by Ron Stauffer
P.O. Box 3625
Brookhaven, MS 39601
Hell and destruction are before the Lord:
How much more then the hearts of the children of men?
- Proverbs 15:11

The following message was written by a good friend of mine, Ron Stauffer, who is an "over-the-road" cross-country truck driver. Since he does not have much computer time, it was hand written. It has such a powerful message, I wanted you to hear it and strongly suggest that you make copies of it for wide distribution. - Jack Mohr

I grieve daily for raising my family "religiously" in the Southern Baptist local church system, instead of Christian. My first fifteen years in this system was engulfed in religiosity.

This I did not know at the time though like everyone else, including the Pastor, I was ever learning and studying but not lifting a finger to obey the Commandments of Christ.

The consequences of America's "amorality and immorality", which is today destroying so many families, has come from this foundation of "religiosity".

Religionism has allowed the wicked to rise up into social and political power without contest. Religionism is pre-occupation with symbolism, which is mistaken for substance!


1 - Ever looking and ever studying without ever coming to full knowledge. WHICH IS - Showing a form of Godliness, but "denying the power thereof", WHICH IS - Believing in the scriptures for Eternal Life but not believing in their Author.

WHICH IS: Religion without responsibility!

WHICH IS: Christianity without Christ!

WHICH IS: Professing in "His Name", while remaining the same.

WHICH IS: America's Major Problem!

RELIGIONISM sits atop a three pillered foundation. These aspects of Religion are:

This is man's Plan of Salvation which allows the spiritually lost "to believe" that they have become "children of Almighty God"' and consequently inheritors of eternal life! Some of the unscriptural; implementions of ACS are: "walking the aisles; praying something called "the Sinner's Prayer"; accepting Jesus into your heart; making a decision, etc.

The very nature of ACS by-passes the very point of Calvary - i.e., the "repentance for the forgiveness of sins!"

Religionism added "Eternal life" to this Repentance," by-passing the "Repentance of Brokeness," i.e. Godly sorrow with "repentance" not to be repented of! At best ACS can only provide for the "purpose of Calvary," "the forgiveness of sins." Without sustaining this "repentance" (the only repentance we generate), there is no entrance through the "Strait Gate." This is the "Repentance that generates the 'New Creature', i.e., that the "Repentance of Brokeness" might be found!

Man's Plan of Salvation especially that called "the Roman Road cannot save the soul" or generate the needed brokeness.

(2) I.R.S. 501 (c) 3 CHURCH,
America's Founding Fathers, especially the clerics, would not have stood still for one "New York minute", allowing any agenda to bind them with a political. Gag the I.R.S. 501 (c) 3 CHURCH, is a politically bought, local church, rendered impotent in obeying God Almighty, and becoming subservient to the State.

As long as the nation's laws honor GOD'S LAW, the national consequences of "National Peace and Prosperity" will envelop the nation. No matter how few or how many of the nation's people worship the Living God!

When the Nation's Laws begin to violate God's Law, these blessings will begin to recede. Without National Repentance - then - the wicked will rise higher and higher in social and political power, until they have complete control over God's people.

At this time, Divine Judgment is being leveled against the Lord's People, as the wicked are having things pretty much their own way. The problem here is that because of the "spirit of Religionism," the Lord's People cannot understand that they are "under the curse" of National Divine Judgment. What's more, they will not realize their apathetic condition until they have fallen into the hands of those who hate our King.

This day is coming to God's People in America because the unscriptural RAPTURE THEORY has persuaded many of them that they will be taken out of harm's way!

This is based on teachings that Christ will "seek out" - like a "thief in the night", sometime before His Second Coming, all of His "born again" people and take them out of harms way.

This theory has more holes than a screen door!

a - Scripture clearly shows that Christ only returns one time - known as the Second Advent, or Coming!

b - As long as were exists any one nation that still enjoys Christian liberty, such as America, I do not believe He will return!

c - When God's People lose their Biblical "salt and light", the National consequence is the "rise of the wicked" into social and political power.

d - As is, "the Day" is Coming, when the wicked will gain full power over God's people.

e - The nation will begin to lose it's blessings of "peace and prosperity" at the time when the wicked are able to enact social and political Anti-Christ laws!

f - Never has "high heaven" halted the wicked from gaining control, both political and social, of the Israel people, when they lose their "religious responsibility".

g - 2 Chron. 7:14 has a meaning for our Christian people, only as they have become subject to Divine Judgment. Sometimes this remedy is long in coming!

h - At the time of the Second Advent, heaven's army and the saints which are now asleep in Christ, will accompany Christ on His return, and the Saints who are still alive on earth will meet this Heavenly host in the air and the Marriage Supper of the Lamb will begin.

(1) This "marriage supper," will be a "blood feast," as the saved will watch as the army of God, (Rev. 17:14), sheds the blood of God's enemy up to the horse's bridles.

(2) All this is set up by the "Religionist Agenda" to "get the world saved," while America "goes to hell in a handbasket".

(3) The King never gave any instructions to get "men and women saved." His mandate was to "make disciples of all nations." Teaching them His truth!

In a "nutshell," the Rapture Theory had generated "man's plan of salvation!" Yet now where in scripture is there any "plan for salvation" found.
From the very beginning, salvation was based on the shedding of Divine blood. This blood paid the "sin debt" generated by Adam's disobedience, that "believers" might be "saved". It is foundational that the Believer MUST first participate in the "repentance for forgiveness of sin." ACS has added salvation to this "repentance." The Rapture Theory has allowed the religiously lost to believe they are saved and will be rescued. At this same time, ACS allows the religiously lost to believe their obligations to Christ are complete when they come to the altar and say they accept Him. This is why the wicked have had no appreciable hardship in establishing their anti-Christ agenda of: evolution, abortion, pornography, sodomy, gambling, divorce, violent crime, miscegenation, etc.

Heaven will protect God's people from this heathen agenda, only as God's people remain "Biblically salty!"

RELIGIONISM is America's main problem. The lack or loss of knowledge in God's people, is the foundational reason why they are being destroyed. (Hosea 4:6)

We can clearly comprehend, that our children are not being properly protected and are being destroyed. Today, in America, we see God's people as they are being destroyed in a manner never seen before. There is a reason for this! RELIGIONISM!

In the last part of his message, I want to compare the "wickedness:" of RELIGIONISM with that of the "Worldly wicked!"

The worldly wicked consist of three groups:

The WICKED, EVILDOERS, and those who are AMORAL. The AMORAL crowd, acts as though there is no such thing as "right or wrong . They discern no wrong in "abortion on demand" and they discern no rights coming through OBEDIENCE to God's Law.

The Amoral crowd has been generated by "Christianity without Christ". They are the result of today's apathetic Christianity. This perverted system does not, and cannot generate enthusiasm from non-believers to have any desire to know who Christ is, and what He can and did do for them!

Consequently this crowd has "fallen through the woodwork" and are living their lives by developing values, as the situations are encountered. The "wicked", are those who have sold out the sovereignty of the living God, for wealth, power and prestige. They are the one's who have gained power in high places in society and politics and all abominations that comes into national focus comes from the efforts of these "wicked!"

In the past forty years "the Wicked" have, through their efforts, instituted their religion of Secular Humanism in public (State) education, which has allowed "abortion on demand; legalized pornography, and degraded the worth of women and children.

Legalized gambling and easy divorce has knocked out the foundation of the family unit:

Sodomy has destroyed the meaning of life; violent crime has destroyed the tranquility of society and on and on.

The "Evil Doers" are that class of beings who set up their establishments of: abortion, pornography, sodomy, gambling, dope, easy divorce, etc.

The "Evil Doers" gain profits and pleasures from anti-Christ legislation which is enacted by "the Wicked."

Without "the Wicked" being in power and control ...the "Evil Doers" have no legal opportunity to use the Capitalist Market System in the retailing and propogation of their abominations.

"The Wicked" makes a way that the "Evil Doers," can merchandise abominations legally and promote these abominations as being the normal in society.

How great is the "Wickedness" of the worldly Wicked? This is an interesting question. The "Worldly Wicked," being either Amoral, or Immoral, will be "turned into hell!"

The thing to remember is that the "Wicked" can have no power, (none at all), unless it is given to them by the Wicked. It could be denied them by professing Christians.

The smallest segment of "the Wicked" is the White Elitist Establishment which is in control of the Federal Government.

The "Evil Doers", are in much greater numbers than the "the Wicked", but they are vastly outnumbered by professing Christians. In other words, abominations of any sort can not become a national problem as long as professing Christians employ the "salt and light" theory of the Bible.

There is a direct correlation between the rise of "the Wicked" into National Power, and the National loss of Biblical "salt and light".

When enough professing Christians turn away from "religion with responsibility", to employ "religion without responsibility", the "Wicked" begin to prosper and come into National power.

The more regard professing Christians show for "organizational Christianity", the more professing Christians move away from "prior responsibility!"

At this point it is necessary to consider the "Wickedness" of "organizational Christianity". If the Wicked can only gain power through the silence of professing Christians, then the "Wickedness" of the "Wicked", is the least of these two evils.

It is the God given responsibility of for professing Christianity to be Biblical "salt and light" to the world; to occupy until He comes; to be watchful and alert so that the "Wicked" may not pervert the Nation's LAWS. Then without a doubt it is greater "Wickedness" to set aside Christian responsibility in exchange for apathy.

PROFESSING Christians will receive more stripes then even the "Worldly Wicked".

But we have recourse! Repent of past apathy and OBEY the Commandments of the King! Be responsible, and REMEMBER - OBEDIENCE TO GOD MUST COME BEFORE WE CAN HAVE VICTORY!

The End

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