anything which can't be explained. But if this was true, they would have to do away with many modern conveniences. For instance, I have never heard a television technician who could explain how television works, yet people continue to use it.

Can you explain to me why in the spring a cow, a sheep, a pig and a chicken eat the same grass, yet the cow grows hair, the sheep grows wool, the pig grows bristles and the chicken grows feathers? Of course you can't and neither can any biologist no matter how smart he may be. But that doesn't keep you from using these food products.

The greatest biological minds of all ages are stumped by the simple fact that if you plant a pole bean, it will always grow around the pole from right to left. If you plant a hops plant next to it, that plant will grow in the reverse direction and if you try and reverse directions of growth, the plant will die.

I look at my watch and as an ordinarily intelligent fellow, I know that somewhere behind that watch was a watchmaker. No one is going to get me to believe that it came about by a "fortuitous concurrence of atoms,'' as the brilliant Huxley explained life.

I look about me and see the evidence of a Creator everywhere. I look in my backyard, for instance and see a banana tree, an oak, a pecan, a fig tree and a pine. All growing in the same soil, all warmed by the same sunshine, all using the same air. Yet each one is different. They have different barks, different leaves, and different fruit. Explain that, if you can! Why? No one can explain it, but that doesn't keep us from using their products.

It is only when it comes to God, that men and women want to rebel and say: "You don't want to face the facts." My answer is: "We are not disputing facts!" Let me illustrate with a simple example. We know that a cow gives milk, that is the nature of the beast. But a milkweed also has milk and so does a coconut. So suppose brilliant mind comes along and tries to tell you that because the cow gives milk, and the milkweed has milk, and the coconut contains milk, they are related and come from the same source. You would laugh them out of existence!

So just because rebellious men and women resemble animals in some ways and there have been times when I have dealt with men, when I begin to realize why I like dogs. Yet, there is still a vast difference, an unbridgeable gap between man and animal, put there by the Creator Himself. If scientists can't get cats and dogs to inter-breed, they don't have much chance of hoodwinking me by saying my ancestors were apes. Because I know better!

A few years ago, I was lecturing at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. After my speech, on the United Nations, a history professor took exception to some remark I had made concerning God. He was a shaggy dog type, with long hair and a shaggy beard. As he rose to his feet he intoned: "A'hm Dr. Brown from the History Department and everyone with any intelligence knows that God is dead, if He ever existed in the first place." Now how do you answer an intellectual idiot like that? Then a light bulb went off in my brain and I remembered a verse of Scripture, Ps. 14:1, which says: "The fool has said in his heart, there is no God!" It doesn't say he believes that, but this is what he says. So I told Dr. Brown: "Sir, the point you have just brought up was answered over 3500 years ago by one of the smartest men who ever lived. He said: 'The fool has said in his heart, there is no God. But sir, you are worse than that Old Testament fool, because he kept it to himself while you are blabbing it all over the university." For some reason or other, he "lost his cool."

I strenuously object to this kind of stupid reasoning, because if man believes he came from some lower animal, he is going to look back down to the beast, rather than up to God. If he believes he was made in the image of God, he will want to look to his Creator for his inspiration.

I detest the "evolutionary theory", because when it is carried out to its logical conclusion, whether ''theistic'' or "atheistic,'' it robs Jesus Christ, the "second Adam," of His Divinity and this is exactly what it is designed to do. The "evolutionary Christ" has never saved anyone and never will, for He is incapable of doing it.

Ask yourself one simple question: "Could mindless atoms, coming together by chance, cause this marvelous body of ours to develop?" It's a scientific impossibility and you know it! It's as natural for a small child to believe in God, as it is for them to breathe. They know there is a superior Being. You have to educate men and women into becoming fools.

How can you or I guess as to why we were put here on earth? No way! But when you learn, through the Bible that men and women can become the "children of the King of Kings," through Jesus Christ and that this earth is your royal inheritance, then you begin to realize for the first time that the most important thing you can ever learn, is God's will for your life.

We used to sing a wonderful old song that went something like this:

"I once was an outcast stranger on earth,

A sinner by choice and an alien by birth;

But I've been adopted, My name's written down,

AN HEIR TO A MANSION, A ROBE AND A CROWN, I'm a child of the King!"

God comes to man and woman and says: "All this is yours and I, even I, with all my sovereign power, will not restrain you. Do things as you like, but remember this. For every ounce of your strength; for every atom of your influence, for every moment of your life. I will hold you accountable. All I ask is that you obey my Law, which I in my infinite love and wisdom, have given for your happiness and protection."

So we find three key verses in Scripture which cover man's existence. First, the statement of creation itself; second, the laws governing the continuation of life, and the explanation of man's presence on this earth.

The Bible begins with a final, uncompromising statement; "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." Take it or leave it! God offers no explanation as to why He undertook the task. He wastes no time on details. He stakes His reputation on that one statement. He gives no apologies as to the methods He used. He says He did it! He asks you and I to believe Him! To accept His word in faith and here is where the bone of contention comes in. The educated "fool" wants a detailed explanation. None of this "simplistic stuff," if you please!

If you don't like the Bible account of creation, then let me ask you to provide a more logical one and I'm not talking about this "monkey business," I'm talking scientific evidence. If you ask why I accept God's explanation, I'd have to say: ''Who is more qualified to make this statement, the One who did the job, or some atheistic doubter who comes along thousands of years later and who is merely guessing at what happened?"

For the most part, our Bible was written by uneducated men, in the modern concept of education. Few of them had college degrees. Yet the Bible grapples with the problems of modern America, as though it were written specifically for our time. It confronts the human race, from the dawn of creation, to our world today and beyond tomorrow, putting up sign posts warning of dangers ahead if we refuse to heed them and blessings if we obey.

Let the atheists and agnostics produce a better book if they can. The Jews tried and came up with the Babylonian TALMUD, which contains the wisdom of their religious leaders for a thousands years, and it comes out as a ''mist-mash of filthy trash!''

Let the greatest minds of men go to the storehouses of knowledge and I challenge them to come up with anything as pure, good, noble and inspiring as the Bible. Let them glean from the fields of geology, botany, astronomy, and science... let them go to the museums of the world and to its great libraries and embody their findings in one book. My friend, I would stake my life on it, they could not come up with a book which was even able to "touch the hem of the garment," of this book we call the HOLY BIBLE.

There is no doubt that men are growing in knowledge. The Bible predicted a time like this before the "end of the age." Man has gained mastery over the forces of nature which have been hid to him for ages. He has computed as units of power, the electricity that lights our streets, our homes and powers our factories; the secrets which have been wrapped up for ages. The lighting that flashed in the skies for ages and was regarded with awe by our forefathers, has become man's "errand boy," to carry his thoughts on the wings of light through the telephone, radio and television.

In every line except character building and decency, man has excelled. The world has literally been made over in my lifetime. I realize there are brilliant men such as Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., who believe that men can become better and better until they reach the heights of God. Listen as he puts his thoughts in words: "Modern man has done away with absurd myths about heaven and hell and believes that heaven on earth is a better goal than heaven in the heavens. The idea of sin has become outmoded and modern man believes that lie can produce a heaven on earth through a combination of technology and his innate goodness; through this, we can produce a heaven on this earth."

But where is the evidence of this thinking? Where is the evidence that this kind of thinking has produced a better world. It just doesn't exist. Those of you who can look back over the past fifty years of American history must agree with me, if you are honest people, that we have been on a downgrade in America in every effort, moral, spiritual, political, militarily, economically. You can see this "downgrading" process by reading your controlled news and watching controlled television. Sure there have been many strange and wonderful changes in the world, some of them good, many of them bad. While we have about eliminated small pox and diphtheria from the list of diseases which have decimated mankind, we now have cancer that kills more every year, in spite of the billions of dollars we spend on research. Now we have the terrifying killer, AIDS. Over 50,000 people die yearly on our highways, more than 30,000 of these deaths due to drunken driving. Yet we subsidize and advertise the use of alcohol as being socially acceptable.

We can now kill more people, more efficiently than at any time in history - hundreds of thousands can be wiped out with one bomb. Yes, we have made a lot of progress in the past fifty years, but we have made absolutely no progress on bringing heaven to earth, because left to his own designs, man is incapable of bettering himself. The Bible tells us rather clearly in (Jer. 17:9) that the heart of mankind is "deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know (or understand) it." Romans 3:12 says that "They (mankind) are all gone out of the way, they are together become unprofitable: there is none that doeth good (naturally), no, not one!"

I have been severely criticized by some Identity pastors because I tell our people that our major problem is not with the Jews, or the aliens in our midst, but is with our own Israel people. The curses of God, which are now falling on the Israel people worldwide, are not caused by any enemy, such as International Jewry, they come about because of the willful disobedience of rebellious Israelites who "want to do their own thing," rather than obey their God.

We have gone so far afield from the truth, that most of our Judeo-Christian churches are preaching a false Gospel which says that Jesus did away with God's Law on Calvary, although He Himself said: "I came not to destroy the law but to fulfill it."

Man's failure to better himself should indicate the desperate need we have for a Savior. This is the only truth a man or woman needs to know to become a child of God. You don't have to be a college graduate, thank God, to understand the simplicity of salvation. The essential truth is found in John 3:16 and that is all you need to know, to pass the first phase of being a Christian. You don't have to understand the miracles of God. You don't have to comprehend His miracles of science. All you need to know is that you are a sinner and that Christ died for you and then you need to be "called by the Holy Spirit," for you will never be saved on your own volition, without the intercession of the Holy Spirit. The Word says: "For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God," (Rom. 8:14).

This is especially true, in a most wonderful way, if you are an Israelite. For Christ came first to you, because you are His blood relative. He became "kinsman redeemer." If you have been led by the Holy Spirit to see your need for forgiveness, and come seeking His forgiveness, then He is willing to meet you more than half way, like in the story of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32).

Sadly enough, intellectual minds down through the ages have always been disturbed that they are sinners and they don't like the idea that they can't save themselves. They seem to feel that they are on a plane above other humans like you and I and their disturbance always begins with the creation story. Why?

I believe it because if they accept the idea of a Creator, then they will be forced to acknowledge God as supreme and this their intellectual minds will not allow. So as the Apostle Paul said: "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools," (Rom. 1:22).

For this reason they come up with all sorts of implausible theories about how the world came into existence. Few of them can agree on any of the details, other than that there is no God. So why worry about Him? These people are called atheists. They have been around for centuries.

One of the reasons I would not want to be an atheist, is that God looks on them as being "fools." (Ps. 14:1). It doesn't say they believe there is no God, but they force themselves to believe something they know is not true. In Eph. 4:18, we read that "Having their understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them, because of the BLINDNESS OF THEIR HEARTS." In other words, their ignorance is a deliberate thing. They don't want to know the truth! These are the idiots who say in essence: "Don't bother to give us the facts; we have already made up our minds!"

These are the Judeo-Christian crowd who says: "Don't tell me that the Jews aren't the children of Abraham; the Bible says they are and that makes it so." Only the Bible does not say that. When I asked a dear Christian lady in Dallas, if that included Sammy Davis, Jr., she got mad and walked off on me.

When I first went to my pastor, the minister of a little Fundamentalist Baptist Church and tried to show him what I had learned during a summer of study from the Bible and history, he literally screamed at me: "I already know what the Bible says about the Jews; you can't show me anything!" of course, with this kind of a mind set, he will never learn the truth. "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools."

Let us suppose for a moment that you were having trouble with your eye sight. You went to a doctor to find out what was wrong. He said to you: "Of course you can't see, you poor fool. You're eyes are closed.

Open your eyes and maybe you will be able to see." This is what has happened to millions of our Israelite people. They don't want to see, so they keep their eyes closed to the truth. If they opened them, and learned the truth, they might have to get involved and do something and they don't want to upset the "status quo."

One of the greatest victories our enemy has won over the minds of our people, was when he was able to get intelligent men to accept the evolutionary theory over the teaching of God's Word.

If by evolution, you mean "progress", then I have no argument with you. But if you come up with that devilish term which describes development from one species to another, you and I are going to have a fuss right now. I don't believe or accept the "bastard theory" called "Darwinian evolution." That life came into being through some lucky chance. This is a satanically inspired Jewish fable which has no reasoning behind it whatsoever. If you want to believe that some relative of yours, centuries removed was an ape with his tail wrapped around a coconut tree, be my guest. But my ancestors were "formed" by Almighty God, who breathed into their nostrils the "breath of life," and my ancestor, AUDAUM, "became a living soul," (Gen. 2:7).

If you want to believe your ancestors were apes, then take them and go to hell together. I came from a different species: I came across this poem the other day which sort of explains how I feel:

Two monkeys sat in a coconut tree,
Looking down on people like you and me.

Said one to the other, "now listen you,
There's a certain rumor that can't be true.
That man descended from our noble race.
Why the very idea is a sad disgrace.

No monkey ever deserted his wife,
Left her babies and ruined their lives.
And you'll never see a mother monk,
Leave her babies with another to bunk.

he Sanother thing you'll never see,
Is a monk build a fence round his coconut tree,
And let the coconuts go to waste,
Rather than let someone else have a taste.

Why if I built a fence round my coconut tree,
I'd only invite you to steal from me.
Here's another thing a monk won't do,
Go out at night and come home in a stew.

Or use a gun, or a club, or a knife,
To take another monkey's life.
Yes man descended, the ornery cuss,
But thank God, he never came from us."

Our apologies to all the monkeys in the world, for the fools who say they are our ancestors.

A few years ago, a brilliant acquaintance of mine, whom some of you know, had an unpleasant experience in his life. He became so bitter that he turned against his God and now blasphemously calls Him "that old spook in the sky." Why did this change take place? I believe it may have been because somewhere along the line, he had to face up to the truth that "Jesus is King," and that he would have to knuckle under to His rule and in his super-intelligence, he would allow no one to have authority over his life.

It is a strange paradox of life, for it often seems that the more man learns intellectually, the more stupid he often becomes. A man can be the most brilliant doctor, scientist, anatomist, chemist, or preacher in the world, yet such is the perversity of human nature, that often the most brilliant minds are those who cannot see the simple truth. Maybe this was what the Apostle Paul, an intellectual in his own right, meant when he said in I Cor. 1:26, 27 - "For ye see your calling, brethren, how that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called: But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty." The English word "confound" comes from the Greek kataischuno" - 2617 meaning. to disgrace; to shame; to put down."

A few years ago, when man first walked on the moon, the "guru" of CBS, Walter Cronkite intoned: "Today we have seen a gigantic stride forwards, as man the ape, took his first steps on the planet moon."

My ancestors were placed on this earth for a very special purpose. The Apostle Peter described this purpose in 1 Peter 2:9, where he was speaking to Israelites (not Jews) who were then scattered throughout Asia Minor. He said to them: "But ye (Israel) are a chosen generation (stock), a royal priesthood, a peculiar people (set aside for a special purpose)." Not to be dictators and rule like dictators, as the Jewish TALMUD teaches, but "that ye should show forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness (loss of identity) into His marvelous light. I ne Israel people, white Adamites, were indeed a special people who were to become God's ambassadors to all mankind.

Ask yourself. What people have been instrumental in spreading the Gospel world-wide? Who has printed and distributed the Bibles? Who have built their governments on God's Law? Who have set the slaves free? Who are feeding the world's hungry and who sends help when there is some great catastrophe? Only the white nations of Christendom qualify here, because these are the attributes of "true Israel," in these "last days."

There is considerable evidence that the earth may have been inhabited before the Adamic era. Jeremiah refers briefly to this in (4:23-24): "I beheld the earth, and lo it was without form and void; and the heavens, and they had no light. I beheld the mountains, and lo, they trembled, and all the hills moved lightly (evidenced of a gigantic earthquake). I beheld, and lo, there was no man, and all the birds of the heaven were fled. I beheld, and lo, the fruitful place was a wilderness, and ALL THE CITIES thereof were broken down at the presence of the Lord, and by His fierce anger."

When the atom bomb first came into existence, men scoffed at the idea that an atomic explosion might take place which would destroy the earth. When the first atom bomb was exploded in the desert of New Mexico, the sand turned into fused green glass. Archeologists, digging in the ancient Euphrates Valley of the Near East, have discovered a culture at least 8,000 years old, under this was another older culture, and under this, in a third layer, was a layer of "fused green glass," similar to that found in New Mexico.

Do you suppose there might have been an atomic explosion sometime in the past which destroyed civilization?

We are not told when God "formed" AU-DAUM, where the dust came from that He used. Was it "star dust," or some other substance? We don't know why God did not give us this information, but we do know that man's body contains all the elements which are found in the "dust of the earth." But the mystery concerning the "spirit which animates man," and which came from God, has never been solved.

Man's downfall began in Eden, when a malignant personality, possessing great power, who was not part of the human creation, gained a foothold in the new creation. It tempted Eve into sinning by disobeying God. What this temptation was, we will not discuss here. Some teach that Eve was sexually seduced by a malignant personality called Satan.

Whatever the woman gave in to the temptation was to "become as gods," and disobeyed and led her husband Adam into transgressing God's Law. This caused death to come into the human race, since the "wages of sin is death."

When Adam and Eve sinned, they gained knowledge and understand lug at the price of disobedience. When the tempter told Eve; "Thou shalt not surely die!" He sat the base of all false religions. Solomon tells us in Ecel. 1:9-11 - "There is no new thing under the sun... It hath been already of old time which was before us..."

There is some evidence available that the art of flying was known before the time of the Flood and that the civilization founded by Cain (Gen. 4:16-18) equaled, if not surpassed the scientific achievements of our day. But they proved, as others have since, that knowledge gained without spiritual understanding, leads only to chaos and disaster. A great philosopher once said: "Education without God, turns men into clever devils." How true!

The godless civilization of the sons of Cain bred wars of conquest and God raised up a righteous line, beginning with Seth, to oppose the aggressive principles of the Canaanitish civilization, which taught that "might makes right." It was during this period of world chaos, that men first began to worship God.

After the flood, Abram was called to carry on the battle. The aggressors were against "right" - and the defenders were "God's people." The aggressor who lives by the sword, will always find himself opposed by God's people. From Adam to Jesus Christ and from Christ to the present, this has been the order of world warfare between evil and the righteous.

But the question still remains unanswered. "What is man and who are you?"

Throughout recent years objections have been raised over facts which are Scriptural, historical and traditional, which indicate that the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Scandinavian, Germanic and related peoples are "true Israel." Although Scripture gives over 200 "fingerprints" of Israel's identity in these "last days," which are fulfilled only in the people of Christendom, still, for the most part, the "brainwashed" hordes of Judeo-Christendom believe that God's worst enemies, the Jews, are His chosen people. Others believe that "Israel" has been supplanted by the Christian church even though God's promises to Israel were from "everlasting to everlasting," there are still theologians who insist that physical Israel has ceased to exist and that the church has taken her place in God's scheme of things.

But God said that Israel was to become a mighty nation, and a "company of nations," who would be His ambassadors to all mankind everywhere. No other people than those of Christendom have fulfilled these Israel requirements.

Many of the objectors come from orthodox, evangelical and fundamental branches of Christianity. Their objections against "true Israel Identity," are given on Scriptural proof, which completely disregards the context of the message used.

Little regard is given to whether the Scriptural message is to the house of Judah, or the house of Israel and this makes for a tangle of complete confusion. The distinction the Scriptures make over and over again between the house of Israel, cannot be brushed aside as being of no consequence. But as the opponents of Identity have done this, they have failed to recognize the marvelous prophecies which were made specifically for Israel in these "end times," and that they have nothing to do with a renegade anti-Christ people we know as Jews.

The evidence which sets modern Israel aside as being distinct and different from the Jews in these last days, is too strong for honest men to disregard. They do so at their own peril. Yet, so strong is the enemies control of the Christian church in America, and other Israel lands, that decent, honest men refuse to accept the verdict of Scripture and opt to follow the teachings of rebellious men. As a result, we have seen the prophecy of 1 Timothy 4:2, come to pass:

"For the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter days, some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils." Who are these seducers of Christianity? (Find out for yourself by reading and studying John chapter eight; Titus 1:10, 14, and Rev. 2:9; 3:9.)

In 2 Timothy 3:1-5, we are told how in these "last days," perilous times will come because men will "have a form of Godliness, but denying the power thereof ..." Paul then goes on to state that these "religious reprobates," are those who are "ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth." Why? Because they do not want the truth!

When one takes the statements of the Israel Identity opponents, and considers them as a whole, it represents a hodge-podge of half-truths, misapplied Scripture texts, with a complete disregard for both Scriptural and historical evidence.

Many of the contradictory statements made by these so-called Christian leaders, show a gross ignorance regarding the subject matter under discussion, a fact which in itself should disqualify them to sit in judgment on the Israel Identity Movement.

The English word "prejudice" comes from the Latin "praejudicium" and means: "to judge beforehand and before the facts of the case are known; preconceived ideas.''

"Prejudice" implies a preconceived or unreasonable judgment or opinion, usually of an unfavorable character and usually marked by suspicion, fear, intolerance, or hatred.

The Jews claim that Identity Christians are prejudiced against them, because we tell the truth about what they are attempting to do. While if you listen to the Christian diatribes against identity beliefs, you wonder why fundamental and evangelical Christians hate brother and sister Christians, while admiring and supporting their worst enemies, the Jews. This is a very strange, very sad paradox.

There should be cause for concern in Identity circles, for there have been unscrupulous individuals who have used the name Christian Identity for un-Christian causes. These are false leaders who tell their people that all that is necessary to get into the Kingdom of God, is for them to be white. This is a lie which is refuted by Scripture and by the Master Himself. No one comes into the salvation experience, being "born again;" "born from above," whatever you may choose to call it - you do not come into this experience because you are "white" or because you are of Israelite blood. The salvation experience is completely separated from family, race, wealth, or prestige. Citizenship in the Kingdom of God, comes when an individual is wooed by the Holy Spirit to the point where they recognize themselves as a rebel against God; seek His forgiveness and then pledge to Him their eternal loyalty this is the BORN AGAIN EXPERIENCE, Jesus was speaking about in John 3:3. It comes only as one seeks the king's pardon for the breaking of His law and then accepts Him as King.

Others have used the Identity Movement as a base for violent actions against a corrupt government they rightfully hate. By their violent actions, they have caused an already hostile media to label all Identity Christians as "radical members of the right wing extremists; neo-Nazis; Fascists; KKK, haters.

We of Identity for the most part, recognize the right of other Christians to differ from us in doctrine and to present their case against us when it is done in a Scriptural manner. But we resent it when our avowed enemies, the anti-Christs, are used as a source of libel against us and when Christians believe the "fables" of the anti-Christ, rather than the assertions of their Christian brethren.

Today, just as they did at the time of Jesus' trial and again at the trial of the martyr Stephen, the Pharisees are seeking out "false witnesses" to testify against the Christians of the Identity Movement (see Matt. 26:59, 60; Acts 6:11-13). These minions of evil will stop at nothing, including murder, to keep Christian Israelites from knowing the truth. Many of you who read this booklet will belong in this class, though you may have been kept from this precious truth by your own religious leaders.

Today, the welfare, safety and very existence of White Israelites are at stake. It is the responsibility of those of us who know the truth, to act as "watchmen on the walls of Israel America," and to warn our brethren of the dangers they face, even when they do not want to hear about it. If those of us who know the truth, refuse to warn our brethren, we face the wrath of our God (see Ezek. 3:18; 33:6).

If our opponents are correct, then we have no responsibilities towards them; but if we are right, then may God have mercy on those of you who refuse to fulfill your responsibilities towards Rim.

The people of America, especially its white majority, constitute the "court of appeal" and they MUST render a decision. It might be well for us to consider the truth, that God Himself passes judgment in accordance to the verdict they will render. It would be well for us to listen to the words of Joshua (24:15) as he spoke to ancient Israel: "AND IF IT SEEM EVIL UNTO YOU TO SERVE THE LORD, choose you this day whom you will serve:... but as for me and my house, WE WILL SERVE THE LORD."

Today America is faced with two choices: one leads to prosperity, safety and peace; the other to war, chaos and slavery. "Choose you this day, which way you will serve."

It is our "white, Christian, Israel people," no matter what our opponents call us, God's people, who must make this decision. It is not just a simple matter of national belief or unbelief, but rather an answer to this question which was once given to ancient Israel. "What doth God require of thee?" (Deut. 10:12) The answer is given in vs. 12 and 13 -"And now Israel, what doth the Lord thy God require of thee, but to fear (respect; honour) the Lord thy God, to walk in ALL HIS WAYS, and to LOVE HIM, and SERVE the Lord thy God with all thy HEART, and with all thy SOUL, to KEEP the COMMANDMENTS of the Lord, which I have commanded thee this day, for thy good?" (Emphasis added).

Let those who oppose the Identity truth ponder well the fact that they have a tremendous responsibility before God. If they are wrong, they will have led millions to disaster, but more serious than this, if our Israel nations refuse to wake up to their Identity, and the responsibility which goes with it, these teachers and preachers will be held accountable before God, for the tribulations, chaos and bloodshed which follows.

When the remnant of Judah (only a tiny minority), returned to Jerusalem after seventy years in Babylonian captivity, the "nation of the Jews" came into being and began to function as the Kingdom. We know this to be true, for Jesus told their leaders in Matt. 21:43 - "The Kingdom of God shall be taken from you (Jews), and given to a nation (not a church, but a nation) bringing forth the fruits thereof." Obviously the Jews must have been in possession of the Kingdom at this time, or the words of Jesus would have had no meaning, and it could not be taken from them.

Jewish leaders recognize this today and Rabbi Stephen Wise, one of the leading Jews in the world a few decades ago once said: "The return of the Jews from Babylon, marked the end of Hebrewism and the beginning of Judaism."

The fact that the Kingdom was in Jewish possession at the time of Jesus was also confirmed in Matt. 23:2, when Jesus said that the Pharisees sat in Moses' seat. This refutes the argument of those who say that the Kingdom can only be in the hearts of Christians.

The argument used for a "spiritual kingdom," is usually found in John 18:36, where Jesus told Pilate: "My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I might not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence."

If you will analyze this verse closely, you will find that the Greek word for "world'' is translated "cosmos." This literally means "arrangement; or world order." Jesus was telling Pilate that His Kingdom was not after the order of the world. It was not founded on military power that believes that "might makes right." His kingdom was not set up like that of the world. It had been organized at Mt. Sinai, hundreds of years before, when God laid down the administration for His righteous kingdom, in the commandments, statutes and judgments He had given to Israel.

When the Jews lost this Kingdom, they rejected and murdered the King, just as Jesus had predicted in Luke 19:11-27. So God took the Kingdom from them and transferred it to a nation which would bring forth the proper fruits. The apostate Jews, those of Rev. 2:9; 3:9, knew then and now, that "True Israel" is still in dispersion.

When Jesus told the Jewish leaders that they would seek Him and not be able to find Him, they wondered if He would go to the "dispersed among the Gentiles, and teach the Gentile?" (John 7:35)

Ezekiel's vision of the dry bones in chapter 37 was directed to the house of Israel, not Judah. Notice in vs. 11 God tells the Prophet: "...Son of man, these bones are the WHOLE house of ISRAEL."

When God gave a "bill of divorcement" to His Israel people, they said in Ezek. 37:11 -- "...Son of man, all these bones are of the children of Israel, who said, our bones are dead and our hope is lost; we are completely gone." (Lamsa trans.)

In Isa. 49:1, 3 and 8 we learn that the Israel people will inherit the "desolate hermitages," of this earth. Our opponents say this refers to the Jews, but the Jews have never lived in the "desolate hermitages."

But look at the Anglo-Saxon and related peoples. First they moved to the "desolate hermitages" of America; then to South Africa and Australia. There were no humans in these areas when the first white settlers arrived, with the exception of scattered bands of natives. Truly, the nations of Christendom have settled the "desolate hermitages" of this earth. We have caused these desolate places to "blossom like the rose." This is one reason the native populations want to take them away from us as in South Africa and Australia.

Jesus commissioned His followers to go to "...the lost (put away for punishment) sheep of the house of ISRAEL, and as ye go, preach, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand," (Matt. 10:5-7).

This commission was not confined to a few months while Jesus was in His earthly ministry, but for the times to come. This was made clear in His statement "Ye shall not have gone over the cities of Israel, till the son of Man be come," (Matt. 10:23).

We know the Gospel of Personal Salvation has been preached by our white Israelite missionaries over the length and breadth of the world. But today, for the very first time, many Israelite people are hearing the Gospel of the Kingdom, which was never preached before.

Our people have always been forgetful of their origin and heritage. So when we read that Israel will lose their identity, we know the writer cannot be speaking about the Jews, for they have always proclaimed they were the Chosen people. Neither have the Jewish people "followed righteousness," for it was because of their ungodliness the Kingdom was taken from them.

The Prophet Hosea confirms that the House of Israel would lose all knowledge of their past, even to the point when they would deny being God's People. Notice Hosea 1:10 - "...and it shall come to pass that in the place where it was said to them (Israel) 'You are not my people!' there it shall be said to them 'Ye are the children of the living God.'

This is a good word description of Israel in these "latter days," after they have become Christian nations in the "company of Israel nations." Jeremiah pointedly stated that the Israel people who left Palestine, were to become a Christian people while they were away.

When Jesus died for the "lost sheep of the house of Israel," (Matt. 15:24) the Lamsa translation says: "...I (Jesus) am not sent except to the sheep which went astray from the house of Israel."

Some of our opponents say we cannot be Israelites because we have never been circumcised. But when Moses spoke to Israel in Deut. 30:6, he envisioned a time when "the Lord thy God will circumcise thy heart, and the heart of thy seed, to love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, that thou mayest live."

Paul called the "born again experience," "circumcision of the heart" in Romans 2:29 and confirmed it again in Philippians 3:3.

The kindness of God and His Father love for His people never departed from Israel, even when they were under severe chastisement for disobedience, as we are today. But in the final day of "restoration", the "pastors"; the "shepherds of the Israel flocks" will be condemned for their blindness (read Isa. 56:10, 11 for a word picture of these modern shepherds).

What a clear picture this gives of the many modern church leaders who are interested only in their own welfare, "doing everything for their own good."

These men are asleep to what is happening about them, or else they have deliberately drugged themselves from reality and have become "blind leaders of the blind." These are those who will accept church doctrine over what the Bible teaches. These are those who oppose those of us who are trying to bring truth to our people. No wonder God has condemnation for such false teachings.

As the evil hosts of Gog and Magog gather their forces for a world conflict, not against the little land of the Israeli in Palestine, not against the forces of these anti-Christs, but against the true Israelite people of Christendom, it behooves us to wake out of our fatal sleep and prepare for the Bridegrooms return.

In that day, our opponents will be confounded because in spite of all their efforts "the house of Israel (not the Jews) shall know that I am the Lord their God from that day forward," (Ezek. 39:22). Ezekiel states that the heathen nations will also recognize our God and will flock to true Israel to learn of Him.

That my Israel friend is your heritage. That is why you were brought forth on this earth. "That ye should showd a th the praises of Him who hath called you out of darkness, into His marvelous light. Which in times past were not a people, but are now the people of God; which had not obtained mercy (but were under condemnation), but now have obtained mercy."

Israel men and women. This is who you are! This is why you are here! These are your responsibilities before Almighty God and Him alone.

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