(Reprint of two articles from the DEFENDER MAGAZINE, September and October 1955 editions,
written by Kenneth Goff, Englewood, Colorado.)

Edited by

Lt. Col. Gordon "Jack" Mohr (AUS. Ret.)

Concerned American, for I presume you are that, if you are taking the time and effort to read this pamphlet, you are about to read two articles, written in 1955, by a man whom I consider to be one of America's great Christian Patriots.

Kenneth Goff, was at one time a member of the Communist Party, USA. He had been trained in all the uses of Psychological and Psychopolitical warfare against his own people. But he came into intimate contact with Jesus Christ and recognizing Him as Savior and Lord; his life was changed. He dedicated his life to the exposure of the evils which are slowly destroying Christianity and which are being coddled by most Christian churches, even those in the evangelical and fundamental ranks. The pastors of these churches, who should be in the "front ranks" of this battle for Christian survival, have all too often become allies of those who would destroy everything they say they believe in as a Christian. They have been "brainwashed" in their seminaries and by their church leaders, into believing the Satanic lie, that those people whom we today call "Jews," are the Chosen People of the Bible and therefore must be "coddled, protected, and supported," no matter what the cost. The first article by Kenneth Goff, was printed in the September, 1955 issue of the DEFENDER MAGAZINE.

There was launched in ancient Babylon 2500 years ago the most powerful secret organization the world has ever known. Like a serpent, it has crawled down the corridors of the centuries, and continues today to be the dominating force among the nations. Jesus called its leaders, in His day, a "generation of vipers." (As you know, a viper is a poisonous snake - ED.)

The twentieth century finds this organization more influential and powerful than ever before. Its agents operate in all areas of our national life. To those unfamiliar with the facts, what I am now saying may seem at first glance fantastic.

But such an organization does exist and must he destroyed! America and the rest of the world will he delivered from its grasp, only when the truth becomes known. The task of enlightening the masses of people is rendered difficult by the control which the organization wields over governments, international finances and channels of public information.

From the days of Moses until the war with Babylon, the main religion of Israel, both in the ten Northern and two Southern tribes, was monotheistic belief in Jehovah God and observance of the Mosaic Law. The twelve tribes first had Tabernacle worship and later the Temple rituals which looked forward to the coming of the world's redeemer.

When the Southern tribes of Benjamin and Judah antagonized Babylon, in defiance of Jeremiah's instructions, a change took place. King Zedekiah held a rendezvous with the prophet and privately admitted: "I am afraid of the Jews that are fallen to the Chaldeans." (In other words, the Jewish traitors - ED.)

Jewish pressure on the court resulted in Jeremiah's persecution and the Babylonian captivity. While in Babylon, Jewish leaders had ample time to go into the country's libraries and study the Black Magic and sorcery that had come down from the days of Cain. (At this time the Jews were not called JEWS, but were known as YHUWDIY, which simply meant an JUDAITE, or an inhabitant of JUDEA. It had no religious connotation - ED.)

These JUDEAN leaders blended the black arts with the Law of Moses and evolved the TALMUDIAN system which has remained embedded in international Jewry to the present time. The Jews entered Babylon with priests, Temple worship and the books of Moses. They came back to Palestine with rabbis, synagogues, and the TALMUD.

The TALMUD is the bible of Judaism. The Old Testament is used only for window dressing purposes. Chief Rabbi Hertz states in the front of the BABYLONIAN TALMUD:

"During the exile Israel found Itself. It not only rediscovered the TORAH and made It the rule of life, but under Its Influence new religious Institutions such as the synagogues, congregational worship without priests or ritual." (It was during this period, that the religion of Jewry developed, of which Jesus spoke, when Re said to the Pharisees of His day: (Matthew 15:9 - "In vain do they worship me (God), teaching for doctrines, the commandments of men." - ED.)
Arsene Darmester, who has been long recognized in Jewish circles as an authority on the TALMUD, has this to say:
"Nothing, indeed, can equal the Importance of the TALMUD ... The daily study of the TALMUD, which among Jews began with the age of ten to end of life itself, necessarily was a severe gymnastic exercise of the mind, thanks to which it acquired Incomparable subtlety and acumen ... The study of Judaism is that of the TALMUD, as the study of the TALMUD Is that of Judaism ... Thus became possible the strange phenomenon, unique in history, I believe, of a people dispersed to the four corners of the earth, yet one. of a nation without a land, yet living. The miracle was accomplished by a book, the TALMUD," (If any Jew, or Christian clergyman tells you that the Jews do not use the TALMUD, they are either intellectually dishonest, or ignorant - ED.)
It is the TALMUD, and nothing else, that binds international Jewry into a solid body. Darmester generalizes when he refers to the Satanic document as a "book." In reality, it encompasses 63 large volumes containing the accumulated writings of the rabbis from Babylon to the fifth century A.D.
Rabbi Morris Kertzer says: "The TALMUD consists of 63 books of legal, ethical and historical writings of the rabbis. It was edited five centuries after the birth of Jesus. It is a compendium of law and lore. It is the legal code which forms the basis of Jewish religious law and it is the textbook used in training of rabbis." (Recently in a controversy in Colorado, Rabbi Twersky, who is sup-posed to be an authority on the TALMUD, said that it contained nothing derogatory towards Christ or Christians. Yet a perusal of its pages finds it filled with hateful statements to and about the Christian faith -ED.)
While in Babylon, the Jewish authorities propounded the theory that they were a chosen people, a God race, to which all other peoples were inferior. The idea of complete control of mankind through world government developed from this seed thought.

Talmudic leaders in the day of Christ decided first to accept Him, thinking He would lead a rebellion and give them world domination. He killed that movement aborning and they turned against Him.

To accomplish their end, those who framed the Babylonian plan established an occult organization known as the Kehillah and sometimes called KAHAL which means ''Community Assembly of Government," and took the snake as a symbol. These black magicians decided to conquer the world through serpent like slyness

The head represented those who had been initiated in-to the plans of Jewish administration, while the body of the snake symbolized the Jewish people. The administration was to be kept secret, even from the masses of Jews. As the snake would penetrate the hearts of nations, it could be expected to devour everything in the way.

There was a depth of meaning to the words of Christ addressed to the TALMUDISTS of His day: "O generation of vipers. how can ye. being evil, speak good things? for out of the abundance of (he heart the mouth speaketh." (Matthew 12:34) And: "Ye serpents. ye generation of vipers. how shall ye escape the damnation of hell?" (Matthew 23:33).

The ability of the TALMUDIC power to penetrate and gain control over governments was noted in the Wilson, Roosevelt and Truman Administration (and in every one since then - ED.) - which, incidentally. resulted in two world wars and the rise of anti-Christ Zionism and Communism. (They both come from the same TALMUDIC source - ED.) The impact of the criminal code embodied in the TALMUD comes home to every American fireside, a fact to which our people for the most part, are oblivious.

These writings of the rabbis contain the filthiest rot ever put into human language. For instance, Jesus is described as a bastard, conceived during menstruation when Mary had sexual intercourse with a demon. (And bear in mind that every living rabbi occupies the office he holds in the system, for devoting years of his life to a study of the TALMUD.) When Jewish leaders accused our Lord of being the son of a depraved woman, He retaliated by saying: "Ye are of your father the devil." (John 8:44).

This is only a sample of the TALMUD's sewage. Imagine a "religious code" devoting pages and lewd details to explain the right of a rabbi to cohabit with a three-year-old baby girl.

No other "religious" teachings has ever underwritten or subscribed to lying. cheating and murder (of other races) as tenets of faith. No other "religious" teaching has become so racist that it regards the rest of mankind as being on the level with beasts.

Little wonder that our Lord defied the TALMUDISTS and called them "whited sepulchres full of dead men's bones." (Matthew 23:27).

This book contains thousands of superstitions. such as carrying pulverized manure from a white dog around the neck for certain cures. If one eats fish he must not be bled on the following day. If he has been bled, he must not catfish on the following day. On the third day both would be dangerous. After blood letting a man must not, on the same day, drink milk, eat cheese, onions or vegetables. If a man, however, has eaten these things, he should mix a quart measure of vinegar and a quart measure of wine and drink the concoction. If a motion of the bowels ensues, the evacuation should take place without, and on the east side of town. It is a sacred requirement that one MUST spit when the name of Christ is mentioned.

The contents of the TALMUD explains why the Jews are strange, different, and odd. (The Apostle Paul said: "...they (Jews) please not God, and are contrary to all men." (I Thessalonians 2:15.) Their minds have been for centuries warped by this demonic code. Their egos have been inflated into a state of self-hypnosis, causing them to believe that they are in some mysterious way, especially "chosen."

The TALMUD demoralizes everything it touches. Before this occult power gained the upper hand in our part of the world, American thought was basically Christian. But when Jews carried their Talmudic doctrines into the field of literature and art, there began to be a rapid decline.

The serpent is today crawling in every department of our national existence. It is no accident that Christian patriots, particularly the opponents of Communism, are systematically smeared and maligned by press and radio. It is no accident that millions of Americans sit night after night, and watch Jewish "entertainers" put on filthy, suggestive and disgusting programs.

Radio and TV are Talmudically controlled. Most of the actors are Jews, and the Gentiles who perform must use scripts prepared, for the most part, by Jewish writers. (Head of ABC Broadcasting Company - Jack Hausman, Jew; head of Columbia Broadcasting System, Leon Levy, Jew; head of National Broadcasting Company, Saul Nathan Lev, Jew. Head of Metromedia Television, Herbert O. Klein, Jew. Every major movie studio, with the exception of Republic, is Jewish owned and or controlled. This Jewish control of the U.S. media was not accidental or haphazard, but was a well-calculated and designed plan, a part of a larger plan to control the United States and alter its thinking towards Palestine and thereafter the Israeli. - ED.)

Anyone who doubts that our air waves are under Talmudic control only needs to do a bit of investigation. A few years ago, in Wichita, Kansas, Dr. Gerald B. Winrod tried for eighteen years to purchase time for definitely Christian broadcasts on local stations. Managers told him that the B'nai B'rith Jewry had for-bidden him the right of speaking despite the fact that he offered to submit his scripts a month ahead of time for examination. (Could it be that this was done because he was exposing Zionism? - ED.)

The B'nai B'rith Fraternal Lodge for Jews only was organized in 1843. It operates at international levels, in all countries. In 1913 the B'nai B'rith added to its many sided organization one known as the Anti-Defamation League. This outfit is richly endowed and heavily staffed, with tentacles reaching throughout the United States.

Its professed aim is to combat racial and religious intolerance. In actual practice, it has consistently directed attacks upon known opponents of Communism, using smearing, vilification, misrepresentation and character assassination. (This was what first aroused my curiosity concerning Judaism. For fifteen years I had spoken out against Communism; never mentioning the Jewish background of the beast, and everywhere I went, I was labeled as anti-Semitic. The ADL is in all actuality, the unregistered branch of a foreign government, operating without license in the U.S. - ED.) Just why any race should be permitted to operate a Gestapo in the United States is not clear.

The Anti-Defamation League is a police agency, which seems in some respects, to surpass the F.B.I. Only a few members of Congress have ever dared resist its power. It admits maintaining a force of over 2000 expert investigators in cities across the continent, and thousands of helpers.

They keep files, listing the names and containing the records of every man and woman in whom, for any cause, the Jews might have the slightest interest. The organization has been correctly labeled an "invisible government."

To give an example: It often happens when I travel about the country speaking against Communism that, upon reaching a city, I find a group of Jewish businessmen, and usually a rabbi and liberal preachers, who have called on the Pastor sponsoring the meeting.

With them they bring the same stale trash out of the A.D.L. files, charging me as being anti-Catholic, anti-Negro and anti several other things. Other speakers have had similar experiences. The local auspices sometimes become frightened and intimidated. (I have experienced this same thing on several occasions. During the hectic 1960's and early 70's, I worked the college circuit. I was speaking on the extremely unpopular subject: THE MISSING ALTERNATIVE IS VICTORY! I was heckled on every campus, and assaulted on one and every time, the slimy fingers of the A.D.L. was seen behind the hairy, smelly, hippies who insulted me and on every occasion they were composed, almost 100% of Jewish youth and Jewish led. In October of 1983, I was invited to speak at the International Convocation of the CROWN COLONY LEAGUE OF RIGHTS, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This was a group of ten, English speaking nations, all of whom realize that we have the same problems, and all recognizing thai they come from the same International Jewish source. I had to sneak into the country, since the A.D.L. was doing everything possible to keep me out. They tried to crash the meeting. A few days before, in Toronto, they had been successful, and their "bully boys of the Jewish Defense League, had thrown stink bombs and overturned literature tables", while the Province police stood by and did nothing. Now if a Christian organization had done something like this, it would have made headline across the Continent. Not a thing concerning this action ever hit the American newspapers. - ED.)

I have actually faced reports taking me back to the age of ten, so thorough is the Anti-Defamation League sleuthing. They even tell about the time when, as a boy, I tied wire around an outhouse near the railroad track on a Halloween night and the midnight freight smashed it to bits. These reports contain my school record, and many things about my private life and that of my family. They tell how I have been arrested for "criminal activities" (neglecting to explain that those activities consisted in fighting Communism.) This record against me is known to be in the files of Anti-Defamation League offices in more than 1200 American cities. (It might be of interest here to note that Kenneth Goff lived his life under threat of death from the A.D.L. goons of the J.D.L and that he was assaulted on several occasions and died a mysterious death - ED.)

From these centers goes forth millions of pieces of deceptive literature a year packed with falsehoods, half-truths and Talmudic propaganda. I am listing some of the books this Gestapo has prepared. On the surface they appear to have been written by different authors, but it is not difficult to trace them to their common source: UNDER COVER, by John Roy Carlson; THE PLOTTERS, by John Roy Carlson; HOW SECURE THESE RIGHTS, by Weintraub; THE NAZIS GO UNDERGROUND, by Riess; THE TIME BOMB, by Pillar; A MEASURE OF FREEDOM, by Forester; THE TROUBLE MAKERS, by Forester and Epstein and the APOSTLES OF DISCORD. by Ralph Lord Roy. (There have been many which have been published since 1955, probably the most recent are EXTREMIST GROUPS IN THE UNITED STATES, a Curriculum Guide, printed in 1982 in which they castigate most of the "right wing" Christian Patriots groups, while barely touching on the Communist affiliates, and the most recent, HATE GROUPS IN AMERICA, A Record of Bigotry and Violence, published in 1983. These books are actually sent into the public school system, with the expressed idea of indoctrinating the students with sympathy towards the one-world ideas of International Judaism and a hatred for patriotic Americans - ED.)

Such books are widely publicized on the radio and through the press. (Now on television "talk shows" - ED.) Millions of Americans have been deceived. But if someone should write the true story of the Anti-Defamation League, he would be attacked as an anti-Semite and smeared from Dan to Beersheba.

The power of this Gestapo is so great that it was able to seize control of the House Committee on Un-American Activities in 1954, when Congressman Velde was chairman. It is reported in Washington that they succeeded in getting "something" on him.

The time came when Committee reports had to be cleared with the A.D.L. before being released. We were treated to the spectacle of a powerful Congressional Committee becoming a TALMUDIC tool.

It was a slick operation when the Anti-Defamation League began taking over government groups clothed with the responsibility of investigating and wiping out Communist organizations. I have watched with abiding interest, the unfolding of this scheme. (It has become much worse since 1955. Today, the A.D.L. has brought into being in at least nine states, what is known as "Paramilitary Training Statutes." This is primarily aimed at militant Christian organizations which are preparing for that day when the "bottom drops out" of our society and the Zionist one-worlders step in and try and take over. They have been successful in nine states. Yet it is interesting to note, that in at least three of these states, the Jewish Defense League is allowed to carry on "full-scale" military training, even to the use of illegal fully automatic firearms and the law does absolutely nothing about it, FOR FEAR OF THE JEWS!!! - ED.) In 1947, I was visited by State Senator Ben Gettleman of Wisconsin and asked to accompany him to a talk with the editor of the Milwaukee Sentinel, a Hearst publication. He said the editor wished to see me before I appeared before the State Legislature to advocate a bill requiring professors to sign the Loyalty Oath.

I found the editor to be a Jew. He told me that the A.D.L. and various Jewish leaders were looking for someone like me, a former Communist, to dramatize before the public and become a national hero. He said they had studied several who had left the Party but found no one with the fluent speech and crusading spirit that I possessed. He said Louis Budenz had some of the qualities desired, but they were afraid to use him because he was a Catholic, under the direction of the Church. Being a Protestant, I would be more free.

The editor told me that if I would sign a statement which he had prepared, condemning Communism and Fascism together, declaring Fascism to be the greater menace, it would appear in every newspaper the next day, and from there on I would become the most publicized fighter against Communism in the nation. They would prepare books for me to assure handsome royalties. I would never again have a financial worry as long as I lived.

I read the statement. It said I agreed with Pope Pius the eleventh that "spiritually we Christians were Semites." I would have to attack Major Robert H. Williams (who wrote a devastating expose of the A.D.L. - ED), Dr. Harvey Springer, Dr. Gerald B. Winrod and scores of other stalwart Christian patriots as being dangerous to the American Way of Life.

I refused to sign, and from that day to this (1947 to 1955)1 have been under attack by the A.D.L.

When I watch the performance of men like Herbert Philbrick (former F.B.I. agent), blasting Senator McCarthy and other patriots, taking sides with leading leftists, being wined and dined by the National Conference of Christians and Jews, enjoying enormous publicity through press and radio, becoming filthy rich, I know the price they paid and the sell out of which they are guilty!

End of First Article

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


I wrote about the Jewish TALMUD in the Defender last month, explaining how this unmoral, immoral, criminal, anti-social code consisted of the accumulated writings of rabbis starting during the Babylonian captivity and ending in the fifth century A.D.

Rabbi Morris Kertzer was quoted as saying that it is the "legal code which forms the basis of Jewish religious law and It is the textbook used in the training of rabbis."

The TALMUD, not the Old Testament, is the core of modern Judaism. A limited number of the document was printed in English a few years ago by Jewish groups in England. Christianity was becoming conversant with its contents - to their horror and amazement.

(They do not relish, for instance, being told that Mary conceived Christ during menstruation by cohabiting with a demon. They find it difficult to understand why rape, murder, sharp financial practices against Gentiles and other crimes should be approved and promoted as religion. They are learning the facts about an invisible government based upon the TALMUD, which has operated for centuries, controlling nations at the top, as exemplified by the Roosevelt and Truman Administrations. (Actually this Jewish control began with Woodrow Wilson, when he was blackmailed by Jewish interests into getting America involved in World War I - ED.)

Arsene Darmester, a Jewish authority, credits mastery of the TALMUD with producing ''incomparable subtlety and acumen" which characterizes members of his race.

Any group of human beings, regardless of racial origin and structure, who might receive and apply the Talmudic code, would be capable of developing capacities of shrewdness and cunning, engineering schemes of which international Jewry has proved itself capable.

Chinamen, Irishmen, Germans or Hottentots, given the TALMUD. could develop the power to upset religions, political and social orders. They could invent twin conspiracies such as Zionism and Communism, both of which represent the flower of Talmudic thought. (THE JEWISH CHRONICLE, London, April 4, 1917 stated: "...there Is much in the fact of Bolshevism itself, in the fact that so many Jews are Bolshevists, In the fact that the Ideals of Bolshevism are consonant with the finest Ideals of Judaism..."

Rabbi Stephen Wise, one of the most powerful Jews in the world, spoke of the Russian Revolution, saying: "Some call it Communism; I call it Judaism." - ED.)

This inhuman, sinister system will have to be brought under control if Christian civilization is to survive, and if the cause of Christ is to be saved from the Anti-Christ.

Last month I showed how the Talmudic machine is operating in the United States, controlling press, radio, stage and television, infiltrating every department of our national existence, religious, political, financial and otherwise.

I discussed the Jewish Gestapo, which systematically harasses Christian and patriotic leaders, striking them down from behind the scenes, organizing such terrorist programs as the war-time so-called "Sedition Case," the attack on McCarthyism and other schemes.

Unfortunately, comparatively few Christian, loyal Bible-believing Christians, understand the true nature of the opposition which works against them, Every possible thing should be done to enlighten them. (I have found, from sad, personal experience, that most of the socalled Christian leaders do not want to know the truth - it would mean they would have to change their teaching and admit they have been wrong - very few of them have "guts" enough to do this - ED.)

Talmudic Jewry supports financially, and in other ways, left-wing causes that promise to denature and devitalize true Christian effort. Here is a clear illustration:

I have before me a 28-page volume containing the 1953 annual report of the American Jewish Committee, prepared for its members. No matter the fortuitous circumstances under which this enlightening item came in-to my possession, it is at hand.

If Christian people of the United States could read pages 95 to 112 inclusive, they would understand many things for which there is no other explanation. Ten branches or departments of the American Jewish Committee are named and their areas of operation defined, with an explanation of what each is doing in infiltrating the Protestant and Catholic church life of America. The record of results achieved and methods used for covering their steps, is frightening.

Concern is expressed over: "A Fundamentalist reaction as evidenced by the spread of revivalism, the shift of the National Council of Churches towards orthodox theology and the phenomenal expansion of the Fundamentalist churches, whose following, in some cases, has swelled more than 100% over the past decade." (The A.D.L. has been able to counter this through the rise of the electronic evangelists in the past ten years, men like Jerry Falwell, Jimmy Swaggart, Jack Van Impe, David Webber, and many others, who have gained enormous followings through their television programs. Along with this, has come a tremendous inflow of financial support. All of these successful TV evangelists, have been pro-Zionist. If they were to reveal the truth, they would be cut off immediately from the nations' TV programs - ED.)

According to this report, the denomination most responsive to Jewish infiltration, at the present time, (1953) is Methodism. The schemes used for boring into all church groups, both Protestant and Catholic, reflects "incomparable subtlety and acumen," (the very thing the TALMUD is said to teach - ED.)

Talmudic Jewry is directly responsible for the racial strife which is so rapidly developing in our country. This program includes stirring the Negro population on the theory that disturbances of this kind help the Jew.

They were directly responsible for the Genocide Treaty and numerous other un-American propositions. Intermarriages between other races is advocated in their propaganda, but not for themselves. A surprisingly large number of Negroes are coming to understand what is happening and do not propose to be the goats.

When the Jewish motivation of the old Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America became known, the chameleon changed its colors and the National Council of Churches in the U.S.A. was born.

Intimate collaboration between Jewry and the National Council is a well-known fact. (During a recent speaking trip in Colorado, in which I exposed TALMUDISM, I was attacked, not by Jewish sources, but by their stooges from the Council of Churches -ED.) There exists no barrier to their infiltration. The Jews have been given a free hand. Talmudic teachings are being planted in Sunday School literature, daily vacation Bible School programs, Church papers, denominational Colleges, theological Seminaries and other areas. Infiltration has been developed into a science.

February 25, 1955 was designated by the National Council as a "World Day of Prayer." From its headquarters in New York City, posters measuring 11 x 17 inches in size and gorgeously printed, were sent to Churches throughout the country for public display.

On the left side, reaching to the top, there appeared the figure of a BLACK CHRIST - a perfect figure of our Lord, except He was portrayed as a Negro.

On the right side and lower, there appeared the face of a white woman, eyes lifted in adoration, fixed upon the black figure.

It probably never occurred to the vast majority of Church goers seeing this placard, that there was Talmudic propaganda in the raw - the product of a well organized and powerfully financed "inter-racial" pro-gram.

We were not surprised to learn that devoted Negro Christians protested against this innovation. They know the Lord Jesus Christ was not a black man on the human side and they resent the misrepresentation. But they also know they are precious in His sight as any other members of the human race, when He is accepted as Lord and Savior.

Talmudists in the U.S. recently waged a war against singing Christmas carols in our schools. They publicly advocate observance of HANNAKUH during the holiday season, including the lighting of their candles. (Notice, they do not want to do away with Christmas and Easter, they make too much money off the Christian "goyim" during those periods; they do want to take Christ out of Christmas and Easter. It is also interesting to note, that those who bring suit against Christian observances, whether in the schools, a Christian scene on city property, or a lighted cross on a hillside, these are almost without fail, Jews. Yet the stupid Christian cannot see beyond the end of their noses to ask why? ED.) They oppose Bible reading in school rooms. They object to having Gideon Bibles placed in hotels. (America is a Christian nation. The Supreme Court has so declared. The constitution of each of the original 13 colonies, states very clearly that they were settled for the Glory of God and the propagation of the Christian faith. America was not founded to give religious freedom to all faiths. It was founded for the expressed purpose of allowing Christians to worship God according to the dictates of their conscience, without having a State church tell them how they must worship. We Christians have been tolerant of heathen religions, to our own detriment. Now is the time when we should say, either conform to our Christian heritage, or get out - ED.)

They (the Jews) are releasing films to our schools which attack Anglo-Saxons and call for the mongrelization of our race. In some places, they have gone so far as to pass out colored and Chinese dolls to little white girls to create an impression in their little minds, that in the future, their babies may be of any color.

In the Denver area last year, we were treated to an expensively produced Annual with spiral binding. which was distributed by the Talmudists through the local Parent-Teacher Association in cooperation with the Denver Public School system. It was called APPOINTMENTS, MEMORANDA AND REMINDERS.

Forty-three holidays were listed, including the following Jewish holidays: Race Relations Day, Brotherhood Week, First Day of Passover, Second Day of Passover, Last Day of Passover, First Day of Shabuoth, Second Day of Shabuoth, Fast of Ab, First Day of Rosh Hashana. Second Day of Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, First Day of Succoth, Second Day of Succoth, Shrmini Atzereth. Simhat Torah, United Nations Day and Hannukkah.

Notice, not a Christian holiday in the list. Remember now, these are the same people who scream the loudest about Christian materials in the schools. If this is wrong, then how come they can send Jewish materials into our Public Schools? - ED).

This subject is so large, that we have only touched the outer fringe of the problem. In closing, let me appeal to Christian readers everywhere to make the problem a subject of prayer, because help from a Supernatural force will be necessary if this Satanically-motivated crime against humanity is ever broken.

For further information on this far reaching problem. may I suggest the following books and articles which I have researched and written: KNOW YOUR ENEMIES, THE SATANIC COUNTERFEIT (a book on the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion), SATAN'S KIDS!, (Jewish control of the media.) and Kenneth Goff's book, the Communist textbook on PSYCHOPOLITICS (the art of controlling the thinking of an entire nation,).

May God give you the courage to take a stand on this vital issue, even if it means flying in the face of everything you may have been taught. Your future security and the freedom of your family is at stake.


The End

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