The Birthright or
The Right to Govern

Brig. Gen. Jack Mohr

Revelation 12: 7  And there was war in heaven: Michael and His angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels,

 8  And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven.

 9  And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, who deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out upon the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.


War In Heaven

Scripture tells us that before Adam was in the Garden of Eden, there was a war in heaven. Two plans were offered for the governing of the earth.

One plan provided for men to have their free agency to choose for themselves between right and wrong. God would not force them one way or the other. There was a redeemer who offered himself as a sacrifice to pay for the errors that humans would inevitably make during their learning period here on the earth. His sacrifice would blot out these mistakes if men would repent of them and change. If men would not repent, they would have to suffer the consequences of their own mistakes.

The other plan, offered by Lucifer, was to set up a government of force and coercion depriving all of God's children the freedom to choose which path to follow and of the blessings resulting from their doing right of their own free will and choice. According to this plan of force, Lucifer wanted to rule in the place of God and receive all the glory.

Christ's plan was chosen and the right to rule was given to him by our Father in Heaven.

As a result of the division caused by these two plans, a war was fought in which one-third of the hosts of heaven, led by Lucifer, were defeated and cast out. They were denied the opportunity of further progress by not receiving a mortal body through birth on earth They were cast down to earth as spirits and here they wander, homeless, endeavoring to tempt and deceive God's children here in mortality.

The Valiant
There were members of another group who were, in varying degrees, involved in the battle on the side of freedom's plan. According to their degree of diligence, their opportunities here in mortal life were determined. The most valiant became God's prophets and birthright children.

The Cursed
A third group refused to assist either side. They stood by while the Savior and his followers fought the battle of liberty for them, and because they refused to take a stand for right, they automatically chose evil. By this action, they limited their opportunities in this life to some extent. They would be allowed a mortal body but would be limited in that they would not have the right to rule or represent God because they were not valiant in their first estate.

We have examples of the attitude of this third group all around us today. There are those who stand by and do nothing while a woman is assaulted or raped on the streets of our cities and those who sit idle while tyrants pass unconstitutional laws over us and make no protest or effort to stop them. They, too, will find that they will be limited, to the extent of their cowardice, in the next life.

The Seed of Cain
This third group would have to be marked and separated in mortal life. Cain became the father of this group. The accompanying chart shows Cain and his descendants down through history. They were limited as to their opportunities in this life because of their cowardice in the spirit battle for freedom. They and all who mix their seed with them are restricted from the right to rule or to represent God on earth.

We can see then that Cain's curse was not only a result of his murdering his brother Abel through the promptings of Lucifer in order to get the right to rule, but a continuation of the premortal limitation placed upon him and others by our Father in Heaven for their lack of valiancy in the premortal war.

From Freedom To Force
As we look at the condition of our country today, we see that something is wrong. Someone has manipulated our system of a government of freedom and as a result we have forsaken the Constitutional laws that protected the rights of men. Justice has been thwarted and the common law of God is no longer held valid. There seems to be a handful of people who have total control over the entire government and hence over all our lives, and nearly all our liberties are gone!

This condition appears to be something that has just happened, but as we go back into the history of the Bible, we see that really it all began with the two sons of Adam, Cain and Abel. These two sons were asked to make an offering to the Lord.

Abel's offering, made in righteousness, was accepted by the Lord. Cain harkened unto Lucifer and took as an offering something other than that which the Lord had asked of him. The Lord was displeased and told Cain that if he had done the right thing instead of listening to Lucifer, he would have done well, but "sin lieth at the door".

The Right To Rule
The Lord said that Cain was upset with his brother Abel because Abel, through his obedience, was to receive the birthright. What is the birthright? It is of paramount importance that we understand what the birthright meant.

Who was the chief ruler on earth at that time? Adam was, because he was the head patriarch or king. Who was to receive the power to rule upon the death of Adam? The son who was designated by Adam. Therefore, the birthright is the right to rule. The birthright is the right to govern.

Heavenly Father depends on men who obey Him and are valiant in his service. These are they who receive from Him the right to govern. Why would God choose righteous men to be His rulers and governors? Because He knew that if He gave this power to unrighteous men, they would oppress the people, take away their liberties, and destroy them. Therefore, He chooses the righteous to govern and gives them what is called the birth-right or the right to represent Him here on the earth.

The controversy at the time of Cain and Abel revolved around the birthright. Who would become the leader of the world when Adam died? When Cain saw that Abel was chosen to be the new governor of the earth after Adam, he killed Abel because he wanted that power for himself.

The Pre-Existent Curse Established In Mortality
What did the Lord do? Did He give Cain the power to govern? No! The Lord cursed him, marked him and sent him away to the land of Nod or Wanders to separate him from God's children. The birthright passed to Abel's brother, Seth, who then shouldered the responsibilities of government.

The Lord said that Cain and his children would never have the right to govern on earth because Cain, like Lucifer, tried to usurp this power by unrighteous means. Those spirits who were not valiant in the premortal battle for freedom are those who come to earth through the lineage of Cain.

We can follow down through the scriptures and find that this group of people, the descendants of Cain, are called the Cainanites and later on are called the Hittites and Hettites. They began to intermarry with the children of Seth. Why do you suppose they did that? The birthright! They thought that if they mixed their seed with the birthright group,. they would automatically get the birthright. They thought that if they could mix their seed with all of the seed of Seth, they would get the birthright because there would be no pure lineage left to receive it.

They, the mixed blood lines, also tried, by appealing to their love of liberty, to get this other people to fight wars among themselves and thereby destroy the birthright lineage.

Pollution Of The Races Caused The Flood
Further down on the chart, we see that there was a great flood because nearly all God's children had mixed their blood with the blood of Cain and, as a result, had turned away from God.

God used the flood to wipe the earth clean of the wickedness caused by the mixed blood. A new lineage through the sons of Noah was then begun. Each group was to be in its own separate part of the earth. The confusion of tongues at the Tower of Babel helped to separate these nations for a time.

Noah had three sons, Shem, Japheth, and Ham. The Eastern Empires originate with Japheth.

Mixed Blood Also Carry The Curse
We see that Ham married Egyptus, The name, Egyptus, meaning forbidden one. Why was she forbidden? Because she was of the seed of Cain. Why did the Lord say that Ham should not marry her? Because, by doing so, he would lose the birthright or the right to rule. Because he broke that law, Ham's descendants were called the Hittites. From that time on, the Hittites were an outcast people and when the prophets would preach or give power from God to men, the Hittites were never numbered among those who had the right to govern.

The Semites (Caucasian)
The Sheminite or Seminite peoples come through the lineage of Shem. The Seminites, then, are the descendants of Shem, the birthright son.

The title Seminite has nothing to do with today's so-called "Jewish" people. All the Caucasian people of the world are Semites.

The Sheminite or Sernimte peoples come through the lineage of Shem. The Seminites, then, are the descendants of Shem.

The Oriental and Negroid Races
The Oriental people are descendants of Japheth and the Negroid and mixed blood people are descendants of the Hittites (or Cain). Down a few generations in the Sheminite or Seminite line, we come to a man named Eber. This is where the term Hebrew came from; Eber was the great-grandfather of Abraham.

The Arabs and Saxsonites
Abraham had one son named Isaac and another son named Ishmael Ishmael is the father of all the Arab nations. Isaac is the father of the Isaacsons or Saxons. The Saxonites and Seminites, from whence carne the European nations, are of the blood line that has the right to rule or administer the laws of God to men.

Isaac had two sons, Esau and Jacob. Esau married two Hittite women and lost his birthright as a result. Esau's mother had a terrible time; she wept over her son because Esau had broken the Law of God. How did Esau break the Law of God? Not by marrying two women, but by mixing his seed with the Cainanite lineage which did not have the right to rule. Therefore, Esau lost his birthright and Jacob, who also married more than one wife, received the right to rule.

Israel (Jacob) the Birthright Son
Jacob's name was changed to Israel which means prince of God. Prince of God means ruler.

The Twelve Tribes (The House of Israel)
In the next generation, twelve sons were born to Jacob. From these twelve sons came the twelve tribes of Israel, and of these sons, Joseph had the birthright. His brothers sold him into Egypt because they were jealous of him. Why? Because he had the birthright. In a vision he had seen that all the other tribes were caused to bow down to him. He had the right to rule. The colors of Joseph were red, white and blue.

House of Israel Split
Later, the House of Israel, the twelve tribes were split into two kingdoms. The kingdom of Judah and the Kingdom of Israel. Then, the entire House of Israel went into bondage. Prior to this time, Esau's name had been changed to Edom because he had broken God's law and had lost his birthright. His children and followers were called Edomites. The Edomites and the Kingdom of Judah part of the Israelites were in bondage together and while they were in this condition, they intermarried.

After the Lord spoke to King Darius who held them in bondage, Darius released them to go back to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple. When they got to the border of the land, Hezekiah, the prophet, asked the Judean Israelites how many had kept their blood line pure. He said that if they had not kept their bloodline pure, they could not build or even touch the temple.

The Cursed Line Identified at Christ's Time
From that time on, the people who had mixed with the Edomites while in bondage were known as the Idumeans and later some of them were called the Herodians. King He rod was the first of the Herodians, but he and the others of his group were a part of those who had mixed their bloodline while in bondage.

The Savior of the world came through the lineage of Israel through that part of the kingdom of Judah and more particularly the tribe of Judah who did not mix their blood line. These were known as Judahites or Judeans.

Just before Christ was born on earth, the Idumeans went to the Roman leaders and promised, "We will do anything you say if you will let us rule over the Israelites." Herod and others of the mixed bloodline rose to power by this means. When lie rod heard that the true king had been born, he, knowing he had no birthright, ordered that all the pure blooded male Israelitish children under two years old should be slaughtered, He did this in order to secure his usurped position.

When Christ came, he challenged their right to rule by identifying them as the mixed bloodline, (John 8:37-44) and for that they killed him. It was a political assassination. We can see that the murderers of Christ came from the mixed bloodline of Cain and Israel.

The Deceit Continues
Three hundred years after Christ, that same element infiltrated the newly-established church and set themselves up as religious experts. They screened and rewrote some of the scriptures and inserted the term "Jew" into the writings. It is written that when Pilate put the sign above Christ's cross, it said, "Jesus Christ, King of the Jews". In the original writings it said, "Jesus Christ, King of the Judeans". Up until this time, there never were any people known as "Jews". There were Judeans, who were pure Israelites who were from the Kingdom of Judah which was made up of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin and parts of the tribes of Levi and Simeon. And there were Idumeans, who were the people of mixed blood. These are the only two groups of people with whom we are concerned. The Kingdom of Israel was made up of the rest of the tribes under the leadership of Joseph's son, Ephraim, the birthright son of all Israel. Later, at Christ's time the remaining part of this group was known as the Samaritans.

The Idu means coined the word "Jew" to make it look as if they were the same people as the Judeans. They wanted to appear as if they were still part of Israel to cover up the fact that they had lost the birthright and had been cut off. This term was rewritten into the scriptures 300 years after Christ by some of the Jesuits who were really Idumeans and Herodians. It was the Idumeans who turned the true Israelite Christians over to the Romans to be mauled by the lions, burned at the stake, and slaughtered by the gladiators at Roman festivals. Their purpose again was to eradicate those of the pure bloodline.

It has always been those of the Idumean bloodline that have created wars in an effort to get those of the birthright bloodline to destroy them. selves. The Idumeans never war among themselves. They have also tried to mix their Cainanitish blood with that of Israel to the end that there will be no pure blood left. By this means, they hope somehow to regain the right to rule if only by default.

The Khazar Empire (World Bankers)
Seven hundred years after Christ there was a community of this mixed bloodline that settled north of the Caspian Sea in what is known today as the Ural Mountain area in the Soviet Union. They pooled all the wealth they had gained from 700 years of unrighteous activities into one central

money system. They then loaned money to the Czars of Russia and to the princes and kings of Europe and England. In that way they bought their way into power and leadership positions in all of the major and many of the minor nations of the world.

This group was called the Khazar Empire and the Khazars from that group are the ones who rule the banking system of the world and the banking system of our country in our day. They own and control the Federal Reserve Banking System that has devalued our money system by confiscating the gold and silver and replacing gold and silver backed paper currency with worthless notes. These "bank notes" are in reality promissory notes with no value upon redemption. Even our coins are now devoid of any precious metals of real value. It is the biggest financial hoax in the history of the world.

Lincoln Stood In The Way
These international bankers had Lincoln killed because he would not allow this group to corrupt our money system in his day. They wanted to set up the Federal Reserve Banking monopoly then, but Lincoln refused to cooperate and so they had him murdered.

These people also had another reason for killing Lincoln. His post. civil war reconstruction program. His plan provided for the returning to Africa of all the former slaves, the seed of Cain, who had been freed by the Emancipation Proclamation. He wanted to sell public lands at public auction to raise enough money to purchase vast tracts of land in Africa to be given as a home to the former slaves. The freed slaves were also to be given free passage back to their homeland. Liberia was begun this way as an initial program. Lincoln was killed before he could complete this plan and President Andrew Johnson was almost impeached for trying to do the same.

Busing Children For Integration
The Khazars are the ones who have forced the Humanist teachings into our country through government owned schools. They call for the busing of children over long distances in order to force mixing of the races. They are pressing the issue of race integration and encouraging the mixing of the bloodlines.

United Nations (Government of the Anti-Christ)
Not too far in the future, we will see laws passed requiring that each person of pure blood must intermarry with another race. As the United Nations one-world government of the beast is expanded by the Khazars, this will be one of their laws. Today, less than 5% of the women of the world of child-bearing age are of the pure bloodline. The right to rule on earth is limited to this bloodline because God judged that these people were the only people to administer his laws.

The Seminites Love of Liberty
The premortal spirit of liberty and freedom is the spirit that imbues the lineage of Shem and of Isaac and Israel. Our founding fathers, who came from Wales, England, and Europe came through this birthright lineage. The lineage of these nations stems from Shem, Isaac and Joseph.

Wars have been fought for liberty, year after year, by this bloodline. It was this lineage that kept the spirit of liberty and freedom alive over the years and ignited it again here in America.

The False Illuminati
Those who have mixed their blood with Cain have functioned through an organization called the "Illuminati". This false Illuminati originated at the time of Solomon. Prior to this time, the true Illuminati or the "enlightened ones" were from the lineage of Seth and Shem. They were the sons of God and they spoke with him and administered His laws. They knew His will and administered His government among men. That is why they were called the enlightened ones. They recorded in the temple of Solomon some of the things that God had taught them.

Jezebel brought her Edomite Priests into Israel and 1”™them into the temple and all the holy houses. These false priests stole some of the know. ledge that the genuine enlightened ones had. They then appropriated the title of enlightened ones unto themselves.

This false Illuminati line then went underground from time to time and finally surfaced again in Europe under the leadership of Adams Weishaupt who was a Khazar. The signs and tokens he used were from the temple of Solomon although changed slightly in order to deceive the people.

The five-pointed star with the single point extending upward was used in the temple. The points on the sides depict a man standing with out-stretched arms looking to heaven for assistance. Lucifer and his followers take the same five-pointed star and turn it upside down. The two points extending upward are the two horns of the ram. The two points extending outward are the ears of the ram, and the single point extending downward is the snout of the ram. The ram and the pentagram are the sign of the Anti-Christ.

The Counterfeit
Lucifer and his followers have taken the holy symbols from the temple, turned them around, and then used them to deceive us into thinking that they are the true representatives of God, "the Enlightened Ones". We can examine every symbol and see where it has been changed just a bit.

The individual members of these groups are honest, dedicated people who believe in God and are acting in good faith. Some of the top echelon, however, understand these things which we are discussing.

The one-world conspiracy facing us in our day is a culmination of the mischief wrought by Cain and his descendants down through the Hittites, the Edomites, and now the Idumeans. The goal of this group who worship Lucifer, the outcast from heaven, is to steal the birthright and rule the world by force in accordance with Lucifer's original plan.

The Big Lie
Those of the higher echelons of these groups are taught that Christ was the impostor. They say that his apostles used a sponge with a drug on it to cover his mouth and nose so as to induce a coma and give the appearance that he was dead. Three days later, according to them, the apostles entered the tomb and gave Christ the antidote to the drug. Having thus brought him back to life, they took him to India where he allegedly died at age 82.

This story varies from time to time in its details but generally follows the same line. These stories and other teachings of these groups originated with the false Messiah, the AntiChrist who is trying to get the birthright he lost because of unrighteousness.

Our goal in this portion of this material is to point out that the "Jews", as many believe, are not the real trouble makers in the world. The Jews are not the creators of these worldwide problems unless we mean by the. term "Jews", those of mixed blood. Most of the conservatives in this country have been misinformed regarding the issue.

The Real Enemies of Freedom
THE ENEMY IS THE ANTICHRIST, I.E. CAIN UNDER LUCIFER'S DIRECTION, who used the bloodlines that we have been discussing: THE DESCENDANTS OF CAIN AND THE IDUMEANS AND KHAZARS WHO HAVE MIXED THEIR BLOOD WITH THE CAINANITES. THESE LINES LOST THE BIRTHRIGHT LONG AGO AND IT IS THEY WHO HAVE BEEN THE CONSPIRATORS SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME. They have been trying and will continue to try to destroy the pure bloodline by interbreeding and by causing wars for its destruction.

The Semitic peoples, with few exceptions, have always been the ones involved with these wars. How does this happen? The Khazars stir up unrest among the Semitic peoples, and, once there is a war going, the Khazars, who control the banking systems, make billions of dollars by selling weapons of war to both sides. Also, every time there is a war, some tens of thousands of males of pure blood are killed and many mix their seed with the mixed blood of other nations of the world.

God Loves All His Children
All nations are special to God and all have an important and special history and place in the world. No man should be in bondage to another, nor deprived of the basic rights to life, liberty, and happiness except as punishment for crime.

Each tribe or nation should have enough pride in its own history and accomplishments to keep itself clean and pure for their children's sake from generation to generation. There need be no animosity over such issue.

Cain has his own nation and can rule within his own tribe as can ail tribes. Israel has the birthright, or right to administer God's laws on earth to those who wish to submit to God's Kingdom. Israel can rule in his own nation and he can rule over other nations when they so desire and submit voluSoily or when they apply to live within the boundaries of his land.

America The Birthright Nation
America is the birthright nation established and paid for by the blood of the descendants of Seth, Shem, Abraham, Isaac and Israel (Jacob). Those of this birthright lineage are bound by covenant to serve the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

The organic laws of our land were framed on the eternal laws of God and all who would dwell within her boundaries must abide by those laws or leave. If they choose to remain and disobey, they must surely be judged by those laws and suffer the penalty.

The Ultimate Consequences
The sword of judgment hangs over our land because we have broken the covenants we have made with God. We have allowed the AntiChrist to gain power in and control over our government. We have stood by while the AntiChrist has established alien and unholy standards for our people. The heathen practice of killing the unborn now has spread throughout our land, and sends up a stench to heaven from every city and town in our country. The chains of oppression and bondage hang around our necks once more.

All men are subject ultimately to God's laws, be they heathen, saint, believer or unbeliever; for His judgments are just and unchanging.

These judgments are at hand!

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