The Master Plan!
(Yes, Virginia, there is a conspiracy!)

"Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free" (John 9:32)

Lt.- Col. Gordon Jack Mohr (AUS Ret)

America is in dire trouble. It doesn't take an expert to realize this. She is reeling under an ever increasing burden of crime, fear, hate, unemployment, federal, state and personal debts, increasing taxes and moral decadence.

A tidal wave of destruction is sweeping over this nation, aided and abetted by many in high positions in politics, the media, finance, education and religion.

Under this sustained pressure which is pounded down our throats every waking moment of the day -Americans are for the most part in retreat. They have withdrawn into a shell of indifference - into a fantasy world of make believe, where truths have become blurred with untruths. Nowhere is this more evident than in America's churches. Even the evangelicals and fundamentalists have been "brainwashed" into aiding and praising the worst enemies of Jesus Christ and His church, elevating them to the position of a Chosen People who can do no wrong, while they destroy the very moral fiber of America.

Today, we see a situation where ever increasing doses of "escapism" are necessary in a desperate effort to close out the hideous reality of what is happening to our nation.

The fabric of our society - the family, the church, the education system and the economy, are fast "coming apart at the seams." Most people are interested in only one thing, "Getting their share of the cake" while the getting is good, and to hell with the future and anyone else who may stand in their way of success.

Our youth, sensing that something is drastically wrong, are desperately seeking some reason to exist. When one out of four pregnancies ends in abortion; when suicide is the number one cause of death in our high school and college age group, one begins to understand the horrible indictment against a society that "stands for nothing, but will stoop to anything!"

Did all these things happen by some strange evolutionary process? Did they just happen, as the liberal intelligentsia state? Or were they created. Did we fall into our national trauma, or were we pushed? What caused the effects we see all about us? These questions must be answered, if we are to find the answer to our problems and save America. Americans must face the truth, no matter how unpleasant it may be. We must be willing to come "face to face with reality." We must face facts as they really are, not as the media, politicians, or our preachers describe them.

A few nights ago, I watched Dr. Jerry Falwell on national TV, as he celebrated 30 years of work in Lynchburg, Virginia. The entire program was taken up with praise for Falwell and what he had done. Then he made some rather stupid remarks. He said: "America is standing on the verge of a great spiritual awakening." This I believe. "The signs are all about us." He went on to say: "Things are going to get better for Christians, as this awakening takes place; prosperity will once again return to this land; unemployment will go." This is an absolute falsehood and Falwell knows it. As the spiritual awakening takes place - and it is going to be an awakening of the awareness of who we are as White Christians. It will be an awakening to the fact that Christians are to blame for what has happened in America and that unless they return to doing things God's way, instead of trying to "do their own thing," this mess will get worse. But let me tell you something with absolute certainty. As Christians awake, persecution of Christians will grow. It will come from the "brainwashed" minions of Judeo-Christianity, who cannot make up their minds whether they are Christians or Jews.

In Luke 21:9-11, Jesus predicted there would be wars, commotion, great earthquakes such as the world had never seen, famines, pestilence and fearful sights in the heavens. But before these things come, He said: ''They (He was speaking about the Jewish leaders) will deliver you up to the synagogues, and into prisons." He clearly said that the persecutors of Christians will be the Jews and you can bet your bottom dollar, that going along with them will be their stooges in the fundamental and evangelical churches.

These catastrophes which we see piling up in America, until we can scarcely keep our heads above the water, did not just happen. They were planned, centuries ago. They were scientifically engineered in great detail. We have become victims of an ingenious plot to destroy our free nation, our White race, and the Christian civilization it has brought to the world. The intelligentsia may scream: "There is no conspiracy!" "But, yes, Virginia, there is one and you better learn about it before it is too late."

This conspiracy is not new. In its modern form it was created by the Jew Adam Weishaupt in Bavaria on May 1, 1776. It was known then as the Order of the Illuminati. In our modern day society it is represented by the Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Tri-Lateral Commission. Those organizations who want to see America become part of a one world government. Its adherents are fanatical in this desire? Listen to this letter a friend of mine received recently on January 23, 1986.

Dear _____________________

You people are paranoid, it is obvious we can no longer permit your group to exist. We cannot allow the spread of your filthy, immoral Christian beliefs, onto the rest of society and the world. Naturally, you are opposed to world government ... unless it is under your fascist, American imperialism. Who are you to proclaim that the Christian-American way of life is the best way. It is obvious you have not been exposed to the superiority of communist culture. World government and subsequently world peace, cannot come about as reality until American nationalism and imperialism is smashed.

When nationalism is smashed. I will personally be there to fire-bomb your church, burn your Bibles, confiscate your firearms and take away your children and send them to Eastern Bloc schools for re-education as future leaders of the newly formed Soviet Socialist Republic of America. We're taking over this world and you are not man enough to stop us. I am prepared to fight you and all the other enemies of the State.

Sincerely, your enemy

Gregory Paul Brookbank
Spokane, WA

This my Christian friends, is what you have to look forward to, if this Zionist-Communist conspiracy is successful.

Any intelligent individual should realize, the fallacies in Brookbank's letter, re the superiority of Communism. On at least eighteen major occasions since 1917, when the Soviet Union has been on the verge of economic collapse, it has been this "terrible imperialist" country, the U.S.A., using your tax dollars, that has put them on their feet. It has been proven that they cannot even feed their people without our help, yet obviously this man believes the Communist brainwashing he has received.

Today, the conspirators at International level, are being aided in this country by Communism, Socialism, Liberalism, the National Council of Churches, Zionism and some forms of Freemasonry.

In order for us to understand what is taking place, we must grasp the reality of two statements made by two world-famous personages. Disraeli, the British Prime Minister during the reign of Queen Victoria, a Jew himself, once said: "The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those not behind the scenes."

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. one of the major conspirators, once said: "If it happens in politics, you can bet it was planned that way in some smoke filled room." In other words, it does not happen by accident!

What we see happening, is the unfolding of a cold-blooded, systematic destruction of the American Dream. It is the fulfillment of a plan forged in the dusty corridors of Babylon, over 500 years before the time of Christ.

The Master Plan has been in the British Museum in London since 1906, but it is rarely available to the public. It is too dangerous for the rank and file members of society to see.

The leaders of this movement have accepted the Luciferean doctrine of men like Adam Weishaupt, and Albert Pike, both much honored in the circles of world Freemasonry. These men worship at the throne of Satan himself. They acknowledge the authority of no one except their supreme leader. While many who are in places of political power may have pledged their allegiance to America, even with their hands on the Holy Bible - they give their loyalty to no nation. They arm and divide people; finance both sides in wars; they are the moving force behind world terrorism and they control the vast criminal underground organizations of the world, from which they siphon off unbelievable amounts of wealth.

At the root of all these problems, foreign, domestic, economic and spiritual, lies the tremendous power of world Jewry, operating under the guise of International Zionism.

In spite of all attempts by well known electronic evangelists such as Jerry Falwell, Jimmy Swaggart, and Pat Robinson, to whitewash these "sons of Satan," (Christ's words not mine, see John 8:44), these men indoctrinate millions of gullible Christians each week with their obvious falsehood such as the "Jews are God's Chosen people," yet these men know full well, that International Zionism, stands at the head of the class as far as hatred of Christianity is concerned.

Communism is and always has been a "confidence trick" used by world Jewry to acquire a nation's wealth by pretending to nationalize it for the benefit of the working class. But Communist leaders make no attempt to hide the fact that when power is in their hands, the workers are far worse off than anything they suffered under Nationalism.

The former Jewish Communist dictator of Hungary, Matyas Rahaski, for instance, had the sole gentile in his government, a man named Laslo Rajh. But he was hanged on order of Rahaski for alleged "anti-Semitism." (This is the same kind of law the Anti-Defamation League of the Jewish B'nai B'rith is pushing for in the U.S. Notice how in every articic ehich deals with "right wing" patriotic groups, the A.D.L. is always religiously quoted. They have become government advisor to the U.S. Justice Department.) Most gentile stooges of Communism have been eliminated as soon as the Communists get into power and I would venture to say that men like Falwell, Swaggart and Robinson would not last long if the Zionist-Communist clique ever took over in America. All their "playing footsies" with the Zionists would be conveniently forgotten.

When men like Falwell and Swaggart offer false assurance to their listeners, they are leading them to deliberate destruction. Prosperity will never come to America as long as the "International Jewish money changers" are allowed to operate in our National Temple. The time for a thorough housecleaning is far past. When Christians once learn the truth about who they are, and their responsibilities, then God has promised to act on our behalf. (See 2 Chron. 7:14). Until that time, He has said that He does not even ''hear our prayers," (Isa. 59:1, 2).

The Jews, down through the ages have been noted for their genius at salesmanship. In every country taken over by Communism, it has been this group of people who have been in the forefront of "selling the worker's hell of Communism," to the gullible working man, as a "worker's paradise."

How can Communism ever become a "working man's dictatorship", when it is run by the wealthy internationalists of Zionism? When as in Russia today, over 90% of the Politburo are Jews? When virtually all the high ranking military men in Russia today are Jews? When the head of the national police force, the KGB is a Jew. Men like General of Police Anathi Ivanovich Lazarov; Deputy General of Disinformation, V. R. Sitnikov; N. A. Korsnihov, Director of the KGB Illegal Operations and on and on. When ex-Soviet diplomat Theodore Butenko, fled Romania in 1938, he described Communism bluntly to the "GIORNALE D'ITALIA." "The Communists have promised to give the industries, mines, etctselo the workers and make them the masters of the country. But in reality, never has the working man suffered such privation as those suffered under Socialism.

In place of the former capitalists, a new 'bourgeoisie' have been formed, composed 100% of Jews."

In a Republic, such as the United States was meant to be, the Jewish lust for maximum profit was hindered by the formation of Labor Unions. But as the country began to be turned into a Democracy and now into a semi-socialist State, the functions of the labor unions are not to protect the worker, but to control them. This fits into the Zionist-Communist plan to perfection.

Today, without fail, wherever you see a world peace movement, either among the working class, or in the perverted churches of Christendom, you will find Communist infiltration, always Jewish led. Many years ago, in the 1920 and 30's this movement to subvert the churches was begun in one of the most prestigeous seminaries in the country, UNION THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY in New York, headed at that time by Dr. Harry F. Ward, a dedicated communist. According to FBI informants, as many as 50,000 communist oriented preachers went out from this school to contaminate the pulpits of America.

There are many "brainwashed" ministers in America who seem to believe that Communism would be preferable to another war. They are absolute fools, as any study of communist history will prove! Yet, in spite of the knowledge we have through example, the National Council of Churches, in 1969, drew up a plan for the surrender of the United States in case we got in a war with the Soviet Union, before the first Soviet bomb exploded on American soil. Their watchword was the nauseating cry: "It's better to be red, than dead!" With this kind of leadership in our major denominational churches, what chance do the parishioners have of learning the truth about this Satanic monster?

In the evangelical and fundamental churches, the people are being led astray by two monstrous lies. The one is the Judeo-Christian teaching that the people Jesus called "Children of Satan," (Matt. 8:44) are the Chosen People of the Bible and the Jewish "fairy-tale" called the RAPTURE THEORY, which neutralizes good Christian soldiers by saying to them in effect. "You have nothing to worry about if you're saved. Jesus will come back and take you to be with Him before things get too bad!" This teaching is a subversion of Scripture truth. Yet these "brainwashed" people cling to it as though it came from the mouth of our Lord Himself. If you really want to know what will happen before our Lord's return study His own words regarding it in Matthew 24 and Luke 21. There is not a hint here of anything such as a RAPTURE of Christians. However, Jesus does say to Christians, not Jews: "Then shall they (He was speaking about the Jewish authorities at this point), deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake." (Matt. 24:9). In Luke 21:12 He is even more specific as to whom the persecutors will be, as He says: "But before all these (wars, famines, pestilence, earthquakes, etc.), they (Jews) shall lay hands on you, and persecute you, delivering you up to the SYNAGOGUES, and into prisons ..." (Emphasis mine. Ask yourself who worships in synagogues. There is only one people, the Jews). How Christians can believe they are going to be different from all Christians that have gone before them, and escape this Jewish persecution, calls for a tremendous ego which in itself is decidedly anti-Christian.

Whenever Communism seeks to take over a country, they always seek to disarm them through "Peace Offensives." This is best illustrated by a speech made by Dmitri Manualisky in 1947. He was then Under Secretary of Military and Political Affairs of the United Nations. He said: "We (USSR) will offer them (the Free World), unheard of concessions and the capitalist nations, stupid and decadent, will leap at the chance to be our friends; they will be willing to cooperate in their own destruction. Then when their guard is down and they have gone to sleep, we will smash them with our clenched fist." This has been Communist doctrine since the very beginning and it has never changed Over and over again they have reiterated the doctrine: "We will never have to fight against them, because they will collapse from within." This collapse will be a planned Zionist tragedy.

The Apostle Paul, writing about the "day of the Lord," put it in words which apply to America's present situation, when he said in 1st Thessalonians 5:3, "For when they shall say, Peace and safety, then sudden destruction cometh upon them.

Today, the churches of the National Council of Churches and many of the Roman Catholic faith, are in the forefront of what has popularity been called the preaching of "Liberation Theology." This is Zionist-Communist doctrine pure and simple and is in direct contradiction to the teachings of Christ. Along with this they have started the "Sanctee, Movement," which is aiding tens of thousands of illegal aliens to enter the United States, many of them known enemy agents, under the guise of refugees. Yet these are the same churches who harp on the theme of Romans 13:1 -"Let every soul be subject to the higher powers. For there is no power but of God ..." They tell their brainwashed people that this means they must obey the government no matter what it does.

Yet on the other hand, they deliberately break the law through their "Sanctuary Movement." We are probably dealing with the worst religious hypocrites in the world's history.

Last year a leader in the South Vietnamese community admitted that possibly as many as half of the 640,000 Vietnamese refugees in this country are Viet Cong. The Roman Catholic Church in Oklahoma, which had been responsible for tens of thousands of these refugees coming to America, admitted publicly that many of them came to America, not to gain freedom, but because they could get government welfare. These are also part of the "plague of locusts" Joel wrote about.

Have you ever wondered why down through the years, from World War I to the present, the nations of Christendom (more commonly called the Free World,) have spent hundreds of billions of dollars on wars which killed off their own white people? A little study will show you that in every one of those wars the life of International Jewry was at stake and they were the only ones who benefitted from them. If we as a Christian nation can spend that amount of money on a people who hate our Christian philosophy and our Christ, why is it that we will not spend the same kind of money to halt unemployment, and keep our small businessmen and farmers on a sound business basis? Why do our bankers give huge loans to countries like the Israeli and the Third World nations who hate our guts, at low interest rates, when they charge the maximum interest rates to our farmers and businessmen?

You should know the answer if you are honest and are looking for it. War has always put gold into the pockets of the International Jews. Many years ago, following the Civil War, one of their top rabbis said: "Wars are the Jews harvests; for with them we kill off the Christians and get control of their gold. We have already killed 100 million of them and the end is not yet." This was before the holocausts of World War I and II.

In 1939, 400 world financiers held over 98% of the world's wealth under their control. Of these, over 90% were Jews. At this time, they owned over $25-billion worth of gold. If the rest of the world had copied the economics of "pre-war" Germany and coined their own money, they would have never gone broke. But when the United States tried to do this under the leadership of Abraham Lincoln in 1865, he was murdered by the Internationalists.

So using clever Jewish salesmanship, the Internationalists convinced the world that Adolf Hitler was a monster who must be stopped to save civilization. That since he meant to conquer the world, he must be stopped at all costs, and once again we were at war with our German brethren, this time killing over nine million of them.

Today we stand in similar circumstances. There are great masses of food and raw materials available in the world, but the nations of Christendom do not have enough money or gold to make them available to the rest. Why is this, when we have been the most productive. It is because the white Christian stooges of Christendom, the true Israelite people, were conned into voting for their own destruction. Led by their pastors, who had been poisoned in the seminaries, often by Jewish professors, they went into the Zionist camp in direct defiance of the Word of God, they said they followed. They "loved the Lord with their mouth, while they supported His enemies with their money and actions."

But to further the problem, these same men diluted the "true Gospel of Christianity," by a counterfeit religion which has popularity been called "Judeo-Christianity." This religion is now taught in the majority of American churches and so well have the enemy done their dirty work, that when you try and expose them, you immediately become the enemy of the Christians you are trying to save.

While our pastors thunder the words of 2 Corinthians 6:14, "Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers," and those of 2 John 11 - "Neither bid them God speed; for he that biddeth them God speed, becomes partakers of their evil deeds," they join hand in hand with the vies.people who call their Lord and Master an "illegitimate bastard." It is the leaders of Christianity, those "wolves in sheep's clothing" who have led their people into the trap of Judeo-Christianity.

Whatever view you may hold of Adolf Hitler, and he is not one of my favorite historical characters for number of reasons; in all honesty he did one tremendous thing for Germany, he put a brake on the Jewish control which was strangling pre-war Germany. In fact, he kept Germany from becoming a Second Russia.

What do the Internationalists have to say about themselves? Unbelievably, - unless you understand their way of thinking - they brag about what they are doing, while screaming "anti-Semitism" against anyone who says the same things about them.

Max Nordrow, a German Zionist leader during WW I stated in THE JEWISH WORLD; "We are neither German, English or French. We are Jews and your Christian mentality is not ours.

THE JEWISH COURIER, Jan 17, 1924 stated: "Jews may adopt the customs and language of the countries where they live; but they will never become part of the native population."

Dr. Oscar Levy, a well-known Jewish writer, in the preface to his book THE WORLD SIGNIFICANCE OF THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION, said: "...we (Jews) are today nothing else but the world's seducers, its destroyers, its incendiaries, its executioners."

We hear so much about the Jewish "holocaust" of World War II, which we know from documentary evidence has been greatly exaggerated, but which is nevertheless constantly shoved down our throats by the Jewish controlled media. Yet few Christian pastors or leaders have the ''spiritual guts" to tell the truth about the holocausts which have been brought on the Christian world through Jewish influence. Seldom will a Jew speak up about Jewish cruelty in any critical manner. Probably two of the most outspoken have been Dr. Benjamin Freedman who spent his life and fortune fighting Zionism and Dr. Alfred Lilenthal, a well-known Jewish diplomat and author who wrote a monumental book titled THE ZIONIST CONNECTION. On page 286 of this book he says: "The famed author (James Michener), a strong protagonist for Israel and equally anti-Palestinian, ludicrously presented Israel as a land of faith, although more than 60% of its population was either atheistic or agnostic.

"In the filming of ISRAEL: A SEARCH FOR FAITH, Michener continually misled his viewers not only by invariably using Zionism, the national movement, interchangeably with Judaism, the faith, but by conveniently substituting the country Israel for the people of Israel. He equated Hebrew, Israelite, Judean, Jew, and Israeli as one, so as to draw a continuity for Jews from 2000 years B.C. to date. Everyone watching Michener was led to believe there has always been an Israel, and by implication that the Zionists have every right to hold onto this land (Palestine). But in fact, aside from the 250-odd years the Kingdom of Israel existed in the 8th Century B.C., there was no entity called Israel in the Middle East until 1948."

On page 406 he says: "Americans who have recently shown how sensitive they are to the threats to their privacy and liberties when CIA wiretapping and spying was revealed, have never been told about the building of what might be called the Jewish Gestapo or the largest non-government spy system functioning in the Western hemisphere." He was referring to the Anti-Defamation League of the Jewish B'nai B'rith.

In his startling book FACTS ARE FACTS, the Christianized Jew, Dr. Benjamin Freedman says: "The confusion of the average Christian comes from the action of the clergy. Confusion creates doubt! Doubt brings loss of confidence! Loss of confidence brings loss of interest!

"There need be no confusion in the minds of Christians concerning the fundamentals of the faith. It would not exist if the clergy were not 'aiding and abetting' their worst enemies. Many clergymen are their (Zionists) allies, without realizing it, while others have become deliberate "male prostitutes" to their cause. (I believe FaIwell and Swaggart fit into this category.)

"When Christians see their leaders in retreat, which can only bring defeat, they are confused and afraid. To stop this surrender, the clergy MUST make an about face immediately and take a stand against the invisible and intangible ideological war which is subversively being waged against the Christian faith."

In another place in this same book he says: "As Christians learn how self-styled Jews have spent millions of dollars to manufacture the 'Jewish myth' for Christian consumption and that they have done this for economic and political advantage, you will see a tremendous explosion against the Jews. Right thinking Jewish leaders are worried about this, since they see it coming."

He goes on to say: "The guidance and control of America has gravitated into the hands of those least worthy of trusteeship. One of their most notable achievements, has been the making of 'male prostitutes' who do the dirty work for them.

"A 'male prostitute' is a male who offers the facilities of his anatomy from the neck up, to anyone who is willing to pay the price, exactly as a female prostitute of the same species offers her body from the waist down. Thousands of these 'pseudo-Christian' male prostitutes are circulating in all walks of life, pandering to evil propaganda for monetary profit and political power."

Since that day in Persia. about 500 B.C. when 75,000 Persians were massacred by the Jews, until the present time in the Middle East. the Jews have been the greatest murderers of all time. It's no wonder that Jesus told their leaders in Matthew 23:35 - "that upon you (Jew's) may come ALL the righteous blood shed upon the earth...'

Today. Whether you want to accept this truth or not. world Zionism is in the forefront of the attack against White Christian civilization and the benefits it has brought to mankind.

When vou realize that the Jew' is taught in his most holy book. the TALMUD. that you as a Christian are an "animal." (BABA MEZIA, p. 144b): and that a Jew may lawfully cheat a non-Jew (Baba Kamma, 113b): and that ''all property of other nations belongs to the Jewish nation, who consequently is entitled to seize upon it without any scruples,'' (CHOSEN HAMISPHAT. 348): then you can understand why they act as they do and why the Apostle Paul said of them: Who hath both killed the Lord Jesus, and their own prophets. and have persecuted us (Christians): and THEY PLEASE NOT GOD, AND ARE CONTRARY TO ALL MEN," (1st Thessalonians 2:15 - The emphasis is mine!)

Today, most people are reluctant to speak about ''race." It seems as though it is perfectly all right for a Black man to believe that "Black is beautiful!'' but when a White person expresses pride in race, they are immediately labeled a "racist." But "race" is and has always been one of the most important issues in world history and we will be destroyed unless we take cognizance of this fact. The downfall of World Zionism-Jewry will take place when the Aryan (White) people of the world once again become "race conscious." This is why Disreali, the British Prime Minister of Britain during the time of Queen Victoria. said: ''The question of race is the secret of the history of the world."

The Jews brag that they will remake the world through Communism. The Jewish author Lewis Brown, in his book HOW STRANGE OF GOD!, stated: "We intend to remake the Gentiles...what the communists are now doing in Russia.

In 1917, America went to war to "make the world safe for democracy." Then in 1941, we again entered a Jewish made war to give the Jews a homeland in Palestine, which was stolen from its rightful owners, the Arabs. Now we are standing on the verge of World War [II, to bring America into the Zionist-Communist camp. In none of the preceding wars has America gained anything of value. Everything of value was realized by International Jewry.

The Jewish Rabbi Lee J. Levinger, wrote in his book FOLK AND FAITH: "Is it any wonder American G.I.'s in Europe are called 'Gentile idiots'? This expresses the stupidity of the Gentiles who fight each other for our (Jews) benefit and who have never in 2000 years fought a battle for ourselves."

But White Christians are waking up? A rumbling growl is coming from the "sleeping giant." The day of reckoning is close at hand. Let the Jews in America, who put Israel before their allegiance to the United States tremble in their shoes and let the Zionist prostitutes in our churches and politics stay awake nights for fear of the retribution which has been long in coming . It will!

I have never been one of those "hot heads" who say: "Kill them all!" because I believe God meant what He said when He wrote: "Vengeance is mine, I will repay!" (Romans 12:19). But He also spoke words conveniently forgotten by most ministers of the Gospel, found in Luke 19:27, when He said: "But those mine ENEMIES, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither and slay them before me." (I didn't speak those words, they came from the lips of the Son of God, who you Christians claim to worship.)

My Christian friend, you better believe God when He says: "Be not deceived, God is not mocked; for whatsoever a man (or nation) sows; that shall he (it) also reap." (Galatians 6:7) and that goes for you as a Christian and for those who are trying to destroy Christianity.

American Christians who take the time to study for themselves, without listening to the words of some preacher who has been "brainwashed" in a seminary, know that it has been the Jew who has organized and directed Black hatred against White Americans. But the Blacks are beginning to wake up too. There are Jews who feel: "So what! Let the gentiles hate us, as long as we are in control.'' But these may very well wake up soon to a situation they no longer control.

Former Ambassador James W. Gerard, spoke a great truth when he stated in the New York Times, October 8, 1934: "If the American people ever get the idea that the Jewish race and Communism are synonymous, there is a possibility of a program in the United States that will make those of the Czar look like a small parade."

You Jews with a bit of intelligence better wake up and see where your leaders are taking you!

You Christians who have become so brainwashed by your Judeo-Christian propaganda, look at history, I dare you and see where Judaism has taken others. If you refuse to believe me and label me as "anti-Semite," so be it but look at Jewish writers and see why they call you "morons," and "mongrels," and refer to your Lord Jesus Christ as an "illegitimate bastard born out of wedlock." These same Jewish writers openly brag that in the last 2000 years, less than 1% of their race has inter-married with the gentiles - yet they are in the forefront of pushing mongrelization between Blacks and Whites - ask yourself, why?

Ask yourself why Jews have always been in the forefront of liberalizing immigration laws, which have flooded this country with the world's undesireables at our expense. It was from the home front of Communism - Russia that millions of Jews flocked to the United States. They did not go to their homeland in Palestine. but to the "promised land" of America. They were like the "swarm of locusts" prophesied in Joel 1.

But thanks be to God, regardless of what you may believe, God has promised to restore His land (America not Palestine) and if His people will but straighten out their hearts and follow Him (See Joel 2:18-27).

The Jews have always destroyed every countrv which has accepted them; just check the historical record. They have not been persecuted because they are Jews, but because they have always persisted in carrying out the diabolical plot of Zionism and Judaism, which calls for a world wide Jewish dictatorship.

Have you ever wondered why most Jews refuse to live in the Israeli State in Palestine? One Jewish leader said: "America is our Promised Land!" It is because the Jews are a "parasite'' people who cannot practice ''anti-Gentilism" in a Jewish State. They must have "non-Jews" to live off.

But the time has come, when you as a White Christian MUST make up your mind. Either we will break out from the bondage of world Jewry or we will become their total slaves. More and more in the controlled media of America, we see the term ZOG (Zionist Occupational Government). This is true symbolism, for America has been under their alien control for at least fifty years, no matter whether Republicans or Democrats were in Washington. We have been living under an alien government.

Now is the time for us to rise up and break these chains of bondage. Now is the time when true Christians must echo the words of Patrick Henry when he said: "I know not what course others may take; but as for me, GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!"

Will you join in a Crusade to deliver America from foreign bondage? Then the first step you must take is to get into a right relationship with our king; Jesus the Christ. He has promised that if His people "which are called by His name, will humble themselves, and pray and seek His face; then will He hear from heaven, and will forgive our sins, and WILL HEAL OUR LAND."

This is the first step! The second is that when we know the truth, armed with the strength which can only come from our God, we will go on victory in His name.


The End

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