Odds and  Ends About....
(Zionists - COMMUNISTS - Socialists AND Assorted liberals! for further Enlightenment!)

Lt. Col. Gordon "Jack" Mohr (AUS, Ret.)

"Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free "(John 8:32)

He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him... He is a liar, and the father of it, " (John 8:44)

ODDS AND ENDS ABOUT JEWS - COMMUNISTS - SOCIALISTS - LIBERALS - THEY ALL COME FROM THE SAME SOURCE - John 8:44 - "Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do..."

FROM THE DON BELL REPORTS OF THIRTY YEARS AGO - RACE, RELIGION AND RESTORATION: RACE is a think of God. "I will put enmity between thy (Satan's) seed and her (Eve's) seed," was one of His first promises: "each shall produce after its own kind," one of His first commandments. And history has proved that man can make many errors and mistakes, fall victim to many faults and sins; yet mistakes can be erased and sins forgiven, and man can yet have another chance. But one mistake can never be erased, one sin will be visited upon succeeding generations for all time to come: that is the sin of miscegenation. Man can recover from the effects of other mistakes - but he can never wipe out or hide the mistake of race-mixing. If there is any doubt of this fact; then look with compassion upon the people of Egypt and India, Brazil and Mexico; nations whose people have reached the "point of no return" in human progress because of the sins of their fathers. In the spiritual sense, there is no difference between Black and White, miscegenated Brown and Oriental Yellow; all are equal before the throne of God (as they should be before a court of law). But in the physical, material, and carnal sense, they are different and separate, each having its peculiar physical and mental characteristics, each contributing to the glory of God and development of man if kept separate, but becoming an abomination if polluted one with the other. Racial purity, therefore, is a thing upon which there can be no compromise. We can look with compassion and charity upon the victims of the sins of their fathers - but we MUST forbid the perpetuation of that sin.

RELIGION is the quality which determines the moral fiber, character, social and economic integrity of a people or nation. Materialists look to government for security; Demo-ologists look to power, prestige and money for security - CHRISTIANS LOOK TO God for security. As in Race, there can be no mixing of these. Under the Constitution and the systems of Colonial government protected in their rights to "seek first the Kingdom of God," and then the greatest riches the world has ever known were added. The trouble began when man began seeking man-made security before he sought God-granted security. This which was a Christian nation, must return to the fundamental, undiluted, inspired and inspiring Christianity of our Founding Fathers, if we are to deserve to survive as an independent, Sovereign Republic.

RESTORATION of Constitution-guaranteed personal and property rights is the third part of our foundation upon which we must build our political counterrevolutionary program. States' Rights is a part of this. So is the repeal of the Federal Income Tax and the Federal Reserve System. So is separation from the United Nations, its agencies and all other International creations of a multilateral agreement. But there is more to Restoration than merely cleaning these barnacles off the hull of the Ship of State. We can't just "clean up," we must "restore."

In other words: if we succeed in cleaning the evil from our governmental home; empty, sweep and garnish it; we may find seven times more evil creeping in unless we replace evil with good, rather than simply eliminating it (See Matthew 12:43). When evil is taken out, an empty space is left which will be refilled with greater evil; unless we fill the void with positive good.

Our Founding Fathers did not simply wipe out the weakness and evils of the Articles of Confederation. They replaced its evils with positive good.

As political counter-revolutionists today, we face exactly the same situation. We must not just eliminate the corroding evils which have weakened our Constitution; we must fill the empty gaps and rebuild the very foundation of our Constitution; so that greater evils may not creep in to complete its destruction. If we are to wipe out our present vicious and unjust tax structure, we must replace it with a better tax structure. If we are to destroy the Federal Reserve System, we must replace it with a sound, interest-free money system, that will prevent the entry of new and greater evils and so on down the line.

Here are the seven sinful "Isms" of Civilization which must be replaced:

1. - Babylonian usury system

2. - Anti-Christism

3. - Centralism

4. - Imperialism

5. - Socialism

6. - Communism

7. - Zionism - Talmudic Judaism - Judeo-Christianism

* * * * *


1. Preserve America as a Christian nation, placing God first in all that we do, ever being conscious that there is a highly organized campaign underway to substitute Jewish tradition for Christian truths.

2. Expose, fight and outlaw Communism.

3. Safeguard American liberty against the menace of Fascist bureaucratism. (By Fascism I mean a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power; who regiments all industry, commerce, agriculture, etc., for the benefit of the State rather than the citizens.)

4. Maintain a government set up by the majority which abuses no minority and is abused by no minority. Fight mongrelization and all attempts to force the intermixture of the Black and White races.

5. Protect and earmark national resources for the use of our citizenry first.

6. Maintain the George Washington Foreign Policy of Friendship with all nations who desire to be our friends; trade with all nations who show a desire for this friendship, having entangling alliances with none of them.

7. Oppose a world government and a super-state.

8. Prove that the Worker, the Farmer, the Businessman, the Veteran, the Unemployed, the Aged, and the Infirm can enjoy more abundance under the true American system than any alien system now being proposed by the foreign propagandists.

9. Safeguard America's tradition in relationship to immigration, and,

10. Enforce the Constitution as it pertains to our monetary system. "If my people, which are called by my name (Christian), will humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways.. then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sins, and WILL HEAL THEIR LAND," (2 Chronicles 7:14). THIS IS THE FORMULA FOR OUR SURVIVAL!!!

* * * * *


It is not generally known, but Harry Truman got fed up with the high-pressure he was receiving from the Zionist Jews in Washington, and might have resisted them completely if he had had the political strength and the moral courage to so. Even in his memoirs, Truman said: "The pressure brought to bear on me by prominent Jews was scandalous."

The death of Truman's Secretary of Defense James Forrestal continues to remain a mystery. Technically and legally he was a suicide but there are many ways to murder a man by driving him to suicide, and there is considerable evidence that a scientific and psychological process was used against Forrestal. He was the first man or consequence in the U.S. Government in the years after World War II who had the guts to resist Zionism and warn the American people about what the Zionists were trying to do.

* * * * *


The following taken from Eric Butler's THE INTERNATIONAL JEW, P.29. (A quotation from Lloyd George of England): "The boast that Jews as an International force are invincible, was demonstrated during WW I in connection with the aim of the Zionists to establish a Jewish National homeland in Palestine. There appears to be little doubt that, if the British Government, during a desperate and critical period of the war, had not made a bargain with the Zionists, the powerful Jews would have made a bargain with Germany in exchange for support for their aims. Lloyd George, an intimate friend of the Zionists admitted this in THE TRUTH ABOUT THE PEACE TREATIES, Vol. II. he wrote: "The German General Staff in 1916 urged the Turks to concede to the demands of the Zionists in respect to Palestine. Fortunately the Turks were too stupid to understand or too sluggish to move...The Germans were equally alive to the fact that the Jews of Russia wielded considerable influence in Bolshevik circles. The Zionist movement was exceptionally strong in Russia and America..." The support of the Zionists meant a great deal to the war effort."

Page 20, 21: "Mr. Lloyd George, speaking of the actions of the international financiers after World War I, said: 'The International Bankers (Jews) swept statesmen, politicians, journalists and jurists all on one side and issued their orders with the imperiousness of absolute monarchs who knew there was no appeal from their ruthless decrees.'"

Col. John Beaty, in his book THE IRON CURTAIN OVER AMERICA, p.49, says: "...President Wilson was readily won over to a scheme concocted later in another compartment of the British Government. This scheme, Zionism, attracted the favor of Prime Minister David Lloyd George, who, like Wilson, had with prominent Jews certain close relations, One of which is suggested in the ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITTANICA article (Vol. XIX, p.4). According to S. Landman in his paper, SECRET HISTORY OF THE BALFOUR AGREEMENT, World Jewry on March 1, 1935, after an understanding had been reached between Sir Mark Sykes, and Weizmann. Sukolov, resolved to send a secret message to Justice Brandeis, that the British Cabinet would help the Jews to gain Palestine in return for active Jewish sympathy and support in the U.S. for the allied cause, so as to bring about a radical pro-ally tendency in the U.S.

According to information given in THE JEWISH CHRONICLE, February 7, 1936, "...certain representatives of the British and French Governments had become convinced that the best and perhaps the only way to get America involved in the war, was to secure cooperation of American Zionists by promising them Palestine. Since President Wilson at that time attached the greatest importance to the advice of Mr. Justice Brandeis (Jew), the Zionists worked through him to get America into the war."

* * * * *


It never ceases to amaze me at the thinking of certain Christian people from the Northern parts of the U.S. concerning their relationships with Blacks and their constant criticism of their Southern Christian brethren.

It is expected that the extremists and demagogues of the "left" with their Communist stooges (many of them in the churches), would be very outspoken in their condemnation of Southern customs. They love to speak out about mongrelization, integration and other things which they contend are evil, without ever having come into close contact with any of them. Having been raised in the North, I have lived in the South for the past 22 years. I believe I have the right and the duty to speak out about this tendency.

So-called Northern Christians, who at the drop of a hat condemn their Southern brethren as devils, sinners, and hate mongers because they have a practical and Scriptural notion about how they should live alongside the Black, without intermingling their blood with them, need to take a hard, fast look at what is happening in many large Northern cities.

If the theory of segregation was something which was only being advocated by people with vested and selfish interest, then it could be taken more lightly and condemned without argument; but it is a well known fact, that the overwhelming White population of the South is more gentle, kind, hospitable. and yes. Christian, than their complaining counterparts in the North. I can testify to this from personal experience.

While possibly 90% of White Christians in the South are opposed to integration of the races, and by this I'm thinking of miscegenation, they hold no hatred in their hearts for Black people. In fact, in most areas, where Northern liberal agitators have been kept out, they live at peace with their Black neighbors. They do business with each other. They have employer relationships with each other and they get along well.

They don't have the problems that the Northerners do, when they are forced to live alongside large populations of Blacks, who have been taught that they have the right to be taken care of, by the more productive White population. It would seem that the Northern Christian, who has had experience with the troubles which have come to the "inner cities" since the influx of colored peoples, would be the one's who understood why these problems exist. Instead, they are the first to criticize Southerners, who do not want this to happen in their area.

Everyone of intelligence knows about the great shift in population in the big cities of the North and Northwest. The loose thinking of the White leadership in those areas is now beginning to show drastic results, or to use the old phrase: "The chickens are coming home to roost!" Cities like Chicago, New York, Cleveland, and St. Louis, not to mention Los Angeles, are breaking at the seams with the hordes of aliens who have flocked in during the past decade. All with extremely unhappy results. If you don't believe this, look at the economic conditions of these cities and the crime statistics. Then have the gall to criticize those who do not want this to happen in their area. SOMEWHERE, SOMETIME, SOMEHOW, SOME IN GOVERNMENT SHOULD LEARN BY EXPERIENCE, RATHER THAN POLITICAL EXPEDIENCY!!!

* * * * *


Wise patriots will not allow themselves to be manipulated into a position where they will have to take sides with Israel against Russia, or Russia against Israel. We must never forget that both of these movements are anti-Christ and were both founded by ruthless Jews. Mature observers believe that any pretense of conflict between the purposes of Zionism and Communism is merely an act for the purpose of deceiving the Christian world.

Zionism is as completely evil as Communism. The Zionist manipulators are attempting to create the impression that they are America's chief defenders in the Middle East against Communism. This is a fraud and a deceit. We as Christians, must be loud and consistent in our opposition to both Communism and Zionism, knowing that behind the scenes and under cover the leaders of both groups are working together. Don't ever forget that the most prominent Jew of the 2Oth Century, Rabbi Stephen Wise said: "Some call it Communism: but I call it Judaism!"

* * * * *

GERMAN STRENGTH: Americans of German descent should take heart at this: The German people are demonstrating with hard work, application and traditional intelligence that they are still a strong people. In spite of the efforts of International Jewry to destroy, or at least control them, they are emerging as the strongest nation on the European Continent, much stronger than Britain. We blew up her buildings during World War II, at the urging of International Jewry. We divided her nation. We allowed her sons to be enslaved by the savages of Jewish Communism. We permitted the Communist armies to overrun and invade her land, raping her daughters and slaughtering all who stood in their way of rapine and plunder. We wiped her national capitol virtually off the face of the earth. We subdued her defeated people by sending hordes of Jewish bureaucrats to pour salt in her wounds. We violated the moral code of all time by slaughtering her soldiers following the farce of the Nuremberg trials. Yet in spite of every effort by the anti-Christs, Germany, like the Phoenix, is rising from the ashes of defeat as the most progressive, vital and dynamic nation in Europe. For this we should thank Almighty God!

* * * * *

HERZL: For the benefit of the "lefties," "softies," ''sentimentalists'' and other varieties of blind citizens, I would like to call attention to the words of Theodore Herzl, the founder of the World Zionist Movement. In a book written by Ludwig Lewisohn, entitled THEODOR HERZL, the following alarming quotation is found on page 250: "When we (Jews) sink, we become a revolutionary proletariat, the corporals of every revolutionary party; and when we rise, there rises also our terrifying financial power." A WORD TO THE WISE SHOULD BE SUFFICIENT!

* * * * *

INFILTRATION: Closing the barn doors after the horse is stolen may do some good, but it is rather impractical as it relates to the horse which has been lost. It may create an impression which will keep the owner from losing another horse, but its too bad that the discovery of the unlocked doors did not come before the horse was stolen, not afterwards.

This similie could be applied to our Foreign Policy. There was a time when our Legislators were concerned with enemy infiltration into this country and we had an organization called the INTERNAL SECURITY COMMITTEE, which did a fairly good job in keeping them under observation.

However, in recent years, it seems that as Zionist control over Washington has tightened, it has become unpopular and downright dangerous for politicians to take a stand on the side of National Security. We know the Communists have made vigorous and sustained efforts to infilter the Jewish controlled media and entrench their members in all forms of mass communications. We know they have moved into our school system, especially in the institutions of higher education. We know they constantly hide behind the cloak of the First and Fifth Amendments. Yet when our FBI stated in 1983, that they knew of over 100,000 enemy agents within the United States, they did nothing about it except keep them under surveillance. Yet when a small group of extremists, like the ORDER in Washington, or the CSA in Missouri come into the limelight, they are splashed all over the media, for weeks on end. Why is it that the American people have never heard about the Communist agents within our country. Are our spineless Congressmen afraid of causing "ripples in the diplomatic pond," or is it that our Zionist controlled government doesn't want our people to know the truth? Our Government admits now that we made a bad mistake when we armed the Soviets 45 years ago and gave them our technical secrets; why then are we doing the same thing with the Red Chinese? HAVE WE NO MEN OF INTEGRITY IN WASHINGTON?

* * * * *


Have you ever wondered at the brazen presumptions of some people? For instance there was this dispatch out of Chicago a number of years ago by Rabbi Louis Binstock of Temple Sholom. At a convocation at the University of Rhode Island he stated: "Communism is here to stay, it is likely to change, but it will not explode or crack as some wishful thinkers like to hope.

"The fact of communism exists but what the different countries do with communism is important to the civilized world."

* * * * *

This statement was made by General George Van Mosley, concerning issues in Washington, D.C. thirty years ago. It certainly applies today: "Over nineteen hundred years ago, a divinely inspired Man walked upon this earth. If He had come to us today, He would have found a nation living gaily beyond its means, both nationally and individually, a nation almost completely controlled both economically and politically by the money changers. Had He attempted to instruct our people and turn them away from their downward course, He would have been silenced and destroyed just as so many patriotic Americans have been silenced and destroyed during this present day tragedy.

"Christ found a replica of those conditions in His homeland. He labored unceasingly for the redemption and salvation of His people. But nothing could have saved Him after He drove the money changers from the temple. The Pharisees and Jews demanded His trial. But Pilate could find no guilt in Him: It was the custom of the Roman government, for the purpose of the conciliation of the Jews, to release one Jewish prisoner at the yearly Passover. A word from the mob could have saved the life of Christ. Instead they cried out: "Give us Barabbas (a condemned robber and murderer) - CRUCIFY HIM, LET HIS BLOOD BE ON OUR HANDS FOREVER." And so Christ carried His cross to His crucifixion.

"This highly important historical fact should be of vital interest to us today when similar mobs are demanding the release of traitors and criminals while just laws, written for our protection, are so often and brazenly broken.

"The cry 'GIVE US BARABBAS' was heard around the world when the same old mob appealed for the exoneration of the Rosenbergs. It has been heard for the release of every convicted traitor and in support of those who are undergoing investigation for trial. (It was heard recently, in all its stridency, when a Jew was found guilty of spying for Israel and our Government let the Israeli slip by without trying him.)

"These demands come from the professors, ministers and liberals, seeking not only the pardon of traitors (mostly Jews) found guilty of treason, but those groups go further. They not only cry for the release of Barabbas, but they demand the repeal of the laws under which traitors are tried. It was J. Edgar Hoover who said: 'I confess to a real apprehension as long as communists are able to secure Ministers of the Gospel to promote their evil work.' (It is a known fact, that over 50,000 Communists went into the pulpits of America, through such liberal organizations as the Union Theological Seminary of New York- ED).

"Every informed person knows that the Jews are the instigators and leaders of communism. The evidence from Jewish sources is conclusive and to the point. The American people are not told the truth of the situation in such places as Poland. While these nations want their freedom from the Soviet Union, the thing they have been fighting is rule by Jewish officials.

"How strange it is that the problem of the Jew cannot be discussed on the floor of either the House or Senate. It is the greatest problem before the world today because the Jew has infiltered into every phase of world affairs, and he is behind the throne of every government. There can be no peace in the world until this problem is brought squarely into the open and frankly discussed and settled for all time.

"With all the evidence before us, why should we allow Zionist Jews to infilter throughout our Government? They are being appointed to vital posts where they can be a leading part in the active revolution when it comes. Our people have short memories. As we view the world today, let us remember the words of Stalin when he said: 'I consider that the Communist Party in the United States is one of the few communist parties to which history has given decisive tasks from the point of view of the world revolutionary movement. The revolutionary crisis has not yet reached the United States, but we already have knowledge of numerous facts which suggest that it is approaching. It is necessary that the Communist should be capable of meeting the moment of crisis, fully equipped to take direction of future class wars in the United States. You must prepare for that, Comrades, with all your strength, and by every means; you must constantly improve and Bolshevise the American Communist Party. You must forge real revolutionary leaders of the proletariat, who will be capable of leading the millions of American workers towards the revolutionary class war.

"If this problem is not faced and solved by proper governmental actions, the peoples of the world will one day be driven to solve it for themselves, and it will be a sad day for the Jew. No Genocide Treaty will protect them when courageous citizens finally act to rid their respective nations of these inhuman pests." SIGNED: Gen. George Van Horn Mosley. How many Christians do you know, who even care about the Jewish infiltration of our government and schools? Most of them think of the Jew as God's Chosen, who must never be criticized!

* * * * *


Most Jewish leadership is emotional, irrational and un-philosophical. A Jewish public official, such as a Congressman, or a public figure such as a Rabbi, or a prominent businessman can discuss almost any subject and seem to be calm and judicial in his approach until it comes to his racial aggressiveness, anything involving so-called anti-Semitism, or anything involving Zionist ambitions. Then it is that the public individual, regardless of how calm he seems to have been before, becomes irrational, bitter, emotional, nasty and vindictive. There seems to be a minority of Jewish leadership which recognizes the dangers which can grow out of this highly charged emotional situation. Such irrational attitudes can produce natural reactions among the goyim and Christian goyim in particular. (The brainwashed "sheeple of Judeo-Christianity," are never bothered by this nasty Jewish attitude.)

Well known Jewish leaders have called on their fellows for temperance. They suggest that while Americans of Jewish faith have a religious heritage in Israel, they should not meddle in the political affairs of this country. One of them, a Major General in the Army said: "Americans of Jewish faith realize that their first concern is the United States, and should Israel ever adopt a policy detrimental to American interests, strong action will be taken." Here a Jew recognizes this basic fact, yet the preachers in our evangelical and fundamental churches can't seem to get it through their heads, that the Jews are just what Jesus Christ called them, "Children of the devil," who will do the lusts of their father Satan. (John 8:44).

* * * * *


Two Jew-promoted world wars have been responsible for the destruction of the British Empire as such. The first World War was the result of Jewish manipulation in favor of their ambitions in the Middle East. The second World War was the result of Jewish manipulation of the defense of Communist Russia and in defense of the Jewish population of Europe. Out of these two "real holocausts," have come an impaired British Empire. The British lion has lost most of her teeth. Her Empire is shrinking. Her international trade has been shrinking. Her domestic economy is menaced. While this is happening, Britain is swamped by aliens from a completely different culture and background, who are destroying the few remaining traditions of Britain's greatness.

As a result of this situation, the visa offices in Britain are crowded by young men who are trying desperately to get out of Britain, and into Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, where the same problems are shaping up.

* * * * *


Rudolph Hess, the German diplomat came to Britain in 1940 to try and make peace and was found "not guilty" by the International Military Court at Nuremberg of committing war crimes; yet he was sentenced to life imprisonment for "plotting against the peace." His chief accuser was the Soviet Union who charged that Hess did not try and stop Hitler's invasion of Poland in 1939. Isn't this interesting, seeing that the Soviet Union invaded Poland from the East. This fact alone will go down in history as one of the most "barefaced" mockeries of justice ever seen.

Since then, a disclosure of the German Foreign policy Documents shows that the Duke of Windsor sent a personal telegram to Hitler six days before the outbreak of the war, urging him to use his influence to preserve the peace. Hitler replied with a telegram on August 27th which stated: ''You may rest assured that my attitude towards Britain and my desire to avoid another war between our peoples remains unchanged." The absurd guarantee given by Great Britain to Poland to go to her help if attacked by Germany was impossible to implement and war was inevitable.

But Hitler was wrong when he suggested that it depended on Britain whether there would be war or peace. Neville Chamberlain admitted in a conversation with James Forrestal, the American Defense Secretary, that "the world Jews forced England into the war," as disclosed in the Forrestal Diaries. Isn't it strange how history repeats itself?

* * * * *


Did you know that during World War II, a move was started to place a Bible in the hands of every American soldier in uniform. The official Jews put up quite a howl because of a certain verse in the Bible that referred to them as "children of Satan." In case your pastor never read this verse in your church, it is found in John 8:44 and is Jesus speaking to the Jewish leaders. lie said: ''Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: "for he is a liar, and the father of it.'' (John 8:44).

President Roosevelt yielded to Jewish pressure and over a million Bibles were burned by Governmental order:

* * * * *


The newspaper GOTHIC RIPPLES carried the following dispatch: "The biggest trek in Jewish history is now taking place. They are moving by the thousands from the East to the West and into the State of Israel. (Most of them are coming to the Promised Land, the United States - ED). This movement is going on under the cloak of "refugees." Two things are clear however. They are not fleeing some form of Soviet anti-Semitism, because in spite of what we hear, the Iron Curtain com thies are still under Jewish domination. They are not moving because of the possibility of an atomic war, since if that happened, not even Tel Aviv or New York would be safe. Could it be that they are beginning to realize that they are no longer safe behind the Iron Curtain? that the collapse of Communism, if it comes, would see a turning by an enraged gentile population against the secret Jewish police which have harassed them for so long? Among these refugees, therefore, are the worst types of Communists - ready to bring Bolshevism to any country which gives them adoption.

Covering the real reason for the vast movement of Jews is the smoke screen of the press, which is always talking about ''anti-Semitism'' in Russia. This anti-Semitism is confined to a quarrel between the Atheistic and Communist Jews of the U.S.S.R. and the so-called "religious" Jews. A few years ago, books from Russia were banned in Israel, because the censor said: 'Soviet Jewish writers have published books attacking Zionism as a narrow, racialist and religious doctrine." ENOUGH SAID?

* * * * *


Whoever dreamed that the day would come in America when we would not be permitted to sing the beautiful folk songs of Stephen Foster. Today, because of the influence of the "mongrelizers'' and the "demagogues", certain beautiful folks songs cannot be sung, because they use words such as "darkies," "massa," and "mammy'' which they say does an injustice to the Black people. Where such words appear, they must be deleted.

I guess that if Stephen Foster, one of our greatest American song writers was alive today, he would be smeared by the Anti-Defamation league, his name would appear in their black book, and he would be advertised to the "dummies" of America as a "hatemonger" and "bigot."

* * * * *


I love the South. I was not born here, but I have lived here for the last 22 years and am a sympathetic citizen of the South.

Forty million white people in the South are being "crucified", "burned at the stake," "smeared", and "trampled on." Whatever is necessary to make others believe they are bad, nasty bigoted people is being done.

Never in the history of our nation has the Jew-controlled propaganda machine of the instruments of communication, including the press, radio and television, been so ruthless in destroying and subduing an important segment of our citizenry. Nothing like it has happened since the days of the Reconstruction.

''We face a disgraceful situation of a few' demagogues, financed largely with Jewish money, as they mobilize millions of Black votes in the large Northern cities, not for the benefit of the American people, but so that they can subdue the white majority in America.

"I am disappointed in the South - no more so. say than in the West or the North, but in the way the South has dealt with this betrayal of American principles. They have produced no dramatic or dynamic leadership for the most perilous moments of oar existence.

"Instead, we see softness and vacillation among large numbers of the clergy and vacillation among church bureaucrats. We see Congressmen and Senators who are indulging in double talk for fear they will lose some pork barrel legislation and will rot be re-elected. We see Senators from Tennessee, Texas, Mississippi, Georgia and others, as they hold back, indulging in two-faced statesmanship for fear that their ambitions for the Presidency may be hurt, or that their personal ambitions might be imperiled.

We have seen the "statesmanship of which the South was once proud, replaced with a degrading chickenship." We need young men and women in government, who are proud to be Southerners and who are willing to stand up and be counted, no matter what the cost. We need men and women who will make no compromises with evil or evil men. Who will stand foresquare for the rights of the races to be separate. I am disappointed that the South has not produced such leadership in the twenty plus years I have lived here.

God give us men and women. In the North, in the West, in the South - (there is little chance for this in the East, for they have been in a state of decay for too long.) Men and women who are interested in the welfare of America before that of the Israelis. Men and women who are interested in what is best for America, before the wants and demands of the Cannibal Debating Society we call the United Nations. Men and women who are interested in bringing America back to God, rather than in "doing their own thing." Men and women who are free from the fear of Zionism and Communism and the other Satanic isms which are attempting to destroy America. GOD GIVE US STRONG HEARTED MEN AND WOMEN!!!

* * * * *


One of the biggest problems we face today is that words have often changed their meaning. Ask most anyone a question pertaining to a moral issue and you are apt to receive an answer something like this: "If you had asked me that twenty years ago, I would have said it was wrong; but now I don't know, times change you know." These people have forgotten that "right" and ''wrong" never change, any more than the Laws of Gravity. So let's examine a few words and see what they mean to you:

BROTHERHOOD: Every true Christian should believe in Brotherhood. It is a Christian term which originated with our founder, Jesus Christ. But the word as it is being used today by demagogues, agitators and anti-Christs would lead us to believe that brotherhood is a state of the flesh; that we are all blood-brothers. According to New Testament logic, this belief cannot be supported. If men of different nationalities can become brothers by the act of birth, then we have the implication of fatherhood without God. The New Testament teaches that men cannot be brothers without a common father and Jesus said: "No man cometh unto the Father but by me..." The use of the term brother, without the implication of Christian faith is false.

NEIGHBOR: Propagandists, mongrelizers and overeducated clergymen use the term, "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself." These words are true. They were originally uttered by our Lord. He used the Parable of the Good Samaritan to explain this and as you will remember, the Samaritan had only one neighbor and that was the man who helped him. The Priest certainly wasn't his neighbor and neither was the Levite. I believe we are to look on all humanity with compassion but when it comes to loving someone as you do yourself, Jesus used the beautiful word, "neighbor." For any preacher, teacher, or politician to tell us that we must love everyone, regardless of their character or state of life, is to inspire hypocrisy and make our religion look ridiculous.

PEACE: This magnificant word has been spoiled by the "saps", the "sentimentalist," and the "cowards" as well as the enemies within our gates. It is possible for a dying man, lying in a mud hole to be at peace. Fundamentally, it is a Christian word which means a proper relationship with God. There can only be one true peace and this is when you are in proper relationship with your Maker. Substitutes for this "peace" are offered by drugs, hypnotists, psychiatrists, sex, you name it as well as by frothy and superficial preachers. They give us mental exercises to develop peace by making us forget our responsibilities. The very foundation of psychiatry is based on the presumption that you can have peace, when guilt is removed. So they justify sin in the lives of their patients by saying: "You should feel no fear; you have done no wrong!"

In the realm of politics and statesmanship, peace has been defined as the "cessation of military hostilities." But propagandists for a false peace would have us give up our principles to a bunch of blood thirsty one-worlders, no matter how many millions would die in the aftermath. Peace at the sacrifice of principle is not peace. Peace in the form of an opiate is not peace. A pacifist is not a lover of peace; he is merely someone who has compromised with his enemies.

FORGIVENESS: The Bible teaches us: "Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us." The implication is mighty clear. God does not forgive us our sins until we ask Him to do so. Soft and sloppy interpreters of this Scripture want us to forgive our enemies who despitefully use us without any function on their part. This is impossible. No man can forgive an enemy unless that enemy first asks for forgiveness. Even God cannot forgive us, until we petition Him to do so. Penitence is the foundation of forgiveness. Without penitence, there can be no forgiveness. To claim forgiveness without repentance is to risk the impression that the exponent of good has justified evil.

EQUALITY: This is the slogan of the hypocrite. It is to create the impression that for a person to excel at anything is undesirable and that superiority is unworthy. The Founding Fathers and the patriarchs of American statesmanship never introduced the word of equality in the sense that an idiot, or a wallowing drunk, or a moron, should be considered the equal with a person of conscience, intelligence and accomplishment. God taught us to love with compassion all mankind. But His teachings do not justify the barking demagogues and the whimpering sentimentalists and the unrealistic clergy who use "equality" as a trick for seducing the inferior. Equality under the law should never be used to change this tradition. For example: The law states that 55 mph is the speed limit. This should apply to everyone who drives on the highway, to the humblest as well as the most exalted individual in the community. When they are hailed into court, after exceeding the speed limit, there should be no such thing as one fine for the prominent man and another for the humble man. That is what we mean by "equality under the law."

DISCRIMINATION: A few years ago the word "discrimination" was an honorable word. "When you said that someone was a ''discriminating man,'' it meant that he understood the difference between good and bad, between the beautiful and the ugly, between right and wrong. It was considered a symbol of refinement.

Today it has been spoiled by the ''word twisters. "If the mother of a family tries to select her children's associates on the basis of their cleanliness, character and refinement, she is called a "snob", or "undemocratic."

Discrimination should still be a beautiful word, for it gives you the option to choose between that which is "lovely and of a good report", and that which is "sinful and ugly."

LOVE: The New Testament devotes an entire chapter to the definition of love. Jesus Christ is the personification of love. There wasn't one act in the life of Jesus that was ''sappy,'' ''soft'', ''sissified'' like our present definition of Love. While Jesus personified love, He lived a life of vigor, virility and fearlessness. He knew how to express indignation and anger. What would the sappy-sentimental preachers of this day do if Jesus were to return and tell the Jewish leaders: "You are of your father the devil?" They would be the first one's to cast Him out of their church! He would be arrested, hailed before a court and the A.D.L. would label him as an "anti-Semitic bigot."

Special peddlers of love would try and teach us that we are supposed to love everything, no matter how evil, ugly, filthy, or treasonous it may be. But true love can never be spoiled by these "spoilers.'' When crude and unholy manners, and animal affections and base sex is defined as "love'' it is one of the most blasphemous misrepresentations of this magnificant word.

HATE: Hate cannot exist without love, and love can-not express itself without hate. Love defines the values to be treasured and hate manifests ones opposition to

For Christ and Country!

Col. Jack Mohr

The End

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