Red Dawn
(Could It Happen Here?)


Lt. Col. Jack Mohr

Whoseever heareth the sound of the trumpet, and taketh not warning; if the sword come, and take him away, his blood shall be upon his on head." (Ezekiel 33:3)

Some of you no doubt who read this material have seen the movie RED DAWN, which was produced in 1984. How it ever got past the Jewish censors I'll never understand, since it is about a Soviet airborne invasion of this country and centers on a little Western town, where the only persons who respond to the attack are a group of High School students. These take to the hills and set up a resistance camp. If you haven't seen it you should, it is now available on VHF cassette.

The scenario for this movie is almost exactly like the one I have been writing about for the past five years, ever since our Intelligence Network discovered Soviet troops in Mexico. At the last CHRISTIAN PATRIOT'S DEFENSE LEAGUE SUMMER FESTIVAL, in the spring of 1984, I was part of a panel discussion, led by Col. Robert Arnold, who had guerilla experience against the Japanese during World War II in the Philippines, and Earl Jones, a retired missile expert from White Sands Proving Ground. We discussed a situation very similar to that shown in the movie. In fact it was so close that I received numerous telephone calls asking whether we had drawn up the plot for the film.

For over five years I have been giving out Intelligence information regarding a possible Communist takeover of Mexico and the dangers it would pose for the United States. My efforts have been met with everything from incredulity to scorn. When I first printed eye-witness reports of Soviet armor near the Border with Mexico, south of Laredo, Texas, I was challenged over and over again: "Give us your source of information.'' Of course this was impossible, since information sources dry up when their source is exposed. I have been asked for documentation on these charges from everyone from critics to members of the American Legion who say:

"Show us your documentation!" Some even sneeringly said: ''Mohr's just making this up to strengthen his position." But not so! THE PROOF IS NOW AVAILABLE!

This pamphlet was written to emphasize some of the points I have tried to make over the years, plus a few new ones. Much of this information comes from a copyrighted Intelligence Report written by Russel Gregory Thatcher. He has been making documented analytical reports on this critical situation since the spring of 1976 and has submitted many of them to the U.S. Military and government.

Since it is impossible for me to show you the documents in this leaflet, I suggest you write to him for full particulars, complete with photos and documentation. Send to A.C.C. Services, P.O. Box 529, Navasota, TX 77868. Ask for INTELLIGENCE REPORT on secret Soviet/Mexican preparations for a Red Dawn attack on the United States.

So let's go back to the spring of 1976 and see what has happened south of the Border.

In the May 31, 1976 issue of THE HOUSTON POST, the following article appeared, written by Black liberal columnist Carl T. Rowan, titled RIGHTISTS BREATHE FIRE! It was art attack against Rep. Lawrence McDonald, D-Ga. and a number of other Congressmen (29), including John Ashbrook, R-OH, Trent Lott, R-MS and Philip Crane, R-IL, who were concerned with what was taking place in our backyard.

McDonald was quoted as saying: "the outgoing president of Mexico (Echeverria) has taken long strides towards the imposition of a Communist regime in Mexico. He has set his sights on delivering his own people to the misery of communist collectivism and strife."

McDonald then went on to state that Echeverria's "hand-picked" successor, Jose Lopez Portillo was no better.

Since McDonald was a "big shot" with the John Birch Society, the liberal press immediately began to scream "right wing radicalism;" yet 28 other Congressmen stuck with him in presenting a letter of warning to President Gerald Ford.

Senator Mike Mansfield, D-Mont., said that McDonald's statement was ridiculous, that Mexico would never go Communist and that these Congressmen would only ruin our relationship with Mexico. (Even the politician, he was more interested in our relations with Mexico than the safety of the American people.) McDonald countered by pointing out that Mansfield's track record in Vietnam had been disastrous.

Rep. Steven Symms, R-IO said that Mexico's drift towards Communism was part of the Soviet plan for ''takeover of the waterways and other strategic points on the soft underbelly of the United States."

What happened to the "fire breathing" Congressman from Georgia? You know as well as I. He died in a plane crash, when Korean K.A.L flight 007 was shot down near the Kurile Islands by Soviet fighter planes. Isn't it strange that just after McDonald had made his statement regarding Mexico/Soviet plans and after he had stated that he meant to expose some traitors in Congress, he died such a strange death. There are many of us, including his wife Kathy, who believe he was deliberately murdered, along with many other innocent people, just to shut him up. Interestingly enough, another of these Congressmen, John Ashbrook of Ohio died a mysterious death.

But were there other high government officials who foresaw the danger from Mexico? Row about the liberal Democrat Senator Henry "Scoop" Jackson of Washington? He died mysteriously too, the day after KAL 007 crashed. He had warned Congress about the danger of a "Castro-like" revolution in Mexico. The U.S. State Department refused to comment on his remarks. Jackson went on to say that the North and South American arm of the Soviet KGB was quartered in Mexico City. He then said that he could confirm a major Communist buildup in Central America. Is this why he died?

Now in spite of what the media may say to the contrary; in spite of any denials from the Pentagon, or the State Department, there has been a major Communist military buildup going in Mexico for at least nine years.

Intelligence reports indicate that Russia may be preparing a massive military move against the United States in the near future. (Many sources predict that it will come in 1986). The Bible says this attack will come against the United States and Canada, not against the Israeli in ''little old Palestine,'' as our pastors love to say. (For further information write for my sermon on Ezekiel 38-39, RED CLOUD OVER AMERICA!)

If this attack is to be successful, it must be preceded by a massive pre-positioning of Soviet military machines and equipment in strategic locations near the American border with Mexico; then at the proper time, they can fly in the men to operate them.

First look for some diversionary tactics, probably in the Middle East, or in the Persian Gulf. I believe indications point to an effort to lure America's military might, including the National Guard, into a conflict on foreign territory. This would leave this country vulnerable from an attack from within and from an invasion from the north and south.

If the Russians are successful in their takeover of South Africa and our State Department and "brainwashed" Church people seem to be doing everything possible to help them succeed - it would be a small matter for the Soviets to cross the Atlantic to Guyana, the Caribbean Islands and Columbia, then move north to Cuba and Mexico for their final assault on the United States.

Some skeptics may say this would never happen because we would retaliate with a nuclear strike. This I sincerely doubt. Do you believe that a Congress which cannot even make up its mind regarding Communist danger in Central America would give the ok for a nuclear war? Don't be silly. They are more apt to be arguing about the danger from the south, when communist troops goose-step into Los Angeles.

Contrary to what most brainwashed Americans believe, a general nuclear war would not result in total annihilation. We know from Bible prophesy, that in spite of all the troubles this old world will go through, it will be a populated world that will greet our Savior's return.

Russia has been preparing for a nuclear attack since 1962, while the U.S. has done absolutely nothing. Many experts feel that in a general nuclear war, Russia might suffer 6% casualties, while the United States could expect 60%. Folks, that's about 147-million people. As soft as we have become, I don't believe our people would accept this kind of destruction without caving in.

But just how serious is this chance of a Soviet attack from the south, or is it really the ravings of a "touched mind?" Are there any indications that such an attack may be in the plans? There is an old cliché which says: "The proof of the pudding is in the eating." In a like manner we could say: "If they have prepared for it, they plan it!''

If you do not believe this could happen, then explain if you can, why in 1976, a convoy of Russian ships loaded with tanks, armored personnel carriers, fighter planes and special technicians, entered Mexico from the southern tip of Baja California.

At this time, armed peasant uprisings had paralyzed farm activity and was used as a "smoke screen" for the movement of large amounts of military equipment.

While the peasants were taking over 106,000 acres in the valleys north of Culican, Sinaloa Province, this military equipment was unloaded and delivered to flatbed railway cars of the Chihuahua-Pacific Railway Company for dispersion along the Texas border opposite El Paso, Presidio, Del Rio, Eagle Pass and Laredo.

Trains from the Pacific Railroad were loaded and moved north to major dispersal points in the Nogales (Arizona) area and Tijuana and Mexicali, with San Diego as a major target.

Shortly before this, the Mexican Government had announced that its Army Engineers were to construct 1100 earth-packed airplane runways in the northern states of Sonora, Chihuahua and Coahuila. These strips can be easily disguised so that they cannot be spotted from a satellite. The World Bank, (which means you the American taxpayer) approved a loan of 25-million for this project. Could this be what Lenin meant when 45 years earlier he said: "The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them."?

About this same time, in June 1976, the Gulf of Baja California was closed to outsiders - or at least most outsiders - this did not include Russians and North Koreans. There is little doubt that this was done without the approval of Pres. Echeverria.

By the fall of this year, as some of you old Mexican travelers might remember, word was passed that Americans could not bring their CB radios into Mexico. At this same time, according to reports in America newspapers, the Soviets were given mosaic maps of the Rio Grande River area, courtesy of the International Boundary and Water Commission. These maps show complete details concerning the lay of the land and of course all river crossing sites. At the same time, a new seven lane concrete bridge was completed at Laredo, Texas, one of the major crossing points, capable of holding a Russian 60-ton heavy tank. (Of course we all know this wasn't why it was built?)

Then an interesting thing happened in November. Word got out about a new form of "germ warfare" -which created a crisis in the area near Laredo, by instilling a fear of rabid dogs. By late November, armed peasants has seized huge acreages in Sonora and Sinaloa, along with rich farming along the Pacific coastal Highway 15. These areas were alt close to the mouth of the Bay of Baja California. By the end of November, a fishing pact had been signed between Mexico and the Soviets, allowing the Russians to fish in Mexican waters, while American fishermen had to stay at least 200 miles offshore.

Some of the northern bound trains, carrying military equipment had to pass near the city of Torreon in Coahuila, so the Mexican police created a distraction by driving 4,000 squatters off land near the railroad.

By this time word was received that the Mexican Railroad system, consisting of five major railroads had been merged. By the end of the year, Soviets tanks had been massed just south of Laredo, Texas. Our informants took pictures of them near Ciudad Victoria, just south of Brownsville. Still nothing in the American media concerning this alarming event.

In January 1977, the HOUSTON CHRONICLE ran a small news item in Sec. 1, page 11, stating that Mexican authorities has joined in a "bi-national" campaign against an outbreak of rabies and that the Mexican military were in the process of rounding up 20,000 dogs.

By this time, the ban on CB radios had been lifted, since the military equipment was already in place.

Then 1100 men were sent into the border area to search for drugs, the Mexican government said. Interestingly enough, one man for each of the 1100 runways which had been constructed. Make what you will of this!

From photos in the Intelligence Report, it is known that the Soviets moved in heavy equipment moving transports, capable of handling the Soviet heavy tanks. It can also carry up to 65 metric tons of supplies and ammunition. It was about this time that Mexican authorities announced the discovery of a huge oil field, which experts said was seven times larger than Prudhome Bay, Alaska - 100 billion barrels of oil, they said. This was to make Mexico financially healthy. These finds were in the same area where there were known caches of Soviet heavy weapons.

It is interesting to note that the Mexican oil boom was centered around Villa Hermosa, where the States of Tabasco and Chiapac meet. It is at the lower curve of the Gulf of Mexico. This has been Mexico's major oil producing area since the beginning of the Twentieth Century. But they never got more than 60,000 barrels per day from this area. Now suddenly, they were producing 1,075 million barrels per day, plus 1.5 billion cubic feet of gas.

But what happened? Mexico never got on their feet economically. Instead the economic situation became worse and worse, until today they are close to national bankruptcy. Could this have been through mismanagement, or was it planned that way for specific political purposes?

If you take a close look at a map of the Gulf Coast area, you will see how a major highway leads from this area to the four major oil finds along the United State border, which just happen to coincide with the four major arms caches (?) From these four points, U.S. highways branch out into the interior of the United States. Wouldn't that be convenient for an invasion force?

You may remember how in one intelligence report I mentioned how an informer in the Del Rio, Texas area made his living taking out hunting parties during the deer season. In the fall of 1984, what he called the "good Mexicans" had moved at least 200 miles north from the border and he was forced to go into Old Mexico to get camp help. Since he is part Indian and speaks fluent Spanish, plus six Indian dialects, they think of him as one of them.

Each night, he said, after the gringo hunters had gone to sleep, the Mexican help would gather around the campfire to drink and talk. The major subject was the large number of foreigners - not Americans - who had appeared just south of the border. They were contacting young Mexicans, offering large sums of money ($1,000 U.S.) for them to cross the border and join with underground forces along the Mississippi River from New Orleans to St. Louis and then Chicago. Their mission would be to blow the bridges across the Mississippi with supplies which would be furnished by the underground and then spread out along the river raising hell wherever possible.

Now consider this for a moment if you will. Have you ever wondered what would happen if truck and rail traffic from the west to the east were halted? Most of the food products bound for the east coast come through Omaha, Nebraska, then cross the Mississippi via bridges at Cairo, Illinois and St. Louis, Missouri. If this traffic was halted, within two weeks we would see food riots in the eastern cities, as the super market shelves would be bare. What better way to begin the conflict, than with internal trouble?

A Russian tank division consists of 9,815 officers and enlisted men, equipped with T-64/72 tanks. This division is divided into three tank regiments, with supporting regiments and battalions. Could it be possible, that the thousands of men who are supposed to be working the Mexican oil fields, could instead be Soviet soldiers waiting for their equipment to be delivered?

What most Americans fail to realize and what our politicians and the media never tell us, is that the world fuel crisis has been an enormous deception from the very beginning. There has never been an oil shortage. This deception was not only for the purpose of forcing you to spend more for the gasoline and diesel you use, it was even more important as a means of deception by the Internationalists to cover up military moves. The big oil discovery in Mexico was a major deception used to cover Soviet activity south of the border.

Now it might be well here to raise the question of where the Soviets will be able to store the vast amount of equipment needed for an invasion and keep the American people in the dark about it. Located throughout Mexico are huge salt mines, the most massive in the world. These could very easily be used for the storage of huge amounts of military equipment. Let's look at a much smaller one in the United States located near Retsof, New York. It is 1068 feet underground and covers over 5,000 acres. Workers descending to the working level by elevator, must then take a 30 minute jeep ride to reach the working sites five miles away. The ceiling is a uniform 11 feet high, supported by rock pillars and the temperature remains a uniform 63 degrees summer and winter.

In Mexico, near Matamoros, there is a much larger dome. It is just south of the southern point of Texas. Little military activity has been sighted around this area. But fifty miles further south, near San Fernando, there is intense activity of a military nature. A 48" oil pipeline has been under construction for some time leading from the huge Cactus Petroleum plant and ending in San Fernando. Just to the east of San Fernando is the Laguna Madre Bay which enters into the Gulf of Mexico. One branch of this pipeline goes to this area. There is reason to believe that work supposedly being done on this pipeline, is nothing more than the digging of a ship channel for use in future unloading of amphibious ships. These would be able to drop off heavy Soviet armor which would be stored in the huge San Fernando salt dome for future use.

This channel would have to be about 16 feet deep to accommodate the Soviet Alligator class landing ships which carry 1500 tons of cargo. It is rather doubtful that the Soviets would take the chance of one of these ships running aground in the shallow Laguna Madre Bay and being seen by American fishermen who frequent this area. However, the Soviets have two other smaller landing craft which would be perfect for this job. One is the MP-4 landing ship with bow doors and ramps and with a draft of less than 9 feet. The other is the POLNOCNY class Medium Landing ship with a draft of about 7 feet. Both are capable of carrying Soviet heavy tanks.

In many of the so-called oil producing areas of Mexico, one can see what appears to be oil drilling derricks. They are not always drilling for oil. Some are being used to create huge underground salt caverns, similar to the Bryon Salt Dome near Freeport, Texas, where the U.S. is storing emergency gasoline supplies.

It is quite possible that the Soviet oil exploration crews who appeared in this area, ostensibly to help Mexican oil industry, were actually surveying these salt domes for storage of military equipment. We know the equipment is in Mexico. It must be stored somewhere.

Several months ago, about 200 Soviet tanks disappeared from an area about 50 miles south of the border. Our people in this area were concerned. Could they possibly have gone underground into temporary storage?

The plans for war against the United States have been in the diplomatic mill for many years. As far back as 1980, Pres. Echeverria was accusing the United States of plotting to seize parts of Mexico in order to exploit the regions oil and uranium deposits.

It is a known fact that the American military has made incursions into Mexico, probably for reconnaissance purposes. The same has been true of Soviet forces, who have been seen as far as 20 miles north of the border. Why has the media never covered this news?

Recently I received news from a trusted source, that a plan had been under discussion by Soviet/Mexican officials in which a great deal of economic pressure would be directed against the northern Mexican States, which would bring these already distressed people to the brink of rebellion. Then elements of the Mexican Government would discover a plot in which these States would attempt to secede from Mexico and join the United States. Far fetched as this may seem, it would be picked up by the Mexican press and the world liberal press who would begin a vast campaign against American imperialism. This would set the stage for the planned invasion of the U.S. Of course, the United States would be in the role of the "bad guy."

The Mexican military has been undergoing a modernization program for some time and recently, old Uncle Sucker have been providing them with some of our most sophisticated weapons - paid for no doubt, by a loan which will never be paid off. We also know that Mexico has used their petro-dollars to purchase modern equipment from France, West Germany and of course, our staunch allies, the Israeli.

We know there have been Soviet military advisors in Mexico for several years, with a large contingent arriving in July 1985. Now we have a report from a usually reliable source, which tells of a brigade of some 3500 Shiite Moslems (the suicide boys), who have just arrived after six months in the Afghanistan combat zone.

Reports have also confirmed large numbers of North Korean troops in the Baja California area and local residents say they are boasting that they will be in San Diego before the end of 1986. There are also reports of upwards of 40,000 Mongolian troops in the Yucatan area.

There have been several large peasant land invasions in Mexico over recent months in which large groups of armed peasants have taken over thousands of acres of land and have set up camps. They say to "keep alien peasants out."

In one invasion the principal cities in 11 Mexican States were virtually shut down, power was turned off and stores and factories closed. Tanks and armored personnel carriers, camouflaged to look like tractors lined the roads and were moved under cover of darkness. The following morning they were nowhere to be seen. Underground maybe?

At this time, Americans in the border towns of Nogales, Laredo, etc., knew there were thousands of soldiers in the area. On maneuvers, they were told.

Now that I have told you all this interesting stuff, it might be well to ask. What capabilities do the Soviets have for an invasion of the U.S.?

We know they have a huge invasion force of some 2-million men (our entire armed force is less than a million), complete with landing barges and equipment, in the coastal areas of Siberia. We know their initial strategy calls for an airborne strike against the Alaska pipeline and that they have at least five specially trained airborne battalions which have been ear-marked for this. purpose. We also know that while our government has been playing "footsies" with the Chinese Reds, following the same fatal path we took with the Soviets in 1945, at least eight divisions of Chinese engineers have been supporting the Soviet force.

In recent years, the Soviet Union has enlarged its military force, building up a force which is capable of intervention in distant areas. In spite of all the protests which might be made by our military or our State Department, our leaders know that we, the people of the United States are their number one target. They have told us this over and over again.

Any Christian American who believes that the Soviet Union has built up this huge military force, spending many billions of dollars to do it, for an attack against the tiny Jewish nation in Palestine, needs to have their head examined. Yet this is what Christians are being told in their churches.

The ultra-Zionist Baptist evangelist Jack Van Impe, in his book ISRAEL'S FINAL HOLOCAUST, states in Chapter 12: "Russia will invade Israel at a time when war is not expected." Knowing the situation in the Middle East, this seems to be extremely unlikely, since Israeli actions have brought about a condition where peace is impossible.

Van Impe goes on to say on P. 134 - "The weight of prophetic scholarship has gone with the conclusion that Russia is the chief aggressor ... in their end time war with Israel." This part is true. The Bible does say that Russia will be the aggressor and that Israel will be their target. The problem comes in defining who Israel is. By no stretch of Scriptural definition, can the little nation of the Jews be called Israel, since they are "those who say they are Jews and are not..." (Revelation 2:9). The true Israel nations are the primarily white nations of Christendom, which any intelligent person will recognize as the target of the Zionist-Communist hordes. By no stretch of the most vivid imagination, does Ezekiel 38-39 describe the Israelis or the Jewish nation.

Russia, according to the Scriptural account of Ezekiel 38-39 will "GO UP to a land of unwalled villages, where the people dwell in peace, to take a spoil of cattle and goods..." This certainly does not describe the Jewish country in Palestine. Any fifth grader knows that if you 'go up" from Moscow, you don't land in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. You continue over the North Pole into the heartlands of North America. The Soviets wouldn't get much of a spoil of cattle from the Israeli, since their cattle herds are less than in most counties in the United States. Certainly the people of Palestine do not dwell in peace in cities having neither bars or gates. Most of the Israeli cities are armed camps. Of course Van Impe and others of his ilk say that at this time, the Jews will have a peace treaty with their enemies. Seems very unlikely!

What these false preachers are doing is to take Scripture and twist it around to fit their own idea of "end times." They say that this attack has to come against the Jews before Christ can return. Show me anything that suggests this in Luke 21 or Matthew 24, the chapters which give Christ's own account of these end times. It clearly says there, and Jesus is talking to Christians now, not to Jews: "They (who is He speaking about, the Jews) shall deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you; and ye shall be hated of all nations for my names sake." This certainly isn't true of the Judeo-Christians, the synthetic Christians. They are loved by everybody. It is the Identity Christians, the people who know they are Israelites, who are ''hated of all men for Christ's name sake." (Matthew 24:9). In Luke 21:12 Jesus further clarifies who the persecutors will be when He states: "...they shall lay hands on you, and persecute you, delivering YOU UP TO THE SYNAGOGUES..." (Ask yourself which people worship in synagogues, there is only one.)

So we can be sure the Russian attack will be against the NATO countries and especially Canada and the United States.

But let's look a bit further at the Soviet's capabilities for such an attack. For some time now, we know they have had at least seven airborne divisions of some 7500 men each. These units are strong in anti-armor and antiaircraft capability and have a tremendous amount of firepower.

In addition they have their regular motorized rifle regiments known as MRB's. These units are transported to the battlefield via fixed wing aircraft. At present the Soviet Union has 110 of these units, plus 50 tank divisions.

They have several aircraft which can move these men and their equipment. The AN-12, a medium transport plant powered with four turbo-prop engines which can carry up to 20 tons of cargo or 80 armed paratroopers. It has a range of about 2160 nautical miles.

Their largest plane, the AN-22 has a payload of 80 tons, a cruising range of 2,650 nautical miles at a speed of 600 kpm. Their newest jet plane is the 11-76/CANDID, which can carry 120 paratroopers, a payload of 70 tons, with a range of 3,000 nautical miles and a cruising speed of just under 500 mph. The Soviets have about 1700 of these craft.

Thatcher closes his Intelligence Report with these very important words: "War is coming to this country (it's past due!) and you should personally prepare for you and your loved one's survival!

"Noah built a survival barge and stored it with food for a flood he knew was coming. And what about Joseph? He hoarded the excess food from the good years, preparing for the lean ones. He didn't sell Egypt's corn to the Communists. Noah's personal effort and that of his family saved them... Joseph's effort was done on a national level with the kings approval and the nation was preserved. IT IS CHRISTIAN TO PREPARE! These examples are in the Bible and we are told they are for our "admonition and edification." IT IS INTELLIGENT TO PREPARE! You are without excuse if you refuse!

"Some Christians will say you 'lack faith' when you make such a preparation and that 'God will take care of you.' Yet these same people look for a job to provide for their family. They do not say 'God will provide their food and clothing!'

''Most of you put locks on your doors to keep evil men out. You purchase fire and life insurance policies and keep a first-aid kit handy in case of an accident. Does this mean you have lost faith in God? Don't be ridiculous!

''The Apostle Paul, writing to Timothy said: 'If any provide not for his own and especially for those of his own house (his kindred), he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.'

"God has revealed to us through His Word, that difficult days lie ahead. Should we ignore this warning that He has given in His mercy?"


But maybe your pastor has told you that you don't have to worry about these times because Jesus will come back and ''rapture'' you out of this mess before it gets that bad. Friend, you have been taken in by a false teaching which comes from the pits of hell and which makes cowards out of potential 'soldiers of the cross.''

Jesus told His disciples about the time in which we are now living. He said it would get so bad that men's hearts would fail them for fear of the things which were happening, (Luke 21:26). He told about Christians suffering persecution words of hope in vs. 28, when He says: "When these things (wars, famines, pestilences, earth-quakes, persecutions, etc.), begin to come pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth night." Nothing about a RAPTURE- Our BLESSED HOPE is in His soon return!

In the meantime there are things for you to do. Jesus gave us a direct command: "Occupy until I come!" You don't occupy when you hide in a comfortable, air-conditioned spiritual foxhole praying for Him to rapture you of the mess you are partially responsible for. Occupation is an active, front line, military duty! It's means "contending for the faith," (Jude 3). It means having "guts" enough to put your life on the line if necessary in this fight against evil, (Hebrews 12:4).

That's the main reason the Christian Patriot's Defense League was formed. We have seen the danger from the south develop over the years. We see the ever present danger of a collapse within this country; we see an enemy invasion very probable. We know that at this time there will be terrible confusion, which the enemy will use to further their aims. We want to be prepared to protect our people to the best of our ability. If you are interested in further information, write C.P.D.L., P.O. Box 565, Flora, IL 62839.


First, make sure you are in the proper relationship with God through Jesus Christ. There is no other way! Then prepare for the safety of those you love. Always remembering that "without Christ we can do nothing!" With His help we win for "THIS IS THE VICTORY THAT OVERCOME THE WORLD, EVEN OUR FAITH," (I John 5:4).

The End

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