From the Horse's Mouth - (and others)



For over eighteen years, I have been touring the United States as a sort of "watchman on the wall." My calling was to warn America, especially Christian Americans, against the dangers which are seeking to destroy our white Christian civilization. But in spite of doing this to the best of my ability, for many years I refused to look at one of the most dangerous facets of the problem we are facing. This is sometimes called the "Jewish Question." The American Educator, Horace Mann, once said: "On the face of it, it must be a BAD cause which will not bear discussion. Truth seeks light, instead of shunning it." On the basis of this, we must take a much closer and more serious look at the doctrine which has inundated our Christian Churches, which insists that the people we now call Jews are God's Chosen People, and that no matter what they do, we must do our best to help them. In so doing, we are cutting our own throats, and are asking that the world slip into the Dark ages, which will be worse than anything seen in the history of mankind.

The most serious problem in dealing with this issue, is that the average Christian, especially the pastors, refuse to look at any evidence, either from the Scriptures or history, which will disprove their pet theory. Instead, they are willing to brand you as an apostate, if you have the courage to warn your fellow Christians. This is what has happened to me.

So in this article, I am going to depart from the norm. I am not going to marshall irrefutable arguments to prove my point. I am not going to point an accusing finger at those who refuse to accept the truth. Instead, I am going straight "to the horse's mouth," as the saying goes, and prove my argument by quoting the statements of the enemy.

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