Satan's Kids!
And the
German Connection!
Part 4 of 4
By Lt. Col. Gordon "Jack" Mohr, A.U.S. Ret.
(Revised and updated.)


A compilation of up to the minute facts about world Jewry from many reliable sources:

from "THE TRUTH AT LAST" July 1999

President Clinton, in full accord with his Jewish advisors says that he wants to prepare White Americans (and this refers specifically to Christians - MOHR), for the day when we will be a minority in our own country. If the present immigration rate continues, we will be a minority in 30 years. Clinton gloated, "There will be a great revolution that we can live with without having a dominant (meaning Christian) white culture."

Pat Buchanan, the well known commentator said, "When did Americans vote for a revolution to over run our ethnic and racial balance? When did our people vote to over turn her dominate European culture? Republicans are too intimidated and paralyzed by ruling 'political correctness', to resist (the Jew inspired Clinton revolution - MOHR) which would ignite a real revolution."

Buchanan went on to say, "We are only half way to Clinton's paradise. What will it be like when we finally get there?"


Percentage wise, very few crimes against non-Whites are committed by whites and the Jewish sponsored anti-hate laws now before Congress will be enforced almost exclusively against whites.

FBI Crime Statistics show that Whites commit only 55.85 crimes per 100,000 against Negroes. While the crime rate of Negroes against Whites is 3,493.63 per 100,000. These new crime laws will impose a more severe penalty against Whites that are ever applied to Blacks and are part of the overall discrimination that is being shown to those people who settled America and under God, made her great. It is also part and parcel of the Zionist plot for world control, as can be seen from many statements made by Jewish religious leadership in pro-race mixing propaganda can be seen in an article published in Canada in Mcleans Review Magazine of September 5, 1967. A prominent Canadian Rabbi, Abraham Feinberg outlined the Zionist solution for racial conflicts, in these words:

"One of the most nagging dilemmas of our creed is the gap between 'preaching and practicing' racial equality. We Canadian Jews support the Civil Rights Movement in the United States.

"This refusal to sanction the mixing of the races is the final bastion of racial hostility. Until we learn to fight our ingrown (natural) fears of sexual relations between the races, the end of the race problems will not be in sight. Only when we no longer raise our eyebrows at the sight of a Negro holding hands with a White girl, will the West (Christendom) have begun to tear the racial poison from it's vitals. Such a change will involve an inside out remolding of the White Psyche, for the fear of mixed marriages is deeply rooted." (It indeed is, for it was a Law our forefathers received from God Himself - but notice how cleverly, the Rabbi applies this reasoning to Gentiles MOHR).

"The change must begin sometime. Why not now? One reason, according to the thinking of those who brindle at the thought of miscegration is that there is basic, physchological incompatibility between races. Allied with this notion is the fear, seldom expressed but nevetheless very real that 'mongrelization' of the races will somehow result in an inferior human product." (Regardless of what the Rabbi said, this is a fact proven by history - MOHR)

"Finally, there is the objection that some races are innately savage, according to this view - and it's surprising that many White liberals halfway believe it! The chaos in the Congo and mob violence in American cities spring from a single Black source. History shows, however, that no race, regardless of its technological progress, has a monopoly on savagery. Many Whites cannot see this. (if this is true, why do we see statistics like those from the FBI as I have shown? Why do we see the unbelievable savagery shown in the faces of black musicians in rock and roll on TV, and in the held of entertainment? And still say, "There's nothing wrong?" It's hard to convince an honest man or woman that this savagery as seen in the TV screen and in rock music, has been held up to our white youth as the way to go, and the norm somehow or other it's not in white nature to bite the head off a live chicken while screaming obscenities on stage? MOHR)

Feinberg continues, "I do not mean to suggest there are no differences. Of course there are. Races do differ - in the frequency of blood type distribution, in taste sensitivity, in hairiness, in body smell. These are real disabilities that Civil Rights leaders must overcome.

"It is certain that the mixed couple contemplating marriage faces a whole sea of trouble that couples of the same race never encounter. But there is evidence that the barriers posed by society are beginning to crumble. (The Jews have been foremost in this Movement to destroy our Christian concept of God - MOHR)

"If anything the Law should encourage, not forbid, the intermingling of bloods.

"Legislation alone cannot change the human heart.

The only way to accomplish this, to have 'Final Solution' to the racial problem is to create a melange (mixture) of races so universal that no one can preen themselves on their 'racial purity', or practice the barbarism necessary to safeguard it. The deliberate encouragement of inter-racial marriages is the only way to hasten this process. And time may be getting short! The dominance of our world has begun to shift like the cargo in a listing ship from the White races to the colored. The sooner we adjust to this fact, the better it will be for our children. We know that we will never be able to completely eliminate racial prejudice, until we eliminate racial separation." (UNQ)

At this time, research projects into the breeding of humans existed. They have long been suppressed by the Jews who control the media and TV fields. Liberal witch hunters, have damned anyone looking into the truth, by calling them racists.

These mentally warped creatures, many of them in the Christian Church, accept scientific methods to create better animals, yet they go into hysterics, when one suggests that same thoughtfulness if applied to humans, would lead to the betterment of mankind.

Africa is a prime example of the failure of Blacks to develop even the rudiments of civilization. Negroes have existed in Africa, as long as Whites have been in Europe. Then ask yourself why blacks have never developed a written language, an alphabet, or mathematics, until the White man came along and showed them how to live a better life.

Today, we see every so-called Black Republic in much worse shape in every way, then when they were under harsh, White Colonial rule. I've been in Central Africa, where they had never seen a White man, and the natives were living as their ancestors 5,000 years ago.

Two political movements, Communism and Zionism benefit from inter-racial marriage.

If the masses of White America interbreed with the Blacks, we will be transformed into a dull, lazy nation, such as we find today in Brazil. With some of the richest mines, and fertile land in the world, they are still a Third World nation.

Communism has been successful in America, through Jewish power, and the support that comes from sullen non-White drones in our Christian churches, who have been lured by their "Take from the rich, and give it to the poor" slogan, knowing that many of them refuse to work for a living. It's so much easier when Uncle Sam gives them a welfare handout.

The Jewish tactics involved appear in a book written by a prominent English Communist Jew in 1921, Israel Cohen, titled "RACIAL PROGRAM FOR THE TWENTIETH CENTURY." The following quotation can be found in the U.S. Congressional Record of 1957, page 8559: "We (Jews) must realize that our most powerful weapon is racial tension. By pounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by Whites, we can mold them to our program. The term colonialism and Imperialism must be featured in our propaganda. In America, we will strive for a subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the Whites, we will endeavor to instill in Whites a guilt complex. (They have been most successful among Christians, as can be seen by the recent apology issued to Blacks by the Southern Baptist Convention - MOHR).

"We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions, and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negroes will be able to intermarry with Whites, and begin the process that will deliver America into our hands." (What better example than the Black football star O.J. Simpson?)


Sometimes we White Christians get so tied up in our own problems we forget that others of our Israel kin are suffering the same hardships. This article written by Adam DeWitt, of Australia, covers an interesting phase in our war for Christian survival, that American Christians need to know. (DeWitt writes regularly for the "TRUMPET" magazine, which is the mouthpiece of the Christian Commonwealth of Covenant People, P.O. Box 141, Rondebosch, South Africa, 7701) Listen well to his words concerning another Christian Israel nation which is under violent attack by International Jewry, in their age old plan for world conquest.

When we walk a highway you would like to know where you are heading. What if you don't know? You will need to rely on fixed points and the most helpful would be the starting point. At least if you know where you came from, you will have a pretty good idea of where the road is heading. This principle is being understood by more and more people world wide, as they attempt to strengthen their society, and thereby ensure their future. Likewise this principle could be very helpful to Germany, the country now under discussion. So with this in mind let's look for German roots. (Bear in mind that over 27% of the American people come from a Germanic background.)

In Isaiah 51:1,2 Israelites are admonished: "Hearken to Me, ye that follow righteousness, ye that seek the Lord: look unto the rock whence ye are hewn, and to the hole of the pit whence ye are digged. Look unto Abraham your father, and unto Sarah that bare you: for I (God) called him alone, and blessed him, and increased him." (Remember there were no people anywhere on earth called JEWS, until 1200 years after Abraham's time, so this verse could not have referred to them - MOHR).


For many Germans, to delve into history, to find a future direction. is something to fear. They have fear of being labeled a Neo-Nazi or Nazi apologizer, because of World War II. German history goes back much farther then World War II. Nor should World War II be seen as the climax for Germans faced by this crisis.

I will not attempt to explain the war away, or give an opinion on it directly. Germans are not war mongers, no matter what the Jewish controlled press says to the contrary and this can be proved from history. On the whole, the history of Germany has been the most peaceful in Europe, and the most culturally rich. Over a period of some 1200 years, Germany has been involved in less wars than any of it's neighbors or rivals.

When statistics are broken down into percentages the list of European nations involved in wars reads as follows:

European Nations Involved in Wars 
Poland (polen)
France (Franreich)
Russia (Rubland)
Netherlands (Holland)
Italy (Italian)
Germany (Deutshe)

The problem is, that the wars in which Germany has been involved were within living memory. Therefore we must keep things in perspective and not lose sight of the fact that Germans are a people with a thrilling destiny. There is an ancient prophesy stating that although nations would overcome Germany (as experienced at the end of World War II), the Israelite nation of Germany would overcome in the end. With that in mind, we can now begin to uncover hidden historical and scriptrual proofs which have long been withheld from our people.

Those withholding this information, are aware of the ramifications for Germany should it become widespread knowledge. At the end of this account, you too will know why the world's best kept secret is so suppressed. Just as the Berlin Wall came down, so too will the PaperCurtain of falsehood, come tumbling down. We will not get into a debate on the Jewish Holocaust. But we must realize that this Paper Curtain of misinformation, which has beguiled millions of people, especially since the 1800's is beginning to rip. This message will help speed up this shredding process.


There is a truth that is spreading from land to land (especially in the nations of Christendom - MOHR), to conservative groups, to patriot groups, from church to church (in the Judeo-Christian world - MOHR), quietly crossing denominational lines and often bypassing church leaders. This teaching crosses political ideologies, and many study groups are accepting it as are many archaeologists, historians , and secretly many politicians. It is being called IsraeliteIdentity, and it has absolutely nothing to do with Judaism. Those who do not understand it or those who fear it, call it "Racism; Cultism; Hatred; Unbiblical; Anglo~Israelitism; White Supremacy; Heresy; and worst of all new anti Semitism." Yet many are saying and teaching that it is truth; that it can be proven historically, archelogically, and Biblically.


Picture a tramp sleeping in a back alley. One day a solicitor finds him and asks if the tramp is the man he is looking for. The tramp can prove that he is. It turns out that this down trodden man is the long lost grandson of a King, who left his estate and Kingdom to him. Do you think that identifying this tramp would make a profound difference in his life? Are other tramps who have shared his misery entitled to it's benefits because of his birthright? Clearly the difference is very real and only the proper man can receive the blessings which comes from being a heir of the King. It means the difference between living in a cardboard box, and having to rummage through a garbage can to stay alive, and living in a palace. Identifying people correctly makes a difference in their national, mental outlook that translates into international performance, not just on the economic level, but also morally.

Many trendy intellectuals hate the word morality. Yet morality governs more than sexual behavior; it's the difference between suicide, or living to live, and even procreate on a personal as well as national level.

So let's begin the process of finding out who we are.

At school these days, our children are taught that we came from a bunch of barbarians who came into Europe as part of a mass migration from the East, moving West, and Northwest. Keep this in mind. Barbarians in spite of modern ideas, does not mean a slob or crude fellow. It is a term that meant one who does not speak Greek or Latin. The barbarians were often descendants of refugees or migrating people. Refugees can be seen to lack sophistication because they are in transit, just like a backpacker. Our Israel forefathers in Roman times were in transit, they were pioneers carrying Israel culture into the wilderness. But their forefathers were very cultured and civilized men from whence they migrated and like the American pioneers they sought to start afresh in the wilderness with very little means.

To the British, the American pioneers were barbarians. They lived rough and ready, yet their bloodline, like the British who despised them was European. The American barbarism was not due to these people being crude or uneducated, as some of them were graduates from the finest universities of Europe and could read their Bibles in Hebrew and Latin. These culturally rich pioneers had to live crude, because they were in a wilderness with very little to start with. They were trying to recreate the culture they once knew.

The early Europeans who lived outside the world dominion of Rome were also pioneers. The aim of the pioneer is not to become a barbarian. Their aim is to recreate the culture left behind without (what they viewed) intolerable decadence, corruption, and lack of morality. Indeed most of the early American pioneers were made up of Christian sects that opted to live on a higher moral and spiritual standard than was possible in the land of their birth.

America was settled by Puritans, Mennonites, Quakers, Huguenots, Amish, and so on. Can we then liken them to the early Europeans who lived outside the empire of Rome?

Certainly Roman culture at this time was highly decadent and thrived on fleshly passions ranging from gluttony and drunkeness, to all manner of sexual activity, and ended in spectators viewing of death in their arenas. The Romans wrote gruesome accounts of the Celts and Germanic's, yet much of this was propaganda and exaggeration, even perverted romanticism to suit their various political aims. By and large the Celts and Germanics had strong moral codes. They were a highly religious people. Ancient texts prove the origin of this religion to be found in the Old Testament (for some reason Judeo-Christian pastors and scholars refuse to accept these ancient texts, although they will believe much older ones coming from Egypt and Assyria, which prove their point of view - MOHR). It was their religion that caused them to migrate in the first place, as they left a morally corrupt civilization. (More about this later).


In this article we will introduce you to an archaeological fact that has been kept secret by the establishment. (This of course under Jewish control -MOHR). This fact is that the Germanic people are Semitic, indeed, they are descendants from what theologians call the Lost Tribes of Israel. (These have been lost to fallible men for centuries, since Israel, and most of Judah were taken captive by Assyria, but they were never lost to God - MOHR).

I will give you a short history to prove these claims. But before reading you must be clear in your mind and understand that when you read the word Israelite, Semite, or Hebrew, they are not speaking about JEWS.

The religious establishment (under Jewish control - MOHR) has programmed us to think that Israelite means Jew, yet it does not and nowhere in the Bible does it have this meaning.

We cannot understand our ethnic beginnings if we cloud out terms by traditional dogma. Judaism is a religion, just as Catholicism. When we say Catholic, do we mean Italians? No, because we also have German, Irish, Mexican, Filipino, and American Catholics. So it is with the Jews, they are not a race, but a religious cult. (Just as there is no such thing as a Christian race, so there is no Jewish race! - MOHR).


Our schools today teach our children they were "Stone Age, or Cave Men" in Europe, such as Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon man.

Our historians are either disinformed (which I doubt - MOHR), misinformed, or dishonest. No, I am not arguing whether those species existed or not. But I am against these learned peoples methods of teaching. They tell our children of these cave men and teach them evolution followed by telling us of the Celts and Germanic tribes. (The Apostle Paul describes them in 2 Timothy 3:7 as "Every learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth." You see, this is part of the Jewish plan for dumbing down our people to where they will listen to and accept Jewish fables, rather than the truth - MOHR).

These men even go so far as to encourage us to believe that our European ancestors, evolved from these cave men.

Yet, the Celts and Saxons did not evolve from cave men. The cave men, who existed died out, they came to an end and did not leave offspring's to enable them to have an ongoing population. The Celts, Germanic's, and Goths, migrated into Europe from the east in various waves, not having a link whatsoever with cave men. The bulk of the cave men died tens of thousands of years earlier, as according to archaeologists, they lived between 100,000 and 40,000 B.C. The Celts migrated into Europe about 2,000 B.C. resulting in a gap of tens of thousands of years from the cave man era.

The best known group of Celts lived in middle Europe around 800 B.C. and has been named by archaeologists as the Hallstatt culture. When the Germanic-Saxons or Goths moved into Europe we are erroneously taught that the Celts were totally driven out. We are also taught the error that the Celts and Germanics are two different races. I will show you that they are one and the same people.

The reason why the Celts disappeared is because they were ethnically indistinguishable from the Saxons. The Celtic language disappeared because Germanic became the overriding speech. In the same way Latin (in the form of French) replaced the Germanic of the Germanic-Franks in France. Even though the French, who were descended from the Germanic and Celtic people and who now speak a form of Latin, still live on today. The Celts did not die out in Europe. After many battles they simple were grafted into the Kin stock of the Germanic tribes.

It is time now to trace the Celts back to their cradle.

More and more authorities recognize that the Celts came from the Middle East as pointed out recently in a lengthy BBC documentary on these people. The word Celt, (pronounced kelt) is found in many forms in Gelderland, Holland: Galatia, in middle Turkey; Cheltenham in England; Galia in France; Galacie in Southern Poland; Gallia, a former Roman Province in Northern Italy; Wael, and Wallonia. Early forms of the word Cald or Chald have been found in Chaldea in the land of Mesopotamia.

Early Chaldeans migrated from the delta region near what is now Kuwait, up the fertile strip along the Euphrates River to regions along the Mediterranean Coast, to found the ancient civilizations such as Egypt. (Who were white Adamites by the way - MOHR). When we think of the Middle East people today, we tend to picture them as a brown skinned folk with dark eyes. Yet in the early days it was not so. The Arabs, Turks, and other darker people moved into the Middle East much later. The Turks for instance did not come from modern Turkey, but rather from middle Asia. originally Turkey was populated by descendants of the Chaldeans and related people who were fair skinned and blond. Basically the Turks ethnically cleansed these fair skinned folks from Asia Minor. The original Egyptians too, were kin to the Chaldeans and were Nordic in appearance. (The ancient pictures on the pyramids of Egypt, which are many thousands of years old, show the ruling class in Egypt as Caucasians. The same is true of the original Ethiopians. I have seen the ancient paintings on the walls of the Coptic church in Axum, Ethiopia, the ancient Capitol City of the Queen of Sheba and the ruling class were Caucasians - MOHR).

Earliest record show that the Chalds migrated north-westerly from the highland region of Eastern Turkey and West into Iran, and then into Europe. Those that migrated south became known as Chaldeans. One of the most famous of these is Abraham of the Bible, who was not a Jew, or even and Israelite, he was however related to the Celts; his bloodline was. Celtic. We know the Celtic word for fair is blond. The Bible tells us that Abraham's wife Sarai was very fair. The French word for fair is blond. The Hebrew word used in the Bible is YOPHIY from the root word.

Yahpah, meaning "blond, beautiful, or bright." Seeing that Abraham loved all God's Laws, including those which forbade marrying those of another nation, it stands to reason that he too would have been Nordic in appearance. Indeed the Celts were tall men, about six feet or 1.8 meters , ruddy and on the whole fair and blond. Abraham and his family left Ur at the time the ethnic makeup of Chaldea was shifting from predominantly fair skinned Chaldeans to the new incoming darker skinned people who changed the entire makeup of Chaldea. Abraham followed the route taken by many of his kin over the centuries before, and settled in a land where he would live amidst the people that the Law approved of. He could have gone to Europe, but evidently did not feel the need to go so far. In those days, Palestine and Lebanon, were populated not by Jews or Arabs, but by Hebrew-Celts, from the highlands of Chaldea, a blond folk who were his kin. (In fact, many of the Lebanese and Syrian people today, are blond, blue eyed Christian relatives of ours - MOHR).

From Abraham came Isaac, who was ethnically Celtic and not Jewish. (The Jews did not come along until hundreds of years later, when they first appear on the Bible scene in 2 Kings 16:6, fighting against Israel - MOHR). This means that all of Isaacs sons were ethnically Celtic and not Jewish. It also means that Jacob's children were Celts or Chads, not Jewish. From this same lineage came King David. We have a description of him in 1 Samuel 17:42, where he is described as "ruddy and fair". Ruddy means his skin was light with a pink complexion and again we see the same word fair meaning blond. Thi~ means that Jacob-Israelites were also fair skinned people. This is a totally different picture then that of Hollywood, which stereotypes them as swarthy with black hair.

Remember that at least 50% of all that comes out of Hollywood is. nonsense, and the other 50% fiction. (We see very little of truth coming from this predominately Jewish source, and it has become one of their most potent propaganda tools, to brainwash our people - MOHR).

Jacob/Israel, the Celt, had 12 sons who in turn made up twelve tribes, or nations. These tribes took on the name of their respective patriarchs. They are Reuben, Simeon, Judah, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Issacher, Zebulon, Manasseh, Ephraim, (sons of Joseph), and Benjamin. All were Celts, none were Jews.


Lets get our terms straight. The word JEW is a corruption of the Hebrew word Yehuwdiy from Yehuwdah. Yehudah means JUDAH, or Judah (the person). Therefore it is ethnically and etymologically wrong to say that the descendants of the other sons are JUDAH. It is simply impossible. It is equally impossible to say that Jacob, Isaac, and Abraham were children of Judah, which the Judeo-Christian churches do all the time by implication by calling them Jews. To call any of these people Jews is utter nonsense, yet most of the churches and most school leachers, even dictionaries are guilty of this stupidity. Only the descendants of Judah can be called Yeduawdiy, which can be corrupted to Jews.

There is a second category of Jews who are not even descendants of Judah. After the 12 tribes settled in what became known as the land of Israel, around 1400 B.C. infighting lead to a rift between the Israelites. The land was split in two, the Northern half became the land of Israel, and the Southern half the land of Judah. The Assyrians began to invade these two kingdoms around 730 B.C.. First the northern land of the ten tribes with many cities of the south went into captivity as outlined in 2 Kings 18. The Assyrians repopulated the land with non-Israelites after the Israelites had been deported.

However, the city of Jerusalem was not taken. The only Isra~lites left in the land were the remnant (not all) of Judah and Benjamin. Because Jerusalem became the administrative capital of this, now Assyrian province, the territory became known as Judea, and its inhabitants as Judeans, event though most of them were not of the tribe of Judah. All the non-Israelite people in the land, took on the new geographic term Judeans, as well as the remnant of Judah and Benjamin.

Only the remnant of Judah could rightfully claim racial blood lines to the person of Judah, but the rest, the majority of the mixed multitude laid claim by geographic means. Both groups are called Jews in our modern Bibles. It therefore takes a trained reader to spot the difference.

Jesus was a Judahite, but He was not a Judean, he was a Galilean. The term King of the Jews is not a reference to being king of the geographic Judeans, but rather a reference to His royal descent from Judah.

(Dr. Benjamin Freedman, explains it very well in his book "FACTS ARE FACTS". On page 17 he says, "...the best known 18th century editions of the New Testament in English are the Rheims (Douai) Edition and the King James Authorized Edition. The Rheims translation of the New Testament into English was first printed in 1582, but the word Jew did not appear in it. The King James Authorized translation of the New Testament was begun in 1604 and published in 1611. The word Jew did not appear in it. It was not until the 18th Century that the word Jew was used for the first time. There is not a person in the English speaking world today who regards a JEW as a JUDEAN in a literal sense. The secondary meaning of the word, with practically no exception is that a person who claims to belong to a racial group associated with ancient Semites or are directly descended from the ancient nation of Judea, is a JEW. The secondary meaning is what causes confusion in the Christian world. The implications, inferences, innuendoes of the word Jew today to the majority of intelligent Christians is contradictory and confusing. Christians who cannot be fooled any longer, are suspect by the Christian clergy, who continue to repeat and repeat, ad nauseam, their pet theme, that Jesus was a Jew - MOHR).

The term King of the Jews, did not refer to religious Jews, who were Hebrews. In essence Jesus was a Chad, of Celtic blood, and even though His paternity was through Judah, He cannot be considered a Jew.

Jewish author Alfred Lilienthal wrote, "Here is a paradox, a paradox, a most ingenious paradox; and an anthropological fact, that many Christians have much more Hebrew-Israelite blood in their veins than most of their Jewish neighbors, (taken from his book "WHAT PRICE ISRAEL?").

Could there be any truth in this statement? If so, this would mean the greater number of German society and it's neighboring countries have misidentified the people who are most prominent in the Bible. The 1980 Jewish Almanac's, first chapter, entitled "Identity Crisis", begins with the following admission: "Strictly speaking, it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a Jew, or a contemporary Jew an Israelite or Hebrew." (By Richard Siegel and Carl Rheims, New York Bantam books 1980). The 1978 edition of the Jewish newspaper, "UNITED ISRAEL BULLETIN", (Volume XXXXV, 507 5th Avenue, New York City) admits the following and contradicts the teaching of many Judeo-Christian churches. It says, "to get to the root of the matter is important we clear up one misconception held by so many in our society . . to the true definition of the terms Hebrew, Israel and Jew. Abraham was not a Jew! Don't let this statement shock you. Historically and ethnologically he was not a Jew! Neither was Joshua nor Joseph."

Today's Jews come under two categories, Askenazim and Sephardim. The Ashkenazi make up 90% of all modern Jews. Ashkenaz was the grandson of Japeth. Japeth was a brother of Shem. This means that at least 90% of all modern Jews are not Semitics. (Semitic, means descended from Shem. Jacob/Israel descended from Shem). Seeing that Ashkenazim are not Shem means that more than 90% of today's Jews cannot be classified as Israelites. This group is the power behind the Zionist Movement and are the main occupiers of the modern Jewish State in Palestine. (Every Prime Minister of this mini-state have been of Ashenazim ancestry - MOHR). It does not take much to see that this group has taken over Palestine under false pretenses as they are not Israelites in any shape or form.

The second largest group are the Sephardics. These do have some claim to say that their forbears lived in Judea, BUT, not as Judahites, let alone Israelites. These Sephardim take their name from Sepharvaim or Sephardaim. They are Assyrian people who were placed in the depopulated lands of Israel and Judah after the Assyrian invasion (see 2 Kings 17:24,31; 18:14; 19:13; Isaiah 36:19; 37:13). This means only one thing. This is that those who today call themselves Israelites through the lineage of Judah, are impostors (see Revelations 2:9; 3:9). Where the Bible says the Kingdom was taken away from the Jews, (Matthew 21:43), it was taken away from the pseudo-Jews who were not Israelites. Although the majority of the church world may believe these people are Israelites, this does not make it so!

In Revelations 2:9; 3:9, our risen Savior warned about "those who say they are Jews, but are not... and are of the synagogue of Satan." In other words those who claim to be of the lineage of Judah, are impostors. When the Bible says the Kingdom was taken away from the Jews, it does not refer to true Israelites, but to those who falsely claim to be Israelites by calling themselves Jews.


Now that we know that today's Jews are not Israelites, a logical question is, Who are the true Israelites to whom Christ was sent. In Matthew 15:24 our Lord said, "I am not sent, but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel." (Your Judeo-Christian pastor will no doubt say this refers to unsaved Jews, but this is not it's meaning. The word LOST in Greek, is the word APOLLUMI , which literally means those who were banished, for disobedience. This happened only to Israel. - MOHR).

To find the true Israelites we need to be looking at the Celtic or a least the Celtic type people. One of the forefathers of the Celtic-Israelites was a person named Eber. From which we get the term Hebrew. In Phoenician Hebrew, the name Eber, means colonizer. The European people, are renowned as being a Colonizing people. (The Jews have never done this. They wait until a country has been established and become economically stable, and then step in and try and take control - MOHR).

The name Eber, can be found in many variations throughout Europe. The Ebro River in Spain; Iberia (the old name for Spain); and Iberne, (the old name for Ireland), Latinized later by the Romans to Hiber-nai, or Hibernia.

Many Israelites teamed up with the Cannanites to form the Trading Empire called Phonecia. This fits the two distinct elements which made up the Phonecians. (The word Cannanite means merchant or peddler.) The red haired, or blond Israelite element, and the dark swarthy type being Cannanites.

The Hebrew-Celtic element, did the colonizing, while the Cannanite element did the trading. In fact the merchant class of Phonecia called themselves Chanai, meaning Cannanite in their dialect. The Hebrew-Phonecians called themselves Barat Phonecians. According to the Bible, God made special covenants (binding agreements) with Abraham and his folk, and they became His Covenant people. The word Barat comes from the Hebrew word B'r't, or Berth, meaning Covenant.

This word can be found in many variations in the form of Barta in parthia (near Afghanistan); Brittany in France; Britain in England and Bruttium, a former province of Italy.

The study of these names, seems to suggest a historical path of migration made by the early Hebrew-Celts, who were blood kin of Abraham and his descendants, the Israelites.

We stated earlier that the Assyrians took almost all of Israel into captivity, except for the stronghold of Jerusalem. For hundreds of years the most renowned seats of learning, colleges, universities, and Theological institutions, have been at loss to solve the issue of what became of the Lost Tribes of Israel. (They were lost to man and his history, but not to God, who still led them - MOHR). The overriding theory held by modern theologians, (with no proof), is that they simple integrated with the people in the lands of their captivity. (As a result, Judeo-Christian pastors tell their congregations that The Jews are all of Israel, when they never were a part of it - MOHR).

The theory held by most theologians contradicts the everlasting covenants outlined in Scriptures. These writings tell of both northern and southern Israelite kingdoms being taken by the Assyrians with only those in Jerusalem being spared. This took place between 740-721 B.C. The Judaites in Jerusalem went into Babylonian captivity later. These represented only a tiny part of the Israel remnant. When the Babylonian banishment ended, less than 50,000 souls returned, while an estimated 3 to 6 million Israelites were elsewhere.

During the last 100 years, archaeologists have unearthed and published the original records kept by the Assyrians who took the bulk of Israel captive. These records, housed in the British Museum, reveal vital clues. Assyrian wall reliefs also give pictorial details showing the casting asunder of the Israelites, their towns and the deportations of those captured by Assyria.

These clay tablets were found in the diggings of the Assyrian Royal Museum in Ninevah in 1850. They were translated and published in 1930 by Professor Leroy Waterman of the University of Michigan. These tablets were in total disorder, hundreds of which were miscellaneou~ texts dealing with the matters of state. Because of this and the fact that the Assyrians called Israelites by other names during their captivity, the relevance to Israel has been overlooked. Yet a number of these tablets dated around 707 B.C. uncovered the hidden lot of the Israelites as they fled from Assyria, into the lands to the north and west. These tablets provide missing links of vital importance to modern descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel, who are seeking their background.

As outlined above, the forbearers of the Israelites were Chaldeans, or we could say proto-Celts. In due course I will demonstrate how a branch of these Celto~Israelites became Goths and Saxons. If this is so, then it stands to reason that Saxon invasions into Celtic Britain and Europe did not bring about a new race. Instead, it would be more accurate to say that this influx was the coming together of tribes of the same ethnicity.

Before translating these clay tablets, it pays to look briefly again at the birth of Chaldea. The Sumerians were an Asiatic people whose language was neither Semitic nor Indo-European. It's spoken form ended about 3500 B.C. to 2050 B.C. with the influx of proto-Celtic tribes. These Semitic, proto-Celts at that time had no written characters. They simply took the Sumerian script and adapted it to their Semitic tongue. These Celts came in a number of waves, one of the earliest being the Akkadians. Nearby, in Kurdistan lived the Semitic Guti. About 2800 B.C. there arose in AKKAD, a Semitic chieftain named Shargani-shar-ali, better known as Sargon I. There are some scholars who believe this to have been the Nimrod of the Scriptures. (Nimrod's death and rebirth festival is marked by the felling and decorating trees on the shortest day of the year). Sargon formed a central government and administration complete with record keeping. It was during his reign that the Semitic language was first written. Soon thereafter, the land fell prey to roving tribes, both Semitic and non-Semitic.

Under Semitic law, mixed marriages were forbidden, yet despite this many Chaldeans wed with Sumerians and with other non-Semitic newcomers. The culture and laws of the region began to shift. During this period of change, the Biblical Abram (who was renamed Abraham, which in Hebrew means: the father of a great multitude, by God Himself - MOHR) came on the historical scene.

Abram and other Celts set off on migratory treks, presumably to be able to worship and live as they had before these changes were made. Certainly the Scriptural account tells us how Abram set off on a divine mission~ ordered by God Himself, to become the patriarch (father) of many nations. (In the great FAITH chapter of the Bible, Hebrews 11:8 we are told, "By faith Abraham, when he was called to go out into a place which he should receive for an inheritance, obeyed; and he went out, not knowing whither he went" - MOHR).

In time, some of Abraham's descendants formed the bedrock' of the tribes of Israel. All the while power struggles in the land of Chaldea spawned a number of Empires, the most notable those of Assyrian and later Babylon.

Every spring, the kings of Assyria would gather their troops and move against a neighboring area. Often they were held at bay, other times they would overrun their neighbors. The wounded were beheaded and prisoners chained as slaves. Towns would be looted, razed and burned. A policy to deport a rebellious, overrun nation and resettle it with. more yielding foreign underlings was brought in by the Assyrian king, Tiglath-Pileser III.

It was during his reign, that large numbers. of the Israelites were taken deep into Assyrian territory. When he died in 725 B.C. his son Ulula took over as Shamaneser V. He died during the siege of Samaria. His successor, Sargon II relates in his writings that he took the Northern Israelite capital of Samaria. "I surrounded and deported as prisoners, 27,290 of it's inhabitants," the clay tablet says.

In time, the social standing of the Israelites within Assyria, (providing they paid their taxes) was reasonable and they enjoyed a high degree of freedom to travel. Nevertheless, they were still captive people and according to the account of the Jewish historian Josephus, the overthrow of Israel was completely destructive. Hoshea was made prisoner and his subjects were transported to Media in Persia (from his Antiquities, IX, 13,14).

After Sargon II's assassination, Sennacherib took over the throne. His campaigns against the Israelite southern kingdom ensured that the bulk of the Israelites were lost to the eyes of orthodox historians and seminarians. Sennacherib's account, recorded on the Taylor Prism (in the British Museum) is that of a boastful conqueror, referring to the Israelite King Hezekiah, "Like a caged bird." In time, Assyria would fall to the Babylonians and it was during the reign of the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar, that those remnant Israelites not taken by the Assyrians, were deported to Babylon. When Babylon was overthrown by Cyrus king of Persia, the exiled remnant were allowed to return to Palestine. Evidently the life in Babylon was not too bad, as only about 50,000 accepted the invitation to return to their ravaged country.

In order to find out what became of the rest of the Israelites (who were not part of the. remnant), we must seek them under different names.

One of the earliest Assyrian references to Israel is found on a monolith of Shalamaneser III, uncovered in 1861 at Kurkh, in southwestern Turkey. It tells of the defeat over an army of 2,000 chariots and 10,000 foot soldiers of Ahab the Israelite, (Ahabbu-mat Sir'ilaia).. It is also the last time the Assyrians referred to Israelites by that name. Ahab's successor, Jehu, is shown yielding to Shalamaneser on the Jehu Stele, or Black Obelisk. In the text, Jehu is called the son of Omri; (Note that the word son means of the bloodline of, for Jehu was Omri's grandson). During this time, the Assyrians referred to the northern Israelite Kingdom as the "House of Omri". The Hebrew name "Omri" begins with the letter "Y" which is spoken as the guttural "H", translated into the Assyrian language as or "Gh", Kh", or "Ch".. Thus before the various captivities, the Assyrians called the Israelites "Bit-Khumri", (House of Omri).

Sargon II referred to himself as "the over thrower of the 'Bit-Khumri". The clay tablets or letters covering the sweep of the Assyrian Empire, in the 7th Century B.C. had many references to the captive Israelites. Most of these letters were border reports made by spies sent by the Assyrian rulers to oversee the movements of nations within and without the empire. Variations of the name "Ghumru" used by the Assyrians were -Khurmi, Khoimri, Gimiri, Gamera, and Gimir. In a letter, written by Sennacherib to king Sargon, he states: "...When the king of the people of Urartu went to the land of Gamir, his army met with a debacle . " The battle took place between the Urartians, and the Gamir (Israelites) south of Lake Uemai next to Media. Assyrian policy of relocated captured people as buffer zones paid off. The Gimir withstood the Urartians out of self preservation. The location ties in with the Biblical identification which places the captured tribes being placed near Habor and Halah, between Lake Yrmia and the Caspian Sea. The writings of Josephus also confirms this.

From the tablets it becomes clear that the Gamir or captive Israelites were kept as a homogenous enclave. This is backed by a series of tablets in which the king of Assyria, Esarhaddon (681-669 B.C.) is asking divine guidance about the operation of his troops to gather taxes from the territory of the Medes. These tablets in the British Museum show that Gimirian warriors were teaming up with those of the Medes and Persians and the Mannai to revolt. Esarhaddon wrote about his battle with the Gimiri (697 B.C.): "Teushpa, the barbarian whose home was afar off, I cut down with the sword ...together with all his troops." We see here where the captive Israelites had chieftains and troops with their original home stated to be far off. This confirms them to be a folk in exile. Indeed another letter refers to the Gimirian exiles as exiles. "Let the cavalry and the Dakku invade the Gimmerians... They are the offspring of outcasts, they recognize neither the oath of a god (Assyrian god) nor a agreement." (Already they were becoming "God's battleaxe and weapons of war," Prophesied in Jeremiah 51:20 - MOHR).

We stated earlier that like the American pioneers, the earlier Europeans came from a far off land in search of religious freedom. The Apocryphal book of 2 Esdra 13:40 tells of the Israelite tribes surviving in captivity but planning to leave the land of their captivity and "go forth into a farther land, where mankind never dwelt... That they may keep the laws (Of God) which they never kept in their own land." The Israelites called themselves the Nation; Sons, and/or the House of Isaac; Beth-Isaac, or Beth-Sak. Gamira was not a name the Israelites chose for themselves, it was strictly an Assyrian name. The Persians, however, who had a closer social contract with the Israelites called them by the name of Sakka, or Saka from Iscaaca. Because of this, later tablets began to use the term Isk-uza. Again one of Escarddons prayers said, "Will the Isk-uza warriors who live in the district of Mannai, and have moved to the frontiers of Mannai, succeed in their plan? Will they march out from the pass of Hubuska ...and take much booty, and heavy spoil from the borders of Assyria?" The Isaac, or Iskura began to overrun land belonging to the Medes, competing with the Assyrian troops to gather tribute as they went. Referring to his tax collectors, who had gone into the land to collect taxes, Esarhaddon asks, "...will they be attacked by the hand of the Iskuza warriors?" There are clear archaeological references to back the Apocryphal account that the Israelite tribes were not only in the process of leaving the Middle East, but that they were a force to be reckoned with.

At this point it is also critical to note that the historian Strabo identifies part of Armenia as having been named Sakjsina. The term is a variation of Saakai-suna and literally means, "sons of the Sakaim" or "Beth-Sak". That the Assyrians turned Isaaca into Iskusa must be understood in the way the name must have sounded in their ears, for in Hebrew, Isaaca sounds as "yits-khawa(a)". In time Sakasuna became Sacksen, Sac-son and then Saxon. Saxon literally means "Beth-Sak". According to Herodutus, the Isaaca (Iskuza, Sac-son, Saka) were called "Scythians" by the Persians. Ptolemy, states that a Scythian folk sprung from the Sakai, by the name of Saxons. The Jewish Encyclopedia, Volume 12, page 250 says, "...the Sacae, or Scythians who again, were the Lost Ten Tribes,". So the Jews have known all along that we are Semitic, while trying to hide it.

For those who have a problem linking Gimiri with Sakka, the Behistun Rock is proof positive. The caravan road from Babylon to Ecbataba (the old capital of Media), runs by a limestone mountain rising out of the plain some 1,700 feet. About 300 feet above the base, is a rock face holding inscriptions made by the order of Darius the Great, about 515 B.C. The Memorial is 150 feet long by 100 feet high. The inscriptions are in three languages, Babylonian (Accadian), Elamite (Susian), and Persian. The inscriptions refer to Kana, or Canaan land, from whence the lost tribes came, and Armenia, the area of their captivity.

Of the 23 nations over whom Darius ruled and named, among them was the Sakka. In both the Persian and Elamite accounts, the name is Sakka, but in the Babylonian version these people are called "Gimiri". What is more, the monument shows a branch of the Gimiri or Sakka, had at this time (517 B.C.) trekked a long way beyond Bactria (North of Afghanistan). Many of the lost tribes of Israel had made their way to the steppes of Russia, never. to return. From this point orthodox history takes over, telling how these people trekked into Europe.

Of the Cimmeri (Gimmir) the Encyclopedia Britannica states, "An ancient people, one body of whom is called in Assyrian sources, Gimirrai, is represented as coming through the Caucasus ..later writers identify them with the Cimbi of Jutland who were probably Teutonized Celts". From Scriptures we see that these Israelites will have a new name and new lands, (Isaiah 52:2) - "and the Gentiles (nations) shall see thy righteousness, and all kings thy glory, and thou (Israel) shalt be called by a new name, which the mouth of the Lord shall name."

They shall be named after Isaac, (see Romans 9:7) - "Neither, because they are the seed Abraham, are they all children: but in ISAAC shall thy seed be called." (See also Hebrews 11:18).

The Saxons or Sachsen are Isaacs Sons, therefore they are Israelites. The corrupted form of the term Isaacs-sons such as Saxons is found in England, as Wessex (Western Saxony). Sussex (South Saxony), Essex (East Saxony) and Middlesex (Middle Saxony).

To establish a fact, the Law of God requires a double. witness. The second witness is in Germany. Just as in England, four areas are named after Isaac in Germany and Holland (which was once part of Germany). The areas stretch from the northeast of Germany to the southwest in an unbroken line. They are Niedersachen (Lower Saxony) Sachsen-Anhalt, Sachsen (Saxony), and Saksenheim (Isaacs sons home in Holland). A~ Israelite tribes migrated from the Middle East into Europe, they took names as cultural memory with them and gave these places, towns, regions, and rivers Israelite names where they dwelt. The Israelite tribe of Dan gave its name to many rivers in Europe, such as the Dan-ube (Donau) or D'neister, D'nieper, and Danastom. They also gave names to towns such as Dan-zig, and most notable to DANMARK.

One of the most notable of the Germanic tribes were the Jutes, whose name is still found in Jutland, literally this means JUDA, or JUDALAND.

The very name Deutsch for Deutschland comes from "Diut-ish", which is the Hebrew name for MAN or FOLK. "The folk of the Diut-ish in Germanic means the same. The "sch" is the modern German version of the old "Ish". ISH in Germanic means the same. Here is another Hebrew, not Jewish link with Israel.

DEUT or DIUT comes from the Saxon THEOD, which in turn comes, from the Gothic THIUDA which means "Nation, or troop of one ethnic makeup." The word GUD comes from GUDA, or GUTTHIUDA, meaning "the troops (or folk) of the GUD." GUD in turn comes from GUDA, or the Israelite tribe of GAD. GOTH literally means: "Gad's folk!"

Many towns in Europe still bear GAD's name. Such as GADES in Spain, but in Germany and nearby, we have Goita, Goteborg, Gotha, Gotland, and so forth.

Where England is mostly the tribe of Manasseh and Ephraim, and Southern Holland mostly of Zebulun; Northern Holland and Germany are mostly of the tribe of Issachar. The tribe of Judah and Dan are mostly in Northern Germany and Denmark, whereas in the Hinderland, or Heartland of Germany we find mostly the tribe of Gad. With this in mind, let's look at the Biblical blessings, prophesying the idiosyncrasies of GAD.

In Deuteronomy 33:20, we read where Moses blessed Gad (as he did the other tribes before taking their share of the promised land of Canaan. But because the Bible teaches that Israelites will inherit new promised lands, much later (2 Samuel 7:10; 1 Chronicles 17:9) the blessing would have repeat performance.

"And he (GAD); later (GOTH) provided choice, (the first or prime-finest part (of land) for himself and his folks." Just as in Cannaland, the Dannitess chose the finest land, the hinderland, or heartland, their off spring, settled in the European heartland, the choicest land in Europe.

After having visited 26 countries and lived in four of them, I am like many other tourists, struck by the sheer beauty of Germany. Of all lands in Europe, Germany and their German speaking areas of Austria and Switzerland are without doubt the most beautiful in the world. This is not chauvinism, it is an honest observation of prime, choice land in Europe.

Indeed the last two World Wars have been fought over control of Europe's finest Real Estate, Germany. East Germany, was the crown jewel of the Soviet bloc, and true East Germany, is (occupied now by Poland) with no hint that they will ever give it back. The prophesy concerning choice land was indeed true, but what of the future? What plan has God in store for this Israel nation?

In Genesis 49:19, we read, "Gad, a troop shall overcome him; but he shall overcome at the last." This shows a relationship with a troop or people. Although most of the other tribes remained relatively distant throughout history, they tended to separate themselves from the Goths, often banding together against them. The tribe of Judah, settled largely north of the Goths, often banding together against them, Traditional tribal jealousy between Ephraim and Judah to this day has never died out and reached its peak at the turn of this century. It took very little to ignite a war in 1914. (This was made even more serious, as the psuedo-Judaties, we now know as Jews, began to agitate against the nation they knew was true Judah, and attempted to take its place in the minds of the Christian world. Today it is universally taught in the Christian world that these usurpers are God's Israel people, when they have no connections to true Israel and are a heathen, mostly atheistic people - MOHR).

In Europe, Judah is strongly allied with its nearest tribe, a tribe that has the distinctive trait of being seen as people in their own right, a troop. The world views the German people (those of Gad and Judah) as a distinct group, yet they reality they are Israelites as part of the larger family of Israelites found elsewhere in the world. The Germans fit this prophetic character perfectly. The main thrust of prophecy is being carried out right now and the last part has yet to be fulfilled, that Gad will be overcome.

This century is the only century in which Germany, as a unified state has been overcome. Up until the last part of the 1800's, there was no German state. There were many German lands, all with their own kings and princes, but a united states of Germany is very recent. Since the end of World War I, this German State has been overcome in some form or other. Even today, Germany is occupied by the winners of World War II and no real peace exists to this day between her and her overrunners. (This problem is agitated by the largely Jewish control of German government that was allowed by the Allies at the end of World War II - MOHR).

Germany has the unique and sad distinction of being the only land on earth that has lost much of it's territory and any talk of trying to regain them today, is grounds for criminal proceedings.

Germany is the only land to lose more civilians after it's surrender than during the war. At least 9.3 million Germans died in the first five years after the war due to a deliberate policy of starvation. General Eisenhower, (a Jew - MOHR) stated in 1944 that he would like to see things made "good and hard for them (Germany)", (and implemented policies to see that this would happen - MOHR). This was accomplished by the Morgenthau plan (also drawn up by a Jew - MOHR), which was systematic starvation of the Germans. Although this plan was officially dropped by the Americans, Roosevelt said in secret, "that the plan would be implemented." The Allies slowed oil production to a trickle, closed the factories that were left, kept the work force imprisoned and confiscated or destroyed factories and machinery. In Berlin, September 1945, and American official estimated that half the German children aged three and under, would not survive the next year, with a baby death rate of 100%. In February 1946, U.S. Senator Kenneth Wherry stated., "the American people should know once and for all, that as a result of this Government policy, tbey were being made accomplices to mass starvation ...Germany. is the only nation subject to this DELIBERATE STARVATION PROCESS."

(We treated heathen Japan with much more magnaminity that shown to our Israel brothers in Germany - all due to Jewish pressure - MOHR).

Red Cross trains were sent back from Switzerland, foreign governments were denied permission to send food to German civilians, and the German fishing fleet was kept in port, and one fishing boat was actually blown up by British soldiers to emphasize the point. The official ration in the French Zone in January 1947, was 450 calories per day, a starvation ration. (This information was kept from the American people by the Jewish controlled press, who continued to rail against Germany and stir up hatred for them with their constant Holocaust stories. The Jews in Hollywood joined in with enthusiasm, in the effort to brainwash the American people, especially gullible Christians. People who have done extensive rese~ arch on the issue of One World Government, a One World Bank, a One World Religion, and a One World UN Police Force, understand that the International Jewish bankers have been running the show in America for a couple of hundred years, especially since 1913, when we turned our economic policy over to the Jewish banks of the Federal Reserve System. The 'dirty little secret' is that both houses of Congress are irrelevant as America's domestic policy is now being run by the Jew, Alan Greenspan, while America's Foreign Policy is run by the International Monetary Fund which is essentially controlled by Jews - MOHR).

Ethnic cleansing of Germans from Eastern Europe, tepidly called Epulsions, was authorized under the Potsdam Agreement signed by Stalin, Churchill, and Truman. More than 16 million Germans were uprooted from ancestral lands after a string of gruesome events. In Sudetenland, the German women were seized by Czech and Jewish mobs, who cut out their Achilles tendons and as they lay screaming, they were repeatedly raped. Hermine Muckusch, a grandmother from.. Jagendorf, Sudetenland, was forced marched out of her homeland with 27 children. Within 14 days all but one were dead. (Her story was typical of what took place during those terrible days of Jewish retribution. Their slogan: "Never forgive! Never forget!" and fifty years after the war ended, their screams for revenge are as loud now as ever. Unfortunately they are being listened to by Christian men and women who should know better - MOHR).

Thousands of German Mennonites were beaten and shot by British troops who tried to force them into cattle wagons bound for the Soviet Gulags. Bones discovered in mass graves in 1976, and 1981, at Kalwasser/Bromberg were returned to the ground without a marker, when it was discovered they belonged to Germans. This Genocide against the German Israel people continues today. (Where are the protests for this injustice from the Christian world - there is none, for they have been stupefied by Jewish propaganda - MOHR).

Although the German people today are well fed, they are morally starving, having no love for themselves. Hybridization of the species is simply genocide by way of destroying the original stocks and Germans are being brainwashed daily by the Jew controlled media and schools (which are controlled by the occupying forces) to help and inter-marry with the non-Israelites who have been flooding into the land. This time the aliens are overcoming with sheer numbers, with Germany taking in more foreigners than any other European country.

Today, Germany has no homeland and her culture is being replaced by an alien culture of Recreational sex, Recreational drugs, and brain destroying Rock and Roll music. Even pro-German Skinheads are participating in this anti-German behavior.

Neither the far right, the far left, or the German church goers pay any attention to or attempt to obey God's Saxon Laws. How far can these people go when they only have 1.2 children per family and many of them are hybrids? How can they know the truth, when it is against the law to expose their enemies? Truly, Germany has been overcome. Any wealth Germans enjoy is for self gain, and they do not feel the suffering of their fellow Israelites, even though this wealth will not stand!

Dear brothers and sisters in the faith, prophecy gives some hope as "they shall overcome at last!"

This century was one that the Free World looked forward to with hope. Technology would save the poor and relieve drudgery normally a lot of the masses. Sadly, technology was not seen as a blessing from God. Instead of bringing individual nations of true Israelites together, each boasted of their technological gifts in a mad rivalry aimed against their Saxon kin in other Saxon lands. Breeding rivalry and jealousy soared between two of the greatest Celtic-Saxon-Israelite nations, Great Britain and Germany. Canaanite Jews saw an opening that would allow them to rule over the two rivals, reversing the curse of a long lost birthright that dated back to the time of Jacob. Our space does not allow us to go into this detail, but in short the Biblical patriarch of the Jews, Esau, lost his birthright that could otherwise have seen his people become the leader of nations. The Canaanite, (Ashkenazi/Sephardic/Jews) recognized their ancestral link with ESAU (admitting this to Christ in John 8:33). The Saxons and Celts are of Jacob, not Esau.

The 20th Century saw the end of Israel cooperation as we preferred to love non-Israelites instead of our own kin. (This is a blot on the integrity of the Christian church and it's clergy - MOHR).

"A house divided against itself cannot stand", and indeed, the Israelite-Saxons were divided and fell. After two Saxon-Israelite wars, (instigated by the Edomites - MOHR) Britain lost it's world Empire and was drained of its wealth. America's debt to the International Jewish vampires increased from 1940 to 1945, by 500%. Russians of Scandanavian-Israelite stock have been subjected to systematic starvation since 1917, and by 1945 Germany lay in ruins. Still after this inter-family war, the rivalry between Israelite nations has carried on.

Instead of coming together, the Saxons preferred to make treaties, pacts and friendships with non-Israelite nations who were their bitter enemies, and even passed laws to punish Israelites who refused to join with these aliens. They are branded as racists. (While considered prdper for Israelites in Britain and America, to hate South African Israelites, or Australian Israelites, or Dutch, or German Israelites, they are expected to love their worst enemies, those who have openly vowed to destroy White Christian Civilization, and put them on a pedestal as God Chosen. How stupid can intelligent people become? - MOHR).

The Bible tells us that after all the curses of God will bring against us to cau~se us to obey, if we still refuse to love our own people and serve Christ, more evil will befall us. God says in essence, "if you love the non-Israelite heathen so much, I will give you into their hands until you are throughly sick of them."

In Ezekiel 7, speaking of the latter days in which we are now living, it predicts famines for our people. (The great Depression in America killed many; 7 million died in the Ukraine and millions in middle Europe after 1945 (see verse 15). Today the United States has less than a 30 day supply of emergency food on hand in case of a national disaster - MOHR).

We lost our culture and the World has become de-colonized from the 1950's, yet (every Black Republic in Africa, is now infinitely worse off under Black rule, than they were under White colonialism. Check and see for yourself - MOHR).

Still our Israel people refuse to repent! Verse 21 - tells us that strangers will take our inheritance and pollute it. The beauty of our colonial times has been burnt, towns bombed, burned and striped and left in ruins. We have been ethnically cleansed and few of our Christian people seem to care. (Their watchword has become, "I'm born again, you know, and Jesus will come back and RAPTURE me out of this mess before it gets all that bad!", not taking into consideration that the mess was caused by their own apathy and disobedience! What will these do when they discover there will be no Rapture? - MOHR).

Verse 22 tells us that God1s protection will depart from us, our wealth will have no meaning (as verse 19 - "They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed: their silver and gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the Lord...") In Verse 21 we see how strangers shall take over our heritage. "And I (God) will give it, (Israel's heritage) into the hands of the strangers for a prey, and to the wicked of the earth for a spoil, and they shall pollute it."

God's protection will be taken from us, Verse 22 - "My face will I turn from them, and they shall pollute my secret place: for the robbers shall enter in and defile it." Then if we still refuse to listen Verse 23 says, "Make a chain: for the land is full of bloody crimes, and the city is full of violence." If you can't see this happening now, it's because you have deliberately closed your eyes to the truth. Verse 24,25,26 - "Wherefore I will bring the worst of the heathen, and they shall possess their (Israel's) houses: I will also make the pomp of the strong to cease; and their holy place will be defiled Destruction cometh; and they shall seek peace, and there shall be none. Mischief shall come upon mischief, and rumour shall be upon rumour; then shall they seek a vision of the prophet; but the law shall perish from the priest, and counsel from the ancients (leaders)." Today, our streets are being "taken over by the worst of the heathen," it is becoming dangerous in many places to leave your home and walk in the streets. At last, we will be forced to realize that God is still on His throne, and that He is still BOSS. His laws will replace those of the Supreme Court and the Constitution. It will replace Congress and the Parliament.

Communism, Socialism, Nazism, Fascism, Democracy will come to a shuddering halt. Only God's theocracy will remain. When we accept this, then and only then will our people overcome. We will overcome when we separate ourselves from the non-Israelite, their laws and customs. Then will the true Israel nations overcome and tise to glory. Not because we are so good, but because our King is God. We will over come and rise to our place of glory, when we learn to be obedient. (This is why I say over and over again that OBEDIENCE TO GOD AND THE DISCIPLINE IT BRINGS MUST COME BEFORE WE CAN HAVE VICTORY -MOHR).

John the Baptist was an Elijah type that made ready the way for Christ's first work on this earth, to buy back His Israel people and cover their sins. This message is part of an Elijah ministry, as we must once again proclaim to true Israelites that they must obey God's Law and hold fast to the testimony of Jesus and prepare His people for His return. This entails the removal of sin, since sin is the transgression, breaking of His Law, (see 1 John 3:4). Our Israel people have been bought by Christ's blood, as He came to "save us fr6m our sin disobedience (see Matthew 1:21). When we learn to obey, we will be restored as His people!

Brother Adam De Witt has given permission for this message to be reprinted to further awaken our people, but with the warning to those who would use it to hinder God's work. The Lord will not be mocked!

I have exercised editorial license and added parts where I thought they would help, they are in parenthesis, with my name at the end - MOHR.


Many who read this book will be angry and repulsed by it's TRUTH. You may attempt to label me with epithets such as hate monger, anti-Semitic, or even Neo-Nazi. I have found over many years in God's service, that many people who go by His name, do not want to know the truth! And "None is so blind as he who refuses to see the TRUTH."

For some reason that I cannot understand and don't always appreciate, God made me a WATCHMAN on the walls of Israel America. My task is not to make you feel good, but to give warning when I see danger to you, ala Ezekiel 33:6 - "If the watchman see the sword (danger) come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword (danger) comes and takes any away ...his blood will I require at the watchman's hand." So my brothers and sisters, I am more interested in God's approval than yours, and if you read this book, you will never be able to say I didn't know! You have heard the TRUTH, now the responsibility to follow it is between God and you.

The End

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