To Seduce the Elect
Part 2 of 7
An in depth look at some of the falsehoods which have invaded the Christian world and the danger they pose to Christ and His church, with apologies to none.

By Lt. Col. Gordon "Jack" Mohr AUS Ret.

Part II
The Rapture Hoax!

For twenty years, as a Baptist evangelist, I preached a message which went something like this: The Rapture of the saint's has to do with Christ's Second Coming. It will occur in two stages. The first time He will come silently and secretly, as a thief in the night, to snatch His bride, the church, off this earth and take her to heaven. Then a super-wicked individual called the anti-Christ, will take over and rule this world for seven years. During his rule there will be great tribulation (trouble) on the earth. But at the end of this seven years, Christ will return with His church, to destroy the anti-Christ and set up His millennial (1,000 year) kingdom".

Literally tens of thousands of sermons have been preached using this same format, which is based on four scripture verses found in the New Testament (nothing closely resembling this is mentioned in the Old Testament). These sermons con-tend that the next appearance of Christ will be "secret and silent, coming as a thief in the night".

It should be of interest to concerned Christians, that this theory was never taught in the Apostolic church, and it was not taught in America until the middle of the 1800's, when a theory which had been expounded by a Jesuit priest in the early 1500's was revived. It was further promoted by a socalled vision by a Scottish lassie of charismatic persuasion, named Margaret McDonald. This vision caught the attention of John Darby, founder of the Brethren church, and took off like wildfire in England and America. It received a "shot in the arm" from the footnotes of the Scofield Reference Bible, which have literally become "sacred writ" to millions of fundamental and evangelical Christians.

Some of you who read this will be deeply disturbed and resentful, because what I have to say will go against what you have been taught in your church. I pray that you will be honest enough to take what I say, and check it out with what the Bible teaches, rather than by what your pastor says it says!

The Rapture theory is a wonderful thing to believe in and I can tell you that it is a powerful tool in the hands of an evangelist. I know from personal experience, for I often used it myself. But it is a false doctrine, which gives Christians a false sense of security, and turns potential "soldiers of the cross," into "spiritual babies, who hide in their spiritual foxholes, folding their holy hands in prayer, as they ask Jesus to come back and rescue them from the results of their apathy."

There are many false doctrines which make men and women feel good, but which are fatal:

(1) The doctrine that all men and women will eventually be saved, regardless of what they do with Jesus Christ.

(2) That Christians will spend eternity in heaven, when the Word teaches that Christ's Kingdom will be here on this earth. In Rev. 21:2, we read that the "New Jerusalem" will come down to men on this earth. We will not go to heaven to reside in it.

(3) The teaching that Christ did away with God's Law at Calvary and that now that we are under "grace", we no longer need to obey His law. Yet He said Himself, that He did not come to do away with the law and the prophets, but to "fulfill them". The Apostle Paul says: "Do we make void the law, by faith? God forbid!

There are many others which are brewed with "poison from the kitchen of hell". But probably none has done as much damage as that of the Rapture.

I recently received the following letter from a Baptist preacher in the State of Washington, who I have known and respected for many years, for his staunch stand against sin. Yet here is what he had to say about the Rapture:

"Like all true evangelists, fundamental pastors, teachers and missionaries, my church believes that Jesus is returning soon, even before the tribulation begins! Dr. Jack Van Impe (a Christian Zionist preacher - Editor) believes we have less than five years to prepare for WW III, which will come during the tribulation. (I received this letter three years ago). We agree! This means that Jesus will come back and take us off (Rapture) this planet at any time.

"Then we will return, all fifty million of us, after seven years, with Jesus back to earth where we will rule and reign with Him for a thousand years.

"Millions of post-tribulation (those who believe Christ will return after the Tribulation), Catholics, Lutherans, and other Protestants still do not believe this truth. Nevertheless, like great Christians of the past, we still believe in the Pre-Trib Rapture, even after sixty years.

"I personally believe every true, "born again" Christian will be caught up into a huge angelic spacecraft in a split second of time, whether they believe this or not! We shall all go together! AMEN! Perhaps before you read this letter, we shall be caught up together. See you then!". (UNQ)

I wrote a long letter to this brother, quoting from Scripture, which refutes his theory. I sincerely doubt that it did much good, since like most Judeo-Christians, his mind is so "encased in denominational cement", it will take the "dynamite of God" to blow it loose to where he will even look at the truth of the Word. I know from sad personal experience of fifty years in the fundamental church. This includes two earned degrees in religion. It took a traumatic experience to gain my attention, so that I would study and see what the Scriptures really say about this.

In all my years of "rubbing shoulders" with fundamentalist church leaders, I never heard a pastor or seminarian discuss the fact that when Jesus was discussing His Second Coming with His disciples in Matthew 24 and Luke 21. He never hinted at anything like a Rapture. It would seem to me that any-thing as important as this, would have had a prominent part in His discussion. Instead, He said that world conditions in the closing out days of this age, would become so bad, that all life on planet earth would be endangered. But that for the sake of His "elect", (which have never been the Jews, by the way, but which are Israelite believers), He would return and put a stop to the destruction. (See Matt. 24:22).

Any intelligent Christian should be able to reason, that if Christ did not mention a RAPTURE, it was probably because there was no such thing. He did say that before His return, Judaism would lay hands on Christians, persecuting them in their synagogues, imprisoning and killing them for His name's sake. A little honest study will show you that we are under Zionist control in this country now, and that the Waco incident was a Mossad planned operation.

In vs 36, Jesus admonishes His people to "Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy (GK - KATAXIOO [2661J meaning: "entirely worthy" (to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and stand before the Son of man"). No Rapture envisioned here! (Possibly an escape such as that experienced by the Hebrew children in Daniel 3:13-18.) Do you have so little faith in our Cod, that you don't believe He has the power to save His people during the Great Tribulation?

Isn't it rather presumptuous for American Christians who have never suffered persecution for Christ, to expect to be exempt from suffering, when tens of millions of our Christian brethren have died for their faith in such places as Russia and China?

It might be of interest to mention here, that the under-ground Christian church in China, which survived the communist persecution, were the ones who did not believe in the Rapture. They escaped to the hills when the warning signs became strong, while those who accepted the Rapture theory stayed behind to be murdered, because they had been told that Christ would rescue them.

These unfortunate Christians in China, are like those Christians in America, who say today: "We don't have to worry about what our government does, for we are saved you know, and Jesus is coming back to rapture us out of this mess, before it gets all that bad!"

In His Matthew discourse, the first hint of His Second Coming is found in vs 30 which is "immediately following the tribulation." Not "before", but "after".

In Luke 21:26, our Lord tells us that men's hearts would fail them through fear, as they see the things which are coming to pass on the earth". It will be "after" this terrible period, not "before" that they will see the sign of His return (Vs 27).

We are already living in this prophesied period of "great fear," where suicide, caused by fear is now one of the major causes of death in this country. The psychologists and psychiatrists, who are supposed to be able to tell us what's wrong, are killing themselves off four times faster than the rest of us "nuts".

I do not hesitate to state that more potential "soldiers of the cross have been neutralized by the Rapture teaching, and turned into "panty-waisted, sissy-britches, religious cowards", who cower in their spiritual foxholes in fear, as they fold their holy hands and pray for Jesus to rapture them out of the mess which was caused by their own apathy, than any other weapon the enemy has been able to throw at us. How they must laugh, as they hear our pastors pontificate on a rapture, they know they have invented.

Jesus discussing Christians in Matthew 5:13, indicated that they were to be the "salt of the earth." The major property of salt is to hold back corruption. Then He said: "But if the salt has lost it's SAVOR, (it's ability to act as salt) it is good for nothing but the garbage heap".

There is no doubt in my mind, that the large majority of the 50-million "born agains" in America fall into this category, for by their fruits shall ye know them". Many are so spineless, they will not even bow their heads in a public restaurant and say "grace" for fear that someone will laugh at them. Do you expect such a one to stand up to real tribulation?

These folks want Jesus as Savior all right; sort of a "celestial fire insurance policy" to keep them out of hell, but they do not want to accept Him as King. For when they do, then they MUST acknowledge His right to control their lives, and neither they or their pastors, want to give up "doing their own thing!" You may say that I'm judging. But I'm not! I'm merely following the Bible admonition: "By their fruits shall ye know them," or as one other wiseman once said; "What you do shouts so loud I can't hear what you say!"

In an area along the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, which has become known as the "Gambling Center of the Deep South", as dozens of casinos have sprung up in the last few years. The Catholic church has held Saturday night masses to accommodate their people for some time, so they can take off all day Sunday and enjoy themselves, you know. In the city of Gulfport, one of the large Baptist churches now holds weeknight services for those of it's members who work in the casinos on the Lord's Day. Apparently these good folks have never been told that Christians must never compromise and should "avoid even the very appearance of evil".

Do you mean to tell me that 50-million "born again" Christians who can't or won't effect American politics towards a Christian government, will come back with Jesus on His return to "rule and reign with Him". My Bible, which by the way is the King James Version, tells me in Rev. 2 and 3, that only the OVERCOMERS will "rule and reign" with Him. You can't do much OVERCOMING when you are hiding in a spiritual foxhole.

You preachers who have been "seduced" into preaching this theory better start thinking what will happen, when your parishioners wake up in the middle of the Tribulation and find out that you have lied to them. People have been lynched for much less than this and I would not want to be in your shoes! Not only will many so-called Christians become prime candidates for the "great falling away" of 2 Thess. 2:3, but they will be looking, with "blood in their eyes", for the religious leaders who lied to them and led them astray!

Christ taught His disciples and gave them a clear understanding of who would be taken from the earth on His return and who would be left, in His Parables of the Wheat and the Tares, and of the Good and Bad Fish in Matthew 13. In both these parables, it was the "good that remained and were gathered into His barn", while the evil were cast out of the kingdom and destroyed. Neither of these Parables needs any explanation, they are that clear in their meaning. It is only fallible preachers, who have clouded their meaning through false teaching.

The Rapturists base their theory primarily on one scripture, 1 Thess. 4:17. To do this is inconsistency of the worst kind and "slipshod" theological thinking. It is a violation of the Biblical principle which requires at least two witnesses to establish a fact, and puts one verse of Scripture in conflict with at least fifty which refute it.

There must be something drastically wrong with this thinking, when we see where Jesus said that scripture cannot be broken (John 10:35) and we KNOW that God is not the "author of confusion", (1 Cor. 14:33); neither is He "... a man, that He should lie (have contradictions in His Word)", (Num. 28:19).

I dare you to put aside all the pre-conceived notions and teachings you may have received on the Rapture, and honestly sit down and see for yourself what the Bible has to say about it. Any normally intelligent person can do this, and you don't have to have a seminary trained preacher, looking over your shoulder to tell you what the Word says. I guarantee that if you do this honestly, you will not be able to accept the Rapture teaching.

The word RAPTURE cannot be found anywhere in the Bible, Old or New Testament. The two most accurate Bible Concordances, Strong's and Young's do not even list the word.

A key phrase used by Rapture teachers is 1 Thess 2:17, which states that we will "meet the Lord in the air". They explain this to mean, that we will ascend into the sky to meet the Lord on His return, and then go back to heaven with Him for 3-1/2 years while the Tribulation rages on earth.

But a little study into the English word AIR, in both the Young's and Strong's Concordances, will show that it comes from the Greek word AER, and it has nothing to do with the stratosphere.

Other places where this Greek word is used are in Acts 22:23 - "...and threw dust into the Air (AER)." In 2 Cor. 9:26 - as one that beateth the AIR (AER)"; 1 Cor. 14:9 - ye shall speak into the AIR (AER)." None of these have to do with the clouds, or the upper regions of the air, for that is not the meaning of the word, as most preachers say. This can be easily understood by anyone, with a little study using a good Concordance.

According to what the Scriptures teach, you Christians are not going to suffer nosebleed because of the high altitude you will be in when Christ returns. You are in the AER right now and yet your feet are firmly planted on "terra firma", you will be in the same AER when He returns.

But what about that scripture which says "caught up together with them (the dead in Christ who have been raised first) in the clouds?" How do you explain this?

The Rapturists like to use Noah as an Old Testament type of the Rapture, by saying that as Noah was lifted off the earth by the flood water in his ark, so we will be lifted off the earth in the Rapture. But please note, Noah did not go into the heavens, he was still in the AER. He was breathing the same oxygen he had breathed for over 120 years.

There are several Scriptures in which "divine clouds" come down to earth. One is in Matt. 17:5 at Christ's transfiguration (see also Mark 9:7 and Luke 9:35).

In 1 Cor. 10:12, the apostle Paul speaks of Israel's passing through the Red Sea in these words: "and they (Israel) were all baptized unto Moses in the cloud (this cloud MUST have come down to earth, since Israel was in the sea) and in the sea".

In Hebrews 12:1, we are told that Christians are "compassed (encircled or enclosed) about with so great a CLOUD of witnesses". A little study will show you that this "great cloud of witnesses" are the same ones we find in Rev. 6:10, who are crying out to God for vengeance against those who have persecuted them.

It is these departed saints who return with Christ in 1 Thess 4:14, to be reunited with their resurrected bodies, along with those Christians who are still alive on the earth, and whose bodies will be changed in the twinkling of an eye".

There is nothing here about a Rapture, unless you use the most vivid imagination. There is nothing here about a "space flight' to heaven.

In Acts 1:11, we see where Jesus went directly from earth into a cloud that received Him out of their sight". The angelic beings in verse 10, 11, predicted that He would come back in exactly the same manner. There is no hint of His returning to earth, taking His people with Him to heaven, and then returning a third time as many Rapturists teach. Once a person begins to "suppose, it becomes extremely difficult for them to stop "supposing".

"And the dead in Christ shall rise (Greek - ANESTEMEI; meaning, to sit up; be resurrected") first. Then we (Christians) who are alive (see 1 Cor. 15:51) and remain (on earth in the AER) shall be caught up (Greek - HARPAZO - meaning: "made one", not "caught up") together (at the same time) in the CLOUDS, (a part of that "great cloud of witnesses who shall be made perfect on this earth, in the AER) and so shall we always be with the Lord". (In the AER, on this earth, not in heaven, forever.) If God's Kingdom was to be in heaven, why do you think Jesus taught His disciples and us to pray: "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done IN EARTH, as it is in heaven". Heaven is God's abode, but we who have been over-comers will "rule and reign with Him here on earth", not in heaven. And our eternal home throughout the years of eternity will be on the new earth, with a new heaven. That is what John saw in Rev. 21:1-2, when he saw the Holy City, the New Jerusalem, coming DOWN TO EARTH, out of heaven.

Thank God, I will not spend eternity sitting on some fluffy cloud, strumming on a guitar. I intend to be very busy in the King's business, during the eons of eternity.

Notice how in the Thessalonian passage, the Lord descends from heaven before we are HARPAZO, (made one with Him). Just as the New Jerusalem comes down to earth, so we who are still alive will remain here. There is no hint of us going to heaven via spacecraft or any other way. We will forever be with the Lord, in His new heavens and earth, right here.

If we look closely at the meaning of the Greek word HARPAZO, (and there are six of them), we will see that in this instance it means "to be made one". When we understand that we will become one with the Lord on His return to earth, then much of the mystery generated by the Rapture theory will be removed from this wonderful and comforting scripture.

This would make 1 Thess 4:17, become an answer to the King's prayer in John 17:21, when He prayed: " that they (Christians) all may be one; as Thou Father art in Me, and I in Thee, that they also be one in us; that the world (order) may believe that Thou hast sent Me".

Another passage in 2 Thess. 2:7, is used by the Rapturists in a feeble attempt to prove that both Christians, and the Holy Spirit will be absent from this earth during the Tribulation period. This verse says, and remember it was written in the First Century A.D. before the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans: "For the mystery of iniquity doth already work (is operating at this time); only he who now letteth (Greek '(ATECHO, meaning: 'to hold down; to possess; to keep, etc.,') will let until he be taken out of the way".

There is a wide-spread disagreement among Bible, scholars as to who this "restrainer" really is. Most seem to believe it is the Holy Spirit. But I do not believe this makes scriptural sense, since the word "he" is not capitalized, as it would be if it referred to the Holy Spirit.

These brethren "assume" (here we have this word again) that the Holy Spirit will be removed from earth before the Tribulation begins and that because He indwells believers, they MUST of necessity be gone too. But if the Holy Spirit is indeed missing during the Tribulation, what force keeps the Tribulation saints faithful unto death? (I realize that many Rapturists, and I was one of them, teach that if you don't get saved before the rapture, there is no hope for you). Yet scripture indicates that there will be a huge number of persons "saved" during the Tribulation. (See Rev. 20:4). Many are going to be executed during the Tribulation because of their witness for the Lord Jesus Christ. How did these get saved if the Holy Spirit is gone? Since scripture teaches that only as a man or woman is led by the Spirit, can they be saved. Does it make sense that 144,000 Jewish evangelists (at least this is what the Judeo-Christian church says they are) can do a better job of evangelizing the world in seven years, than the Holy Spirit and His preachers have done in 2,000? It doesn't make sense, especially when one realizes that nothing is said here about 144,000 Jewish evangelists. They are all Israelites, and there is a vast difference between Jew and Israelite.

The Bible indicates clearly that in order for a man or woman to be "saved", they MUST be "called" or "led" by the Holy Spirit into repentance. If this is true, then how can the vast multitude saved during the Trib period become Christians, if the Holy Spirit is gone? (Rev. 6:9, 11). (Vs 11 indicates that there will be many more killed, than those found under the altar.)

I believe this disproves the Rapturist claim that the anti-Christ can't appear while the Holy Spirit is still here. Ask your pastor to show you the words in 2 Thess. 2:7, which can be translated Holy Spirit, and he can't do it, because they are not there.

While all passages in the Bible dealing with Christ's Second Coming (and I do oh so much believe in it!) are not exactly alike, they are all in harmony and never contradict each other.

In 1 Thess. 4:17, nothing is said about where Christians are supposed to go after they "meet the Lord in the air". Raptunsts, assume again, that they go to heaven. But we are not told that!

Zechariah 14:14, which describes Christ's Second Coming, says that Jesus will stand on the Mt. of Olives, outside Jerusalem, but it does not even hint that He will have His saints with Him. The argument of "silence" can be effectively used to prove that there is no Rapture at Christ's Second Coming. There is no "bloodshed and battle" mentioned in 1 Thess 4:17, and this passage omits the part about our bodies being changed, as mentioned in 1 Cor. 15:51-53. But because the wordings are different, does not mean they are speaking of separate events.

If the Pre-Trib Rapture of the saints was supposed to be such a big event in the lives of Christians, why did Jesus never mention it? Again the argument of "silence" can effectively be used. He didn't mention it, because it wasn't going to happen!

The Rapturists have developed an unusual ability to use both "inductive" and "deductive" reasoning to prove their arguments.

"Deductive reasoning" is a logical though process where one comes to a conclusion based on a set of "premises." Example: "Since all men are apes; this particular man we are speaking about MUST be an ape".

"Inductive Reasoning" is a logical though process in which a conclusion is proposed, which contains more information than that which can be obtained through observation. Example: "Since every crow ever seen has been black; therefore ALL crows MUST be black".

Using these thought processes, the Rapturists say that since the church cannot be found in the book of Revelation after chapter four, therefore it is logical to assume that it MUST have been Raptured out of the world.

It might be of interest to know that nowhere in the New Testament is the Greek word for CHURCH ever used. In every case, the English word CHURCH, comes from the Greek word ECCLESIA, which literally means: "an assembly of called out ones". No where does it refer to a place of worship.

There are a number of indications after Rev. 4, that the "ecclesia" are still here. In 6:3, the angels are told: "Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads". Who are these servants of God, if they aren't the saved ecclesia? They are not 144,000 Jews, of this you can be sure.

In Rev. 12:17, we are told "And the dragon was wroth with the woman (Israel), and went to make war with the remnant (those left alive) of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ". This could only refer to the "ecclesia". In Rev. 13:7, we see where the beast, which most Bible scholars equate with the anti-Christ", was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them; and power was given unto him (the anti-Christ) over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations". Folks, this is the "ecclesia", the "born again" one's He is speaking about. They are here on earth, not Raptured off to heaven. These are but a few of the instances where the "ecclesia" is mentioned after Chapter four of Revelation.

If you check closely in the New Testament, you will find that "saints"; "body of Christ"; and CHURCH (ecclesia) are synonymous terms. They all refer to the same people.

Since saints are mentioned 13 times in the book of Revelation after Chapter four, and are on earth during all the incidents which take place during this time, therefore the CHURCH-ECCLESIA, the "called out one's" MUST of necessity be on earth during the Great Tribulation, they have not been Raptured!

In Rev. 13:10, we read about the "patience and faith of the saints". In 17:6, we see where the "whore system" of Babylon is "drunk with the blood of the saints and the martyrs of Jesus".

So the CHURCH MUST of necessity be on earth during the Tribulation, if they are being martyred. You can't throw these scriptures out just because they don't agree with what you have been taught!

In Rev. 20:9, we are told that Gog and Magog "went up and surrounded the camp of the saints". The Rapturists would have you believe that these are Jews the Word is speaking about. Some say it refers to the 144,000 of chapter 7. But if you want to be real technical about it, only one of these twelve tribes can even remotely be considered as Jewish, and that is the tribe of Judah. No my Christian friend, the Jews are not "all of Israel," in fact the people we call Jews today have no part with Israel in any way. The majority of them are TurcoMongolian by background, and their forefathers never set foot in Palestine. The Jewish leaders today who scream that God gave them the land of Palestine, are all heathen to the family of Abraham.

The TRIBULATION SAINTS ARE OVERCOMERS - the RAPTURISTS ARE COPPER-OUTERS! One overcomes, while the other hides in a spiritual foxhole, expecting His Lord to handle the dirty work for him.

Some Rapturists use Luke 21:36 "...pray always that you may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass and stand before the Son of man." Do you consider yourself WORTHY, my Rapturist friend, when you don't have the intestinal fortitude to stand up for Jesus when things get tough? How many of you can honestly say you have been "persecuted for righteousness sake?" Very few, I'm certain.

I have the uncomfortable feeling that the translators of the King James Bible, may have bitten off too much when they used the word ESCAPE. The Greek word used here was EKPHEUCO,which literally means: "to flee out", or "to run away". Listen to how the New Jerusalem Bible has translated this. It makes much more sense: "Stay awake! praying at all times for the strength to survive all that is going to happen, and stand with confidence before the Son of man". Instead of praying for an escape through a Rapture, you should be praying that Cod will give you the strength to survive!

How can a Christian do this, when he spends most of his time looking for a means to escape the result of his own stupidity and apathy?

When C. I. Scofield taught that the RESTRAINER of 2 Thess 2:17 was the Holy Spirit, a much greater Bible scholar, and a much more dedicated Christian ("By their fruits shall ye know them") named Oswald Smith said: "There is no mention of the Holy Spirit in this verse. That is Scofield's Bible assumption (my how that word keeps cropping up). The Holy Spirit and the church (Ecclesia) remain in the world until the end of the age."

Jesus predicted that the "wheat" and "tares" were to grow together and come to maturity, and that one of His acts on His return, would be to "gather His wheat" into the barn, while He destroys the "tares". That "barn" is not the Rapture!

Any honest student of Christian history should recognize that the Rapture Theory was never taught in the Apostolic Church, nor was it taught in the Reformation church, by men such as Luther, Calvin, and Wesley. The early American Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians, etc., did not teach it!

So instead of sitting in an easy chair, or in a comfortable cushioned seat in an air-conditioned "church, with your mouth agape and your eyes popping" as some prophetic preacher pontificates on the Rapture, or the battle of Armageddon, why don't you spend some time on your knees, with your Bible, seeing what it really says, and preparing yourself for survival when these times come. It's going to be mighty difficult if you wait until they transpire, especially when you don't believe it will happen to you.

You don't need a "brainwashed" pastor from some seminary, to tell you what the Word teaches. Think for yourself for a change and let the Word explain the Word!

Part III
Some Other Fallacies Taught
In The Judeo-Christian Churches!


Dr. Billy Graham, the inter-nationally known Baptist evangelist, often tells young people that it is God's will for them to marry inter-racially, as long as both of them are "saved". This is the same Billy Graham who recently defended our prolifgate President, Bill Clinton, by calling him a fine Christian who would have made a great evangelist. (No doubt one of the TV kind.) But what does the Book teach?

Beginning in the first chapter of the Bible, Gen. 1:21, 24-25, we see where God created "every living thing AFTER IT'S OWN KIND". He set in force an eternal law, as sure as the "law of gravity", or the "law of harvest", which has never been and never will be changed! This unalterable Law states that everything must propagate "after it's own kind".

Every living creature was CREATED to reproduce after it's own kind, and in the realm of nature, we never see this law broken. Dumb animals like cattle, horses, dogs, etc., do not mate with other kinds". It is only man who breaks this law of God, with tragic results observable down through the ages of history.

It is a clearly observable fact that down through the 6,000 years of written history, every great civilization which has ever existed, began it's down hill slide to oblivion, or Third World status, through "race mixing". I realize that this is not a "politically acceptable" idea in this age, but it is as true as the "law of gravity", and applies to everyone. For example, a billionaire and a tramp, can go to the sixtieth floor of one of our big city skyscrapers, and stand on a window ledge. The tramp can "bail out" and will splatter on the pavement below. The fabulously rich man can shout: "I'm different than that poor tramp! I've got a billion dollars in the bank; I'm a renowned business man; I have worldly power". He "bails out" too. What happens? When he lands, he splatters over the pavement just like the poor tramp, and when you look at the two grease blobs on the pavement, you can't tell which is the poor tramp and which the rich man. Why? Because that is what the law of gravity says will happen, if you jump out a sixtieth story window.

So when one race mates with another, and breaks this law, this law takes effect and in time will destroy them and their progeny. If you don't want to accept this, look at the country of Portugal, which in the Seventeenth Century was a world power. Then her people began to interracially marry, and she went to pot, until today she is a Third World power. It has happened innumerable times.

God placed this law into effect as a safeguard for all the living things, and when this law is broken disaster results. This is one of the major reasons we see "miscegenation" being pushed by the boys of the New World Order. They know that history proves that a mongrelized people are easier to control, than those whose blood has remained relatively pure. Because Adolf Hitler pushed for "racial purity" does not mean that this is bad. In fact, it's God's will, especially for His Israel people. (And I'm not referring to Jews, who are not of Israel).

The story of creation as given in the Bible is not very definite. God says He created the world from nothing in six days and rested the seventh day. We have no way of checking this except by faith. But have you ever wondered, why if God didn't care about race mixing, He didn't make us all one chocolate blob in the beginning. Why did He CREATE different races, and MAKE another?

The pastors in Judeo-Christian churches will say that the CREATION of man in Genesis 1:27 and the FORMATION of Adam in Gen. 2:7 were one and the same act. But if you are a "purist", one who reads the Bible as it is written, not as men would like to have it written, these two acts cannot be the same.

Read them from your Bible. Here is what my King James Bible says, Gen. 1:27 - "So God CREATED man in His own image, in the image of God CREATED He him; MALE AND Female CREATED He them". This took place on the sixth day of CREATION.

Now carefully read Gen. 2:4-5, where it rehearses the CREATION story and specifically note verse 5 :..."and there was not a man (Adam) to till the ground". (Interestingly enough the male and female being created in Gen 1:27, were nomads and hunters. There was no organized agriculture of any kind that came into being until thousands of years later, when ADAM kind showed up on earth. This has been proven by anthropology).

Notice also in Vs 26, that God speaking to someone, we probably will never know who, said: "Let US (plural) MAKE (CREATE) man in our own image..." The word for GOD, as used here, comes from the HEBREW word ELOHIYM, which is the plural of God, and can be applied to angels. There are some Bible scholars who believe that God delegated the CREATION of the Genesis 1 man, to His angels, and that each race was fashioned after the image of a different angel. (This might be something for us to consider).

The Hebrew word ELOHIYM, actually means "gods" (small "g") in the ordinary sense, according to Strong's Concordance, #430.

If this definition is true, could it be possible that this delegation of authority took place and resulted in different races? We do know that the Black race did not come from Ham's curse by Noah, as was taught for many years by many.

I realize that in the light of current Judeo-Christian teaching, this idea of angels CREATING pre-Adamic may seem mighty "far fetched". But Dr. John H. Deuges, a renowned scholar of ancient Hebrew says that the word ELOHIYM as translated in our King James Bible, refers to "oath bound servants of God-angels, since the EL is the name of God as found elsewhere in the Bible".

According to Dr. Deuges, EL (JEHOVAH-YAHWEH) gave these angels (Elohiym) the power to create human beings in their own image. Bible scholars have puzzled for years over the meaning of ELOHIYM, which refer to God, yet is plural in meaning.

If all races came from Adam, as the Judeo-Christian world teaches, God would have had to break His own Law of "kind after kind", for it is a biological impossibility for a Black couple to give birth to a White child, or vise versa. We know that God will never break one of His own laws.

This brings us to the Biblical account of the FORMATION, not CREATION of Adam in Gen. 2:7. We just finished reading in Gen 1:27, that ELOHIYM had CREATED man in his own image, now we read in 2:5 that there was not a "man (Adamite) to till the ground." Do we have a contradiction here? Not at all. Gen. 2:7 is speaking of a completely different act on the part of God, that what He did in Genesis 1:27. Any pastor who knows his Hebrew, or who can use a concordance, knows that the act of CREATION spoken about in Gen. 1:27, and was of male and female, cannot be the same as the FORMATION of Adam, male only in 2:7. There is no way where an honest student can confuse these two. The CREATION was out of nothing, male and female. The FORMATION, which evidently came later, possibly much later, was from the "dust of the earth", male only.

Notice something else that is different in these two acts. In Gen. 2:7 we are told that God breathed into Adam's nostrils "the breath of life and that man (Adam) became a living soul".

This is not mentioned of the CREATED beings, and may be a major reason the Judeo-Christians will not accept this difference. They are so set on their teaching of the absolute equality of all men, that anything that may detract from this teaching immediately becomes heresy, even if it comes from God's Word.

The man Adam, according to Luke 3:38 was a complete man. He was a "son of God" and was "hermaphroditic" in that he was made male and female combined. None of these attributes are found in the CREATED beings of Gen. 1:27.

It is very possible, that the beings CREATED, in Gen. 1:27, male and female, lived thousands of years before the time of Adam, for the White Race is relatively new to world history, appearing about 6,000 years ago. This would account for the human skeletons found in Asia and Africa which are hundreds of thousands of years old. There is no contradiction between the Bible and "true science".

Adam, according to Biblical account was placed in the (Garden of Eden as a caretaker, (Gen. 2:8, 15). But Adam was lonely and could not find a "help mate" for himself. So God, according to the Scripture account, FORMED Eve from a rib taken out of Adam's side, and she became in Adam's words: "bone of my bone, and flesh of my flesh".

The Jewish Talmud, dwelling on filth as it does throughout most of it's 63 volumes, takes this beautiful story and terribly mutilates it. The Talmud says that Adam had intercourse with all the animals in the Garden, but could find satisfaction with none of them, so God brought forth Eve. (Somehow, as a Christian, I prefer the Biblical account!)

At this time in world history, Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden in daily communion with God. (See Gen. 3:8).

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