Forewarned Is Forearmed!

Lt. Col. Gordon "Jack" Mohr (AUS Ret.-)





"When a strong man armed keepeth his palace, his goods are in peace." (Luke 11:21)

I was so blessed with information received from the May 1992 issue of THE McALVANY REPORT, that I felt led to share it with you, since it is of extreme importance at this time. The entire report may be, ordered from P.O. Box 84904,' Phoenix, AZ 857071.

My message to you dear ones who read this report is to be WARNED AND PREPARED. May I suggest that this report be copied by the thousands and sent across the country. I have enclosed a few extra for your immediate use. It needs to be distributed well before the November election time.

In the wake of the Los Angeles riots in April and May, we might ask, "Why did they occur?" There are several answers we need to consider:

In the eyes of knowledgeable people, I'm sure you will agree that the major blame for those riots should fall on the shoulders of the liberal, controlled media. who played, and replayed, thousands of times, only an eight second portion of the Rodney King film, without ever showing what went before. This was deliberate news distortion by selective editing of the video tape. This is typical of the media worldwide. A rioter attacks a policeman who retaliates in self-defense and the TV cameras respond to the response, never the provocation.

During the hectic days of the Vietnam War, I personally saw several instances where TV camera crews paid agitators to burn an American flag, so that violence would erupt and they could film It.

The emotional message presented by the media, both newspapers and TV, was a message of hatred towards Whites. Viewers were constantly bombarded with instances of White prejudice and hatred", which they said had caused the riots.

A Black minister on TV said: "The Crips and Bloods (L.A. gangs) must quit fighting each other. We need to band together and have war in the streets". This is pure, deliberate sowing of hatred and inciting to riot on the part of the media. It is all part of a long-term syndrome of wicked, liberal, self-serving on the part of the media, designed to help no one, while furthering the purpose of the media. If it's a crime to "incite to riot?'' Then why is the media never prosecuted?

Clear thinking Americans KNOW., that had it been Whites who rioted, the orders to the police and the National Guard would have been "shoot to kill!" Yet when a National Guard officer was asked why he had his men retreat rather than confront the mob, he said: "We can't afford another Kent State affair''.

Southern California's Black and Hispanic gangs, led by two of the deadliest, the Bloods and Crips, buried the hatchet and formed an alliance against all law and order. They orchestrated, planned, and led raids against Chinese, Korean and Hispanic areas. The New York Times, (5/8/92) quoted a Crip's leader as saying. "Instead of shooting each other, we fought the police".

Another masked rioter was quoted as saying: "Now my attention is not focused on another gang member. He is a brother in arms. I finally realized they're diggin' and trippin' on the same thing as us''.

These riots had quite obviously been planned ahead of time by gangs who consider this to be the beginning of a racial war. One arsonist bragged that he had been paid to set the fires and they were set in an expert fashion to cause a maximum of damage. This was not the random action of a rioter tossing a Molotov cocktail through a store window. It was planned by pros!

A week before the riots began, Black Muslim soldiers were warning Black businessmen to place signs on their stores which said BLACK OWNED BUSINESS! Many of these were spared!

At the beginning of the riot, gangs broke into a huge Western Surplus store and stole over 1100 firearms. They also stole over 200 Los Angeles police uniforms from dry cleaning establishments. There is reason to believe that gang members, dressed in these uniforms, will commit atrocities in the future which will be blamed on the police and will further exacerbate the trouble and cause further hatred and division between police and people.

Handbills which were distributed in the LA area state that gangs intend to kill policemen, firemen and public officials. once the National Guard leaves the area. Several of these Black gangs have as part of their initiation ceremony, the killing of a White person, or the raping of a White woman.

It is interesting to note that Willie Mandela, the revolutionary Communist leader from South Africa was in LA earlier this year on Martin Luther King's birthday. Intelligence sources say that she met with Black gang leaders and counseled them on revolutionary tactics and strategies being used in South Africa. One wonders how long it will be before Winnie's favorite terrorist tactic, called "necklacing" will be used in America. (This is the practice of hanging a car tire, filled with diesel around the victim's neck and igniting it).

The Rodney King trial was not the cause of the riots. It was merely the trigger that set them off. Evidence has surfaced which states that this riot had been in the planning stage for a long time. It is an aftermath of the American liberalism of the 60's, which educated an entire generation White and Colored alike, to do anything that makes you feel good. A close look at the LA looters on TV will show that they were not angry, they were having a ball, as they came out ot shops. their arms loaded with loot, waving and laughing for the TV cameras.

Several generations of "inner city youths" and their parents have been destroyed by our Socialist Welfare System. exactly as planned.

The looters showed no conscience. They were merely collecting from society what they believed was owed. The hatred was not in the hearts of the looters, but in the hearts of the liberals who had poisoned them against their White benefactors

Despite a Great Society Social effort which is now well into its fifth decade. at a cost to the productive citizen's of this country of over $2.5-trillion dollars, Blacks today comprise almost half of the total prison population of America and 40% of those murdered in the U.S. are Blacks killed by Blacks, while 65% of all Black babies are born to unwed mothers. In the Inner Cities, this often reaches 80%.

While decent Americans watched with horror, as stores were looted and burned. and people were dragged from their cars and beaten to death, very few realized that they were looking at the fruits of fifty years of a soured social experiment, gone wrong, with more chaos to come from it.

Another thing which influenced the riots, arson and murder, even beyond the liberal "something for nothing philosophy," is the preoccupation of our society for violence. If you do not believe this, take a good look at the evening fare being served to your youth on TV.

The average American child on a steady diet of TV, may well see as many as 15-20,000 acts of murder and violence. They live on such a diet! Americans don't read much anymore. TV has taken its place and does their thinking for them! It has been said that, with historic proof for the statement, that when the literature of a nation become violent, look for violence in that nation.

We have seen a moral and spiritual breakdown in Canada and the United States, and as prayer and Bible reading has been phased out of our schools, to be replaced with liberal philosophies such as sex education, the fruits of fifty years of Secular Humanism are now "coming home to roost!" The stage has been set in North America, for violence, anarchy and bloody upheaval. such as has never been seen in the history of this old blood soaked world.

The riots took place because of the four reasons given above. The looting was the result of people having been saturated with the something for nothing" philosophy of the Socialized Welfare State. Thousands of people in L.A. decided it would be more fun to loot, than to work for an honest living.

A Black economic professor at George Mason University, Walter Williams, said: If the governor and the mayor has given the police and National Guard orders to shoot to kill, the riots would have ended in a few hours, with very little loss of life or property." But this was not the plan of the planners. This would not have accomplished their goal.

When looting becomes fun, and you don't have to pay a penalty for it, why behave like civilized people, which they were not'. In a few short hours, thousands of citizens in Los Angeles reverted to savagery, which would have made their African and Mayan ancestors proud of them.

Almost as shocking and sickening as the rioting, looting, arson, and murder, was the response of city, state and national leaders. both Black and White.

First there was an almost universal trumpeting of a false message that all Whites were guilty of racism, hatred, intolerance, bigotry and the slave-master mentality. Those who hated the most, were the liberals who brought this sad condition about, and who always scream the loudest about bigotry.

These Secular Humanists are masters of the "collective guilt trip," which is designed to take our attention away from the real problem.

As the Rev. Jesse Jackson said. as the riots grew worse and worse: ''The seeds of this violence were planted in the days of slavery, and have grown stronger due to half-hearted efforts by the government to improve the conditions of our people."

In the name of common sense, Jesse, what happened to the $2.5-trillion we have shelled out over the years. It is extremely difficult to help a people who do not want to help themselves. but who want everything handed to them free, on a silver platter!

The liberals keep telling us that we haven't done enough for the Blacks. Yet we see them burn and loot their own areas and expect us to pay for their fun. The welfare dollars we have shelled out over the years have destroyed many of the

Black people and set them up as "cannon fodder," for a racial war, designed to bring America into the New World Order.

Why is it that the Koreans and Vietnamese have been able to rise above their difficulties and become successful? Could it be because they want to do this? This is why they are hated by the Blacks.

Third, the liberals believe that ''good government, which places necessary control on evil men'' is evil. This is why they demand that our Police be given Sensitivity Training. Yet notice closely, it is these same liberals who screamed the loudest, because the police didn't arrive soon enough at the riot scene.

These liberals, including our President. cry that our legal system is unfair to minorities, then turn around and attack the jury system, which is one of the few remaining bastions of Constitutional freedom we have left.

No one was prepared for the riots except the rioters. The police and fire departments were in sad shape. The state and federal government were not prepared and if this nation ever comes under attack from a foreign invasion, God help us if what we saw happen in LA is the norm.

Most important of all, the people were not prepared! For a long time now, there have been repeated warnings of approaching racial unrest, of economic and political upheaval, especially in our large cities, but few have been prepared to listen and take action.

Those who should be the most concerned, the Christian pastors of America, have often been the worst offenders, as they tell their people not to worry, because Jesus will come back and rapture them out of the mess caused by their own apathy, before it gets "all that bad.''

We read in Jeremiah 23:22, in the Holy Bible, that if the pastors of the land would stand in God's counsel, and preach His Word. our people would turn from their wicked ways, seek His face and be saved. Yet today. with over 45-million "born again" Christians in America, this country is headed for hell faster than at any time in our history'. Could it be that these "born againers" are the Christian ''salt'' Jesus spoke about in Matt. 5:13? He said: ''But if the salt has lost his savor, (ability to act as salt and hold back corruption) it is good for nothing but the garbage heap".

There were needed lessons to be learned, if we are to survive in the days which lie ahead. Many people in L.A. were without food, for most of the food stores had been looted or burned. They had made no provisions for the care of their families during this emergency.

Most of them were not armed, and many had been intimidated by a state government which had attempted to disarm its decent, law abiding citizens. The city even halted sale of ammunition, so that those who attempted to defend their businesses were hindered from doing this, while the police could, or would not help them.

The only section attacked, that survived, was the Korean area, where brave men banded together to defy the rioters and protect their own property.

As things begin to escalate in the near future, look for our government to declare a "state of emergency," which would give the President the dictatorial authority to disarm law abiding citizens, and take complete dictatorial control over America via Executive Orders which are already in place.

As our nation approaches another Presidential election, we are presented with three major candidates, all of whom represent the same International One World interests. No matter which one is elected, the front man will still be controlled by the Talmudic establishment.

Some of us have recognized for a long time, that our government, since at least 1913, has been under the control of the International Money Changers. We have not had an American Government during this period. no matter whether Republicans or Democrats were in the driver's seat. The government psychologists say that those who believe this provable contention have a "paranoid conspiracy complex," which is dangerous to the well being or our people... Yet we who believe this, are the only one's who are doing anything to preserve this Republic which the anti-Christs want to destroy.

As we approach the grossly over-exaggerated event of a Presidential election. we are faced with a perplexing question re one candidate. Most of us know" what Bush and Clinton stand for, for we have heard them tell us and have seen them in action. But what about Ross Perot? Someone has said; 'Always mistrust the obvious!"

Ross Perot is not what the controlled media says he is, i.e., a Conservative businessman, an outsider, an anti establishment 'knight on a white horse''. The alien masters of America, who are experts in reading shifts in public sentiment, have packaged a candidate or program which they believe will fit the national sentiment.

Much has been said in the media and on TV about the anger of the Blacks and minority people over real or fancied wrongs which have been perpetrated on them by the White majority. But very little is said in the media about the anger of the WASPS (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants and many Catholics) which is heating up to a "white hot heat," which when it breaks out will not be stopped by calling out the National Guard. More and more White Americans are becoming angry as they see our government taking away basic God given freedoms and handing them to aliens.

We have become like a man who sits on an open keg of gun powder, while he smokes a cigar and knocks the ashes into the keg. It will only take one spark, at the right time to reach the powder, and this world will experience the worst explosion it has ever seen. Yet our leaders, both political and spiritual hide their heads in the sand so that they will not have to see this approaching. When this happens, and it will, there will be a "housecleaning in America, in politics and in the church," which will find leaders convicted and executed as the TRAITORS they are!

So knowing how this "anti-establishment" sentiment is growing in America, the "establishment moguls" are packaging Ross Perot as a candidate to siphon off this heat.

They did this to a certain extent in the Post-Watergate era, when they presented America with Jimmy Carter, the "peanut-farmer" from Georgia.

Americans had become fed up with Washington and politicians in general. Some were even referring to our national capitol as ''le cessepoole Grande," which was close to the truth. People were angry with the lying sleaze which was coming out of Washington. So as God formed Adam from the dust of the earth, the Internationalists of the Council on Foreign Relations, formed Jimmy Carter from the red mud of south Georgia.

They found a relatively unknown southern governor, who was a Southern Baptist, (and this in itself was worth a few million votes and a liberal. and David Rockefeller. Zbigniew Brezezinski, Henry Kissinger and others from the Tr HATteral/CFR began to mold a political candidate that would pacify the restless American voters.

They taught him how to comb his hair (the dry look was in vogue then), how to dress, how to pronounce words like for-eign-pol-i-cy; and even how to smile.

Then the media began his buildup. He was an outsider, remember? anti-Washington; anti-establishment, pro-family (although they had to hide brother Billy once in a while); a common, simple, self-made man of the people, a peanut farmer, a graduate from the Naval Academy, a brilliant nuclear engineer, a devout Sunday School teacher - in short, the perfect product to meet the national mood.

The reality was that the Tri-Lateralists created, programmed, and totally controlled Carter, who they surrounded with 17 other Tri-Lateralists, such as Fritz Mondale, Andrew Young, Cyrus Vance, Blumenthal, and Carter's entire Cabinet. They created an ''administration-n-waiting' 'and sold it to the American people via the media. It was the very opposite of what it purported to be. Remember, the Internationalists also owned Gerald Ford at this time, the Republican candidate, but they preferred Carter.

Today we have a parallel with the meteoric rise of Ross Perot from relative obscurity. Doesn't it seem strange to you that the liberal, controlled press is giving such sympathetic coverage to Perot? They certainly haven't done this to Buchanan, or David Duke, or Third Party Candidates such as "Bo" Gritz or Howard Philips.

Believing his "well crafted" outsider appearance, Perot has had close ties with the establishment for decades. Former White House aid Peter Flanagan, from the Nixon years. calls Perot the "ultimate insider''. White House logs show that he had over 40 personal talks in the White House and that the White House rolled out the "red carpet" for Perot and his family when they visited there. They were given VIP treatment.

I don't have time in this article to go into some of the numerous "deals" Perot made with the government, but it is known that he made hundreds of millions of dollars when he computerized MEDICARE and MEDICADE. In fact, much of his wealth came from government contracts.

Today, Perot's top advisor is Thomas Barr, a New York lawyer with one of the biggest establishment law firms in the country, and a fellow member in the CFR.

Does anyone really know. He hasn't given a platform at this writing in late June. He has admitted to being:

1) Pro-abortion and has donated lots of money to this cause.

2) Anti-2nd Amendment rights.

3) For increased use of government wire taps in drug eases, which can easily be extended to everyone.

4) Is for increases in aid to Russia.

5) One good point in his favor is that he is anti-aid to the Israeli.

6) is for a computerized tax return.

7) Advocates partnership between government and big business, the very essence of Fascism.

8) Is for increasing the size and power of the IRS.

9) Is for a British/Swedish style National Health care system which is National Socialism at its best.

Columnist Joseph Sobran has said: "While Perot is a good symbol of business/government partnership, he acts outraged by the federal government while advocating a bigger, stronger. and more efficient federal government

Instead of calling Perot "anti-Washington," it would be more accurate to call him an "anti-Constitutional'' candidate. for according to his own words, "the problem with this country is not with crooked politicians, but with an dated system of government, which he would like to change.

If Perot is elected, expect to see an immediate Constitutional crisis of some kind or other.


The coming months, and years could very well turn into the most unstable in the world's history. I believe this is backed by Bible Prophesy. Because of this, it will be the most dangerous.

These are not the rantings of some DOOMSAYER, but come from an intelligent analysis of what is taking place in the world, and primarily in Canada and the United States.

The social upheaval in LA this spring, underscores the distinct possibility of much more of the same, on a larger scale in the near future.

These crimes will be social, financial and political. Most of them will be brought on by the moral and spiritual collapse, which has stultified good people and often turned them into moral and spiritual cowards, who cringe in their foxholes when they should be on the battle-line against the evils which are destroying our country.

There are at least four major areas of crisis in the immediate future:

1) Planned social unrest and upheaval in our large cities.

2) Financial upheaval, also planned, as America moves into an inevitable depression and banking crisis.

3) Political turmoil, as the New World Order lackeys of the Eastern Establishment and the International Bankers, attempt to replace our Constitution and place more and more socialist controls on our lives, in an attempt to push us into their New World Order.

4) A major military crisis, much more dangerous than admitted by the Pentagon and the Washington politicians, as a disarmed America is confronted by a heavily armed, revitalized new Soviet Union, under a new name; Mr. Yeltsin and his talks about peace notwithstanding.

There are a number of things the prudent individual or family can do to prepare for the coming debacle. The first, and by far the most important, is to develop a firm, personal relationship with the God of the Bible, and His Son, our Savior, Jesus the Christ. Study your Bible as never before and see for yourself why America is being disciplined. I would suggest you start with a close, prayerful study of Deuteronomy 28. Then take the personal steps necessary to put the principles found in the only FORMULA FOR SURVIVAL we have available. as found in 2 Chronicles 7:14 into effect
1) HUMBLING of self. I have seen very little of this, even among Identity pastors.

2) PRAY. For forgiveness for disobedience. But first, to have God hear, we must be in a right relationship with Him, (see Isaiah 59:2).

3) SEEK HIS FACE. This means obeying Him no matter what, instead of trying to "do our own thing!"

4) TURN FROM OUR WICKED WAYS. Turn from disobedience, to obey and be saved!

No other area of preparation is as important as this. Now, as never before, we MUST seek God's guidance, strength and the peace that only He can give in the midst of struggle and tribulation.

Following are some physical steps you can take NOW and which should be completed well before the November elections:

1) Relocate to a small town or rural area if at all possible. The Bible says: "Come out of her (Babylon), my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues". (Rev. 18:4)

The Los Angeles riot is but a small sample of what lies ahead and which may very well engulf America's major population areas during the next few years.

The ingredients of the Los Angeles riots: gangs, racial tension, drugs, poverty. infrastructure paralysis are present in every large city in America.

When this crisis takes place. plans are for the military to seal off these metropolitan areas, and if you are caught inside you may very well not be able to escape.

A small town or rural area. at least 300 miles from a major city would be the best. But If your employment forces you by economic necessity to work in a major city, move your family at least 40 to 100 miles away. I can think of no more important immediate aspect of physical survival than this.

A country retreat, while far from ideal is a second option.

History proves that during the Russian Revolution. World Wars I and II, and the Great Depression, people living in small towns or rural areas, fared much better than the city dwellers.

2) Develop a mental attitude that will make you self-sufficient from the "system".

Most of the people in the riot areas of LA were completely dependent on the "system'', for food, water, electricity, fire and police protection, transportation, welfare checks and banking facilities. When the system shut down, the people were helpless and at the mercy of the mob that burned and pillaged. Had the crisis lasted a week longer, LA would have been in utter panic.

Here are a few ways you can change your mental attitude:
1) Begin to develop discernment about people, and learn to read between the lines that the controlled media feeds you.

2) Take an honest look at yourself to discover your strengths and weakness; then work to strengthen the weaknesses.

3) Seek the counsel of wise and Godly people whose lives prove their belief.

4) Find like-minded people and live if at all possible in close proximity to them. Band together for mutual protection and have plans for emergencies.

5) Find alternative ways of doing everything necessary for physical survival. You may need them!

6) Develop an instinct for those things which are right and those which are wrong. These can be developed through Bible study.

7) Begin to eliminate non-esentials from your daily life. Do you really need two TV sets. or that micro wave to survive? Is it necessary to have two cars and a swimming pool? If you can't get along without these things. you could very well be in for trouble.

8) Develop physical, mental, and above all, spiritual disciplines.

9) Learn to treat everything as though it were irreplaceable. Even toilet paper may be a luxury in the future.

10) Buy things which will last, even though they may cost more.


This will be one of the most important aspects of your survival plans, so be sure you have enough dehydrated or freeze dried foods to last your family for at least a year (two years would be much better). People in the LA area could not buy food after a few days, as food stores were burned, others looted, and still others ran out of food.

Learn how to garden (organic is by far the best) and grow some of your own food. This of course will be difficult to do in the city. This means getting seeds, and tools necessary for gardening. It does not mean you need a garden tractor or roto-tiller.

This is an essential during any emergency. What would have happened if the gangs in LA had poisoned the water system? When the "Gog Magog" attack comes, this will be one of the first things enemy saboteurs will do. We know the Soviets have had trained terrorists, called Spetsnaz troops in America for decades. Expect them to poison water supplies.

Store at least 25 gallons of drinking water in your home (100 gallons would be much better). Have chlorine or halazone tablets available for water purification. A water bed can be used to store 50 gallons of water. If you live in a rural area, think about having your own well, or a natural spring would be helpful.

Power failures. in the winter, can be not only uncomfortable. but in some areas disastrous. So warm clothing and extra blankets are desirable. A wood stove for heating and cooking, where fuel is available. is a wise investment.

Gasoline will be essential if you need to leave the area, so have a few extra five gallon Jerry cans on hand, filled at all times.

If you live in a rural or small town you might want to consider a 250 or 500 gallon gravity feed fuel tank. Always keep enough gasoline on hand so you can evacuate your family if necessary.

This is an area where many Christian people in particular fall short. The government is making it increasingly difficult for individuals to obtain the means of protecting their family and property, so prepare now. while you still can.

Every family should have at least one handgun. one rifle (which can be used for hunting). and one shotgun, with a minimum of 200 rounds for each.

If you are one of those who own no firearms. and consider that they are dangerous. or immoral. then stop and imagine yourself in the place of a LA family. as it is attacked by a marauding gang. bent on rape. arson and looting. with no police to call. If you won't protect your family, or your business, who will'? If you are one of those Christians who are reluctant to protect your family, the Apostle Paul said: "He who will not provide for his own (people), and specially for those of his own house, he bath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel,'' (I Tim. 5:8). You can be sure that the word PROVIDE, covers PROTECTION too.

I believe that any attempts at this time by the establishment to confiscate firearms owned by tens of millions of Americans, would precipitate an armed rebellion. Yet strong moves are underway to disarm our people. The reason the enemy has not been able to precipitate a coup and seize absolute power in the United States has 200,000,000 reasons; not 200,000,000 Americans. but 200.000.000 privately owned firearms. A confidential Ford Foundation study showed that only 5 to 10% of Americans would actively resist an attempt by an enemy seizure of power. The bad news for them was that it would only take 1% of our citizens. armed and opposing such a takeover. to defeat it. (I would qualify this by stating it they were in a right relationship with God).

The answer is. that in order to seize power the New World order boys are going to have to confiscate these guns.

In the old Communist regimes, in Red China, North Korea, and Cuba, for instance, only the highest officials were allowed to possess them, along with the military, who are under the strictest of control. Criminals, whether on the streets, or in government, understand only one law - the law of force. The criminals who seek to enslave America and the entire world cannot be defeated by humanity and compassion, as much as the church world would have us believe this to be so. They can only be controlled by the harshest measures.

There are about 500 men in America, who control this country. Under them are tens of thousands of willing subordinates, the politicians and preachers who will sell their souls for popularity and a few bucks of "filthy lucre".

To protect these traitors, our government in recent years has deliberately imported 25-million aliens, which includes thousands of intensively trained terrorists, and over 100,000 hardened criminals. This force will be used to neutralize the opposition of the American people. The government, in spite of protests to the contrary, encourages crime, because it is the nationwide criminal force, not the police force, that keeps the population subdued. The clever plan of subsidizing the criminal element was the sole achievement of the Law Enforcement Administration, a foundation-organized plan that originated at the University of Chicago. (This may explain in part, why the police were slow to react during the LA riots. I sincerely believe that only a few of the highest police officials know of this plan).

The federal government uses its armed police, the IRS, the FBI, the BATF and the CIA solely to terrorize its citizens into compliance with the program of the New World Order. Many good patriots have come to realize that the FBI is not concerned with fighting subversives such as communists (and there are tens of thousands of them in the pulpits of America and our education system. In 1983, the FBI admitted they knew of over 100,000 Communist agents in America, but refused to apprehend them).

Many now realize that the IRS functions as an armed group of terrorists, not so much to collect funds, but to extort money by force from American citizens, as part of the New World Order's plan to destroy the "middle class" and prepare us for merging with the Third World Nation.

(The foregoing information on guns and police terror, was taken in part from THE NEW WORLD ORDER: A Study in the Hegemony of Parasitism," by Eustice Mullins, copyright 1985).

While you are at it, develop an Emergency Plan for your family. Write it out and be sure that each family member knows what to do if an emergency of any kind develops, whether it is a hurricane. an earthquake, a mob riot, a foreign invasion, or an attempt by our own government to institute dictatorial powers.

Since the medical system of this country will collapse during a time of national crisis, every American should have a basic knowledge of First Aid. Drug stores and supermarkets will not be available for medical supplies, so you need to make arrangements NOW to have essential medicines on hand. Most health food stores will have valuable books which will give you the information you need. (I have a little handbook, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! written by a fine young Identity Christian, Jerry Younkins).

Learn to use and maintain your firearms. An elementary knowledge of carpentry, plumbing, auto mechanics, camping, archery, shortwave radio operation, organic gardening, map reading, sewing, canning, etc. will be helpful. Again, the health food stores will have books which will be helpful.

These would include flashlights, batteries, candles, bed-rolls, a wood stove, gas cans, tools, etc.

Develop a mind set to look for essentials at garage sales, surplus stores, flea markets. etc.

I am not going to take time to go into the complicated business of finance and investment, except to say. Be very, very careful!

When we take time to look at the evil men who seek to control America. and the world. through their New World Order, and the evil people they influence to do their dirty work, as in the LA riots. We .should remember that God is still on His throne and Ps 2:4 tells us that as evil men seek to wrest control of the world from Him, He will laugh at their efforts and hold them in contempt. They may be successful for a time, but their time, like that of their mentor Satan, is short. (See Rev. 12:12).

When King David felt the power of wicked men in his day, he sought God's face and wrote many of the psalms which give us comfort in these days.

Psalm 3 says: "Lord, How are they increased that trouble me: Many are they that rise up against me. Many are they which say of my soul, there is no help for him in God: But Thou, O Lord, are my shield; my glory, and the lifter up of my head".

Psalm 46:1-3 says: "God is our REFUGE and STRENGTH, a very present HELP in time of trouble. Therefore will we not fear, though the earth be removed, and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea; though the waters thereof roar, and be troubled, though the mountains should shake with the swelling thereof".

What more assurance can you ask for?

So as conditions and standards of living deteriorate rapidly, and troublesome times come to this nation and our people. Be cognizant of the inherent problems. Don't be like many Christians who fail to study God's Word and equate our problems with our disobedience. Pray for understanding of these times; pray for courage to face them and prevail; pray for His soon return as King of Kings and Lord of Lords!


Your servant in His service,

Jack Mohr
Lt. Col. AUS Ret.

The End

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