The Hidden Power
Behind Freemasonry
Part 4 of 8


Lt. Col. Gordon "Jack" Mohr,

LETTER #5 - When Adam and Eve sinned, God made them coats of skin. Our pastors have told us these were sheep skins. I believe they were the skins of the lion and leopard and this is the reason why heathen high priests still use these skins as a sign of their high office.

In their KABALLAH, the Jewish TALMUD-MISHNA, the Jewish rabbis say: "Ham smuggled and hid the coat of

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Adam in the ark and used it after the Flood to gain power." Could this have been the same garment that Achan took at Jericho (Joshua 7:21), some believe it was. The TALMUD says that NIMROD had received this garment which gave him great power and that this was stolen by ESAU, when he assassinated NIMROD. This is the reason, they claim, that Esau was so exhausted the day he sold his birthright to his brother Jacob (see Gen. 25:30-32). The story goes that he had been fleeing from NIMROD'S MEN, after he had killed their king.

The NEW AGE of FREEMASONRY is nothing new. It is the same old demonism, Satanism and voodooism which has been practiced worldwide since the Garden of Eden.

The god that Masons demand their "proselytes," or initiates" worship is Satan or Lucifer (see Matt. 23:15). This is confirmed by Albert Pike in his MORALS AND DOGAM. Masons believe there are two gods - brothers, if you will. There is LUCIFER, the "good guy," whom they worship, and ADONAY-JESUS Christ, who is the "bad guy." A constant warfare is going on between these forces of "good" and "evil." But of this you can be sure, THE GREAT ARCHITECT OF MASONRY is not the God of the Bible, or Christianity. Their symbol worldwide is that of the CAT.

It is interesting also to note that God calls PHARAOH, the king of Egypt, "the great dragon," (Ezek. 29:3). This is the same term used in Rev. 12:9. It does not refer to a man. You no doubt have heard Egypt called the "land of the PHARAOHS?" But in all actuality, it should be called "the land of the devil."

Ignorance of facts is the destruction of our white, Christian people. Hosea 4:6 tells us that "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." Not "lack of education," but "lack of knowledge." -THE END-

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I would like to thank Dr, Shepherd for his contribution. Many of you, no doubt will not agree with him and if you would like to contact him, please let me know.

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In the next few pages, we will look at some of the occult symbols and advertisements which appear daily in American newspapers and magazines. Our country has literally been taken over by Satanism and the occult and both JUDAISM and FREEMASONRY has given their consent.

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Beginning with this chapter we will get into an in-depth discussion of FREEMASONRY and the "Hidden Power" which makes it operate and successful.

Much has been said about the Jewish, or maybe it would be more accurate to say the Zionist, interests which influence Freemasonry. Few members of the lower orders know the significance of this, or its importance to them, This is especially true if they are Christians.

There is no doubt that the Zionist question MUST be linked with the MASONIC question. At present, as in the past, Zionist world leaders, and men in high positions with the Masonic organization, have worked "hand in glove" for a universal world revolution, which will bring in the One-World Church and a One-World Government. Many Masonic Lodges are exclusively Jewish, as are the B'nai B'rith Lodges, the mother of the infamous and very dangerous Anti-Defamation League, which is an unregistered agent of a foreign government (Israeli) which has been allowed by our government to operate unhindered on American soil. Although this Jewish organization is totally illegal, such is the strength of both the Masonic and Zionist Lobby in Washington, D.C., that the Government refuses to do anything to curb their power or control their operations on American soil, often at the expense of American citizens.

Wherever you look, you will find Freemasonry upholding and defending Zionist interests, even to the detriment of the safety of this country. This in itself should give you a good idea of the entwining interests of the two which can be seen in the seventy U.S. Senators who are

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Zionist controlled and vote a "straight Zionist ticket" when the interests of Zionism come to the fore. These men in Washington, who have taken an oath to defend this country and its Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic, will vote for Israeli interests, even when they are contrary to the well being of this country. For all intents and purposes, these men are TRAITORS. in the Constitution, ARTICLE III, Section 3, gives a definition of TREASON, which is so clear that even a Fifth Grader can understand it. It says: "Treason shall consist only in levying war against them (the US.) adhering to their enemies; giving them aid and comfort." If what has been done for the Israelis in recent years, has not been "giving aid and comfort to our enemies," then I fail to understand the meaning of the English language.

For all intents and purposes, the A.D.L. has become an unofficial part of the U.S. Justice Department, giving them periodic biased reports on "terrorism and anti-Semitism" in the U.S., which is "extremely prejudicial" to Christian patriots. Every effort to investigate the power of the A.D.L. has been thwarted by establishment lawyers in high places, almost all of whom are either Jews and/or Masons.

There are two theories regarding the TALMUDIC influence in Freemasonry:

1.- That the Jewish leadership, worldwide, created Masonry in order to corrupt the nations of Christendom and propagate the final world domination for Zionism. In other words, this idea says that Freemasonry is merely a tool of world Jewry.

This idea is supported by an article written by Dr. Isaac M. Wise, a Jew, and published in THE ISRAELITE OF AMERICA, Aug. 3, 1866. He said:

"Masonry is a Jewish institution, whose history, degrees, charges, passwords and explanations are Jewish from end to end."

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One can easily believe this, if they compare the oaths of Freemasonry with those of the TALMUD, which is the "life blood" of modern Judaism.

2.- Second, is the idea that Freemasonry was a good, sound institution in principle, but that revolutionary agitators, principally Jewish, took advantage of its organization as a secret society and penetrated it little by little until they gained control of it. These Zionists, they say, corrupted Masonry and turned it from its moral and philanthropic aim, to employ it for revolutionary purposes.

In support of this contention, we have the writings of such men as the Jew Bernard Lazare in his book L 'ANTISEMITISME, in which he states:

"What were the relations between the Jews and the secret societies? That is not easy to elucidate, for we lack reliable evidence . . . they are not necessarily in the head, the soul, the Grand Masters of Masonry. It is certain, however, that there were Jews at the very cradle of Masonry, kabalistic Jews, as some of their rites prove."


BY REASON: These arguments can be summed up as:

a.- Freemasonry is a secret society
b.- Freemasonry is directed by an international minority, and,
c. -Freemasonry has sworn implacable hatred for Christianity.
These are some of the same characteristics which can be found in international Judaism and which could prove Jewish influence in the Lodge. Jews have more to gain from Freemasonry than anyone else.

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1.- Many of the external trappings of Freemasonry, such as its ritual, symbols, terminology, legends, etc., are of Jewish origin.
2.- The philosophy or religion of esoteric Freemasonry (that understood only by the inner circle) is practically identical to that of the Jewish Cabala.
3.- Certain small groups of Jews, of immense influence and wealth, are leading Freemasons, and;
4.- A larger group of very influential Jews, pursue the same goals as Freemasonry, using similar means and are in close alliance with them.
I believe it would only be honest to say here, that although the Jewish element in Freemasonry is of greatest importance, and that Jewish Masonic leaders often exploit the Lodge for their own nefarious purposes, it is unjust to accuse all Jews, or all Masons of being involved in this scheme for world control. Many of the "Lesser Jews," the ones which you and I are most apt to rub shoulders with, just as many members of the Masonic Blue Lodge, know very little about this international scheme for world control, and are innocent dupes of a power that is over them. Many of these people are against One-World government, without realizing that their leaders are pushing them into it. These are the ones who must be reached with the truth. We know that it will be next to impossible to reach those in high positions, as their mind is already "set in cement," but we hope to reach those who have been "hoodwinked" into a society they really know very little about and which many of them would repudiate if they knew the truth.

The Jewish people have suffered, are suffering, and will suffer severely in the future, because of wicked, unscrupulous atrocities committed by the ruling Jewish-Masonic junta.

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It is necessary for you to have at least a "nodding acquaintance" with the Babylonian Talmud, which is the heart blood of modern Judaism, in order for you to understand the influence it exerts on Freemasonry.

Modern Judaism, according to Jewish sources, is modern Pharisaism. Rabbi Louis Finkeistein, head of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, in the foreword to his first edition of THE PHARISEES, THE SOCIOLOGICAL BACKGROUND OF THEIR FAITH, says on p.21:

"... Judaism ... Pharisaism ... Talmudism became Medieval Rabbinism; Medieval Rabbinism became Modern Rabbinism. But throughout all the changes in name; the spirit of the ancient Pharisees survives unaltered."
Rabbi Michael Rondkinson, in his book THE HISTORY OF THE TALMUD, writes:
"The source from which Jesus of Nazareth drew His teachings, which enabled Him to revolutionize the world ... is the Talmud ... the written form of that which, in the times of Jesus, was called the 'Traditions of the Elders."'
The falsity of this statement can easily be seen, when one does some research into this religious book of the Jews and then looks at the statements made by Jesus Christ in regard to them in both Matt. 15:9 and Mark 7:7, 13. In this latter Scripture, speaking directly to the Pharisees, He said:
"You make the word of God of none effect through your tradition, which ye have delivered; and many such things do ye."
The TALMUD is so filthy and absurd, that it is blasphemy to say that Jesus drew the teachings of Christianity from this religious cesspool.

The second major source of Judaism is the Cabala, sometimes spelled Kabbala. This is the mystic, corrupt,

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occult teachings that apostate Judeans brought home with them when they returned from seventy years of Babylonian captivity. The TALMUD was begun about 500 B.C. and was finally completed, in its written form, about 500 A.D. at the great Jewish center in Alexanderia, Egypt. It contains the arguments of leading Jewish Rabbis as they argue over points in the Jewish religion. Today, the vast majority of religious Jews look to the TALMUD as their guide in religious and civil matters and it has rightly been called by them, the "heart blood of modern Judaism." In the minds of most Jews, it has replaced the ancient TORAH. Even in the time of Jesus, the Pharisees bragged about how they followed the teachings of Moses and were repudiated by Christ when He told them: "Had you believed Moses, you would have believed me; for he wrote of me." (John 5:46). In another place (Matt. 23:2) -

"The scribes and Pharisees sit in Moses' seat (in other words they had usurped the authority of Moses); All therefore whatsoever they bid you observe, that observe and do; but do not do after their works; for they say, and do not."
In other plainer words, they were "hypocrites" and this is what He called them to their face (See Matt. 23:15) -"Woe, unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for you compass (go over) sea and land to make one proselyte (convert), and when he is made, you make him two-fold more a child of hell than yourself."

Pretty plain talk, isn't it?

The Jewish apologist, Bernard Lazare refers to the TALMUD as "the creator of the Jewish nation, and the mould of the Jewish soul" (L 'ANTISEMITISME, p.293).

The TALMUD is impregnated with hatred for Jesus Christ and the Christian church, although some of the more virulent passages have been removed from the English translations and are unknown to many liberal and non-religious Jews. They are still taught in the Jewish seminaries.

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The Cabala was originally used to indicate that portion of the Mosaic law which was handed down by tradition. Since about the Thirteenth Century, however, it has come to refer to the esoteric (understood only by the upper elite) and occult doctrines of Judaism, which were learned in Babylon and are woven into the tapestry of Freemasonry. The most authoritative work on the Jewish Cabala can be found in the ZOHAR or SEPHERLA-ZOHAR, WHICH IS PART OF THE 63 VOLUME TALMUD.

These books contain the mystical, occult teachings of modern Judaism and Freemasonry and are often tied in closely with mystic occult teachings from the Far East. This system of occultism is sometimes called "hermeticism, "named after the god Hermes, who was the Greek god of wisdom, corresponding to the Roman god Mercury. (We see his symbol in many areas of modern life, such as the telegraph service.)

This belief takes in "Theosophism," which means the "physical appearance of God to man." Christian Science, Neo-Platonism, Judaism and Jewish heathen Cabalism. It is actually part of the revival of the Gnostic heresies which played such havoc in the First century Christian church and which provided the Christian world of Constantine, with an acceptable substitute for Christianity. Their adherents are still attempting to do this in Freemasonry.

The major connection between Judaism and Freemasonry can be seen in the Cabala, where there is a very close association between the secret teachings and doctrines of Judaism and Freemasonry.

One school of thought is that Freemasonry was brought into existence by the Jews, for the destruction of Christianity. This view, of course, is accepted by acknowledged anti-Jewish writers. However, it does not come into accord with established facts, since the Jews were

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excluded from many of the early English and French Lodges of the 18th Century.

The second school of thought is that Jewish Cabalistic tradition is one of the principle means through which Eastern occultism has been transmitted to the Christian world. This can be seen most clearly in the NEW AGE MOVEMENT, which has swept like wildfire through the Christian world in recent months. When men begin to lean on their own understanding, rather than the Word of God, and seek to "do their own thing," instead of obeying His law, they are easy prey for philosophies such as the NEW AGE.

Most of the leaders in Illuminism and Communism were initiated into the secrets by Jewish cabalists, as were early Masonic leaders such as Albert Pike. They drew their inspiration from secret Jewish writings. This can be clearly seen by an honest perusal of Pike's MORALS AND DOGMA. (It can also be seen by reading Nesta Webster's SECRET SOCIETIES AND SUBVERSIVE MOVEMENTS, Chapters 7, 8 and 9.

Many of the Jewish cabalists were MARRANOS a name given to them in Spain, where they supposedly converted to Catholicism in order to avoid the persecution of the Inquisition. During the day, they were Catholics, sometimes even priests and Cardinals, but at night they would revert back to Judaism and in their secret enclaves, they followed the occult practices of ancient Babylon, even including human sacrifices. When war between England and Spain became a reality, many of these Marannos threw off their protective cloak of Christianity and openly reverted to Judaism and were welcomed by the English.

To see how these secret Jews operate, it is only necessary to look at the controversial book The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion. (Many who have read this far, will state: "But those have been proven to be counterfeit."

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This was disapproved in a Swiss court of law. But be that as it may, I would use the same argument used by Henry Ford, Sr., in 1926, when he said concerning the PROTOCOLS words to the effect that whether they are counterfeit or not, didn't really matter, because it was an established fact that world Jewry was using them as a "blueprint" and were following them to the letter.)

I do not have time here to go into a discussion of this much maligned document, except to say that it follows very closely a much simpler blueprint of a similar document which printed in 1889, by James de Rothschild and was a copy of a document which was sent out to European Jews in 1289, by Rabbi Chemor, head Rabbi of France.

Chemor wrote to the Grand Sanhedrin of France: "The advice of the Grand Satraps (world governors of the Jews) and Rabbis is as follows:

1.- Make your sons merchants, that little by little they may despoil Christians of their possessions.
2.- Make of your sons doctors and apothecaries, that they may take away Christian lives.
3.- Make of your sons, canons and clerics (clergies), that they may destroy Christianity from within. (There is hardly a Christian Seminary in America, which is not infiltrated by Jewish professors on their faculty).
4.- Arrange for your sons to become advocates and lawyers, and see that they mix themselves up with the affairs of the State, in order that by putting Christians under your yoke, you may dominate the world and be avenged on them

- SIGNED: V. S. S. V. F. F. Prince of the Jews.

It is not difficult to see how international Judaism, especially Zionism, has followed this Protocol and how they have been helped into positions of world power by FREEMASONRY.

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There is no question, among those who have studied the Illuminati and their plan for world conquest, that their leadership was composed almost entirely of Jewish Masons. Mirabeau, a French Jew, in his MEMOIRS DE MIRABEAU, vol.III, p.60, stated that the program of the Illuminati which involved him, came about because of his intimate involvement in the inner circle of Freemasonry. He was a member of the Lodge of St. Theodore, to which Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Illuminati, belonged.

There is much evidence available that the program for revolution which was carried out in France, was formulated in the Lodges of German Freemasons, who formed the nucleus of the Illuminati in 1776.

(Although Weishaupt used Freemasonry as a step towards more power, he hated it and was its enemy.)

Arthur Pruess, an American author, in his book A STUDY IN FREEMASONRY, shows the close connection between Masonry and the Jewish Cabal. He sums up his arguments from the celebrated Masonic leader, Albert Pike:

"All true dogmatic (stating an opinion without proof) religions come from the Kabbala and lead back to it; all that is scientific and great in the religious dream Of all the illuminated such as Bachme, Swedenborg, St. Martin, and others similar, is borrowed from the Kabbalah. All the Masonic associations owe their secrets and symbols to it."1

In 1901, a German Mason by the name of Findel wrote:

"It is less a question of a struggle for the interests of humanity, than a struggle for the interests and domination of Judaism. In this struggle, Judaism reveals itself as the dominant power to which Freemasonry must submit. Indeed, we should not be astonished by this, for in a hidden and carefully disguised manner, Judaism is already the dominate power in many lodges in Europe.

1. Taken from Pike's Morals and Dogma, pp. 744-745.

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"So far as Germany is concerned, it must not be forgotten that it (Judaism) is the master of the financial and commercial markets, master of the press, both political and Masonic, and that millions of Germans are financially its (Judaism's) debtors."2

It might be of interest to note that at this time, International Judaism was preparing the takeover of the world by the destruction of two great Christian nations in Europe. They knew that both Russia and Germany stood in their path of world aggression, so as early as 1900, the Jewish Cabal had a war chest of some $2-billion, laid aside specifically for the destruction of Christian Germany. This was long before a little Austrian "paperhanger" by the name of Adolf Hitler came on the scene.

The International Jewish Cabal, planned in its long range scheme of things, the ultimate destruction of Canada and the United States, in order to control the Western Hemisphere. Those of us who have been a student of the Jewish question, have seen this assault in operation in this country for over fifty years. (For those who would like more information on this phase of the conspiracy, I would suggest you write for my book THE GREAT CONSPIRACY).

The Cabala and the Talmud
Nahmanides, Solomon ibn Adret, Joseph Caro, Moses Isserles, and Elijah b. Solomon of Wilna were not only supporters of the Cabala, but even contributed largely to its development. As these men were the actual representatives of true Talmudic Judaism, there must have been somethingiblythe Cabala that attracted them. It can not have been its and the metaphysics; for Talmudic Judaism was not greatly interested in such speculations. It must be, then, that the psychology of the Cabala, in which a very high position is assigned to man, appealed to tile Jewish mind. - from: The Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. III, "CABALA" pg. 478 (1903).

2. J. G. Findel, Die Als Freimaurer, 1901.

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The leaders of Freemasonry love to boast about their leadership in the French Revolution. So do the Jews! "When the Bastile fell," said Bonnet, the speaker at the Grand Orient Assembly in 1904, "Freemasonry had the supreme honor of giving humanity the chart which it had lovingly elaborated."

On August 15, 1789, the Constitutional Assembly of France, of which more than 300 members were Masons, adopted almost word for word, the form determined in the Lodges, which became known as the 'Declaration of the Rights of Man." It was a simple denunciation of the Kingship of Jesus Christ, and membership in His body, the church. The French State openly declared in this Masonic prepared document, that they no longer acknowledged any duty towards God or Jesus Christ and that they no longer recognized the dignity of membership in the Christian church. It organized a vicious attack against Jesus Christ and His Kingdom, which has been carried on relentlessly until the present day.

That was their first step. The subservience of Freemasonry to Judaism soon showed itself. When the question of Jewish emancipation came up in the Constitutional Assembly (1789-1791), it was Masonic deputy Mirabeau, who linked up with the Jews of Berlin and A. DuPont, who rendered the first secret service of Judaism by Freemasonry. There were many more such acts to follow

By 1789, the French State had completely ostracized Christianity, while admitting Jews to full membership. This accounted for the domination of state after state in Europe by the Jews. During successive Masonic

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revolutions from 1789 to the Spanish Revolution in 1931, the world had heard of the enlightening reforms which separated church from state.

With these reforms came a proliferation of divorce, secularization of education, the suppression of Christianity, the neutralization of private property and the unrestrained license of the press for the glorification of world Zionism and Masonry.

As early as 1922, the Assembly of the Grand Lodge of France began to work towards the formation of a United States of Europe, as the forerunner of their Federation of the World.

In North America - Canada and the United States - Masonry and Zionism worked hand in hand, as they invited these two Christian nations to give up their sovereignty and enter a world Federation which would be controlled by Masonic Jews. But we had enough patriotic Congressmen in Washington at that time, that their dream was disrupted and our entrance into the League of Nations was voted down.

In April of 1919, Mr. Outerdyke, the Dutch minister to Russia at St. Petersburg, wrote in a British "white paper:"

"Unless Bolshevism is nipped in the bud immediately, it is bound to spread in one form or another over Europe and the whole world. It is organized and worked by Jews who have no nationality, and whose one object is to destroy for their own ends, the existing order of things."
His warning went unheeded, in England particular

In G. K. WEEKLY, Feb. 4, 1937, renowned writer Hilliare Belloc wrote:

"As for any who does not know that the present revolutionary movement in Russia is Jewish, I can only say that he must be a man who is taken in by the suppression of our deplorable press."

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All branches of Freemasonry at their highest levels are essentially opposed to Christianity. As a rule, Freemasons admit the existence of God, but they themselves openly confess that they do not adhere to this truth. They allow their members the greatest license on this point, as they are at liberty to believe that God exists, or that He does not.

The recognition by the Grand Lodges of the article relating to the GRAND ARCHITECT OF THE UNIVERSE, does not signify that this branch of Freemasonry accepts the supremacy of Jesus Christ. Like all sections of Masonry, which put Buddha and Confucius on the same level as Jesus Christ, they deny Christ's role as mediator between God and man. Many of the English Lodges are made up completely of Jews, who of course deny the divinity of Jesus Christ.

The formation of Masonic "toleration of all religions," is actually a positive hatred of the Divine plan for man's salvation, through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Some Masons believe that their association goes back to Adam and we have seen in Dr. Shepherd's explanation, that he believes it goes back to CAIN at least. Other Masons try and trace its foundation back to Abraham, Moses, or David and Solomon.

The modern version of Freemasonry had its roots in Europe during the rapid rise of atheism and anti-Christianity. By the beginning of the Nineteenth Century, the Reformation Movement had about run its course. The principles of the Reformation, which had allowed private interpretation of the Scriptures and which had been introduced with the best of intentions as the pure worship of Jesus Christ, had ended, as men's efforts often do, by leaving no part of Christ's teaching unchallenged. Men began to attack His divinity, His resurrection and His very existence. These were men who called themselves Christian.

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It was during this time, about 150 years ago, that a German Jewish philosopher named Ludwig Feurbach declaimed: "Man will finally be truly free, when he realizes there is no god of man, but man himself" This idea became so deeply implanted in the diseased brain of a young Jewish radical named Karl Mordecal Marx, that it became the foundation of both Illuminism and Communism.

A LEAGUE was begun in Germany by a man named Socinus, which bound groups of Polish and German Protestants into a League, or Lodge, if you will, where the only requirement was an undying hatred and opposition to the Roman Catholic Church.

A man by the name of Boyle threw doubt on everything which had been taught by Christianity, while Spinoza destroyed what little respect was left for the Deity. Both deists and pantheists (the doctrine that God is not a personality but that all forces are t, wnifestation of the self-existing universe and are therefore gods). This theory made so much headway in Europe and England in the early 1800's as to almost destroy Christianity.

What had once been Protestantism, often turned into what was popular called "Free Thinking." France owed its evil pre-eminence in a great degree to a man named Voltaire. He was an extraordinary man and was possibly the greatest disciple of atheism and "Free Thinking" the world has ever known. Abetted and aided by Judaism, he set out to destroy the Christian world. He once bragged that what Christ and His disciples had taken almost 2,000 years to develop, he would destroy in one generation. He was the son of ardent Roman Catholic parents, with excellent schooling and had been trained by the Jesuits. (It may be of interest to note here that the Jesuits were controlled by Jews who had infiltrated the order begun by Fr. Ignatis Loyola in 1534).

Voltaire had been trained to be a lawyer and apparently learned all the guile and trickery for which the Jesuits were

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noted. At this time, the courts of Europe were rotten to the core. Many of their leaders, often professing to be Christian, were libertarians of the worst sort, showing very little Christian fruit in their lives.

The court of Catherine the Great, in Russia, for instance, was noted for its unabashed lewdness, while the court of Frederick the Great of Prussia was so corrupt that it cannot even be

ribed by decent language. The Regent of Orleans and Louis XV of France, had carried sexual license to such an extent that the Court at Versailles was in utter confusion. Vice became the order of the day and as a consequence, the libertines hated anyone who took exception to their excesses.

Voltaire, appearing in the midst of this scene was a witty, sarcastic, vicarious fellow who found himself at home with the voluptuaries who filled Paris.

His conduct was so bad however, and his habit of ridiculing royalty so open, that he landed in the Bastille at the age of 27. He was liberated in 1727, on the condition that he leave France and never return. He crossed the English Channel and lived in England for half a century in what was described as: "the most perfect incarnation of Satan the world had ever seen."

At this time, the society of Freemasonry was just beginning to gain a foothold in London, and Voltaire became an enthusiastic member of one of the Lodges. He returned to the continent during the years 1726-1728, where he became an adept, not only for Freemasonry, but also of infidelity. His hatred of the monarchial government of France, which had imprisoned him, was almost beyond human understanding.

He was a master of French prose and his writings against morality and Christianity were received with great favor by the corrupt, reading public of his day. He was adept at the

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use of ridicule and blasphemy, which he used against anything that smacked of Christianity.

Nothing was sacred to him and he viciously attacked Joan D'Arc, the "Maid of Orleans," with as little scruples as he attacked Christianity. His teaching was that a reign of terror would spread over the world and that it would continue as long as there was a vestige of Christianity left. His teaching was actually the forerunner of Communist terror today.

He was an adept liar and wrote to his disciple Theriot: "lying is a vice when it does evil. It is a great virtue when it does good. Be therefore more virtuous than ever. It is necessary to lie like a devil, not timidly, and for a time, but boldly and forever."

He was a profound hypocrite who used religion when it became necessary for his evil purposes. Writing to a man named Damilaville, he said: "The Christian religion is an infamous religion, an abominable hydra which must be destroyed by a hundred invisible hands. It is necessary that philosophers course through the streets to destroy it. Let us crush the wretch!"

At one point in his life when he had an accident and broke a blood vessel, he thought he was about to die and called a priest to whom he made confession and even signed a written confession in which he decried his evil life and asked God to forgive him. He went so far as to have this retraction printed in the newspapers. But as soon as he had recovered, he commenced his war against God with a new fury and died screaming imprecations against God and Christianity.

Freemasonry spread the ideas taught by Voltaire. The first Lodge established in France was in 1727 under English obedience. Its founder was a celebrated Jacobite named Lord Derwentwater. It was accepted almost immediately by the degenerate nobility who clamored for membership. In a short time, Freemasons had lodges in every city of size

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in Europe and England. Noted Christian leaders of the Eighteenth century realized that the real secret of Freemasonry was their disbelief in the divinity of Jesus Christ and a determination to replace this truth with the doctrine of "Naturalism" and "rationalism." There are some authorities who believe that Oliver Cromwell was a follower of Socinus and that he introduced Masonry into England, calling them FREEMASONS for the first time and inventing the allegory of Solomon's Temple, now so much used by Freemasons everywhere. This temple, which was destroyed by the Roman General Titus, in 70 A.D., in fulfillment of Christ's prophecy in Matt. 24:2 and Luke 19:43, 44 and in the Old Testament in Jeremiah 26:18 and Micah 3:12, was to be rebuilt by Freemasons.

Freemasons planned to restore this temple after Christianity had been obliterated by the conspiratorial revolution. The statue of Nature, was the Hiram, whose murder Freemasonry was supposed to avenge, and which previously, having removed Christ, was to resurrect Hiram by rebuilding the temple as it was before.

The Talmudic-Cabalistic mind for centuries previous to the Reformation, had formed secret societies for their own protection and for the destruction of Christianity.

As early as 1290, Edward I of England had banished the Jews, not because of their religion itself, but because of the grave offenses on the part of the Jews, which endangered his realm. These acts were enacted against the Jews by His Parliament in 1290, with the House of Commons playing a prominent role.

In 1255, about 40 years after the Magna Charta was signed, Henry III ordered a trial in the murder of St. Hugh of Lincoln, who had been killed by "Jewish ritualistic murder." Eighteen Jews were executed by the crown, after being proven guilty of this heinous crime.

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In 1275, Parliament passed the "Statute of Jewry," which confined the Jews to certain areas of the country, forbid them from practicing usury, or to own land, and requirud, hem to wear yellow identification badges.

In 1290, Edward I, banished all Jews from England. The Baptist evangelist and author Hal Lindsay says this was done because the Jews "were God's Chosen people and Satan hated them." This seems to contradict the words of Jesus Himself, when He said to their leaders in John 8:44 -

"Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him ."
Then in John 10:26, He told these same leaders: "Ye believe not, BECAUSE YE ARE NOT OF MY SHEEP..."

(Emphasis mine). This statement seems mighty clear to me! Even "brainwashed" Judeo-Christians should be able to understand the significance of these words.

Without the Jewish conspiracy gnawing at their vitals, England prospered for a time. Then in 1657, Oliver Cromwell, financed by the Jew Moses Caraja, came into power and the Jewish parasites were allowed to return. It has been "downhill" for England ever since.

In 1689, Amsterdam Jews financed the rebellion against James II. The chief of these was Solomon Medina, who was also a high ranking member of Freemasonry.

In 1694, the Bank of England was set up under International Jewish control and the National Debt was instituted, securing for Jewish money lenders a first chance on the taxes of the English people, who paid for the interest on their loans. Sometimes this interest reached the exorbitant rate of 250%. The right of the Crown to print money was transferred to the Bank of England, in much the same manner that this right was taken away from the American Congress and given to the Jewish owned Federal Reserve System in 1913.

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In 1707, economic and political union was forced on Scotland, against the vote of the Scottish people in every borough of the land and the National Debt of England became the National Debt of Scotland also. It was during this same period that the Jews took over economic control of Europe and Freemasonry began to thrive under their leadership.

M. Gaugenot-Demousseaux, in his book, THE JEW. JUDAISM. AND THE JUDAIZATION OF THE CHRISTIAN PEOPLE (Paris, 1896) wrote:

"Masonry, that immense association, the rare initiates of which, that is to say, the real chiefs of which, whom we must be careful not to confound with the nominal chiefs of the Blue Lodge, live in a strict and intimate alliance with the militant members of Judaism ... For that elite of the order - these real chiefs whom so few of the initiated know, are employed in the profitable and secret dependence of the cabalistic Jews. This phenomenon is accomplished, thanks to the habits of rigorous discretion to which they subject themselves by oaths and terrible menaces, thanks also to the majority of Jewish members which the mysterious constitution of Freemasonry seats in its sovereign council."
What we are actually seeing in Freemasonry, is something like what has happened in the governments of England, Canada and the United States, and other nations of Christendom. In these countries, due to the "terrible power of the purse," International Jewry now controls the economic life and politics of most of the Israelite nations. (These, I believe, are the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian and related peoples who make up that part of the world we call Christendom).

It has been estimated by respected members of the U.S. Senate, that at least 70 members of that august body vote "Zionist first and America second" vote. In spite of the fact many claim to be Christians, they are to all intents and purposes a "bastard combination" called Christian-Zionists or Judeo-Christians, which is like saying something can be

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"hot-cold" or "wet-dry." A great majority of them, by their actions, have proven to be "duel loyalists," and strangely enough, most of them are members of the Masonic Lodge.

Voltarie learned that Masonry, which he had joined while living in London, was a capital means of spreading his doctrines among courtiers, men of letters, and the general public of both England and France. His major successes were in France. Operating under the guise of philanthropy and religion, few of the lower order members of Freemasonry knew that it was anything more than a fraternal organization which helped them in business and where they could obtain fellowship.

A man named Ashmale, introduced the Bible into Freemasonry along with the "square and compass." These became important accouterments of Masonry, which witnessed to the world that Masons believed in a god, whom they called THE GREAT ARCHITECT OF THE UNIVERSE. This insignia featured an "open eye," which they were told represented the "all seeing eye of Providence. This eye, they were told, made it impossible for a Mason to escape his fate, if he ever revealed any secrets of the society or failed to obey orders he was selected to carry out. (It was on this basis alone, that I refused membership. I could not bring myself to pledge such allegiance to any man, or group of men.)

In its secret conclaves and ascending degrees, it had means to tell the victim that the ARCHITECT meant a "circle of nothing!" That the open Bible represented the "universe;" that the "Square and compass" were simply the fitness of things - the means to make all men, "fraternal, equal and free!" But like Orson Wells' ANIMAL FARM they were not told that in Masonry, "some pigs were more equal than others," and that the top Masons "lord it over" the Blue Lodge members and control not only their thinking, but their actions.

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In the recesses of the Lodge, the political conspirators found men and the means to carry out their nefarious purposes in relative secrecy and security. Those who were interested in public office, found in the lodges, the means for their advancement. The ribald humor of the Seventeenth Century "libertarians," was master in their lodges, as banquets, ribald jests, song, reveling and sin, constituted a leading part of Masonic life. Things haven't changed all that much in the Twentieth Century Lodge.

These attractive centers of protected sin, spread over Europe with great rapidity. The scoundrels of society found employment in them and within a few years, the lodges of the Freemasons had become a formidable power throughout the civilized world.

Freemasonry, in particular, spread rapidly among the higher class of society. It soon began to capitalize on the power of union and propaganda. A brother in one, was a brother in all.

A Portuguese Jew named Martinez Pasqualis, introduced ILLUMINISM into the French lodges and his system was noted for its immorality, anarchy, atheism and blood shed!

Adam Weishaupt, the founder of ILLUMINISM in 1776, told his initiates in Freemasonry:

"If in the order to destroy all Christianity and religion, remember that the end justifies the means. (This was a special axiom of the Jesuit Order of the Roman Catholic church, which were also closely tied in with Judaism). Those we have taken to deliver the human race from religion, are nothing else but a pious fraud which we will some day unveil."1
Now that you have learned a brief background of Freemasonry and it's Jewish connections, we need to take a closer look at the "beast" itself.

1. From: Segur Le Secret De La Frane-Maconnierie, p.49.

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